Chapter 293 – Cries of Triumph

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Let’s go with Hueremy this time.

Once I get on her back, she meows happily. On the other hand, the yellow-black tiger next to her whimpers sadly.

“Alray, I’ll ride you next time, okay?”


Alray brings her big head close to my knee as I’m straddling Hueremy. Then she bumps her head against Hueremy’s. Hueremy swings one paw, delivering a hook against Alray’s head, while meowing something along the lines of 『Stop it nya』. Alray jabs a payback pad punch against Hueremy’s head while meowing, 『What are you doing nya?』.

Afterwards it developed into a fight between cats, err, tigers while accompanied by loud growling.

“――Hey, give it a rest. We’re going to head over to the place where Catiza is fighting against Kirie. It’s just over there.” Upon me pointing a finger, Hueremy starts to dash.

With a little delay, Alray chases after us.

“What! Just when I thought you melted, you transformed? Now you’re a man!?”

“I’m really sorry for becoming a man all of a sudden――”

Kirie’s voice reaches my ears. Catiza has swapped with Tsuan. I don’t know how she pulled that off, but it looks like she succeeded in buying some time to transform in the middle of the fight.

Tsuan is holding a shining khukuri in a backhand grip. Countless light threads are in the process of being released from its blade.

The stake-shaped white stones continuously shot out of Kirie’s demonic eye are disposed of by the khukuri. The stakes keep dropping to the ground after being skilfully cut in three. Meanwhile Tsuan advances. His cutting moves look pretty neat, kinda like those of a ninja.

While looking terrified, Kirie retreats as if to run away from Tsuan who steadily gets closer while getting rid of her stakes with compact swings.

At that point I jump off Hueremy, joining the fray. I deliver a flying cross chop against Kirie’s back.


She pitches forward, staggering, then her body stops moving, with her apparently having problems breathing. Using that opportunity, I shoot <Chain> from my left wrist, surrounding her body with my chain. Her body is lifted up while completely immobile.

“Kyaa, what the hell is this!? My <White Snake Dissolution> doesn’t work?” Kirie is firing stakes from her left eye against my chain, but to no avail.

“Boss, I wanted to show off my good side, too.”

With the light threads produced by his khukuri’s blade, Tsuan has created several rose-like tattoos on the surface of his arms. After whirling the khukuri around on his palm, as if performing a knife trick, the weapon disappears.


After apologizing to Tsuan, I shift my eyes to Kirie who’s dangling in midair while bound by my chain.

“Your name was Kirie, right?”

“Yes…what do you plan to do to me?”

I think that she’s also a former Japanese, but I guess she can roughly imagine what happens to soldiers who have lost.

“I won’t do anything. I just thought that we could have a little chat.”

“Don’t fuck with me! Even though I look like this, I’m still the Vice-Captain of the Third Black-Hair Corps! Besides, where did Take go?”

“Isn’t it kinda obvious that he’s dead when I’m here?”

“Eh? You’re kidding. Even the Black War God couldn’t kill Take! There’s no way that the peerless Take has died!”

“Well, even if you tell me all that…”

Kirie pours mana into her demonic eye, trying to read my emotions.

“I think that’s a pointless effort.”

“…What about Tamaki?”

“She was eaten by the tigers over here.”


Shit, now that bitch is barfing!? My poor chain…

“Even Tamaki who managed to wound an enemy ancient dragon…”

“…Ms. Vice Captain of the Third Black-Hair Corps, I don’t care even if you hate me.”

“Hate you? What silly stuff are you babbling about? This is war, right? I’ve known Take and Takami before we joined the Black-Hairs, but we reached this position by doing things typical during wars. However, now that I’m in a position of tasting a one-sided slaughter…I guess it feels quite harsh.”

I know that she’s acting tough here, but it doesn’t sound like her feelings are a lie.

“So, are you still going to fight? In that case I can release you and we’ll battle. So, what’s it going to be?”

