Chapter 298 – Meeting (Second Part)

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“…Well then, I’d like all of you to give us a short introduction. We will start with the leader of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】, seated in Neutral Violent Tower City Senapua, Lady Lezalaysa Phol Losstein. You have the word.”

“I’m Lezalaysa of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】. Pleased to work with you this year as well. We plan to exhibit items we obtained in the Azel Boundary during the first and second part. I’m looking forward to your bidding, ladies and gentlemen.” The tall and broad elf stands up, speaks calmly, and bows her head.

Her cloak is pretty neat, and the look she’s sending in my direction is somewhat fierce. She forms characters in the air with the silver mana seeping out of her cloak.

『Y-o-u a-r-e t-h-e s-p-e-a-r-m-a-s-t-e-r, r-i-g-h-t? W-e h-a-v-e t-o t-a-l-k i-n p-r-i-v-a-t-e. B-l-i-n-k i-f y-o-u a-g-r-e-e』

Uh-oh…she might have set me as her target. She’s an elven amazon with a good-looking, aesthetic face. Her face has a scar, but it’s still the invitation of a beauty. There ain’t no guy who wouldn’t go along with it.

Intently staring back into her eyes, I write y-e-s, and blink my eyes.

“…Thank you very much. Next up, the leader of 【Sea King Hornet】, seated in the Independent Ocean Light City Gazeljan, Sir Blue Brave. You have the word.” Kazane introduces a fishman.

I shift my eyes away from Lezalaysa, looking at him.

“…Blue of 【Sea King Hornet】. We won’t exhibit anything. We won’t participate in the auction either. I plan to head back to Gazeljan right away.”

Blue-san, huh? His skin is similar to that of scaled people. He slightly resembles the Miguln fishman pirates we fought some time ago. His eyes are clear, looking like aquamarines. The angle of his square gills, located on both sides of his head, looks classy.

The sacred treasure supposedly stolen from them by Eribol’s Owl’s Fangs…the Water Element Staff is still in my possession. I guess I’ll give it back to him. It’s a staff capable of opening the door to another dimension at the bottom of the sea, and it also has the power to manipulate ocean water.

Seemingly trying to examine me, Blue-san stares my way with mana dwelling in his eyes. The two grim fishmen behind him are also scrutinizing me.

“Then, next up, the leader of 【Assembly of the Stars】, seated in Radford Empire’s Elephant God City Regeepick, Lady Adolianne Leekanzo.”

While listening to Kazane, I fix my eyes on the woman with the golden mask. A huge amount of mana is being emitted from the mask, and extraordinary mana ripples are generated by the mask’s surface.

『Just by looking at her, it induces a feeling of being washed away by the mana waves』

A tiny Helme appears at the edge of my visual field, swimming for some reason. In the middle of her swimming motions, she stops her hands, and points a small hand towards Adolianne. Illusionary water is shot out of her fingertips, causing sounds similar to those of a phaser.

『She seems to be Kazane’s boss. Besides, she’s no pharaoh, but it feels like you’d get cursed by just looking at her golden mask. Moreover, she’s a woman possessing enough power to make reincarnators follow her. Maybe she really owns the power to curse people』


The clothes worn by Adolianne are far from being cursed, however. Her body is covered by a magic robe with psychedelic patterns, mixing gray and golden colors while having red feathers growing out on the surface. Those feathers are somewhat similar to Muntomi’s, but hers is a high-class robe. A neckerchief with a weasel design is draped around her collar. Furthermore is she wearing mana bracelets with mosaic patterns, visible beneath the hem of her robe.

“…I’m Adolianne of 【Assembly of the Stars】. I plan to exhibit items, which we procured in the Labyrinth Cities Souther’Darley and Isolgand, and moreover, during the second part, an enterprise will auction wonderful items characteristic of the Elephant God City where I live for us. Ufufufu♪ In addition, I also plan to buy items that are unknown to me as of yet. By all means, please participate in the auction and make wonderfully high bids on all our items.” She explains her objectives at the auction, and bows towards the other Eight Lights.

Going by her appearance, she looks like a human, but since she hasn’t named her race, she might also be of a different species. Her bearing gives the impression of her being humble, but my intuition tells me that she’s a monster.

I’ve become really eager to look at her through the Kaleidoscope, but…I won’t do anything suspicious, seeing how this is a meeting with all Eight Lights gathered.

“…Moreover, I’d like to privately meet with Shuuya Kagari, the leader of 【Remains of the Moon】.” She boldly declares in front of everyone without being sneaky about it like Lezalaysa.

