Chapter 277 – Evil Domain’s Mubilque Forest

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20th underground floor of Labyrinth City Pelneet in the 【Mubilque Forest】, spreading to the east of the 【Evil God’s Mound】.

In this area the level of danger drops significantly when compared to the huge life-forms inhabiting the 【Vast Savage Primveral Forest】 stretching out towards the western mountain range, but the Mubilque Forest is still a dangerous place with many monsters prowling around such as the Large Spider Soterogua, underlings of the spider god, a barbaric race with crocodile heads called Stranga, unknown hordes of monsters, and blood-sucking plant monsters called Seigaro. And lastly, the Mubilque Forest’s Special Suppression Force commanded by Evil Domain Knight Chizebaros, whose rank up to an Evil Domain Monk directly dispatched by the 【Castle of the Shadow Eagle King】 was recently decided.

Other than Mubilque’s Ruin Investigation Team made up of the evil races living in 【Slayd’s Town】, no normal evil race would approach that place. However, there existed a race living deep in that dangerous 【Mubilque Forest】. They were called Ourubami, and were famous as a race possessing a unique ability, which manifested as early as during their childhood.

While the majority of the Ourubami lived by hunting monsters in the forest to obtain magic stones, they had always been fighting for survival against the Stranga, who had a crocodile head and a humanoid lower body, but because of their unique ability, the Ourubami maintained the upper hand in those struggles.

However, one day a demon appeared in the Ourubami’s village. The demon had the demon’s common trait of four eyes and four arms, but in reality he was a completely different type of being. He was a demon loathed and shunned as subspecies, a mad four-eyed vagrant, and “Crazy Eye” Flame-Eye, by not only divine beings and the powers of the evil domain, but also the demons of his own race who had been all transfered to this region of Evil Domain Hellrhone.

That Spirit World Knight Crazy Eye encountered a young man of the Ourubami.

“――What are you doing here!? A demon inside this forest?”

“Fuhahaha, when I had been playing in the forest, I discovered this fun-looking village! You shall also end on my swords!” While yelling this, as if saying that he had found a new toy, as the young man stared at him in surprise, Crazy Eye cut up the young Ourubami and tossed him away.

“――The hell! That guy has killed Irualoss!”

“Everyone, Irualoss was killed! Come out, it’s a demon!”

“I’ll butcher him with my Sheeg Ax!”

Young and old men of the Ourubami shouted, firing themselves up and at the same time calling their comrades over after seeing Crazy-Eye. The Ourubami gathered up as if to form a single unit. It was a group that couldn’t be described as a military force, but they had their pride as Ourubami. They kept opposing Crazy-Eye.

But, while looking nonchalant upon seeing the actions of the Ourubami, Crazy-Eye fought them with his swordsmanship which capitalized on speed. He let his four arms dance through the air as the Ourubami rushed at him, slaying them by precisely and reliably hitting the vital spots of one attacker after the other.

“――Man, it’s pointless. You guys are such a pain.” Crazy-Eye laughed while deftly swinging the sword in his upper right hand, which had a blue gleam cover its broad blade, directly horizontally to the side.

The blade ripped the back of an escaping Ourubami man open.


“Muuuumm, daaaaad has dieeed!”

“Muku, run away…I will handle this.”

“But, mother, your evil spirits…”

“You guys, hurry up and escape! We will take care of this place――”

The three-eyed evil race, Ourubami, wasn’t an ordinary race. They had an extraordinary eyesight, were endowed with the unique magic skill “Evil Spirit User” despite being warriors, and could see lights invisible to other evil races. Their hair color was black, and all of them had a tattoo on their forehead.

The older brother of the girl called Muku had worked as adjutant in the monk corps after being selected by one of the evil domain monks led by Shadow Eagle King Slayd.

Triggered by Muku’s screaming, the village’s elites assembled. Dual-wielding Ourubami holding drawn longswords and silver hatchets. Those elites boosted their physical abilities by cladding themselves in spirit bodies, evil spirits that could be described as a derivation of the Magic Combat Style.

