Chapter 33

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18 hours of 【Pseudo-Peace】 remaining.
I enter the significant amount of information I learned from Kanon into the memo app of my smartphone.


  • The experience necessary for a Demon King to level up once is: Enemies with the same level x Current level value x 20.

(Example) To level up from 3 to 4, I have to defeat 60 level 3 enemies (3 x 20)

  • The experience necessary for everyone besides Demon Kings to level up once is: Enemies with the same level x Current level value x 5.
  • The experience gained from an enemy that is lower leveled than yourself is: 50% less for each level.

(Example) Assuming your level is 3: The experience necessary to level up is 60. You gain 1 experience point per killed level 3 enemy. The experience gained when killing a level 2 enemy is 0.5 (1 x 50%), and 0.25 (0.5 x 50%) when killing a level 1 enemy.

  • The experience gained from killing an enemy that is higher leveled than yourself is: 110% more per level. The experience gained when killing a Demon King will be multiplied by 1000%.
  • Monsters have levels, too. The rough estimate is: F rank is level 1~2, E rank is level 3~5, D rank is level 6~9, C rank is level 10~19, B rank is level 20~49, and A rank is level 50+.
  • In case an enemy was killed in a party, the experience will be assigned in proportion to the party members’ contribution.
  • The experience when an enemy was killed by a subordinate is: When inside the Domain, 10% will be allotted to the creator. When outside the Domain, 5% will be allotted to the creator.
  • The experience of an enemy that was killed by a trap will be fully allotted to its creator.

This is pretty much all there is about levels and experience points, which interested me the most.
I think it’s a well-thought-out specification. Experience gained from defeating those weaker than you will just keep on decreasing. You can call it a system that will stagnate level growth if humans and Demon Kings don’t grow at the same time.
…Is it really like that? A devilish thought crosses my mind. But, that thought is full of holes, too. I decided to forget about it since it seemed impossible to implement.
In short, in order to quickly raise my level, I guess I have no choice but to fight enemies myself or set effective traps… Learning that the outside leveling of my bloodkin isn’t all that effective was what delivered the biggest mental damage to me, personally.
Next, the assorted information.

  • Once a Demon King reaches level 5, they will acquire 《Separation》. 《Separation》 is the act of splitting the Domain and selecting a temporary Domain Master from the subordinates. Figuratively speaking, I guess it’s delegation in simulation games. The temporary Domain Master can’t create subordinates, and they seem to have various other regulations as well, so it’s hard to call it useful.
  • Once a Demon King reaches level 10, they will evolve. Moreover, they will acquire 《Reign》. 《Reign》 is the act of transforming human land into a part of the Domain. Various troublesome procedures are necessary, but well, that’s still a long way off, isn’t it?
  • Goblins and kobolds have 4 evolution stages. Dark elves have 2. Lycanthropes have 4. By the way, the one with the most are slimes at 10 evolution stages.
  • Some humans, dwarves, and elves are able to use alchemy. Dark elves are not.

The rest I will omit as there was a lot of trivia knowledge like the goblins’ favorite food and such.
Having obtained a certain extent of information from Kanon, I encountered a particularly difficult situation.

“Sorry. Somehow, because of me…” (Kanon)

Kanon, who was the main cause of the difficult situation, apologized deeply.

“Well, you didn’t know that it would turn out like this, did you?” (Shion)

The knowledge I obtained from Kanon was extremely useful. Even though I could have forced her to tell me had I ordered her, I don’t desire to have a bad relationship with her. I answer back, trying to follow up on her.

“No, I knew about it in the form of knowledge, but…I didn’t put much importance to it at the time.” (Kanon)

Seemingly quite devastated by my expression from not long ago, Kanon was still discouraged.
I operate the smartphone and check the condition of my【Domain】 once again.

Demon King Shion’s Domain

DP: 284/294
Domain Size: 12 km²
Population: 0
Type: Dungeon
Floors: 3
Established Facilities:
– Small Room x 35
– Forest x 1
– Rock x 68
– Entrance x 2
– Treasure Chest x 14
– Rest Area x 4
– Stairway x 4
Set-up Traps:
– Wooden Arrow x 12
– Poisoned Arrow x 4
– Tumbling Boulder x 3
– Pitfall x 4
– Alarm x 1
– Poison Swamp x 1
Special Restrictions: Number of Humans: 12 * 2
Special Effects: Pseudo-Peace (18 hours left)