Adolianne’s white eyes stare at me through the mask while teeming with mana. Her eyes are definitely Demonic Eyes.

Her and Bloody Long Ears…just what do they want to talk about? Well, if we’re going to meet in private, I suppose I can also ask the two women about Scores of the Demon King.

“…Next up, the leader of 【Hands of Baycala】, seated in the 【Ocean Current City Cesdolzen】, Sir Garon Aconit.”

The next one pointed out by Kazanae is a scaled man. He has a sharp glint in his eyes, and his scales are violet.

“Aconit of 【Hands of Baycala】. We’re going to sell high-class combat slaves, which we acquired at Relique and Shijima, and I also plan to buy some stuff. During the second part, we plan to sell several relics of the Arzen Civilization through an enterprise. Looking forward to doing business with you.”

This is the guy who meddled with Remains of the Moon by using Black Gloves, eh? Though it sounds like he’s Duke Langrid’s dog… I recall Prince Fals calling Langrid a scheming geezer.

Once Aconit finishes his introduction, he checks me out, and then talks to one of his subordinates behind him. Looking at the whole, he’s an enemy, but considering him to be a part of Oseberia Kingdom, he’s an ally, I’d say?

What a complicated relationship. However, right now is the time of the auction. And that’s neutral ground. As long as he doesn’t come to meddle with me, I won’t start anything from my side either. Or rather, let’s just ignore him since I’m not interested anyway.

Hmm? Aconit’s eyes aren’t focused on me, but…Yui. Aconit’s dark guild has the name 【Hands of Baycala】.

A mix of white and purple mana wafts up from his back. It doesn’t have a fixed shape like the Magic Hand guided by Thought, but it’s mana in the shape of a hand either way. Does he possibly know about the power of Yui’s eyes?

As I’m pondering about that, Kazane speaks up again.

“…Following that, 【Noctal’s Oath】 which is seated in Leften Kingdom’s capital, Fa’Dyke. Its leader is the catman Sir Hogbar Shafeed.”

I shift my eyes to the huge catman – a beastman possessing three eyes and four arms. I can’t sense much of a skill in mana manipulation from him.

Something similar to a mantis’ compound eyes is stuck on the pointed horn protruding out of his left shoulder, restlessly goggling around while widely open.

Hogbar stretches out one arm, and pulls on a chain coiled around his arm with a jangling. In response, the slave, whose collar is connected to the chain, bumps against the round table. She’s a beautiful woman.

The beauty is wearing clothes resembling a high-grade silk negligee, which allows one to faintly catch a look at her bare skin.

“Hogbar, for me to be at a venue like this…”

“Shut your trap, Nereis’Kary. Take a good look. Look, how the other Eight Lights are joyfully ogling at your shameful appearance.”

Joyfully? I’m not really ogling either. But that name…I remember having heard it somewhere before.

“How repulsive…” She covers her chest with her slender arms, and glares at us.

A look full of hatred. She’s wearing a collar, but from her way of talking and behavior, it’s clear that she’s no regular slave. However, she has my pity as she’s a beautiful woman.

To put a collar on the neck of a beauty and connect a chain to it…that cat beastman is an absolute pervert as he gets aroused from showing such a scene to everyone. I love cats, but the preferences of that catman are going completely against my principles… I determine the catman to be an evil boss, as you’d expect from the Eight Lights.

“…Kakakaka, the Eight Lights are repulsive? For you to not only slander me, but also the top bosses of the guilds controlling most of the underworld around here…that’s bold.”

Well, the place he uses as his stronghold, Fa’Dyke, teems with crimes. He might have an antiquated way of thinking after having lived through many fights and bloodshed. Moreover, it’s the country where I met Hyatos, Chardonnay, and Yui after I left on a journey from the Goldiba village – Leften Kingdom with the Indomitable Lion Tower resembling the Tower of Babel.

“Don’t mind it. So, are you done with your introduction?”

It looks like it’s not just me who feels offended. Kazane barks at Hogbar harshly.

“…Yeah, yeah, gotcha. I’m Hogbar of 【Noctal’s Oath】. I plan to exhibit a batch of exceedingly rare, new slaves, which I obtained at the Indomitable Lion, during the first part. I don’t care if you look forward to it. Moreover, I’ll exhibit something special, also obtained at the Indomitable Lion, during the second part. I’m sure it’ll become a centerpiece, just like the slaves. It should be quite capable of outpacing Lezalaysa.”

