Chapter 385 – Mysty + Cauliflower Ears + Gramps Ton


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Today I’m blood messaging with Mysty. (T/N: Meaning it’ll become long-winded)

We updated each other on the recent events, just like I did with Viine the other day. However, Mysty didn’t show much interest in Quiche’s Cydale, the Sea of Trees, the Death Butterfly people, Valmask, the orcs, the black-haired noble youth, Kisara, Great Desert Goldix, the Black Witch Church, or Red Tiger Storm. However, once I brought up the various information I gained from Gramps Ton (thanks to my house being next to his)…

『Life and death, and life force…huh? Quite the profound insight. It deeply sinks into one’s heart like a flower that scatters transiently. But, who is he? He doesn’t sound like some ordinary old man to me…』

Maybe because of her experience as lecturer, she holds interest in Gramps Ton’s strategist-like wisdom. And just as I talked about the ancient wolfmen and taking her with me into the underground world, she also got curious about the 【Tool of Bee Style】 that’s related to the Underground Goddess Rolga.

『Right now I’ve got various things on my hands as well…』, she said.

Naturally I ask for her to give me more details on what she meant with ‘various’.

『I’ve succeeded in deciphering a part of the epitaphs left behind by my brother. When I chanted a spell through an exclusive magic book, layered magic crests surfaced in the center of the laboratory, and on the floor beneath those crests, a secret door suddenly manifested with a bubbling…it got me totally startled. But you see, that door is firmly locked and doesn’t open at all

Since the magic crests are set up in a way that allows them to absorb mana from behind the door without leaking anything outside, I can analyze them, but…the door’s lock is a different beast altogether. Even when I tried to force the door open by pulling and twisting while relying on my Lucival strength, it didn’t budge. I also had Hankay hit it with his ax, but to no avail. It’s ridiculously sturdy, so he couldn’t destroy it. I think it’s a lock that uses an alloy containing a rich amount of mana, but…it’s not like any mana is leaking out from there. It resembles the vault, which combined wood and metal, for sealing away Wild God Cazdolo』

When she told me all that, I immediately had an idea. Wouldn’t one of they keys, which Kuna had with her, be able to open that basement door? Just like it was mentioned in Sol’s diary…Sol and Kuna were doing business with each other.

『…Maybe one of the keys owned by Kuna first for that secret doors of yours』

『Eh!? If you possess those keys, I’d love to try them, but…going by what you’ve told me…it’ll be impossible right away, won’t it?』


『Well, it’s not like I’m in any hurry. This door is something my brother left behind, so it’s possible that Kuna’s keys might not fit. And I’ve got plenty of other things to do as well』

『Sorry. The defense of Cydale has become pretty robust, and the increase of personnel is proceeding well when you include Red Tiger Storm, but I have various matters to attend such as going to the wolfmen’s base and visiting Hekatrail』

『…Oki. For now it’s plenty that we can communicate like this』

Looking at her blood message…I’m recalling Mysty’s beautiful, bespectacled face.

『These are my true feelings, you know? I think I’ve realized after remaining here to continue my research without following you, Master, or going back to the magic academy, but…even the study of Melady’s magic crest, which we discovered in the outhouse, is still ongoing. The axle-like marks, and the depression which seems to be intended for a ball to be inserted…I think it’s for putting down offerings. I’ll postpone further investigation for later since it looks dangerous…. Anyway, just like I said many times over, I’m truly bogged down by a load of things I need to do』, Mysty repeats to stress it.

It made me feel her enthusiasm to prioritize her research.

『There’s also the research of the furnace for the new sorcery doll』

The new model she showed off on Rollodeen the other day was pretty damn cool. I wonder what kind of changes it’s going to experience in the future…

『Yep. The small magic blast furnace left behind by my brother is working well. That and the effects of materials that can only be procured here are allowing for a steady development of the new sorcery doll. However, I feel like deciphering the encrypted documents, which also include printing and research terminology in addition, is quite difficult』

『You succeeded in deciphering a part of the epitaphs, didn’t you? Mysty, you’re a smart woman, so I think you’ll be able to decipher the rest soon』

Something like this world’s law of momentum conservation…Mysty is actually someone who might understand the calculations to balance the internal stress of complicated actions and reactions that add mana and the powers of gods to the conflict between mass and speed.

