Chapter 283 – Tiny Orbital

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I ran through the forest after bidding farewell from Muku and her kin. Using the <Chain> of my left wrist as anchor by making it stab into the trunk of a tree on the upper left, I quickly reeled in the chain, causing my body to be dragged towards the tree. Next I shot my right <Chain> towards a tree on the upper right. Just like that, by repeatedly shooting and retracting my two chains in alternation, I kept smoothly advancing through the forest.

While on the move, I changed my outfit to the Gatrance combat uniform while holding Murasame’s steel hilt in my mouth. Immediately after I holstered the hilt at my hip when the uniform change finished, I ran into a distorted monster resembling a coat hanger.

Just when I pondered whether it was really similar to a hanger, the monster transformed and leaped towards me. Just like a giant flying squirrel or an octopus would spread its body, the hanger monster unfolded its body in all directions in a circular shape as if a huge palm was being opened. Closely packed shark fangs became visible beyond the unfolding.

The weird monster tried to swallow me whole. Feeling that it was really sickening, I unconsciously activated <Dusk’s Stake>.

Each time the dark stakes, coming into existence in surging waves, collided with the fangs inside the monster, I could hear rhythmic popping sounds, seemingly originating from the fangs being crushed. In the end, the swarm of stakes broke through the monster’s distorted torso, causing it to be blown away while spouting blood, just to end up being crucified on a trunk.

A greater devil definitely won’t be born from that anymore. 1

Accordingly I stopped <Dusk’s Stake>. I nonchalantly used <Magic Hand guided by Thought> as a foothold while getting close to the crucified monster, with my sharp canines growing out of my mouth. Then I brought my face close to the monster, biting into it.

It might be a distorted monster, but I’m not one to discriminate. Smoothly carrying out <Drain Soul>…I partake in its blood and soul…

My body shone faintly. The monster turned into dust, crumbled away, only leaving its large magic stone behind. After picking it up, I contacted my <Blood Beast Squad> through a blood message.

Wait, Blood Beast Squad? Because of Helme, that name is now completely stuck in my mind. It makes it hard for me to tease Viine about being too influenced by Helme.

『Your Excellency, just now――』

I didn’t reply to Helme’s telepathic message, reaching me at a timely moment because of her overly sharp intuition. Instead I continued hurrying back to the Blood Beast Squad and Rollo.




After finishing the hunt with the 08 Platoon, also known as Blood Beast Squad, I watched Mamani’s team counting magic stones.

“…256 in total.”

I suppose the count of large magic stones will exceed a thousand with that.

Several bags full of magic stones were placed down in front of me.

“Master, do you actually need so many large magic stones?”

“Yeah. I’ll release the Tiny Orbital with this――” I showed them my item box, connected to the Gatrance Form.

“It’s Light God Lulodis’ power which you have been using every now and then. It’s the mysterious item box that had also been producing iron rods of light.” Fuu said.

Upon her words, the girls stared at the item box while remaining silent, seemingly agreeing with her opinion.

…It looks like they believe that it’s an item I got from Light God Lulodis.

“It’s certainly a mysterious item box, but…it’s not related to the Light God.”

“The light attacks are not connected to him? How strange. Also, what’s a release of an 『Ohbital』?”

“I was sure those magic beams of light were…”

“I also always believed that you were connected to Light God Lulodis in some way, Master.”

Just as everyone said, I also had a light cross mark on my chest. It was a side effect of the Extra Skill <Granted Seal of Light>, but still…

Maybe I’ve really got some kind of connection to Lulodis.

“N, nya.” Rollo bumped her head against Souther’s small leg.

Souther staggered in a cute manner after her knee jerked, whispering “Auu.”

While watching it with a smile, I announced to everyone, “Okay, I’m going to release it now.”

I offered all the large magic stones in front of me to the ◆ mark of my item box.


Necessary Elenium Stones: Completed
Reward: Storage Capacity +100 – Release of Tiny Orbital


Just when I expected light particles to be created again, things took a different shape. All that happened was a faint light revolving clockwise along the item box’ round crystal surface’s edge…quite plain.

