Interlude 4 – A man named Wendelin von Benno Baumeister

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Amazing…’ (Ina)

I, Ina Susanne Hildbrun, was completely surprised.
My childhood, and best, friend and I were saved by an earth wall instantly forming to prevent a wolf attack. The cunning beasts were annihilated by the indiscriminate firing of magic arrows.

Due to the kinetic vision that I got while training in spearmanship, I could see that about two ordinary arrows also flew in and seized the lives of two wolves.

However even this archery, which is amazing if one thinks normally, would pale before that magic.

Because of the talent needed the number of magicians is extremely few.
And among them it is rare for a magician to be regarded as amazing.

Actually, among the magicians that had been hired in the territory around Breitburg, only Burkhart-sama, the senior retainer magician, can use something equaling the current magic.

Moreover, he also won his fame as a first-class adventurer for more than three decades. He was even decorated by the kingdom for killing a dragon in the past.

Who on earth can use magic comparable to him?
While thinking this, I checked the person who casts this magic.

Amazingly, it was the figure of one of my classmates in adventurer prep school who enrolled to at the same time as me.
The owner of this magic is Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, a classmate of the same age.

It can’t be, for his ability to be this great…’ (Ina)

When I enrolled into adventurer prep school, there is one rumor spreading around.
The rumored eighth son of Baumeister family, vassals of Margrave Breithild who is my parents’ family lord, a poor knight family beyond the mountain range, passed the scholarship test by showing off his magic.

It’s not hard to just to enroll into the school, but it is difficult to pass the scholarship test with magic.
This is due to the fact that, however precious magic is, one can’t obtain a scholarship by just producing a spark or a glassful of water.

There is no way magic of that level could be useful in subjugating monsters, many such people give up their plans and challenge the scholarship test with the sword and archery.

Under such circumstances, Wendelin von Benno Baumeister passed the scholarship test purely relying on his talent in magic.

Naturally, Margrave Breithild should have heard the information.
Even I have heard the rumor from my family.
He can use at least intermediate level magic despite being a minor, it would be natural to establish a claim for the future.

If something like that didn’t happen, it would not be strange if someone said that the Margrave was disqualified as an important noble.

But regarding this matter, it’s a good thing for the current head of the Breithild house.
He was appointed as the family head of the Breithild house when I was just born.

Even to this day, the bitter failure that caused it is used as conversation material by high ranking people and even my family.
To succeed with the remains that his predecessor, who was killed in battle, left in the failure of the Demon Forest expedition of 20 years ago, dealing with the important nobles controlling other territories, enduring for a long time the harassment and interference of vassals in a bad relationship while struggling to govern the territory, he has received an evaluation better than his predecessor.

And also, about the failure in the Demon Forest expedition, there a few people who believe the public declaration that the cause is from the Baumeister house’s side, which has obeyed the request.

The predecessor was killed in battle, and when the first reports came that the military leaders and troops that were almost annihilated, there was a person who vomited blood after hearing that report.

It was Daniel-sama, the eldest son, who was the brother of the current Margrave Breithild.
He was a genius, and he was loved by the previous head, but it seems that he was violated with fatal diseases.

His sickness had progressed greatly, and when he heard that report, he shouted “Since there is Amadeus within the Breithild family, despite everything, it was fine! Father, you fool!”, and apparently died after.

Truly, his death is suitable to be called a death from a fit of anger.

There supposedly is a miraculous medicine that can be effective against such illness created from an ancient dragon that might live in the Demon Forest.

It is a scenario which anyone can understand when written up to here.

The predecessor started a thoughtless expedition to save his eldest son who has a fatal disease, asking for reinforcements from the Baumeister house as their lord.

In this case it would not be an exaggeration to say that he forced it.

And it was an utter failure.
In this age without war, for not the country’s army but a lord’s army that nears two thousand people to die in battle, it certainly would be talked about by those in the royal palace and nobles.

Moreover, even the family head was among those killed in battle.

Naturally, for the pride of important nobles, they try to conceal the fact as much as possible.
In this expedition, Margrave Breithild accepts the request of the Baumeister house, but they incorrectly calculated the force of the demons lying hidden in Magic forest, taking many sacrifices as a result.

