Chapter 311 – Touching Each Other

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Paulsen and Angie come to a halt. The exterior design of the inn in front of us is a blend between Japanese and Western styles. Huge eaves protrude towards the Heim River on the roof. The eaves’ decorations look like serpents colliding with big boats.

“We’ve arrived. Let’s go.”


“I guess there are many inns in this area. After all, the Heim River’s water surface looks gorgeous.”

While listening to Helme’s impression, I pass through the big gate with Rollo and my friends, entering the inn.

“Welcome. You’re the ladies and gentlemen of 【Remains of the Moon】, I take. I am called Big Mama. I have been told of your visit by our elven guests, so please come this way.” The one immediately greeting us is a lamia.

She’s Big Mama, huh?

“Nyaa~” Rollo reacts to her.

“Oh my, how cute.” Big Mama smiles – at least I think so.

I can’t really read her expression because of her thick facial skin. She responds to Rollo by extending her long snake tongue.

She reminds me of Bia, but I guess that’s only natural since she’s also a lamia.

“Fufu, I see you’ve got an adorable black kitty with you.”


While having such an exchange with Rollo, she guides us deeper into the inn. The lighting of the ceiling is dazzling as it gets reflected by the hallway’s floor. The lamps are made out of glass, and imitate serpents with their forms, seemingly matching with the landlady’s race. The walls give one a gentle impression thanks to their creamy colors. Paintings, chinaware, and antique shelves decorate the hallway’s walls.

Price tags are stuck to the paintings. Are they for sale?

Human and beastmen bellboys bow at us. I know it’s their habitual reception of guests, but it still feels nice. It gives me the vibe of being a king.

I continue along the hallways in such a spirit. Then I descend a stairway while holding onto snake-skinned railing. The circular wall with wave patterns opens up on the right side, allowing for an extensive view. Replacing the wall, a courtyard, reminiscent of a baseball field, with big rocks and a small pond comes into sight.

“This is how far I shall accompany you. The ladies and gentlemen of Bloody Long Ears are waiting for you over there.” Big Mama whirls around, and leaves.

Just as she has pointed out, I can see a rainbow-colored, square tent in one of the courtyard’s corners. Sunlight shines through the tent, illuminating Lezalaysa and her leaders, who stand in a line, like a wondrous chameleon light filtering through trees.

All of them are wearing helmets, like the conical hats worn by Chinese people, with long horn decorations at the foreheads. Their attires are the formal uniforms of the Great Befaritz Empire, I suppose? It wraps them into a pretty and fantastical atmosphere.

I think they’re holding a burial ceremony as it’s been passed down in the Great Befaritz Empire. Though, it might be an altered Bloody Long Ears version. The personal effects of their dead friends have been tied to a long, iron pole. The pole has been set up next to the tent. An ancient cloth flag flutters at the top of the pole. The flag depicts an elephant riding on a white whale with six legs, six faces and six arms, vividly reminding me of Wisdom King Vajrayaska.

Is this a battle flag? The pole kinda looks like a tall hanging lantern.

As I walk up to them, “Norn, Twin Brothers, my heroic comrades, I won’t tell you to rest in peace. After all, the souls of our deceased comrades-in-arms are with us, always.” Lezalaysa states while holding a cup and crying. “Avenging you will become a source of encouragement for Bloody Long Ears. Be it gods or empires, we shall crush anyone standing in the way of Bloody Long Ears.”

Clydossus and Melichek brandish the torches in their hands. The movements of the torches might symbolize a military code. I guess it’s a code signifying the repose of souls.

Immediately following, all of them chant elvish words, sounding like commands used in the army. For an instant, I feel like I can see phantoms of the elves who died in battle…maybe triggered by the power of their words.

“…And rejoice! You’ve been promoted to generalissimo​ under Befaritz’ special military rule. Be it the hell of the spirit world with its crimson lotus petals, or the paradise of the divine domain with its flower gardens, please take care of the Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale…”

Once Lezalaysa finishes her funeral address as guildmaster and commander, all Bloody Long Ears members simultaneously take off their formal helmets. After Melichek makes a memorial address with a sombre tone, the leaders begin to sing a condolence song as if spinning a tale.

Clydossus is really good as a soprano. The beauty Fars has a fairly clear voice. I feel like I’m hearing the sound of a pipe-organ.

