Chapter 328 – Information Sharing


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Two men, former members of the 【Shadow Wing Brigade】, sat on chairs aboard a ship regularly sailing the Golden Route on the Heim River, amusing themselves by playing a card game.

“Tandarl is already gone?”

“Our main turf was occupied by 【Feathers of the Large Bird】, I hear they’re in the midst of a fierce struggle with 【Devil’s Fist】. Even the third combat force has scattered…”

“Hmm, it sounds like the battles in Tandarl are going to become quite violent. Pelneet has apparently entered a long, stable period due to the 【Blood Star Sea Moon Alliance】, eh?”

“Guildmaster died there…that’s the view of a bystander…”

“Well, of course. I mean, even Noran has gone missing. At this point, the 【Shadow Wing Brigade】 is as good as dead. I’ll use your opinion as reference, but I’d really prefer you not pushing your views on me.”

“…You’re saying you won’t try to avenge guildmaster?” Alford showed his cards, making his victory clear.

A silver flame started to gleam deep in his eyes. And at the end of the chains of silver flames finely coiling themselves around his left wrist like snakes existed a crystal ball teeming with mana. The ball glared at Kary while squirming like a living being.

“I lost this game, but I won’t go for revenge. I’ll stick to doing what I enjoy.”

“But…” Alford grimaced after hearing Kary’s coldhearted words.

“…Listen, it’s a waste of time to try threatening me by taking out that <Heart of White Nothingness>.”

“It’s not like I’m trying to threaten you.”

“Really? But, on a separate account, I’d love to meet the spearmaster, yes.”

“…You want to meet him?”

“Yep. Ah, I don’t plan to fight him, though. I don’t wanna die.”

“For you to feel the desire to meet the man who killed our guildmaster…”

Kary flashed his cursed smile at Alford’s mutter, “It wasn’t expected for us to have such a relationship. Guildmaster was strong, and it made me very happy when he acknowledged my strength, techniques, and skills as a hitman, but are you going to tell me that you can kill the spearmaster, who managed to kill Sevicekel, to get revenge for him?”

“…” Alford stayed silent, indicating his denial.

“…See? There’s no way you could. The spearmaster is an opponent who killed Sevicekel. Of course it’d be a different matter if we talked about Lezalaysa of Bloody Long Ears.”

“Lezalaysa has returned to Senapua.”

“Oh, you took a peek earlier?”

“Obviously. We’re heading east as well.”

“But, our destination isn’t Senapua, but reaching Zamalia via Hekatrail, right?”

“Getting involved with Zamalia to get some requests that pay good money. After all, the location of the neutral city is close.”

Kary’s eyebrow twitched lightly, “It looks like Oseberia’s marquess is craftily making all kinds of moves. Despite the Heim River also flowing through Zamalia, she easily snatched away their territory and so on.”

“I don’t mind either side. The crystal ball tells me that both sides could win at the current point in time. That’s why I plan to go with the side that pays more. With us joining one side, it might also influence what I can see through the crystal ball. Once we know who loses…”

“So you’ve also come up with a plan to withdraw?”


“Well, I don’t care either way as long as I can get my fill of fighting.”

“It’s always the same with you. Still, it’s our funds that allow us to travel like this.”

“Isn’t it all fine then?” Kary joked around in this peculiar way.

“This time we’re going to earn some cash. It’ll be the first step towards founding a new dark guild in the future.”

“Sure, sure. How about we head over to the nearby Senapua if we need money?”

“I’ve got connections with some councilors, so we’ll go to Senapua much later down the line. For now I’m going to the old Levhalgen Inn in the Leopard Pattern City Musaka.”

Alford took out a special scroll with engraved mana letters, and made it reveal a cipher text.

“…The guy I’m going to meet at the Zamalia-style inn in Musaka is called Rensho, isn’t he?”

“Yep. As I’ll be heading for the Levhalgen inn, I’ll leave the negotiations with Rensho, as it’s written in this scroll, to you.”

“Sure, so it’s fine for me to freely decide how to deal with things, right?”





Mysty still hasn’t touched anything in Sol’s laboratory. It looks like examining the books, drawers, shelves, the magic crest on the floor, and the utensils on the table is going to take some time. That’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and check the shed where Yui and I had stayed.

There’s a magic crest over here as well, but I guess I’ll first take a look at the interior.

