Chapter 379 – Gate Building for Cydale


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“Muu-chan, that magic book, or rather, mystic arts book connected to your arm and leg is…”

Kisara calls Muu’s book a mystic arts book.

“I’m also curious about the string book, but her new arm is made out of wood, so it’s an item made by His Excellency!” Helme approaches Muu after putting Puyuyu down.

Landing on the ground, Puyuyu lifts its miniature wand. Is it going to tamper with the many decorations attached to the wand? Since its doll-like hands and fingers are covered by shaggy fur, I can’t really grasp its finger movements.

After getting messed with by Rollo, Puyuyu performs a splendid turn, and runs off towards the other side of the training ground while swinging its small limbs up and down.

“Nyano~” Rollo chases after it with sparkling eyes.

While watching that heartwarming scenery, I speak up to Helme and Kisara, “…That’s how it is. After all, Muu wants to learn spearmanship from me. Having said that, these are just prostheses. If you consider keeping balance with just one leg and arm, it’s easy to imagine that she’d have a tough time ahead.”

“I think you’re right when we’re talking just about spearmanship, but if she masters the usage of this mystic arts book, it might be possible for her to reach a new combat occupation that exceeds any normal spear wielder.” Kisara argues.

It looks like she holds Muu’s potential in high esteem

“A combination of mystic string arts and spearmanship, huh?”


“――nh” Muu thrusts her artificial arm into the air with a rough nasal breathing, seemingly delighted by the idea.

But, because she became too enthusiastic, she fell over.

“…Oh my, Muu-chan――”

Helme immediately uses her <Lapis Lazuli Flower> skill, gently coiling the blue and black, spiraling strings around Muu, and helping her up. The strings extending from flower bulbs at the tips of her fingers have mysterious colors. She ties Muu’s hair with those strings, creating a bun hairstyle. Muu’s silver hair, which looks as if it’s been bleached, has been arranged beautifully.


However, Muu gets away from Helme, shaking her head. It results in the bun hairstyle coming undone. Muu stares at Helme’s mysterious strings which are entwined around her own body.

She seems to be baffled by the strings, which automatically withdraw from her body. Well, it makes sense, seeing how Helme’s <Lapis Lazuli Flower> can be called quite mysterious. The shining strings are currently retracting into the blooming flowers on Helme’s fingers. It’s extremely beautiful.

The deployment of the Kisara’s filaments, which remind you of a rainbow, is very pretty as well, but…the coloring of Helme’s skill doesn’t lose out to it either.

Helme answers Muu’s gaze with an affectionate expression. Confronted with that, Muu’s cheeks flush crimson.

Come to think of it, she did receive her butt baptism, didn’t she?

“Helme, how do Muu’s strings and magic book look to you?”

“…I don’t really feel any spirits from them. However, I can sense something similar to wind spirits and a strong darkness from the magic threads extending like strings.”

When Helme points it out, Kisara immediately jumps in, “It most likely originates from the Spirit World…”

The Spirit World, eh?

Having mentioned that, Kisara looks at the grimoire hanging at her own waist, and then shifts her eyes back to Muu’s book. Judging by her look and expression…Kisara’s grimoire must be related to the Spirit World, I guess.

Based on that observation, I say, “…That estimation is correct. When I took out Beet earlier, it resonated with the mystic arts book. And the name of Zedel’Guo Sail, one of the Eight Geniuses of the Spirit World, surfaced on both items.”

“As I thought…still for it to be related to one of the Eight Geniuses of the Spirit World means that it’s yet another amazing item.”

“That’s why I sense a strong darkness, albeit just in one part of it. But, where did Muu-chan obtain such a mystic arts book?”

“It’s a book Moga and Nemus had with them. They swiped it from the vault when they were escaping the Sea of Trees stronghold of the vampires led by Hoffmann. It looks like it’s been used as decoration for Moga and Nemus’s home, but…”

Isn’t it possible that…a guy like Schmihazar might visit once more alongside the huge coffin? Well, it’s also possible that only Schmihazar had a skill allowing him to follow us.

“Oh, back then! I’ve been focused on listening to Moga’s explanation about the bronze, frog-shaped statue, so I didn’t notice. Ah, so that’s why you’ve been looking at the treasures, right Muu-chan?”

“…” Muu nods lightly.

“It was the Death Butterfly women Jody and Ciel who destroyed Hoffmann’s stronghold, right? The one you fought was Ciel with the reddish purple butterflies.”