‘A cuckoo will fight to the bitter end once it decides to fight,’ is a saying referencing to a martial artist’s spirit. 1

“Eh? Fight? What about killing or torturing me? Isn’t that the moment where you’d try to extract information from me?”

I put some mana into my eyes, glaring at Kirie while focusing on showing her a grim expression.

“I won’t. I don’t intend to become a slaughterer. If you surrender without any resistance, I’ll spare your life since you’re a beautiful woman.”

She hasn’t poured any mana into her Demonic Eye, but still tries to probe my true intent by staring into my eyes.

“…U-Understood. I’ll surrender, and I won’t use my Demonic Eye either. I’ll desert the empire. You can freely do with my body as you like, so please, just spare my life.”

Tsuan, who’s listened to Kirie begging for her life, reacts with a twitch of the brow with the conspicuous scar.

“Boss, is that okay? I think she’ll just give us trouble. Showing unrest after your friends died is normal, but the speed of her change in attitude is…”

“I don’t care. It’s about her survival, so it’s a reasonable reaction, isn’t it? It’s said that forgiveness is the foundation of any peaceful country.”

“She might be acting like that outwardly, but whether she really deserves your trust… Besides, I can’t believe that the imperial nobles, who are fussy about social rank and noble lineage, would allow any traitor of their special forces to live… It’s also possible that they’d take Kirie’s family and relatives, who’re still remaining in the empire, hostage to force her to divulge Oseberia’s internal information.”

She’d become a local spy, huh?

“True, that’s possible, but she’s pleading for her life in front of my eyes, right now and here, so I’ll accept it.”


Thereupon, Tsuan suddenly begins to act like a kabuki actor. His eyes become cross-eyed.

“…Tsuan, you’re saying you can’t trust Kirie?”

“Yes, right now I can’t believe a word she says. Though, there’s also Catiza’s naggy input about it.”

Well, she’s an opponent who fought Catiza on their first meeting and caused her body to melt. She must be persistently clamoring about it inside Tsuan’s head.

“Thanks for your advice. However, this time I’ll go with the spirit of ‘fish won’t be able to survive if the water is too pure.'” 2

“…Harboring strong affections to women, and having the backbone to try accepting them even if the woman in question might intend to kill you; that’s a principle quite typical of you, boss.”

“That’s how it is. Anyway, Kirie, what kind of effects does your Demonic Eye possess?”

I shift my eyes to Kirie who has been silently listening to us.

“Spheres with defensive capabilities, stones with the ability to melt an opponent, appraisal of people, and also the power to devour a soul by obtaining their mana after winning over the soul of a weakened opponent.”

That’s quite a lot.

“Appraisal, huh? Can you also appraise items?”

“Nope. Since appraisal is split into many fine subdivisions, it’s not really that almighty. Moreover, some people like you also repel it.”

I see. Old man Suluza might be quite the valuable asset in fact.

“Is it possible for you to manipulate the mental or spiritual state of others?”

“…No, but I know that skills such as <Mind Monster>, <Mind Destruction>, <Brainwashing>, <Induction>, and others exist. I’ve seen them used in Florseil. I also know trash using those skills in the Empire.”

Brainwashing…mind destruction…that sounds damn scary.

“What about your family and relatives in the empire?”

“I have none. I’m a former Japanese who arrived in the Circyun Kingdom, west of the Florseil Lake, through a group transfer. Even those who have transferred here with me…are now scattered all over the world. Take and Tamaki, who fled with me to the empire, were killed by you. If I had received a reward after returning to the imperial capital after this war, I might have built a family since there were many other transferees and summoned folks over there, I suppose? However, at least for the moment I have no relatives in this world.”

If Eva had been here to listen to her story while touching her, we might have learned further details, but…right now she’s not present. And if we go outside, it’d likely result in Kirie being arrested by Fran. That’s why I’ve got no choice but to believe her words right now.