Heaps of junk-like luggage litters the place…

We’ve been asked by Mysty to roughly categorize all the items into usable and unusable, and thus I’m continuously carrying stuff out of the outhouse.

Wine bottles, an ornament related to elephants, and… Eh? A ridged wooden bench…did Sol have a liking for such plays?

Without me having done anything, the air freezes with Viine and Mysty’s eyes turning into dots. Us guys, Hankay and I, nod at each other, clarifying our intent to act like we didn’t see anything.

Hankay grabbed a different chair, and I carried the bench out of the shed while holding it in the middle.

I won’t store this thing in my item box. But, letting it stand around in the garden…would be weird too.

――Using <Chain>, I destroy it, causing its wood splinters to fly through the air.

“Nyaa~” “Nya.” “Nyao~”

The cat corps led by Rollo reacts to those splinters. Each of them extends paws ― starting a cat punch festival. The cats then proceed to frolic around, even involving some debonchichi spirits that appeared on trees. *censored cat porn*

“Debonchichi inhabit the trees around here, huh…?”

It’s a bit nostalgic, but I feel like they haven’t lived in this place when Yui stayed here… Did they naturally settle down here in this short period of time? Maybe it’s the effect of the gold dust Catiza had released on Rollo or something like that.

“…How unusual for the cats to be so lively.” Hankay says while staring up into the trees.

The cats themselves have apparently lost all interest in the debonchichi after they disappeared. They switch over to the roof of Sol’s house, and race towards the other side. A short moment later I can hear meowing coming from the house’s backside.

Thus, after relaxing for a bit, Hankay and I return to the shed, and help out with the sorting of items.

As I’m carrying many heavy metals and furniture pieces…

“Shuuya, just what kind of muscles do you have to easily carry all this furniture that’s even heavy for me?”

I suppose he’s right since it might look abnormal, seeing how I usually don’t look all that muscular. Because Hankay’s exceeding astonishment, I decide to mess around with him for a bit.

“…My muscles? For a long time now, my blood and flesh has experienced exposure to infinitely, spiraling energy from outer space, alleviating my muscles to a new level as you can only find it in supernatural races exceeding the greater blood. I might also possess the boob god’s blessing. An overman’s fate lies within their muscl――”

“――Hey, master, don’t screw around, and take out the utensils for experiments.” Mysty retorts.

These are utensils for experiments?

“Ugh, for fate to…”

“Hankay-san, don’t believe anything he just said. If Rebecca was here, she’d treat him to her thrusts, you know?”

“Sorry. Anyway, Hankay, let’s carry this here.”

“Sure. Teach me about fate later, and about those spirals from outer space.”

“…G-Got it.”

Since it was some random bullshit, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to explain any of it, but why not.




After some time, now that the cleaning is done, the magic crest on the shed’s floor has been fully exposed.

“The characters at the edge are worn out, so if I add…no, I guess this is the type of crest that becomes useless after its activation.”

“Is it crest magic – the summoning type that requires some offering?”

“Well, there are some blood traces. That, or it could be a crest that accumulates power through offerings.”

“Going by those magic characters, I think you’re very likely correct with your assumptions.”

Me, something-d, and a long vowel…are still there, but the rest has been scraped out.”

“If you connect it together, maybe Meliady?”

“Yep, I heard that something like that had been written down on the note you read, master, so you might be right. Anyway, I’ll postpone the examination of this crest. Next should be the room beyond the living room, I’d say.”

“Over there, huh? It had many interesting books. And was full of nothing but strange devices…”

“Oh, Viine, your straightforward self has come out. You want to examine all kinds of things, right?”

“Yes. I’ve found some investigative reports about dark elf species. I wonder who wrote all those books…”

That room had such books? Well, it sure was full of bookshelves crammed with all sorts of books.

“Oh? Those pique my interest, too. I mentioned the underground city related to my dream, but I’m also interested in the dark elf society, secret arts to fuse men with monsters, and political systems where priestesses hold the authority.”

“If it’s about my hometown, the Capital of Dark Poison 【Underground City Da’Umezalan】, I’ll teach you whatever you want to know. My big and little sisters, darkness tigers…”

“…I’m also interested in the underground world.” Hankay joins the conversation, nodding at Viine’s words. “Dark Elf Viine, can I have you tell me about the dwarves living in the underground as soon as I finish dinner preparations?”