『Hehe, you’re absolutely right! is what I’d love to say, but you see…this requires a comparison of documents and materials, a check whether the materials really fit, and a fine adjustment of the mana supplied to the furnace in proportion to the total amount of materials』

『Sounds like it’s going to take some time, huh?』

『Yep. And also, I think I talked about it before, but I think I’ve slightly understood the answer to the basic question why my brother chose this forest as hiding place』

The Whirlpool Forest of Demonic Fog is the sleeping place of ancient gods like Kokbruuundozuu-sama, so that might play a role as well.

『It might be the environment after all?』

『Yeah, you could summarize it like that』

『And in detail?』

『…I’d say it’s a result of putting together the investigation results of Hankay and Viine in the forest and the documents about highly enigmatic, unknown sorcery dolls…my methodical brother left behind』

Sol’s documents and the environment, huh?

『Before talking about the ancient gods and so on, you got to see that abnormally many monsters spawn in this forest』

『Oddly enough, the materials of those monsters fit perfect with my new sorcery doll, you see. And this is something I’ve understood after comparing my brother’s documents, but…even the natural materials you can only find in this forest…match perfectly with my new doll as well for some reason…it’s so weird that I’ve started to think that these documents, and everything else have been prepared in advance for the sake of my new generation of sorcery dolls…』

Does she want to tell me that her brother left the documents behind for his little sister?

『…Hihi, yes. We’re just using blood messages, but I can totally tell what you’re thinking, master』


『No, it’s okay. My brother hasn’t taken me into his consideration much anyway. But, maybe because my brother thought that his own research might come in useful for sorcery doll research, he left his cherished documents behind for future generations…maybe he just wanted someone to acknowledge the fruits of his own work, though. But, still, there are characters in those documents no one other than me would understand and such…s-so…shit, shit…』

Seemingly crying, Mysty’s blood messaging has started to come in with delays. Even her habit of cursing revealed itself in her blood messages…

But that’s right, isn’t it…? I should tell her that her brother has left all of this for her, even if it might be for a different reason in reality…

『I think that Sol might have left his documents behind while believing that you, if anyone, might be able to understand them』

I remember that a little sister was mentioned in the conversations between Theta and Sol.

『Mmh, thanks. …Sheesh, you’re such a softie…』

Sol was a first-class sorcerer. At least he was excellent enough to belong to the magic guild. Now that I’m thinking about it, he might have had something to do with the 【General Sorcery Association】.

Recalling the conversations between Sol and Theta…I remember how Theta said, “Master, you’re a genius.” It’s not like she merely flattered Sol out of adoration.

Once I consider that she might have meant it very seriously, I shudder lightly.

And now a basement door leading to the laboratory of such a genius, eh? Just around anything could be hidden down there…

Speaking of basement doors, it reminds me of Kuna’s store and the time when Shadow Wing’s Kary infiltrated 【Thorny Tail】. It was after I fought against Kary, Raiza, and two brilliant fighters. After escaping from the office, I advanced into the underground facility with the circus venue where Mabaon and the other rare, pegasus-like beats were held captive. And when I proceeded through the underground there, I reached Kuna’s store.

In addition to having stairs going up to the first floor from her store’s basement, it also had a magic crest of teleportation. The destination of that teleport was…well, it’s predictable that it led to Kuna’s private room in the demonic labyrinth…

In order to continue my lengthy considerations, I had stopped sending blood messages for a while, opening up a break in our conservation.

Thereupon, 『…Master, thanks a lot』

Suddenly Mysty thanks me.

『What’s wrong?』

『It’s what I wanted to say after considering everything. I’ve also exchanged blood messages with Rebecca, Eva, Viine, Yui, and Veronika, but…everyone is groping for their own path of blood after having become separated from you, master』

They’re all in positions allowing them to create blood families from now on, after all.

『Their own paths of blood, huh? In that regard I feel like you’ve had a grasp on your path of blood as Lucival from the beginning, Mysty』

『Yep. As you know as well, it’s all for the sake of an eternal life. The same can be said about what I’m doing right now』

Right. She’s not just all about metal either.