“…Okay. For the moment I’ll believe you.”

Kirie repeatedly blinks her eyes in disbelief after hearing my instant reply.

“…Can you please tell me your name?”

“I’m Shuuya.”

Kirie intently stares at me with her cloudy, white, left eye and her black right eye. She might be happy about me having expressed my trust.

“Boss, you’re also a sinful man…” Tsuan sighs.

“Templar-sama, is it necessary for me to confess my sinfulness?”

“No, boss, please don’t look at me with such eyes.”

“…I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but does that mean you’re going to spare my life?”

“It does. However, just as Tsuan says, I think you have to expect imperial pursuers and an interrogation by the kingdom.”

“No problem, I’m well aware of the risks.”

In other words, she chooses to live rather than pointlessly waste her life here.

“I suppose that Fran, the red-haired woman, will take you into custody. And I’ll put in a good word for you so that they spare your life.”

“…Thank you.”

At that point I erase my chain. Kirie falls to the ground with a short scream.

Alray approaches her, and jabs her with a cat punch.

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Probably because she had previously learned of her friend having been eaten alive by Alray and Hueremy, it has given her a trauma. Kirie faints while peeing herself, falling down in a somewhat sexy manner.


“Alray, you can stop it with the cat punches now. Return to porcelain. You too, Hueremy.”

“Nya.” “Nyao.”

The two tigers come at my feet, and transform into porcelain dolls.

“Tsuan, you also revert into a finger.”


Tsuan’s body keeps shriveling away as if melting. Once he’s become small, he changes into a golden caterpillar.

“Chyu chyu♪”

After Catiza cries adorably, she meanders forwards, extends her body while making use of its flexibility, and clings to the back of my right hand. From there, she circles around to my palm, and becomes a sixth finger on her usual spot. With my right hand I pick up the porcelain dolls, and put them away into my chest strap.

Then I lift up Kirie’s unconscious body, and return to my friends while gently carrying her over my shoulder. I can clearly smell her pee, but I bear with it.

I pass through the hallway that has pillars on both sides, walking across the bloody floor while looking at the corpses of many soldiers. The battle in the fort has apparently come to an end. I continue to the inner courtyard, where everyone had fought when I left, the place near the breached, outer wall that connected to the adjoining land through a separate building that doesn’t require one to pass through the area connected to the fort’s residential buildings.

Coming out on the inner courtyard, just when the nose-shaped bay window projecting out of the wall, where Eva and Helme had been floating, enters my field of vision,

『We’re mostly done here. There were a few moments where the Blood Beast Corps messed up their teamwork due to their fighting over blood, but they handled the teamwork with the chosen bloodkin without any hiccups. Moreover, the kingdom’s soldiers are making a racket』

As I receive a blood message from Viine, as if she had timed it with my appearance at the inner courtyard, cries of triumph assail my ears from the kingdom’s soldiers all over the place. They, who were convinced that they had already lost this battle, are giving free reign to their joy.

On top of that, a crowd has formed around Rollodeen. She looks delighted while being massaged and stroked by the soldiers around her. With her head trembling, she has an expression as if saying, 『Scratch that area some more nya』. Several of her tentacles are pointing upwards while swaying, as if imitating rising steam. Her white whiskers are also standing on end while she reveals an extremely relaxed facial expression.

At that moment, Helme approaches me while scattering sheets of water spray.

“――Your Excellency, should we start chasing the fleeing enemies outside the central tower and walls?”

“No, we’ve done plenty here.”

“Understood. I shall return into your left eye then.”


Helme spirals into my left eye.

“Welcome back, Master. We have secured Fran.”

“Well done, Viine.”


Her beautifully glossy hair is brilliantly shining as it reflects the sunlight.

“Our Blood Beast Corps has contributed the most!”

“It’s our victory!”

“No, the biggest asset was Rollo-sama.”