Pulling Nereis’Kary close to himself, he fondles her boobs.

“…Aren’t you confident there, Hogbar? Want to bet on who’s going to get more for their item?”

“Sure, why not. Of course I’ll win anyway.”

“In the end, catmen are nothing more than mere beastmen. At best it’s going to be something that rejoices over being fed a fish, right? My item is, of course, of a very high quality.”

“No one’s going to listen to witty remarks shouted by a fallen long-ear anyway…”

The leaders of both guilds argue while scorning each other.

“You’re a nuisance to the meeting. Please be quiet. Have your pointless, private chatting after the meeting.” Kazane uses a scolding tone befitting a granny.



“Okay, now then…【Shafa’s Lightning】 which is seated in 【Bay Coast City Terria】. The leader is Sir Guy Gyulbun.”

Guy Gyulbun is wearing a pointy hat. A magician? Countless accessories are attached to his clothes. One of them is pointing in my direction while gleaming blood red. For an instant I recall the demon search tool employed by the church’s forces.

“Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m called Gyulbun of 【Shafa’s Lightning】. It’s nothing that will stand out, but I plan to sell several high-class combat slaves during the first part…”

Going by their guild using the name Shafa, does it mean that they’re believing in the God of Justice? I wonder what would happen if I showed my lute to him. Well, I doubt there’s any need to get involved with him.

“Next, 【Sparrow Tiger】 which is seated in 【Naval Port City Socteria】. The leader is Sir Rinabel Pusenarl.”

“Rinabel of 【Sparrow Tiger】. We plan to sell various slaves and items through several enterprises participating in the auction. Nice to meet you.”

Since he’s a tiger beastman, he resembles Mamani a bit. He’s wearing an oodachi. The hilt with its characteristic dragon mark peeks out at the tip of his shoulder.

Reflexively, I peek at Yui behind me. As expected, she’s staring at the katana of Rinabel. Makes sense, seeing how she’s also holding a katana.

“And lastly, 【Remains of the Moon】 which is seated in 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】. The leader is Sir Shuuya Kagari.”

My turn…

“I’m Shuuya of 【Remains of the Moon】 …”

I tell them that we won’t exhibit anything, wrapping up the introduction quickly. But then again, I could sell the Tail of Hueprinopas, Mad Sword of Lanwen, Tofinger’s Crying Ax, or Sel Viper, if I felt like it. Just, I don’t have any intention to do so.

“Well then, ladies and gentlemen of the Eight Lights, the meeting is over. We will await all of you in the basement next to the venue of the Underground Auction’s first part.” Kazane brings the meeting to an end.

As it’s over, I get up as well.

Thereupon Lezalaysa and Adolianne approach me with their attendants. The one speaking up first among them is Clydossus, who’s gone ahead of the others.

“Shuuya-san, long time no see. How are you doing?”

“Yeah, long time no see…I’m fine.”

“Shuuya, it’s this chick we met in Hekatrail.”

“Nya.” Rollo reacts as well.

At the same time as Yui’s words echo through my ears, entering my brain…the memories surrounding the dangerous atmosphere and explosive situation, when she encountered Clydossus in Hekatrail, revive in my mind all of a sudden.

Yui seems to be on high alert about Clydossus. I can understand as much from her profile. The look in her eyes is grim. She hasn’t activated Baycala’s ability, though.

“…Nice to meet you again, Yui-san.”

“…Yeah, same to you, too. Stay away from Shuuya.”

“Haha, sure. I won’t come any closer. Anyway, it looks like our guildmaster, Lezalaysa-sama, has something to talk about with you.”

“Wait a moment. I haven’t heard anything about Bloody Long Ears having booked a talk with him ahead of me.” Adolianne interrupts while bewitching anyone with her walking style, which is as elegant and refined as that of stylish boulevard ladies.


After noticing Adolianne come close, Clydossus looks at Lezalaysa and Melichek who are next to her.

“It’s only natural for Adolianne-sama to say so. Besides, we also share a personal relationship with Shuuya-sama.”

“It’s just as my daughter says. The Asura Religious Organization and Shuuya-san are bound by fate.”

With Kazane also joining the fray, the air between 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】 and 【Assembly of the Stars】 gets worse.

“Shuuya, you sure are popular, aren’t you?”

“They’re probably desperate to form a link with Master.”

“Guildmaster, this sounds like requests for an alliance.”

Yui, Viine, and Mel comment while looking back and forth between the two parties.

