Chapter 10 – Family Introduction

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The latest chore is slight heavy labor, carrying wooden drum-like barrels.

Heesho! With this, it’s the last barrel.

Is this it for today?

The sky has already darkened.

If I concentrate on work, before I know it, the day has already seemed to have ended.


However, as a lantern is placed at the entrance of the building, there’s a faint light I’m able to see by.


This lantern, other than being bright.


While I stare at the light curiously, Achilles-san approaches with a smile.


“Thank for the hard work. Thanks to you the work ended quickly.”

“Yeah, is today’s work over with this?”


Achilles-san nods and opens his mouth.


“That’s right. Let’s go eat soon. A share for Shuya has been prepared. You may even enter the bath and should take a rest afterwards. Because there’s a bath shed outside it’s boiled using firewood. As there’s also a bucket in the room you may use that if you prefer. You must carry the water from the water tank.”

“Thank you.”

“There’s no need to be so respectful. Will you eat together with us from now on? Come. I’ll introduce you to my family.”



Since I am invited to dinner, I follow.


When I open the rather large wooden door on the right of the entrance, there’s a big cooking stove against the wall on the far right and lots of bottles and oil and water lined up.


The floor is firm made by compacting the dirt.

A big beam extended across the ceiling and some dried vegetables were hung from it.


There’s a sweet fragrance like a steamed potato coming from the kitchen with an atmosphere of an old Japanese-style house.


Mm〜, fresh from the oven, the smell is good

After a long time, this feeling.

The air is teaming with a smell that stimulates my appetite.


The food already seems to be cooked.


I make a *goku* sound in my throat.

I’m hungry, it’s unbearable.

The smell coming from the kitchen is good, I’m led to the living room.


There’s a small square table on the other side of the living room, three people including a child with horns growing from their heads are sitting around the table.


As the meal is already set out on the table, they seem to have been waiting for me.

It’s rude of me, but I pay attention to the food……large bones with meat, a mushroom that is probably chewy, green leafy vegetables were put in a bowl with wonderful balance.

There seems to be a share for the black cat too.

The horned people are watching me.


“Shuya, don’t just stand there sit down.”

“Ah, yes.”


While the eyes gather on me, I was prompted by Achilles-san to shyly sit down in a seat.


“Then, I’ll introduce everyone. The one sitting down in front is Raguren. He’s the father of Refaa and husband of Rirabi.”


A large strong build, he’s the man with the massive figure. The biggest horns in the family grew from his head. The eyes and hair are both brown. Deeply chiseled features, and a high nose ridge. His skin is white.


His name is Raguren, he seems to be the father of Refaa.


The macho warrior-san, to be honest just now, I happened to see.


From the place where there’s a ladder, suddenly, when a huge figure appeared, I was a little surprised.

Back from hunting and carrying a big red axe over his back, the figure that had tied a fawn and three rabbit to his waste was impressive.

It’s an excellent figure that rather than being hunter-like, he looks just like the Schwarzenegger-like soldier figure that appears in classic fantasy movies, I stared unintentionally, and remembered the movie.


Well, so called, macho man is a guy.


The mother of Refaa that made dinner is sitting next to me.


Her name is Rabbi.


The chestnut colored eyes where tinged a little darker than her chestnut hair.

Supple sloping shoulder, there’s the feeling of an adult woman’s sex appeal.

A full-cheeked oval face. She resembles her daughter Refaa a little.

And, the characteristic horns grew from her head the same as everyone else.


“And, this child is Refaa.”

“Please take care of me, onii-chan.”


Oh, onii-chan…… (TN: Be careful! Her father is a monster!)

I’m greeted in such a way.


“Thank you. I look forward to working with everyone.”



“Shuya, don’t be so stiff. For now, let’s eat, Raguren and Rabbi, there will be more details after we eat, so?”


Achilles-san gives the two adults a hint about something more. As he sends eyes that exchanged significant looks with the family, he scoops the white soup from a wooden bowl placed in front of everyone with a wooden spoon, and brings it to his mouth and begins to eat.


When Achille-san begins to eat everybody slightly behind begin to eat the meal.