“You’re right, her agility was simply fascinating. The sight of her toying with the magicians by running across the wall caused me to unintentionally change into my big form.”

“Oh, that. I watched it as well while manipulating my golem.” Mysty has apparently seen Mamani turning big as well.

“The part about Mamani trashing the enemy soldiers out of excitement? That was really surprising since it happened so abruptly.” Yui looks at Mamani’s face while shouldering her katana.

“Indeed, but because the opponents were charmed by your beauty, Yui, I watched your amazing sword techniques. It was funny how the enemy soldiers kept running away.”

Yui’s techniques definitely draw eyes. In the past there should have been some fellows who were easily finished off because their leering backfired on them.

“Thanks, Rebecca, your barrage of thrusts after moving in such cute, flowing motions was quite cool, too. It looks like you’ve increased the repertoire of your usual blue flame techniques. It’s really awesome that you can use ranged and close combat techniques now.”

“Awesome~? Fufu, you sure watched me closely!”

“Nn, don’t get too carried away.”

“Even though you also praised me just moments ago, Eva-chan.”

“That’s in the past now.”

“Yui-neesama, Rebecca-neesama, both of you are superb. Especially Rebecca-neesama’s weapon has easily pierced through the hard armor of heavy armored infantrymen with a single thrust.” Souther acts like a fangirl with her dog ears flapping up and down.

“Souther-chan, I’ll give you a special fluff-fluff, so come here.”

“Eh? Rebecca-neesama, your eyes are scary.”

“Certainly, they are gleaming in a bright blue…” Yui mutters.

“Fufu, now don’t be shy and come here, Souther-chan…” Rebecca is wearing red leather armor and a skirt with a small tasset, matching her Muntomi equipment. And, her whole body is enveloped by blue flames.

“Eh? That’s…”

“Rebecca, you’re frightening your little sister, you know? Go over there.”

“I’m not scaring you, am I, Souther-chan?”

“Y-Y-…Yes, y-y-you aren’t.” Souther is clinging to Viine’s waist.

Viine lifts up her small body and hugs her to her chest.

“…Look just how much she’s trembling.”

“Viine-neesama, you’re so soft~”

Uguuh! Souther is buried in Viine’s boobs!

“…I-Is that so…humph! It’s all just about boobs anyway…”

Timidly, Rebecca weakens the flames coiling around her.

“Rebecca, that conclusion is too hasty.”

“――What? Is it going to be something about tea utensils again?”

She’s read my mind at the same level as Eva would.


“Fufu, thanks. You show your kindness at weird places.”

“Nn, Shuuya, I’m also suffering from stiff shoulders.” The hidden big-boob holder Eva jolts her shoulders up and down.

“Sure, I’ll give you a massage later. The techniques of the Shoulder Massage Committee have reached new heights, too. Look forward to it.”

“Speaking of shoulders, who’s that woman, Shuuya?” Eva inquires.

“The woman on my shoulder is a war prisoner.”

“War prisoner…we’ve heard a bit about the Black-Hair Corps from Fran.”

“I see. The leader of that corps was strong, but I killed him.”

Fran and Mysty are standing next to Eva. Curél of Bloody Long Ears is around as well.

“Thanks, Shuuya.” Fran smiles at me.

“So you’ve really defeated that black hair, Shuuya-dono…as might be expected of the rumored spearmaster.” I can sense a deep respect from Curél’s gaze.

Given that he’s got only one arm now, it might become a handicap in the coming dark guild battles.

“…Don’t mind it. Also, Fran, I will hand this woman over to you as a war prisoner. Her name is Kirie. I’ve promised to spare her life, so don’t kill her. Of course only as long as she doesn’t resist…no harsh interrogations either. Since the things she knows about the empire’s internal affairs might be valuable, treat her carefully, okay?”

I entrust Kirie to Fran. Fran restrains Kirie’s arms and legs. After also gagging her mouth with a cloth, she turns around.

