Chapter 394 – Extreme Battle against Demi-Goddess Golgonshura


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I saved the glasses girl by holding her under my arm.

“Who are you?”

“The name’s Shuuya. For the time being――” While answering her, I sent my <Chain> to the girl on the floor.

But, the semi-transparent warrior reacted to that. He repelled the tip of my chain with its gleaming sanskrit characters by using his cross-shaped spear blade.

I hadn’t foreseen that my chain would be blocked. But rather than the fact of it being repelled, I’m more astonished about him being able to cope with the speed of my <Chain>.

The quality of his spear arts is obviously high. Is his style close to the Wind Spear Style?

Golgonshura intensely moved her transformed arms in all directions too. But, the warrior warded off the dreadful tentacles with a cross slash. As soon as he repelled them to the left, he performed a half rotation with the spear in his right hand, moving it from the left side to the lower right.

Although Golgonshura was using her mana, that samurai…was strong. He was normally exchanging blows with her, straight from the front.

Moreover, it looks like he’s the type who will identify anyone as an enemy except for the girl at his feet.

“Give back mine Kizeleg――”

Golgonshura apparently judged that she had found an opening. She extended a tentacle, which she had stabbed out towards the warrior, towards the inner wall of the cargo area. The tentacle pierced the wall after having grown shark fangs, sticking to it like a starfish would.

It looked like she was planning to crush the warrior alongside this cargo bay. And just as I had predicted, Golgonshura contracted in the tentacle that was still clinging to the wall. The steel wall was effortlessly dented inwards, just to be ripped out in the next moment.

Just like that, the piece of wall crashed against the semi-transparent warrior fighting in front of Golgonshura. Of course, a part of that wall approached me as well.

“Hiii,” screamed the bespectacled girl and fainted.

I raised Baldok overhead while paying attention to not injure her, and cut the approaching wall piece apart. At the same the floor’s surface, which was connected to the wall, bent and the installed chairs were lifted up as well.

With the wire snapping the black-haired girl was hurled into the air from the recoil of the floor rising.

I’m going to rescue her――

I shot a <Chain> towards her, coiling it around her torso as she was falling towards the ground. Then I quickly reeled the chain back into my wrist, pulling the girl towards me.

Alright――I managed to secure her without a hitch. I erased the chain while now carrying her under my arm. I also erased Baldok which I had held in my other hand.

I cheekily confirmed that the newly added luggage, the black-haired girl, was unexpectedly stacked. And then I faced Golgonshura while holding a girl in each arm.

Once more, I shot out a <Chain>, this time slowly, though. I sent it towards the silver coffin which Golgonshura had been trying to retrieve. After wrapping the chain around the coffin and restricting it firmly, I pulled it towards myself, snatching the coffin.

“Ah! Mine Kizeleg! Give it back――”

I ignored Demi-god Golgonshura, and withdrew from the slowly crashing part of the passenger plane. While using <Magic Hand guided by Thought> as a foothold, just like always, I kept jumping downwards.

“Nn, nya~” Rollodeen’s voice greeted me from below.

As I descended, I overlooked the Sea of Trees. I spotted the passenger plane part supported by Rollodeen’s tentacles. The front part with the cockpit crashed onto the ground? The rear part apparently landed after getting entangled in many tree branches.

Though it looks like a fairly rough landing…

I could confirm Rollodeen being on standby while having her paws firmly planted on a nearby tree. Underneath a tree that had been knocked over, I saw several dozen people, the ones presumably saved by Rollodeen.

It’s easy to imagine that many of them are injured. But, that has to wait for later.

I lifted my eyes in order to find Eva. I could identify violet mana high up in the sky far behind Rollodeen and me. Furthermore, I saw parts of the damaged fighter jets being guided by the <Mind Force> of her mana.

Apparently she’s trying to come closer to us. But, as might be expected from aircraft frames, they got to be quite heavy.

I couldn’t see Eva’s expression from this spot.

“Give it back!!!”

Golgonshura roared angrily from right above, chasing after the coffin.

I’d love to lure her towards my friends, but it’ll be impossible, going by the distance. Landing over at Rollodeen is no option either because of the people she rescued.