“I don’t mind. But only as long as it remains in a range that won’t hinder Mysty’s research.”

“I’m fully aware of that.”

Mysty and Viine nod. Then Mysty turns her eyes at me.

“Master, could you take me to the underground world through your mirrors someday?”

“If it’s my hometown, I’ll gladly guide you around.”

Smiling at Mysty and Viine, I answer, “No problem, but you need to decide whether you want to go to the gnomes’ underground city, or Viine’s hometown.”

“As far as I’ve understood it, it’d be way too dangerous for me to directly infiltrate the dark elf city. Though it might work out one way or another, if I could get my skin color changed.”

“In that case, it’s going to be the gnomes’ 【Independent Underground Volcano City Devils’ Mountain】, I suppose.”


“If you make your skin white and hide your ears, then it should be fine for you as well since you’ll look like a human, Viine. Even if your ears get exposed, you’ll just need to insist on being some kind of new magul.”


“Shuuya! Me too. I’m curious about the name Langur. It’s very likely that survivors of the Bodand Clan are still around in the underground, unlike Hekatrail where I couldn’t find a single one.”

The underground dwarves, huh? Roa might have some information about them.

“…Spirit World, journey…I think I’ll go there at some point, far in the future, but…is that alright with you?”

“Of course. Dwarves have a long life span. Not to mention that I’m no ordinary dwarf either, you know?” He says and shows me the magic gems on the back of his hand.

“I see, then it’s set in stone.”

“Aye. Should I work as Mysty’s guard captain for the meantime?”

“Fufu, you’re most welcome. I wonder whether it’ll feel like back when I was still a noble.”

Hankay and Mysty, eh? It gives me a strangely fuzzy feeling, but well, being on good terms isn’t bad.

“In that case I’m going to become vice-captain. Alright, Hankay-san?”

“…You mean because I hate elves? You’re Shuuya’s family, so no need to act reserved with me.”


“Master, you’re going to Hekatrail?”

“That’s the plan.”

“I’d like to study the various books and utensils inside this room and the inheritance left behind by my brother… You okay with that, Viine, Hankay-san?”

“Hmm? Does that mean we’ll turn this place into our base for a while?”

“Yep, it also has a tiny, quite superb magic blast furnace, completely different from the White Command Furnace WorkshopKiriano Halz. So it might take me a good while.”

“Very well, leave the food and axes to me.”

“I had planned to stay here anyway. It looks to me like this Whirlpool Forest of Demonic Fog is filled with all kinds of mysteries.”

Viine plans to put in plenty of effort into her own studies while helping Mysty with her research. Her ambitions are clearly flickering within her silver eyes.

And just as she says, Bruuundozuu-sama can be found in this forest, and several other earth dolls are scattered all over the place. Unexplored underground ruins might still be lurking…in places deeply hidden in ravines.

“…Roger. In that case, I’ll take Rollo along and continue my journey.”


“Shuuya, don’t overdo it, okay?”

“No point in telling master something like that.”

Afterwards we return to the living room. It’s the place where Sol and Theta had surrounded the sunken hearth in the past. I remember how we ate a stew consisting of taros and greens.

I get a bit startled when Mysty sits down on the spot where Sol sat, with her legs out to one side, but…I don’t point it out.

All of us sit down around the hearth. At that point, Hankay and the others start to cook while drinking wine and smoking magic cigarettes. In the middle of this, I also demonstrate how a spearmaster stands in a kitchen.

It reminds me of the time when I made food for Yui. I wonder how her trip is going. Once you separate, it feels strangely lonely.

Thereupon Rollo comes back, followed by her two corps members. Since I was just in the middle of cutting meat slices, I gave some of it to each cat as a present.

After the meal, we work out by playing around with a cat teaser. Probably because the exercise has been too intense, Alray and Hueremy flop down on the floor, obviously exhausted.

On the other hand, Rollo is still full of energy. She’s holding the cat teaser, which she snatched away from me, at her belly. She treats the teaser with powerful cat kicks, using her hind paws.

“Oh, it broke? I’ll make you a new one.”

While saying that…I have Alray and Hueremy turn back into dolls after caressing their heads, and put those dolls away into my pocket.




On the next day, Mysty immediately heads over to Sol’s laboratory.

“Okay, I’ll step out into the garden, and get everything ready. Shuuya, are you going to head over to Hekatrail now?”

