Chapter 24 – Margrave Breithilde hosting a garden party

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Wow, it was a big catch today.”

We were able to hunt one big bear.”

Right. It stopped El-kun’s blow splendidly.”

I have calculated it but it didn’t damaged the bear’s gallbladder properly.”

Before we realized it, two pretty girl we had helped from pack of wolves entered our party, rather I become the new party leader without knowing it.

I have thought that even I don’t have any experienced being class president in my previous life, but when I actually do it, the conclusion is, it surprisingly didn’t have that much work.

After school, the four of us moving toward a distant hunting ground with a little competition, and I’ll find the prey using detection.
Hunting something easy is for the qualified members to make an effort, while fighting with four people by taking advantage the party characteristic if it was something big.

At first, I feel a bit anxious about teaming up with both of them but it seems there many being unlucky with the pack of wolf.
Irna spearmanship was a skill that sometimes able to kill the charged wild boar by a single blow, with Luise special skill in approaching opponent by erasing her presence, she able to catch easily the guinea fowl deemed difficult even for professional hunters.

Since we operate by four people, there is no need to panic being attacked by a pack of wolves or several bears, it more efficient and the profit also quite good.
Nowadays, it become natural for the four of us to go out hunting.

Should we have a dinner at Leaf bower?”

What would the recommendation menu today’s be?”

When we try to eat dinner after selling all the catch in the purchase location, soon, the homeroom teacher that look familiar come running up to us from school building of the prep school can be seen.

He is a mid-level staff of the guild, formerly an adventurer with considerable skill.
Regrettably forced to retire because of injury, even now working vigorously in guiding the next generation.

At 37 years old this year, with a wife and two daughter.
He might have a hard time feeding his family.

Hey you guys.”

Seeckt-sensei, did you need something?”

Yeah, this were delivered through prep school.”

The homeroom teacher has four envelopes, when I cut the seal of the envelope addressed to me, inside was a letter of introduction of garden party.

A garden party?”

You must go there since it was hosted by Brihedar margrave-sama.”

Got it.”

For some reason, we will be attending the garden party hosted by Brihedar margrave.


But why I was invited to garden party?”

Perhaps because Vel-kun parents’ family is the vassal of Brihedar margrave house?”

Three days later on the rest day, before noon, the four of us by dressing accordingly heading toward the meeting place where the garden party was held.
El and me were in formal noble dress which has been hurriedly made.
Incidentally, the price is two silver plate, it costs about two hundred thousand yen, I and El were half crying by the sudden spending.
Irna and Luise had a dress at their parents’ house so they didn’t need to hastily made it but they were weeping as well being forced to waste money on accessories and shoes.

Both of them saying, “The new equipment purchase savings is…” and fainted in agony.
Since they were born as pretty girl, I thought that they should be happy to be able to dress up.

Which reminds me, you’re right. My parents’ family was the Brihedar margrave vassal.”

What do you mean…”

Since it was like it didn’t relate to me at all…”

Brihedar margrave had experience a terrible accident because of it but they still the lord, the relationship can’t be cut so easily, should it be called as the sadness of small noble?

However, when recalling the past, for some reason, father and brother never participated in a garden party or social gathering.
Or more precisely, they never leave the territory.
They need to cross the mountain to attend, which is something natural, but still.

Brihedar margrave-sama also, in my opinion, didn’t want to give an unnecessary burden to Baumeister house in attending unimportant garden party or social gathering.”

Perhaps, it just like what Luise’s have guessed.
But father and brother for missing the chance of making a connection, I wonder is that really okay as a noble.
Connection and acquaintances is worth to make over a lifetime.

In my previous life, it was like those oldman the company counsellor in morning gathering.

This time, since Vel stay in Breitburg. I guess you were treated as the representative.”

Representative, huh…”

I can’t declare myself in abandoning the succession right of Baumeister house before comes of age, so I am still a noble.
El also in similar circumstance as me, with Irna and Luise is the vassals daughters.

