Chapter 16 – The Debonchitchi

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Achilles-shisho puts his right hand in front of me, and tells me “Stop–”

Shisho stares motionlessly at the ground.


“It’s a Zerri footprint.”


Raising his eyes, he begins to stare at the forest. It’s surely the footprint of the animal.


“Is it there?”


Does Shisho detect a presence? He stares at the forest without answering my question.

I check with <Smell Secretion Technique Pheromone Touch>.


–The strong smell of a beast.

–I can make out the figure of a tiger.


Then, the forest begins to move at the place Achilles-shisho stares at.

A conspicuous big tiger with black and yellow fur appears.


“That is the black tiger, Zerri.”


Shisho tells me while facing the yellow and black Zerri tiger.


The carnivorous Zerri with a face of a black and yellow tiger appears to be in a rage.

The strength and power held in its limbs and the characteristic feature of a yellow fringe around its eyes like a panda.

The full black hair on the swelling muscles are emphasized, yellow fur begins to spread at the stomach, striped with black like the pattern on a zebra.


“Shuya, before this becomes a fight, attack with me. Okay?”


Achilles-shsisho says so enthusiastically, and not waiting for me to answer, begins to run ahead.

There’s no helping it, so I begin to chase after Shisho.


Startled by Shisho’s abrupt movement, the black and yellow Zerri tiger howls a frightened cry.


There–Shisho approaches the tiger with his black spear.


The eyes of the frightened Zerri sharpen when it sees the black spear. Putting strength into its four legs the tiger moves to avoid the spear by instinct.

The black and yellow Zerri tiger jumps to the side, avoiding Shisho’s attack.

However, four short sword float in the air, held aloft by guidance moji, where the Zeriri escaped to.


The swords spread out in a trap, waiting for the tiger,


As expected. He let it dodge on purpose.


Aware of the four short swords the tiger is skewered — ah? There’s a deflecting sound. Huh, the fur of the Zerri tiger seems to be strong. A peculiar hard sound echoes.  However, when a sword blade attacks the tiger’s abdomen, instead of the hard deflecting sound there is the sound of flesh being cut


Finally, each of the four short swords pierce one of the Zerri’s legs.


For now, I’ll snipe too!

I deliver a single blow to the tiger’s back with my spear.


The black and yellow Zerri tiger collapses the ground with a *dosun*


This, my spear doesn’t seem to have done anything.

It’s already dead. This guy was already dead.


It’s different. I remember Hokuto God Fist, (TL: I don’t know 北斗神拳)


“It went well. Let’s dismantle it now.”


Saying so, Achilles-shisho cuts into the black furred pelt with a knife.


“Hold the hind legs.”



Shisho prompts me. He doesn’t seem to be using guidance moji.

Skinning the corpse would be difficult to do alone.

If he had a large work station there would be tools Shisho could use to do it himself, however like this doing it by oneself would be impossible……


When I lift a hind leg of the tiger, Shisho expertly slides his knife between the skin and meat, separating them.

When all the of the skin is flayed, the meat is cut into small pieces. The pieces are quickly cut and bound bya string through the meat and tied off, after which I wrap the meat in leaves and bag it


Then, Shisho unusually mutter aloud “As for this……,” surprising me.  There appears to be a stone shining in the black entrails.


“This is a magic stonel.”


Shisho carefully removes the stone that shines with a black luster, and places it in a different bag.


“What? A magic stone?”

“N? This……this is a valuable stone which collects mana inside the body. During my time as an adventurer I could have sold this for a decent price. It’s called a magic stone or magic crystal. It can immediately be harvested in labyrinth city.”

“By any chance, can it be used with various materials?”

“That’s right. Magic stones have various uses. Smithing materials, weapons, armor, magic tool catalyst, they are even used with building materials. There are even rumors that you’ll grow stronger if you swallow one.”


You will grow if you swallow one?

If the stone was completely clean……


“The stone promotes growth?”

“Such a rumor is passed around. I should tell you, because I haven’t eaten a stone before I don’t know. I have seen those who have seen swallow a stone in the past, as for them, everyone eventually had an unusual accident affecting their body. Besides, swallowing a stone didn’t seem the help them grow. So, I don’t believe the growth rumor.”