Their movements looked obviously different from the young and old Ourubami from just now. They nodded at their fellow buddies with expressions resolved for death, and charged at the four-eyed demon called Crazy-Eye.

The lead Ourubami warrior threw a hand ax, gleaming silver, at Crazy-Eye. However, while laughing and yelling, “Hahaha, what cheeky folks you are”, Crazy-Eye used the skill <Shukuchi>. 1

In the instant he easily dodged the approaching ax, he moved to the right, then to the left, producing what seemed to be eight sword lines in the air with his four arms in the blink of an eye. The swift quad-sword style didn’t allow even the Ourubami elites clad in their evil spirits to get close.

In no time, blood gushed out from thin cut lines all over the elites’ bodies. Not a racial skill of the four-eyed mad eyes…but instead, a swordsmanship using his original <Shukuchi>. Crazy-Eye was ridiculed as a madman, but…the sword lines of his blue and green swords were an unbelievably beautiful sight to withhold.

It was sword style vividly reminding one of Rulizeze who fiercely fought against Shuuya in the past. Even the quality of his taijutsu was high, allowing him to deal with surprise attacks from behind as if he also possessed eyes on the back of his head.

The Ourubami elites were continuously cut apart by the <Shukuchi> swordsmanship that had a trace of sage art to it. The Ourubami faced him without faltering, but…

“Muku, we’re going to run.”

“Oki, mum.”

Muku and her mother somehow managed to escape the village thanks to the do-or-die resistance of the Ourubami elites.




“All of you, come close. We’ll head to the labyrinth’s fifth floor using the gate magic of my 24-faceted orb.”

“T-Th-That’s possible!?” Bia uttered with her face pointed upward and her tongue extended.

Her stammering made it sound like natto. 2

Either way, the characteristic slave mark on the upper part of her chest, near the collar, had vanished. It might be proof that she had become a Lucival bloodkin.

“Understood. I will do my best on my first battle as a Lucival family member.”

“I heard about it from Mysty-sama, but you can really directly transfer into the labyrinth…”

“I heard so from Yui-sama as well. Bia, you were the only who didn’t know?”

“Nyao.” Rollo replied in Bia’s stead, delivering a cat punch against Souther’s knee, causing a slapping sound.

“Rollo-sama! I look forward to working with you today!”

Souther’s knee bent cutely as her kneecap apparently reacted in the same way a human’s would.

“Nn, nyao.”

Souther bowed politely at Rollo. Since she was small to begin with, it made her look even smaller. Seeing Souther’s bow, Rollo skilfully stood up on her hind paws. Just when I started to think that she was extorting Souther for food, it actually was something else.

Rollo pulled a weird face, seemingly interested by Souther’s fluffy fur. While rhythmically moving her two front paws, she repeatedly touched the top of Souther’s head with her pads.

“…Now’s not the time to play around, we’re moving.”


While hearing her growly response, I took out the 24-faceted orb from my chest strap. I messed around by letting the orb roll on my palm. Then I traced the surface of the mysterious symbol on the 16th facet as if swiping on the display of a smartphone, activating it.

The facet lit up as usual, and the door-like gate spell was invoked. The gate reflected the hidden room inside the evil god statue on the fifth floor.

“Time to go.”

With Helme in my left eye, and Rollo on my shoulder, I stepped through the gate. The <Servant Leader> corps followed me to the fifth floor.

A bluish-white mist wafted at our feet, just like the last time here. Evil God Steertop…is probably watching.

“…We’re on the fifth floor, inside the Evil God Steertop statue located in the underground of the temple ruin you had defended the other day. The crooked crystal enshrined over there allows you to transfer to the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, and 50th floor as a shortcut.”

『This is a place where it wouldn’t be weird for Evil God Steertop to pop out at any moment. Your Excellency, please be careful』

『It’ll be OK. You’ve seen his face the other day, didn’t you? It had fear written all over it.』

『Your Excellency, it’s also possible that he lets us act freely on purpose…』

『That would be still fine. If he wants to get along with us, I’ll shake his hand. Unless he doesn’t get involved with us, it’s fine to simply ignore him.』

I conversed telepathically with the deformed Mini-Helme floating at the edge of my visual field.