『Your Excellency, I sense water on your right』

Helme-chan perceived my feelings on the matter. Currently she was tiny, but her being wrapped up in the Spirit Ball Conception’s garment looked extremely adorable.


I headed in the direction indicated by Helme.


Straw-shaped tentacles approached me from above. Those were the disgusting arms of Golgonshura. The tips of her arm split apart like a banana that was being peeled. Something similar to shark fangs at the front and in the back densely crowded the peeled tentacle.

I could also see the semi-transparent warrior who had fought against Golgonshura. He was falling headlong, chasing after Golgonshura.

Or maybe his aim is the black-haired girl in my arm. A goddess is a goddess, but that samurai also stays true to being a samurai. Well, at least it seems like he’s endured the clash with the plane’s inner wall. There’s no arrow stabbed in his head, but the crashing samurai is still scary, kinda.

I hurried in the direction Helme pointed me to. I established my <Magic Hand guided by Thought> footholds further away. Accordingly, my dropping speed went up, I continued without minding it. A tall tree, part of the Sea of Trees’ roof, had its branches, or what you’d call such, destroyed by the coffin. I used the coffin like a hammer flail, causing countless wood splinters to scatter in all directions.

While making sure to not hurt the two girls in my arms, I kept descending.

“Nununununuooo! Give back mine Kizeleg!!!” I could hear Golgonshura howl behind me, but I ignored her.

After roughly tossing the coffin into a small lake, I landed on its shore. Several seconds later, Golgonshura dove into the lake with a frantic expression.

Pulling and relaxing the <Chain> connected to the coffin, I enjoyed messing with her as if using a fishing line. Let’s have her swim around in the lake like this.

In the meantime, I left the shore, heading towards the trees I had knocked down with the coffin flail.

Isn’t there any decent place to hide these two?

I shook my head, searching.

Oh, there!

At once I rushed over to a tree’s root groove. I gently lowered the unconscious girls into it. At the same time, I silently cast 《Water Cure》.

Fine mist particles rained down on the girls’ black hair from the water sphere floating at a position a hair’s breadth away from my fore bangs. They had suffered many scratches, but I could observe how they were quickly healed up. Their underwear was visible through the torn uniform.

That’s quite the high-class underwear there, isn’t it? Are they possibly young ladies of higher standing?

I turned my head as I pondered about this. The idea of letting Helme out to have her protect the girls crossed my mind, but…although we saved them, we’re still a complete stranger to them. They might be hostile to us.

Besides, my opponent is a demi-god. I might need Helme at my side.

Over a span of several minutes, I sorted my thoughts while manipulating the <Chain> in the lake all the while. Then I powerfully hauled up the chain with the coffin at its end.

Many water sprays shot up like pillars from the lake as if missiles had hit the surface. The silver coffin glistened as it was bathed in those water sprays.

Very quickly Golgonshura also broke out through the lake’s surface. I caught myself a demi-god. At the same time, a tremendous blast thundered across the area.


The samurai struck Golgonshura who had just resurfaced. She sank back down into the lake while happily entangled with the samurai.

In the meantime, I pulled the chain with the coffin towards myself. Once it was close-by, I checked the patterns on its surface.

Okay, as I thought, this thing is her aim, huh? I mean, there’s a blue butterfly mark engraved on the coffin.


Let’s move this coffin in that direction, just for caution’s sake.

Immediately after I moved the coffin out of the way, Golgonshura made landfall on the lakeshore. The warrior was still at the bottom of the lake, it seems.

Golgonshura’s wet hair was pretty, but her face was twisted in pure hatred. Without even the time to check the movements of her facial muscles, she transformed her mouth, and unleashed mouth bones with sharp ends and tentacles with shark fangs towards me.

『――Helme, <Elixir Law – Catfish Conception』


A body following the concept of a catfish slipped out of my left eye with a squishy, wet sound. All of her attacks got completely absorbed by the catfish. Right afterwards, the huge catfish groaned and burped.