“Yep. You could say that Moga and the others were saved by those two.”

“The revival of Golgonshura desired by those whimsical Death Butterfly women…I wonder whether those two are currently watching you, Your Excellency…”

“Possibly. Well, it might be smart to get suspicious if we suddenly start seeing butterflies. Roillo is probably going to react as well.”


Helme and Kisara nod.

“However, for him to be able to fight evenly with the Death Butterfly women, who are distinguished as kin of the Master of the 12 Sea of Trees…as expected of Hoffmann…no wonder that he managed to steal my skills and lock me up in the witch spear. That and the treasure vault might be natural for the Valmask family which appears in the Harvest legend. I think it is predictable that the empress, who had her <Head Servant> run the research while entrusting those treasured tools to him, must be a fairly capable person as well.”

Which reminds me, Kisara mentioned that she fought against the other vampire family members besides Hoffmann.

“…Kisara, I heard that you fought against the vampires of the Lauregunt family, another of the 12 founding families.”

“Yes, I fought several times against <Servant Leaders> of the Lauregunt family, and the <Head Servant> Hoffmann.”

“I see.”

Muu has been listening to our story expressionlessly.


But, apparently recalling something painful in the middle of it, she covers her ears with both hands, artificial and natural, and her body begins to tremble. She immediately curls herself up as if to hold her knees.

I place a hand on her small, quivering shoulder, “Muu, are you alright?”

“――gh.” Muu gets up while shaking her head, and leaps into my embrace.

“Everything is going to be alright. You want to learn martial arts, don’t you? Then you gotta be more level headed, okay?”


Muu nods her head, separates from me, and bows towards Kisara and Helme. After lifting her head, she lowers it politely once more. Hesitation can be seen in her eyes.

She repeatedly directs her eyes at Kisara’s grimoire and Helme’s flower bulbs. It looks like she wants to learn all kinds of stuff, not just my spearmanship.

“My cute flowers? It might be possible for His Excellency, but this is a skill, you see. I think it’s going to be impossible for you since it’d occupy bigger parts of your senses.” Helme explains matter-of-factly.

Well, it’s only natural I’d say. Even though there are strings involved, Helme has bulbs on her nails. Even if Muu could make those bulbs bloom, for argument’s sake, it might be a more reliable means to keep spearmanship as the main objective.

“The power of this grimoire is related to my <Magic Breath> as a witch, the witch spear of Damo’Anun, and my Magic Ogre Princess Armament, which is Mephalla-sama’s divine blessing. The threads or magic threads of your mystic arts book don’t possess any such power. Besides, even if I knew how to pass it on to someone else, I don’t plan to hand it down to anyone but Shuuya-sama. Muu-chan, you aren’t my pupil.”

Kisara’s look as it’s visible through her black mask is as unrelenting as that of a black queen.

“…” Muu drops her shoulders in disappointment.

This is only reasonable as well, I think. Kisara is one of the Black Witch Church’s representatives. It’s a church with a longstanding history. She lost the battle against me, and exactly because I defeated her, she’s judged me to be the messiah sought by her church. That’s why she’s also calling me Bringer of Light and DarknessDamo’Anun Bringer.

“A part of our masters and the Four Heavenly Witch Aphra Beazuma were also masters of the iron ball art 【Grim Principles of Magic Iron Style】, the Light Beheading Thread art 【Bright Light Thread Expert Style】, and the Darkness Beheading Thread art 【Darkness Thread Style of the Black Mosquito】. If you were to become their pupil…you might be able to learn it. But, I wonder whether it’d really work out that easily.” Kisara adds, apparently wanting to follow up after having seen Muu’s expression.

“Muu, it sounds like it’ll be difficult for you to take personal lessons from Kisara and Helme.”


“But, it’s not like you’re forbidden to learn from watching.”

“…nh.” Muu shakes her small head.

Helme and Kisara smile gently.

“It’s too early. Training is important, but first comes eating properly and getting plenty of rest. Also, you should play with the other children. Especially if it comes to Arry and Taack, I believe you’ll get many chances to learn various things if you play with them. And once you’ve grown accustomed to your prostheses――”

At that point, I focus on <Tree of the Evil King>, and create a wood spear. Of course it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to build a place like the Training Path existing near the Goldiba village. But, if it’s something simple, I can create it as well…

While thinking that, I <Throw> the wooden spear. The spear stabs into the ground close to Muu.

“――I’ll teach you the basic stances of the Wind Spear Style with that spear.”