I scoop up the ample white soup with my spoon too, and eat it in one gulp. The initial texture is thick, and there’s some sweetness. It’s a little rough in my mouth, but the fragrance of the edible wild plants spread faintly and promoted my appetite. (TN: I’m gunna be honest, I’m weak to light novels that talk about food, it gets boring…)


–Delicious. The taste is similar to a white stew, it’s delicious.

Being stewed well, plenty of juice overflows from the meat and mushrooms.


I carry to food to my mouth quietly. While munching and chewing, it passes to my stomach.


Umee, the speed I’m eating at increases gradually.

Well, it’s natural. Anyway, hasn’t it been several months since I last ate a properly cooked meal?  It’s that kind of feeling.


……most of my life underground, it was the meat of the black rabbit and the black grass.


I cry when I remember.

Furthermore, I was satisfied with a life like that at one point……


……Fuu, the effects of the warm meal, my warmed body is overjoyed.


The taste of a simple rustic home.

It’s warm. It sinks into my body. Because it’s warm I’m happy.

It’s a memorable taste.


A special seat is prepared for the black cat Rollodinu.

A platter is prepared that for some reason has designs similar to tableware used in ceremonies, a lot of dishes were piled up.


Here, the Divine Beast-sama……


When I turn my eyes to such a Rollodinu, the mother of Refaa, Rabbi-san, began to speak.


“Shuya-san, having lost your memories, did you talk with the Divine Beast-sama?”

“Eeh, yes. That’s right.”


The muscular father of Refaa, Raguren-san joined the conversation too.


“And then, you told the story to Achilles Oji-san, but……did you really kill an Apostle?”

“Yeah. I think it was the power of a vampire that was able to defeat it, but at any rate my back was suddenly pierced through……I was aware of death at that time. I was desperate to survive.”


As soon as the hear vampire, Raguen-san and Rabbi-san’s face both stiffened in silence.




When Achilles-san sees that,


“So, it’s all right to say it.”


And, talking while sighing, Raguren-san stares at me making his eyes narrow so as to attack.


Mazoku, when vampire is heard such a reaction is normally seen.

I try to talk while feigning ignorance.


“Ano, after all……are vampires targets for subjugation?”

“It’s natural. It will be so “especially” among humans……until I’m accustomed too it, I recognize one as an enemy. Actually, to kill you first–”


The form that cuts in Achille-san’s conversation, Raguren-san begins to talk.


“–Shuya-kun. Excuse me? I’ll speak openly. I, as it is, am in opposition to receiving ‘you.’ For a human rather Vampire means a Mazoku–blood will probably be necessary?”


The expression is a bit scary.

Crease in the middle of his forehead, he’s glaring at me. Scary.


Raguren-san seems to not like me.

So as to not be misunderstood, I’ll respond seriously.


“I don’t know about Mazoku, but eeh, blood is required. But, even blood from monster and animals is all right.”


Hearing my explanation-like words, Raguren-san’s face retains power. The wrinkle on the forehead which seems to be cut with a big knife becomes fierce.


As for Rabbi-san who is next to me, hearing my story, with a frightened face.


“…….Really? Still, to not know about Mazoku……”


Raguren-san turned a gaze toward Achilles-san to talk in a way that me uneasy. Achilles-san one again sighed slightly.


“……I think it was said a little while ago? This fellow, has lost a part of his memory.”

“……That’s right, sorry. Achilles Oji-san knows a lot about humans, but to tell the truth our family, haven’t met a human let alone a vampire. There’s interaction with the Elves, but……”


So Rabbi-san joins the conversation too.


“Eeh, that is so. Raguren, even now there’s still exchange with the Elves, but as for me without interacting the Elves, I only meet another family and then the Goldiba every several years……”


Lowering her eyebrows, she talkings. I receive a lonely feeling from the expression.




Refaa looks at such a mother and raises her tiny hands.

Achilles-san stroked Refaa’s head gently.


“We have lived in the heart of the mountains for a long time. As I went down the mountain in the past there are times when I worked with humans, so I know things to a certain extent.”


There don’t seem to be humans in this area.