『Path of blood…which reminds me, the skill’s name is blood path too. Is it some kind of pun?』

『Master, you might be laughing at the moment, but this is an extremely important matter, you know?』

『I know』

At that moment, I turned over. Quiche’s sister Lash-san comes next to my bed, following my eyes. Pressing a finger on her lips, she appeals to me to kiss her or something.

Isn’t the character of this girl completely opposite of Quiche’s? But still, I do have the ambition of kissing her as a ghost someday.

Answering her expectations, I reach my fingers for her, but they pass through her body. Lash-san pouts with a sullen expression, and heads out on the training ground. Despite being a ghost, she’s integer enough to fly down from the window instead of simply passing through the walls.

Then again, my <Chain> can seize Lash-san. I mean I don’t have any issue with watching her wriggle after getting caught by my chain, butI don’t have a hobby of putting women into turtle shell bondages.

As I imagine Lash-san’s boobs being accentuated by such a bondage, Mysty’s blood message pops up, albeit not as a retort.

『All of them are growing as they put in great efforts as <Head Servant Leaders>』

『No doubt. Viine seems lonely, but I know that she’s doing her best』

『I also…share the loneliness and sadness of not being able to meet you with all of them. Even right now, I’m aching…』

『Whoa, just a sec. If you tell me something like that, I’ll get aroused』

『Bah, you pervert!』

This blood message alone reminds me of Mysty’s expression when she soothingly smiled at me. She’s probably sticking out her tongue a bit, isn’t she?

『Ahaha, sorry』

『Haha, you’ve made me laugh out loud! Hehe, it’s alright since I have Viine and Hankay-san listen to my grumbling over here and Eva as well as Yui through blood messages. And I think all of us feel happy as we can actually experience how we’re growing day by day by being separated from you, master』

They feel happy, huh? She said it quite casually, but…I’m very glad to hear that.

『I see. It makes me overjoyed then. I’m looking forward to your growth, Mysty. Including your sorcery dolls and research』

『Thanks. My expectations of the new sorcery doll are very high. I’ve been properly focusing on tripling its speed by possessing a horn as you mentioned the other day, master! Hehe, still, a fusion seems rather challenging』

Fusioning robots are the dream of every man, but I’ll endure.

『…Ah, just now you fiddled with your glasses and put them on your desk, didn’t you?』

『How did you know?』

『I can mostly imagine it』

『What, and here I was sure the blood messaging had evolved, allowing you to see me』

『That’s impossible. Though I can’t tell whether it’ll evolve like that in the future. Anyway, let’s stop the reporting at this point』

『As you wish, master! Please take care of me again when we challenge the underground goddess. After coordinating it with Viine, I should also inform Hankay-san. I’m sure he’ll be eager to accompany us underground. And maybe we’ll find the city appearing in my dreams down there!』


『See you』

As I wrapped up the blood messaging…the voices of everyone reached my ears from the training ground below. The voices of Helme and Kisara, who are watching Muu’s training, and also the elf Dokoko-san’s voice.

“They don’t let me put on my new clothes!”, shouts Dokoko-san.

“Puyuyu!” is audible as well.

It seems they’re near Muu, but…I can also hear Red Tiger Storm talking with Higlia.

“You bloody fools! I haven’t forgotten a single thing!” Moga is complaining to Mie-san and Professor Domidon. Bucchi is vouching for Mie-san. And Nemus’s rumbling voice can be heard as well. On top of that, Quema and Solobo are exclaiming that they don’t understand the language, while Gramps Ton gives some of his philosophical insights.

Just as always with Gramps Ton.

“Making sweets and everything else is a message. After all, adoration is eternal.”

Following Gramps Ton’s incomprehensible remark, the Burning Knights’ deep voices – while overlapping with each other – recount stories of the Spirit World. Seemingly having come to watch Muu’s training, the Burning Knights got all riled up about the book of a Spirit World Eight Wisemen member.

Moreover, Catiza has also joined the fray, “Kyuupiin♪ Muu-chan, are you Emissary-sama’s pupil? In that case, it’s similar to you being my junior since I’m an <Apostle of Light Evil>, right? Heheheen! Yaay!”

