Chapter 373 – Blood Messaging with Viine


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I finished my day of training in the bath. However, not stark naked. I’m still wearing a combination of dark green underwear and overcoat.

As always, I’m replenishing my mana as I’m smoking a magic cigarette, blowing the smoke out through the window at the roof. I focus on the mana flowing from my torso to the point below my navel. 1

Then I adopt the stance of the 『Evil Fishing Palm Blade』, a stance resembling the 『Heaven and Earth Palm Push』 Kisara taught me.

Haahh…it’s a cold wind, but refreshing…I think I’ll lie down for a bit.

While letting my mana circulate, I dive atop my brand new bed with movements as if walking across a water surface, and lie down.

Using my palms as a replacement for a pillow…ugyaah!

Right above me, as if overlapping with the rooftop, floats the ghost Lash-san. That gave me a fright.

However, her transparent chest and her nice body…still, since I felt like I’d get scolded by Quiche, if I stared at her chest too much…I turned over.

Alright, time to contact Viine through a blood message. I think she’s exploring the Whirlpool Forest of Demonic Fog while training at the same time.

『Yoo, Viine! Are you doing fine?』

『A Second Advent!?』

Whoa, what’s with this reaction?

『W-What is it all of a sudden…?』

『…Hauuu, I’m sorry. Just as I was thinking of you in the light of Chrissmas, I suddenly received your blood message…』

Haha, surprised her, huh?

Second Advent is about that, isn’t it? If it’s about Christmas, she must be talking about Jesus Christ? If it comes to Hoffmann…it feels like he’d give me a long-winded sermon as Christian, though…

Now then, leaving that aside, I have to inform her about the situation. First off…

I guess I should start from around the time of me running into the battle between Higlia and the <Servant Leader> Yuo after heading out from Quiche’s village to search for the children while using <Blood Chain Search>. Let’s also inform Viine about Nora who was present at that battle.

I sent her a message about all of this.

『…Nora’s family, the vampire hunter family which has continued living in Zamalia’s Opperheimann region, got me interested』

『I can fully understand. They’ve been extending their lives through some kind of magic time, or maybe they actually extracted some vampire power. Well, if it’s according to what she’s told me, it’s obvious that they’re anything but a normal family』

A family of vampire hunters. I’m sure curious about them, too.

『A family of vampire hunters, they do sound strong. If Nora were to tell her family about our existence…they might start to seriously monitor us』

I doubt she’s going to do that. Nora’s gramps seems to be strong…it sounded like he’s <Throwing> around cross pieces, but…

『…I don’t think they’re going to monitor me. They’ll be curious though』

『Nora possesses a skill that can drive away vampires. In such a case, I wonder what kind of abilities her other family members possess…? They might be beings like the single digits of the 8th Demon Extermination Agency. Master, please be careful』

『Beings like Mad Knight, was it? I’ve heard about them from Tsuan, but you should worry about yourself more than about me』

『Sorry. So about Nora’s little sister. I hadn’t expected it to be Angie, Paulsen’s servant…quite the strange fate』

『Strange fate. Haha, that’s quite sarcastic. Viine, you, me, and everyone else who became the bloodkin of a Lucival are bound by strange fates』

Mamani, Bia, Fuu, and Souther. They all have their own pasts.

『Hehe, you have a point there. Everyone is burdened with some sort of past』

『Yep, Nora is heading for Pelneet to meet with her sister. If she goes through Hekatrail, I think it’ll take her quite some time. By boat she’d be there in no time, but…if she goes across land, she might pick up some adventurer requests at Holkerbaum and post towns』

『…True. Have you still not informed Eva, Rebecca, and Veronica-senpai?』

『Not yet. I’ll contact them later』

『…Either way, it sounds like it’ll cause troubles…and the Sea of Trees seems to be in the process of becoming more chaotic in regards to power distribution than the Whirlpool Forest of Demonic Fog』

『No kidding, all kinds of things are going on over here. This place might also be somehow connected with the Whirlpool Forest through the underground』

Death Butterfly people, Tree King of Wonders, Ancient wolfmen, underground goddesses, ancient gods…it’s chaos.

『It’s very likely. From a distance I could confirm many places looking like historic ruins』

『Figures. Cursed gods, ancient gods, and so on…』

I wonder whether Koko-sama is doing fine.