If one know a little about the situation, one would immediately find that the explanation is a lie.
But a lie also can become a fact sometimes.

For royal palace, confusion in the Margrave Breithild house that controlled the southern part would only be a hindrance to the peaceful southern governance.
For this reason, the Breithild house didn’t say anything.
About the circumstances for going on the expedition, even to lie that it was the request of the Baumeister house’s side, the fact that the purpose was for the son with a serious illness can’t be denied.

Besides, they did not intend to give some punishment by forcing the responsibility on the Baumeister house.

Everyone without a doubt knows the truth, but must not speak of that truth.

For me, who was still a kid, it’s a story of dirty politics in society.
I feel pity for the Baumeister house but I hear that Margrave Breithild-sama had given compensation to the soldiers accordingly and made accommodations in trade.

As it harms their prestige, they tried to cover it up with money or worldly benefits.

This is the reason why there are only a few people in the vassals or the army of Margrave Breithild’s house who are holding a grudge against the Baumeister house.
It’s an inevitable method.

From time to time, there are some people who think that only they have lost family or are foolish enough to go without knowing if the rumor is the truth, seriously criticizing the Baumeister house.

I don’t really hold any estrangement to the Baumeister house.
Even if someone told me the story when I was just born, it is honestly troubling.

Father and my brothers might have a little estrangement as a lot of disciples who went to my parents’ family dojo had been lost.
But at least I never hear them say it openly.


Thanks for helping us.” (Ina)

I expresses my thanks immediately to the Baumeister house’s eighth son.
To tell the truth, it may have been fairly dangerous without this rescue.

We had been a little overconfident.

The Hildbrun house, which is my parents’ family, have been vassals serving as spearmanship masters to the Brithilde house for generations.
Knights with interest in martial arts make a good appearance even in a time of peace, as fighting ablity is regarded highly in the word when one takes an oath to be appointed as a noble.

Even in such ceremonies, it’s common for high rank people to prepare a beautiful, expensive sword.

However, in actual battlefield, it is important to be able to use a bow from a long distance or spear with long reach.
Many were wounded or killed on the battlefield because of these two.

It is often talked about in sagas, such as a fellow knight using a sword in a one-to-one fight, although it rarely happens normally.

Hence the status and treatment of the military officers who teach the spear is actually higher.

But it’s not the time for a third daughter to be carefree.

It is more difficult for the third daughter to be married into their house. I learned spearmanship since childhood for the sake of independence.
I could say that I am lucky as I had talent in that field.

Father disappointedly said that “It’d be better if you were a man.”

I still can’t match my father in techniques, but I actually have a bit more magic power than an ordinary person.
With a little training I can put out about a few glasses of water in a day.

It is insignificant amount, but this magic power is quite useful.
I can pour this magic power a little at time into my own body to strengthen my physical abilities.

The result of all my efforts in training this technique is that I no longer lose to my father and brothers in a mock match of actual combat forms.

It is just that it results in an unfortunate consequence at the same time.
I came to think that they hate me.

I know that they love me as a daughter and a younger sister.
But I am hated as a disciple of a spearmanship dojo.

If I was a man there would be a chance for me to remain as a teacher in my parents’ family with that skill.
But I am a woman.
The terms for third daughters as a bride is not that good, and skill in spearmanship does not really matter to become a bride.
Rather, it would be unpleasant when there is a rumor of the husband is weaker than the bride so no one will accept me.

With such circumstances I, Ina Susanne Hildbrun, entered the adventurer prep school.
With my specialty in spearmanship, I have passed the scholarship test.


But are you guys okay with the wolf fur?” (Wendelin)

The eighth son of the Baumeister house who helped us, rather than something being missing, it feels like he was different from others.
Not saying such condescending things is preferable here. To begin with, he had heard about the distribution of the acquired fur.

He’s a strange person…’ (Ina)

Furthermore, he treat us to dinner as thanks for being able to earn money today.
Is he a softhearted person?

In any case, he was that famous eighth son of a poor knight house.
That living style must be really poor, such that it can’t be compared with mine.

