Chapter 288 – Sender of the Letter

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『I’m really amazin’, right? When I farted, I flew all the away to the sky world!』

“Sky world?”

『Aye, it was really fun』

Guu prattles on about weird stuff like that, and vanishes after dropping a strange stone. I still haven’t gotten full  grasp on how to control him…he’s too much of a free spirit. In this state, calling him a familiar would be too much of a stretch. He’s been obviously messing around with me…

However, recently I’ve become able to use Magic Wand Beerahl. At first I was about to give up as the degree of difficulty to maintain the mana in the wand was abnormally high, however…

『I’ve also got a “small justice” of wanting to protect a woman like you!!』

Those extremely gentle words of that person have been supporting me. They’re giving me the power to live on and the energy to strive on.

While recalling his words, I was able to keep going with the challenge of pouring mana into Beerahl in the breaks between my adventurer activities with Daisy and 【Fist of the War God】, trying my hardest for my very own small justice. As a result of continuing my efforts for many days…I finally managed to retain my mana in Beerahl. At the same time, I acquired a skill called <Summoning>.

It has been spot on to get the wand fixed by those two, excellent dwarven blacksmith brothers. One of them was a strange dwarf boy called Bon-kun. He fixed my wand by freely wielding an enchantment magic I’ve never seen before. The spectacle as crests appeared on the back of his hands, emitting dense mana, dazzled my eyes. It was really astonishing…

I’m pretty sure that the attempts by the kingdom’s Refined Gold Department to headhunt him must be quite relentless.

Moreover, I also felt deeply moved by the techniques of Zaga-san who processed the metals created through Enchanto, making them fuse by binding them through a mysterious metal. As soon as I thought that there must be many other skilled artisans in a big city like Pelneet, unlike Holkerbaum, it spurred on the idea of visiting many other regions within me.

Maybe I’ll get Daisy to guide me to the city’s eastern district next time. I think I’ll be able to find many tailors and confectioneries over there.

After having those two dwarves fix Beerahl, I finally became able to use the wand skilfully, but…handling Guu is still a chore. Even if I manage to summon him, he clings to me, saying 『My, my Ayra』, and immediately disappears thereafter.

The same happened moments ago. Guu said some weird stuff and then vanished. I pick up the strange stone left behind by Guu. Beautiful…it twinkles like a star. Maybe it’s a stone Guu fetched from another world.

Since the stone is so pretty, I’ll have it appraised.

Taking the stone with me, I head over to the First Ring Road which is filled with many appraisal stores. As I walk along the street, blending in among the big number of adventurers walking there, I spot a signboard with “Item Appraisal” written on it. A street appraiser? That’s something you don’t see often.

I’ve passed this street often during my activities as an adventurer, but it’s my first time to see such a store. I approach the store owner, who’s sitting next to the signboard, with the intent to request an appraisal. It’s a woman with black hair and one eye covered by an eyepatch.

“…The price will be one silver coin.”

Kinda expensive…


However, since I do something like this only once in a while, I pay the money, and ask the woman to appraise the stone.

“…It’s a stone containing the space-time attribute, a rare stone of the underworld. Over here it’s called Twin Stone, and under the hand, Stone of Love. If you pour your feelings into this stone while thinking of your beloved, it might not only develop your love, but also cause luck to come your way…that Sky Emperor has apparently said so as well.” The appraiser woman explained to me.

I sense a strange atmosphere from her twisted collar… Though I think she’s an experienced appraiser. The abnormal quality of mana released from her eyepatch is conspicuous, too. Don’t tell me…she’s a witch? She doesn’t look like a nun, but maybe she belongs to the Witches of Damon’Anun?

…Ayra was a witch as well. But that couldn’t be true…

While pondering about all that, I leave along the First Ring Road. The appraiser woman was shady, but she called it a Stone of Love, a Twin Stone of the space-time attribute. Fufu, I’ll pump it full of feelings towards that man!

Let’s write a letter…after taking a nap together with the stone while thinking of him… Afterwards I’ll get the stone blessed by the Blind Saintess…

I naturally quicken my pace, running along the streets. It might even look as if I’m skipping. I’ve got totally influenced by that appraiser. I mean, she said that it won’t only develop my love, but also cause luck to come my way.

This will also allow me to do my best, reaching a point where I can summon Guu reliably. After drinking some tea with Daisy who’s been curious about Guu, I’ll quickly return to my inn.




Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Emissary of Light Evil
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master

Strength: 24.1 → 25
Agility: 24.6 → 25
Stamina: 22.9 → 23.2
Mana: 28.9 → 28.3
Dexterity: 22.4 → 23
Spirit: 31.2 → 31.0
Luck: 11.5

Current Status: Normal

Having checked my status, we return to my room after finishing the large magic stone collection for the time being. There I spot the chair next to my bed. I completely forgot about the chest strap draped over the backrest. I pick it up and slide it over my shoulder. The chest strap has my daggers stored.

“Master, welcome home.” Viine greets me as she approaches me with a ten-ten-dutea in one hand.

Currently she’s wearing the Fold One Kareem Uniform I had given her before. Her Snake Bow is affixed to her back. Given that the uniform has long sleeves, I can’t see Rasheena’s Bracelet.

“…Yo, I’m back. Thanks――” I accept Viine’s thoughtful kindness, taking the ten-ten from her, and chug the deep purple juice down in one gulp.

Its feeling as it travels down my throat is quite nice. It has the effect of making one recover from exhaustion, hasn’t it…? Well, it doesn’t concern me, but…I can feel the love from Viine who’s staring at my lips and throat as I’m drinking.

Once I’ve completely drained the ten-ten, I sense how mana wells up within me.

While passing back the empty bottle to Viine, “I’m curious about your meeting with the developer of this strange tea, but you said you’ve got a letter for me or something? Let me first have a look at that.”

“――Master, we’re going to go back to our boarding house.” Mamani cuts into my conversation with Viine.

“Got it. Spend your time as you like. Contact me through a blood message if something happens.”

“Okay. Excuse us then. Viine-sama, too.”

“…You Blood Beast Corps members look sharp. It seems you did your best when you were out hunting with Master.”

“”Yes!”” Mamani and Fuu reply to Viine in a military style, saluting.

“Yes, Viine-ane-sama!” Souther addresses Viine as older sister while cutely twitching her dog ears.

“That’s only natural.” Bia rattles down quickly with her snake tongue hissing.

She’s got a big attitude, but she still gives her salute by touching her three breasts. Of course not physically since they are hidden beneath her armor.

“Magnificent…I feel your individual power and a blood connection as Lucival from all of you. Moreover, you remind me of my former little sisters. Thanks.” For a rare change, Viine openly reveals her unadorned feelings while praising my <Servant Leaders> with tears glazing her eyes.

It appears she’s remembering her sisters at the Sorcery Noble Azmail House during the time when she was a dark elf. We’ve already avenged them by killing their murderers, but…since all of her family members died…she regards Souther and the others as her new family.

“Thanks, Viine. Your words make me happy, too.”


Viine – fascinating, silver eyes you’ll never forget once you’ve seen them…and, a classy, silver mask that suits her as always.

Both of us stare at each other like lovers for a while. Reading the mood, Mamani and the other three bow politely and then leave my room.

“N, nyaa.” Rollo leaves as well, chasing after Souther.

Drawn by Rollo’s meowing, Viine looks at Rollo running away with a gentle smile. And then midways, seemingly having recalled what I had told her to do, she passes the letter in her possession to me.


The letter is somewhat heavy.

“…Is something in there?”

After breaking the seal, I check what’s inside without reading the letter. It’s a stone. Once I retrieve it and take a look at it…it’s a stone I feel like having seen before.

『A stone, huh? It resembles the one in the living room』

A Twin Stone, eh? It’s the same as the one I received from labyrinth master Akemi-san.

I cast a glance at Viine, wondering what’s this all about, but she only tilts her head, looking mystified. Hmm, okay, I guess I gotta read the letter then.



Dear Shuuya-sama,

I’m sorry for contacting you like this all of a sudden. My name is Mia. But right now I’m called Ayra.

I’ve heard that you’ve avenged me, and everyone of 【Scales of Gaia】. However, I haven’t written this letter to thank you. After all, I wish to personally express my gratitude at the time when we meet again. It’s only fair like that, in the name of small justice.

Moreover, I’ve additionally put a stone into the letter. I received that stone as the user of a certain wand, but since it’s pretty, I’ve sent it to you to show my gratitude. I’d be very happy if you could accept it.

Right now I’m working as an adventurer in Pelneet after reuniting with my friend. Thanks to you, my adventurer activities are proceeding well. I have joined a party with the name 【Fist of the War God】, and we’re currently killing the monsters on the 3rd to 5th floor of the labyrinth on a daily basis.