『…There’s still many places I couldn’t explore as of yet, though. And, a swarm of Goblin Telka has been sighted in the Whirlpool Forest, too. It doesn’t look like the number of adventurers working near Hekatrail is going to decrease anytime soon either』

The Whirlpool Forest is close to elven domain, Oseberia, and Leften. Places needing adventurers exist all over the lands, including Fa’Dyke’s Indomitable Lion Tower… Come to think of it, it’s not just Quiche, but also Nora, Red Tiger Storm, Eris Faffnard of Eight Girls, the dwarves in charge of dragon killing; all of them are superb adventurers working with Hekatrail as base.

『…Anyway, back on topic. The location <Blood Chain Search> indicated was a large-scale base of vampires, but…as a matter of fact it had been destroyed』


『Two Death Butterfly women, one with a white moths body and the other with a reddish-violet butterflies body, had gone on a rampage』

『Death Butterfly women? For them to possess butterfly bodies…they sound like yet another weird, mysterious beings』


I explained Viine my battle against one of them as detailed as I could. Next I told her about Golgonshura, the god worshiped by the Death Butterfly people, and their reaction when they heard about me possessing Golgonshura’s key.

After listening to all of it, Viine expanded on her own considerations that anticipated a connection with underground gods and ancient gods.

But, 『It doesn’t seem like it’s related to Koko…doysuzuin-sama whom you started to worship the other day』, she sent me a blood message while misspelling the name of Cursed Goddess Kokobruuundozuu-sama.

That’s unusual for Viine. Then again, it’s a pain to remember such a long name. I just memorized it because I’m her believer. Abbreviated, Cursed God Koko-sama.

I’ve offered the Priest Necklace to Koko-sama, but…I wonder how much time she’s going to need to store her power in that necklace.

Koko-sama mentioned an Ancient Halmodella era or something, but…if you compare the time span with Earth, it’d have been around the age of the dinosaurs? Assuming that to be true, storing power in that necklace would require thousands, if not tens of thousands years?

…As I’m pondering about this…

『…..But, it sounds like it’s been a rich experience』

『Actually, this was just the beginning』

I continue to tell her about our invasion of the vampire den, the meeting with Moga & Nemus, and the rescue of many prisoners, including Arry and Taack.

『Ohh! The ones from the labyrinth! That small animal swordsman…and the steel tree giant』

『Yep, Günter Moga and Nemus. So after joining up with them, we escaped to the outside, and traveled to Quiche’s village while chatting』

Next I told her about the encounter with Schmihazar, and the following battles.

『To turn Evil Spirit Spear Iglued and Demonic Marquis Adombraly into your subordinates…』

『Nah, that’s not set in stone yet. I’ve still left them in Gramp Ton’s care』

『He sure is a strange, nut-loving grandfather. But, I wonder what’s going to happen to the Demonic Marquis life-form and the stone who are enclosed by trees…it’s something to look forward to』

『Guess so』

『And you also rescued Kisara who wielded the witch spear, didn’t you?』

『There are many reasons why I saved her, but She’s quite amazing――』

…I told Viine about Kisara’s backstory and that I had made up with her after duking it out with our spears, but only earned myself a long silence from Viine.

After a while, 『…Hoffmann who manipulates a huge coffin that houses an abnormal world. I’ve heard that he’s a <Head Servant> of the Valmask family, but it’s predictable that he’s quite strong』.

She ignored the story about Kisara without probing any further. Instead, she asked me about Hoffmann who had sent Schmihazar over.

『True. I think there’s a big difference to a <Servant Leader>. It might be just Hoffmann, but…I wouldn’t be surprised if the other <Head Servants> were to be quite strong as well. As might be expected of one of the twelve founding families. The queen standing at the top must be powerful, too. Her not having using the family’s name as queen is strange, though』

『Yes, the queen’s name is different in the Valmask family. However, her and Hoffmann haven’t been able to keep going for such a long time for show, just as Spirit-sama mentioned in the past』

Veronica did well to have managed to escape the 【Blood Court of the Great Tomb】. Then again, she had wild god Magitora with her. I guess that white cat played a big role in the escape.

While pondering about Veronica, I added some information about Hoffmann.

『…Hoffmann is a reincarnator. So he’s probably somewhat different from the other vampires』

『Reinkarnator, reinkarnas…those are the people you warned us to regard as dangerous race, requiring special attention, didn’t you Master?』

『Indeed. Hoffmann stole an ability from Kisara by cutting her skull open and extracting it from her brain. And it looks like he can also share the stolen abilities with his subordinates or bloodkin』

『…He’s able to steal abilities and grant them to others. What a terrifying opponent…』

Certainly…although he can steal them, I doubt he can make the abilities his own so easily. But, I’d think that it’s possible for him to get used to the abilities over hundreds or thousands of years.

