Chapter 314 – Kazane & Mirror Recovery

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I’d send Nereis’Kary back to Leften. That’s what I’ve decided after talking it over with my friends, but the last few days I’ve been completely absorbed in the training sessions with my bloodkin, the guardsman Ajul, and in the focus, Hankay-sensei.

“That’s wrong.”

“Like this?”

Looking at Hankay-sensei’s shoulder, I forcefully swing down the arm holding Tofinger’s Crying Ax.

“Correct. And while swinging down the arm like that…”

I move while following Hankay’s words――

“That’s a master at spear arts for you. I can sense a rich experience from that natural, smooth way of walking…”

Axes, no, all weapons have in common that your trunk and the way of walking is very important.

Next, Hankay says, “I see, so you’re focusing on finely shifting your center of balance with your toes as axis…it’s such a refined movement that I actually want to reference your way of walking.”

“Sure, go ahead and steal what you can. By the way, this is seen as the basics among the techniques I learned from Master.”

Though I’ve adjusted it by adding some original moves and my experience into the mix.

A strong gleam lights up in Hankay’s eyes. Hankay is a refined, old man, but just for an instant, his eyes sparkle like those of a young boy. However, he immediately returns to normal.

“…Inherited techniques, huh? I also had siblings who served as role models for my ax battle style.” Sadness dyes Hankay’s face.

I’ve heard tiny bits of his personal history, but…unexpectedly it was such a tragic story that tears welled up in my eyes.

Hankay was chosen as a special child within his clan…magic gems of earth were transplanted into three places on his body through the special, secret bestowal magic of a Secret Magic Wiseman.

When I heard that, I wondered whether he might actually be related to Bon’s family.

Moreover, Hankay’s family of the dwarf clan perished during a war for independence. As he stood on the battlefield in his position as Rashou, leading the special forces of the Langur Kingdom, he had to abandon his friends and precious childhood friend. Then came the war against the elves of the Ancient Befaritz Empire together with those who believed in his just cause…

It was a hellish time where he was close to going completely mad as he could only keep surviving through countless battles while using his deep sadness as nourishment for his hatred.

Then he told me about Demon Kushanahn, and how he got captured in the magic labyrinth after getting deceived by Kuna. This is the part where I entered the spotlight as I had saved him from his wretched, terrible life in the labyrinth.

Seeing the elves, who lived on the surface which was unknown to him, gave him a shock. And after learning of Bloody Long Ears, survivors of Befaritz, his heart burned with the desire to get revenge, in addition to feelings of rage and delight.

However, Hankay has discarded those fetters and obsessions of the past to honor his debt of gratitude. At the same time, he now wears the face of a man who has overcome a sadness that can’t be put into words.

“…They must have been great siblings.”

“Yeah, they followed principles in everything.” Hankay’s eyes tremble lightly.

He powerfully nods as if to persuade himself that he’s different now to wrestle down his own emotions. Instinctively I recall my times of training. I place the fist of my left hand in front of my chest, and press the palm of my right hand against it, naturally adopting the gesture I used when greeting Master Achilles.

“This is a rite of prayer…called Ra Kelada?”

“No, Ra Kelada is a method to express your respect towards your master. It’s a single gesture, something like a greeting.”

“Hoh. It looks like you’re respecting that master of yours quite a lot.”

“Of course. He’s the great Wind Spear Style master who’s trained my foundation.”

“Hah, this much, eh? To be honest, it’s a relationship I’m somewhat jealous of.” Hankay looks diagonally downward, but after looking sad, he returns to having a strict teacher-like face.

“Now then, let’s move on. The motions from here on out are essential for the 『Ogre Blow』. Can I have you teach me about ax styles that can be used in melee situations such as on the battlefield?”

“…There’s a lot to learn here. I’ll have you experience a part of it.”

“Sure!” This series gets translated as long as people read it on the translator’s blog.

I keep brandishing Tofinger’s Crying Ax, following Hankay-sensei’s teachings.

“…Shuuya is completely lost in his training again.”

“Nn, no helping it. A while ago Shuuya sang a weird song while laughing and thrusting out his butt with lyrics going something like ‘Devotedly doing martial arts for 300 years♪’.” 1

“Ah, that one. It was back when spirit-sama excitedly scattered water all over the courtyard while screaming, Explosion is butt art!, right?”

