Chapter 260 – The Party’s Jellyfish Festival

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As I drank the ten-ten juice and ate evil domain steak…a beautiful singing voice reached my ears. It was Shana’s song. She was singing with the bonfire as backdrop, making it look as if she had a nimbus around her.
A deep voice with a clear sound. It was a very heartrending singing voice, feeling as if it’d encompass the universe, nature, and everything else. The melody pierced my heart with its depth and a capella.
Then her song became gentle. An image of fairies buoyantly floating in the sky while rejoicing and dancing was created in my mind by her singing.
One person after the other gathered around Shana, drawn by her voice which was overflowing with these techniques. Riko, Lulu, and Lala stopped talking, and focused on Shana. Be it adults or children, all of them attentively listened to Shana’s singing.

“…Master, it’s a nice song, isn’t it?” Viine asked.

She had put her hands on the back.

“Yeah, it’s superb.”

She came next to me, while carrying something in her hands. I was curious, but without asking her about it, I hugged Viine. Continuing to listen to Shana’s song, we cuddled close together while I felt her body’s weight leaning against my side.
Come to think of it, Viine is in her lover mode, but…some time ago she had moved in the direction of the courtyard’s edge…what did she do over there?
Wondering about that, I gazed closely at Viine’s face.


My eyes met with hers. Viine looked as if she was pondering about something. And then she suddenly brought her hands to the front at the height of her chest.
She held two beautiful flowers. A yellow flower similar to an evening primrose or a fuchsia also resembling a campanula? And the other flower is a cute, violet bell flower with a lantern-like bell.

“…You’re giving these to me?

“Yes. A party like this is a first for me. I wondered whether I could thank you in some way. Thus I chose flowers matching my feelings from the flowers blooming at the courtyard’s edge, and plucked them.”

How adorable! So she got girly aspects to her, too.
Come to think of it, when I met Viine for the first time…I compared her appearance with that of a flower.

“…I see, thanks. These flowers are extremely beautiful.”

While listening to Shana’s song and looking at Viine’s face, I remembered a song called Evening Primrose. 1

“…Master, that’s a Moon Flower. It blooms after the sun goes down.”

Hee, nothing less of a smart woman like her.

“It smells nice.”

As I was smelling the flower’s fragrance, the song came to an end. The surroundings erupted into a storm of applause. It looked as though sparks were rising from the bonfire because of all the cheering and hand-clapping.

Without joining those cheers, I said to Viine, “…Let’s decorate the living room with these flowers.”


When I returned the flowers to Viine, Shana came close to us.

“Shuuya-san! How was my newest song?”

“As always, very beautiful. The lyrics were monotone, but the melody changed in delicate ways. It’s a technique capitalizing on those gigantic, wobbly boobies, err, on your pigeon chest. As might be expected of a natural songstress, I’d say.”

Well, at the same time she’s got the character of a natural airhead. 2

“Fufu, you can say boobies, I don’t mind. Thanks. The monotony stems from me still being unable to write good lyrics as of yet. Also, it was you whom I imagined when I wrote this song, Shuuya-san.”

Eh? Seriously? That’s embarrassing.

“…Me? Somehow it makes me all shy, but thanks.”

“In addition to being my lifesaver and accepting me as your friend, I’ve even received money from you. What I can do is only this much…”

She seems to take various things into consideration, even though I’m plenty fine with just her singing.

“Shana, we’re friends, aren’t we? Don’t worry about each and every little thing. I’m totally alright with just this gem-like song.”

“…Friend, gem, and gratitude, you say…? Shuuya-san, you’re really a lady-killer, aren’t you? Those poetic words naturally coming out of your mouth in such an honest way…they make my heart race.”

“Somehow I’d really like to directly listen to that heart-racing.”

“…Doki-doki, like this?”

I almost fell over…I suppose a natural airhead stays true to her nature.

“That’s not――”



Suddenly Viine leaped at me. The hilt of her red scaled magic sword, which was visible on her back, hit the back of my neck due to the recoil.
It might hurt…but, it’s her soft, glamorous double peaks! That’s why I’ll forgive her everything.
Viine didn’t wear her Muntomi clothes. Simple linen clothes covered her body. Because of that, I could directly feel the softness of her boobs on my face. Reflexively my lips started to move, searching for her nipples.
Viine smiled with a “Fufu.”