『…Kisara had been fused with the witch spear in a state of having the skin at her chest opened up as if having done an autopsy on her. Even Schmihazar’s beloved Demonic Spirit Armament or whatever might have been a part of the ability to fuse with a weapon Hoffmann had granted Schmihazar』

I can’t hear the gasp, but since she hasn’t sent a blood message right away, I can easily imagine that Viine must be looking quite surprised.

『…So he had such a strong subordinate like Schmihazar, an opponent that could be brought down because it was you, die in vain…just to measure your strength. Moreover, he’s careful enough to stick to observation without joining the battle himself. He gives me the impression of being a truly strong fighter. At the same time, behind his actions…I can sense the wish of not wanting to turn you into his enemy, Master』

She had been able to read all that through nothing more than blood messaging?

Strictly speaking, I haven’t been the one to take down Schmihazar, but…Rollo’s fire…as well as Kisara and Rotalz…

But Hoffmann is quite superb, yep. I want to meet him as quickly as possible. But, I’ll need to hold back for now…

『…Schmihazar had passed on Hoffmann’s words of 『It’s for the sake of realizing the peaceful, millennial kingdom ruled by the one and only god』. And it’s also possible that he deliberately made me, who combines light and darkness, clash with Kisara, a Four Heavenly Witch who believes in gods contradicting light and darkness, by sacrificing Schmihazar』

『…You’re say Kisara is his present to you, Master?』

『Ultimately it’s just a possibility. Otherwise I could guess that it became difficult for the hougu on Schmihazar’s shoulder to suppress the witch spear that contained Kisara, but well, I guess we won’t know the truth until I personally ask Hoffmann about it』

Afterwards I told Viine about Puyuyu, our safe return to Quiche’s village, that it was already embroiled in a fierce battle by the time we arrived, and our fights against the semi-transparent orc and the troops of the Tree King of Wonders.

『…Master, setting aside the matters with Higlia and Puyuyu, you do trust Kisara and Quiche quite a lot, don’t you?』

Her blood message floats in front of my eyes.

『Yes, I do. I plan to invite Kisara and Quiche to become my <Head Servant Leaders> eventually』

『Okay. Umm, if you win over the ancient wolfwoman Higlia – was it? – as chosen bloodkin, the strongest power in the Sea of Trees…』

『…Have you become influenced by Helme?』

『Excuse me, I can’t forget the wonderful idea of a Great Holy Lucival Empire』

If Helme were to hear this, she’d be delighted, I’m sure. Right now she’s not in my left eye. Currently I can’t see her from where I am, but…earlier Helme created many puzzle-ring-like water sprays from her feet while saying, 『Puyuyu-chan, I wonder what would become of you if I let it eat a seed of Millennium-chan』, to Puyuyu who was clinging to her as if sandwiched between the valley of her lower boobs.

Puyuyu answered, 『Puyuyu! Puyuyu?』, ignoring Helme’s words.

It was pointing its small wand with the weird decorations towards Rotalz who was carrying Kisara.

『Aaahh! Don’t make that strange thing fly at Rotalz!』 Kisara yelled while covering her bulging boobs with one hand…It looks like her memory of how Puyuyu exposed one of her nipples is still fresh in her mind.

The small dinosaur, which had torn the chest area of her nun garb, no, magic attire open, was clinging to Rotalz’s forehead. Just like that, Helme and Puyuyu continued their skywalk with Kisara running away from them.

Below them Muu was looking up to the sky, wasn’t she? Though I think that it’s also related to Moga being nearby.

Anyway, I’ve been digressing.


———— End of Part 1 ————-


I sent a blood message to Viine.

『…Taking Higlia in as bloodkin, huh? If she desires it, it might be possible. But, she’s the princess of the ancient wolfmen, you know?』

『I understand as much. The story about a Lucival Empire is a joke. After all, I’m well aware that you don’t wish for anything like that, Master』

『Don’t mock me. It stopped sounding like a joke ever since the expansion of the village』

A short pause in our messaging followed.

『Hehe…I suppose I was slightly mean to you』

She passed on her feelings to me.

I’m sure Viine feels lonely as well… But, it’s better for me to not remind myself of it.