“After having a chat with Tsuan in the garden.”

“That weird finger of yours?”

“You want to watch?”

“Nah, it’s fine. It’s necessary to clean away the ash, but first I’m going to get some firewood. See you later.”

“Sure, see you.”

Laughing, Hankay heads outside while shouldering his axes. I take Rollo with me, going outside as well.

“Master, I’ll stay with you a bit longer.”

Viine cuddles up to me while Hankay is going towards a place overgrown with trees.

“Sure, I’ll let Tsuan out now.”


I focus on my sixth finger, and once it finishes transforming into Tsuan, he says with a glum expression, “Boss, since a while ago, Catiza and Purin are…”

Exposing the front teeth might enter the category of a hunk, but with his eyes crossed…

“What about those two?”

“…Please wait a moment. We’ve been sorting things out since yesterday.”


Tsuan pulls a weird face while furrowing his eyebrows.



(T/N: What comes next is a long recap of Shuuya’s meeting with Vaamina, describing her domain, and her beauty, then a recap of the battle against Naromivas, Kreuz, and the big rabbit Shaysad. How strong they were, and some random silly comments [Chapters 230-234].

I don’t mind writing short recaps, if they lead to something new, but I’m against filling word counts.)



At this point I remember the final battle against Liliza.

Back then I grabbed Liliza, who was squirming around while her flesh was in the middle of regenerating, and directly used <Spirit Cursing Chain Net> on her. In response, Liliza split apart in Light Liliza and Dark Liliza while transforming her broken shape.

Yep, at that time I had accidentally managed to extract some of the souls trapped in Liliza through the light-based skill <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>, as if doing gene editing. In short, the golden caterpillar, Tsuan, and Purin who agreed with my light.

Tsuan, who fell into darkness at some point, was originally a templar. And I can assume that Purin got saved because her light-based soul had a strong affinity with my light, or because she belonged to the Selene race who might be related to the light attribute.

All three of them are likely doing their very best in Tsuan’s brain each time, but it might result in pretty noisy conversations. …Tsuan, hang on there!

As I cheer on Tsuan in my mind…he speaks up, apparently having wrapped up the long telepathic talk.

“…First a message from Catiza: 『Those monsters combining elephant and scorpion resemble the monsters controlled by First Apostle Cherubim. I must help you, Emissary-sama, by personally crushing him!』… Next, from Purin: 『It was a bad idea to have moved away from the sniping spot. Let’s go back up onto the branch from before. I’ll back up everyone. Tsuan-san, are you listening…?』… We’ve been arguing vehemently until just moments ago. Especially during the air battle, when…my reaction was terribly delayed, a bat monster took me by surprise. Though I got saved by you in the end, boss.” Tsuan recounts while scratching his cheek and then his goatee.

Reflexively, I offer him a magic cigarette as I’ve suddenly got an urge to puff one together with him. I can feel anxiety from his face, but I hope he’s understanding his own greatness.

Certainly, it must be tough to have the spirit bodies of Catiza and Purin in his head. But, they’re holding a telepathic conversation in real time with three people at the same time.

I wonder whether they comprehend what an amazing ability they’ve got there. Of course it’s not like they have all the wisdom of the world at hand just by gathering three people, but possessing the minds and brains of three people qualifies it as a super ability.

It looks like they’re currently not making full use of that ability, but if they nurture it by capitalizing on their own traits, they might be able to easily surpass the effect of my Extra skill <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>. After all, Extra skills only fall into the category of humans and people.

My Master’s harsh words that I’m underestimating it too much flit through my mind, but I don’t think that’s the case.

As I’m evaluating Tsuan’s ability while nodding, Tsuan reacts by twitching an eyebrow.

With the three having apparently agreed on something, Tsuan coughs lightly, and says, “…Leaving that aside, boss, during the battle yesterday you cast several instances of light spears – was it? – a spell resembling the 《Light Spear’s Punishment》, which can be used by head templars, to slaughter the huge mantises, moreover, without chanting, didn’t you? It’s the spell Catiza had previously raved about, right?”

Ah that?

“It might interest you because you were born in the Religious State, but I’m no Light King or saint. And, it’s not like I’m sharing a bed with the Light God either. I’m simply a boob-loving spearmaster.”