“Ish too mysterious!”

“Where is Shuuya-dono!?”

Quema and Solobo roar in what sounds like screaming in orcish. Since Quema has said ish and not it’s, she must have bit her tongue. Maybe she’s startled after seeing Catiza’s hair. I wonder how she’d react if she witnessed Catiza’s golden caterpillar form…

I won’t enter such a tumultuous place. I remain on my bed on the second floor. Having a hard pillow is really nice~

I spend my time in a relaxed manner by rolling around like Rollo, putting my hands behind my hand and then extending them away from me, and raising my waist meaninglessly to form a bridge.

And then I let my eyes wander, searching for Rollo. After spotting her, and playing around with her and her underlings, I check my status.

Skill Status.

Obtained Skills: <Throw>, <Demonic Brain Speed>, <Hide>, <Night Vision>, <Inhalation of Odor Technique>, <Blood Chains Banquet>, <Thrust>, <Meditation>, <Life Magic>, <Guidance Sorcery>, <Magic Combat Style>, <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Sage Art>, <Summoning>, <Ancient Magic>, <Crest Magic>, <Darkness Drill>, <Darkness Drill – Demonic Destruction Lance>, <Language Magic>, <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, <Powerful Slash>, <Blood Acceleration>, <Beginning of Dusk>, <Dusk’s Stake>, <Blood Chain Search>, <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>, <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>, <Waterwheel Slash>, <Thousand Palms of Darkness>, <Fang Stab>, <Spirit Ball Conception>, <Water Membrane>, <Dark Water Moon of Nothingness>, <Elixir Law – Catfish Conception> (NEW)

Permanent Skills: <Power of True Ancestor>, <Natural Gift of Magic>, <Torrent of Light Darkness>, <Drain Soul>, <Immortality>, <Darkness Adaptation>, <Blood Mana>, <Suzerain of Bloodkin>, <Super Demonic Brain Nimble Sensation>, <Magic Combat Style Knowledge>, <Guidance Magic Knowledge>, <Spear Sparring>, <Chain Sense Guidance>, <Magic Crest Construction>, <Instant Staff of Water>, <Spirit Employment>, <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, <Blood Path – Open First Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Second Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Third Gate>, <Factor Engraving Increase>, <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>, <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, <Dark Dream Celebration>, <Apostle of Light Evil>, <Sage Art – Understanding of the Yellow Water Ribbon>, <Sealer’s Seal>, <Super Brain – Hazy Moon Reflection on Water>, <Secret Art of Saraten>

Extra Skills: <Language Comprehension>, <Granted Seal of Light>, <Chain Factor>, <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>, <Crest Tree of the Lucival>, <Tree of the Evil King>

I checked Elixir Law.

※Elixir Law – Catfish Conception※

※Requires a demonic art user-based combat occupation in addition to skills such as <Guidance Sorcery>, a higher proficiency level of <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Guidance Sorcery Knowledge>, <Spirit Employment>, <Sage Art – Understanding of the Yellow Water Ribbon>, and <Spirit Ball Conception>. It’s the outcome of the user’s high abilities and water-based manifestation powers. The subconscious intervention of the employed spirit also plays a role, but Elixir Law belongs to the category of unique systems. Albeit being in its early stage, it is likely a completely original sage art※

I guess it’s only natural for it to have various conditions.

An original sage art.

The part about the catfish is an outcome of Helme’s subconsciousness having intervened, huh?


This voice belongs to Gramps Ton. It looks like he’s entered my home from the training ground.

Still, again with the hero-dono? I’ve asked everyone to simply call me Shuuya, but only Gramps Ton stubbornly doesn’t listen to my request, excusing it away as being too troublesome.

While thinking all that, I erase the status screen and get up. Gramps Ton watches me with his back leaning against the railing of the stairs.

“――Is something the matter? How is your new home?”

“Nice. You have my heartfelt gratitude for it. The house’s facade is boorish, but luckily you followed my requests on the interior design.”

“That’s great to hear. It means it was worthwhile to have built it.”