By the way, I’m still wearing the Gatrance uniform. I wonder, is something new going to happen this time?

As I was staring at the crystal with that question dominating my mind, the rotation of the light increased in speed. All of a sudden it became really fast, and finally the light jumped out upwards.

――A silver light pierced through my surprised face, and scattered as if the vicinity of my head had exploded. The dazzling light particles carried a coldness similar to silver diamond dust. Then the dispersed particles reverted their direction inwards, colliding with each other, and causing small fireworks.

It’s blinding, but beautiful… However, it also has an indescribable fleetingness.

Leaving faint popping sounds in mid-air, they continued to vanish.

“Whoaaa…how pretty.”

“Nn.” Rollo threw our cat punches at the small fireworks and big bangs, but her paws didn’t reach.

“New Deboncchichi!?”

“Is this the work of spirits?”

『I’m not doing anything』

The tiny Helme appeared at the edge of my visual field.

『…Helme, you’re not audible outside when you’re in my left eye. Want to come out?』

『No, it’s okay』

At the same time as I finished my telepathic conversation with her, the final annihilation of light particles faded away. In the next instant a futuristic bike materialized in front of me.

W-Wow, it’s a bit sudden, but this is the Tiny Orbital…? The front and back wheels are huge. Something looking like chafe drum brakes has also been added at the wheels’ sides. It has a classy design with a weathered, silver metallic finish across its entire frame. On the left and right of the handlebar are control sticks seemingly made out of steel, and a display has been mounted in the middle between them. A legless chair with a material looking like polished black leather has been installed in the middle of the bike, kinda like a comfortable roadster seat. Several sharply-designed exhaust nuzzles, extending from the round engine below the seat, are connected to a part of the bike’s back. That rear part had four small additions similar to thrusters.

Mana light is circulating from the back to the front and vice versa through fine trench lines fitting with the bike’s form…giving the whole an awesome impression.

This wakes memories. Would it be wrong for me to say something like 『This bike’s too much to handle for you』. 2

“This is…the ohbital…” Seeing the Tiny Orbital which was twice as tall as herself, Souther looked clearly overwhelmed.

“N, nya, nyaa.” Rollo-san narrowed her eyes, unleashing cat punches at a nuzzle while being jittery.

Well it’s okay since she hasn’t extended her claws.

“Rollo, it’s alright. Think of it as a new magic beast friend.”

“Nyaa.” Seeing my face and hearing my words, Rollo was apparently soothed, stopping the cat punches.

“…I feel like smooth Demonic Steel has been used on this, but…I’ve never seen something like this.” Mamani muttered

“…If it’s Mysty-sama, she might be able to analyze the metallic composition.” Fuu studied in her own way.

“…Oohbital, way shoo shrange!” Bia cried out in surprise, using some weird words.

『Yes! It’s strange. An unknown magic tool teeming with mana!』

Well, I do get their feelings. Helme agrees with them as well.

“Shoo? You’ve entangled your long tongue and bitten on it.” While making such a retort, I touched the orbital.

In response, a laser was released from a crystal on its surface, seemingly linked with the item box’ crystal. A small, simple screen appeared above my arm. The screen blinked, showing following message:


―― Voice recognition confirmed
―― ≪Fold One Gatrance System≫ booting up
―― Confirming Inherited Nerves
―― Confirming Link with Kaleidoscope
―― Confirming Hull Link System … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Satellite Link with Na Palm Integrated Planetary Military Alliance … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Response of Hostile Galactic Imperial Army Satellite … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Tiny Orbital. Registering Gatrance number.
―― Recognized as official Fold One Gatrance…please touch the Orbital once more.


Given the instruction, I touched the attachment next to my right eyes, activating the Kaleidoscope. The Tiny Orbital was clearly bordered by a light within the framed view.

Alright, I guess I’ll give it a touch then.