As I want to know about the situation of Mazoku, I decide to hear a little about that.


“It was mentioned a little while ago but what are Mazoku?’”


Achilles-san to the question I asked, answered quickly.


“Mazoku, it is difficult to explain……it may be said that it is a race that’s existence is slightly different from other monsters. It has two aspects. One is where Mazoku integrate into human and elf society and have interactions with humans. It is the people descended from Mazoku. In the old days they seem to have called themselves “Demon People.” But, if it’s the extent I know of, they aren’t called demon people anymore. Now normally humans and elves, it’s probably beast person.”


The past.


“There were those called demon people in the past?”

“That’s right. As for the mazoku called “those of demon lineage” there seemed to be many that appeared similar to humans in the old day. I think it’s multifarious even if I say that it’s similar, but shining red eyes and a face similar to humans, elves, or a beast person, differing shaping and different existences are confirmed to exist.”


Even just among Mazoku there are various kinds.


“The other is the Makoku which have been fought since ancient times. As for what I know the characteristics of the Mazoku which hide in the dark is a high level of intelligence and power and a violent nature. Vampires are among this side. As vampires hide and attack humans, they are always targets for subjugation in cities.”


The Mazoku crawling in the dark, after all vampires are target for subjugation.


“Are there many mazoku who live in darkness?’”

“No. I confirmed in many cities the existence of evil spirits among the population taking on the appearance of living things were very few. It’s not only related to the dark god Rivguraf, there are Mazoku which work as attendants for dangerous god and move between this world and the world of hell. This can be said of not only Mazoku but also of humans. As fanatics exist attention is required.”


As for the world of hell, I hear Rollo knew of it at the time of the contract, but……is the world of hell its name?


World of hell, Mazoku, Demon Gods, I’ll remember those.


“North of the Maheimu Mountains across the distant land is 【Large Gordekus Desert】, from here, to the north east is vast forested land home to the country of 【Great Empire of Befarit】 and it seems that is considered the ‘territory of Mazoku. From the Mazoku’s position they led monster afterward to make a labyrinth. Such Mazoku are considered the be classified the same as a monster.”


The domain of Mazoku is in a far off area. Moreover, the labyrinth.



“That’s right. The strength of monsters is categorized as S, A, B, C, D, and additionally the degree of difficult is divided into three A+, A++, A+++.”


It’s detailed.

I look down slowly, and input the new information into my head.


“……I’ll remember.”


Achilles-san look at me in such a state, and talks encouragingly while smiling kindly.


“Ah, but……even if I say Mazoku, the best aren’t discovered. Like Shuya? With us, Shuya looks exactly the same as a human, but from a human ‘demi-person,’ I am called a ‘beast person.’”


My race, strictly, it isn’t Mazoku, but, well it’s fine.


“Then, what is your race?”

“Our race is Goldiba. The horn–it’s our characteristic feature.”


After Achilles-san leans his head to one side, he knocks on the curled horns on his head with his finger tip.


“It’s not the same way with humans. Our people are similar to the elves with a reputation of a long life span. I’m the oldest Goldiba surpassing 500 years, it’s officially 580 years, I have lived.”


To have lived over 500 years.

The Goldiba Clan.

I can imagine to story of elves having a long life, but……


It’s certainly fantasy. A race with a long life.




Certainly, from Achilles-san, I get the impression of an old fox.


“But, it’s a family which isn’t blessed with fertility. So, Refaa is a precious descendant.”


Kind eyes are turned to Refaa.

When that’s heard Refaa who’s been sitting in silence brightens hey eyes.


“Me, I’m precious? Me? Yatta!”


Refaa gets down from the seat where she sat, and turned to face everyone with crossed arms and a triumphant face.


It’s a cute face.


“……Refaa is precious?”


Gently stroking Refaa’s head, the smile is returned.




Returning my gaze back to Achilles-san, again, I asked a question.


“Then, the Goldiba clan, have few man-made things?”

“Few things do not change, but……to say, here isn’t all of the Goldiba?”