“Donagan has been more grateful for the brand new plowing tools than his new home,saying that they made tilling fun.”

“Well, we’ve got many orc weapons left over. So I thought it’d be an effective use for the weapons we’re not going to sell.”

“You’re really skillful, Hero-dono! Truly magnificent!”

“By the way, the dishes from the other day were quite delicious. We won’t be able to eat orc meat anymore, but the well-done grilled chicken meat was superb. The outside was crispy while the meat inside was tender and overflowing with fragrant meat juices. And the salty sauce was great, too. It was an exquisite sauce combining an unusual oil with nuts, herbs, and red spices. Your Eight Delicacies cooking is truly incredible.”

To be honest, he might be better suited to be a cook than a strategist.

“Hu hu hu, you’re quite the smooth talker, Hero-dono.”

“No, I’m not just flattering you. Your sweets and the rare, unknown cooking that contains mana…those make one feel as if they’re tasting superb gourmet food of a royal purveyor! Quiche even muttered that she wants to eat it again while smacking her lips.”

“Hu hu, you’re exaggerating…but, I’m most delighted to hear you liked it. To borrow the words of a demonoid I adored in my younger days: “Three years for the neck swinging, eight years for the sound.” It’s not quite like the bamboo flute played by that demonoid, but you could say it’s the outcome from me having continued to research nuts for a long time.” 1

Gramps Ton smiles all over his face. It looked like the wrinkles on his face even deepened.

“So you lived together with a demonoid?”

“Indeed. Her name was Sumeragi Fubuki. Thanks to her, we could spend our time safely…”

“Hee. So you separated from her along the way?”

“Yep. Fubuki talked about recovering her guardian…while touching the scar on her forehead, and left on a journey. I haven’t seen her ever since then…”

Gramps Ton explains while looking sad, but Sumeragi Fubuki and a guardian? She appeared in Gramps Kistrin’s story, as 『Solomon’s unusual beast Dominator, who had been entrusted to him by Tenisha Fubuki』. And dungeon master Suzumiya Akemi-san mentioned a guardian.

Assuming all of this is no coincidence, Fubuki-san has been living while Gramps Kistrin was still alive…in that case, she’s already way beyond an age where you could call her granny. That’s why demonoid, huh?

I wonder whether she’s Akemi-san’s acquaintance. Well, they might have been able to meet thanks to a whim of the God of Fate.

“…I see. Let’s get back on topic. Gramps Ton, did you come here today to gather ingredients for your cooking?”

“No, no, Hero-dono. Did you forget? The precious treasure you’ve entrusted me with is still in my possession.”

Oh, now that he mentions it!

Gramps Ton retrieves Iglued and Demonic Marquis-kun out of his pocket. It’s completely slipped my mind that I had Gramps Ton take care of them.

Gramps Ton trots over, and passes me the two bundles in his dry, seedy hand.

I bow while feeling thankful, and accept the round stony object of Iglued and the spherical, wooden prison of Demonic Marquis-kun.

“――I forgot about them. Thank you.”

Gramps Ton nods several times in response to my words. At that moment, the round sphere around demonic marquis-kun, who’s been moving his mouth as if chewing, vibrates. He’s not Saraten, but…I’m sure he’s going to be annoying if I release him…

“….Hu hu, so you did forget just as I thought, eh? Still, you’re an honest man.”

“Sorry. The village’s defenses have been strengthened recently, but there’s still so much to do.” I explain while rolling around Iglued and demonic marquis-kun on my palm.

“Things to do, huh? Which reminds me, I met the orcs earlier. Not only did you turn a huge darkness whale into a friend, but also orcs. That was unexpected.”

“They’re called Quema and Solobo. Sorry for startling you.”

“No, you’re following a plan with that, aren’t you Hero-dono?”

Gramps Ton has completely shifted away from being a good-natured, old man. A sharp glint dwells in eyes just, just like during the time when he exhibited his ability to criticize.

“I don’t know whether you can call it a plan, but I asked the orcs about ordinary things.”

“Just that shows that you’re deeply investigating things ever so often. Small opportunities are important.”