I touched the orbital with my heart racing. The instant my fingertip got in contact with the seat, the control sticks transformed while shifting towards the front. The sticks changed into shapes matching with the repulser-like parts in the middle of my palms.

All of it is friggin’ cool…the seat has narrowed down slightly, but the seat’s edge is now bordered by a green light. The block, which seems to be the engine, beneath the seat is protruding to the sides a bit. I think it’s also for placing my feet on it. The bike doesn’t look like it’d fall over, as it apparently has something like gyro sensors installed.

I think I’ll try to mount it.

“…This is probably a vehicle.” With those words, I got onto the black seat, and grasped the control sticks.

At that moment, rectangle metals, seemingly accelerator and brake, extended from the control sticks.

I suppose I’ll speed up if I press this. However, the touch…makes it clear to me through the sensation that the grip will be easy to handle. Hmm, the steering functions must have been internalized. Well, it’s definitely linked up with the Gatrance Form. Unlike with Rollodeen, it’s not a skill, but…it’s still a perfect unification of biker and bike.

Moreover, the display in the middle was connected with the Kaleidoscope. It was now showing a unique, three-dimensional screen.


―― Exclusive Fold One Gatrance Orbital System.
―― Confirming Inherited Nerves
―― Confirming Link with Kaleidoscope
―― Confirming Dr. Hoekaleido Island Accelerator Magina…ERROR – Unable to confirm simple AI
―― Confirming Hull Link System…ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Satellite Link with Na Palm Integrated Planetary Military Alliance … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Response of Hostile Galactic Imperial Army Satellite … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Simple Lights…Check
―― Confirming Chameleon System…Check
―― Confirming Offensive Options…Check
―― Confirming Lytep Recoil System…Check


Once I focused on the simple lights in my mind, the area in front of the bike became bright.

“Masha! The front has changed its shape! It’s shining!”

“How very mysterious! It looks like eyes! Are those Demonic Eyes!?”

“N, nyano.”

“As expected, it has to do with the Light God!”

“It’s light magic without an attribute?” The magician among them, Fuu, calmly asked.

Then the tiny Helme appeared again.

『…I don’t understand the principle behind it, but I can grasp that it contains mana all across its body.』

『Just take it as vehicle-type magic tool』

『I see, a simple, one-person carriage. It looks like something similar to wheels has been attached to the front and back』

Helme moved atop the control sticks while doing her usual breastrokes in midair. Ignoring her, I faced Fuu.

“You’re correct, Fuu. A magic tool to produce light has been built into it.”

Even though I concentrated on the offensive options, they didn’t activate. Next I focused on the Chameleon System. In the next moment, gray mist was released around the bike.

“What, it vanished!?”

“Nn, nyaaa?”


“It disappeared?”

“…I’m pretty sure Master must have activated some invisibility magic tool. Please look on the ground to see what I mean. The grass is still being pressed down.”

“Oh, you’re right.”

“Fuu…you’re very calm about all of this.” Mamani said with her whiskers twitching.

In my eyes, it’s just being filtered so that it looks gray in my view, but for others the bike appeared to be transparent. Apparently the Chameleon System allowed the bike to perfectly melt into the surroundings.

I wonder is it a special field magic, optical camouflage, or an assimilation with the background like an octopus? 3

Rollo extended her tentacles, hitting the bike. However, the tentacles were repelled. Apparently it also possessed a physical barrier attribute.


“Is it an effect of having become a Lucival bloodkin? I’ve become able to calmly analyze things.”

“That’s possible, but it looks like I evolved in another direction.”

“A blood aura, a body growth boosted by blood, and blood beast, right?”

“Yep. It’s become possible to make my blood seethe on instinct. It might be related to the blood of my special body as a tiger beastwoman.”

“I haven’t changed much, I think I only became faster on the whole.”

“Me too.”

“Bia, I feel like your usual rapid talking has unnecessarily increased in speed.”

I canceled the Chameleon System while listening to their conversation.

“It’s as you say. It seems to be an effect allowing the Tiny Orbital to hide from normal sight.”

It might be found out with Spirit Eyes, infrared rays, and Magic Observation, though.