“…That allows us to break any records in labyrinth diving…”

“I’m totally hyped.”

“I mean, even my shoulders are completely stiff.”

Every single move of Fuu oozed with sex appeal, but does she have stiff shoulders because of her big boobs?

“Milord, this place is eerie. I feel an evil presence…waking in me the urge to activate my <Paralyzing Snake Eyes>.”

“I feel you. This is the domain of Evil Good Steertop. But, don’t worry. I don’t think that he will come out. Let’s head to the 20th floor next.”


I felt like the mist had squirmed, but ignoring it, we touched the crystal, transferring to the 20th floor.

“…Great, we got here safely. I’m going to contact my <Head Servant Leaders>, so you guys wait here for a bit.”



The girls stayed on guard while surveying the vicinity. I used blood messages to speak with my <Head Servant Leaders>. (T/N: The author has identified the blood messages as a method to tell what’s going on with all the other cast, so incoming text blocks…)

『Humph, magic stone collection, eh? Guildmaster, in the end you’re an adventurer after all. I’m not interested, though. Either way, about the matter of getting new bloodkin. Mel, who I had planned to share my blood with, took Yui as guard and Benett, for a visit to the new offices in Hekatrail and Holkerbaum with the new ship we obtained the other day. It looks like it’ll take a while longer until she becomes my bloodkin. Since one of the new offices appears to be situated in a new, rough town close to the port, she’s slightly worried, seemingly expecting fights to break out with other dark guilds, such as 【Bloody Long Ears】. Well, since she took the horned puppet soldier created by me with her, in addition to Yui, I doubt there’s any need to worry』

Mel’s group went on a ship voyage, huh? I guess Veronica’s ascendancy to empress as <Head Servant Leader> has to wait for a while longer.

Still, seeing how Mel and Benett will become <Head Servants> of Veronica’s family, I wonder who’s going to be the third one. Kazun? Zeeta? Don’t tell me, Magit…no way, right?

Balmint, who had sucked my blood, was born with my mana as a base.

『Master, since a letter for you was laying in the entry hall, I put it on the desk in your bedroom. Also, because I’ve received suggestions on how to practice magic, martial arts, and blood mana from Veronica, I’m going to Eva’s restaurant. As I’ve gotten slightly used to Gadorices’ extending sword blade, I want to learn the blood mana’s <Blood Path – Open First Gate> to evolve even further! That’s the strong feeling welling up in me right now. I have been repeatedly recommending Veronika to let Mel become Master’s <Head Servant Leader>, all for the sake of the Holy Lucival Empire, but unfortunately she seems to be intent on turning Mel into her own <Head Servant>. However, on the other hand, they will belong to the Lucival family either way. And Veronica told me that I might become able to increase the servants as well when I’ve acquired <Blood Path – Open First Gate>. But, to be honest, I don’t want any servants. Well, it’d be fine if it was a special servant exclusively for you… On another note, when I bought up ten-ten-dutea on the market, the black-haired merchant, said to possess a divine right arm that allowed him to create the tea, got in contact with me. He seems to be called Taichi. The things he was saying were confusing, but he had a good body carriage, and a huge amount of mana. He might be dangerous. Furthermore, I ran into Great Knight Remrona in the middle of investigating the eastern market which is relatively close to the First Ring Road. She said she would come visit us at home before long. She mentioned, 「There’s something I’ve seen about your master with my skill, so I’d like to consult him as soon as possible」.』

Letter? Did it arrive immediately after I left? I suppose I’ll read it once I’m back home. I’m also curious about that guy called Taichi who got in touch with Viine.

Also, Remrona saw me? It’s not her personal thanks, is it? Has she started seeing visions of me after getting too concerned with her personal thanks? No, she might simply be sick and tired of the political power struggles.