Hearing my reply, Tsuan laughs, and after blinking several times, says, “…Putting boobs and Light God in the same remark is very like you, boss. But, it makes me feel strangely suspicious.”

“It’s just a coincidence. Besides, that light spear is no magic, but a skill.”

“…Isn’t it a unique ability just like those of the single digits then? Which reminds me, when you were stark naked, your chest had…”

Dude, don’t say stuff like that while blushing! Why are you staring at my nether region…!?

I ignore his look, and recall that I’ve heard the names of some single digits. Previously Tsuan had told me about the Section 8 Demon Extermination Agency.

『…The single digits of the Section 8 Demon Extermination Agency, eh? If it’s Linkalsen, Dacotesolm, or Fobin, I happened to see them as they visited the curia. They boasted about having destroyed several undead flocks in the outskirts of Lindabalm while having a tinge of madness written on their faces… They were a largely built man, a slender, handsome man, and a petite beautiful woman, but honestly, those expressions oozing with madness…were eerie. Especially the tall guy’s, Linkalsen’s, appearance with all those earrings full of mana stabbed into his ears…didn’t give me the impression of him being related to the church. He was weird and scary』 (T/N: Author changed the text here, when compared to c246)

Anyway, it’s about time for me to retort, seeing how his cheeks are still flushed red.

“Hey, I’ve got no interest in men, okay…?”

“…Boss, you’re misunderstanding. I’m straight. Besides, boss, it was you yourself who went all commando inside your mansion while talking some incomprehensible stuff about some 『Supperman』, no?”

Pheew, so he had only zoomed in on my nether region by chance, huh?

“…Guess you’re right.”

“Fufu.” Viine laughs after listening to our conversation.

It looks like she also remembered some minor events that took place inside my mansion during our stay in Pelneet.

…I mean, my shoulder dragon is quite convenient, right? It sucks up the dark green cloth armor in an instant. The event of me instantly cladding myself in the Gatrance-form by connecting to my item box often happened while leaving my room and walking out on the corridor.

On that occasion, I also remember the instances of me walking through the corridor stark naked after having canceled the Gatrance-form. The cute yelps of my servants were funny, though.

That’s just me being who I am, no? Or should I really reflect on my habitual undressing while being at home?

But, I’m no nudist. Still, that sense of liberation is quite…

Oh, shit. Damn you, Tsuan, what are you making me say!? Let’s look at the dark elf who’s laughing clearly like a bell…to get rid of the bad aftertaste…

That Viine is actually holding Rollo at her chest, once again…it wakes the slight wish in me to separate those two…

Then again, Rollo is probably a bit lonely since she also likes Viine’s vanilla scent. Her eyes shut as she’s gleefully enjoying being sandwiched between those boobs. I had thought so after the contact with Kokbruuundozuu-sama as well, but seeing those two like that really makes for a great picture… A painting of an adorable black cat being stuck between two big boobs.

“…Boss, rather than that, it’s about the light cross, the divine symbol of having a cross carved on the chest. That’s just like the saint who’s mentioned in the 16 sections of the Holy Scriptures Azaya, you know?”

“I’ve heard about those scriptures before. The heavy knight leader and his subordinates mentioned it when I met them in the Holy Kingdom.”

Those were the templars who had chased me. I wonder what they’re doing around now.

“It’s the story about you getting arrested which you mentioned a while back, isn’t it!?”

“Tsuan, don’t get all excited.”

“Boss, it’s only natural since you’re our Emissary-sama! Ugh, Catiza is roaring…”

Ah, it’s another episode of Tsuan Time. With that being what it is, can’t he add some signature pose to it?

Just as I’m wondering that,

『Your Excellency, did you think about my butt poses just now?』

『…You’re really perceptive…』

『Seeing his expression, inspiration has struck me. I shall teach a good butt pose to him…』

『No need for now. Leave it for next time, okay?』

『…Okay』 Helme’s voice drops.

At that moment, Tsuan suddenly goes down on a knee, seemingly having finished his telepathic conversation with Catiza. And immediately after jerking up his face, his gaze becomes as sharp as steel.

“…As for the matter with Holy Kingdom Arkamneris…boss you’re the Holy King, or in other words, a being similar to a hero. For those bastards to arbitrarily label you as demon with their detector or whatever, and mistakenly throw you into a prison…on top of that, the king of that holy kingdom remained silent about this…even if that guy might be a heavy knight leader under the direct control of the pope, becoming a mindless lackey can’t be forgiven…as former templar I feel very ashamed… Boss, I’m really sorry.”