Speaking of singing, I haven’t met Shana ever since the jellyfish festival. As I’m thinking about Shana, the ceremonial singing comes to an end. The Bloody Long Ears members walk away from the courtyard to an adjoining room.

“Spearmaster, sorry for having made you wait. We’ll use the room over here.”


Lezalaysa calls me over with a wave of her hand. I also raise my hand in greeting. Taking everyone along, I walk across the beautiful courtyard. We open the glass-sided door, and enter the room.

The room has white walls with conspicuous, lovely decorations. The lamps have moving patterns with gorgeous colors, looking as if seagulls are flying through the air. It’s a room with an extremely nice ambiance.

I sit down on a luxurious sofa located in the middle of the room. It’s comfortably soft.

Lezalaysa also sits down, opposite of me.

Now then, I wonder what kind of discussion we’ll have… Are we going to enter genuine negotiations with Bloody Long Ears next?

The instant I think so, Veronica, who stands behind me, whispers into my ear, “We need to talk.” After apologizing to Lezalaysa and the other Bloody Long Ears members, we quickly leave the room. Walking through the hallway, we head towards a free, nearby room.

Immediately after entering, Veronica puts her arms around my back, and says, “My report is slightly delayed for various reasons, but I’ve turned Mel into my <Head Servant>.”

“Finally, huh? ‘Various’ means something happened in the basement?”

“Yep. At the time when I let the Shadow Wing member called Kary get away, Mel had breathed in poisonous fog, and was about to die if I hadn’t turned her into my bloodkin.”

Seriously? Something like that…but, he released a poisonous fog? Did a nonhuman-life-form inhabit the basement, besides Kary? Was it a trap?

“Mel has…by a draconic nonhuman-life besides Kary?”

“No, you’re wrong. We’ve only fought Kary. Going by the number of killed guards, other Shadow Wing Brigade members might have been present as well, though.”

Kary used poisonous fog? Don’t tell me, he spat out poisonous fog from his mouth like a certain villainous wrestler…

“Hee. Still, did Kary emit the poisonous fog? I thought he was a dagger user.”

“You’re misunderstanding. The poison came from an item. But, was he an acquaintance of yours, guildmaster?” Veronica asks while lifting an eyebrow.

“I fought him once in the past.”

“And yet he survived…no wonder that he was so strong. Him skilfully continuing to escape and dodge while taking on Mel and me was abnormal. Though I could have understood it if he was at the level of a vampire’s <Servant Leader>.”

“He looks like a human, but maybe he actually has demon blood running through him, belongs to some strange race, or something like that.”

“He’s a strange pervert for sure.” Veronica spits out while furrowing her eyebrows.

Strange pervert; I’ve got a hunch that he’s something else, but I won’t point it out.

“Well, if he’s run away, he’ll likely not come back to pick a fight with us anymore.”

“You think so? He gave me the impression of enjoying battle, though.”

She’s right, that’s possibly a fair argument.

I recall my conversation with Kary back when we fought in Hekatrail after he infiltrated Kuna’s organization. I haven’t forgotten his cursed smile.

“…You’ve got a point. It’s almost as if he’d show up any moment while saying that he really loves to take on strong opponents.”

Just when I think that he’s quite capable of suddenly popping out here with his blurry movements…I check the vicinity in alert, but luckily he’s nowhere to be seen. Well, I don’t think he’s the type of man who’d tenaciously pursue a target like a wolf in the wilderness, or put his life on the line for his dignity or some manly obstinacy.

“Please don’t say such weird stuff. Being tracked down by such a pervert would be a nightmare. Even at the best of times, I’ve already got vampire organizations under the Valmask family trying to kill me.”

Due to her remark, I remember the crows and the pretty dove flying in the air above the Dignified Heaven’s Shrine… They stood out because of their gleaming eyes.

“Come to think of it, crows, which I believe to belong to the Valmask, have been fluttering about.”

“So it was them after all! Those crows sure looked like it.”

“Hmm, I think they’ve been observing the situation. Even if they scouted us out for the sake of launching an attack, you’re already a Lucival, and my chosen bloodkin. I leave taking any necessary steps against the Valmask in your hands.”


Hearing my words, her small body jolts with a start as if she’s trembling in excitement, and then she straightens herself, blinking.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, don’t mind me, Suzerain-sama♪”

What a weird girl.

