Chapter 262 – Gatrance & Murasame

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In the morning, I said to Viine, who was laying next to me, “Today I will offer magic stones to this item box,” while showing her the bracelet on my right arm.

After letting a part of her long, beautiful silver hair spill down her back past her slender neck, she replied with a serene voice, “…Last time, it produced something like an iron tube, didn’t it?”

She looked at my arm, and then intently stared at my face.

“Correct. Even the black coat, you wore in the past when you stayed home, was an item I had received from this special item box.”


Viine apparently remembered how she had consoled herself. She averted her face in embarrassment, and wriggled her hips. It allowed me to see her glossy skin ranging from her bluish-white spine to her tight waist.
A towel blanket was seductively wrapped tightly around her narrow waist, and a part of her pretty lumbar vertebrae and half of her butt peeked out from beneath it.
She’s genuinely beautiful. You can even describe it as a picturesque goddess pose. I place my lips on her sexy back, and flood it with kisses while making sure to follow her gently-sloping spinal column…

“Ahn, nn, M-Master…”

Viine bent backwards. That posture was also quite enchanting. While enjoying her erotic voice and her nightly sweat as I traced along Viine’s skin that had a vanilla scent hang around it…I got up from the bed.
I was stark naked. Ignoring my dick standing on attention, I operated my item box at the right wrist, and retrieved the magic stones. Then I kept offering a part of the large magic stones we collected at the labyrinth’s 20th floor to the item box.


Necessary Elenium Stones: Completed
Reward: Storage Capacity +60 – Release of Gatrance Form.


Dazzling rainbow-colored light was released in a spiral from the item box. The rainbow-colored danced around as if blessing my vicinity. It felt as though my face was gently brushed by a rainbow-colored wind.
That wind-like light converged in one location in mid-air, taking the shape of an outer garment. A combat uniform with black as the basic tone appeared.
When I touched it, its surface felt smooth and dry. Is it made out of carbon nanofibers? I don’t know whether it might be cellulose-based synthetic nanofibers, but I can feel mana from it, and it obviously uses a thin, durable fabric.
Decorative inlays with badges were attached to the waist and chest. Several buttons and black belts were added to its smooth fibrin surface. The metallic clasps were great, too. It was a combat uniform with a refined design, a magnificent uniform.
Putting my arms through the sleeves of the brand new, futuristic uniform, I wore it after smoothing out the creases. Thereupon, it nestled to my body in a perfect fit while the air naturally escaped. The uniform clung to my skin, fusing into a new layer of skin on my body.
Ooh, how mysterious. It’s also linked to my senses.
While expecting that this might be Hal’Konk-based, I looked from my right shoulder to my right arm. My shoulder was covered by a normal fiber layer. And only the area around my item box at the right wrist had become a special gadget. The combat uniform had combined with the metallic decoration of the item box’ glass panel as if bordering it. Patterns that resembled electronic circuits had appeared between the uniform and the item box.
If I were to focus on Hal’Konk here as a test, would he appear on my right shoulder?
With that question, I focused on him. Immediately a free space appeared on my right shoulder while the black, special uniform automatically squirmed, and the metallic dragon armor rose to the surface on the shoulder as if embedded in the open space of the uniform. The way of its appearance was strange since it was a transformation while making the shoulder’s skin change.
And, I expected the Mmhwhee voice…I wanted to hear 『Let me devour, the black one』, but…I guess today I won’t get to hear his voice either.
Now then, I had Hal’Konk-kun appear as a test. Since it was just a trial run, I concentrated on the dragon armor with the wish of having it disappear, making it vanish. The central part of the metal armor caved in with a squishing sound, getting sucked into the right shoulder straight away.
Immediately following, the freed up skin on the shoulder was covered by the Gatrance Form’s uniform.
This is pretty handy. Has it been equipped with a special memory fiber that’s embedded into the Gatrance System? Or is it a material disassembling and reconstructing on an atomic level by using nanomachine-like magic powers?
This jet black uniform covered the arms, and the hands up to half of the fingers with a black fiber layer similar to a glove. The place of the <Chain Factor> marks, reaching from the back of the hand to the wrist, had a proper opening just like Hal’Konk. Even the shades of the hue were delicately different. Detailed lines were carved into the fabric as if to indicate the location of the <Chain>.
And, there was a round symbol in the middle of the black palm. The core was bluish-white. It looked like an ion engine’s spray nozzle. Its radius was small, but the circle’s borders were crystalline. A structure similar to densely crowded electronic circuits glistened within that crystalline enclosure.
What could this be…? Does a beam shoot out of this? Don’t tell me…those are ejection holes that will be used when flying through the air like a certain hero!?
How neeeaat! I’m really fond of his poses when flying through the air while aligning both hands and legs.
While thinking about such stuff, I shifted my look from the palms to the waist. A part of the black belt at my waist had transformed as well. A special sword belt to sheathe a sword had been added.
When I thought that it might be a coat like the one favored by Viine at first, it’s rather a costume glued to the skin. It was outside my range of anticipation.
Suddenly lasers shot out from the half-globe glass panel on the surface of the item box. A small, simple screen was created above my arm. That screen was blinking.
It looks like it was linking up with the item box. And then following was displayed on the screen:


