Chapter 81 – Marry You

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Balzephon, who escaped the castle, rushed into the dormitory of the knight order, grabbed his spare sword and money, he had been safekeeping, from his own room and left towards outside the city.
Simply reporting 「It’s an emergency mission」 to the gatekeeper, he borrowed a horse, which has been prepared for messengers, and galloped away on the highway.
The knight, chasing him, confirmed that fact from the guard. But he was in a situation, where he already didn’t know how he should chase him, since it was more than 3 hours after the incident.
But Balzephon, being on the chased side, is rushing due to his feeling of dread of Hifumi swooping down on him from behind while holding the blood-soaked katana any time now. He advanced on the highway with a force, which is wasting the horse. He is heading towards Vichy. There is the necessity to pass through Fokalore, but once he enters Vichy and once he is within the cluster of city-states, which are engulfed in a maelstrom of chaos, it will likely be simple to hide as person of unknown affiliation.
Purchasing food in small cities and villages along the way, he obtained money and clothes by threatening a small number of travellers and merchants with killing them.

“I’m already in a state that makes me being called knight impossible.” (Balzephon)

At the time he killed and discarded a merchant, who resisted, Balzephon laughed with a sentiment of self-deprecation.
Once he thinks about his own figure scavenging the pockets of the corpse, it turns into a miserable feeling to the degree that he wants to cry, but above throwing everything away, he has made his decision to survive no matter what he has to do until he accomplishes his revenge.
While repeatedly sleeping outdoors or in deserted houses of small villages, he heads for Vichy economising to the best of his ability. ‘It’s probably necessary to bribe the gatekeepers with money at the time of entering Vichy. Besides that, there’s also the possibility of money becoming quite necessary. Currently isn’t the time to talk about luxuries. On the contrary, really decent inns are strict on inspections.’
If I consider that I might even inadvertently bump into noble acquaintance, it’s absolutely no good to have the intention to stay for a long period in hotels and large cities.
I might encounter monsters, but I will try to proceed by travelling along the highway being only slightly separated from the highway. He judged that he should also be cautious of patrolling soldiers.
However, thanks to that he ran into a troublesome opponent.

“… Who’s there?” (Balzephon)

“That’s my line. You have quite the wild appearance, but that case is a wonderfully nice item. Where did you steal it from?” (Origa)

It was Origa, leading several soldiers, who appeared in front of Balzephon in a place close to the forest, only visible as distant place from the highway.

“This sword is my own. Even if I tell you that, it hasn’t the shape of being worn-out considerably. You don’t look like some kind of bandits, but…” (Balzephon)

Putting his hand on the sword’s hilt, Balzephon takes distance.
Watching Origa’s figure, which was clad in a robe, he considered the possibility of a magician. He feels uneasy about her not holding a wand, but Balzephon’s judgement, sensing that she was someone with a dangerous aura, was accurate.

“You apparently still haven’t seen anything… Since I will offer you to overlook us, get lost.” (Origa)

“Seen?” (Balzephon)

“It’s something unrelated to you. If you obstruct the mission we received from Hi… our boss, I won’t be able to guarantee your life, okay?” (Origa)

Balzephon felt a sense of discomfort during their talk. He saw that Origa has been constantly worrying about the area behind her.

“Mission, it is? Although you seem to be leading soldiers from somewhere, you yourself don’t look like a soldier or knight.” (Balzephon)

“It’s pointless to pry too much. I have a premonition, that it’s no good, if I don’t hasten my return. If you don’t disappear, I will go even as far as erasing you, but…” (Origa)

Suddenly a sound of grass being trampled down can be heard from behind Origa.

“Origa-sama, the monster is headed towards this place!”

Hearing a loud voice calling for her attention, Origa left the spot promptly.
As result it turned into a situation of the monster, which jumped out, to appear in front of Balzephon.

“Wh-What? This fellow is…” (Balzephon)

Howling with a volume to level of causing the skin to prickle like an electric shock, it was a monster similar to a tiger baring its sharp fangs, but its length was two sizes bigger than that of a normal monster.
You can see sharp claws on its thick forepaw. Even if only touched lightly, skin and flesh would be totally torn off.
The soldier, who held some tool and was likely chased by the monster, came out of the forest, where the monster jumped out from. If you look closely, the monster’s back has been stabbed by around 2 things similar to short spears.