“Yep.” Aggregator sites don’t translate, but steal. You can find this series on novel updates.

“Mysty muttered some cryptic, complicated stuff along the lines of A color theory about rainbows? and after putting on some weird glasses, she further asked, Is it possibly a miracle by spirit-sama that creates an exceedingly complicated rainbow surpassing the three primary colors through the usage of mana? Or absorption lines. Or are there several black lines?

I can hear Eva and Rebecca’s voices.

“Nn, Mysty could actually attend Ernst University.”

“True. By the way, how’s your food gathering and metalworking going?”

“Thanks, it’s going well. Since the Blood Beast Corps has been busy gathering magic stones recently, I’ve been grouping up with Lily.”

“Come to think of it, Dee-san and Lily-san have come over to greet us at this mansion since Shuuya is going to leave on a journey, but…wasn’t their clothing way over the top? They somehow gave me the impression of being big-shots.”

“Actually, the ice cream has been a huge success. The ice cream using ichigon is popular in our neighborhood. Nn, also, we’re going to try other fruits next! There’s even been talks about forming a contract with a specialized fruits company that possesses farms.”

“Hee, it looks like you’re quite busy yourself as well, Eva.”


“I gotta do my best as well.”

“Rebecca, you’re already working hard as you’re not skipping on your Kulbul training.”

“Instructor Sanya is also connected with Betty-san, Besides, it’s not just the Kulbul either. A woman, who has taken lessons in Ivanovich-san’s Peerless Sword Style, got acquainted with Betty-san on the Rad Mountain Pass as black tea supplier. It’s quite the quirk of fate…because such relationships exist, I can’t play hooky either. Though I want to discover new stores during my sweets shopping sprees.”

“Ah, speaking of sweets…”

“I told you it’s okay. I just got to buy Kurumi biscuits again. That’s not an option for the limited edition sweets, though.”

“Nn, sorry.”

I swing my ax sideways at just that moment, brandishing as if drawing a circle. After pressing the ax’s middle part against my thigh, I straighten up myself. Then I wrap up the training session with a bow.

“…Hankay, I’ll take a little break.”

“Sure, I’ll continue.”

Hankay faces Ajul. I nod, turn around, and head towards Rebecca and Eva.

While putting Tofinger’s Crying Ax into my item box, I chat up the two girls while focusing on smiling, “Yo! You think my ax fighting styles look any better now?”

“You’ve still got a long path ahead. It’s only logical, but your spear arts look more natural.”

“Nn, even I might be able to defeat you with <Mind Guidance Force>, and staff as well as kicking techniques for close combat.”

“The words of the legendary blue flame user, who lets her fists talk, and the magic wheelchair fighter are harsh…”

If it’s Eva and Rebecca, I’ll gladly announce my defeat to their boobies.

“Milord! You’ve employed a great ax master as a guard!” Ajul yells in my direction.

He seems to be overjoyed. Ajul has started a mock battle against Hankay. His countless eyeballs on the ring-shaped face squirm around as if possessing their own feelings while making sounds as if an eraser is being rubbed.

“Ajul, Hankay-sensei isn’t a guard. Ultimately he’s a guest.”

“――Hahaha, I had my life saved by you, Shuuya, and I’ve pledged my allegiance to you. I don’t mind this mysterious guy with four arms and a weird head at all.” Hankay says with a refreshed expression.

He deals with Ajul’s smooth, terrifying taijutsu movements that make use of his four arms and thick trunk. His title as Rashou wasn’t for show… He closes the combat distance with the dwarves’ unique way of walking, and effectively using his high maneuverability, he rotates with his toes as axis while shrewdly wielding his two Adamantine tree axes. In short, he’s moving his small body like one single battle tool.

“Awesome movements… Well, since everyone can work as a guard, I won’t particularly mind it even if you call yourself Ajul’s subordinate. But, at my place there’s basically no hierarchy. Everyone’s equal here. Pursuing your happiness, freedom, and reason for existence depends on the feelings of the person themselves.”

“――Once again words that seem to be full of meaning…” Hankay replies while handling Ajul’s four swords.

“Hankay-san, please get used to this.”

