Chapter 232 – Naromivas’ Final Moments

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『…Your Excellency, it’s a spirit world beast, isn’t it? It’s big.』

『I’m pretty sure that it’s a monster related to Vaamina.』

“…Hey, hey, just a minute, I didn’t hear anything about being summoned to such a darkness world…” The huge, summoned black rabbit said.

No sooner than seeing the scene of <Beginning of Dusk>, it frowned, and glared with red, bloodshot eyes at me and Naromivas.

Frightened after receiving that glare, Naromivas begged with a frantic expression, “…Greater Kin Shaysad-sama, please calm your rage…the reason why I summoned you is that various people with the lancer over there in the lead not only disrupted the ceremony to offer sacrifices to Vaamina-sama, but also locked me up in a darkness world like this. Please punish that rude fellow! Greater Kin Shaysad-sama, you, who excel spirit world knights…please lend me your strength.”

He was staggering, almost about to fall, as if having contracted a disease. His body wasn’t regenerating. While spilling black body fluids from one leg, half of his torso looked like dried-up skin and bones. Those bones and skin hat turned into a cluster held together by a rope.
It was a strange shape as if having put together and bundled them in a crooked manner, going beyond normal mechanics…
Naromivas might have summoned Greater Kin Shaysad by becoming a catalyst for a power going above his limit to escape from the swarm of my trees.

“…He interrupted Vaa-chan’s ceremony? That’s unforgivable!”

“Indeed, Shaysad-sama.” Naromivas smiled eerily.

The black rabbit, Shaysad, looked at me while nodding. Shaysad had a deep voice.
Are his red, long and thin eyes demonic eyes? They might be simple Magic Observation eyes, but he glared at me with mana accumulated in them.
However, he addressed Goddess Vaamina-sama with Vaa-chan, and basically he’s a cute, black rabbit, albeit a big one. Rebecca might be happy if I give her that as a cartoon-character costume as a present.

“…Unforgivable, eh? Then you’re going to fight against me?”

While speaking to him, I activated <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>.
A preparatory movement, including a magic crest. As if coming into existence from emptiness, nothingness, a new magic crest was created in the space in front of me, and at the same time, a thick, tall tree tinged in light came into being.
<Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, a cluster of trunk and branches clad in light, headed towards Naromivas, who was standing shakily and feebly on one leg, and the tree clad in the light of <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree> coiled itself around Naromivas’ body.
In an instant, Naromivas turned into a single, shining big tree. Only the handsome face of Naromivas peeked out at the center of the trunk.
Apparently Naromivas didn’t have the strength to dodge anymore. And then, albeit unclear whether it was the effect of <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, the magic crest behind Shaysad, which was bordered by black flames, vanished as well.

“Hiii, let go of meee!” Naromivas screamed feebly.

“…That’s your power, huh?” The black rabbit asked with a dignified voice.

Even after the magic crest, which summoned that gigantic black rabbit, disappeared, there was no change to Shaysad himself. He was still floating within my darkness world, but he didn’t save Naromivas who had transformed into a tree. He continued to observe me.

“It’s as you say. So, Black Rabbit Shaysad, are you just going to watch?”


As if capitalizing on his huge frame, Shaysad kept floating in a swaying motion. He looked as if he would burst anytime into loud laughter, going by his protruding belly.
Shaysad suddenly thrust the index finger of his right hand, which was wrapped up in black fur looking like black flames, towards midair.

“Now then…” Shaysad muttered curtly.

Mana gathered at his thick finger. It was a cute index finger with plenty of scraggy, bushy, black fur. Once he moved his adorable, plush toy-like finger, red, magic letters were traced in the air. As he moved his finger around, he created a crimson vortex of magic lines that seemed to be attached to his finger.
Fire magic, huh? ― With a slight delay, he clad his left fist with black flames. And then he gazed at me, who was diagonally below him.
The red vortex created from his index finger grew into a shape consisting of many fireballs. That swarm of fireballs remained still in the air around his right hand.
Next, he produced a huge poleaxe in his left fist. It was a heavy-looking, gigantic poleaxe fitting a gigantic warrior.
Just when I thought that he might jab at me with the fist clad in black flames, going by his physique, a weapon summoning, eh…?
From where? An item box? I don’t see anything like that, though. …Maybe he has something like an item box equipped within the black-flame-like fur covering his thick torso. I guess, it’s also possible that it’s a simple summoning.
Moreover, the blade of that huge poleaxe was rough and jagged, but the hilt was…disgusting. What was dangling from a cluster of braided hair at the pommel was some kind of head…
A person’s head with a magatama attached to it. It had two horns at its forehead.
That horned head seemed to have a consciousness. Its eyes squirmed around, staring, and a dimple on one side moved. Its face was eerily laughing. A toy? Or maybe a magic tool containing mana?
Shaysad leaned the huge poleax with the head-strap at its pommel against his shoulder. The head-strap connected to the pommel by hair swayed. The ominous strap rolled around on top of Shaysad’s broad chest.
Shaysad was gigantic, but…it might not be fat that’s beneath his dark fur. It might be a lump of muscles.
I sensed a gathering of Magic Combat Style-like mana inside his body, and I also felt an inhuman strength from him.
At that moment, it looked as though the mana in his eyes that were glaring at me had increased. A combat stance, huh?
Immediately following, the fireballs hanging in the air around his right hand were fired in my direction.