Since those two entered the adventurer prep school with excellent results, they would be claimed before it was too late.

Noble is a creatures whose scheming many things behind the scenes.
To the last, it just my guess though.

The party would be held in the garden of Brihedar margrave mansion which located in the heart of Breitburg city.
As expected of the garden of lord’s mansion, hundreds of invited guests were eating, drinking and chatting leisurely.
This garden party would be held once a year in Brihedar margrave house, local and foreign noble with their families, vassals with their families, merchant dealer, various guild and church officials were invited.

Even the principal and some teachers of adventurer prep school, and scholarship student, noble or not had been invited as well.
I can recognised some of them.

For an occasion like this, I can be identified as noble.”

El, have you participated in a party like this?”

Yeah. Since our house have a lord. That lord hold a party regularly.”

Despite El as the fifth sons were in low priority, he still have gone out several times to a party like this.

But it can’t be compared with the party of Brihedar margrave house, the head noble in the southern part. The foods and the wine was extravagance. Since the lord of my house is a viscount, the content falls a little more.”

El while saying so, aggressively make a move to the dish.
I can understand that feeling.

As it stole our happiness in making all that money recently.
Spending lots of money for a dress to wear at the party.

By eating the meal desperately trying to regain at least as much as one copper.
In particular, it seems to be concentrated in the expensive meat.

You didn’t eat Vel?”

Similarly, Irna and Luise who is a girl, had more appetite than sex appeal.
In their plate, the dish were centered on the meat had been piled in heaps.

Of course I’ll eat too. I can’t recover even part of this dress price by eating. But…”

Despite our blunt speech and behaviour, this is the reality of the child of small nobles and vassals.
It was similar with the other prep school students, they can only enter into adventurer prep school, they are aware that they are not a noble anymore.

If they can’t realise that much, they can’t live in reality.


Well, I have been thinking after coming to this Breitburg…”

After leaving my birthplace Baumeister house, with every meal is a hard brown bread, lightly seasoned with salt just like those sick person food, eating soup that it make me feel lucky if there are many small pieces of meat, I was wondering what the heck was that.

When I go hunting, it was added into the menu but still no change with that hard brown bread and thinly seasoned soup.

Only after I secretly come to Breitburg, I had realise just how delicious the stew I ate in the restaurant from the money in selling the catch in the bazaar.
I can’t believe a Japanese person who obsessive in food like me had gotten accustomed to that thinly seasoned soup.

Ah, so it’s about Baumeister house.”

Does Irna know something?”

When I’m still a kid, I have heard about it from my father.”

To put it briefly, the financial of Baumeister house have fallen into crisis from sending that troops.
Since the territory is isolated, to sell speciality products to outside, many years have been entrusted to the caravan which in a fixed time coming over the mountain, there is no need to take it out by specially passing through the mountain.

It must be hard and time-consuming to transport a pack of food to the mountain path without magic bag.
So with the demand is comparatively high, Brihedar margrave house have decided to voluntarily accepted the wheat without profit which lasted a long time.

As someone would buy the wheat, father led the expansion in agricultural land to sell even a bit more wheat, I was being ignored completely.
Because I am just a kid in the eyes of my father and brother.

No wonder, while imagine there was such circumstances, I wish they would think about other speciality for being able to earn money at such time.

And with father and the territory people are busy in producing wheat, they reduced the time to go hunting and gathering, resulting in ours meal significantly lacking.
Despite bread as staple food is a little few, Baumeister knight territory being blessed by nature a lot can obtain meat or obtain fruit, wild vegetables, river fish, wild yam, and also honey from gathering.

It just that these goods can be produced normally in Brihedar margrave territory beyond the mountain.
As it can’t be used for export, otherwise it would motivate father.

I can see why the village headman Klaus want me to become the family head.
I suppose he didn’t think about his own greed.

What’s wrong Vel?”

Well, I can only imagine my parent’s family future in decline.”

My condolences.”