“…rh.” Muu shakes her head while looking at the wooden spear embedded in the soil in front of her.

And then she looks at me again. After shifting her eyes back and forth between me and the spear several times, she intensely stares at me once more. If I were to guess her feelings from that look, I’d say that she’s urging me to teach her as soon as possible.

“Muu, is there any reason for you to hurry so much? We won’t know unless you tell us.”


Her lips tremble all over. It looks like she’s trying to talk a bit, but then she shakes her head. Next she extends a string from her artificial hand towards the wooden spear, entwines it around the shaft and picks it up. As soon as she grasps the spear with her hand, she smiles happily.

And then, after staring at me, she plants both legs and hands on the ground, bowing.

“…I understand your feelings, so lift your head.”

“――gh.” Muu jerks her head up.

On that occasion, her posture lurchs over towards the side of her artificial legs as she’s not used to it yet.

“Ah, Muu-chan.”


As if to declare that she’s okay, Muu bends her normal leg, and nimbly stands up. And then she smiles broadly. It looks like she’s enjoying it.

As expected, just having a new, artificial leg already makes a big difference. While using the wooden spear as a walking stick replacement, she walks away, heading outside the training ground. Her usage of the artificial leg is…still quite clunky, so it looks like she has a hard time ahead of her.

Ah, just after inserting the wooden spear into her artificial arm and trying to swing it, she tumbles down.

“…Ack, she fell over again. Your Excellency, is this alright?”

“Let her be. Failure is a stepping stone to success. First she has to get accustomed to her prostheses. There’s no way around it.”

“It’s just that she still has some very childish parts, too.”

I nod at Helme and Kisara’s words. This village…if it’s here, Muu will be able to grow up nicely.

“…Right. With that out of the way, I’m going head over to build the gate.”

“Then I shall come back into your eye.”

“Sure, go for it.”


Helme instantly changes into liquid and flies into my left eye while spiraling.

“…” Kisara remains silent.

After directing a look full of respect at me, she bows her head.

“What are you going to do, Kisara? Wanna come with me?”

“No, Rotalz should be back anytime soon now.”

“Kisara!! Damn you for kicking my important magic symbol!!”

Sure enough we can hear Rotalz’s angry voice from the sky. As if to answer him, Kisara makes her grimoire gleam, and the instant its pages flip over, her outfit changes into that of a sleeveless witch costume. Immediately following, she grabs the witch spear, and flies up to Rotalz.

“Don’t fight too flashily, okaaay?”


Rotalz makes the printed circuit board-like patterns on his skin glow, and fires a beam. It’s the same magic beam he fired at Divine Beast Rollodeen the other day.

Kisara uses the filaments of her witch spear to repel the beam while closing in on Rotalz. She mentioned that Rotalz is a bit special…

A hole is created in the clouds…by the powerful destruction beam. …What a flashy mock battle, or rather, brawl.

Anyway, I guess I should take care of my own work. Rollo hasn’t come back yet.

“Alray, Hueremy, what are you going to do? Wanna come with me?”

“Nyaa.” “Nyao.”

The two cats meow while lying sprawled at the base of the wall. It seems like the two wish to bask in the sun.

“Gotcha. You two keep sunbathing over there. Please take care of being Muu’s playmates. Ah, don’t push her down though, okay?”

“Nyaaa.” “Nyaoo.”

The two reply with weird meows while exposing their bellies towards me. Still, it looks like Rollo is chasing Puyuyu…I wonder where they went.

Oh well, whatever.

I jumped on the spot, activated <Magic Hand guided by Thought> in mid-air, and while kicking one hand after the other, advanced through the air.

Casting a sidelong glance at the battle between Kisara and Rotalz, I head for the gate.

Running across the sky~♪ Across the sky~♪

I dashed through the sky while singing such a song in my mind.



————— End of Part 1 —————


A gate hidden deep in a small ravine came into sight. It’s a gate between two rocks, supposedly protected by Catiza. Its old wooden structure is heavily damaged. Currently it’s still working as a gate, more or less, but since it has started to tilt over, it’s become rather unreliable.

“Ohhh! Emissary-sama! Good morning!!”

Not the small Catiza, but the even smaller Purin is waving her hand from atop the gate. Her small bone tail is wagging furiously. It’s cute how she gives me a morning greeting, although it’s already past noon.

It looks like today it’s Purin’s turn to serve as Chief Gatekeeper. Maybe they’re changing every day.

