Chapter 359 – Finishing Boob Move: Twin Hill Avalanche


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Helme charges at me with her face pointing upwards, using a speed similar to that of a jet airplane.

*boom* *vroom*

A sonic booming thunders across the sky. Helme accelerates as if raising her gear by one or two stages. At the same time, steam is being emitted in all directions from her liquefied lower body half. The swirls of that steam rotate spirally. After taking on the shape of gears, they eventually transform into a vapor trail, raining down as a drizzle.

That display of gears, steam, and rain reminds me of steampunk.

The rain falling beneath Helme is also amazing. It only covers a small range, but it has the level of a squall as they come down in tropical areas. No wonder for a kin of the water goddess, an incarnation of water. It’s a divine act making me fully understand why everyone is worshiping her.

Helme-chan, who seems to cause people to revere her like that,…looks somewhat sad.

I don’t think it’s a response to Helme’s expression, but Divine beast Rollodeen reacts while gliding through the air.


“Nunu, we’re lurching to one side!”

The people on Rollodeen’s back kick up a fuss. My partner has slowly shifted into a circular flight. Following that, she extends tentacles from her chest. The pads on the back of those tentacles are slightly swollen. I guess you could describe them as having taken the shape of steamed buns?

She’s going to tease Helme using her tentacles…no, maybe she plans to hug her. She sends the tentacles forth towards Helme who’s rushing towards us. It might be Rollo’s own way of welcoming her.


Maybe Rollo is yelling, 『I missed nya!~』

As soon as Helme hears Rollo’s meow, she stops her flight through sheets of water spray instead of brakes. She stares at us. Her face is beaming with joy. But then it changes into one of pain, as if she’s about to cry.

Helme whirls around while creating a beautiful rainbow beneath her liquefied lower body half. Is she going to dance with Rollo’s tentacles?

Or so I thought, but for a change she doesn’t allow the tentacles approaching her to touch her. Helme dances as if having identified the sky as a skating rink. She continues to magnificently evade my partner’s tentacles with graceful movements, looking as if she obtained wings of water.

That’s a water spirit of everlasting darkness for you. Her motions go way beyond those of the beautiful and gorgeous Kisara.

But, she’s got a frantic expression.

“I’ll get off first――” After informing everyone, I remove Rollo’s rein tentacle from my neck.

Using my partner’s head as a stepping stone, I jump into the air, just to naturally activate <Magic Hand guided by Thought> beneath my feet.

I dash through the sky while kicking off the mana hand scaffolds, closing in on Helme.

Helme is sobbing. Her characteristic, long eyelashes are drooping. An expression that’s very untypical for a spirit, depicting a certain level of helplessness, overflows from her.

I kinda doubt that it’s coming from her being tired…

As too many tears fill her eyes too suddenly, both her eyes swell and become bloodshot. …Her expression exhibits a feeling I know well. It clearly tells me: You made me feel lonely.

But you know, I felt terribly lonely too!

A watery fog fills my visual field…tears are welling up in my eyes, and naturally start to stream down my face.

“――Helme, I’m back!”

While shouting desperately, I spread my arms, telling her to come to me. Seeing my gesture, Helme’s face fills with delight even as she sheds tears.

And then she shouts back, “――Yes!”, and leaps into my chest, leaving a sonic boom in her wake.

I receive such a violent impact that it’d have blown away any normal human. But, I don’t give a damn…

As I hug her, she relaxes her stiff body in my hands. I can immediately tell how strength leaves her shoulders as I tighten my embrace. Almost as if to match my gentle actions, Helme releases sheets of water spray from a part of her body.

She continues whispering, “Your Excellency,” “Your Excellency.” She presses her faces into my chest, stronger and stronger. Each time she pushes, I can feel how her tears wet my clothes.


Her warmth penetrates my chest and heart.

You’re a spirit of water and darkness, but…at the same time you’re a special spirit full of warm love for me…

Even while experiencing such earnest feelings welling up in me…I still stay true to myself. In short, I focus my attention on her big boobs…while gently hugging her frail body. I softly caress her plump tits with my finger heading for the tip. Of course I don’t forget to check her button-like nipple.

I draw a fine circle with the underside of a finger while adding mana waves into my new pinching technique. I perform 『Finishing Boob Move: Twin Hill Avalanche』, one of the divine boob finishing moves which evolved into the 160 finisher techniques.

I enjoy the Guatemala, err, glamorous sensation in both my hands.

It’s not just Helme’s two boobs either…her pretty skin color reminds me of Lake Atitlán.

“Your Excellency…ahnn…”

Her boobs are as big as usual…just as her waist is as tight as usual. I feel sorry for Kisara, but I bury my face in Helme’s melons. And then I look up to her joyful face in-between her tits.

“…Was my mana directly transmitted to you through my fingers?”

“――Haauuun, Your Excellencyyyy.”

Sheets of water spray with pale colors gush out from Helme’s entire body.