“Anyway, let’s go back to the meeting place.”

“Wait…I’d like to bite.” Veronica reveals a womanly expression filled with a quiet sex appeal.

“Biting in this place?”

“Is that a no?”

“I don’t mind. It’s the usual anyway.” With those words, I go ahead, stealing her lips.

“Nnfuh, a surprise kiss is sly.”

Continuing to kiss her, I let my lips run along her white skin at her décolleté line. The rhythm of her blood, which makes the violet veins beneath her skin throb in tact, tells me that Veronica is slightly aroused. I place my teeth above one of the faintly transparent veins, and bite.

“Ahn,” with such an erotic voice that it caused Rollo to roll her eyes…

After granting her a pleasure that would make anyone go crazy in body and mind, I grasp her small, sweaty hand, leading her back to the room where everyone has gathered.




Veronica radiates an oddly vibrant allure from her whole body. And naturally, Yui and Helme…pick up on our little liaison.

The looks they’re throwing at me are scary, but I focus on my conversation with Lezalaysa.

“Spearmaster Shuuya Kagari, we’ve concluded an official contract under the name of 【United Front of Blood and Moon】. I believe this will become the strongest alliance in South Mahaheim.”

“The strongest alliance, eh?”

“Going by your tone, you believe that there are other parties, countries or organizations worthy of concern?”

Of course there are others. In the west, the Radford Empire. In the east, Hogbar’s 【Noctal’s Oath】 would be of concern, but…

“There are, but those relate to private matters.”

“In that case…we’re looking forward to a fruitful cooperation from now on.”

“Understood. Pleased to work with you, Lezalaysa Phol Losstein.”

Once I hold out my hand, she looks at me doubtfully as if a question mark is floating above her head, raising an eyebrow slightly as she wonders whether there’s any meaning in my action. Seemingly immediately suspecting some kind of agreement behind this, Lezalaysa clasps my hand slowly.

“The rest will be finished with this.”

Parchments have been prepared on the table. The signatures of the leaders and blood seals are visible on them. After I also add my blood seal, we exchange the official transcripts. And then I receive an explanation about the important nature of this alliance which only includes Moon and Blood, but not Stars and Sea.

After being told that the most important alliance is the one with Remains of the Moon aka with me, despite it being commonly known for its name of Blood Stars Sea Moon Alliance, Lezalaysa adds, “It’s an alliance exceeding our relationship with countries like Oseberia. Do you understand the significance behind this, spearmaster?”

“I do.”

Then we continue our discussions with Mel, who’s arrived at this inn in the meantime, and Melichek joining in. The topics consist of the infiltration into Tandarl after the collapse of the Shadow Wing Brigade and the acquisition of the mining rights there, subversive activities in each city of Radford Empire while at the same time exacting revenge on the empire – although it’ll basically abide to the contract with the kingdom, and an exploration of the underground tunnel beneath the Mahaheim Mountain Range which connects to the capital of the Ancient Befaritz Empire.

“This underground path will be based on the route which Kazane of the Asura Religious Organization has investigated during her time as adventurer, but it’ll be difficult since the underground world is vast with some underground paths having changed by now. For the most part, Redond has been in charge of the exploration mission, but even after going at it for several decades, we’ve been only able to chart a part of the underground. People with the skill <Map Creator> are precious. And if they have to also possess abilities making them strong fighters on top of that, the number of people capable of working on this mission dwindles down even further. Since adventurer clans will never let go of such people either, Redond has a lot of trouble gathering the necessary personnel.”

The underground, eh? It might be impossible to head there on the surface. On top of the Religious State Hesliphat and the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris, you’ll also need to cross the Great Forest of Evil Haunts along the way.

“Figures. But, is there anything to be found in the imperial capital with it’s Tear leading to the Spirit World?”

“Yes, we know the hiding places of the treasures left behind by Befaritz’ State Department, the Congress of the Sages. Most of them have been devastated by the demons, so I doubt you’ll find much of monetary value, but…”

“Ah, that’s the kind of treasure you’re talking about…”

“Well, at least that’s our official stance. Although the capital has completely changed ever since then, I also feel the desire to personally take a look at its current state at least once.” Lezalaysa’s eyes reflect her seriousness.