“Four to the east, there are five families on the west edge. They should live in the plateau and jungle area among the mountains the same way. In addition, in far off ancient times, in the old era……there is the fairy tale story called the empire of the dawn. Somewhere surely……there should a race sharing the same Goldiba race as us.”


Mm, there’s possibly others of the Goldiba race elsewhere.

An ancient empire of the distant dawn?

There’s such a story like legend too.


“Achilles-san, is it normal for the Gorudiba clan to live in the mountains?”

“The basis is like that. I don’t usually interact with other races very much, but instead, there is a festival once every four years.”


Oh, a festival.

Furthermore, once every four years.

It’s like the Olympics, but I don’t point that out.


“The Festival is a custom that has continued since ancient times. Other Goldiba clans gather here. At the festival, as the Priest I report to everyone the state of the shrine, and youths compete in physical training in the 【Training Course】 to pray for the perpetuation of their descendants.”



After that, I learned general simple things such as the history and the customs of the Goldiba from Achilles-san.


I’ll formally begin helping Achilles-san with work from tomorrow.

I’m being taken care of, so I must do my best.


When I turned my feet to return back to the hut, I was called by Rabbi-san.


“Shuya-san. I washed the clothes you wore before. Though they’re old please use this.”

“Ah, sorry, thanks.”


Rabbi-san seems to have washed the clothes which I wore.

And then, I received several pieces of leather to use for leather clothes and life.


The hide clothes are the hand-me-downs from Achilles-san and Raguren-san, the underwear is too……


For a moment, I shrink back, but there’s no helping it.

As there’s only a t-shirt and jeans for clothes, it’s an urgent problem.


The underpants are worn out and the washed trunks are a ragged, I’m considerably ashamed. However, there’s no choice.

Similarly, foot wear was never available.


I have no choice but to use it little by little.

I can’t say it’s luxury.


With the returned clothes I received, I return back to the hut with the leather clothes and fabric.


In order to put away the things, I was holding on the lined up shelves I went to the shelves.

There’s various shelves, but a small wood chip gets into my eye.


Is the stick of the tree? This, must be what it is.


Dozens of them have a point cut length wise, the tip is abnormally soft.

Is it writing brush for calligraphy? It seems to be made roughly.


Ah, a brush. It’s a twig tooth brush.


Next, my gaze goes to the water bucket next to the water tank.

The washing board is placed to the side.


The pail for washing and the bath.

Accept, getting in is better.


There seems to be a separate bath shed for warm water, as a test, I’ll go in.


I who thought so go out of the room, and sit at the water tank.

I line up the small pail and wooden barrel under the water tank. I scooper the water in a small barrel and poured the water into the pail returning from room to room.


Making round trips, the pail becomes full.

It’s a simple cold bath, but I try entering.


Throw off my clothes, I soaked a foot in the water.


–Hiiii, cold, I submerge.


I look at the surface while leaning on the edge.

The wooden window opened, and I saw the night sky.

A dry wind blows from the window, my hair sways.


While soaking in the cold bath, I looked outside the wooden window.


Cold……later, I’ll reenter the warm bath shed.


I wonder what kind of bath shed it will be, they said I should use the firewood, like an orthodox Geomon bathtub. Or you might use stones to heat it. (TN: Geomon Bathrub)


But, such trivial guesses, disappeared when I looked at the night sky.


The stars are visible.

The moonlight is bright, too……


I was worried about the outside world.

It’s such a superb view, I hoped the view would be beautiful.


I want to see it.

I get up from the cold bath, hurriedly change into the hide clothes and exit the hut.


After all the night sky outside, in a few words, is the best part.


The number of stars spread out countlessly.

I see a constellation similar to Orion.




It’s different from the night sky on earth with the milky way.


The stars spread out like countless grains of sand, and formed a beautiful sea of stars. It may be said I’m far away from the night sky of earth.


Besides, there were two moons on this planet.

The big moon and the small moon, two.

Moreover, part of the big moon has broken and is missing.

The smaller moon is normal sized.


Two such large and small moons, continue lighting up the night sky and the beautiful night view iscompleted.


It’s no wonder, it’s so bright……there’s two moonlights.