While nodding at their opinions I turn my eyes towards the guildmaster of Bloody Long Ears. I’m sorry for Mirai, Kazane, and Adolianne, but…I’d like to talk with the pretty elven guildmaster. Let’s give her the priority.

“…Okay, let’s have a talk then, Lezalaysa-san.”

“You heard the man, Adolianne. No need for you to butt in. Spearmaster, could you follow me? I’d like to have a little chat between the two of us.”

Lezalaysa turns over her cloak after sending a short glare at Adolianne. Since she’s a beautiful elf, those actions look good on her.

“Humph, it looks like fate wasn’t strong enough…” Adolianne spits out as if to blame Mirai and Kazane, and adds, “No choice. Very well, Kazane, Mirai, we’ll abide to Shuuya-san’s words.”


Adolianne’s group steps back. While smiling, I tell Yui, Viine, and Mel to not follow me with my eyes, nodding. They obediently agree by nodding as well.

After turning my eyes away from my friends towards Lezalaysa, I approach her.

“Rollo, my partner, will come with me though.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Nyao.” Rollo, who has been staying on my shoulder like a good girl, greets Lezalaysa.

While next to her, we head close to the inner wall. Since Lezalaysa extends a hand towards me, I misunderstand it as her maybe wanting to hold hands with me. She only holds out her hand to show me the way.

In my stead, Rollo extends her paw, trying to shake hands with her. But, Lezalaysa doesn’t show any reaction to that.

It was slightly embarrassing, but we arrived at the wall. The torches decorating the wall are beautifully casting their purplish red light on Lezalaysa, like lighting on stage.

She places her hand on the wall, and speaks up while looking at me diagonally.

“…Spearmaster. You have my thanks for having rescued Curél during the war. And I heard that Clydossus received favors from you in the past, too.”

“It was just a coincidence that I rescued Curél. And the matter with Clydossus was only at the level of a greeting.”

“I see…but, rather than that, Spearmaster, there’s another reason why I got in contact with you…”

All of a sudden?

“I’d like to make a pact with you.”

That’s just what Mel mentioned moments ago.

“A pact?”

“Correct. A nonaggression alliance. It’ll also include the Remains of the Moon members who’ve killed our comrades.”

“That sounds fine. I’m not looking for strife either. That means we’ll be allies and comrades?”

“You’re quick on the uptake. You might describe it as us being comrades. But, I’d like you to keep in mind that we would usually insist on taking the lives of Paulsen and Angie…it’ll be an alliance, taking the shape of us desisting from doing so.”

Lezalaysa smiles, but because of her stabbing look, she’s kinda scary. She doesn’t forgive her comrades having been killed, but she’s probably judged that allying with me is more beneficial to her. Just as Mel mentioned, anyone can easily guess that there’s political reasons behind this, official and unofficial ones.

“Understood. I’ll pass this on to the vice-guildmaster of 【Remains of the Moon】.”

“Okay. I’ll inform Sergeant of this, too. Thus, I’m Lezalaysa Phol Losstein of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.” Lezalaysa adopts a military pose, similar to a salute.

I get drawn in by her cool dignity, naturally answering by creating my Master’s “Ra Kelada” sign, and saying, “For me it’s also a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Well then, I’d like to have another talk on the top floor of the high-class inn, where the Eight Lights are staying, after the auction ends.”

“Sure. If I remember correctly, it was the Dignified Heaven’s Shrine Briant, right?”

“Yes. It’s the inn owned by the Embodiment of Iron Briant. Okay then, sworn friend Shuuya Kagari. Let’s meet at the auction’s venue. Enjoy yourself. I also plan to exhibit “something not of this world.” If possible, I’d be delighted if you were to participate in the bidding.”

“I understand, sworn friend Lezalaysa-san.”

She smiles with her whole body clad in silver mana. Then she walks towards her comrades, who have been waiting for her, with her mantle flying.

“Shuuya, the elf just now seems stronger than Clydossus.” Yui says.

Viine and Mel also approach me, both donning thoughtful expressions.

“…Besides her individual and military fighting strength, I sensed craftiness and charisma from her.”

“An elf who has impressed you to such an extent, Master… That’s the leader of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】 for you.”

“Well, she’s a survivor of the Ancient Great Befaritz Empire.”

“Mel, I have concluded an alliance with those Befaritz survivors, the 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】, so please take care of the rest. She said that it’d be an alliance including them overlooking Angie and Paulsen who killed their comrades.”