“You were Befaritz’ special forces, White Whale, weren’t you? I’d have expected you to possess a map of the underground or something similar.”

“No, we don’t have anything like that. We didn’t know of the existence of such an underground labyrinth during the war. Moreover, we only found out about this a hundred years ago, after having been in South Mahaheim for several hundred years.”

“I see.”

“On top of that, it’s impossible to access the capital overland. As you know, the Religious State and Great Forest of Evil Haunts lie between here and the capital.”

“Makes sense. You’d be likely pursued persistently by the Demon Extermination Agencies.”

“For such a reason, it’d make the underground exploration a lot easier, if Bloody Long Ears had more personnel with such a skillset.”

“If it’s this city, you should be able to find people with mapping skills and remarkable combat abilities, I think.”

“Anticipating that, we’ve come to this city, and I had Norn scout for people…” Lezalaysa’s look turns sharp as she apparently recalls her deceased comrade.

Norn, huh? I believe she was the one using a mace.

Next we shift our talks to the southern road leading to the underground ruin financed by Adolianne of 【Assembly of Stars】, the mop-up of the desert bandit groups rumored to terrorize the vicinity around the northern Rad Mountain Pass, and an interview in regards to the troubles with Hekatrail’s marquess.

“Various forces seem to be on the move in the circumference of Fortress City Hekatrail.”

“Circumference? So not just Leften and Zamalia, but also within the Kingdom?”

“I don’t know the details, but according to the reports, it seems so.”

“I’ve heard about the dispute with Zamalia directly from the marquess.”

“Hmm, Chardonnay’s way of thinking resembles that of the intrigue-loving Langreed geezer. She has obtained private military forces at the auction. And hearing the news of the fort that turned into a breakwater, overturning the situation of Oseberia being constantly pushed back by the western empire…that clever fox probably wanted to get her hands on the absolute war insurance called 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】.”

Afterwards, we talk about the business with the wealthy merchant Golmock of the Fujique Confederation, the requests of Senapua’s councillors which were close to them, the plans to assassinate the councillors opposing them, the exploration of the huge, continental megaliths floating back and forth in the skies of the Azel Boundary ahead of the point they reached from the big gate, and their strife with the winged people living in the Azel Boundary.

And lastly, “Spearmaster, can you stay back since there’s something I need to speak about with you in private.”

“There’s still more?”

“Just be a good boy, and stay back.”

Because she’s used a tone carrying a strong will, I yield to her force, and acknowledge her request. Mel and Melichek keep chatting, nodding at each other. It looks like Mel hasn’t spoken much with Demonoid Zarlp.

I don’t know the finer rules of the agreement between Bloody Long Ears and Remains of the Moon. But I suppose Mel will keep an eye on Remains of the Moon adhering to those rules.

With this, the meeting between Blood and Moon comes to an end.

Yui contacts the Blood Beast Corps, who is protecting my mansion, once more on the way out of the room. In the end, Hogbar hasn’t launched any attacks. Their blood messages state that the Blood Beast Corps is peacefully continuing to train on the courtyard.

While looking at Mamani and Bia’s blood messages, and the blood message written by Yui, I nod. I also exchange some blood messages with Eva.

『Nn, Nereis’Kary has eaten plenty of Rebecca’s private, limited sweets!』『The pastry has been hidden, and if Rebecca finds out, she’ll get angry』

In the meantime, Yui has also contacted Kaldo who’s headed in the direction of the southern Socteria. Kaldo’s journey is proceeding well, and he’s currently enjoying a little break at an inn town after easily dealing with bandits, hoodlums, and monsters who picked fights with them.

“He mentioned that fire can be refreshing if you clear your mind. It looks like he tried out new katana feint techniques while using the obstacles of the burning ground.”

Those are words resembling what Takeda of the Warring States Era has said, but the meaning might be slightly different here.

“It sounds like new vampire legends are left behind in the areas Kaldo passes.”

“Yep, it’s also legends of vampire hunters losing face.”

“So, when do you plan to join up with them?”

“I plan to head over after getting my preparations for the journey in order. Are you going to miss me?”

“Of course I will…”

“Thanks――” Yui hugs me, and then kisses my cheek while standing on her tiptoes. “It’s different from our parting in the past. I’ll become strong by using this katana while searching for the truth.”

