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Chapter 227 – Strife over Ishikawa University ④


“Going by my forecast, I don’t expect enemy counterattacks, but all hands, make sure to perfect your preparations!”

If things proceed as I anticipate them to…the humans won’t come here to defend this area, and Kaoru will just watch. However, ultimately that’s just my own forecast. Making absolutely sure, I’m going to launch a 《Reign》 on the remaining land in Hakusan while fielding 10,000 subordinates.

Four hours later.

The 《Reign》 has finished without a hitch. Just as assumed, there was no resistance by the humans whatsoever, and Kaoru didn’t try to intervene either.

Three days later.

We finished taking control over the last free land in Hakusan. At the same time, we didn’t run into any obstructions at all.

“Now then…the real show is going to start from here on.”

After allowing my CP to recover and taking a break of an hour, I reform the sectors I captured over the last days as I planned it out in advance.

It’s done… The sectors have been changed into forest-types this time. I have connected ten sectors, including the new ones in Hakusan, through transfer arrays in dark zones. Moreover, I transformed the lower floors into labyrinths full of corridors and traps. I have stationed cheap, low-leveled goblins, living mails with their superior durability, and werewolves which excel at cost-performance-efficiency as they don’t need any equipment. Ghouls are also great in regards to cost-performance-efficiency, but unfortunately they’re dumb. In order to avoid the folly of allowing my enemies to gain experience, I forwent on ghouls this time.

The concept of these sectors is to stall for time. I can envision three different futures.

1. If Kaoru invades Nonoichi, I’m going to invade his Domain.
2. If I invade Nonoichi, Kaoru is going to invade my Domain.
3. If I ignore Nonoichi and invade Kaoru’s Domain, the humans will invade my Domain.

I have absolutely no idea how long it’d take to realize future 1. In that case, my choice lies between 2 and 3. Therefore, I’ve chosen future 2: I’ll invade Nonoichi and Kaoru is going to invade my Domain.

Isn’t that just perfect? If you’re going to attack, just bring it on, Kaoru! I’ll meet you in battle…is something I’d like to say, but currently it’ll be impossible for me to fend off Kaoru while attacking Nonoichi.

So, what am I going to do then? The answer I’ve derived is to leave some sectors to Kaoru. How many sectors will be stolen until I annihilate the humans left in Nonoichi ―― the Ishikawa prefecture? 1? 5? 10? Or possibly more?

Still, I’ll give them to you…! They’re necessary sacrifices! If they get stolen, I just have to take them back later! This is still much better than continuing to fall behind in growth compared to the humans and Demon Kings of other prefectures.

I’ve chosen the path of offering some sectors to Kaoru to use that time to obliterate the Kanezawa Liberation Army.



“It’s a total war from now on. We’re going to fight the humans without holding anything back.” I declare as I survey the subordinates lining up in front of me.

“First we’re going to secure a base to invade Nonoichi.”

The upcoming mopping-up-operation uses the same strategy we used when assaulting Suzu’s City Hall in the past. First, I’m going to launch a 《Reign》 on land adjacent to Nonoichi’s City Hall and secure a front-line-base. Afterwards, we’ll reduce the enemy numbers and break their hearts into submission ― do a 《Reign》 on Nonoichi’s City Hall.

Different from Suzu’s City Hall, the troublesome issue lies in the fact that the Kanezawa Liberation Army hasn’t bundled all its forces in the city hall as some of them are stationed in the surrounding areas. It’ll be impossible to make a 《Reign》 succeed in the shape of a surprise attack like we did in Suzu.

In that case, I should at least…steal the enemy’s locational advantage. I’ll start a 《Reign》 in a location that’s barely outside the range of the buildings forming the enemy’s defense facilities.

Even so, the 《Reign》 will very likely be found out right away, resulting in the humans of Nonoichi deploying to defend the land. I might be able to improve the situation to some extent, but in the end, it’s going to be a brute force approach.

Moreover, the longer the success of these 《Reigns》 will take, the more of my sectors will be stolen by Kaoru.

“We’re going to start the invasion of Nonoichi!”

I give my subordinates the signal to begin the march.



The military forces attacking Nonoichi on this campaign amount to 12,000 – my whole army. First, I have 11 corps led by Rina, Kotetsu, Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, Chloe, Layla, Flora, Iron, Red, and Izayoi advance to form a defense line for the sake of succeeding in this 《Reign》.

According to information by our reconnaissance, close to 1,000 humans are staying at the location of our defense line, but…how are they going to move?

This time I have them all march by foot so that they keep the same pace. In the eyes of the enemy an army of 11,000 nonhuman monsters is marching in columns. The visual impact must be very intimidating, but the clattering of the armors, the footsteps of a big army, and the banging of the drums I had Akira build to raise the morale…boost the intimidation even further.