“After all……”


Another world……


Just looking around the beautiful night sky, 180 degrees, I continue moving my head and observing the stars.


There, this also, I found the celestial body that was evidence of a different world.

I saw something like a white comet.

It’s accompanied by a white tail.

Mm, by no means, could it be a man-made satellite or spaceship……


“Two moons and white comet.”

“–What is it? Can you not sleep?”


I spoke to Achilles-san who was still awake.

He must have heard what I said concerning the stars.


“Eeh, it seems so, can I have a minute?”

“Mm? What is it?”


For example, ……


“Amongst brilliant stars, is there a star representing north?”


Achilles-san beams joyously at my questions and opens his mouth.


“There is, the north connected pole star, it’s called to northern brother’s star. There’s also the name of god. “Older Brother Star Setsudat” and “Younger Brother Star Senrokoku” is with the northern god snowstorm to shine? Over there.”


Achilles-san pointed a finger to point in the sky between the mountains.

–I look there.


Certainly……the two shine brightly.


“I see them. This north connected pole star.”


Angular from the horizon, a little up, is it in that area?

If I compare it with earth, here is the northern hemisphere, above the equator.

If it really means what polestar does on earth, the correct latitude can be calculate from the angle of the star.


Seeing it, the position here is around 20 degrees?

In Tokyo, Japan it was about 35 degrees. Naha should have been around 26 degrees.


Hmm, here is another world, the position of precession and the pole star will be different from on earth, and there’ll be no help if I think about a thing with the standards of earth……


I’ll assume in the end that we’re in the northern hemisphere. (TN: Oi oi, don’t go gestimating the angle of the stars.)


“……Travelers everywhere would see it too……”


Achilles-san mutters something looking at the binary starts that could be missed.

Apart from the binary star I open my mouth while matching my eyes with the moon.


“What are the names of the two moons?”

“Ah. The Big Splintered Moon, Soutsuki God Uraniri It’s Osuki Kami The small moon is Soutsuki Kami Uriou. Ozuki Kami. They’re called.”



Cold icy wind hits my cheeks.


“It’s cold. Did it become colder? It’s spring now, but is it the high altitude? I’ll go to my own bed.”


Spring. Ah, I mean I’ll hear about the bath.


“Ah, let me see, where’s the bath shed?”

“I’ll show you. Come.”

“Ah, okay.”


The place I’m guided to is a private use bath shed made with a wooden frame connecting to the hut next to it.


When I open the door of the hut and enter, I was met with wet steam.


Tepid air escapes outside.

I, while inhaling the warm steam look into the room.


There was a large kettle there.

It’s an iron cauldron enclosed by a wooden frame with black iron fittings attached. There’s three cauldrons in all, there’s a pot that hot water was put into and the pot which large and small stones were put into in large quantities.


“Already, you may enter because it’s heated. If fire is applied to this iron pot and stone are added this way it becomes a Tandart type sauna.”


It’s a sauna.


“Ah, there’s a sauna too?”

“With that reaction, you must know what a sauna is. By any chance, maybe you’re from Tandart?”


Of course I can’t know.

Even if there’s a bath lover in the area is tandart a thing?


“……I, don’t know. However, I know of steam baths.”

“Umu? There’s only the knowledge? Well it’s fine. As for how to use it, you only pour water on the stones that was just heated from the pot? Be cautious not to burn, but the room becomes warm when heated by the moisture.”


“Now, you may use it freely because everyone has already entered.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Relax, see you tomorrow.”


After Achilles-san says so, he left the bath shed.


Right away I soak in the bath.


It’s extremely different from the water a short while ago.

Warm. It’s a bath after a long time. It feels good.


With a *fuuuu* I exhale.

While relaxing I let my eyes swim, and the cauldron with stones comes into view.


This is a good time for a sauna. I’ll enter sometime.

Well, Achilles-san said that I was anxious before.


The season is spring.


Spring……that means there are four seasons.

If that’s the case, I can assume the rotation of the planet is similar to earth, with earth’s tilted axis.


The precession will be similar too.