Well, that would happen if you swallow a strange stone……

Bloodletting and lead was used in medicine during the middle ages, and even in modern times there was a rumor that radioactivity gave you beautiful skin.


“……I don’t want to eat one either.”


Shisho continues dismantling while talking.


“Haha, that’s right. More importantly, look at this fur. My jacket is made from the same material. I’m pretty sure you saw it during the fight earlier, but this can repel sword blades. The hide and fur are considerably tough. It can be used to make leather clothes if tanned. And then, the thin meat on the back here can be eaten raw. Isn’t it important to have this? In the middle of a trip, when there’s game but no fire you can eat it raw. You should remember this. The heart and liver are very nutritious.  Also, when you need water you can cut into the middle of the stomach and squeeze, then you can suck water out.”

“I understand eating it raw, but sucking it?”


Raw meat to tearing the stomach……

It seems to smell but securing water is important for survival.


“That’s right. Just in case of emergencies. Hmm, ah, in Shuya’s case there’s the water attribute. Moreover, because of the vampire lineage the situation may be different. Sorry, sorry. I carelessly forgot.”

“It’s fine, it’s enough that you accept me normally.”


While talking, I closely watch Achilles-shisho’s dismantling.

Imitating him, I try to dismantle the other side well, but find it surprisingly difficult, in the end I am simply watching Shisho’s method.


The bones from the backbone of the head to the femur are all packed in a large magic bag.

The edible parts of the meat are put in their own magic bag.


“Most of it has be harvested now. Help me wash the skin, and then, other animals will approach this area because it smells of blood. Let’s leave.”


I nod at his words and return with Shisho to the side of the fast flowing stream, going slightly south along the river side.


Shisho approaches the river bank when he finds a place where the strength of the water calms.


The water in the river is clear. I can see smalls crayfish and fish swimming.

I stretch the tiger skin and Shisho carefully uses the knife, washing the fur in the river water. Sometimes, a treatment is spread evenly over it.


Mmm, it’s not possible the first time. After all, I could mostly see, but I studied the simple leather tanning

When Shisho finished washing the hide, I dry it with my life magic and wind and stuff it in the magic bag. Then, we went into the forest.


“Sa, this way.”


We walk deep into the forest.

While Shisho fells small trees, he begins talking.


“The fur we just cleaned, in truth I prefer to set it out so I can dry it immediately, there’s also a point in the process where I scrape off the remaining fat and smear it with special oils, but this will be good enough the time being. It’s because it’s far more durable than ordinary fur and resists rotting.”


Hoh, what he did earlier was the beginning of leather tanning.

However, this magic bag seems to still have a ways to go before it’s full.


We advance deeper into the forest.

Then, I see a giant tree unlike the others.


The trunk of the giant tree is as thick as a baobab, it is a tall, giant tree.

Numerous branches grow, spiraling out from the trunk, and from these branches green leaves spring forth.


It feels like a large roof, expressing the richness of nature.


Immediately after we walk underneath the giant tree the sunlight is blocked out by its shade.

–A cool refreshing breeze blows through my body.




While looking at the giant three…I’m at a loss for words.

While I look at the giant tree, I hear a strange sound.


Eh? What is it?


“–Debbontchi, Depponchitchi~ichitchi~i”

“–Debbontchi, Depponchitchi~ichitchi~i”


There is a strange musical sound……


The sound just now is faint; I can hear it repeating……

I ask for help, and turn around to face Shisho.


“Mm? What’s wrong?”

“Well, that sound……”

“Ah, that. It’s unusual. It’s probably good. The spirit children of debonchitchi, it is the sound of the spirit children.’”


A strange word is said. The spirit children of debonchitchi……


“What is the……spirit child?”

“It happens in places abundant in nature, it’s called a rare phenomenon. According to what I have heard, the phenomenon occurs in places where magic essence is generated. It’s also famous because it prevents monsters from approaching. The place where magic essence is created can create a “resonating magic void”, at the source of the light, not only are spirits and magic essence created, but monsters are also called together is large numbers.”