The defense line for this battle is going to be Ishikawa University. It’s situated at the boundary between Kanezawa and Nonoichi, and has been abandoned as it’s not suited for the humans to defend the surrounding areas.

Having said that, it’s still manned by around 1,000 humans…

My smartphone displays the view of Takaharu who’s walking at the head of the army. I think Takaharu will soon be able to see the university if they advance a bit further.

My subordinates march without hiding their presence, beating the drums and firmly stepping on the ground. Any human left in the university must have noticed their approach.

――All hands, stay vigilant! Iron corps, Hibiki Corps, raise your shield and prepare for incoming attacks!

Following my order, Iron and Hibiki’s corps take the lead of the army, marching onwards with their shields at the ready.

――Chloe corps! Shoot arrows at the buildings in front!

As soon as the university entered the field of view, I order Chloe’s corps to launch their attack. Arrows can’t damage the buildings, but…they should trigger a reaction if humans are lurking in them.




No enemy is visible or audible…at all. Did they flee?

――Search the vicinity for enemy forces!

Five minutes later.

――I’m going to start the 《Reign》 now!

This spelled the beginning of the operation to annihilate the Kanezawa Liberation Army ― the humans left in Ishikawa prefecture.



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Chapter 228 – Strife over Ishikawa University ⑤


『《Reign》 has been announced to the hostile entities within its effective range』

『Please remove all hostile entities in range within 180 minutes』

『Alert! Hostile forces confirmed within the effective range. Please eliminate them at once.』

『Display map of effective range? 【YES】 【NO】

Once I tap 【YES】, a simple map with a radius of 5 km is shown on my screen. The number of red dots ― humans, totals to 387. However, despite being outside the range of 《Reign》, a number of red dots so ridiculous that it makes no sense to even count them is displayed within the 5 km circle of the map.

What I should do first is…

――Saburou, take your corps and annihilate the humans within range!

I make a screenshot of the map display, and send it to Saburou.

“Team J, roger!” Saburou declares while saluting as if being aware of me watching him.

For some reason, Saburou doesn’t want to change his corps’ name no matter what. It’s possible for me to force him, but since his former Demon King subordinates seem to also like that retarded corps name, I’ve decided to let them be.

The former Demon Kings are an egoistic bunch, but…they do have the abilities to back it.

I leave the annihilation of the humans within Reign’s range to Saburou, and shift to my next preparation. Now then, I’m curious how the enemy is going to move. Are they going to simply watch as up until now? Or are they going to defend this land?

As I’m observing the busy movements of the red dots outside the range of 《Reign》…


My smartphone’s screen changes, and plays the melody for an incoming call. The caller is Yataro ― the sole bloodkin remaining in my Domain.

“Shion speaking. What’s wrong?”

『Demon King Kaoru has made his move』

“…That’s quick.”

『He has very likely stationed people to watch your actions, Shion-sama』

“What’s the number of enemies?”

『24. Going by their equipment, they’re part of Kaoru’s main force』

“What about Kaoru himself?”

『I can’t tell for sure, but…I think he’s not with them』

“I see… Continue watching their actions.”


Kaoru has moved faster than I anticipated. If he had suspected this to be a trap and waited for a while, it’d have been possible for us to buy some time, but…no use in crying over spilled milk now.

Once I finish the call with Yataro, I open the map again.


As if coordinating their movements with Kaoru’s, the Kanezawa Liberation Army has started to advance in a group. I wonder what their next action is going to be. Are they going to ignore our large army, and take a detour with the objective of failing the 《Reign》? Or are they going to challenge our forces to a fight…?

If they choose to take a detour…we’ll move ahead of them and launch an attack. If it looks like they’re heading straight for our forces…we’ll make them surrender by force.

The conditions for succeeding in a 《Reign》 are harsh, but Demon Kings possess a map allowing them to clearly perceive the enemy’s moves and location. From the standpoint of the humans, they must feel like crying about this being a cheat. Seeing as I am in the center of a circle, I can cope with everything, no matter how many detours the enemy takes.

Anyway, the enemy’s move is…

Hee… So they’re coming from the front, eh?

The red dots shown on the map are advancing towards the blue dots taking up formation in front of Ishikawa University. Our battle array is perfect.

Sarah, Chloe, and Flora’s corps entered the campus to prepare for attacking from the windows. Iron’s corps is waiting at the gate to block it off with Kotetsu’s corps waiting in the back. Rina, Takaharu, Layla, and Red’s corps with Hibiki’s corps in the lead are stationed on the road in front of the university. Izayoi has been ordered to wait at my side in preparation for urgent situations.