While experiencing a weird sight through the catfish on my left, I advanced. As soon as I entered my combat range, I attacked with a <Thrust> after twisting my waist and transferring that power to Baldok through my right arm.

My aim was the chest of Golgonshura who was looking surprised. However, in the next moment I heard a hard clank. My <Thrust> had been blocked by a thick shark fang that had branched out of a straw-shaped tentacle. And, at the same time, a shark fang, coming from another direction, grazed across the red ax blade, sending sparks flying.

But, I had already included all of that in my predictions!

Erasing the fully extended Baldok, I resummoned it right away in my right hand, unleashing a <Darkness Drill> without a moment’s spare after another <Thrust>.

My first <Thrust> had been blocked, but Golgonshura couldn’t block the spiraling, broad ax blade. My <Thrust> managed to injure her arm. And yet, she managed to dodge the following <Darkness Drill> by twisting her body.

Having said that, I don’t plan to give her any time to counterattack――

I invoked 《Frozen Dragoness》 ―― right at a point-blank range. I imagined it to be like Hal’Konk, my shoulder dragon.


I succeeded in taking her by surprise. The ice pillar shaped like a dragon head, which had manifested all of a sudden, squarely hit Golgonshura. Golgonshura was blown away across the lake’s surface, her feet creating two tracks of water sprays.

However, even as she was blown backwards, she had her tentacles collide against the ice dragon so as to block it. Yet, the number of fangs on the dragon’s upper and lower jaw was abnormally high.

The tentacles of Golgonshura instantly froze when they came in contact with the ice dragon and shattered into smithereens. Butterflies that dispersed after breaking apart into tiny fragments. It did look beautiful.

At the same time, the water underneath Golgonshura’s feet also froze because of my spell’s effect. The lake freezing over partially was the highlight in regards to artistic scenery. It matched well with the butterfly wings on Golgonshura’s back. It had the picturesque look of frozen water sprays extending as if a butterfly had opened its wings.

And yet, that artistic scenery was smashed in the next instant. The ice dragon’s fangs penetrated Golgonshura’s exposed chest. Having her balance destroyed by the impact, Golgonshura violently crashed onto the frozen surface, tumbling backwards and repeatedly bouncing.

After a while, Golgonshura stood back up. Her body was shivering and she had failed to prevent a part of her torso and her legs from being frozen. Even her wings were solid blocks of ice. With her expression frozen as well, she had stopped moving.

While keenly sensing how the temperature was rapidly falling, I focused on <Tree of the Evil King> and had trees head for Golgonshura from below.

It’s a chance――

I powerfully concentrated on <Blood Mana> and activated <Bloody Accel> while sensing how Helme fully returned into my left eye.

Using the tree path created under my feet, I dashed across it as if sliding on blood.

“Ugh, what mighty ice magic. That power…the blood aura――”

I didn’t intend to give her the time to run her mouth. And thus, so as to stuff it, I invoked several instances of 《Frozen Bullet》 and 《Frozen Arrow》.

But, I didn’t succeed in making her shut up. The instant cracks ran along her frozen body from within, Golgonshura released mana from her eyes.

“Don’t look down on me! I am one who has devoured gods!” She shouted and flew up into the air while exposing her pretty skin, just as if she had shed her skin.

The trees of the evil domain, which had been attached to her feet, were blown apart.

Her graceful flight through the air rooted me to the spot for a short moment, probably because of a charm effect. Her glossy skin, small face, small lips, and somewhat small boobs all promoted her attractive charm.

“One with a blood genealogy, I shall acknowledge thine strength――”

Golgonshura, who got me completely charmed, flapped her wings as if to fascinate me even further. She moved and twisted her body as if dancing. Rainbow-colored mana waves were released from her wings.

『Your Excellency――』

『I leave it to you』

Helme’s <Spirit Ball Conception> expanded. A part of her catfish conception became round. No sooner than it had changed into a huge, round shield, Golgonshura’s mana waves impacted on it.

The mana waves tried to erode Helme’s blue, fluid shield. But, a vortex had formed inside the blue liquid.

When I stared into the shield, I detected countless tiny Helmes moving about inside the fluid like cells that were killing other cells.