『Nn, there was a report from Mamani’s group. Since it’ll strengthen the security at your place, I fully agree with turning them into your bloodkin. I also think that it’d be fine to make Isabell a bloodkin from among the maids. Isabell is quite skilled at business. Using the Guniguni meat you entrusted to her for trading, she quickly created business connections with the companies around Dee, although they’re all smaller companies at the lower end of enterprises dealing with Housand-native Lehme meat. It’s unrelated to Isabell, but right now I’m in the middle of organizing the new ingredients in Dee’s restaurant together with Lily. Afterwards I plan to hold a food sampling meet for the new dishes Dee came up with while at the same time taking lessons in blood mana from Veronica. Nn, Rebecca and Viine are going to show up as well! I’m looking forward to it!』

Isabell was frantic during the time when Mimi had gone missing. She does wonderful work, and it looks like Eva is pleased with her as well. Afterwards a food sampling meet and training with Veronica, huh? I want to see that training as well, but I guess Dee-san’s new dishes would be the highlight for me. I wonder whether it’ll be meat dishes using the meat of the deer monster said to live in the Great Prairie…

『About the matter with the turning of bloodkin, Shuuya, you’re our suzerain, so just feel free to do as you like. Rather than that, right now I’m riding a ship, helping vice guildmaster Mel of 【Remains of the Moon】 after being referred to her by Veronica. It’s a ship trip, you know? It’s really great. Oh, the black cat mark on the sail, and the bow being designed in the shape of a black cat was your plan? It’s cute. But, in reality I’m here as a guard for any estimated troubles with other dark guilds. Just a while ago, I used Fierce God – Spirit Wind against pirate hoodlums who boarded this ship, chopping them up nicely. Ah, speaking of dark guilds…Dad mentioned that Crow, an old connection belonging to 【Commandments of Rozen】, should arrive in Pelneet any time soon now. I really wanna meet Crow-san soon. I want to ask Crow-san what’s going on with Ebi who helped me out back during my time as assassin. However, Crow-san joining under Dad means at the same time that he headhunted Crow-san from 【Commandments of Rozen】…Hyatos was a high-ranking noble who looked down on them as remnants of an old era, but since it’s about Marquis Rasni who has ties with King Zamalia, I wonder what’s going to happen…』

Yui is traveling on the ship together with Mel, eh? The possibility that pursuers will be dispatched due to the headhunting of personnel…hmm, I don’t really believe it’s likely, but is Crow so excellent?

Putting that aside, if I remember correctly, Ebi was…

『You’ve gone to the evil domain in the underground to gather magic stones again, right? I’m busy with teaching and research. I’m telling you only now since it’d have just troubled you, but there was an explosion during an experiment in my workshop…so I’ve also got to clean up the room. Fortunately, my raw materials and sorcery dolls remained undamaged. Also, a message from our new family members around Mamani came earlier. I’m happy about a growing family. Besides, I’ve already talked with them many times, and to be honest, you’re late with this. With this the pointless wasting of potions during the mock battles on the courtyard will come to an end as well, right?』

So Mysty caused a part of her workshop to explode because of a failed experiment. I defeated her, but it also gave birth to a weird monster.

『The 20th floor, eh? It’s nothing I should actually say, but since Mamani’s group seems to be overjoyed after having just become bloodkin, be careful, okay? I’m currently in the middle of training with Sanya-san and her disciples. Taijutsu is really deep…the twisting of your waist, the arm motions, the muscles all over your body, and the balance of your lower body half…I’ve learned that all of these are important. These techniques aren’t in vain either. Thanks to them, the timing for casting my magic after pulling off my close combat movements, using my Katar and my blue flame fists, has become smoother. In addition…I have auspicious news for you, Shuuya. My waist might’ve become slightly slimmer thanks to the martial arts training. Fufu, my chest is the same as before though…』

I told Rebecca that even the smallest bowl will become first class with the world-best tea utensils, thus following up on her in accordance with the scriptures of the boob god, but only received the reply that she didn’t understand what I meant.

I spent almost an hour with such exchanges. Then I turned my face to Rollo and my <Servant Leaders> who had been waiting, “…I’m done. Let’s head into the 20th floor then.”



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