――Sarah, Chloe, and Flora, get ready to attack!

――Iron corps, defend the main gate to the last!

――Hibiki, form a defense perimeter and get everything ready for aggro control!

――The rest stays on standby until I give the signal.

I alternate between looking at the map and watching the situation through Sarah’s eyes. Gradually, from Sarah’s point of view, the ground starts to rumble from many, many footsteps, and I can confirm the approaching human army by sight without even needing to consult the map.

――Chloe! Start the attack as soon as the enemy enters arrow range!

The attack range of Chloe’s corps, who rely on archery, is much wider than that of Sarah and Flora’s corps who rely on magic. Especially with their current advantage of being on high ground, the attack range expands even further.

30 seconds after I gave my order.

“Fireeeeeeeee! ――《Eagle Arrow》!”

Chloe shoots her arrow at the humans from atop the roof of a building on the university’s campus. Her first arrow pierces the eye of a human who had been walking at the front of the enemy army, but many of the arrows shot by the dark elves after her are blocked by the shields held up by the humans or drop to the ground with a clattering.

“Damn it all…! THat’s why I said we should have defended the university at all costs!”

“There ain’t no point in complaining about it now! We’re going to block the ranged attacks with our shield, and take this into close combat!”


Probably having understood their disadvantage in range, the humans begin to charge while holding their shields over their heads.

“Nihaha…lucky! The lil’ buggers have entered the range of my spells! ――《Fire Arrow》!”

“I’m going to join in as well~ ――《Fire Arrow》!”

As the humans approach, Sarah and Flora’s corps shower them with a rain of fire arrows.

――Hibiki, Iron, draw the enemies to you!


The 1,000 living mails led by Iron clang their shields all at once, pulling the charging humans towards them.

“Filthy pigs! We’re――”

“””Oiiink (disposable goods)!”””

“Inferior pigs! We’re――”

“””Oiiink (flesh slaves)!”””

“Wonderful! Foolish humans…if you take a single step further from there, you shall be trampled down by us! ――《Perfect Body》!”

Hobiki causes his clothes to blow away alongside his beastification, and as he adopts a combat stance, he pulls off a pose within the dazzling light. His subordinates, the orcs, hit their weapons against their shields.

Some of the humans are pulled towards the university’s main gate where Iron’s corps makes noise, some are drawn towards the shining pervert…all of them charging with their hatred grown even further. The fierce sounds of the humans’ weapons clashing against my subordinates’ shields can be heard all over.

――All forces attack!

Kotetsu, Takaharu, and the others begin to attack the humans who’re swarming Iron and Hibiki’s corps.

“Haah! I got tired of waitin’!”

Takaharu drives a fist into a human while smiling ferociously.

“Ahahaha! I’m first!”

“Hey, Seta-boy! Don’t leave the formation!”

Setanta wields his spear while smiling happily. Kotetsu, who rushes out in order to follow Setanta, brandishes his katana, attacking a human who persistently attacks a living mail.

“Uuoooooohhh! Let’s dooooo this! I’ll cruuuuuush them!”

“There’s so many of them!”

“We must teach them the dread of ogres!”

Red, Rouge, and Noire blow away humans by wielding their clubs with all their might.

“Red acts just as usual, huh…?”

“Well, Red’s an idiot after all ~ssu.”

Rina’s corps covers for the blind spots of Red’s corps as if backing them up in their thoughtless rampage.

――Layla, the left side is short of hands, cover them!

While calmly watching the battle progress and giving an order to Layla’s corps, I follow up on my subordinates who berserk around as they please.

“Numbers! First, lower their numbers!”

Is he the leader? A single man clad in Mithril Series equipment gives instructions to those around him, and obviously following his orders, the humans narrow down their aim on the weakest of my subordinates ― the goblins.

――Rina, is that guy 『Kanezawa’s Sage』?

“No, it’s someone else.” Rina directly answers my telepathic question while cutting down the enemy in front of her.

Hmm? Have 『Kanezawa’s Sage』 and 『Kanezawa’s Saintess』 remained back in the rear?

――Rina, tell me if 『Kanezawa’s Sage』 or 『Kanezawa’s Saintess』 should show up.

“Okay.” She answers concisely while protecting one of her goblin subordinates.

What a melee… No matter which point of view I use, a fierce melee between the humans and my subordinates is being shown on the display of my smartphone.

Now that it has come to this, my part in this won’t remain low profile. All I can do is to believe in the power of my subordinates. As I check the map and the battlefield in alternation in order to do what I can do ― keeping an eye on the humans’ moves…


My smartphone’s screen changes, and plays the melody for an incoming call.



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