Well, even if the form and size of the planet are inferred there’s no helping it……


An astronomer of ancient Greece found the volume of the earth using calculus, surveying with trigonometry, and calculating the size of the earth using the angle of the stars…… If there was Wikipedia I could understand it in detail, but there won’t be such a convenient thing as the internet. (TN: We have it though.)


But, I may be able to make use of casual modern knowledge in this other world……


I loved the drama where a present day doctor time traveled to the Edo period. I remember that I investigated how to make penicillin under the influence of the drama.


It seems there will be trouble cultivating the bluish green mold here.

Or how should I say it, if there’s magic there’s no need for penicillin……


I’ll seal modern knowledge for a while. And, even if I say that, the knowledge is only superficial. As a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, let’s give it up.


Now that I understand this world, I’m living in it.

So I’ll forget about the knowledge from my previous life.


While engaged in such delusions I leave the bath.


I thoroughly enjoy the cool night sky outside.


After doing this for a while I returned to the hut.


I plop myself down on the bed. A feather touches my back, it’s itchy.

While my hand behind to scratch my back, I’ll look a little. And,




Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 20

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation: Chain User

Strength 6.3 – Agility 8.0 – Stamina 6.0 – Magic 9.2 – Dexterity 6.3 – Spirit 2.4 – Luck 4.0

Current Condition: Healthy


The two titles Different World Castaway and Blood Oath Holder became Divine Beast Contractor.


The spiritual strength decreased sharply……the evidence of the contract with Rollodinu.



Without delay, I touch the title.


Acquired Title: Divine Beast Contractor


※Divine Beast Contractor※

When the Divine Beast grows benefit is given to the contracted party.

All ability values will receive growth revision.


Growth Revision.

I touch again.


※Divine Beast Contractor※



???Even if I touch it, it’s not displayed.

I don’t understand it.


I touch the Rusivault race.



Rusivault is the rare endemic species with the perfect flow of blood of the Mazoku Vampire lineage.  It’s isn’t the same race. It’s human visually, but the form is a proper evolution from Lucivault. The race does not evolve anymore.

There is a property that it is easy to be influence by the spirit of light and darkness.

All grow revision is great.


I don’t seem to be able to evolve anymore.

All ability values except the spirit value rise considerably.


Is it because I was eating black rabbits and black grass for a long time underground?

Is it when I absorbed the soul of the white monster?


The apostle seems the have been inhabiting the area underground……

Well, let’s confirm the various skills I learned.


Skill Status


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Bloody Chain Feast>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


First from Blood Sucking, I check that it changed to Soul Sucking.


※Soul Sucking※

When blood is sucked from a human with a lower spirit value a strong hypnosis naturally occurs, it has an effect of creating a strong suggestion. Ability improves slightly whenever blood is sucked.

If no blood is sucked for seven days then ability will fall. If no blood is sucked for 20 days then mummification will slowly progress.

When sucking blood magic element is absorbed, it’s possible to absorb the soul. In the case of drowning the soul of the partner can be absorbed quickly. When a soul is absorbed, one’s own spiritual strength jumps up, there’s an effect in the brain that gives pleasure.


If I’m not wrong it should have been five days.

With this it’s one week, even if there’s no supply of blood it’s OK.

Even if the period is prolonged if I not careless, without forgetting I have to replenish blood.


Next, is the details of the pheromone <Secret Smell Technique>.


※Smell Secretion Technique Pheromone Touch※

Minute pheromone particles are emitted around oneself, searching for enemies in a fixed range. Through pheromones living things moving the area can be distinguished, position of blood vessels can be grasped by smell, and appearance can be vaguely distinguished. Moreover, by the smell of sweat, sensation of fear may be inferred to some degree.

Intention is shown by a vampire using this, human, it will be possible to distinguish monsters from far away. There’s no magic consumption, the radius for the enemy search is more than 100 meters.


This is convenient. Presence Sensing Skill.

The other is <Bloody Chain Feast>.




※Bloody Chain Feast※

The second barrier is derived specially from Extra Skill <Chain Factor> and Skill <Blood Magic>.


Extra Skill system special derivation “Armor” Skill.

Allow creation of blood chains. Specialized in destructive power.