The costume covering her front has slightly changed in design, compared to before. I think she’s added padding to the elbow area to make sniping easier. Selele’s Bone Pipe is extending from her wrist like a rifle.

“――Yo, Purin. A good morning to you as well.”

“Thanks! Emissary-sama, are you going to head out somewhere?”

“No, I was thinking of repairing this gate, or maybe I should say, build it anew.”

“That’d make Catiza very happy. She seems to hold quite a bit of pride in her job as Chief Gatekeeper.” Purin explains while using her bone pipe to point at the gate’s roof beneath her.

“Did you snipe monsters from a distance with that bone pipe?”

“Yes, I did. I killed quite a lot of them. But, every once in a while, strong monsters come along as well…”

Strong? Like the semi-transparent orc I fought?

“Strong monsters, huh? What kind of monsters were they?”

“First was a huge sheep monster. Next, a small goblin enveloped in a bluish-white light. Then a mage-type of monster with bright spheres floating all around its head. And the most peculiar one was the last monster. It had a humanoid shape, but…a big amount of arms grew out of its torso all of a sudden, and it transformed from having a ribbed armor to an appearance allowing a peek at its bluish-white shining intestines.”

“Hee, the last one does sound powerful.”

“Yes, it spewed out mana in the same color as its intestines while swiftly moving left and right. It kept dodging my shots, just to stop its irregular movements after planting its two legs on a tall tree and glaring at me from far away… When I thought it’d charge all the way from there…I switched with Tsuan-san, but in response, the monster actually withdrew instead.”

I feel like I can understand the monster. It watched Purin transform into Tsuan, right? I would stay away, too. After all, no normal human can transform into another human.

“Tsuan-san seemed to be thrilled that he’d be able to fight after a long time, but once the monster pulled back, he started to complain, saying things like 『Let me have some fun as well』, or 『Aaahh, man, I wanna smoke magic cigarettes with boss』. Given that Catiza often comes out claiming 『I’ll handle it♪』 as close-combat fighter, Tsuan-san has only few opportunities to get a turn.”

“I see.”

Tsuan must have his fair share of troubles to coexist with two female personalities.

At that point, Helme appeared at the edge of my visual field, dancing.

『Ca-chan did her best when dancing and fighting to protect the children. She also listened to Commander-in-Chief Quiche’s instructions very attentively』 Helme explains while saluting after having interrupted her dance.

Why an army salute though…?

『…I see. As for me, I want to also train my triple-spear style with them, but if Catiza and the other two are doing their best here, I think it’s fine to let them be』

『I’m sure they’d immediately come to you if you were to tell them, but…hehe, this attitude is very typical of you, Your Excellency』

『Nevermind it. I’ve got the single-spear style of the Wind Spear Style, and my self-taught dual-spear style. There’s also Kisara’s Demonoid Martial Arts that uses Mephalla’s divine protection and also includes hand-to-hand combat with a spear. Anyway, I got my own ways, like wanting to learn a derivation skill of <Fang Stab>. And I also want to search for possibilities to do combinations with <Dark Water Moon of Nothingness>』

『Just spearmanship already has so many variations. Hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and ax mastery also exist, so…it looks like there is no end to your way of martial arts, Your Excellency』

『Indeed. I’ll patiently stack up training sessions and actual combat to bring it to new heights』

『Okay. I would like to assist you in that as your attendant』

At that point, I wrap up my telepathic conversation with Helme.

“Well then, Purin, could you step back a bit since I’m going to tamper with the gate?”

“Okay, then I’ll let Catiza take over――”

Her body breaks apart like dissolving clay, transforming into a golden caterpillar. Immediately following, the caterpillar turned into Catiza. Somehow I feel like her transformation has become faster.

“Emissary-sama~~♪” Catiza immediately pounces on me to hug me. “”Emissary-sama’s smell~~♪”

“I got it, I got it, so stop sniffing me up and down.” I say, grab her shoulders, and push her body away.

“Eehhh…how unfair! You were a lot nicer to Purin~!”

“I just talked normally to her. Rather than that, you heard that I want to work on the gate, right?”

“Yeees♪ I’ll go and teach the children a new march♪”

Catiza jumps into the air. While airborne, she stabs her black nails towards the ground. The nails extend as if drawing arcs, and as soon as they pierce into the soil, she reels them back in, carrying her body towards the ground and then landing softly. Her way of movement that relies on stabbing her nails from the air seems to be faster than her usual cartwheeling. It doesn’t offer the same mobility as her demonic bonefish, but I suppose it does possess some speed.