『…As for Quiche, it sounds like you’re going to have your hands full with the rebuilding of her home village in addition to the recovery of her clan’s treasure』

『…I think traveling underground is going to be alright since the golden path continues deep underground as guidance. However, I have Paredes’s Mirrors at my disposal. Maybe one of the mirrors is unexpectedly buried underneath the sanctuary or close to the underground goddess』

『Oh, the mirrors were an option as well, I guess. If it’s the ones buried in the ground, it’s very likely that they’ll be underground. It might be surprisingly easy to get there…』

『Indeed. Then again, it’s just one possibility. I want to head over to the Great Desert, and I also plan to travel to the Spirit World』

『In regards to the desert, I’m curious about the dark elves said to have transgressed from the Highground Forest that came up in Kisara’s story. But, rather than that, Master, I’m going to accompany you when you challenge the underground!』

Makes sense. It’d be better for Viine to be with me in the underground.

『I had planned to take you with me from the very start. I don’t know whether it’ll happen before or after I join up with you guys. But either way, I’ll take you with me when heading underground』

『Okay! I’m happy to hear that…』

I’ve also set up a mirror in Amu’s independent city. Having said that, it’s not like the golden path is connected to the independent city where the gnomes live. Assuming the golden path’s routing…I’d think it’d be next to an underground city within the Demonoid Empire’s sphere of influence. The same empire that’s at war with Amu and her friends

『Master…umm, there’s still something that bothers me…』

『What’s up?』

『Is Quiche’s little sister, Lash or whatever she’s called, near you?』

『Yeah…she’s currently floating close-by…』

…Yep, Lash-san is cute, and her boobs are showing through. Really awesome, but well…it’s impossible to touch them, unfortunately.

Even though I want to pinch her conspicuous nipples as if plucking the cords of the Lute of Justice.

…How regrettable.

『Master, don’t tell me you plan to turn a ghost into your bloodkin…』


I reflexively jump up, guffawing loudly. It causes Lash-san to get startled.

Well, it’s understandable even for her as a ghost, seeing how burst into laughter all of a sudden.

『…Don’t make me laugh so much. Ghosts are off-limits since I can’t touch them with my hands. Sadly.』

『Haha, how very typical of you, Master』

『Let’s get back to the topic of the underground』


Did she laugh during that short break?

『So, challenging the underground is still further down the road. I have to repair the gate, and I want to meet my Master. Also, while at it, I might as well accept some requests related to the underground in Hekatrail. On that occasion, I should also meet with that handsome swordsman of Bloody Long Ears, I think. I also want to investigate Kuna’s store. More martial arts training is on the menu as well. Not just spearmanship either. There’s lots I can learn from Kisara』

『Okay. You talking so highly of her as someone who could be called a martial arts god makes me feel jealous. Capable of using magic in addition to spearmanship…Damon’Anun’s demonoid and…blood bone nymphs, and on top of that it’s very likely that she’s related to the item you bought at the Underground Auction. However, at the same time I feel a strong respect towards her. She’s a superb witch who possesses all kinds of combat experience. Kisara seems to be a great warrior who would be revered even in the dark elf society』

Viine is envious of her, but I think she wants to meet with Kisara. The dark elf society is based on female supremacy. It’s a harsh underground society where the Sorcerer Nobles always fight each other. And Viine grew up in that terrifying environment that whittled down the lives of her brothers and sisters in her childhood.

Kisara is similar in that regard. On top of that, she went through various battles, including a strict training regimen with many master fighters in a very secluded place called the Black Witch Church.

It looks like Viine got interested in her, maybe because of that. Which reminds me, there are still some battle stories I haven’t heard about from Kisara…

I can understand Viine’s feelings…

『…Speaking of spearmanship, I acquired new spear and evasion techniques as I told you earlier. I also learned the <Elixir Principle – Catfish Conception> that’s related to <Spirit Ball Conception>』

『I remember you mentioning the new spear techniques and an evasion technique based on the divine protection of water. I’d love to see the new technique that also incorporates kicks from nearby. And the <Elixir Principle – Catfish Conception> from <Spirit Ball Conception>…I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of technique it might be from just hearing about it through blood messaging! Maybe…the illusionary underground lord that’s said to inhabit Adobarn…』

Viine sounds excited. But who’s that Adobarn at the end?

When Viine witnessed <Spirit Ball Conception> a long time ago, she screamed that the lord of the ancient underground lake was something or other, didn’t she?

Her silver, thin eyebrows and her silver-gleaming eyes cross my mind.