A reassuring gleam dwells in Yui’s eyes, allowing me to feel her strong desire to face the future. At the same time, I experience a dear sensation of being connected with her heart.

“…You’re right. We’ve still got a long life ahead as Lucival. I’m sure you’ll pull off a breathtaking performance on other dark night stages.”


She nods, and then leaves the room while chatting with Helme about the fruits of the Millennium Plant. With those two leaving, everyone except for Lezalaysa is gone. The only other being left in here is my darling Rollo. She’s curled up at the edge of the sofa, sleeping.

So I’m basically all alone with the boss of Bloody Long Ears. I’m happy as she’s a beauty, but since it’s been a different kind of atmosphere so far, I’m a bit nervous. I guess it stems from the other party being much older than me.

She retrieves a wine bottle and two glasses from her necklace-shaped item box.

“This is a special wine left over from an ancient era.” She explains with a smile while filling the glasses. “Drink, spearmaster.”

Once she finishes pouring the wine, she places the bottle on the table. She sits down on the sofa beneath her, and crosses her long legs. On that occasion, I could catch a little glimpse at her black panties since her skirt became slightly disheveled.

“Yeah.” While giving her a non-committal confirmation, I keep staring at her calmly. I’m a gentleman, after all.

I pick up the glass she’s offered me with a hand, and take a sniff at the red wine after tilting the glass a bit as if peeking into it.

――It’s got a nice aroma. A mellow scent.

Placing my lips at the glasses’ edge, I drink the wine.

Ooohh, I’m immediately reminded of the wine made by Raglen. Though it’s slightly different in flavor, I’d say. It’s gentle and doesn’t have an alcoholic taste. My tongue, gums, and the interior of my mouth are wrapped up by the mellow liquid. It’s fruity, refreshing…and oddly rich. A wine with a great mana taste.

“…How is it? It’s a wine you can’t experience anywhere else, right?” Lezalaysa brags with a lovely expression.

She’s got a slender chin, waking the urge in me to let my fingers run along her E-Line. Continuing from her décolleté, I can see the top part of her two, big breasts. At this point, she isn’t wearing a uniform. Instead she’s put on a thin shirt, allowing to grasp her body contours, and a sweater with feather decorations.

“…No doubt, it’s a flavor I’ve never tasted before. It’s great.”

“I see. I’m happy to hear that.” Lezalaysa recrosses her long legs.

“It’s my first time to treat a man other than those of my family to this wine.” Lezalaysa-san confesses while blushing.

Is she implicitly telling me that she’s fond of me? In that case, let’s probe her heart.

“Your first time? I feel very honored then.” I put my glass on the table, stand up, move over next to her, and sit down.

I shorten the distance between our bodies even further from the location where we can already smell each other. Her body stiffens up.

“S-Spearmaster, y-you’re c-close.” She whispers, but I ignore it, and gently place a kiss on her red cheek.

“I-I’m a boorish soldier dropout whose body is covered with scars…are you still fine with all that?”

“Lezalaysa, did you hate the kiss?”

“N-No, t-that’s not what I meant. S-Sorry. I only know of battlefields and the underworld. I’m a boorish, uncouth, unfashionable woman, you know? Someone like Clydossus is far more superior as a woman. Even from now on――”

“Stupid Leza――”

Pulling the slender arm of the stupid Leza who tries to get away out of embarrassment, I force her to sit back down on the sofa. Lezalaysa’s long golden hair becomes disordered while her face turns blank.

“I’m here because of you.”

“…I see. So you’re saying you’re alright with me…”

A single tear drop runs down from Lezalaysa’s blue eye. I didn’t intend to make her cry…

After wiping away the tear with my thumb, I steal her lips as atonement.

“Puhaa!” When the kiss finishes, Lezalaysa’s eyes are fixated on my lips.

It’s a look full of passion. I can also hear her swallowing down her saliva. It looks like she desires a longer kiss.

Her blue eyes, which have been gazing at my lips, look up. Her eyes are trembling, and she averts them a bit, just to immediately look back at me.

How cute.

“…It’s the first for me to feel something like this, spearmaster.”

“We’re sworn friends, so call me Shuuya.”

“That makes sense, but I’ve grown accustomed to calling you spearmaster ―― Hyaauuh.”