While repeatedly extending and retracting her nails, Catiza continues to travel towards the monument in the center of the village.

I’m going to move in front of the gate. Creating footholds out of <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, I dashed through the sky.

Alright, here should be good. It really reminds me of the first time I visited this village. This place is rather mountainish. Further down the narrow path that continues beneath those curving cliffs lies a rocky area with the name Horse Rock Cliff. It’s a place with a rock path that has been naturally washed out by rain over many centuries.

Very well, I’ll remake the small valley at the entrance of the village into a sturdy gate. Let’s combine it with the inner gate, which existed from the start, into one long gate tunnel. It’s a place with tall, natural stone walls on both sides. It looks kinda like a straight tiger’s mouth, so I won’t mess with it too much…

I’m going to build a wooden suspension bridge between the tops of the high cliffs on both sides.

After forming an image, I genuinely started the carpentering work. I inserted many rows of rectangular wood blocks into the depressions of the rock cliffs on both sides as if to form connections between both cliffs. Then I vertically piled up several layers of thick, wooden structural beams on top of the horizontal wooden beams as if creating a mille-feuille.

The whole thing looks like a puzzle of wooden frames from here. However, if you’re looking at it from the outside, it should appear as a rectangular space with the pattern of a tiger’s jaw that uses a part of the narrow path.

On top of that, I created two gates and repeatedly reinforced the whole structure to make it as sturdy as possible.

Next I used the rock face of the cliffs towering on either side of one of the gates. Imagining a huge shielded watchtower with a platform for archers at the upper part of the rock face, I built it by growing out my trees. Additionally I created a meaningless warehouse’s rat guard at the four pillars supporting the watchtower.

And then, I made a part of the huge wooden planks surrounding the gigantic tower function as light-based shields by employing <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>. As shield ornaments I focused on reproducing Rotalz’s dotted pixel farts. Given that they’re rectangular, they might look like edge scaffolds of a building.

The top of the watchtower was covered by a gabled roof. I finished it up by diagonally lining up smooth roofing boards so as to allow rainwater to stream into the drain spouts without any problems. Moreover, I placed a massive, flat pedestal on top of that roof.

This pedestal isn’t there as a drama stage…well, it’d be also fine to use it for that as well, or rather…Catiza might actually use it for just that, but…in reality I built it with the idea of allowing everyone, including myself, to train up there while keeping watch. Since the outlook is great, Rollo might like it as well.

I think the conspicuously high roof pedestal will be fine like that.

The last part is the bottom of the tower. The ornaments of the first gate’s door that exists in the ravine, to be precise.

Jumping off the pedestal on the roof, I landed on the ground. At once I had trees head for the surface of the gate door. Let’s go with a black panther extending its tongue out between its ferocious, bare fangs as ornament. Making sure to use one side of the door for the panther’s furry torso, I had a forepaw with its claws extended grab at the gate’s door knob, and the tip of the long tail stretched out towards the roof.

I guess I’ll go with a drawing of children playing on the inner side of the door.




Alright, I think I’ll leave it at that for today. It’s not like I’m tired or anything, but I used up lots of mana.

In exchange, I managed to repair the gate, or rather, transform it into a super extravagant gate as I focused too much on an elaborate design.

From the outside, it might look like a simple fortress. It’s a sturdy main gate in mountain terrain, so it should have become fairly robust.

I even got praised by Gramps Ton when I built the houses, and the creation of Muu’s protheses went without a hitch as well. Maybe it did have some meaning that I earnestly continued the plain woodwork with Master Achilles. I’m sure it helped me with other skills as well, such as my dexterity, but…in the end, the biggest gain from it must have been my mana amount. Still, I haven’t been able to get a skill for it as of yet…

Anyway, it means you can do stuff like this if you’re a reasonable hobby carpenter.

At that point, I touched my Dark Hell Bone Knight ring, summoning the Burning Knights. Following the usual process of manifesting from the ring, the Burning Knights appeared from within the smoke as it slowly dissipated. I introduced the brand-new gate to them.

“What a magnificent gate. It almost looks like a fortress.”

“Your Excellency, I have understood! This is training to build a new fortress in our Spirit World domain, isn’t it?”

“One day I might do that, but right now I can’t promise you anything…”

“Zemetas, that’s a great idea. Your Excellency, by all means, I would like you to not only build a fortress in our domain…but a magic castle. All for the sake of thwarting Lord Hallrain’s ambitions.”

Who’s that Hall-something guy they already told me about before? Did he have a cow face or something?