Despite Irna say it curtly, it might be harsh when I said it like this but neither she or I had any interest in the future of Baumeister knight territory.
I as the eighth son to begin with, had no interest in inheriting the territory, and a story of nearby territory by all means was unrelated to Irna.
If this succession in parent’s house really happen, the lord might have feel somewhat uneasy about the story of vassal govern a territory.

And whether we were born when the expedition to demon forest happen, sacrifice appear from the parents’ family of Irna and Luise, they would likely to hold some estrangement?
But she have also said that, “I would not remember even if such thing were said when I am still a baby…”

Our family ties will be cut after three years, it didn’t bother me.”

Well, I think you are a little naive, Wendelin von Benno Baumeister-kun.”

Suddenly, I hear a voice of young man other than Irna, I turn myself in the direction of that voice.
Stood there was a young man about first half of his thirties, who had gray pupil with elegant brown hair.
Well, I guess he wouldn’t mind being treated as young man despite his age.

Erm, who would you be?”

Vel, you idiot!”

When I asked that young man name, Irna who is next to me in panic pulled my arm.

That gentlemen is…”

Ah, I hope it’s not too late to introduce myself. My name is Amadeus Freytag von Brihedar. You must be the mage who was born from Baumeister house. It is an honor to meet you.”

I can’t believe the young man who come to greet me was the young family head of Brihedar margrave house who is the lord of my Baumeister house.

Sorry for my rudeness. I humbly beg your pardon.”

I heard that Wendelin-kun never come to make an appearance in a place like this. And you are not even the heir of Baumeister house. It was reasonable for you not knowing my face.”

But I feel it was unheard of for the child vassal not knowing the face of their own lord, but it seems Brihedar margrave didn’t really mind about it.

However, it saved me some trouble when you enrolled into adventurer prep school. The people of Baumeister house were invited to gather like this is a pity so…”

They need to pass through mountain to attend the party.
And Baumeister house’s financial condition is currently in bad shape.
What’s more, since it was their own fault, father and others didn’t come to the party as not to get criticized, but because father always refuse it, surrounding vassals seemed to be criticizing it irresponsibly.

Many people dissatisfied about it. So you saved me some trouble for coming.”

I did not learn etiquette for this kind of thing either and I can escape from the etiquette of noble in dancing at the garden party, I didn’t think about anything else other than eating a large amount of expensive foods, but apparently there is a significance meaning for people in Baumeister house to attend.

Noble is really a troublesome creatures.

Because the greetings were over, this is the main subject. Can I take your time for a little bit?”

I don’t mind but did you have any business with me?”

Yes, it’s not an important business.”

I who went to the mansion being invited by Brihedar margrave, never thought that it just outright lie.


Sorry for taking your time.”


I was guide by Brihedar margrave to his private room.
Moreover, it just the two of us in the room.
At first, some of the maid were brewing the black tea but they leaves the room immediately after bowing.

So what is your business?”

You didn’t notice yet?”

Well…what would that be?”

Your talent was guaranteed. But it seems you are still lacking in experience. Blanturk.”

After saying so, when Brihedar margrave called someone name, there come in one man.
Age about the latter half of his forties.
Black hair with crew cut streaked with gray hair, he had a sharp eye that it feel like adventurer veteran?

And he was dressed in robe which is common for mage.
That’s mean, he is a mage.

He is our senior retainer mage.”

I am Blanturk Ringstat. As you can see, I am an adventurer before.”

What’s more, he was the master of Alfred Rainford who also our previous senior retainer mage.”


When my master name was suddenly being put out, anyone can understand that it was shown clearly in my face I was surprised.
He become the talking corpse after his dead, more than five years keeping his appearance in order to teach his own magic to a promising successor, master wish finally fulfilled after meeting me.

I had intended to take this story to my grave without telling others.
The matter about master become the talking corpse or about him meeting me to teach me magic, and finally about me taking over his legacy.

Especially the last one is actually fraught with big problems.
Brihedar margrave army that was annihilated in demon forest, the expedition including the march of more than several hundred kilometers distant, with that shortcoming, the supply had been entrusted to master.