I forcibly steal her lips while gently stroking the scar on her face. Her body is still cramped up. She must feel nervous. When I remove my lips from hers next while leaving a faint layer of mana behind on her upper lip so as to make her relax, emphasizing my wish to take care of her as a man, she smiles at me.

Like a true gentleman, I separate my body from hers, and lean my back against the sofa, creating a calm atmosphere.

“You sure are experienced with women, spearmaster…” She looks at me with moist eyes.

“Are you anxious?”

“D-Definitely not!”

“Haha, don’t force yourself――” I put my arms around her, and pull her towards me.

Just like that I hug her, and while focusing on using a truthful voice, I whisper into her ear, “…Please also take care of me in this upcoming alliance.” 1

“Of course.” Lezalaysa’s scarred long ear trembles adorably.

And then, obviously having gathered her courage, she purses her lips and closes her eyes. I guess the guildmaster of Bloody Long Ears is truly an inexperienced woman…

Just as she’s hoped for, I steal her lips once more. This time I focus on being slightly more proactive, kissing her while shifting around between her upper and lower lips.

Once I separate my face from hers with a lewd smacking sound, strings of saliva connect us. Lezalaysa stares at me. I can see a beast craving for lust in her eyes.

“This time I will――”


Lezalaysa swiftly gets on top of me, straddling. And then she takes off the thin shirt, which allowed me to clearly see the shapes of her nipples, in front of my eyes. Her hair gets caught on the shirt she’s pulling off, causing a nice citrus-like aroma to waft over as it waves. Her beautiful nude body clad in a faint layer of silver mana looks like a piece of art. Her voluptuous boobs, as typical for elves, bounce.

Seemingly getting embarrassed all of a sudden, Lezalaysa covers her boobs with an arm, but she can’t hide both of them completely. Its erect nipple looks adorable.

Scars of various sizes, proof of her having survived many harsh battles, are visible all over from her tight waist all the way down to her feet. I’m sure she wasn’t in time with using a potion, or maybe it was a battle fought under a lack of supplies. All of these are evidence of her having survived through wit and bravery.

But, I won’t point it out at this moment.

I gently put my arms around her hips, pulling her into an embrace as a woman. After making her bulging breasts sway, Lezalaysa tightly wraps up my head with her hands. Seemingly excited, she lets her hands glide towards the back of my head while ruffling up my hair as if massaging my head with both palms. Lezalaysa’s palms feel very nice as they’re slightly uneven – maybe stemming from having calluses from holding her sword. And I can directly sense the sound of her racing heart from her whole, warm body.

Going along with that touch I pour my throbbing, aroused feelings into all of her, from the tips of her long, elven ears down to her toes.




After the sex which was so intense that it woke up Rollodeen, I performed with the lute I received from the God of Justice at the end.

“This beautiful melody…reminds me of my homeland.”

“I’m happy if I’ve managed to pass on my feelings to you.”

“Hah, you’ve got a great musical sense to create such a melody. I guess I wasn’t wrong in spotting you having some kind of rhythm in the way of your spearmanship.”

“Really? Come to think of it, I also obtained the combat occupation War Spear Player.”

“…I’ve never heard of that one, but I get why.”

Lezalaysa is hugging me from behind while still nude.

Afterwards, we have another go, but with Lezalaysa’s whole body having become very sensitive, she quickly tires out, looking as if she’s about to faint anytime soon.

“You okay?”


It looks like she’s busted.

“Okay, let’s stop at this point. I’ve entrusted the rest to Mel of Remains of the Moon, so see you later.”

Lezalaysa is lying face down, exposing her sweat-drenched back to me. She can’t even react to my words. Gazing at her figure and her exposed, pretty bum, which Helme would love, I smile and then get up, trying to go home.

Thereupon, Rollo approaches me from the side with expanded nostrils, apparently taking in the stuffy pheromones which are released between man and woman during intercourse. Rollo greets me with a “Nn, nya?”, and returns on my shoulder.

“Sorry for having made you wait, Rollo.”


The expected hitting of my cheeks didn’t take place. She only licks my face with her small tongue.

Once we leave the room and inn, stepping out on the street, the gentle sunlight greets us.

Alright, I suppose I’ll go on a little trip with Princess Nereis’Kary to send her back to Leften after returning home.




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