“Nn, it’s Shuuya’s habit! But…it’s also something the deeply impresses me about him.”

Eva and Rebecca, who have been watching the mock battle from the side, shout out seriously with a faint trace of a smile in their voices. I ignore their comments as I got a very good idea after watching Hankay and Ajul’s movements.

“It looks like I can use their movements just now for my spear techniques.”

I do step work on the spot.

“Nn, nyaa.” Rollo, who’s come close, meows.

“Rollo, did you also get influenced by the combat motions?”

“Nn, nyano.”

Thereupon, Rollo skilfully stands up on her hindpaws as if having said 『Indeed nya』, and unleashes air cat punches.

“Fufu, how cute. I’m sure she got all excited from Hankay-san’s mouse-like movements.”

“Nn, look! She’s lowering her body, switching to a posture of preying upon game. Is she going to eat Hankay-san?”

Eva’s right. Rollo’s pupils have widened. She sways her lower body and tail.

“…Roasted onion, and tempura onions are delicious, right? No, wait, what are you making me say!? Rollo! You mustn’t get in the way of their mock battle!”

“Nn, nya, nya~” She cutely dents her ears down with a wave of her tail.

She’s a good girl. She comprehended the warning she received. Afterwards, Rollo gets on my shoulder, and moves into my hood. Eva and Rebecca kick up a huge fuss over it, frolicking around and acting like cats. *censored huge chunk of cat porn*

As we’re continuing such a relaxed exchange, the mock battle between Hankay and Ajul comes to an end. Both have identified the other as a worthy rival. As they smile at each other with such a feeling, they politely bow to each other even while having a strong light dwell in their eyes.

Then they exchange opinions about their respective weapons. Ajul’s weapon isn’t the Mad Sword of Lanwen that I’ve given him. His four weapons are creations that Mysty, Eva, Zaga, and Bon have produced during a weapon creation festival in Mysty’s workshop.

Hankay is exhausted and covered in cuts, but he looks satisfied. Ajul’s expression is mysterious and incomprehensible. But, I somehow grasp that he’s glad from the atmosphere and movements of his many eyeballs. However, he’s apparently suffered heavy blows to his shoulder and belly. His right arms are hanging down powerlessly, and his lower left hand is holding his flank.

I’m sorry to Ajul who hurts so much, but…my attention is drawn to his ring-shaped head. Are several of the eyeballs also expressing some exhaustion? Is it because he’s used his abilities?

It’s unclear, but some eyelids are opening and closing, some eyeballs are moist with weird, oily tears, some eyeballs are acting as if showing off parallel grounding, others are whirling around in the reverse direction, yet others are turning around slowly…all of them have changed in some way. He belongs to a really interesting race. ――Ajul, the guard captain.

And my servants, including Mimi, are looking at him with keen interest, just as I am. While chit-chatting with the thoughtful Mimi at the core, they are passing potions to Ajul and Hankay.

Having healed up, Hankay stores his axes away on his back, and briskly walks over to me with small steps.

“Shuuya! That mysterious ring guy Ajul is a magnificent swordsman. A swordplay that cuts through the wind, and razor-sharp kicking techniques. He’s somewhat different from Leaf of the Shadow Wing Brigade, but he’s got peculiar muscles and techniques that can’t be obtained by just anyone!” Hankay-sensei is very excited as he shakes his onion head.

Leaf was the name of that cat beastwoman, right? Hankay might have fought against her in the past.

“The four-armed swordswoman that got defeated by Yui, huh? I’ven’t watched their battle as I was preoccupied with Galroh as you know.”

“Figures. You guys’ battles have burned themselves into my eyes.” Completely changing from his previous excitement, Hankay becomes serious. He talks while gesturing with two fingers as if stabbing his eyes.

“I’ve heard about the techniques used by Yui, but what kind of battle was it?” Having my curiosity piqued, I ask while spreading my arms.

“…At first both sides showered each other with fierce sword attacks, causing light sword cuts to appear on their bodies. Yui was great to watch with her one-sword style and her swift body movements while using her silver-colored eyes and the magic katana, but after getting stabbed in the chest by Leaf’s <Tearing Thrust> of the sword in her right upper arm, she received a counterkick, and retreated after cutting Leaf’s chest…” Hankay stops speaking at the best part… That pause is killing me.