“I’m sorry, Origa-sama. It suddenly woke up and the restraints weren’t in time.”

“There’s no problem. Because it seems to have grasped its fodder, we can leave it as is.” (Origa)

Balzephon, realizing that he was designated as the fodder, Origa was talking about, quickly drew his sword and fixed his stance.
As the monster raises a growl, he is unable to let his view wander.

“This is likely your prey. Take responsibility and dispose it.” (Balzephon)

“Prey? Well, I don’t mind if you think of it like that. Please do your best to gain time so that we can get away. Well then.” (Origa)

“Since it will be a bother, if you come chasing”, Origa threw a shuriken.


Balzephon, who received a wound on his knee, barely avoided falling down.

“Then, good bye.” (Origa)

Origa, leaving while taking the soldiers along, vanished towards the forest and not the highway.
For the sake of pursuit, he stepped forward bearing the pain, but once the monster realizes that its prey was impaired, it struck with its forepaw.
He managed to just ward it off by using his sword, however his feet had no strength and moreover his bleeding increased.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck!” (Balzephon)

The scream resounded in the forest, but his voice didn’t reach anyone.


“If it’s too peaceful, it will be troublesome, too. For a shinigami, that is.” (Shinigami)

“Be quiet. I can’t concentrate.” (Adol)

Prime Minister Adol, who ignore the death god’s words by tell them to be quiet, moves to the next shelf without stopping his hands.
Ever since the coronation ceremony ended, Adol continued with his search of magic documents about sending back home secluding himself in the reference room.
Although the war ended for now, the result was the biggest problem, ‘Hifumi’, not only ending it unhurt, but his territory continuing to grow as far that you can even compare its power with a whole country.
If I consider the situation from here on, even with the matter of sending personnel to Fokalore for the sake of strengthening our war potential for starters, the number of knights in the order has already decreased. Concerning the work of the civil officials, whose stagnation is apparent because many nobles were disposed of, I can’t even oppose receiving training to make them more efficient.
Rather, since the contents themselves are above the evaluated standard of Adol himself, you can instead call it a furtherance school.
However, while that may be true, I don’t want to believe that it is fine for Hifumi’s existence to be in this world indefinitely.

“He is a man that creates enemies if there aren’t any. Anyway, I have no doubt that he will become a harm for this country and Her Majesty the Queen.” (Adol)

Adol, believing in that, worked hard at collecting documents about lost magic in order to prepare countermeasures after that.

“A bit longer, though it would be great, if someone stirred him up.” (Shinigami)

“There should have already been more than enough casualties. If such war happens often, this world will perish.” (Adol)

He scans the thin lithographs, which were arbitrarily and carelessly piled up, picking up one after the other carefully, so as not to break them, from the top.

“Oh my! In the world, he came from, many thousands and who-knows-how-many ten thousands people have also died.” (Shinigami)

“… How can society be sustained with that?” (Adol)

Adol, who unintentionally stopped his hands, looked at the floating shinigami, which only had its head.
Previously it was only a face, but now it has completely restored its head.

“The population’s origins are varying a lot. There are also several billion people. It even isn’t unusual for people to survive up to 100 years in age.” (Shinigami)

“Billions… I can’t even imagine. Well fine, I’m doing my best to return him to this wonderful world or whatever. Shut up a bit.” (Adol)

“Understood.” (Shinigami)

Adol heaved a single sight towards the shinigami, who disappeared as if smoke dispersing, and continued his work.
Finishing to check all of the piled up lithographs, he is dejected as he didn’t find the thing he’s aiming for.

“… Oh?” (Adol)

In the interior, where the lithographs were drawn from, there’s something, that leaned against the wall and was inconspicuously wrapped up in a cloth. Once he took it into his hands, even that was once again a lithograph for record keeping.
Someone likely put it there in order to hide it, but probably ended up neglecting it. The cloth crumbles as he is tearing it off.

“This is… !” (Adol)

‘It’s different from Return magic, but maybe I can use this’, Adol took off his outer garment, carefully covered the lithograph with it and left the reference room.


The next day after Hifumi’s return, Phyrinion, who was prepared to head towards her family’s home, for some reason came to the conference room of the civil official slaves after being summoned by Hifumi.

“Excuse me.” (Phyrinion)

When she entered the room after knocking, Hifumi and Alyssa were in front of her.
She can also see the figure of Vaiya and in addition the 5 civil official slaves.