“So it was just as I had expected, hmm?”

“It’s a vehicle with amazing functions.”

Next I focused on the Lytep Recoil System. Immediately following, the tires transformed into globes, with the bike starting to float a bit.

An anti-gravity system?

“Ooohhh, it’s flying!”

“Nyaa, nyan.”

“Whaaa…the front, it’s flashing with a mysterious light.”

“It seems to emit a faint amount of mana.”

At that point, I canceled the Lytep Recoil System. The tires returned to their former state. I also checked my item box.

◆: Total stored quantity of Elenium: 1002 → 2346


Necessary Big Elenium stones: 1500 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +150: Release of Scouting Drone

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 3000 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +200: Release of Accelerator Magina

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 5000 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +300: Release of Fold One Prism Badge


Prism Badge? Something like a license?

I examined the inventory as well.

◆: Human Model: Storage: List


Item Inventory: 68/390 → 490

It increased properly.

Alright, this is a forest, but…I don’t care. Isn’t it the perfect time to test it…the performance of the orbital! I’m totally hyped. But before that, I’ll test whether I can store it away. I lift up the futuristic bike…with one arm.

It weighed less than the silver treasure chest, and it fit into my item box without any problems.

“It’s gone!?”

“I’m going to take it back out right away.”

Everyone got startled, but then I retrieved the bike I had just put away.


With Mamani in the lead, they became astonished once more. For some reason they started to applaud.

Why does that earn more of a reaction than its previous floating?

“Rollo, come.”

“N, nya――”

Rollo jumped atop my lap, and then moved to the front of the bike’s seat. Over there she extended a paw towards the display situated slightly higher than the control sticks, in-between. She caused a pad mark on the screen.

The display showed something like a space-time attribute check. How sensitive…but as expected, no cat goggles appeared from it.

It’d have been perfect if it had happened, but it’d also mean that Rollo’s pad power is being understood across the universe.

“…Well then, I’m going to try moving this thing. Let’s meet up later. I’ll contact you via a blood message.”


Receiving this response from my <Servant Leaders>, I nodded. While concentrating on advancing, I pushed the accelerator part that had appeared as if splitting off the control stick. Immediately responding, the orbital began to move forward. Once I tilted the handlebar a bit, it turned. How neat…

The bike was silent. Its engine sounded like the wind.

“Rollo, I’m going to speed up. Are you going to stay there, or do you want to follow as a divine beast?”

As she sat between my thighs in front of my nether region, Rollo stretched herself, looking up to my face as if falling backwards, which resulted in her watching at me upside-down.

“Nn, nyanyaon.”

She meowed something that felt like 『Here’s fine nya』, and then coiled a tentacle around my waist.

I suppose Rollo wants to take a drive together with me.

“You want to stay, huh?”


At the moment I got Rollo’s acknowledgement, I pushed down the accelerator at my fingertips on the control stick while focusing on speeding up. The bike accelerated in one go, letting my body feel a comfortable weight. I hadn’t used the Lytep Recoil System yet.

The Tiny Orbital was driving ahead. Since we were in a forest, trees were in the way, but the bike continued to weave its way through them. Seemingly equipped with a special protection system, trees were sent flying, and the headwind got blocked as well. It had a fluently curved frame, and possibly a full wearing effect.

It moves like a normal bike, but I can’t hear much of the front wheel’s friction against the ground. Odd. It looks like the tires aren’t ordinary either. That drum brake mechanism might actually be something else.

It was convenient for the display to show a simple, three-dimensional map as it was linked with the scope. Suddenly red dots showed up on the map. At the same time, I sensed magic source responses. The red dots moved.

Are they chasing me? Moreover, they keep up with the speed of this bike.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Pretty sure a reference to something. Maybe D.Gray-Man
  2. A reference to the AKIRA anime
  3. The Chameleon System is called Mock/Pseudo System in JP, but that makes kinda no sense with a literal translation, so I changed it around a bit, but it makes the question here sound a bit odd. :-)

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