“So, what happened then?”

“Both were in a stalemate while maintaining the combat distance.”

“I see, I suppose he’s reproducing the battle. Hankay is suited for being a storyteller.

“And the one using that time was Yui. She took out several magic katana from her item box, and stabbed them into the floor. I was surprised by this, but this was only the beginning. She advanced while picking up the magic katana with both hands, and swinging the two katana, she used a sharp thrusting skill, but the instant I believed that she’d go with dual-wielding, that dual-wielding proved to be a deception. I was flabbergasted by this. I reflexively ended up clenching the hilts of my axes.”

Dual-wielding as feint? I didn’t know about that.

“Yui bit down on one magic katana with her small mouth, and picked up another katana with her free hand, becoming a three-katana-wielder with her whole body being clad in a white mist. Opposing her, Leaf skilfully reacted by delivering upper and lower spray slashes with her four swords, but she was late in dodging. The instant Leaf suffered light cuts on her body, more cuts appeared at various places on her body, resulting in a blood shower. Afterwards, Yui’s movements overwhelmed those of Leaf.”

Three-katana-style…it might be Yui’s very own, situational ad-lib, though.

“Yui seems to be of the same race as you, Shuuya, seeing how she absorbed the blood. Even though her low kick after twisting her body was blocked, she didn’t mind it, and continued to rotate while capitalizing on her speed. Her tactics were truly wonderful. Probably because of all of her maneuvers, it looked like beautiful blood wings consisting of the blood she had absorbed grew out of her back… Her combat style that combined the blood and the white mist made her totally look like a swordswoman of death…it was a masterpiece.”

I gulp unintentionally. Yui vs. Leaf, eh? I wanted to watch it as well, but it didn’t come to pass.

“I can’t see Yui anywhere.” Recently I’ve seen people asking when a new chapter comes out.

“She’s preparing for travel. She’s apparently going to assist her father, Kaldo, in his ambition of becoming a vampire legend of darkness.”

“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about, man, but it’s you, so no surprise there…”

At that point Hankay meaningfully turns his eyes in the direction of the mansion.

“What’s wrong?” Asking on an aggregator sites that steal translations won’t yield any answers.

“…It looks like there’s all kinds of people.”

“That’s how it is.”

Then we go back to the living room. Mysty has come back from school, and Viine has returned from the market where she took Nereis’Kary, so we switch to idle gossip such as obtaining ten-ten-dutea… And after talking about the contents of the new book called Tales of the Sorcerers Fighting against Old and New Witches…we continue talking about the northern Great Goldix Desert and the Plain Lightning Fields beyond the oasis.




Even while we spent our days in such a way, my preparations to travel have been proceeding. First I have a meeting with the precious Fate Diviner Kazane.

“It’s rare for you to contact me, Shuuya-san.”

Kazane is wearing a red hakama with the pleats beautifully gathered in the middle.

“I’ve come today as there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What might that be? If it’s something I know, I shall tell you with the dedication of adding the Asura Religious Organization’s ‘A’ to the Blood Stars Sea Moon Alliance.”

Kazane Mariko. Granny Mariko. Of course I can’t tell from her face whether she’s serious or joking because of the many wrinkles. Support the translation by reading it on the translator’s blog.

“…Since that won’t work, it’s rejected.”

“How regrettable. So, you’ve mentioned that you want to speak directly to me, and not Mirai, but just what might be your business with me?”

First, about the Score of the Demon King, and the Highcellcone. Seeing how she’s lived for such a long time, she might know something. I’ve heard some from Goddess of MAgic Poison Misea, but just in case I should get some more information.

“…About the effect of the Score of the Demon King.”

“The score is simply a score, and seems to be restricted to those capable of playing music. I’ve heard that you also need dedicated instruments as well.”

“Those capable of playing music?”

“Yes, as you can see from its appearance, the score is a kind of cursed item. It looks like it demands high training in mana and mental power from its user.”

It certainly looked like it’d curse me upon touch. Well, it didn’t happen anyway, but I’ll also ask about the instrument.

“What kind of instruments are we talking about here?”

I won’t tell her about the horn of the Highcellcone.