The difficult situation caused by Kanon is the increase in entrances ― which accompanied the expansion of my Domain.
An increase in entrances meant an increase in the number of places that have to be defended.
At the time I established my personal principles, I always simulated possible results carefully.
Why was I, who had been an ordinary university student to begin with, capable of simulating these things?
The courses I studied at university were mostly centered around economy. Not something like military strategy. Having been born in peaceful Japan, I had absolutely no experience in having participated in wars or disputes.
What someone like me used as base for his delusions ― simulations, was the knowledge and experience I obtained through games and creative works such as books, movies and anime.
Because I was omnivorous in my isolation, I read a large number of creative works in various genres, and meddled with a great variety of games.
Of course killing one’s enemy with cheat powers like the protagonists in some books, or annihilating a thousand people by yourself as in certain action games is impossible. However, there was a lot of applicable information, too. In reality, I don’t know what’s useful until I have survived by capitalizing on those kinds of experience.
If I apply my knowledge to the current situation, it would be a simulation game where you aim to unify the whole country with the Warring States period of China and Japan as the theme.
These kinds of games tend to have several turning points where the degree of difficulty rises sharply. One of those is when the dominated area (castle) increases at the beginning.
Depending on the circumstances when you increase your dominated area, you will be blessed by an increase in national power.
If I apply that to my current situation, I guess that would represent the increase of DP. Due to the expansion of the Domain through 《Surrender》, the maximum amount of DP grew by 50. Also, as it became possible to set up further rest areas, the maximum DP value has grown even further.
If possible, I’d like the CP value to grow alongside DP…I really wish that could happen.
Ugh, I strayed off-topic. In contrast, the demerit is the dispersal of my combat forces. Furthermore, what I’m facing is not a game, but reality. It’s not like the enemy will wait for me while I’m thinking. Since there’s also a limit to checking everything with a bird-like view, my focus will be scattered all over as well.
If I establish 2 entrances next to each other…at the moment that idea popped up in my mind, I instinctively praised myself with “Am I a genius?”, but unfortunately, if entrances don’t have a certain distance from each other, they can’t be set up.
Creating a dungeon with a size of 12 km² x 3 floors is far too troublesome… Isn’t there anything like an Intermediate Demon King Pack?

“I wonder, have the humans found out that I am ruling your Domain yet?” (Shion)

“Yeah, that’s for sure. Even on the net, it’s a hot topic.” (Kanon)

“Thought so…” (Shion)

Kanon’s Domain apparently used the Beginner Demon King Pack (Hybrid Version). It was a Domain that combined vast forests and ruins. On the other hand, my Domain is a dungeon type. It’s out of topic, but upon expanding the hybrid pack, the inner structures of buildings that could be established would apparently expand as well.
As a result of me accepting Kanon’s 《Surrender》, Kanon’s Domain has fused with mine, or rather, it was absorbed without keeping its shape…all facilities disappeared, it was changed into a dungeon type and combined with my Domain.
If you look at a dungeon type Domain from outside, it’s a huge monolith. For an image, you can imagine it to be similar to the Ayers Rock.
In other words, if one had watched this time’s uproar from the outset…they would have seen the forest that formed Kanon’s Domain disappearing and a huge rock, which grew out of the ground alongside an immense rumbling sound, fusing together with the huge rock that formed the exterior of my Domain.

“If you had at least been level 5 or could have come to steal the 【True Core】 directly, my Domain wouldn’t have changed its shape…” (Kanon)

Eh? What’s with that? It’s my fault now?

“Ah!? No, it’s not your fault or anything like that, Shion-san…umm, that is, in other words…the one at fault is me!” (Kanon)

Did my inner feeling of pushing the guilt onto Kanon appear on my face? Kanon explains in panic.
Kanon – sometimes, she’s really unable to read the mood, isn’t she? It might be because her aptitude is 【Chaos】 like me, and because she has the same attribute as I have, loner = communication disorder.

“Well, whatever. By the way, what would have happened if I had been beyond level 5?” (Shion)

“Since you would have been able to use 《Separation》 at level 5 and above, it looks like you could have done the takeover without any change to my Domain if you had immediately selected a temporary Domain Master on the spot.” (Kanon)

“There are truly a lot of complicated and puzzling specifications…” (Shion)

“I’m sorry…” (Kanon)

It’s not as if the specifications were decided by Kanon, but for some reason she still apologized.

“Wait… Moving the 【True Core】 is possible, right?” (Shion)

Having expanded my Domain, I possessed two 【True Cores】. It’s troublesome since I have to protect two of them now. It would be best to put them together in one place.

“It’s possible, but…” (Kanon)

“As long as you don’t take it out of the Domain, it’s possible to use creation or alchemy, isn’t it?” (Shion)

“No, to be precise, it’s outside the Territory 1 .” (Kanon)

Kanon replies with an apologetic whisper.

“Territory?” (Shion)

“Yes. Shion-san, the Territory of your 【True Core】 is this room.” (Kanon)

Now that she mentions it, I never took the 【True Core】 out of this room, or to be even more accurate, out of the freezer.

“You’re saying I won’t be able to use creation and alchemy if I take it out of the Territory?” (Shion)

“No, given that you own two 【True Cores】, you will still be able to use creation and alchemy even if you move one of the 【True Cores】 outside the Territory. However…” (Kanon)

“However?” (Shion)

“In that case your maximum CP value will be reduced by half, Shion-san.” (Kanon)

“Eh? Does CP possibly increase if the number of possessed 【True Cores】 grows?” (Shion)

“Yes. Didn’t I tell you?” (Kanon)

“You didn’t.” (Shion)

There were too many things to consider and thus, I hadn’t checked the status of my CP. Ever since I alchemized the Mithril Spear, I haven’t paid any attention to my CP as I had more than 10 hours for the CP to recover to its maximum.
Or rather, it’s already been 10 hours, hasn’t it?
Aaaaaaaaahh! Shit! There’s too much I have to do!
I pull my hair out of stress.



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  1. Written in English, so capitalizing to make a distinction

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