It’s a funny view.

And then, within milliseconds, all mana waves had been absorbed by Helme instead, resulting in the complete disappearance of the mana waves.

“Tsk…what a defensive power. Did I blunder in my offensive choices?”

“No clue――”

Even though I blurted that her way, I acknowledged Golgonshura’s might. I saluted by forming the Ra Kelada greeting.

Immediately following, I focused once more on the permanent skill, which I had acquired during my training with Master Achilles, <Magic Combat Style Knowledge>. Simultaneously I concentrated on the Four Heavenly Witches Style I was currently learning from Kisara. I kneaded the mana in my entire body again.

At that moment, Golgonshura’s feet shone brightly.

Hmm? The one shining was the paper doll Chikata. Does it mean he’s slowing down her movements? Or is he siphoning her mana?

Oh well, whatever.

In the fraction of a second when Helme returned into my left eye, I activated <Beginning of Dusk>

“Befitting for the blood genealogy you mentioned ―― darkness will go with darkness, I suppose.”


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“W-What, a barrier!?”

Despite being in turmoil, Golgonshura transformed her hands into a shield. Sharp nails, similar to longswords, extended from the ends of her slender, bare feet. Venomous-looking butterflies manifested from those nails, just to immediately liquefy and melt into the frozen lake surface.

A sour stench drifted over to me.

Is she expecting close combat? Oh well, whatever. This suits me just fine. Since my friends aren’t present either, I’ll throw everything at her. It’s gonna be a duel between me and her.

…I don’t need to worry about being poisoned either.

A massive amount of darkness came into existence with me as its source. An abyssal blackness expanded as if to transform this world into darkness.

“…For thou to sneer at me… That and those wings of darkness that look as if heaven has been corrupted. How cheeky. Thine eyes are red too. As I thought, thou possess a blood genealogy. Are thou the progenitor of a vampire family? That blasted Lugnad is getting in mine way once again…”

Fuhahaha…she’s totally on the wrong track there. But, does my <Beginning of Dusk> have a secondary effect? Somehow I can’t suppress a feeling of elation welling up within me whenever I activate it.


“My bad, demi-god.” I intended to speak normally, but my voice came out as a low rumble, almost as if it had been drawn into the dark world of a frozen abyss.

“…Mine visual field has been filled with pitch-black darkness…I’ve never heard of such a dark world. I don’t know it…for even mine <Eyes of Butterflies> to not be able to penetrate it…for thou to wake awe in me…are thou possibly not Lugnad’s?”

Golgonshura apparently can’t see anything. Is it the effect of me having grown? Or is it simply because she’s run out of power? That’s probably why it works on her mind, though. At least, it looks like <Beginning of Dusk> has an effect of Golgonshura.

On the other hand, the 「inability to perceive despite being right next to something」 didn’t apply to me. For me, this darkness was very comfortable.

That means, I’ll first start with this. I activated <Dusk of LancerDusk’s Stakes> from the world of dusk.


All of a sudden, <Dusk of Lancer> manifested all over. As I made them fall down on her like a flood of blood, stakes endlessly grew out anew from the sides and below. They kept stabbing Golgonshura’s body.

Golgonshura knocked down the approaching stakes with her foot swords and two-handed shield, but the amount of stakes was simply crushing.

It wasn’t as though I simply watched it happen either. I instantly focused on <Thousand Palms of Darkness>, but I chose a different approach this time. My plan wasn’t to offset them, but ―― <Shining Chain LanceChain Spear of the Ray System>

Two of those light spears pierced Golgonshura’s body after weaving their way through the open spaces between the stakes. Of course, their but ends split apart, turning into light nets.

The stakes which came in contact with the net vanished, but in exchange, a glowing net created a fishnet-stocking-like outfit on Golgonshura.

“Hiii, mine regeneration can’t keep uuuuuppp. Something is invading my bodyyyyy!”

“That’s a skill called Chain Spear of the Ray System――”

Next I invoked my Dark Dimension Chains. Crimson blood chains suddenly came into existence in the darkness world. It seemed like the blood chains might penetrate Golgonshura alongside the darkness world, but――

“Blood chains ― no, blood chains with floating, adamantine-colored images!?”

