Chapter 332 – Dark Dream Celebration


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Once I come to my senses, a cloudy lake spreads out in front of my eyes…

I won’t deny that I’ve spent such an intense night with Nora that she fainted midway. But, there’s no Nora around here.

She should have been sleeping next to me…don’t tell me…under this cloudy lake…

As if! This is a dream…

I feel a faint pain on my neck. I guess it’s the mark imprinted on my neck, <Nightmare Symbol>, no, <Dark Dream Celebration>. Blood is flowing down from the mark along my collar.

And, a big black rabbit and a pretty girl are playing around while bathing in the water near the shore. A video enchanted by Goddess of Nightmares Vaamina…a dream of reality.

The goddess turns around, looking at me with her intensely emerald eyes, encompassing irises of blackness. The characteristic scars on her nose and neck are still there, just as before.

“The one with the lovely, black eyes, Shuuya…”

“Did your dream attack finally succeed, Vaa-chan!? Is it because your <Succubus> power grew?”

“Of course. But, it might also stem from the spearmaster’s mental state being unusual at the moment.”

I should have killed that black rabbit a while ago. Was the rabbit summoned by Demonoid Naromivas a clone?

Oh well, this here is the Spirit World. It might be very normal for the kin of a goddess.

In addition, midgets clad by white and black flames, kind of like the Spirit World version of the child spiritsDebonchicchi, have appeared on the silver lake, and are now frolicking around, apparently skating on the surface. After having had enough of their little competition, they vanish again.

Black rabbits with gigaku-men masks on their face, noh masks, Hannya masks, and small people with their looks combining black and white colors are playing strange noh songs, using instruments utilizing ribs I’ve never seen before. Eerie Debonchicchi hit on drums using the skins of people and bones as membranes. The midgets without instruments are wearing nurikasa.

Just as there are midgets dancing like dolls clad in puppet mantles while holding heart tree branches and paper lanterns with bow-shaped handles in their hands, there are other mysterious midgets who perform ancient-styled Bon Festival dances while continuing to dance as it’s done at shrines and festivals and chant Buddhist incantations.

Others playing around by boldly and vividly drawing three-orbed jewels on the lake surface, using writing brushes, is also the same as before.

“Vaa-chan, your charm must have gotten through to the spearmaster. I mean, you’re especially strong in your sanctuary among the gods of the Spirit World.”

“Uh-huh. But I might lose out to the Queen of Twilight Lebra. Still, I believe I excel over Succubus Princess Dyperil who lost her divinity…” Vaamina calmly answers.

I remember having seen Queen of Twilight Lebra on the Picture Scroll of Spirit World Sebdola’s Gods. The woman with the huge rack called Collector is also Lebra’s kin or apostle.

But, I’ve never heard about a Succubus Princess Dyperil.

If it’s about loss of divinity, I’ve heard about Demonic King of Depravity Totogu Gog who was subjugated by Hero Mutou. Rulizeze, who’s currently wandering the surface in order to return to the Spirit World, told me about him.

“Shuuya who was taken in through the <Nightmare Symbol>…”

“…You can tell that I was taken in?”

“Don’t ask the obvious. I might look like this, but I’m still a Spirit World goddess.”

The goddess in her nicely fitting, unlined kimono is beautiful, but also intense. For an instant, I felt as if my spine froze over.

At the same time, I remember her picture of being tied to a chair in the Picture Scroll of Spirit World Sebdola’s Gods. But right now she’s bathing herself in the same, cloudy liquid as before.

Her wet attire seductively clings to her body. Her pink skin shows through, and her somewhat bulging breasts are peeking out.

The black rabbit mentioned some <Succubus> power, but…I think she’s truly charming. It makes me want to scream that any man would be attracted to that.

Anyway, I’m well aware that my eyes must seem fishy and that my face must look like the definition of perversion, but I guess I’ll still ask her what I want to know.

“…So, Vaamina-sama, is there any reason for you having called me to this world?”

“My power always felt a sensation of being blocked by something like a water membrane…”

Hmm? Water membrane means that Helme’s power has been previously blocking Vaamina’s power? Right now Helme isn’t in my left eye. That’s probably the reason why I’ve ended up here.