“This godly knowledge of the Boob Research Society is irresistible, isn’t it?”

Helme is entranced and raptured. A vibrant gloss spreads across her leafy skin, contrasting the blue and bluish black hues. The leaves tremble and flutter, repeatedly waving.

Helme and I revolve in the sky while hugging each other. Her way of scattering water spray into the vicinity might look as though we’re clad in a water dress.

“――Shu-Shuuya-sama!” Kisara cries out enviously.

I can sense a deep fury from her blue eyes. She’s completely lost the composed way of talking and relaxed attitude she’s exhibited so far.

She strengthens her hold of the witch spear while grinding her teeth. The filaments transform into ominous shapes with crimson skull patterns appearing on the spear blade’s edge.

Thereupon…for some weird reason…Kisara sits down while grasping her knees. If it’s her way of squatting, I could understand it to some extent, though. But why sitting down like that…in the air?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway. The garter belt peeking out from the slightly short skirt of her nun garb…

Heeey, what about the delta zone…!?

Moreover, for her to unexpectedly create knee boobs…1

She’s pissed off, but still quite erotic. To go even further, it brings about an adorable, bewitching charm.

Without showing my arousal, I speak up, “Don’t be so impatient, Kisara. I’m going to introduce you right away. This girl here is the Water Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme. She’s a spirit directly bound to me. Usually she lives in my left eye, but this time I had her stay behind in Quiche’s village as a cornerstone of its defense.”

“Ahem, it’s exactly as His Excellency says.”

“Make sure to be careful since she likes butts.”

Hearing that a spirit is bound to me, Kisara’s thin eyebrows twitch. She stands up in an instant, straightening her back.

Her bewitching aura hasn’t changed much, but I feel from her bearing that her jealousy has suddenly died down. And then, after making her black mask slightly change its shape, she adopts a polite attitude.

The edges of her magic garment, which has been swaying on her nun’s garb, flutter in the wind.

“…I understand, Helme-sama. My name is Kisara. It has been decided that will be joining Shuuya-sama, the Bearer of Light and Darkness, as subordinate I have been added at the lowest rank, just like a dancing desert crow. And, I am one of the Four Heavenly Witches ―― who can use the Evil Ogre Princess Armament which utilizes hougu such as Witch Spear Damo’Anun.”

Kisara rotates the witch spear vertically as if to show off her confidence in her spearmanship. Then she places it gently next to her thigh as if to align it with her long leg. After finishing her introduction, Kisara politely bows towards Helme.

Accepting that courtesy, Helme generously nods. After leaving my chest – while obviously reluctant to part – with a smile, she asks, “Damo’Anun Bringer? Those are strange words. Still, Your Excellency, for you to take in a witch as a high ancient dragon like Sazihali…”

“No, you’re wrong there. As you can see, Kisara is a human, a race close to mine or maybe of a race called witches.”

Hearing my prediction, Kisara quickly lifts her head, fixing her eyes on me.

“――It’s just as you say. I’m no normal human but a kin of Battle Skull Damo’Anun. I’m related to the roots of Kyulha, the blood warriors of Mephalla-sama, and the authority of Light God Lulodis-sama!”

It feels like she’s quite proud of the name Damo’Anun as witch. It sounds like it’s connected with Damo’Anun Bringer of the Bearer of Light and Darkness.

“Damo’Anun, huh? If I remember correctly, they’re worshiping both the gods of the divine domain and the spirit world gods. You could say they’re being perfectly suitable for you, Your Excellency.”

“…I’m happy to hear that. My birthplace is the Great Goldix Desert. I’ve been born in a mansion by a sect of the Black Witch Church that’s hiding at the foot of Mt. Damo’Anun, and was raised under the tutelage of 17 masters. The shrine of Mephalla, where you’ll find the headquarters of the Black Witch Church, and the ancient ruins Murgo are in the vicinity.” Kisara places a hand on her bulging chest, revealing an expression as if being deeply moved by the Helme’s words.

Are those 17 masters Kisara’s master and fellow disciples? If that’s the case, she must have received training every day. That’d explain the deep history I could sense from the quality of her movements, her bearing, and her spearmanship.

After seeing Kisara’s attitude and hearing about the great desert, Helme shades her eyes, “…The northern, great desert. On the other hand of that mountain range…that’s far away.”

She scans the surrounding mountains. I don’t think you can see the Mahaheim mountains from here though… I mean, this place is full of woodlands and mountains with steep cliffs extending from Mt. Baldok. If you were to look down on it from high up in the sky, you’ll probably be able to spot ravines, which appear to have been hammered in by the fist of a giant, all over the place.

“Come to think of it, I recall having heard the name Black Witch Church being mentioned in Pelneet.”

“Probably in the neighborhood of the religious district with the Temple of Justice. Various religious groups have assembled in that area after all.”

“…Yes, I remember it was around the time when I went on an exploration with Millennium-chan…” Helme closes one eye.