“…Master, did you hear it directly? My heart should be racing so much that my blood seethes.” Viine stated plainly.


I could hear Shana’s excited voice from behind Viine.

“I totally did. To the extent of waking the urge in me to bite at it!”

While supporting her back with one hand, the fingers of my other hand pinched the nipple towering at the tip of her glamorous chest. Moreover, after adding the fingers of my new arm, I broke through the 159 Secret Divine One-handed Skills!

“――Auu.” Viine reacted sensitively.

I gently lowered her to the ground, causing Viine to kneel on the stone paving. Her cheeks were bright red with her body repeatedly twitching, obviously experiencing aftershocks. The flowers in her hands ended up falling to the ground.

“…Fufu, you’re really close. I will use this as material for a love song!”

A love song…is it going to describe the expressions of Viine?

Afterwards I chatted with Shana about her work as songstress at the inn, the good process on her adventurer activities, and her saving of travel funds, while smiling.

“…Well then, the party seems to still continue, so please enjoy yourself as much as you like.”

“Okay! See you later!”

Shana bowed, and then headed to the place where Mel and the others were surrounding the Silkworm Kilbisua. Since Kaldo and Yui had joined in as well, it was a dangerous atmosphere.
Well, I think Shana will somehow handle it.

As I thought so, I saw Bon, who had returned to the bonfire, dancing, so I yelled without any formality, “I’m going to join as well――” and went over to the bonfire.

“Encha! Enchaaan, Enchanto♪ Enchan♪ Enchan♪ Enchanto♪”

I danced at a nice rhythm while matching Bon’s dancing. It’s the formation of an isekai leaf unit. 3

“Ahaha, Bon-kun has started to strip~~~!” Rubia burst into laughter.

Seriously, Bon-kun, Bon is taking off his clothes. Shit, is he planning to really just wear one leaf!?
That’s what I thought, but obviously he didn’t take off everything. Bon only stripped off the clothes on his upper body. He revealed an ecstatic expression while swaying his shoulders.
Did he get completely smashed?
Once the drunken Bon gathered mana in both arms, the crests on the backs of his hands started to glow. I wonder what he’s planning to do by pushing his hands out towards the bonfire…?

In the next moment a shining crest also appeared on his forehead, and immediately following Bon roared, “Enchantoooo!!”

At the same time, huge amounts of mana were released from his hands. The bonfire, struck by that mana, vibrated with a violent, thunderous rumbling. Its flames rapidly grew into a gigantic pillar of fire like a dragon that was piercing the heavens.
It had a force as if to break through the Van Allen radiation belt surrounding this planet. The dark purple night sky was instantly illuminated brightly. And, as soon as the pillar of fire transformed into a ring, that ring burst open in a circular form, and beautifully vanished as if grand fireworks had been launched.


Everyone was taken aback. And then, something? Something is falling down from the sky?
Uwah! Jellyfish!?
A large amount of jellyfish corpses poured down from the pretty night sky. I dub it, Jellyfish Shower.
The super magic beast corps of Rollo, Magit, Alray, Hueremy opened their mouths, seemingly considering the falling jellyfish delicious, and jumped up and down on the stone paving, aiming for the falling jellyfish as if holding a Bread-Biting competition, while eating plenty of jellyfish. Popobumu took refuge inside the stables.
Huh? Balmint isn’t here. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him for a while. Even though he was here around the time when I went to the home of Zaga, Bon, and Rubia.

“Balmiiint, where are you?”

My voice was swallowed up by the surrounding hustle and bustle. As I looked around, wondering where Bal had gone…

“Kyaa! Something gross and weird is falling down. Amelie-chan, Rubia, Betty-san, let’s go inside the mansion?”

“What’s that? Those strange creatures…”


Rebecca pulverized a jellyfish that almost hit Betty-san with her fist clad in blue flames.