―― Voice recognition confirmed
―― ≪Fold One Gatrance System≫ booting up
―― Confirming Inherited Nerves
―― Confirming Link with Kaleidoscope
―― Confirming Hull Link System … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Satellite Link with Na Palm Integrated Planetary Military Alliance … ERROR – Unable to confirm
―― Confirming Response of Hostile Galactic Imperial Army Satellite … ERROR – Unable to confirm


Did it link up with the Kaleidoscope?
As a test, I touched my right temple. As always, the thin lines in the form of a wire frame model appeared within the pale blue sight accompanied by a faint light. It didn’t even take a second――
At the same time as the resolution and eyesight went up a notch, I perceived a sensation how my visual field extended to the sides with a bar. I shifted my eyes towards Viine who was changing her clothes. I confirmed that her whole body was bordered by a frame…
The display of the room with its added frames wasn’t different from usual either.

“…Master, that’s yet different from the dragon’s metal armor, right?”

“Yep. It’s a different armor.”

“Somehow it gives me the impression of being a formal suit.”

“Nothing less of you, Viine. It’s probably just like you say. I also believe that it’s a military uniform from somewhere.”

Fold One Gatrance System, or something like that was displayed. Now then, I’ll leave the Kaleidoscope’s view like that…
After cracking the knuckles of my fingers, I pressed a finger against the crystalline panel of the item box, touching the small screen, which continued to be emitted from the crystal-like glass panel, with that finger.
Once I thought 『Close』, the small screen vanished. At once the item box went back to its normal mode. I added further magic stones to the ◆ mark.


Necessary Elenium Stones: Completed
Reward: Storage Capacity +70 – Release of Murasame.


Once again, rainbow-colored light was emitted from the item box’ surface. The light particles took the shape of a hilt floating in the air while rotating as if creating an embellishment. It was a steel hilt without a blade.
Is there any meaning in it being bordered by a yellow-green color? It’s also possible that it’s connected to the Kaleidoscope and this combat uniform with a link.
The guard, located at the part of the metal collar between sword blade and hand guard, had a shape of thinly protruding out a bit to the sides. The grip part beneath it was metallic, but it was decorated with sword hilt inlays, resembling the grip part of a katana.
This is Murasame, huh…?
I tightly grasped the steel hilt with my right hand. It felt great in the hand.
――Moreover, it’s light. I think it’s steel, but…maybe a different kind of metal? It’s possible that it’s an unknown, special metal from space. I might learn something about it if I get it appraised.
I guess I should have gotten an appraisal for the black uniform I gave Viine as well. However, I think the method to activate this Murasame is mana after all?
As a test, I poured mana into the hilt in my hand. A light blade that kinda looked like plasma popped out with a buzzing sound.
A turquoise sword blade from the root of the hilts metal collar, huh? Has a cylindrical metal loop with an opening to release the light blade been inserted into the interior of the metal collar? It’s a pretty turquoise light blade…
I wonder whether it’s plasma. It’s definitely fucking awesome…
Oh, it appears that the yellow-green color changes at some places, too.
As I swung that light blade left and right, it made sounds like a Jedi’s lightsaber.