Despite being the daughter of a vassal house, I don’t want to be in such situation. I know about the financial conditions of the nearby small noble houses.
Precisely because I know that I feel sad about it.

This world is peaceful without war.
That’s why, in royal families, noble and vassal, it was common for the children to be in sorrow about not being able to succeed, however the boys have a way to the military. Even that is extremely narrow for women, leaving only obtaining a good family to be married into or trying to be successful as an adventurer just like me.

Only with the former, it would be hard with social position like mine.
Being the mistress or second wife of retired aged noble or become third to fifth mistress of small territory noble is more reasonable.

It would be better luck to be married to lower class merchants, or just become the bride to a wealthy farmer.

If it was like this, it would be better being an independent adventurer.

Someone before said dangerous thing like “Will there be a war?”, I thought in my heart that someone will advocate it.
My turn might come when noble were reduced in war.


Ina is fine. Listen, I know your skill in sword is good, and you’re skilled with the bow too. But Wendelin’s magic is an entirely different matter. The results would be the same even if Wendelin was paired with others, right?” (Ina)

Even though we gathered to eat, I unintentionally said unnecessary thing to Erwin, the partner of the Baumeister house’s eighth son.

But in fact, most people still want to observe the situation. Many prep school student had their eyes on the eighth son of the Baumeister house who could use magic.

The boys, as a party member candidate.
The girls, as a potential partner plus the possibility of marriage.

I feel it is still too early, but there is also such a competition.
Especially noble children who are enrolled to this adventurer’s prep school who were already half commoner, desperate for their own future.

It seems that I look down upon commoners if I say it like this, but everyone was born on the brink of losing their status and preferential treatment.
Being desperate, many people think that to drop kick others is fine.

The world of nobles is really a tough world.
By no means was it something unspeakable which was being glossed over.

If I am doing well with Wendelin…’ (Ina)

He was an excellent magician so he could be ennobled, life should be guaranteed with his income even if that didn’t happen.
If he become the retainer of some noble, it is possible for him to establish a house as that noble’s vassal for generations.

As a retainer or vassal for the boy, while a girl naturally can become a wife.
Despite being in an adventurer prep school there must be many people who have already fixed their eyes on that second life.

It’s a cruel and realistic tale, and there is no way someone below the second daughter or the second son of noble or vassal doesn’t care about it.

First come, first served. Don’t even think being shameless is not good.

Inheriting one’s family and territory, married with the eldest son or the eldest daughter of good families, those who think about such thing would be criticized behind their backs.
But one was in a blessed situation.

At best, noble children in adventurer prep school would not be treated as half noble.
Adventurers earn a lot of money which had nothing to do with social status, or gain fame being employed by other nobles.

Otherwise, they retired from realizing their limitations.
Go to reclaim a land or begin a small business?
Rather, there a lot of such people.

Within the kingdom, most descendants of nobles were originally a commoner.
One’s name is not limited by social status, so there are many commoners with names like a noble.

They usually decline to introduce their last name.


I don’t want such a life.” (Ina)

Dinner is over, and we were walking on the road home after parting with Wendelin.
Beside me is my childhood friend Luise, she left the house before growing up.

She can stay home but she could not refuse marriage proposals recommended by her parents.
It impossible to dream of a wondrous match like those in nice stories, she would not be able to refuse if the partner exceeded 70 years of age when she remain in the house.
Third daughters staying in the house would be treated as a bonus after she mature.

Ina-chan is smart, you can think about many things.” (Luise)

Others would not think much about it since she looks young, but Luise is actually much smarter than me.

Despite having friends in the immediately neighboring families with the situation looking like childhood friend, our being close friends is because deep inside we have similarities.

I think we have a chance.” (Ina)

Hmmm, you mean about Wend-kun?” (Luise)

Despite being of the same age and aspiring to become adventurers, we’re so worthless that we were helped from wolves, that does not mean we are awfully weak.
It might have had the same result with the other scholarship students.

In short, Wendelin is too strong.

Since Ina-chan’s a beauty, you want to catch his attention?” (Luise)

That’s not it.” (Ina)

From a young age others often said that my features are good.
But I don’t learn spearmanship because of that, there are also many who say that my sharp eyes look scary.