Food and resources to support an army of two thousand men, everything were put in magic bag that master carried.
In addition, the commodities for Brihedar margrave armies that had been annihilated were not used that much.

The resources with ridiculous amount still remained within the magic bag.
And that resources, all of it is inside the magic bag that was attached to my waist.
This magic bag is something that had been handed over from master to me, so it was something natural to do.

I have told you earlier right? You’re still lacking in experience.”

Since I am just a kid and a student.”

Yeah. You can use magic well enough but you are still insensitive to the sign of other mages. Weren’t you being taught by Al?”

Eh? I can’t understand what Ringstat-san are saying.”

As expected, the master of my master know what he talk about.
He noticed that I learns the basics of magic from master.
But it will be dangerous if I admit the fact so easily.
So I decide to be ignorant for now and see the situation.

Oh? Did I make you feel in danger?”

Isn’t that bad. Blanturk.”

Listen boy. I am not going to punish you. It the same with lord.”

I want to negotiate with you. And Blanturk want to know the final moment of his disciple. Would you please trust us?”

Being persuaded by both of them, in the end, I talked about my only secret with master.


I see. You even done capacity adjustment. You must be liked considerably by Al.”

For a while since then, I had a long talk with them.
About when I had been practising quietly in the forest as I realise that I had talent in magic, master who become talking corpse show up there to make me his disciple.
It was a short time I had been study under him, but it thanks to that I become what I am now.

About master to die peacefully with holy magic attribute before become zombie, as the final graduation test.
And about me inherited the contents of his magic bag as a thank-you and graduation gift.

While I am talking, they heard it with serious face.

Really, so he was satisfied and die peacefully.”

You didn’t believe me?”

No, I didn’t doubt you or anything.”

Blanturk-san who is my master’s master, he had a special ability that can’t be used by other mages.
Once he remembered the stored magic power, he is able to sense that magic power owner whereabouts.

Honestly, this ability is amazing.
No matter how much magic power a mage had, the magic power that can be call out from one’s own body is usually small.
An excellent mage is sensitive to the sign of other excellent mage is in fact just some kind of intuition, and that detection range can be about several hundred kilometers.
Master’s who become talking corpse in demon forest have noticed my existence, which were almost in his detection range limit.

For Blanturk-san once he remembered the magic power can detect up to several thousand kilometers.
It can only be described as something amazing.

Well, despite that ability being amazing. My magic capacity were around intermediate to high rank. Even for Al who you call as master. It may be presumptuous to call him master for making a mistake so easily.”

Blanturk-san said that for some reason, in demon forest in the southern region, he had felt master magic power for more than five years.

I even expect him to become Lich.”

Lich is an undead monster of the higher rank kind of zombie’s.
It had no reasoning, unlike zombie that can’t use magic and can’t talk, Lich is a monster that it may not equal while its alive but it able to use magic.

Despite being a Lich, that Al is a genius. He must be eliminated but as it obstructed by the place.”

Although the military forces have finally come, it almost impossible for adventurer to reach it inside the demon forest.

Luckily, he didn’t leave that place.”

However, master magic power starts to move suddenly.
That must be to met me.
For Blanturk-san, he might have thought that a Lich begin to move into a frontier village.

I had considered to subjugate him but I am also an adventurer at that time. The commission didn’t come out either, it would be unjustifiable for my friends so I didn’t say it.”

Go over one mountain, fighting with Lich who originally a genius mage, the cost is far more than the reward.
Blanturk-san wish that the subjugation commission to come out quickly.

However, he stay in one place. Furthermore, he disappeared in about two week. I thought that somebody have defeated him on the other side.”

But a mage in a frontier village should be none existence so who is it?
He limited his work within adventurer while thinking about that, he changed jobs as retainer mage of Brihedar margrave house replacing his disciples who had died, for a while, he forgot about it.