A rare phenomenon, after the void.


“As for the spirit children, in the situation where you said there’s a void……” (TN: I think magic essence (romaji is mamoto) may be another word for manna, I’m not sure what this void stuff is about.)

“That’s right. Honestly, I don’t know everything about this, but in my opinion, the place the spirit children gather includes the wood soul spirits and other spirits, ‘Earth Goddess Gaia-sama,’ or ‘Plant Goddess Sateyura-sama’ strong influence on the place, so they may be the source? (TL: This was hard to translate, sorry for…everything about it.) Well, this is really only my opinion.”


The names of gods are mentioned.


“I see. But Shisho, I don’t understand.”

“That’s normal. It is what I think.”


Shisho frowns and makes a troubled face.


“No, I’m sorry. Shisho seems to know everything.”


Not going as far as an actually encyclopedia, Shisho is still a knowledgeable person.


“There’s a lot I don’t understand……”

“That’s true. But, the opinion I told you before may be the correct answer.”

“Well. In cases where there are abundant amounts of nature it has been known to be sacred grounds……or, so I have always thought leading to the world of seurosu kami……”


The spirit world, Seurosu. The name of the inhabiting kami.


“You won’t hear anything more detailed about the priesthood system even if you go to a magic university. Well, I don’t think anyone really knows. Oh, it’s the voice of debonchitchi.”


Surely, still, I can hear it.


“……The debonchitchi. What are they doing?”

“They won’t do any harm. They seem to like surprising humans and being silly. We’re lucky to have encountered debonchitchi, its existence is appreciated by travelers and adventurers. Monsters won’t approach the area where the sound is heard.”

“Oh, that is strange. There’s several unique sounds.”

“Their sound is like that. The source of the sound is the branch of the giant tree over there, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I’m interested in looking at it.”


Like that, walking away from Shisho, when I approach the giant tree, I see it.

Looking with the magic observing eye, I’m able to see it clearly.


The spirit child, debonchitchi.

Flickering, it gives off a pale light.


It looks like a “Teruterubōzu” with small hands and feet. (TN: These.)

There are two small holes for eyes and a crescent for the mouth.

This one has a big face. Ah, there’s a lot of holes covering it like wounds. There’s one growing something like a mustache.


Their small hands and feet are cute.  And then, one walking up and down and shaking its head back and forth, comes up to me and I try not to move……


My eyes are drawn to this small spirit child, also, this giant tree is huge.

Turning my eyes back to the giant tree, I ask Shisho,


“Is the domain of the elves a place where one giant trees grow?”


Trees bigger than this. I want to see them.


“Well, first of all, we’ll camp here tonight. Because the dry firewood and fallen leaves are suitable please help me collect what we need.”


Helping Shisho pick up the fallen kindling and leaves, I sometimes look up. I can’t help but look at the giant tree. I bring the dead leaves and kindling I collected to Shisho at a plot of land cleared underneath the giant tree.


To start the fire.


I thought the fire would be started now but Shisho walks away, and takes out a bag.

Shoving a hand into the bag, he begins to sprinkle a white powder around the area.


“Sono, what is that white stuff?”

“Ah, it’s a type of wood dust that repels insects. I think you’ll understand if you smell it, but it creates a bad smell in your nose. Small insects won’t approach now.”

“The smell really is strong.”


Minty, it smells kind of like peppermint.


“Umu. Good, it’s also good to rub it. Dinner is mostly edible wild plants.”

“What about the wild boar or the tiger from earlier?”

“That’s right.”


Achilles-shisho talks and smiles while reach into a different bag.

The meat that was cut into pieces earlier is taken out of its bag. Pricking the meat with a knife, the meat is pricked while he hums a tune.


The method of cooking the meat is not much different than modern ways. The prepared meat is lined up around the firewood as is it.


“I haven’t lit the fire yet. It’ll be good once a little more time has passed.”



Achilles-shisho sits back and looks around searching for something.


And, finding a cavity at the base of the tree, moving the debonchitchi away by hand, he tilts a water skin and pours waters into it.


And the spirit children move to slip through.


“What is this, Shisho?”