“Is that a magic sword?”

It looks like it piqued Viine’s interest as someone also proficient in swordsmanship.

“Something close to it.”

Viine didn’t wear her silver mask. Her eyes looked like they reflected the blade’s light shining turquoise.

“It’s bright and fascinating…”

No matter how often I look at it, the silver butterfly engraved onto her cheek is beautiful. And, I can fully understand the feeling of her having an interest in this light blade, or rather, futuristic katana. The blade of Murasame is truly pretty.
Once I stopped my mana supply, the blade vanished in an instant, turning into a steel-hilt-only sword.
Alright, time for an experiment.
I took out a copper coin from my item box, and placed it on the ground. Then I poured mana into Murasame once again. The shining blade appeared. And with the point of Murasame’s blade, I stabbed the coin on the floor. Without any feedback, the copper coin evaporated with a sizzling sound.
What a magnificent power. This means Magic Sword Beet…is bound for being stored away, I suppose.
…I think I’m going to aim for becoming a light blade master! A dual-wielding spirit world knight, err, space knight!
That’s what I thought, but since the god of lancers would be sad if they existed, I won’t fully cheat on them. The other day I was taught swordsmanship by Viine, Yui, and Kaldo…it’ll be fine as long as I continue learning it steadily.
I ceased providing mana, turning Murasame back into a simple hilt. However, the meaning behind this steel hilt being shown with a yellow-green border within the scope is…


I threw Murasame’s hilt towards the bed. The hilt kept its yellow-green bordering as it drew an arc in midair.


“Ah, it’s just a little experiment. Don’t mind me.”


I extended my right hand, and focused on the hilt laying on the bed.

“Murasame, come.”

At that moment, the hilt came flying my way with a speed similar to being drawn by a super-conductive magnet, landing in the palm of my right hand.
Oooh, it’s kinda like mind force. Awesome.

“Is it connected to this palm?”

“It was truly amazing. It was drawn to it. Is it some kind of skill?”

“Something close to it.”

Once I sent mana into the hilt, a yellow-green shining blade extended, and when I stopped the mana supply, the blade vanished. The hilt fit into the sword belt that seemed to be made for Murasame.
Next I checked the item box on my right arm.

◆: Total stored quantity of Elenium: 691 → 1082


Necessary Big Elenium stones: 1000 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +100: Release of Tiny Orbital

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 1500 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +150: Release of Scouting Drone

Necessary Big Elenium stones: 3000 – incomplete
Reward: Storage +200: Release of Accelerator Magina


3000 magic stones… I wonder what that Accelerator Magina is….
I’ll also check the item box’ inventory

◆: Human Model: Storage: List


Item Inventory: 65/260 → 390

It has properly increased. Do I have to just think that I want to cancel my normal equipment if I want to take off this uniform that’s glued to my skin…?

『Costume cancel』

The instant I strongly thought that, the special uniform was sucked into the item box, leaving me behind stark naked. Of course, Murasame at my waist wasn’t sucked in, and thus fell on the floor.
I immediately thought 『Gatrance Form On』 in my naked state. In an instant, a black material deployed from the item box, cladding my body in the combat uniform. Once again, I thought 『Uniform Off』, and the uniform was sucked into the item box automatically.
I guess it’s possible to operate it in a similar way like Hal’Konk. Unlike Hal’Konk who dwells in my body, this feature seems to be linked to the item box though…
While naked, I looked at Murasame.