“A violin called Demon of Lectorivis. Since it mysteriously kills its players, the violin has been handed to a certain faction of the Holy Church, and I hear that it got sealed in some forest. The Horn of the Highcellcone is precious, but since magic instruments won’t be exhibited at the Underground Auction unlike the scores, it’s a valuable item that never appears on the market.”

So she knew of the name, huh?

“If you use these two together, you will apparently be able to head to the Spirit World after influencing a Spirit World Tear or so I heard…”

“Indeed. I’ve heard that not only will you be able to summon the lords of the Spirit World or form contracts with those lords when using the score, you will also be able to cross the interstice and interfere with the seasonal Tears, but…Shuuya-san, don’t tell me you plan to head into the Spirit World by meddling with a Tear? Still, the Tear in this area occurs in the woodlands east of Benrack as it’s an area where the interstice is thin…” Kazane mutters with an intense, threatening look while imagining something.

An aura of mana gushes out of her body. For an instant, I feel a chill run down my spine due to her state. However, summoning the lords of the Spirit World, and seasonal Tears. I heard about these two for the first time.

“…I plan to head into the Spirit World through a Tear someday.”

“…T-Through a Tear?”

“I was asked to deliver something by a certain person.”

Yep, though it’s a request that was one-sidedly forced on me by Evil Emperor Ciphon. Come to think of it, doesn’t Ajul’s ring-shaped head resemble the crescent-moon-shaped head of Ciphon a bit? Ajul’s origin is the Azure Island Jelganlard. He mentioned it’s an island where hundred demons live…

This is ultimately my own speculation, but Jelganlard possesses a weak connection to the Spirit World, and adding to that the phenomenon of the Galapagos island, namely an island surrounded by the ocean, it might be the main reason why life-forms such as Ajul have evolved into this shape. He’s a super life-form surpassing the structural framework of the evolution theory as a consequence of magic sources.

“To deliver something to the Spirit World…you strike me with awe.”

Kazane’s eyes widen as fear forms on her face.

“Previously you mentioned seasonal Tears, but does that mean you have to time when to use the score and instruments, or something?”

“I’ve simply heard that Tears widen and shrink depending on the seasons from someone researching the Magic Resonance of Emptiness.”

It’s about the divine sin that became the reason for Amelie’s blindness after polluting her mind.

“…You’ve said there’s one around Benrack?”

“Correct. It’s said that the light of origin is generated on the Light Cross Hill which spawns and summons all kinds of monsters because of the influences by the netherworld, Spirit World, surface, spirits, gods, and stars.”

“I’ve heard about it because there’s a child who’s become blind due to a divine sin among my acquaintances.”

“You have my condolences.”

“No, it’s not like she minds. Rather than that, Kazane, as someone who has spread the new food “plum” in South Mahaheim, you don’t know of anyone who has headed into the Spirit World?”

“No, I haven’t. I’ve never heard of anyone deliberately trying to head into the Spirit World Sebdola through a Tear. It’s a hellish place infested by several monstrosities like vampires who live on human blood…ghosts who possess people…and evil monster hordes that greedily devour the souls of demons and people alike, you know?”

“It sounds thrilling.”

Kazane’s eyes become blank as soon as she hears my reply.

“…Fufu, haha…” and she starts laughing oddly.

Is she okay? Is she really alright? It might be better if I start to pray for her!

“…But, I wonder how far the legend of 『The Lancer of Chaos that walks the Path of an Inexplicable Bloodbath』 will keep going…what kind of path are the Spearmaster and Black Cat, who exceed the law of cause and effect matching with my <Asura Genealogy>, going to choose? …I’m terribly curious about this. I’ve been told by Adolianne-sama to cherish our bond, but still, all the way to the Spirit World…” Kazane comments while adding her unfiltered feelings.

“Who knows. Be it the gods or Asura, I hate stalkers. With that said, that’s all I wanted to know. See you, Kazane.”


It’s difficult to guess Kazane’s feelings by the number of her wrinkles. But I can still tell that her face is filled with loneliness and regret. I feel bad about it, but I still bid farewell from her.

Although she’s a granny, I can understand her feelings of wanting to have bonds. No matter what you say, she’s still spent a very long time in this city. I return home while harboring these feelings in my heart.