“This is a method to confirm the direction to go in order to get somewhere when you don’t know where you are. You should understand when you see it.”


A small leaf is floating on the surface of the puddle of water, then, Shisho takes out a small wire, and begins to rubs it up and down between the palms of both hands.

He places the wire on the leaf so that it may float, and then the wire turns.


A debonchitchi dances on the wire as a joke…


However, the wire isn’t being moved by the debonchitchi. It doesn’t seem to be moving in response to any perceivable stimulus.

Still, the surrounding magnetic…it seems like magnetic forces also exists in this universe. That’s what it is.


“I can know the direction with this. The point of the wire is facing north. The opposite direction is south. Although, there are lands where this method doesn’t work.”


When I think about it I’m reminded of the expanse of trees around Mt. Fuji disrupting the magnetic field. (TL: I did some research to figure out what the author was saying. Apparently around mount Fuji there are areas where compasses, gps’s and cellphone don’t work because the soil is full of magnetic iron from eruptions in the past.)


“I see, that is convenient, is this a method from the old days?”

“Yup. A very long time ago this method was taught to me by my grandfather.”


The wisdom of the ancestors, I cannot expect them to understand magnetism or magnetic fields.

I think it must be magnetism, but it might actually be some unknown power.


Shisho sits on a root extending out from the tree and begins to talk about the plan from now on.


After this, the schedule will be doing adventurer tasks like hunting monsters and camping out.

By the time we finish talking the area has become night and completely gloomy. Shisho takes the meat that was left stuck to the knife and again begins the hit the meat with the hilt of the knife. (TL: Okay, the author didn’t clarify before that Achilles was using the hilt of the knife so it sounded like he was just stabbing the meat instead of tenderizing it.)


I was also hitting it a little while ago. The meats becomes soft.


Then, producing a bottle from his breast, Shisho sprinkles some kind of powder on the meat.

It seems to be some kind of salt coating. Once Shisho’s initial meat preparations are over he strikes the flint while licking his lips until a spark strikes and lights the dry kindling. (TL: Okay, Achilles shisho seems kinda creepy here.) Immediately the fire spreads and the flames take hold on the wood.


The fire starting is smooth. This strange experience happens instantly. (TL: I think Shuya agrees with me.)

Leaving that aside I’m curious about the powder used earlier. I try to hear about it.


“…What was that powder you used earlier?”

“Seryu powder.” It’s a spice. It goes well with meat as well as fish. The smell deals with the fragrance of the meat.”



The tasty smell of the meat roasting over the fire hangs in the air. When the meat juices begin to drip off the bottom of the knife handle Shisho takes the cooked meat.


“It’s a good feeling. Shuya, eat.”


It smells good.

I take the knife as well and bring the cooked meat to my mouth.


Delicious. A sweet smell drifts up when I bite into the meat, the story of the meat only begins in my mouth.

The thickness of the meat surpasses juicy.  It might be type of meat, but it has a wild flavor. Yummy. But, what about the seyru powder?


It has a bit of an earthy taste…

Japanese pepper, chili pepper, pepper, and sesame, each one is slightly different.

Un, but, is it closest to japanese pepper?


“Normally I would need to let the meat mature longer to get good flavor, thought it isn’t necessary now.”


Shisho doesn’t seem to understand this delicious roasted meat, carrying the meat to his mouth, he says something like that.


“This meat right now is already delicious.”

“Saying the meat is fresh doesn’t mean I’m saying it isn’t delicious, it’s like the reverse of fish? When you let the meat mature, the quality of the meat becomes the highest. There’s a secret art to aging meat…but how tasty it is unrelated to survival.  The only thing left for the meat is to normally eat.”

“As expected of Shisho. This apprenticeship is different.” (TL: I think this is right?)


Achilles-shisho raises the corners of his mouth, emphasizing his smile lines, grinning.


“Haha, so you say? To tell you the truth it’s the aged meat of the Lunga. You know the cave underneath the house where the mushrooms are being grown? There are several rooms there, but in one of them there’s a bunch of meat maturing. Other than special days I don’t eat it, but I decided to have some this time.”

“Oh, by all means.”