“…” Viine stared at my dick with a stabbing, terrifying look.

However, it won’t take you on. No wait, actually I’d like her to take it on. Err, I gotta endure.
The fallen Murasame didn’t possess the yellow-green bordering anymore. Just in case, I extended my right hand towards Murasame.


Even though I muttered that, it didn’t automatically come back into my hand, unlike moments ago.

“So it’s linked to the Gatrance combat uniform after all, huh…?”

I picked up the Murasame hilt from the floor. I think the hilt was made out of something similar to shark skin or metal. Special fiber threads were coiled around its steel as if to create a decorative hilt. When I poured mana into Murasame, the steel hilt, a light blade looking like a shining katana was created.

“It looks like this is usable as a normal weapon.”

“It’s beautiful…” Viine muttered as she turned her eyes at the light blade.

I wonder whether she can use Murasame. I guess we’ll try it out.

After stopping the mana supply, returning it into its plain hilt form, I said, “Want to try it out?” while holding it out to her.

“Oh, eh? Yes!”

Viine’s face instantly bloomed into delight, and she stood up from the bed. Lowering her long legs on the floor, she drew slowly close to me, walking like a model.
As I held out the hilt to her, the beauty accepted it with her bluish-white hand.

“Once you pour mana into it, a light blade should extend from it, but…”

She let her arms hang while clasping Murasame, looking like it was heavy.

“T-This is heavy…understood!”

From her words and expression, it was obvious that Viine was pouring mana into Murasame. However, it didn’t react in any way. Murasame’s blade didn’t activate.

“It seems it’s unusable for me…” Viine muttered with a disappointed look, and returned the hilt to me.

“I think, rather than being exclusively for me, you can call it exclusive to Gatrance.”

“Master’s personal sword, your own weapon. Your eyes just now were filled with joy. Are you going to genuinely resume training your swordsmanship?”

“You sure observed me closely. However, it’s fine for now. I’m a spear user.”

“Yes! The founder of a spear-sword style?”

“Haha, a spear-sword style following after a dual-spear style? Didn’t we talk about that before? Well, you’re right. Besides, it’s not like I’ll be the founder of it, though.”

“It won’t feel out of place if it’s you, Master!”

Viine is telling me that, but…since there’s still a little something I want to do, I’m going to resume the experiments.

“Catiza, become my new arm.”

Catiza immediately turned from my finger into a caterpillar, crawled up my arm, and clung herself to my lower right arm, transforming into a new arm right away.
As it’d be odd to stay naked like that, I focused on Hal’Konk on my right shoulder while looking at Viine’s face. The dragon armor surfaced. Then I imagined the usual short-sleeved version. At that moment, the dark green cloth deployed from the dragon’s mouth part.
My clothing became a dark green, short-sleeved protective attire. It was adorned with silver branch patterns all over, and it also had clasps and belts. My new arm at my lower right arm also was covered with a short-sleeved cloth.
I stored away Murasame at the waist belt. And then I checked through the item box once more. It changed while emitting a low buzzing sound like a vibrating vacuum tube. I closely looked at the deformed, mysterious avatar character which I had mostly forgotten these days.
Just like before, it was a mysterious alien or some kind of race possessing four eyes on its face. And, as expected, Catiza’s new arm was also displayed as a new addition.
Wondering whether I could replace the picture of this avatar with my figure, I tried to touch it, but to no avail.
Well, whatever. Without minding it for now, I’ll register a weapon with this new arm through the shortcut function. I touched the blank __ space.
The weapon types stored in the item box were listed. Sel Viper and Tofinger’s Weeping Axes were among them as well, but I still think that Magic Spear Gudorl is the first candidate here. I registered it with the item box.