Shaysad, who had released the fireballs, said, “I shall offer his soul to Vaa-chan,” and adopted a forward-bent posture.
I perceived each of the fireballs approaching me as if locking on with a cursor. Then I activated countless <Dusk’s Stakes>――
The interception of the fireballs was ― instantaneous.

“I’m going to bisect you――” Shaysad swooped down at me as he raised his heavy poleaxe above his head.

Timing-wise, it was an attack that was matched with the impact of the fireballs, but, this is my dusk world.
I won’t allow something like that.
The fireballs were pierced by the darkness stakes in no time, and vanished as if being absorbed into the darkness.
I dealt with Shaysad’s poleax by using a restraint. I used <Throwing> on Magic Sword Beet, which I had summoned into my left hand, targeting his torso.
The accelerated, bloody red magic sword flew while rotating.
Shaysad saw the speed of the flying sword, where it wasn’t clear whether you could actually call it a restraint. His poleaxe had been drawing a diagonal trajectory, but he pulled it back in the middle of it, reusing it for defense.
In the shape of holding out the poleaxe in front of his chest, Shaysad repelled the thrown Beet.

“――There’s no way that I will let you give that Vaa-chan or whatever my soul, is there?”

While retorting with that, I shot <Chain> towards Beet which had been repelled by the huge poleaxe. I made the chain twine itself around Beet’s hilt. And after reeling it back to my wrist in an instant, I erased Beet after returning it to my left hand.
I didn’t have any intention to allow Shaysad to have the initiative. I invoked many 《Ice Spheres》 on the spot.

“Ice magic?” Shaysad was surprised.

He swung the finger on his right hand like a conductor’s stick. Another red vortex was created in midair, just like before. While leaving behind red traces in the air, he made fireballs appear.
It looks like he was planning to intercept my swarm of 《Ice Spheres》 for a distant place with fireballs.
He was trying to offset them, but the number of my 《Ice Spheres》 was overwhelming.

“It’s an amazing amount without chanting. And there’s also this darkness world――” Shaysad gave up on intercepting.

Using the poleaxe as shield, he prepared to protect his head and torso that were clad in black flames. The big shield-like poleaxe might have a high defense capability.
My 《Ice Spheres》 continuously poured down on top of the poleaxe, but most of them were blocked by it.
Its defense ability is quite high. It looks like it has also been endowed with a thin film of mana like a breakwater.
Well, the 《Ice Spheres》 released by me are elementary spells. You might as well say that it was only natural for that to happen.
At that point, an unnatural laughing voice was audible. The owner of the voice was the head hanging at the poleaxe’s pommel.
What a queer decoration――
However, it seems it’s just laughing. The 《Ice Spheres》 hitting it disappeared as if being absorbed by it. Is the mana of that head raising his magic defense?
Using that timing, I invoked four <Chain Spear of the Ray System>.
Shaysad prepared his poleaxe as the light spears headed for him, maintaining his defensive stance. My 《Ice Spheres》 fully dug into a part of his legs and shoulders.

“Kuh, an owner of mana at the level of a Demonic Duke, huh…?” Shaysad muttered in anguish.
Two of the <Chain Spear of the Ray System> clashed against his poleaxe, causing a shrill sound. The remaining two also stabbed into his legs.
――Alright, my ranged attacks hit.