“It seems that I came last. I’m sorry for making you wait.” (Phyrinion)

While apologizing, she sits down next to Vaiya with a natural flow. Although someone let a laugh slip out, she doesn’t care.

“All of those called have gathered.” (Hifumi)

Once Hifumi begins to speak, all views concentrate on him.

“First of all, Vaiya and Phyrinion will leave soon.” (Hifumi)

“Yes. After dropping by in Phyrinion’s territory, we plant to return to the capital. We plan to depart tomorrow.” (Vaiya)

“I see. Well, then I will give this to Phyrinion.” (Hifumi)

Caim, receiving a letter from Hifumi, hands it over to Phyrinion.
Once she opened the letter, a dispatch in Imeraria’s handwriting was written there. As the condition was the permission from Hifumi, Phyrinion was appointed as civil official of the royal castle and it stated that she would inaugurated with a role of coaching.
At the level of human resources you can call it an exceptional promotion, but Phyrinion was baffled.

“Umm… I will marry very soon though…” (Phyrinion)

Looking to her side, Vaiya is smiling for some reason.

“I know that, but what does that have to do with anything?” (Hifumi)

“Eh?” (Phyrinion)

“It’s not particularly saying that you have to go to the castle at once, right? There likely won’t be any complaints even if you take up your post after marrying.” (Hifumi)

“H-However, for a wife, whose position is to protect the family, to work means…” (Phyrinion)

“I might give birth to a child”, after saying this, Phyrinion covered her blushing face.

“Caim, is it not allowed for a married woman to work according to Orsongrande’s laws?” (Hifumi)

“There isn’t such a law. Even in cities, the madams are working full of spirit.” (Caim)

“You see”, Hifumi faced Phyrinion.

“I guess it’s fine if you work in the castle together with Vaiya. Leaving that aside, please spread the literary and military, you have studied in Fokalore, over there as well. I plan to tell this to Horant as well, but I want you to reply to them if asked.” (Hifumi)

“Haa…” (Phyrinion)

‘Is it fine with that?’ Phyrinion thought, but since she realized during her stay in the mansion of this territory’s feudal lord that it was wrong to wish for something ordinary, she doesn’t say anything.

“Phyrinion, let’s work in the castle together for still a while. It’s still too early for you to step down from active duty. It’s a precious opportunity to be helpful for Her Majesty the Queen.” (Vaiya)

“Oh well… understood. Let’s accept this deal.” (Phyrinion)

Some people applauded to Phyrinion, who stood up and bowed.

“And I have to give you the severance payment and salary for your work in Fokalore until now.” (Hifumi)

Doelgar, receiving Hifumi’s instruction, placed a cloth bag filled with gold coins in front of Phyrinion and Vaiya.
It has been filled with an amount that will even trouble a grown man to lift.
Once Phyrinion timidly opened it, all of it was filled with gold coins, without silver or copper coins being in sight.

“This much!? Isn’t that enough to buy quite the mansion?” (Phyrinion)

Inside the bag there are 1000 gold coins. Since a capital’s soldier’s monthly salary is 1 gold coin and a knight’s monthly salary is around 5~20 gold coins, Phyrinion was uneasy about the amount of money.

“It also serves as wedding gift. You did your best to increase the population and enrich the territory.” (Hifumi)

“T-Thank you very much.” (Phyrinion)

Together with Phyrinion, Vaiya also stood up in a hurry and bowed towards Hifumi.
Although the civil official slaves around Caim are aware of it, for the current public funds of the Fokalore territory paying this kind of amount is no trouble at all.
Because the business with Phyrinion and Vaiya came to a close, the two of them left.
What remained are only the true core members of Fokalore’s core.

“Well, let’s get to the real issue at hand.” (Hifumi)

“First is this”, Hifumi handed the civil officials a new document.

“This is…” (Caim)

Caim received it, but was unusually lost for words.
Looking at the document, which was passed on from him, the expression of the civil officials changed to surprise one by one.

“Acknowledgement of Release? We won’t be slaves anymore?” (Paryu)

Hifumi nodded to the question of the youngest, Paryu.