It seems like something happened back then. Oh well.

Without probing into it any further, I shift my eyes to Kisara, “…So, Kisara, you’ve been sealed in Schmihazar’s shoulder or whatever that item was. But why? I’d appreciate it if you could give me a short explanation.”

“It happened during the great war between a large number of powers.”

“Wait a sec. I don’t know which war you mean by that.”

Kisara genuflects in the air, as if saying, 『My apologies』. Small amounts of mana particles are being emitted from her combat boots.

“The great war took place between all oasis cities, including 【Grazing City Telezabil】, 【Curse Complex Ehim】, 【Magic Fog City Eden】, and 【Steel Sand City Zekshia】. In addition to an invasion by desert worms, various forces started a dispute by antagonizing each other, such as the Corpse King of the Demonoid Empire which employs cowries, the Mercenary Band of Pebbles, the Muryuu tribe which enslaves monsters, the Orc Empire, the Rohlegund family of the 12 vampire families, remnants of the Hazarn Empire leading black scorpion soldiers, blood bone nymphs, the Wall King who had transgressed from the Highground Forest, a beast noble of Jierehden, and a sect worshiping Divine Son Ahmeph. The headquarters of the Black Witch Church at Mephalla’s shrine was devastated with many of my friends losing their lives… At the end, we got attacked by countless subordinates of another vampire family led by Hoffmann of the Valmask family, and as result of that…”

“Schmihazar, huh?”

“Yes. I successfully dealt with the Evil Spirit Spear used by Schmihazar, but with the projectile weapons of Demonic Duke Adombraly and the numerous black assault arrows fired by subordinates other than Hoffmann, it became impossible for me to cope with it…”

“On top of a series of various power struggles, you were raided by vampires…you sure were unlucky there.”

“…Yes. The witches present all fell with only Aphra Be’Azuma and me remaining alive. She should have escaped while I acted as a decoy with my witch spear…”

In that case, does Kisara hate Hoffmann? I didn’t have that impression when I saw her at first, and in the first place, it was the outcome of a battle, wasn’t it? Well, she’s a martial artist herself, so she should have the corresponding mindset. She’s probably accepting a defeat for what it is – a defeat.

“…Hooh, I can totally sense the history. Well, nowadays the situation in the great desert appears to be different. Going by what I’ve heard from Tsuan and Nora, the Sect Leader Ahmeph State rules over the great desert, and the humans living in the desert are revering Divine Son Ahmeph. With the trade routes between the oasis cities being lifelines, bandits are a problem, and the conflicts with the blood bone nymphs and the Religious State are pretty intense.”

“…I cannot estimate the current situation either.” Kisara answers seriously.

Meanwhile the darkness whale flies up next to her.

“Just like Kisara, I don’t know the details either. Also, tell that divine beast to stay away…” The whale mutters.

His butt is swollen. Helme stares at the small flame burning on his forehead, and then shifts her eyes to his butt. She smiles ominously while gazing at it, but…I ignore it.

Rather, I’m slightly curious about Kisara’s horn. That small…the horn’s shape…don’t tell me… But, I deliberately look at her kneecaps. Her big boobs are being crushed by them as she’s lowered her head.

Helme immediately responds to my lewd behavior, “…*cough* Your Excellency, her mana manipulation is superb. I think she still needs a bit of time until a transformation into your bloodkin, but…I’ll endorse her. Moreover, her butt’s shape is wonderful too!”

She immediately performed a butt check, huh?

“…Wonderful fits perfectly, yep.”

“Fufu. However, it is a bit surprising for you to make a witch into your subordinate all of a sudden.”

When I praise Kisara during my chat with Helme, Kisara looks at me with upturned eyes. Her cheeks are blushing, and her eyes are fixated on my lips… Then her eyes wander down to my chest, and continue downwards towards my dick…

Should I take some kind of pose like Helme usually does?

However, an indecent look by a black queen might be slightly scary.

“…Yeah, I succeeded in rescuing Quiche’s children. Various things happened on the way back.”

“I see. Your Excellency having taken some time means the people on Rollo-sama’s back, including Kisara, are important to you, right?”

“…Rather than important, I just followed my promise with Quiche.”

“Fufu, you’re not being honest, Your Excellency! But, that’s so very like you.”

Helme’s words implicitly tell me that she’s understood.

Hmm? Smoke…behind Helme…? A cloud of dust is rising from the direction of Quiche’s village.

“…Say Helme, is Quiche’s village possibly under attack by orcs?”

“Aahh! You’re right! Just now a huge military force has arrived!”

“Oi, shouldn’t you tell me about that first!?” I poke Helme’s forehead with my finger.

“Auuh―― Excuse me. My feelings of loneliness simply burst forth when I sensed the scent of your sacred blood and mana… Especially my butt…has become passionate…”

That’s the part where you’d say your emotions have become passionate, goddammit! would be the second retort, but I won’t mention it nor am I going to poke her.



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