“Betty-san, don’t pay any attention to that. Let’s go inside, now.”

“Sure, sure, I’m leaving it to you.”

Rebecca grabbed Betty-san’s dead-branch-like hand, and ran towards the main building together with her.

“Amelie-san, Amelie-san’s dad, let us go into the main building, too.”

“Okay, it’s noisy. Did something happen?”

“Yep, it’s raining weird creatures. There’s no harm even if you’re hit by them, but they’re gross. Now hurry, the mansion is this way.”

“Ah, I had been allowed to go there a little while ago, so I know the way.”

“Amelie, listen, don’t let go of my hand.”


Amelie and her father headed towards the main building while being led by Rubia.

“――What are those disgusting things?”

Mel stopped speaking with Kilbisua, and sent a jellyfish flying with a swift kick.

“They might be great for training my archery!” Benett quickly retrieved several arrows from her quiver.

She nocked them one after the other, shooting the jellyfish. The arrows precisely hit their targets.

“Wow! You pierced three at the same time. Bene-ane, did you improve your archery skill?”

“It’s the effect of my new bow! And, my exquisite performance is far from over yet――”

Benett, who got carried away after being praised by Veronica, shot two and then three arrows into the air next.

“Whoa, you hit again! Oh, but although I wanna watch your archery skills, Bene-ane, I’m somewhat bad with squishy jellyfish…so I will evacuate into the mansion.”

“I’ll stay here!”

“I think I will head into the mansion as well. It’s not like those jellyfish will be of any use for practicing my kicking techniques――”

Mel used her smoothly extended leg like a whip. She was unleashing splendid kicks in succession while exposing her panties. 4

“Mel, I need to talk with you later, so can you give me some time?”

“――Talk? Somehow. Auu.”

A jellyfish dropped on Mel’s head with a thump…

“Pfft, you’ve got a jellyfish face.”

The jelly-like substance also scattered and clung to her voluptuous breast. That in itself looks delicious.

“Gah, I hate this! Veronica, let’s go to the mansion.”


Veronica headed in the direction of the main building while helping Mel to get off the jellyfish meat clinging to her. Countless blood swords flew around above their heads. Moreover, the shapes of the swords have changed a bit. They reminded me a bit of the Lucival’s Crest Tree.
I guess Veronica is casually manipulating her blood in such a manner. Ah, rather than worrying about this, I should look for Bal.

At that point, “The side shows have just begun――!”

I don’t know whether Yui liked the jellyfish festival or got influenced by Bon’s nude dance, but she exposed her charming, white skin, covered by only one transparent, thin layer of cloth, and demonstrated a sword dance of chopping up the jellyfish with her katana.

Within that magnificent sword dance of Yui, “I’m going to join, too!”

“Master, please watch! The power of my new weapon Gadorices――”

Helme and Viine barged in. As if to match Yui’s improvised dance, the beauties cut apart jellyfish while exhibiting a sword dance.
Starting in the middle, Viine’s whole body was covered by a thin fire membrane. I suppose that’s what happens when you circulate mana into Gadorices. While grasping the red scaled scabbard with her other hand, she’s wielding her left and right arms. A jellyfish was hit by the scabbard, and dispersed after having its meat chunks scattered.
Her beloved snake sword wasn’t dangling at her waist belt. She didn’t have her chest strap-shaped item box with her either, so I guess it’s stored in there.
At that moment, Kaldo, Riko, Tomas, Rave, and Fizz also joined the party. Next, while leaving Robalt behind, Lulu and Lala also joined the dance as if slashing at Kaldo.
It was an improvisation of sword and spear dances, and moreover it went so far that it exceeded even a circus stunt. The members of the Martial Arts District showed interest, too.

“I want to join as well, but it looks like I’d just get injured.”

“Yeah, tell me, who’s the middle-aged man using two swords while fighting against the divine spear king ranking beauty?”

“He’s a user of a dark sword style, but it’s different from the Flying Sword Style and the Peerless Sword Style. It might be an original battlefield martial arts style.”

“Sanya, you’re a fist fighter, but I suppose you got curious?”