But a talk suddenly develops in here recently.
From Baumeister house that shouldn’t have any a mage, enrolled into the adventurer prep school as a scholarship student and as a mage.

What’s more, I was convinced today. I can see that the boy are wearing Al’s magic bag right now.”

I may have stolen it.”

That’s impossible. That magic bag can’t be used by others except Al changed the owner. That’s mean Al didn’t become a Lich. He entrusted it to the boy as talking corpse.”

A talking corpse tries to accomplish the regret that was left in it lifetime.
The fact about no rumors of subjugation even thought his magic power disappear, his regret may have been fulfilled.

Indeed, as Alfred didn’t have any family.”

Al was very popular with women though.”

He worked more than fifteen years as adventurer since fifteen years old, master become retainer mage of Brihedar margrave house with great fanfare but apparently from being an orphan, he have some fear towards making family.

Many woman make an advance to him but in the end he have died without establishing a family.

That’s why, no problem whatsoever even if the boy inherited Al heritage. It were transferred by himself anyway.”

It still master even if he become talking corpse.
Blanturk-san seems to think it wouldn’t matter even if I inherited master heritage.

I also think there is no problem.”

Although he say that, Brihedar margrave seems to have some concern.
I can easily guess it but there also different possibilities so I’ll let him say it ahead.

Alfred had played a major role in my father’s expedition to demon forest. As the sub-general chief of staff of expedition army, magic forest captain and supply troops captain.”

Master as a mage is likely an existence that can be counted with finger in this continent.
Advanced class magic that can be boosted as top class, not to mention various attack magics, I who studying under master to sample a variety of his magic, had widened that repertory.

Of course, his attack in battle has been recognized as the number two within the expedition army.
About magic forces captain, only a few other mages available which all of them in lower class or intermediates that had no ability for maintenance so he has been automatically appointed as the captain.

For supply troops captain, as he put all the resources in magic bag and carried it, and not much person with high social status in the supply troops which is also an important aspect.

He put the huge resources to the bag, the things placed inside can be taken out freely. Thanks to that, two thousand expedition armies may not worry about supply.”

Besides, the important thing is carrying the load, so it won’t slowed down the supply troops which was the major point.
When briskly marching, the resources needed will decreases accordingly.

There must be supply goods of the expedition army stored inside that magic bag.”


I had thought that it didn’t matter if I steal it when he didn’t know but I’ll return it back if he know about it.
Since I go to the adventurer prep school in his territory anyway.
Honestly, I didn’t think much about my parent’s house though.

By the way, here is the list.”

When master still alive, he had checked without missing the amount or the kind of resources of expedition army in the bag, dutifully every day.
I showed the memo with his handwriting he leave behind and hand it over to Brihedar margrave.

Various foods, water, medicine such as medical herbs, materials, to spare armor.
To give it to soldier or material derived from monster obtained in demon forest or to purchase other resources, considerably large amount of money had been keep.
Furthermore, some of the reward had been given.

A large amount of monster material, a medicinal herb or ore were included too.

We didn’t get the material of elixir to cure brother, demon forest indeed, most of it is a valuable material.”

So you want to to return it?”

Yes, as expected of Alfred. I really appreciated him for dividing his assets dutifully.”

As I had decided to return the resources, I matched the mouth of my own magic bag with magic bag that Blanturk-san has.
Furthermore, with the stored items that I had specified in my head, one after another moved to Blanturk-san magic bag.

With this method, it will ended at once without bringing out all the resources.

It almost at the limit of my magic power. Nothing we can do about those that was consumed in march and invasion.”

The owner of the magic bag is limited only for mage, despite it hardly utilize magic power, it had been equipped with a nasty function which the stored amount is the limit amount of magic power of that mage.
Blanturk-san seems to confirm the size of his disciples magic power over again.

So you didn’t even know the name of a famous mage like Blanturk.”

Though what lord said is true but the boy does not know much about other mages.”

You were right…”

Due to my upbringing and my current life, I don’t have that much knowledge about a famous mage in the world.
My library card account expired a long ago, I can only see the description of some historical figure.