I can sense pride as a templar from Tsuan.

“What’s the point in you apologizing?”

“No, listen, my light attribute makes me act like that since you’re our Emissary-sama!” Tsuan gets up with a smile, “…The Holy Kingdom adjoins the Great Forest of Evil Haunts. It’s a brutal place where armies of demons constantly appear through the Tear connected to the Spirit World. I think it’s inevitable for them to need support from the neighboring Religious State. A crusade, was it? The collaborative partnership, which is a win-win for both countries, has been going on for a long time, right?”

“Yes, the demons are likewise advancing on the Religious State.”

At that moment, Rollo separates from Viine, jumping down on the ground, and starts to walk around.

“The area around Fortona, a town I visited before, was definitely swamped with heaps of monsters.”

“Fortona in the west? It’s connected to the Water Goddess, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s a region where the religious regulations are being kept relatively loose.”

“Well, it also got a somewhat rural flair, but I think the church isn’t too hard on that place because of the water goddess’ effectiveness.”

“You mean like in potion making?”

“Yes, I hear it has to do with 【Water Church Cuerele】.”

Maybe the head priestess is involved in this?

“I remember having heard that name.”

“Is it connected to your divine protection from the Water Goddess?”

“No, or rather, strictly speaking it might be, but I don’t know.”

“Is that so? I recall having seen places sell pure water and potions related to the Water Goddess in the name 【Water Church Cuerele】 within the Outer Demon City.”

“Hoh. So what’s the area like, besides Fortona?”

“It has many places connected to Light God Lulodis-sama and Light Spirit Fortona-sama. However, undead swarms exist in great numbersl, resulting in the templars getting plenty of work to do.” Tsuan’s face becomes somewhat vacant as he’s apparently remembering his past, while watching Rollo scuttling around his feet.

“Work, huh? Speaking of work, there are many adventurers who also seem to participate in cutting down the Great Forest of Evil Haunts, but is the number of adventurers in the Outer Demon City low? There were some robber-like adventurers in the town of Fortona, though.”

“There are as many of them in the Outer Demon City as in any labyrinth city. I recall there being a lot of adventurer dropouts, too. Though I don’t have a clue about nowadays.”

“I see. Well, I guess scum exists everywhere. Though Fortona was a really nice place since it’s got a forest and is close to a lake.”

I remember how I ran a parkour across the town’s roofs.

“Fortona…if I remember correctly, that place had a snake dragon, a historical Goddeath Forest, and many, different monsters loitering around… But, for someone to have picked a fight with you over there…I won’t bother asking how it turned out for them.”

Well, I suppose it’s easy to imagine what happens to folks picking a fight with me.

“Okay, let’s stop the information sharing at this point. I think you’ve heard from Catiza, but I’m going to head over to Hekatrail.”

“Yes, boss! I’ll turn back into a finger.”


Tsuan happily lets his shape fall apart, transforming into a golden caterpillar. Ca-chan meanders, jumps on the back of my hand, and takes her position as sixth finger.

“Let’s go, Rollo. The destination will be Hekatrail – after a long time. Viine, I leave everyone to you.”

“Okay, I shall take care of it.”


Viine looks somewhat sad, but at the same time her eyes are powerful, telling me that she’ll grow strong. Well, it’s a farewell for a limited time――

With a sidelong glance at Viine, who’s taken off her mask, exposing her butterfly, I gallantly mount Horse Lion Rollodeen. After sitting down on her back and grabbing the tentacle rein, I shift my eyes to Viine.

Viine apparently intends to pray for my departure by using her Extra skill. She releases her silver butterflies. The pretty butterflies flutter around Rollo and me.

She casts an intimate look at me. I reply by nodding back at her.

I feel like I’ve heard a mighty 『Master, good-bye』. In the middle of that, Rollodeen dashes across the garden, with the terrifying strength of her muscles. She jumps up in one go, re-entering the fog. Within she spreads he black wings, and breaks through the fog while blowing away various monsters like a huge, jet-black dragon.

――The morning sun is dazzling.

Alright, we’re going to head for Fortress City Hekatrail just like that.

Rollodeen advances through the rifts between the clouds while gliding. The shapes of the clouds look like Quiche and Sherry’s faces.




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