Golgonshura had her movements sealed through the light nets and darkness stakes, but was still evading. It looked like she was now able to see again as well.

She continuously dodged the blood chains which tore through space.

“For thou to force me into using the maximum of mine <Father Time>――,” Golgonshura’s voice had become raspy.

The part of her body, which had maintained its beauty, also changed its color. And then the butterfly wings on her back shriveled away.

But, as pay-off, she had obtained an abnormal speed.

My black word of darkness was ripped apart by the blood chains and vanished.

The only one having survived this killer-skill in the past was Evil God Steertop…I’m slightly shocked, but as I thought, Golgonshura’s strength is…top grade.

Just as I thought that, Golgonshura laughed daringly. The glare in her blue eyes was as hard as steel. But, she was laughing nonetheless.

Her mouth, which had transformed earlier, had now returned to its previous beauty. But, the reversion lasted but a moment.

In the next instant, her mouth tore open as if expanding in all directions.

“――Have thou resolved thineself for defying a goddess?” She asked with her raspy voice.

Particles looking like poisonous-colored mist were released from her gaping mouth. She moved around as if dancing while laughing and releasing something similar to a magic breath or gas. All the while avoiding the fierce barrage of blood chain attacks. That and her laughter somehow gave me a bad feeling.

Golgonshura still maintained her swift motions.

Suddenly, a huge, crooked butterfly with wings that blinked violet and blue came out of her mouth.

“――Grand Shapuh Azebea! Devour that fiend――”

The huge butterfly was a sloppy agglutination of Death Butterfly people. It looked totally gross.

At once I evaded to the side as if running away. But, the butterfly pursued me.

『Your Excellency, I will――』

『――Sure, how reliable! <Elixir Law – Catfish Conception>』

A protective net in the shape of a catfish expanded in front of me. Small mana hands coming out of the catfish grabbed at the butterfly, making sure to tear off its wings, and pulling it into the catfish’s body…

Helme stopped moving while being in that catfish form.

“I got thou,” Golgonshura screamed.

At that moment, she finished dodging all the blood chains of the darkness dimension. She nodded in satisfaction at the darkness world disappearing.

And then she bent forward and began to fiercely charge my way, closing the distance to me. As soon as she got in range, she swung her leg nails and the bone sword she had grown out anew.

Golgonshura had switched towards close combat. I shifted to defense with Baldok, turning her diagonal slashes aside. Next, I dodged by twisting my body while following a blade that was about to lop off my head with my eyes.

At that point, I jumped lightly while asking, 『Helme, what’s wrong?』

I unleashed a thrust, aiming at Golgonshura’s head. She easily repelled the red spear with one of her bone swords, and used the bone sword in her other hand to stab a counter at my chest.

『The body’s movements…I shall not allow it to cause any trouble to Your Excellency!』

――The body’s movements, she says? Is it the kind that seals one’s movements or requires time to absorb?

Helme cut off the liquid part connected to my left eye in order to protect me. Now having transformed into a cluster of liquid, Helme fell atop the frozen lake surface.

“――Fuhaha, thou are not able to use that defense any longer?”

“――Looks like it.”

Anger towards Golgonshura welled up within me for having hit Helme with a weird technique. But, I won’t let myself be consumed by rage.

I maintained my toe-based rotation, keeping the defensive posture up for as long as possible while deliberately luring Golgonshura towards the watery part of the lake surface.

“What is wrong? Where is all that might from earlier!? Fuhahahaha!” Golgonshura squealed in joy over me being completely focused on defense.

Her nail swords lunged at me as she danced after me. But, I could agree with that as well.

Her movements were so graceful and nimble that I wanted to ask whether she truly lost her butterfly wings. I devoted myself to evasion while somehow avoiding her attacks by twisting my body. I kept retreating while rotating and performing the Wind Spear Style’s 『Scarecrow Pass』.

As soon as my feet left the frozen surface, stepping onto water, I felt a strong gratitude towards Water Goddess Akreshys.