After having such a conversation, it becomes late at night and time for sleeping.


Shisho says “This is training too” for some reason before sleeping.

I “haihai” him, again doing training, I consent properly. (TL: Haihai, is like Yeah yeah. If you watch anime you’ve probably heard someone say it.) I fall fast asleep.


The middle of the night, when smoke still rises from the center of the fire-


Huh? Something is touching my neck? I open my eyes. Wa? Why? Achilles-shisho is by my side…Shisho, Achilles eyes are intense. (TL: Ah, scary.)


Ah, Ahh〜〜〜〜〜〜. Aua, a knife is pressed to the back of my neck-


“Now, Shuya. Just now you would have died.”


Shisho puts the knife in his pocket while talking, separating from me.




It’s good.

Shisho is actually a Moho oji-san… (TL: I don’t know what moho oji-san means モホーおじさん)

I am worried about my buttocks. (TL: I do know what this means.)


“Mm? This should be training too. To become an adventurer?”

“Yes. That’s right, however…”


Understanding I smile in relief, and Shisho misunderstands this and begins talking harshly.


“Shuya, some masters despise ‘adventurers.’ Saying you want to become an adventurer, you often have to work alongside someone you don’t know. If it turns out that person is a thief or a bandit, what would you do? If it’s like what happened now, then Shuya would be dead. However, Shuya is from the vampire lineage. Nine times out of ten the master will win. But, if you reveal your true nature then it will eventually come out in the future. Therefore, this training.’”


That is right. I let down my guard.

I answer Shisho’s serious eyes so that I might reflect.


“I did let down my guard…is there some way to discover a sign?”


Pheromone touch won’t work…

If there’s a skill Shisho uses, I can sense it more quickly.


“Is there? To tell you the truth. The training just now is for that purpose.”



I guess that is to be expected.


With that, there is a guidance moji close to fairy moji that can detect ‘magic essence.’”


Magic essence perception.

But isn’t magic essence mana? There’s a way to know that with guidance moji?

It must be different than pheromone touch.


“Is it guidance moji? Can I use it?”


Because it is guidance magic, I could discharge mana out of my body to investigate it.


“It is possible. Well, look at me with observing eye.”


Following his instructions, I store mana in my eyes and observe Achilles-shisho, Shisho’s discharged mana spreads out in a circle, I can see that it extends to a considerably wide range.


“This…do you always do this?”

“No, it’s just when I’m searching in the forest for a presence. By the way, this skill technically belongs to guidance moji and is called ‘Grasping Police.’ (TL: This is the literal translation but I would like someone to help me come up with a better one for 魔素) It could be said to be the most import part of guidance moji. Therefore, I specialized in guidance moji.”


“Magic essence” detection. I try asking a bit more about the nature of magic essence.


“So ‘Grasping Police’ detects magic essence? What is magic essence in the first place? And then, if I normally release mana…it shouldn’t be visible.”


In response to my doubtful words, Achilles-shisho makes a surprised expression for an instant.


“What? You’ve even forgotten about magical essence? Magic essence is everything; it is the universal fundamental principle. It is distributed evenly across the entire world. All living things are arranged, it’s the spirit of a living person, it is an immortal monster, those who have mana move magical essence. And, it is said that all living things that breath, including humans, absorb magical essence in order to live. Isn’t it true not only with a person but monsters as well?”


A fundamental principle…magical essence is distributed throughout the atmosphere.


“Even the black and yellow Zerri tiger with the magic stone from before?”

“Eh, surely.”

“Not only that, but even the language of magic, the spirit and magical essence is related to many different things.”

“Magic and magical essence is closely related, ne.”


Hearing my words, Shisho has no choice. He has a look that says that.


“The relationship isn’t anything; it is a matter of course…I’ll explain it further. If someone kills a monster, it is said that some of their magical essence is absorbed by the person that killed it and will hasten their growth. It’s also true if the opponent is a person.”

“Magic element absorption…”


That means, I can grow stronger by killing someone…

But, being able to detect magical essence is important.


“Magic essence is detected with grasping police. Shuya said earlier that he saw the mana being released? Doing it is certainly like that…when I do it I’m conscious of releasing my mana through guidance moji out in a circle. For now, you should try it first.”