――Equip Mimicry Remodeled Artificial Arm with Magic Spear Gudorl? Y / N

This item box apparently recognized my new arm as a mimicry remodeled artificial arm. …Naturally I selected Y.
Magic Spear Gudorl was summoned into the palm of my new arm. When I thought 『Disappear』 to Gudorl to test it out, it vanished with a poof. Once I thought 『Come weapon』 while focusing on my new arm, Gudorl was summoned properly. I returned to being empty-handed by making it vanish again.
With this, I can change between the standard Wind Spear Style, a dual-spear style to mix in feints, and furthermore a tri-spear style in real time during battle.
However, this alien…does have a broad forehead. There’s also a mysterious pattern on its head. An alien civilization, Na Palm Integrated Army. And the title changed from 『Kareem』 to 『Gatrance』. I can guess that it’s something related to some military, but…
Well, seeing how an Empire was mentioned, I think it’s set that there’s a war going on. For now I will have them allow me to use it as an item box.

“Master, just what is that race…?”

“This? I have no doubt that it’s the race that had been using his item box. They are aliens from another star system, or a race that has lived on this planet very long ago. Since you can find races with several eyes all over the place, the latter might be very probable.”

“Pardon? Alien from another star system…?”

“To put it in dark elf terms, the world of the ceiling or dome shines at night, right?”

“Yes. Most recently I’ve started to consider it beautiful, but initially…” Viine put on a gloomy expression.

I guess it was the time when she wandered the surface for the first time. It must have been scary for her.

“…Those lights are stars which cast light just like our suns. Planets are rotating around those stars. It might be different here, though. Anyway, there might exist countless other planets like the one we’re currently living on.”

“…I don’t quite understand, but you’re saying that other races live in the dome as well, right?”

Well, I think it’s fine for her to interpret it like that.

“That’s how it is.”

At that point, I picked up the bandolier laying on the floor, and after slinging it over, we left the room.

After we exited into the connecting corridor, “”――Good Morning, Master.””


I greeted the maids standing by in the corridor while lifting an arm. Viine and I headed to the living room. At the edge of my visual field I registered how Krychiwa and Anna entered my room. I guess they’re going to clean it.

“Good morning, Your Excellency.” Helme said.

She was resting in her usual meditation space deeper inside the room.

“Mornin’, Helme.”

“Nyao.” Rollo, who had been resting as a cat loaf on top of the living room’s table, greeted me as well. She lifted her face and meowed at me.

“Rollo, mornin’ to you as well.”


Rollo, who meowed as if calling out to me, stopped being a cat loaf, and got up energetically. She straightened her back by extending her forepaws to the front. As if saying 『I’m going to move my body a bit nyaa』, she stretched herself while making her back fur stand on end.
After having had enough of the stretching exercise, she walked towards me across the table with brisk, small steps while purring throatily and looking upward.



Once I answered with a smile, my partner purred, “Nnn,” while leaping towards my shoulder. Landing there, she rotated around on top of my shoulder as if creating a sleeping place. Having her whimsical nature triggered in the middle of that, she licked the area from my lower neck to my cheek with her tongue.

“――Ughyaa, that’s slightly ticklish.”


Alright, time to get some revenge! 1

Afterwards, “Fufu, that relaxed face of Rollo-sama. It’s something she doesn’t show often to us…how enviable,” Viine stepped up next to me and commented.

“Your Excellency, you wish to bury your face in my chest?” Helme asked in the middle of her meditation.

I’m doing it every now and then, so it’s not necessary right now. “I’m fine. Keep meditating.”

“Got it.”

While listening to Helme, I held Rollo in front of my chest. Playing around with her after sitting down, I relaxedly spent my time. 2

“――Guildmasteeer, we’ve received an emergency message!” Suddenly Veronica barged in while riding a blood sword.

Even though it’d have been fine if she had sent a blood message instead…



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  1. Censored cat time
  2. Censored cat time

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