“Yes. I was able to mostly determine the location the large-scaled orc clans use to come onto the surface. Since a map doesn’t exist, I can’t pinpoint it, but…I’ve informed Quiche of this. I think she’s going to inform all of you in due time as well, though it should only happen after she’s closely investigated herself.”

“I understand.”

“However, even if the precise route between underground and surface becomes clear, we can’t deny the possibility of a ruse, so we won’t strike from our side just yet.”

Gramps Ton joins his hand, just to release them in the next moment, nodding deeply.

“…As I thought, you’ve apparently taken it into consideration. If we’re talking about “counterintelligence,” does that make the orcs on the training ground disposable pawns?”

So Gramps Ton knows the strategy of using counterintelligence… He’s definitely not some ordinary Joe. As expected, far from being an old cooking geezer who likes nuts, it looks like he’ll become a great strategist on Quiche’s side…

“…No, not at all. I believe in the two orcs as our friends.”

If I welcome them into the Lucival family as <Servant Leaders>, they won’t betray me most likely, but our acquaintance still has been way too short for that. The beauty Quema would be fine, but Solobo is too grim…

“…Very well. I’ll pass on your thoughts to the children.”

“Okay. But, information is ultimately just information. Quema and Solobo belonged to a small group that lived in one of the many underground cities. Therefore it’s possible that other orc clans use invasion routes unknown to the two.”

“We’re in the Sea of Trees, so it’s truly complicated…”

“Indeed. Although the orcs have their own, internal conflicts, we never know when they’re going to start their invasion towards Cydale again…”


“Also, the troll crying has stopped, but it still bothers me. There’s also the Ancient God Go Rad’s dragonfly army, which 【Red Tiger Storm】 encountered, and the monkey-like monsters. Add to that the forces of the Tree King of Wonders. And as if that’s not enough, a multitude of other such powers exist like the Death Butterfly people for example…”

Gramps Ton nods, “Hero-dono, you’re the actual manifestation of the proverb, at times a cat, at others a tiger. You’ve been mentioning that you’re going to head out on a journey, but are you going to remain with us for a while longer?”

“Yes, I’m not leaving yet. Though I might prioritize exploring the mirrors while taking some people with me.”

“I see, I see. Your gentle attitude of not boasting your own strength on top of this honesty is something I’d love to adopt myself…if I had been a bit younger, I might have sworn my allegiance to you as well, Hero-dono.”


“Well, just listen. The hero, who rescued us, is hard-working, taking the initiative in everything. And he gave us work as well as building us homes without any favoritism. It’s the perfect example of “The tail moves if the head does.” Eboué, Maurique, Pal, and everyone else have mentioned that they’d be able to put their life on the line if it’s for the sake of that gentleman…from the bottom of their heart. I also think that he’s a great man of honor…”

Since I believe that a person like Gramps Ton suits the attribute of being great, I feel deeply thankful for his words.

“Just having you believe so makes me very happy. But, deep down I’m a whimsical adventurer who’s unsuited to be described as a hero as I got where the wind carries me. And being a blood-loving monster is also a part of me.”


“The true hero is Quiche. For the sake of her family’s homeland, she accepted children completely unrelated to her, and she happily took in the people I brought along. There exists no female knight for whom the description hero fits more than her. Though, maybe I should rather call her heavy knight. That’s why I’d like you to put your life on the line for Quiche and the children…”

Gramps Ton bows his head, and answers with a serious look (his eyes are possibly bloodshot), “Hu hu hu…you’re a kind man. Very well. I fully understand why the village chief-like beauty of an elf, Quiche-dono, and the ancient wolfman princess Higlia-dono have fallen for you, Hero-dono.”

“…I plan to be a guy who can answer their feelings.”

“Wonderful. Your spearmanship training and being a great role model for the children. I believe both will become a guiding principle for the children’s future life. On top of that, you don’t have any greed. So much that you forgot about the treasure you entrusted to me and didn’t even ask for any money, including the leftover orc weapons. It’s as if you have no weak spots…no, I guess you do…your philandering, but well, assuming we ignore that small blemish…” Gramps Ton coughs.

I’m really sorry.

Gramps Ton has apparently recalled it in the middle of talking too.