What’s more, I tends to become silent when thinking, and men don’t know what I am thinking about, and they would see me saying harsh things sometimes.

I don’t think that’s the type of woman Wendelin would like.

Even my figure is also standard. I think Luise had better appeal with her cute appearance.

I look like a little girl.” (Luise)

Some man love that.” (Ina)

Ina might think about what I am saying now. When thinking about figure in the future in the future, Ina can be expected to blossom but it would be hard for me…” (Luise)

Nevertheless, a girl like Luise might be Wendelin’s type.
When I put it in numbers, the two of us will be two types.
There are many better choices.

But it just a stupid idea if I may say so myself.

I was just kidding. I wish we can become friends and make a party, that would be great.” (Luise)

Luise can also scheme something amazing without hesitation sometimes.

Prep school students will not go into monster domains until graduation.
Starting from the latter half of the school year, we can expect to battle with the teachers for training our party’s skill.
Prior to assembled a party for that, for those have been confirmed that can’t cooperate in hunting, they would not be able to object when said that they are not suitable to be adventurers.
Everyone thought that it was a precious time now.

There must be many rivals.” (Ina)

You’re right. It will be overwhelming when there is Wend-kun. Erw-kun is also quite good as a swordsman.” (Luise)

That said, it would be foolish of me if I suddenly put out a party formation request.
When someone without ability all of sudden would like to form a party, those with high ability would say that “You’re just a nuisance and burden, please leave.”

What would they think about us?” (Ina)

Well…” (Luise)

Honestly, I don’t think we are that inferior to other scholarship students.
Both of us were in the top 5 of admission grades.

Thinking about it is useless, let’s put out the application form.” (Luise)

Luise, you…” (Ina)

Sometimes giving such an intuitive action and opinion, that was my best friend Luise.
However, the results are surprisingly not that bad.

If it’s no good, they can cancel it.” (Luise)

What a positive attitude…” (Ina)

By that reason, with nothing to lose, we decide to put out the party application with four people.

However, when I fill in the party application paper on the next day and submit it, our homeroom teacher Seeckt did not reject it.

So four people within five places in admission ranking. The balance in fighting ability isn’t that bad either. Since lives are at stake, I won’t say that people with lower grades need get in to get some experience.” (Seeckt)

Since life is at stake, teacher Seeckt was who also originally an adventurer does not seem to say that people with low grades were allowed to join those with top grades for balance,.
And we are not a professional adventurer.
Because we were just an apprentice.

Those with the closes grades were put together, people with low grades hunting to gain experience, and being trained to dealt with monsters in the future.
This is the correct objective of prep school.

Anyone wants an excellent party. I’ll give the application to the general affairs office.” (Seeckt)

I can’t believe that the party application would pass so fast.
The only problem and the most crucial one would be that Wendelin and Erwin who didn’t know about it?

I feel that is the biggest problems.

It will be okay.” (Luise)

On the other hand, Luise was not worried about anything.
In some way, she is the big shot.

And about Wendelin and Erwin who unconsciously joined a party with us.

Hey, Erw.” (Wendelin)

I never thought about it but besides teaming up with other low grade people. It would be like this anyway.” (Erwin)

Really?” (Wendelin)

Adventuring is also the same as other jobs. If we can’t be together, we can disband to make a new party. Not that we will be in the same party all our life.” (Erwin)

It make senses if you put it that way.” (Wendelin)

I didn’t really know about Wendelin that well, but the ideas of Erwin were extremely dry.
The application has already been passed, we can just make a new one if we can’t be together.
If fact, even a first class adventurer party would be impossible for it to be the initial members.
Everyone keep forming and disbanded the party, some member replacements immediately became the best members.
It was normal for human beings to be like that.

Oh well. Please take care of me then.” (Wend)

Same here.” (Erwin)

Me too.” (Luise)

“…Take care of me, I guess it just something trivial for an excellent magician?” (Ina)

I and my friend just realize it now.
It make us think that Wendelin is a really important figure, anyway, I promised that I’ll made an effort not to become a burden.


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