When bleeding in large amounts the amount of blood chains increases and the destructive power of the blood goes up.


This is an extremely usable skill.

When I killed the white monster, for a moment, the skill could be used restricted.


It’s big that I learned this and am able to use it.


Well, As the wound is recovered immediately there won’t be much meaning unless there’s a powerful enemy.

An injury is painful and I don’t want to receive one.


When I think that……tsu, s-subtle……


But the Permanent Skill <Blood Magic>, is newly learned.

I don’t understand how to open the first barrier.


I’ll look at the explanation.


I touch Blood Magic.


※Blood Magic※

To open the first barrier, a vampire handles their unique blood magic.


The explanation was only this little.


The first barrier, what is it?

Is it Vampire’s unique blood magic?


I understand at least a sense of what blood magic is, but because I can’t understand it all I’m troubled.

Even if I touch it no explanation is given.


There seems be a time when the skill isn’t natural understood and has to be discovered.


To begin with magic, I don’t understand it yet……

Even if I say magic, I think this “Blood Magic” isn’t ordinary magic.

Let’s postpone it.


Finally, is the <Head of Household> Permanent Skill.


※Head of Household※

Direct descendants of the suzerain household who have the genealogy of the true ancestor given to an intellectual creature the blood of suzerain produces a <Head Servant> vampire.

Even though it says <Head Servant>, the suzerain is an existence more absolute than god. You as Head of Household will become able to tamper with a unique part of the <Servant>.

The <Head Servant> is a humanoid type creature that retains self-consciousness, by the experience acquired so far and the current state of inheritance, become a vampire by the blood of the suzerain.

A <Servant> which became a vampire, inherits a part of the Blood Magic of suzerain, physical ability, not only does magic ability jump for the <servant> but also peculiar skills will be acquired.

However, large quantities of the blood of suzerain are required for becoming a direct descendent of the household. The first one inherits the of Suzerain’s Blood Magic. The condition is up to three people.


I seem to be able to create a vampire that is faithful to me……

When I think about it again, this is great.


A <Head Servant>, well, it’s only three people, when I choose I’ll need to consider.


If possible a beautiful woman is good.

I want to make it a situation where the <Servant> and I mutually agree.


Though I think that is difficult, I have to aim big.


In the future, when I become an adventurer and a ruler, well ruler, a feudal lord who governs over more than one area as a joke, the subordinate who never betrays me is necessary for me who am a creature sucking blood.




Well, that skill may be of use for the time being.

I look once more.


<True Shinso Bloodline> became the <Power of True Ancestor>.


※Power of True Ancestor※

The Power of True Ancestor exceeds that of the originator Blood Sucking God Regunad.


Physical Ability, Magic Ability, Hyper Intestinal Absorption, Demon Eyes, fuse.


Physical and Magical ability improve drastically, and every offensive type of <Psychic Waves> and <Abnormal State> can now be resisted.

Furthermore, the rate of digestion and absorption of magic element is fast, Magic recovery speed also doubles. There’s also the possibility that a <title> may be acquired by eating something containing a large amount of magic element. (TN: Titles can be acquired by eating? I can think of a couple MC’s who would like that ability.)


Any kind of toxin is absorbed by specific intestinal bacteria.


Without doing anything you may be given a good impression to any intellectual creature harboring negative feelings with a darkness attribute circumference the whole area. (TN: So anyone who is angry and has darkness attribute will like MC.)


You let a contractor hold a sense of awe due to the result of Magic transfer when contracting with a friendly darkness genus person, in the case that the spiritual power of the partner is low at the same time they’ll fall under your control, to check if they fall under control, they will suddenly become under control.


All ability values, inside growth revision.


The <Power of True Ancestor> is outrageous.

I now have resistance to Psychic Waves and Abnormal States.

It’s the result of the skill fusion, therefore the ability value jumped up.


Also even the domination check……?


It seems to be possible to be put under control if I give a friendly creature darkness attribute magic.

I can’t tell the difference between <Servant> and <Head of Household> but it has a similar feeling?

Repeatedly imagining I look at the ability.

My eyelids become heavy and I sleep.




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