The indecent moaning that can be heard every night from this house…
My night life where I furiously shake my hips instead of working my brain…
With Kisara, Helme, and also Quiche…
With Quiche whining that she can’t move anymore while her whole body is trembling…

Well, seeing her like that just made my dick stand tall once again.

Many times, over and over again, gently and intensely…I worked on Quiche and Kisara’s pussies at the same time.

After shaking my head to rid myself of those indecent thoughts, I look at Gramps Ton, “…Gramps Ton, thank you very much for having taken care of my treasures.”

“Don’t mind it, don’t mind it. So, the other moving over there is blabbing some crab prayers all the time, but…the stone one has remained completely silent so far… Seeing it, Granny Bang shouted, “It’s alive! Aliiiive!” while mumbling some ghastly prayers, but is this one really alright?”

Imagining Granny Bang with bloodshot eyes, I rather wonder whether Granny Bang is alright! But I won’t retort at that part with the spear kumite’s right spine arrest. It would kill Gramps Ton.

“…Apart from demonic marquis Ado-something being alright, Iglued over here…I can feel mana from her, but it’s also possible that she died. Well, I’ll do my best to save her in my own way. After all, we share a relationship of having fought to the death.” I explain to Gramps Ton while checking out the small cage around Iglued on my palm.

I remember the illusion of Iglued that dissipated like steam…

Gramps Ton smiles, “Then it’s fine! It’s your “Everything can become a treasure if it serves your purpose.” Anyway, allow me to excuse myself now.”

He says and turns around with an agility you wouldn’t expect from an old man. I can spot no openings in his movements either. Him walking away with his hands linked behind his back gives him a peculiar aura of a refined grandpa.

His skills at criticizing and this; has he studied some ancient Japanese martial arts? I’ve witnessed it before, but the blaming where he used an acorn was magnificent.

He calls himself a humble cook, but…he might have studied akido.

Still, his cooking tastes great, so I guess it’s fine either way.

Now then…


Rollo has been watching Gramp Ton go downstairs. She’s keenly watching how he’s tossing up two acorns in alternation. It looks like he’s juggling those while descending the stairs.

“Nn, nya?”

“I don’t think I need to mention it, but…don’t play around with Iglued and Ado-something, okay?”


It sounded like 『I don’t care~』.

“…They’re no SuperBalls, got it?”

I place Iglued on top of a shelf while recalling the fluorescent toy from my childhood. First I’m going to take a look at Ado-something.

I focus on <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, canceling the small wood cage around Ado-something. It exposes a miniature figure with a single, round eye that’s clad in a noble’s attire. He flaps the tiny wings on his back.

“――Phooey, phooey, phooey! Damn you for stuffing wood into my mouth, not even allowing me to talk! Don’t fuck with me! But, you’ve done well to release me. Let me praise you for that alone!”

One-eye-kun spat out the wood in his mouth, just to immediately start blathering and then smirking at the end of his remark. His face looks fiendish.

In the next instant, the metallic patterns on his attire start glowing crimson. They float up and expand while moving right above and finally overlapping with One-eye-kun. Is it a Demonic Eye power as might be expected of a demonic marquis?

It looks like a special, bloody contact lens.

“――I’ll show you my inherent magic which is a favorite of Meliady-sama!” Demonic Marquis Adombraly announces and releases a pretty red light from his eye.

Thereupon, the metallic pattern, which I believed to be a contact lens, floats up once more while scattering dazzling, red light…suddenly transforms, and turns into a crimson sphere.

“Look! That’s the power of an Amshabis for you!”

The crimson sphere appears to be the pride of Amshabis folk. Demonic marquis-kun sure is lively. But, once I hear the sound of glass shattering, cracks form on the pretty globe…and the crimson light gradually grows weaker.

“S-Shiiiit! My power is…”

It’s because you’re forcibly trying to use your power after having had it sucked up by Iglued…



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Translation Notes:

  1. The proverb refers to playing a bamboo flute where it’s said that you need three years to learn how to adjust the sound by shaking your head, and another eight years to produce a nice sound through elaborate finger movements. Or basically, mastering something takes a long time but is rewarded with high skill.


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