Interlude – Lily

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A young girl silently stared at the retreating caravan that grew smaller by the second, a look of melancholy on her face.


Her father gently took her hand from the side.

“Alright, let’s head home, shall we?”


“Why don’t we go with beef stew for today’s lunch?”

Her mother took her other hand, and they started to walk.

The girl turned her head from time to time, but alas, the crowd made it impossible to see the faraway caravan. Thus, the girl could only sigh, her expression remaining gloomy.


Her parents looked at each other, a look of worry on their faces.

As they passed by the shopping district, her father called out to her as cheerfully as he could muster in an attempt to console her, “…Hey Lily, if there’s anything you want, just say the word. Daddy will buy you whatever it may be.”

Hearing his words, a memory flashed in the girl’s mind. Of what happened just before she got rolled up into trouble. Of the amber-colored sweet that an older, well-dressed boy, albeit with a scary expression, gave her…

“…Um, daddy.”

The girl tugged on her father’s sleeve.

She recalled that entrancing taste with every fiber of her being.

“I… I want honey candy.”



Short Info:

We’re releasing this short interlude ahead of time to make clear that Infinite Novel Translation is picking up Vermillion. Further details on schedules etc. will be released in due time. Please note that we’ll be starting over from were NanoDesu left off to ensure the translation quality this series deserves. 🙂


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