“The territory is stable as well. You were already able to amass more money than I paid for you. Besides, due to the things I will do from now on, it’s essential for you to decide whether you want to follow me with your own resolve. It was written by Imeraria.” (Hifumi)

Due to Hifumi’s treatment of the other side, who just became queen, hasn’t changed, there are some thinking “As expected.” and some “Is something wrong?”

“Since I have decided to always follow Hifumi-san, I want everyone to decide what they want to do in the future.” (Alyssa)

“I will remain.” (Miyukare)

It was a prompt decision by Miyukare after hearing Alyssa’s words.

“Calm down, moron.” (Hifumi)

As Hifumi said so, he entrusted his back to the chair and continued with “First listen to my story.”

“To begin with, since you will be given an amount of money as severance payment within limitations even if you leave this place, it’s fine to do business or whatever. I won’t forbid you to speak about the details of my speech from here on just because you got to know them. It’s alright even if you want to speak about it.” (Hifumi)

“I will deal with you if you become an enemy”, once he said that, it became a natural occurrence of everyone choosing to remain silent.

“After this I will go play with the lot of the beastman race. I also plan to go have a look at the Country of Knights, which is beyond.” (Hifumi)

Everyone came to the matching opinion “It likely won’t finish with you going to have a look”, but of course no one says anything.

“During that time I want you to continue strengthening this territory. If it goes as I have planned, the fight with the beastman bunch will begin first. Depending on the situation, it might also become a fight with the Country of Knights. At that time there’s also the possibility that Vichy will once again become our enemy. It’s depending on Imeraria, but it’s not said that it’s impossible for Orsongrande’s royal army to become hostile as well.” (Hifumi)

In other words, except Horant, which wants to focus on the reorganization of the nation, all their surroundings might turn into enemies. That’s his announcement.
Everyone except Alyssa and Caim, have fed up faces due to Hifumi brimming with the intention to cause turmoil again.

“I will remain on this post after all. The possibility of a war happening is the same anywhere. I might as well stay safe close to the strongest person. Besides, I don’t have any intention to separate from the Military Director.” (Miyukare)

Miyukare declared and threw even a wink towards Alyssa.

“I will stay as well. I don’ feel like doing another job at this point. I finally arrived at a point where the commerce and industry relations are on track too. I also believe there’s no such enjoyable work like this.” (Doelgar)

“I shall remain, too. Until now we weren’t even treated as slaves. I also fell in love with this city.” (Brokkra)

Next Doelgar and Brokkra chose to stay.
Paryu pondered for a while, but seeing the others of the female camp choosing to stay, she apparently resolved herself.

“Please let me work just as before as well. I don’t think I would be good at anything else, even if I went to another place. I want to work here together with everyone.” (Paryu)

And at last the looks gathered on Caim, who maintained his silence so far.

“As a matter of fact, there have been inquiries by several noble households for me.” (Caim)

“I see. Well, I guess so.” (Paryu)

Paryu likely wanted Caim to stay behind as well. She’s looking at him with eyes full of anxiety.
Caim’s excellence has spread, regardless whether in or outside the territory by everybody coming and going. If he hadn’t the social standing of a slave, there would have probably been even more scouts concentrating on him.
The several letters, he took out from his pocket, are likely invitation letters. Caim ripped those apart and threw them away without hesitation.

“I have always pondered about Lord-sama’s talk regarding growth and destruction. The thing called synergy of promoting the level and scale of wars as well as people becoming wealthy.” (Caim)

Facing Hifumi, he bowed.

“After all, Lord-sama is probably a hero (eiyuu) summoned to this world. I wanted to see the advanced world even if smeared with blood. I believe if it is to be a wonderful world, there will surely be difficulties ahead. If one doesn’t get hold of it after going through hardships, that won’t be anything more but an illusion either. Please, let me serve you from here on, too.” (Caim)

“Understood. I will leave it to you from now on as well.” (Hifumi)

“Then, please choose a governor before you leave the territory once again. It doesn’t even matter, if it’s only as decoration, now.” (Caim)

“Ah, that, huh?” (Hifumi)

Alyssa’s shoulders trembled due to a topic appearing, she was afraid of.

“I will marry someone and leave it to my wife. You guys were also nagging me about an heir for a long time now.” (Hifumi)

“For a noble it is an important duty to continue the family line.”

“Saying something like that, is there anyone who wants to marry me?” (Hifumi)

Due to the words he said lightly, everyone, who was in this place, except Caim, shouted 「Please wait until Origa returns」.


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