After calling out to the Blood Beast Corps, which has been doing the laundry on the courtyard together with the servants, and Helme, who’s been drying the laundry, I take out the 24-faceted orb. I roll the orb around on my palm.

Suddenly I’m driven by the urge to trace the facet of the sky island, but I endure. I place my finger on the glass surface, at the 16th facet. It’s the mirror I’ve set up inside the ruin of the ten divine evil gods who have created the labyrinth world. After I completely trace its symbol with a finger, the gate boots up.

“We’ll head into this one here. While at it, I’ll also release the cats.” I take out the dolls of Alray and Hueremy, and roll them around on my palm.


“Please leave it to me!”

“Against an evil god! I’ll do my best!”

I’ve planned to go with a light hunt and a mirror retrieval, but it looks like the boyish Souther wishes to fight against Steertop.

“Nnn, nya.”

“Souther, we won’t fight any evil gods.”

After I answer Souther while Rollo gets all psyched up…I pass through the shining gate while taking Rollo and the Blood Beast Corps along, stepping into the room with a thin layer of bluish-white mist hanging above the ground. We’ve arrived in the evil god’s room on the fifth floor of the labyrinth.

This place is the domain of Evil God Steertop. I’m sure he’s watching us right now. He must be delighted. While thinking about that, I release Alray and Hueremy.


“Master, what are you looking at?”


While deceiving her with a little lie, I keep watching how Alray and Hueremy run around.

“Milord, there are no stars here…”

Is the sole lamia among the Lucival, Bia, in charge of retorts now for a change? She’s knocking her magic sword’s middle part against the surface of her Legendary magic shield.

Now then, I’ve got to retrieve this 16th mirror…

“I’m going to pick up the mirror.”

First I tamper with the item box. A pitch black window pops up on the surface of the item box. Then I grab the edge of the mirror, which has a Gothic-styled decoration, with one hand, lift it, and make it sink into the black window. I’ll deposit this mirror in the item box to use it during my journey or for setting up a new base.

“――I mentioned it previously, but there exist 24 of these mirrors. Using this opportunity, I’ll explain in order.”


“A magnificent magic tool allowing one to transfer all over the world…” Mamani mutters.

She’s casting an envious look at my item box. Her hometown is far away. She might sense the potential of these mirrors.

“It’s a magic tool because master possesses the rare space-time attribute. I’m pretty sure even Pabramanti of Ernst University and the Eight Sages Pentagon of Magic City Ernst would be astonished by the diversity of magic tools brought about by the item box.” Fuu analyzes calmly.

For some reason, her veins have popped up at the outer corners of her eyes, revealing a vampiric expression as if she’s asking for blood.

I explain the mirrors to the Blood Beast Corps members.

1st: The mirror is set up in my mansion’s room, located in the Labyrinth City Pelneet.

It’s for the sake of returning to Pelneet.

2nd: A mirror located at the bottom of some shallow sea.

An ocean or a lake…

3rd: The mirror located in the basement of 【Beltzam’s】 church in 【Hesliphat】.

It’s the church where Rubia lived in the past. The crescent-moon-shaped magic gem I’ve been entrusted by Ciphon…to offer it to 【Ciphon’s Shrine】 in the Spirit World… At present, this mirror offers me the quickest route to head to the Great Forest of Demonic Haunts where Tears should exist.

Well, since Rollodeen is with me, it’s somewhat questionable whether I’ll use this mirror. Tears, the timing to use the Score of the Demon King and the Horn of the Highcellcone, the lords of the Spirit World…it looks like there’s plenty of matters to consider here…

I recall the words of Kazane and Misea. There’s also the request from Holy Spear Arost – the illusion of the holy, angelic elf who descended when I learned 《Water Control》.

He said, 『How saddening…you don’t know of Ygir’s song…? It’s the name inherited by a holy crusader blessed by Light God Lulodis and Light Spirit Fortona』. After that exchange, I grabbed Holy Spear Arost which had floated up to me.

『So you accepted… When you’ve fulfilled mine wish, the blessing shall stay with you』-

It’s a request by Ygir Fortonal. Since I only need to stab the spear into the sacred altar located on the Golden Hill of Arost, it’s an easy quest, but the place…is probably a temple. Nowadays it might be smack down in the middle of the religious state’s capital.