Since then I’ve gotten close to Sheila-san, a member of the same party. Every once in a while, Daisy, she and I go out shopping together and similar.

It’s only during the breaks between my adventures, but I’ve been continuing to put effort into mastering a special wand, encouraged by your words, Shuuya-san…

As a result of my strenuous efforts, I’ve recently become able to use said wand! I’ve also obtained the stone I sent you as thanks through that wand.

Lastly…once I actually feel like having grown a bit in mastering the use of this magic wand, I’ll come to meet you in person.

By Mia (Ayra)


The letter’s sender is Mia. Going by the nuances in her reasoning, it’s definitely her. So she’s called Ayra right now, huh?

“Master, your expression…”

“Don’t mind it. I was just surprised. Mia…I suppose I managed to enable you to live on properly.”

Her cheerful face flashes through my mind. So she’s going to meet me once she actually feels like having grown, eh? Even though it’d be fine for her to simply come over if she knows where to find my mansion. Well, Mia is an extremely serious girl, so yeah…

But, I’m really glad. She has recovered her footing in her own way.

Anyway…enough with the sentimentality. I gotta ask about the other matter at hand.

“…So, you said you met a black-haired alchemist called Taichi, didn’t you Viine? What did you talk about with him?”

“Yes, I did…”

「Are you the one buying up all the stock?」

“That’s how he started, and then, once I confirmed…”

「Are you some company’s employee who’s planning to steal my creation? I have no patent, but you won’t be able to copy my ten-ten-dutea. In the first place, you’re way too pretty… An elf with a bluish-white skin is rare, right!? Ah, don’t tell me, maybe you actually aren’t a dark elf? Perhaps this is what you call a fateful meeting! In that case, I’d like you to drink this medicine, or rather, just drink, and become my secretary when I launch my very own Refined Gold Company!」

“…he rattled on all by himself. He tried to force a shady medicine upon me while amassing mana in his black eyes, but I cut the medicine apart with a single flash of Gadorices.”

A Taichi with black hair, eh? A man suddenly trying to force a shady medicine on someone…he might be called the Right Hand of God, but he seems quite dumb. Maybe it’s a title he’s given himself?

“…So, what happened to that Taichi?”

“He started to shout…”

「What! Even being a tsun has its limits! Suddenly turning your sword at me; it’s because you don’t know the power of my right hand…huh?」

“…Well, back then I used Gadorices not only on the medicine, but also chopped up the black hair on his head and shredded his clothes, so as to make it resemble the Ancient Evil Dragon Gadorices extending its huge claw. Then I told him that he has my respect for having created the ten-ten-dutea since my Master likes it, and threatened him that he will lose his life the next time he tries to do something weird. At that moment, Taichi ran away while naked with his face pale, foam around his mouth and screaming. He left mana and other stuff in his wake as he escaped, but it looks like he doesn’t have that much battle power.”

After the tiny Helme, who had listened to Viine, nodded with an angry face, 『For Viine to let someone like that live…』

…So Taichi has become our enemy, huh? However, he won’t become much of a threat if he runs away without being able to react to Viine’s movements, will he?

“Good call. The ten-ten-dutea is delicious, and he’ll value it highly that you didn’t take his life then and there. However, if he tries getting involved with us, I’ll take care of him. If you meet him while strolling around by yourself, you’re free to do as you please. I don’t care even if it means that I won’t be able to drink ten-ten anymore.” I instruct Viine, implicitly telling her to do whatever she wants.


『Your Excellency, if that man comes here, let me have a go at him』

『Okay, I might leave him to you at such a time』

After talking telepathically with Helme, I turn my eyes towards Viine while grasping the stone I received from Mia.

“…Alright, let’s go to the living room then.”

“Your chosen bloodkin have already gathered there.”

“Really? Great, then I will use the chance to unveil something new.”

“Something new…you said something along those lines in your blood messages…”

“Yep, I’m sure you’ve never seen anything like that.”

I’m looking forward to seeing how they will react upon seeing the orbital. I head towards the living room along the wood-floored corridor while taking Viine with me.

There all my <Head Servant Leaders> are sitting around the table in the middle of the room. Since my maids and servants are waiting upon them, it kinda has the atmosphere of an international conference of politicians.

As I enter the living room, everyone except for Eva stands up. While putting on a sharp look and straightening my spine, I head over to the table as suzerain of the Lucival family.



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