“…Got it. This time’s job goes far beyond being valuable, though…”


I meaningfully shake my head.

“…Hah, okay. I won’t say anything. However, once we get back to Pelneet, I’ll personally show you my gratitude in ample amounts.” Fran says with a smile, and places the bound Kirie on a horse.

Then she also mounts her own magic beast.

“Curél, we’ll hurry back to Pelneet.”


“Shuuya, see ya later.”

Fran throws a lovely wink at me from atop her mount. Then she pulls the reins of the horse carrying Kirie, and heads towards the fort’s gate. Curél follows her on his magic beast. He politely bows his head in my direction.

If they went back on Rollodeen, it’d take like no time, but she and Curél look hurried. There might be some kind of circumstances behind this.

At that moment, “Shuuya-dono! Long time no see.” A handsome man leading several attendants addresses me.

I remember having seen him before. He’s a warrior

“Y-You’re Ruka-sama?”

“Yes. I’m Ruka Zen Southerion who survived the dangerous situation on the fifth floor. Thank you very much for having saved the Second Fort on this occasion. It’s a small fort, but if it had fallen, Oseberia’s army would have to fear a pincer attack.”

“Is that so…? It’s a coincidence, but I’m happy to hear that we were of help.”

“Haha, that makes it now my second time being rescued by you. Allow me to show you the utmost gratitude of an Earl House…” He bows deeply.

I also lower my head in response.

Once Ruka-sama lifts his head, “It’s sudden, but I’d like to officially invite you as Chief Knight Leader of the Earl Southerion House.”

It’s an honor, but to be honest, I just came here to save Fran, so…

“…No, that notion alone makes me already quite happy. It’s been a coincidence because an acquaintance of mine has been at this fort.”

“I expected you to say so. I believe I’m fully understanding your character since I’ve learned from the last time, Shuuya-dono. However, I don’t think that the Dukes or the Crown Prince will simply ignore you…”

“…My reply won’t change.”

“Haha, alright. Then let me thank you deeply once more, and I shall express my feelings frankly: You have my gratitude, hero-dono!”

“Thank you very much.”


Ruka-san’s subordinates repeatedly shout that word.

“You’re welcome.” I leave it at a faultless bow.

“Well then, we’re going back home. Ruka-sama, I suppose the war will go on for a good while longer, but please do your best.”

“I shall. From now on will be the critical moment. I plan to go back to the battlefield where the White Nine company led by Great Knight Galkiv-dono and the Red Horse Knight Order are struggling.”

“I see. May the fortunes of war be with you then――”

I shift my eyes from Ruka-san to my bloodkin.

“Okay, let’s go home.”

“Nn, nyao.”

Hearing my words, Rollodeen separates from the soldiers, quickly returning to my side. She’s bumping her head while purring throatily.

I can’t afford to lose to the soldiers. *Censored Cat Porn*

“Oh, today was a training session of the Kulbul Style, but…I played hooky.”

“Nn, Sanya-san looks like she’d be really scary once she gets angry, but I’ll go to apologize together with you next time.”

“Fufu, thankies.”

“I want to watch the boxing techniques while at it.”

“Eh? Eva, you too?”

“Uh-huh, I got curious when watching you being so absorbed in it, Rebecca.”

Eva thrusts out a hand while sitting on her magic wheelchair.

“How nice~ Being so young. Documents are waiting for me when I get back home.”

Though I think that you’re quite young yourself, Mysty…

“I want to take a bath.”

“Really? There’s no blood left on you, and I like your sweat’s scent, Yui.”

“Sheesh, you pervert!”

Taking the girls along, I head outside the fort normally.



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  1. I didn’t delve into it too deeply, but it seems to be an altered part of a poem describing the characters of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu in Nitobe Inazou’s “Bushido”. The meaning is pretty clear either way I think. But if you want to know more, you can google 松浦静山, but that will require knowledge in Japanese.
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