The Demon Extermination AgencyDisorte is firmly grounded in the Religious State Hesliphat.

The party of Claude, a heavy knight leader in a position similar to a diplomat in the Holy Kingdom, has clashed with me once in the past. I should have beaten up Claude and left him in the mud over there..

If I consider that Hesliphat is a place crawling with people like Claude, I get slightly worried. That means, I think I’ll use Holy Spear Arost before returning it. Since it’s a divine artifact, it should work very well against ghosts and opponents of the darkness. That means Magic Spear Gudorl will become a spare…

But, is it going to be alright to clad a holy spear in the darkness of <Darkness Drill>?

I sum up all these thoughts and explain them to everyone.

“It sounds like the darkness will be purified.”

“It should have an effect to raise the power of Your Excellency’s Darkness Drill. I think it’ll be alright even without the spear belonging to darkness. Also, if you gain experience using Holy Spear Arost, you might become able to acquire Holy Drill one day.”

“That certainly sounds possible.”

“So you’re planning to head towards Hesliphat, Master?”

“Nn, nyaa.” Rollo answers in my stead.

“It’s a state with a human supremacy doctrine…” Fuu looks frightened.

“You guys will probably stay back home.”

“Naturally. I’d like to accompany you, milord, but I want to train in this city while at the same time gathering magic stones.”

“Yep, it’s a country where you can become target of discrimination even as beastman. Us being next to Master will only invite unnecessary troubles.”

I nod at Mamani. Since we’ve started to digress from the mirror explanation…

“…Next I’m shifting back to the mirrors.”

4th: The witch dwelling 【Saldia Wasteland】, where the wilderness spreads into the far northwest.

It’s the mirror for when I want to meet with Sazihali or Balmint. The area where we fought against Demonoid Güntogan, and the labyrinth with its master Akemi-san are in the vicinity as well. Güntogan Altenbolloh, Corps Commander of the 15th Border Regiment of the Demonoid Empire Hazarn. Hazarn might be related to the Demonoid Empire fighting against Amu’s people in the underground world.

“Master, is that labyrinth master a being who can create monsters?”

“It seems so. Akemi-san possesses a body as a dungeon core. Using a skill called <Creation> in a control room, she’s capable of crossbreeding monsters or something like that. It seems to be a battle revolving around that labyrinth core.”

“…So it’s yet different from a magic labyrinth.” Mamani mutters.

“Yep, I think so. Next mirror.”

5th: A mirror in a room of the Hafmalida Religious Organization of Underground City Devil’s Mountain.

This is a mirror for when I want to meet up with Amu. The underground world is very extensive, too. Each city is independent, and the Demonoid Empire dabbles with the battles on the surface, too. Amu mentioned that they’re in the middle of a war against the Demonoid empire.

Next, a group of buried mirrors.

6th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
7th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
8th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
9th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
10th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
11th: The mirror in a warehouse in the Underground City Da’Umezalan, Viine’s hometown.

I’m curious what kind of changes the dark elf society has experienced.

12th: A mirror located on a sky island.

This is the one I’ve been planning to visit for a long time now, but right now I’ll prioritize the surface.

13th: A mirror set up in the house of either some merchant, a major dealer, or a high-ranking noble.

It might be fun to casually try entering this place.

14th: A mirror located in an area with heavy snowfall.

Probably north. Very far in the north. Is this the area inhabited by the giants mentioned in the literary fragment?

15th: A mirror located at a rocky mountain or a cliff with a good view.

It will consume a big amount of mana to enter this place, but by using <Tree of the Evil King> and <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, I should be able to construct a Lucival stronghold with a holiday house flair.

16th: A mirror currently stored in my item box. I plan to use it someday during my journey.
17th: A mirror set up in a room, where time seems to have stopped. It’s overflowing with armors, swords, and black frames filled with organs and eerie hearts.

This place interests me as well…

18th: A mirror located in a dark, treasure vault-like place.
19th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
20th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
21th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
22th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
23th: A buried mirror showing dirt and darkness.
24th: Seemingly has no mirror or some special conditions. The gate doesn’t activate.

After roughly explaining the mirrors, we leave the evil god room. Passing through the hall with the towering statues, we climb the flight of stairs.


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