But I am still pretty famous you know. However, Al is a genius who far surpassed me. Truly, the loss precious man.”

While Blanturk-san is grieving over it, Brihedar margrave who had the list in haste calculated the rough estimate of the asset value of the returned resources.

It easily over fifty Platinum plate.”

Ironically, the material obtained from demon forest were accounted for quite a lot of worth.
Otherwise, bread, dried meat, water, wine for preservation that people usually eats.
Beside that is spare armor and tent for lodging, the price shouldn’t be that high.
Instead, the significant portion of the asset value were occupied by high value material that had been collected within demon forest.

This can lighten my territory’s finances..”

Despite all the heavy loss the territory army have suffer in this near to twelve years, recovering the loss of close to two thousand people death would take some time.
Other than the increases of expenditure in military expense, during that time, the internal affairs can’t be neglected.

Still in increasing the cultivated land, the need in developing the town as the population in Breitburg and around it increases gradually, it would not easy the financial condition even with the income of Brihedar margrave house.

The resources that I returned, make Brihedar margrave to look really happy.

You really saved me.”

It was something that could only be given up, I who had been so near, comply in returning it obediently.
He seems to be pleased.

And about the reward..”

There is?”

Of course.”

In case the resources inside master bag had been left behind in demon forest until now.
No adventurer will take the request to collect it.

With that in mind, paying me a reward was cheaper.

The reward will be 20%. Please take ten million cents.”

He is surprisingly quite prepared, Brihedar margrave immediately handed over the 20% of the agreed reward.
There is no platinum coin after all, all of it were paid with gold plate, platinum coin is used by wealthy merchant to settle a large transactions, imperial family or important noble assets maintenance won’t get bulky, it would not be available in the market which is natural.

And when used in the shop, it would have been refused since no money change.
So it had no meaning even if I had it.
It just that about ten plate were included somehow among master heritage, let just said that it possible for adventurer to earn it by risking their life.

I return the resources after all, but I still get a reward, master heritage and my own materials I had obtained by myself were not affected.

When I unexpectedly refused to return it, I’ll make an enemy of Brihedar margrave who is a large force in southern part of this continent, but I’ll get favourable impression if I were to return it obediently, I’d get a connection too.

I would not be able to live as I like with only being good at magic so my judgment is not wrong.
At the very least, I decide to think so.

10 platinum plate will be about one billion yen…’

Master actually had a lot more cash.
Even so this amount of money was a lot of money, judging from me who never spends a large sums of money in this word or even in my previous life, to be honest, I was virtually quite tense.

I take it carefully so as not to ruin it, either way, I decide to maintain my current life.
As I cannot buy a high-quality imported car, I can spend a lot of money for clothes and accessories but unfortunately I have no interest in that field.

Let assume if I as adventurer and mage use it for expensive material or weapon and armor with magical abilities, when master still an adventurer, he had obtained a large number of fairly expensive things which were put in magic bag.

I didn’t see the need to buy a new one.

Now, by unexpected good fortune, I was able to earn extra income, but I had one more thing I must hand over to Wendelin-kun.”

One more thing?”

Right. You are eligible to inherit Alfred heritage who is the top retainer mage at my Brihedar margrave house. Currently, has formally received the contents in the magic bag. No?”

Yes, I’ve receive it.”

His property not just in the magic bag but also elsewhere.”

What Brihedar margrave said is, master had purchased a mansion in Breitburg after retired as adventurer.
Besides, he had even deposit a certain amount of money to adventurer guild.

Even if adventurer retired, that does not mean no longer had any relation with the guild.”

Being employed again by the guild, famous name knew in adventurer guild able to receive an honored official position in favor of their name, or deposited the money to the guild which were saved when still active.

That deposited money is a basic education given to newcomer adventurer, lent a low-interest funds to buy initial equipment, or profiting by giving a low-interest funds to merchants guild or craftsmen guild.