“…I see. So the other side saw a gain in this, as expected, huh? Despite possessing the strongest military power, Bloody Long Ears has many enemies. They probably judged that a conflict with you would bear too many risks, Guildmaster. Also, we’ll be indebted to them.” Mel comments while placing a finger on her chin.

At that point, Adolianne comes close, flanked by Kazane and Mirai.

“Shuuya-san, I’m Adolianne of 【Assembly of the Stars】. Please participate in the bidding during the auction, okay?”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve intended to do anyway. Though I’m slightly worried whether my desired item is going to be exhibited.”

“What item would that be?”

“It seems to be an item called Score of the Demon King…”

“The score, eh? Last year I put it up for auction too, but I don’t plan to do so this year. Still, I think it’s very likely that another company will exhibit it.”

Since I can’t see Adolianne-san’s face because of the mask, I can’t get a read on her expression, but her voice sounds weird. Does it carry a faint echo?

Though, it might only sound like that since I’m listening to her from close-by. Her two arms peeking out of her robe are slender. Going by this, I don’t think that she’s a warrior type.

“Various scores flow in through treasure chests or people having connections with the spirit world, so some enterprises always sell something between the 5th to 28th score. On the other hand, you can expect that the first and the other upper scores won’t be up for auction… Come to think of it, there are rumors a new company called Hekatrail Fan Club has been buying up Scores of the Demon King before the auction.”

Just what the hell is the Hekatrail Fan Club… Still, it looks like there are different types of scores. Don’t tell me, do I have to buy all the scores in order from the first down to the 28th, or such? That’d be a pain in the ass…

Well, since I can’t tell anyway, I’ll just aim for winning the bids on the scores put up for auction. Hmm, okay, I’ve heard everything I wanted to hear.

I look at Adolianne, “…I see. Excuse me then.”

“Please wait. I’d like to also form an alliance with you guys, seeing how you’re special enough to repel Kazane’s <Lineage of Asura>.”

So she wants to form an alliance with my bloodkin?

“Sure. Please pass the details through Mel of 【Remains of the Moon】.”

“Very well. Kazane, you heard him, right?”

“Yes, I’ve sent Mirai over as liaison for that very reason.”

Adolianne, Kazane and Mirai talk with Mel. I hear that it’s about us receiving a part of the religious organziation’s alms, and a section of their turf as protection money.

In the middle of their talk, Mirai winks at me, and then throws a kiss my way. However, Yui cuts that air kiss down with one stroke. Moreover, Viine casually joins the negotiations, obviously blocking Mirai’s line of sight.

The discussion itself has been complex, covering a wide range of topics. Negotiations with the Collendon Slave Company, management of prized fights, animal training, a guarantee of the Lace venue, a register of the finances, the handling of prohibited goods, bribes to the kingdom, and questions such as whether we won’t obtain turf in each of the empire’s cities, including the major ones, whether we won’t attend the assembly gathering the opinion leaders of various circles in the Empire, and whether we won’t join in on the mining rights of the abundant treasure trove of ores located close to the Ilson Mountain by financing a part of the patent costs related to a new product using the feathers of a large bird.

After all that followed talk about trade using an enterprise’s overland route covering the Radford Empire and all cities of Seven Pholia, the pioneering of a new trade route that would bypass the wars through the medium-sized company of a pertly, lively tomboy, a trade route using a cooperation with the the Magic Beast Company Psion, a trade route using vagrants who have wooden clappers to spread the word of Aria, and so on.

They continuously rattle down a flood of words while agreeing with each other on everything they say.

“…Mel, will you be okay?”

“Yes, Guildmaster. Please don’t worry and leave everything to me. I’m going to conclude an official agreement with Bloody Long Ears and Kazane’s group as soon as possible.”

I can see how the man called Sergeant by Lezalaysa is reflected in Mel’s eyes. Once I also look in his direction, he nods lightly with a beaming smile. I take the safe choice of bowing my head at him. It looks like Lezalaysa has entrusted him with the finer details.

“…Okay, I’ll do that then. We’re going back home now.”

“Mmh, I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning.”

“We should contact everyone, just in case.”

After leaving Mel and the others behind, Viine contacts the other bloodkin through blood messages. I leave her behind, and exit the mansion first. As I walk through the garden with Rollo, who has jumped off my shoulder and turned in her Horse Lion form, we’re approached by Blue-san of 【Sea King Hornet】.

“――Shuuya-dono, there’s something I’d like to ask you.”

“Sure, what might it be?”