『…Sooner or later you will. By the way, how about you, Viine? Except discovering unnatural places with old stone pavings in the Whirlpool Forest, have you been getting along with Hankay and Mysty?』

『These days Hankay-dono appears to be interested in the stray underground dwarves and the battle dwarves controlling an underground city. Moreover, he’s also very curious about the existence of outer dark elves and stray dark elves…sometimes he comes along when I go out to gather materials and investigate the forest. On those occasions he pesters me so much about stories of the underground that it becomes an obstacle in my hunting. It’s somewhat irritating』

『Commander Hankay of an Ax-Wielder Battalion becomes so absorbed in stories about the underground, huh?』

Once I sent that message, some time passed until Viine answered.

『…That Commander Hankay of an Ax-Wielder Battalion is a title of a unit or a post in the Great Lucival Empire, isn’t it?』

『I won’t laugh at that joke, you know?』

『…I’m sorry. In the end Hankay-dono appears to be interested in the Budand Clan, his own roots』

『In that case, Mysty is all gung-ho to talk about unknown ancient civilizations, as the one she saw in her dreams?』

『No, Mysty is absorbed in deciphering the magic imprinting carved onto the mysterious epitaph left behind by her brother. She seems to continue her sorcery doll research as well, but…recently she’s always talking about that epitaph…』

『Sounds like Mysty is having fun in her own ways…well, you could call it typical for her, I suppose. I’ll try to ask her about the details later on』

『Yes, if taking you as an example, Master, I think you could describe it as two huge breasts being glued to either side of your head』

For a change Viine pulls off a dirty joke.

『Umm…you mean breasts like Eva’s and yours?』

『Hehe, you got it』

『Dear Viine-san, at the point you didn’t deny it, you became lewd!』

『…Master…umm, to be honest, I feel lonely』

Once again she made a little pause before sending the next text. Viine’s sad face floats up in my mind.

『…Want to come to Cydale after finishing your training?』

『…Yes, is what I’d like to say, but Master, please don’t spoil me! I’m going to see through what I’ve started once to the very end!』

This bluffing is also typical of Viine, I guess. But, her wish to grow is genuine.

『Sorry, you’re right. I just felt like saying it』

『No, your feelings have been passed on to me, and made me feel all warm inside』

I could feel special emotions from that blood message. I remembered Viine’s face. Her trembling silver iris as it peeks out through the silver mask…

…I recall the words I whispered into her ear while gently blowing at it when I was lying on the bed next to her in the past. Back then I made her body quiver many times over by repeatedly attacking its weak points, didn’t I…?

『…I see』


If she had been here right now, it’d have now proceeded towards me taking her in my arms and kissing her.

…Let’s look forward to her growth. When she earnestly desires to grow and piles up great effort while putting her life on the line…some chemistry is going to occur.

With those thoughts in mind, I sent her, 『I’m counting on you in the future』

『Yes, Master! Please leave it to me! I shall do my utmost as an independent woman, Lucival member, <Head Servant Leader>, my pride as first chosen great bloodkin! And I won’t lose to Mysty who’s continuing her research without whining…in spite of loving you just as much! While traveling to chase after her father and Crow-dono, Yui is also diligently studying her triple sword style! Rebecca is improving every day as hand-to-hand and Jaharl style user, on top of her blue flame techniques and the magic of Guphon’s magic wand! And I don’t want to lose to Eva, who’s doing her best at juggling, either! Veronica is my senpai in <Blood Mana>, so I might lose to her, though!』

Starting in the middle, Viine sent me her honest, unfiltered feelings.

『…Sure. Viine, keep progressing towards what you want to do just like that』

『Okay! I shall improve my powerful, sharp sword style with the Extra Skill <War Dance of the Silver Butterflies> as foundation! I won’t lose out in magic and language studies to Mysty either!』

Viine who is eager to study everything, and the researcher Mysty who’s nearby. They are different in various ways, including their characters, but…they might be unexpectedly compatible with each other.

『Alright. This is all for the regular contact. Talk to you later』


『Don’t be so sad. You’re a strong woman. Someone with a strong spirit. You’ve survived wandering the underground world and the surface world for a long time. You’re a dark elf who splendidly took revenge for her clan』, and after a short pause, 『…Viine, if you had stayed behind in Da’Umezalan as dark elf, you might have obtained the position of an independent Sorcer Noble priestess or that of a Sorcerer Noble close to that. Moreover, the hero who was approved by Goddess of Magic Poison Misea – a main goddess in the Spirit World and the one goddess worshiped by the Sorcerer Nobles – is you…Viine』

『Eh? I am…』

『Indeed. The number of dark elves who have directly spoken to Misea, except for the priestess of the Head Sorcerer Noble, is very limited, isn’t it?』

『…That might certainly be true. I think it’s exceedingly rare for anyone other than the priestesses…but, that’s because I’ve been with you, Master』 Viine responded in a humble manner.