Even the members of the Martial Arts District’s benefit society chatted amongst each other. A karamnian woman with a jellyfish on her head, who had been talking just now, nodded at the karamnian man who seemed to be a part of her family.
Certainly, just as they said…this sight is very interesting, and just watching has already its worth.
On the other hand, even after launching his mysterious Enchanto magic, Bon peacefully played around by hitting the falling jellyfish. I say…it’s the Party’s Jellyfish Festival, isn’t it?
However, in the middle of all that, Rollo…stopped moving and was unnaturally looking up to the dark purple night sky. Although jellyfish keep falling, she doesn’t jump at them.
Wondering what’s going on, I followed her line of sight with my eyes, and activated <Night Vision> and Magic Observation.
As I looked up…I felt like I saw something other than jellyfish for an instant. Huh? A part of a jellyfish? Oh, it’s gone.
I looked in another direction, but didn’t find it in the sky anymore. Was it possibly an UFO? A flying spaghetti monster!?

Just when I got excited all of a sudden, Zaga spoke up to me, “…Sorry about Bon, okay? He doesn’t do something like that usually.”

Stopping to scan the sky, I turned my face to Zaga.

“Don’t worry, it’s the perfect finisher of the feast. However, if a whale came down, I’d need to deal with it…”

“Whale, you say? That’s the huge animal said to live in the ocean, right? Is something like that floating in the sky as well…?”

After Zaga furrowed his eyebrows, he looked up to the starry sky. Lured in by that, I looked at the sky again. The falling jellyfish blended with the twinkling stars, creating a fairy-tale-like night sky…
The unnatural sight, which Rollo had stared at, didn’t reappear anymore. And then…I saw a swarm of whales which was supposed to fly high up in the sky. It didn’t seem as if they were falling down.
It looks like Bon’s Enchanto magic attack didn’t hit them.
That’s good, really good. If huge whales came crashing down, the vicinity, or rather, Pelneet would likely fall into a state of chaos. Or rather, right now jellyfish should fall down into Pelneet as well. At the very least, the Martial Arts District should be affected.
…Oh fuck, we might get scolded by Remrona or the prince. Well, I think no one will identify Bon as the cause.
Oh, which reminds me…

“…By the way, Zaga, you said that you’d like to see the workshop, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“I will guide you. It’s over there. Mysty, we’re going to enter your work room!”

Mysty had been watching the martial arts exhibition matches, which could be called artistic, with a serious look. She stopped her observation and came over.

“――Eh? Ah, okay. Let’s go.”

Since it looks like Mysty wants to talk with me, I think I’ll ask her once Zaga’s tour is over.
The three of us headed over to her smithing workshop.

“Huh? It’s open again.” Mysty whispered.

The brand-new, wooden door had many scratch marks which appeared to belong to a dragon’s claws. Ah, don’t tell me…
While having a certain suspicion, I looked at the back of glasses-sensei, Mysty. And then I entered her workshop together with Zaga.
――It’s a place reminding me of a garage.
A huge object hidden beneath a cloth was hanging…deeper inside.

“…Please come in. Sorry, but it’s a bit messy. I’m usually working at the table on the inner right, over there.” Mysty pointed with her slender arm.

“Hoh, this light rod is a magic tool that’s conveniently bright to illuminate parchments.”

“Yes. Recently I’ve been increasingly reading text pieces…”

Mysty explained while looking my way. Did she implicitly point to the short journey in the evil domain of the labyrinth’s 20th floor?
Suddenly a sound could be heard from a corner of the workshop.


“I heard something.”

“What is it?”

With Mysty in the lead, we went in the direction of the sound.

And then, “Jeez, you again, Bal-chan!?”



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Translation Notes:

  1. Tis one maybe:
  2. A little pun. The “natural” above is colloquially used to describe a natural airhead.
  3. A group of guys singing and dancing with just a leaf covering their genitals. It was mentioned elsewhere in a footnote, with an actual video.
  4. Cut out a stupid pun here where he further adds “which aren’t supattsu despite the “supas supas supa” sounds. “supattsu” refers to tights, the sound effect is the sound of her kicks cutting quickly through space.

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