The deposited money had no interest but no idiot would steal it in adventurer guild, it would be credited as contribution to adventurer guild with just depositing a lot of money, retired adventured often entrusted their money they didn’t use to adventurer guild.

Since there is no such thing as bank, adventurer that safely keeps money is a helpful existence.
This also called as give-and-take.

But master had died for more than ten years. It still remain?”

There also some circumstances about this…”

Master had no family either, the financial of Brihedar margrave territory before were in dire situation which can’t be compared to now.
So master heritage soon had been confiscated.

It’s fine to deposited the money to the guild. Since the amount of money remains in the record, it’s easy to withdraw the money to hand it to you. Was it 10 million cents?.”


Master is a famous adventurer after all.
There a lot of money being deposited in the guild.

Is this really okay?”

Rather, it must be transferred to you.”

This Brihedar margrave territory is his own territory but various laws were applied to operated the territory.
In transferring a heritage, many fight from small to large have occur every year, the office work in Brihedar margrave side have a hard time in giving decision whenever that happen.

They must follow the rule, since we operate with strict law. That’s why I can’t violated it. You are the one which the inheritance was transferred to formally by Alfred. Thus, I also had the obligation to handed over the other heritage that had been confiscated to you.”

It just as what Brihedar margrave-sama said.”

The mansion were close to prep school. You can move out from your dormitory today and live there.”

In addition since it was close to the office work headquarters of adventurer guild, master had built a house near that location.

Many years had passed but it still remains clean as it had magic of condition preservation, the furnitures inside also had been left as is.”

Why is that?”

Alfred house security is pretty strict because of a magic tool..”

I had thought that the house furniture had been take out long ago but it was not so, Blanturk-san told me the reason why.
The furnitures within the house are not usable for others as it was remodelled with magic tool, when tries to forcibly take it out outside, the small golem guarding the house would jump in.

This small golem also a kind of magic tool but apparently master got it from ancient ruins in his adventurers era.
It seems to be made much more advanced than now so it led to the conclusion that releasing it by any means is impossible.

In other words, it was convenient to force it to me when I showed up?”

Don’t say it like that. And I expected that the exclusive servant would likely to be changed as the boy had the magic bag.”

I’d try to get the house.”

Oh. I’ll be expecting you. Invite me to celebrate when you changed house.”

I will once I am done.”

Nothing was wrong with invited him to the party but it was unexpected for me to be able to negotiate with Brihedar margrave like this.

I lost most of the material taken from monster of demon forest but likewise I got more things so it can be said that I am really satisfied.

It saved me some trouble when Wendelin-kun set up a base here. By the time you were retired as adventurer, you can be like Blanturk and I would welcome you to serve me right now.”

Yeah. It was hard indeed to be active in ages of sixty. I’ll be relieved if the boy remains to succeed me.”


Other than master who despite being not family, there also such a reason to give such good condition to a youngster.

After my retirement as adventurer, I won’t be suddenly hired.
No matter how superior my magic capacity, it would be hard in many things to become senior retainer mage of great noble house without life experience.

Seeing there many duties when master goes on expedition, besides fired off magic, various knowledge is needed to carry the duties, experience as adventurer in order to obtain that.

I need to get older to be able to have life experience and human relationship.

I can’t promise right now but…”

Right now I just want to have some tie with you. You’re student still attending adventurer prep school, no need to rush it.”

I have become Brihedar margrave acquaintance without knowing it, I had been claimed to be put as retainer mage candidate in the future.
Not that I’d be an adventurer forever, a second life is a welcome story.

My side will send the deposited money later. Well then, please go enjoy yourself in the garden party.”

After everything done, I come back again to the hall of the garden party and begins to eat by hastily gathering the remaining dish.

Whoa, you eat so much after just come back.”

I’m hungry.”

You get called by Brihedar margrave-sama? Parents’ family matter?”

Something like that.”

There is no way I can talk about the content of that business to other people, I answered El question with the appropriate answer while filling my mouth with meat dishes.


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