“Aware” of it.




I start releasing Mana.


I let mana discharge from my entire body.

Mana spreads out in a circle.


“Discharge your mana through guidance moji as far as you’re able and don’t forget to be aware of the circular shape. However, it’s no good if you spread it out thin. Then it becomes fairy moji.”



In a circle, it’s no good if it’s spread out thin…

Like Shisho said I’m aware of my mana.


I expand my mana, huh?


I get a response, an odd sensation when my mana interacts with shisho.

Unintentionally, my cheeks move with a “pikku.”


I can feel Achilles-shisho’s presence.

-A big round shaped sense. If you look you can see that Shisho is there, but when I close my eyes I can feel Shisho with grasping police, I can see Shisho.


This is magic essence.


Extremely small presences can be felt in the forest that are different from Achilles-shisho. I understand that the tiny presences are spirit children, debonchitchi.


It’s strange…


The mana I released expands, extending past Achilles-shisho into the forest, then my mana stops.


Oh, it goes this far.

The current range of my grasping police guidance moji seems to be between 30 〜 50 meters.


My grasping police seems to be much smaller than Shisho’s.

That’s natural.


“Fumu. Are you able to grasp my presence with your emitted guidance moji?”

“This ‘grasping police” is a guidance moji skill.”


It seems to be a skill, but there’s not a skill.

It is under the category of guidance moji.


“That’s right. Magic essence can be detected with it. Only, even if magic essence is detected, what the presence looks like can’t be understood until you look with your eyes. Things like speed and size can mostly be understood though.”

“I’ll remember this.”

“And then, it has a high mana consumption. Though, it’s not to the extent of fairy moji.”


Hearing Shisho say so, I immediately stop discharging mana.


I see…I do feel a bit tired.

As he says, the mana consumption is high.


“I feel a bit weak…I seem to have used a lot.”

“That’s right…the trick is to cut off the mana supply immediately. Without maintaining grasping police? Against, release grasping police, if you immediately cut off the mana supply then the mana consumption will be smaller. Like this you may be able to master the skill. If you continue holding a large amount, then the sensation will become clearer and the range will increase as well. The way I do it, the mana is compressed to increase the precision. Everything is experience.”


Grasping police proficiency.  That and pheromone touch.

With this my ability to search out enemies increases markedly.


“I understand. I’ll do it over and over again.”


Achilles-shisho nods his head, convinced.


“Umu umu. We’ll stop here for today, it is late and is time to sleep.”

“Yes, let’s sleep. Shiho.”


From to the next day on, the camping trainings increase.


Such training is frequent, I become accustomed to being prepared for surprise attacks.


In addition to excursion training and martial arts I also receive lectures.


Shisho begins to draw out a map on precious new parchment.

While pointing at the map, he begins teaching me about the different countries and the surrounding topography.


From the position where the Goldiba are enclosed in the mountains, the territory of Elves to the south, there is 【Terramay Kingdom】, furthermore to the south there is the 【Whirlpool Forest of Demon Fog】and the human kingdom 【Osberia Kingdom】.

And to the north east a mountain that climbs as high as dragons are said to fly, 【Bardok Mountain】 and to the south east is 【Terramay Kingdom】 and 【Samaria Kingdom】.

Beyond the northern point of the Manheim mountain range the 【Great Gordekus Desert】 spreads out, it’s a difficult desert to travel through depending on the caravan and traveler. There are oases in the desert as well that exist as a country like 【Amefu Holy Kingdom】, further to the north are 【Religious Country Hesfurato】 and 【Saint Akmunris Kingdom】, in the north east of the vast desert there is supposedly a large forest in the 【Great Empire of Befarit】. (TL: I have very little faith in this entire section, but I worked hard.)


Shisho explained everything in an easy to understand way.


The basic seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season is ninety days, and one year is 360 days, the human’s Holy Church teaches little about the various races and spirits.


I listened diligently, but…

Honestly, there’s so much information, I immediately forgot it.


At the end slavery was touched upon briefly, and the unusual lectures came to an end.




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