“But, Your Excellency, we do not own any place requiring protection.”

“Hehe, Ado-chan, Zeme-chan, this here is for my sake♪ Thankies, Emissary-sama~”

Catiza came back while bringing the children with her.

“No, it’s neither for you, Catiza, nor for the Burning Knights. Anyway, I used up my mana, so I’m going to take a little break. Catiza, want to return as a finger or arm? Or do you want to strive in apple picking as Chief Gatekeeper again?”

“I want to watch the village’s vicinity as Chief Gatekeeper and pick some apples!”

Catiza lifts her arms into a hurrah pose. It looks like she’s taken quite a liking to her new job.

“Watch the vicinity, huh? It seems like Higlia and the other wolfmen are patrolling the area, but well, do your best.”

“Of course! The children also said that they want to practice combat with me while learning my songs.”

“…Sure, go for it. But, make sure to not overdo it, even if you might have Quiche’s permission. If any dangerous monsters show up, fall back. Just for caution, I’m going to leave the Burning Knights with you as well. Also, Kisara mentioned that she saw the irregular orc swordsmen you guys told me about in the far distance. The ogre skull platoon seemed to fight other monsters. I don’t know their precise whereabouts, but keep it in mind for the time being.”

“Yes, Your Excellency. Count on me!”

“Roger! They shall not get away next time!”

“Yes, Your Excellency! Count on me! I will crush them next time! Hehe, I’ll beat them with gittanbattan once they show up here! So everything is going to be alright♪” Catiza smiled all over her face after having imitated the Burning Knights.

Is that gittanbattan some kind of skill?

“Ah, Ca-chan! You’re copying Zeme-chan and Ado-chan again!”

“Ahaha, but, her head is funnyyy!”

Just like the children are pointing out, Catiza has created a tasty-looking donut with her hair. But, otherwise she looks like a dark-skinned girl. She’s wearing adorable, poncho-type clothes which the children gave her as a present. I think it’s a rough make that ties together the blue and yellow clothes stolen from the orcs, but it suits her.

Catiza stabs several nails into the ground. Extending the nails, she carried her body. Just like a bamboo shot that’s grown in an instant, she lifts herself up atop the wall with a squeaking from her nails, and jumps on the roof from there.

“Zeme-chan, Ado-chan, you’re so slow! Luluhu~~un♪ Emissary-sama is strong, yay♪ Emissary-sama is cool, yay♪ Nhuhuhu~un hu~un♪ Children, this way♪”

Standing on the edge of the new roof, Catiza sang a weird song.

“Ugh, if Alray-dono was here, I might be able to get up there, but…”

“No, His Excellency’s gate is big. I wonder whether Hueremy-dono and Alray-dono would be actually able to get on top of the roof with us.”

The Burning Knights discussed while watching Catiza. Or rather, just what the hell is that song.

It’s oddly embarrassing…

Suddenly, the children also began to squeal.

“Waaaah, it’s Ca-chan’s soooong!”

“Goblin hunt? I want to see her caterpillar form~~”

“Let’s go all the way to the Plemos Basin since Arry and Taack are here as well!”

“Yep, that might be a great idea too! Oh, hey, hey, look! It’s a new gate!”

“You’re right. Ah, there’s pictures of us over here!”


Arry and Taack mingled with the other children. Meanwhile, Catiza summoned one bonefish after the other on the roof. Then she jumped on top of an especially big bonefish, and began to fly while sitting on it. The other bonefish followed her around like bees would follow their queen.

While loudly singing, “Huhuhun♪ Bones, bones, I love you♪ Bonies♪”, she had the fish move as if to surround the children. Then the fish fell apart into separate bones. Moreover, those bones spread out to each and every child, turning into small bone armors that covered the children.

What’s that…? Catiza’s new skill? Just when did she come up with something like that…?

“Ado-chan, Zeme-chan, we’re going ahead, okay? Advance♪” Catiza announces and leaves the gate together with the children.

“Wait, Catiza-dono. See you later, Your Excellency. If I spot those orcs, I shall annihilate them!”

“I am off!”

“Sure, I’m counting on you guys.”

“――Catiza-dono! Let us ride those demonic bonefish as well!”

After bowing at me, the Burning Knights passed through the new gate. They ran through the rocky area continuing after the gate with lumbering footsteps, chasing after Catiza and the children.

Now then, I guess I’ll go back to my house and exchange some blood messages with someone while smoking a magic cigarette.



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