Must be about the element staff, I suppose.

Since Yui knows that the other party is a leader himself, Yui distances herself a bit.

“I heard that a chain and spear user of 【Remains of the Moon】 delivered a heavy blow against 【Oil Shell Miguln】 who are a thorn in our side. And after coming to this city, I learned that you’re called a spearmaster. So I thought that the man in question might have been you.”

Huh? That’s what he wants to speak about?

“Yes. Since they tried to build a turf here, I dealt with them appropriately.”

“As expected. Then allow me to thank you, Shuuya-dono.”

“No, no. I just listened to the reports of my subordinates. But, if you say they’re a thorn in your side, does that mean that you’re still fighting against Miguln?”

“Correct. Master of Spirit Light and Oil Shell Miguln are quite troublesome organizations in the Ocean Light City. Therefore it was huge help for you to have killed Dodon of the Ocean Spear Gunurn, and a part of their leaders.”

Ah, him. The guy I killed by throwing Murasame.

“In that case it means that both of us drew a gain out of this.”

“No, we’re grateful to you, Shuuya-dono. You crushed 【Owl’s Fangs】 who stole the divine wand, Water Element Staff, and damaged an enemy plaguing us right now.”

Is Blue-san possibly a nice fishman? I sense an honesty from the sparkle in his eyes that doesn’t quite fit the top of a dark guild. He looks pure to me – completely contrary to Hogbar.

Deciding to give the wand on a first impression alone is a bit hasty, but it’s possible that I’ll be able to form a connection with him for the future. It might be better to hand the Water Element Staff back to him.

“…It’ll be plenty if I can have you consider this as a little friendship gift between fellow Eight Lights. Also, I’ve been looking after that important divine wand of yours. If you need it, I’ll give it back to you.”


“I said that I’d return the Water Element Staff.”

I take it out of my item box.


“Guildmaster Blue!”

“That’s the divine wand!”

The fishmen, who have been watching us from behind, rush over. At that point, Viine comes back as well.

“Master? That’s the Water Element Staff, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I thought that I’d give it back to them.”

“It’s a decision very typical of you. It doesn’t even matter to you whether it might be the key to a dimensional boundary or not.”

“Certainly, it’s probably as Viine says, but are you okay with that, Shuuya?”

Yui and Viine are also surprised. Sure, it might be an important item, but I’m no collector.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Y-You’re really going to give it back to our 【Sea King Hornet】…?”

“Indeed, here, catch.”

I toss the staff to Blue-san. He catches it with both hands in a hurry, almost falling down himself.

“――Aaaahhh, for free, simply, without any contracts…Shuuya-dono, you must be a man with a kindness as deep as the sea god. Thank you very much. With this the blessing of the sea god will increase in the Ocean Light City, and we’ll be able to return the wand to the shrine of the Fierce Dragon God Great Ispal!”

The fishmen fall on their knees with their bodies trembling as Blue-san holds up the staff as if to truly pray to a god. They look happy. That’s good then.

“…Anyway, Blue-san, see you later then.”

“P-Please waiiit!”

Blue’s eyes are full of tears.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’d like to request an official alliance with you, Shuuya-sama. Not one of lending and borrowing soldiers, but an everlasting alliance with Remains of the Moon. I’d be delighted to guide you around the Ocean Light City! If you have a ship, we’ll set up an exclusive trade route.” Blue-san cries with a tear-choked voice.

His subordinates also brag that they’ll receive a great reception once they return home, continuing to happily yap on.

“…Even a trade route…okay, I got it. Please contact my vice-guildmaster Mel about the details of the alliance. She should still be inside the mansion, working out alliances with other dark guilds.”

“Understood. See you soon then――”

Tears of gratitude flow down along Blue’s cheeks as he returns to the mansion while taking his attendants along. After watching them enter the mansion, I shift my eyes to Rollodeen.

“Nn, nyao.”

Since she’s meowed something like 『Hurry up and get on nya』, I jump on her back. Following that, tentacles extend towards Yui and Viine from Rollodeen’s neck, and after seductively coiling them around their hips, Rollodeen places both in front and behind me.

Once I cast a perverted look at Yui, thinking that she’s a sight for sore eyes, Yui asks me “Want me to beat you up?” with a smile oozing out of her words. While recalling that something like that had actually happened in the past, we head back home at a leisurely pace…

“Did something like that happen in the past?” Viine asks with a calm look, but neither I nor Yui answer her.

“Nyanyanno,” meows Rollodeen in our stead.



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