“The divine blessing of a water god!?” Golgonshura yelled after seeing the water coil itself around my soles. Her eyes were pinned on my legs, back, and then the coffin I had placed down on the shore.

Hmm? Her feet are blinking? Kisara’s paper doll from before, huh?

A part of the doll extended towards the lake’s surface, forming a connection. I didn’t let that tiny opening escape.

While making my body rotate like a spintop, I summoned Ganghis into my left hand. Making my way to her flank, I released a <Thrust> with Baldok as a counter, immediately followed by me charging with my body bent and my waist lowered.

I focused on my left hand powerfully, and then unleashed Ganghis’s special lower thrusting attack, <Fang Stab>.


Golgonshura dodged it by shifting her waist slightly. But no counterattack came. Instead, blue blood gushed out of her chest.


Golgonshura twisted her body and retreated while scattering her blood all over. Her face made it obvious that she didn’t understand what was going on as she confirmed that her blood was spouting out of her chest.

The blood transformed into butterflies who then disappeared.

“Blood, moreover a sword? Aahh, mine blood is…guuaa――”

『Delicious! So frigging tasty! This blood is the best! Vessel, you have done weeeeelll! Uhahahaha! In the first place, her repeated “mine, mine” was so damn annoying!』

Yep. To be honest, I didn’t really want to use her, but even my two-spear style was just a preparatory move. I had activated <Saraten’s Secret Art> alongside Ganghis’s <Fang Stab>.

Holy Sword Saraten had changed its color, probably because she absorbed Golgonshura’s blood. Saraten was covered by something like golden eyes and deep black steel spots.

Extremely excited, Saraten penetrated Golgonshura’s body further. Having its own consciousness, Saraten independently decided to split her sword blade in three.

No, on a closer look, it’s not a split, is it…?

The stacked edges of her blade turned into three sword blades. The three-bladed Saraten moved back and forth in all directions. Small Saraten figures were riding atop the blades.

Of course, it wasn’t as though Golgonshura was just watching Saraten wreck havoc. She resisted by swinging her arms. But, as she continued to fight, Saraten changed her course, obviously aiming for Golgonshura’s right arm. Suddenly raising her flight speed, Saraten charged at Golgonshura’s right arm, just to splendidly pierce it in the next moment. The arm got chopped up into three pieces from the shoulder down.


Having her arm severed, Golgonshura didn’t scream. Instead, she used that moment to shift her eyes to the coffin.

“Kizeleg…,” she muttered with a sad expression.

『Saraten, come back. If you you don’t, you might get dragged into my next attack』

『Dragged into your attack? Rather than that, vessel, it’s my reward. I shall give you a passionate kiss』

『Don’t worry about that and get back here!』

『Uuggghh, mind manipulation, huh? ――I won’t losemagic sword, I shall not loooose!』

Again with that word pun…

Saraten had stopped in midair and was now opposing me somewhat. But, after trembling once, she returned inside my palm.

Leaving her antics aside, Golgonshura is more important right now. Does she intend to regenerate her arm that has been turned into spaghetti?

With her movements dull, she laughed as if triggered by my jesting thought.

What’s the meaning behind her ugly laughter?

I don’t get it.

Just for caution’s sake, I checked Helme’s location. She was walking towards the shore while unsteady on her feet, apparently having recovered. The crest of the yellow water ribbon had surfaced on her body.

I was worried about her, but forced my eyes back on Golgonshura. I charged in a forward-bent posture, approaching her while lowering my stance.

As soon as the distance between us vanished, I unleashed <Dark Water Moon of Nothingness>. The mana-laden, savage trace kick hit Golgonshura’s belly, and I lifted the bottom of her abdomen with the tip of my feet.

At that moment, a part of Golgonshura’s body withered away, and at the same time, I could hear a dull rupturing as if her internal organs had burst. I got proper feedback from Arzen’s Boot.

“Guuaaah, Kizeleeeeg, I, I aaaaaam――” Golgonshura screamed sadly, floating up high into the air thanks to my mighty kick.