『Even if it might have been related to me, it remains a fact that you’ve spoken with the goddess


『I clearly remember the words of the goddess. She happily said, 『Glanpa-like unique female, who possesses a strong enough soul to break your bond to me while still one of mine people, your desire for revenge pleases me as well. Consider it as compensation towards the deeds of your master, who is an incarnation of chaos. You made my heart beat fast. It’s a special reward which also possesses expectations towards your master. That bow is the shape of my blessing. Receive mine Jade Snake Bow――』』

I wouldn’t be able to forget her appearance as she appeared while lying sprawled.

『I also remember it as if it happened just yesterday. For me to be labeled as a hero by you, Master…it makes me truly happy…and moves me deeply…. Thank you a lot』

Is she crying? Her response is somewhat intermittent.

『Those are my true thoughts』

『Okay! Then I shall start to hunt and train in order to become a woman worthy of those words. And I will continue the investigation of the forest’s deeper parts』

『Sure. So, leaving aside the hunting and exploring…what kind of training have you been doing recently?』

『With my body clad in <Silver Butterfly Fluttering>, I pass mana through Gadorices, covering my body in a film of fire that raises my physical defense, and while pouring my blood into the sword, I perform my new drawing technique <Swift Dark Bloodblade>, which resembles Yui and Kaldo’s technique』

Hee, so she’s pouring her Lucival blood into the sword of an evil dragon, huh? I guess she’s experimenting with her Lucival blood in her own way.

Hmm? A sword blade that absorbed the blood of light and darkness? Does it share an affinity with an ancient evil dragon?

Come to think of it, Balmint sucked my blood as well.

『…In addition, I continue to <Valley Drop> from the double-swing sword style’s <Darkness Tiger Sword>, and then <Wild Dance of Kicks and Katana> as well. Recently I’ve also applied <Mad Swiftness – Bow Slash> that uses the Jade Snake Bow in my training with Hankay-san. He easily repelled it, but…I want to tackle developing new techniques with such chain attacks as the basis. About the hunting, just as I’ve told you about it earlier, I want to explore the deeper areas of the forest while searching for new monster species』

『Gotcha. It doesn’t change the fact of the Whirlpool Forest being a dangerous place. Please be careful. Okay, this time I’m going to call it quits for real――』


Now then, who should I contact next?

Just as I’m pondering about that, I sense a magic source from below. I jump off my bed as if performing a break dance.

I go down to the first floor that’s decorated with the Wave Gourd like a New Year’s pine decoration. Though, rather than a pine decoration, it’s closer to a Christmas wreath, I suppose. As it’s entwined with fine tree strings, the gourd looks like a stylish gong.

As I look at all that, I find Muu standing at the entrance door.


“What’s up?”

Muu points a finger outside, towards the training ground. Kisara is training over there by brandishing her witch spear. Looks like she’s returned from her sky trip.

Rotalz and Helme, who’ve gone with her, aren’t present though…

Just then, Kisara is about to lightly wipe away her sweat.

“Muu, you’re watching her training?”


While staying silent, Muu holds an apple in one hand. Is that her lunch for today? Is that apple a harvest from Catiza’s apple picking?

Muu hops over on one leg while lining up next to me.

…Muu. Previously I tried to touch her in order to make an artificial arm and leg for her, but…after looking at me with a very scary expression obviously telling me to not touch her, she got away from me as if running away.

Right now she’s looking at me full of expectation, but I don’t know why. And since she’s wearing the new outfit Dokoko-san made for her, I know that it’s not like she rejects anyone and everything.

This girl is getting increasingly mysterious.


Muu pinches the edge of my coat, and tries to lead me to the place where Kisara is training as if hurrying me to start my training.

“I know, I know.”

She’s interested in Moga’s items, and I think she’s also interested in my spearmanship. But she’s surely not going to start talking about becoming my apprentice or something like that, is she…?

It’s unthinkable for me to become a teacher or such…

I look straight into Muu’s deep blue eyes. …Maybe it’d be fine to take her as a pupil since she’s a cute girl?

For me to end up thinking that right away is very typical of me, I guess.




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