Helme read the mood from the flow of events with Nora. My clever spirit left the inn while taking Purin, who vented her unhappiness over it, and Rollo with her while making her butt shine.

Based on that…as long as Helme, whose power has grown, stays inside my body…it looks like it’ll be difficult to get in contact with Vaamina, even if I might have a connection with her.

“…So your power is this dream?”

“Indeed. Directly connecting with me is a rare occurrence, even in dreams… After all, it consumes my mana each time.”

“Yes, yes! Vaa-chan’s favorite spearmaster, feel honored!” The black rabbit says while making a large sword appear in its hand.

I’ve got no intention to go along with the prank of that rabbit. I’ve asked all I wanted to know…now I need to take care of Nora who’s fainted.

She should still have various inner conflicts in regards to her little sister. Even in the midst of our sex I’ve tackled that while talking to her gently, but I’d love to make her a lot happier and I want to console her.

…It might be bad of me to choose a woman over my work as guildmaster, who was about to visit the new branch office, but that’s simply how attractive I find Nora.

Alright, if this is a dream, let’s quickly wake up.

“…Even if you tell me to feel honored, I don’t desire anything from a world like this here, so I’m going back now.”

“W-Wait!” Vaamina exclaims, and draws close to me.

“Spearmaster…don’t make a fool out of Vaa-chan…”

“I have no such intention, but I’ve got things to do in reality.”


Apparently angry, the rabbit thrusts out its chest, and extends the index finger of its right hand into the air, just like last time. The black fur on its chest looks soft, but it’s the complete opposite for what’s hidden beneath – a thick layer of steel-like muscles.

Seeing how the rabbit is drawing crimson magic letters in the air, it looks like it intends to fight me once more. Back during our last battle, the rabbit also used close combat. It appears that this rabbit likes to fight.

In that case, I don’t really mind either. But, just as I’m about to summon Baldok into my right hand…

“――Shaysad, no, stand down.”


“Shuuya is a spearmaster who made my apostle Bellahozuma Naromivas completely disappear from existence with such a density that I could not even perceive it. And, he is absorbing my power…as a spearmaster surpassing the Martial Arts King.”

“Vaa-chan…I got it.”

It looks like the fight is off. Since this place feels more like being in a spirit body than being in a dream, it might have served as good spiritual practice if we had actually duked it out.

“The battles against Demonic Duke Zen and Spirit World Knight Holline are coming up soon. Save your strength.”

“Understood. Evil God of Demon Eyes Desalobia, whose kin was slaughtered, is also acting suspiciously around the boundary, isn’t he?”

Evil God of Demon Eyes Desalobia, huh? I did fight an eyeball monster in the past. I remember fighting it at the frontier fortress at the Great Forest of Evil Haunts. It was a monster that shot laser beams that also hit its allies.

“Very well, it’s fine as long as you understand, but because there exists a connection between Spearmaster Shuuya and me…I will not allow any interference.”

“You like him that much, Vaa-chan…?”

“You got it. My body gets all numb from just looking at Shuuya…”

Honestly, her seductive appearance is charming, but…a dream is but a dream.

“…I’m sorry to interrupt you while you’re talking with each other, but I’m going back. Goodbye, Vaamina-sama.”

I focus on <Dark Dream Celebration>. In the next instant, I wake up to the chirping of birds. In front of me, a beauty is staring at my face. Nora is all smiles.

“Fufu, oh, good morning.”

“Nora, you laughed?”

“Yep, I mean, your sleeping face was just so adorable.”

“Haha, sleeping face, eh? You might not have many chances to look at it.”

“Eh? Why? ――Oh!”

I put a hand around the hip of Nora as she asks me, and pull her into my embrace.


“For you to show off yourself to me like that…”

“Sucking is a no-no, sheesh…I mean…huh? There’s blood at your neck, Shuuya? So you have another mark besides the one on your chest.”

“Yes, that’s…”

But I don’t talk about my own mark. I demonstrate to her various of my hidden techniques centered around Nora’s mark, err, her valuable treasure.




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