It wasn’t my intent to make her shut up, but I still swung Ganghis, drawing a semicircle from below. As Ganghis’s spearhead gained water from the lake’s surface, it accelerated even further, following a trajectory that looked just like the crescent moon blades at its spearhead. Its vibrating tip cut through the location of Golgonshura’s lungs.

Due to the impact, Golgonshura was whirled high up into the sky. Immediately following, I focused on my Magic Combat Style, preparing the Magic Shoutaiyin Feijing I learned from Kisara. Simultaneously I pulled back my extended left hand. And then I summoned Baldok into my right hand.


Does it desire my mana or blood at this moment?

Baldok was vibrating furiously. Moreover, I sensed an intense blood impulse from the bottom of my stomach, apparently interfering with my mind. My vampire face might have come out.

At the same time, bells tolled in my head. While feeling the light from my chest, I didn’t pay it any heed and had my mana permeate Baldok. Then I jumped while focusing on making my body spiral. The trunk was important, and so was the point below my navel.

I recalled the face of drill sergeant Kisara’s voice, trying to calm myself.

As I did, I unleashed a <Water Drill> with Ganghis after I had pulled my left hand back. Matching that timing, I also unleashed a <Water Drill> with Baldok in my right hand.

I got proper feedback from my dual-spear style.

Piiing ※ <Water Grace – Magic Chain Drills> acquired.

――Ooohh, I obtained a new technique.

As soon as Golgonshura got skewered by my spears, I erased the spears from my hands. And then I summoned Baldok back into my right hand.

Golgonshura was falling like a weak, broken doll.

Should I embrace her for an instant and use <Drain Soul> on her?

I had such an idea, but…I had a bad feeling about this. That’s why,

“…I don’t know whether it’s the Spirit World, the Divine Domain, or the Netherworld, but maybe someone is waiting for you over there, you know?”

“I am a goddess… Sooner or later, I will once again――”

While paying tribute to her, who was about to depart, I activated <Darkness Drill – Evil Destruction Lance>. The <Darkness Drill> penetrated Golgonshura’s head.

My whole body got basked in her blue blood. I watched Evil Destruction Lance Gladopalus while sucking up the blood as befitting for a Light Demon Lucival.

Gladopalus plunged onwards with a force as if to tear through space. The highlight was Gladopalus heading straight through Golgonshura swallowing all of her in its spiraling vortex of darkness.

Moving as if to mark its existence in this Sea of Trees and world, Gladopalus emitted a bright flash.

Eh? Is there any meaning to that?

A mark proving Gladopalus’s existence was left behind in the sky, before vanishing soon thereafter.

Don’t tell me, it’s pierced through another world. Golgonshura has vanished as well, but…just as she mentioned at the end, I think it might be impossible to destroy a god completely. As long as you don’t absorb them…

Just when I thought so…

※Piiing※ Godslayer of Sela ※ acquired ※ Demigod Sealer’s Staff User
※Demigod Sealer’s Staff User ※ Godslayer of Sela ※ have transformed after combining ※
※Title: Demi-God-slaying Spearmaster ※ acquired ※
※Piiing※ Water God’s Dragon Spear Arts – Revised ※ permanent skill acquired ※
※<Instant Staff of Water> and <Water God’s Dragon Spear Arts – Revised> have combined ※
※Piiing※ <Call of the Water Goddess> ※ permanent skill acquired ※

“Nnn, nyaa~”

Rollodeen showed up while bringing everyone with her. Eva didn’t arrive yet, though.

Now then, I’m curious about the skills, but I guess I’ll first check on the silver coffin and the people we rescued.

But then I looked at Helme who had me worried. Looking back at me, she was revealing a happy smile.

“Your Excellency…con…gratulations…”

She was all smiles, but looked rather unwell. I rushed over to her in a hurry.

“What’s the matter――”

“S-Sorry, Your Excellency…I was happy.”

The pretty face shaping Helme fell apart.

“Hey! You gotta be kidding! Helmeee!!!”

At that moment, <Call of the Water Goddess> activated. The liquid that used to be Helme emitted a flash and gathered in one place.

Oh? Don’t give me such a scare, damnit…

『――You have been looking after my kin, haven’t you? Do you remember me?』



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