“It looks like you got hit, but ranged combat isn’t my thing. I’m coming personally at you, black rabbit――”

Shaysad donned a pained expression, but he still glared at me.
Without minding it, I tightly grasped the Magic Halberd in my right hand, and powerfully kicked the dark ground. After jumping up, I kicked a <Magic Hand guided by Thought> I had set up below my feet in midair.
A two-staged jump through the air――
I flew with an agility as if having gained wings on my back through the world of darkness. And then I turned my Magic Halberd towards my back. Focusing on the network of muscles in my torso with the trapezius muscle, the latissimus dorsi muscle, and the tendinous cord at my back spine playing the leading parts. I gazed at Shaysad who was trying to shrink his body behind the huge poleaxe.

“Guuuh, a light net…”

Shaysad’s erected rabbit ears trembled. His rabbit eyes with their single-edged eyelids twisted in agony.
Well, I fully get you――
Even while stuck in Shaysad’s thick, two legs, the rear of the <Chain Spear of the Ray System> transformed into light nets, and wrapped up a part of the lower poleaxe’s part.
However, the poleaxe blocked a part of the light nets. For Shaysad that’s still better, isn’t it?
The closer I got to Shaysad, who was in such a state, the more distinct became the scene of light and darkness interweaving.
Once I entered my halberd’s range, I put strength into the right hand grasping the halberd as if using each and every muscle tendon, and swung it with all my might while invoking <Powerful Slash>.
My aim was Shaysad’s wounded abdomen which he couldn’t protect with his poleaxe.
The red ax blade, which transformed into a crimson streamline, clashed against Shaysad’s abdomen, penetrated it deeply, and cut half through his thick torso.

“Guaaaaah――” Shaysad screamed with a voice that seemed to be pregnant with unbearable pain.

While he was screaming, he rotated sideways, and I also rotated sideways like a spintop while changing the hand holding my Magic Halberd. Following the blood gushing out into the air from Shaysad with my shifting field of vision, I gained a sensation as if having joined the crimson trail. I stared at Shaysad while my rotation weakened.
The eyes of Shaysad, who was still floating in the air, were unfocused. The light nets of my light spears that covered his legs were torn apart and scattered. Shaysad let go of his huge poleaxe.
The fallen weapon pierced into the forehead of Naromivas who had hardened into a spirit tree of <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>.

“Gyafuu.” A weird voice escaped Naromivas’ lips.

However, even after being stabbed by the poleaxe, he was still alive. The head with the braided hair hanging from the poleaxe’s pommel swayed violently, hitting the spirit tree Naromivas.
Shaysad was in the middle of falling down. While discharging black flames like blood from his cleaved-open torso, he headed towards that very Naromivas. And then Shaysad clashed against the Naromivas tree, which had been previously stabbed by the poleaxe, like a black truck that had fallen over.
――But, using the impact of clashing into Naromivas, Shaysad splendidly stood up with an admirable agility not suiting his gigantic frame. Those were movements similar to a giant kenpo fighter. While crossing his thick arms in front of his tightened chest as if making use of “external practice.” 1 From an “Avalanche Punch” to a “Right Punch”? While pulling off such Shaolin Kung Fu moves, Shaysad released black flames from his legs, which were torn after being covered by the light nets, and his ripped-open torso, but…once the flames wrapped up those damaged parts while twisting, torso and legs returned to their original state in a flash, as those black flames apparently had a healing effect.
To heal his wounds in an instant, amazing, that Shaysad. He’s the muscle-packed type of giant, so it’s natural, but he’s quite tough, I suppose.
While facing Shaysad with admiration, or rather, respect, I landed on the ground of my darkness world home.
The Eight Extremities Fist giant…grabbed the hilt of the poleaxe stabbed in Naromivas’ head, and pulled it out. While shouldering it, he turned his face in my direction.

“You’re quite good――”

――While turning around, he accelerated explosively, and then swung his poleaxe down to crush my head.
I held up the Magic Halberd in a hurry, blocking the approaching poleaxe. The blow of the poleaxe, which was boosted by the weight of a giant, was heavy, and caused a terrifying clashing sound as well as sparks and something like mana waves.
The waves spread into the surroundings at the speed of sound. We both pulled our weapons back quickly, and clashed them once more.
Each time the red ax blade and the poleaxe bit at each other, hard metallic clanks reverberated, and squalls similar to mana ripples were created.
――He’s definitely a distinguished, strong warrior.
Accordingly I changed my plan a bit, and started the groundwork without changing my speed. While doing a half turn on my toes, I unleashed a sweep with the halberd.
The red ax blade was blocked by the poleaxe’s hilt, and sparks scattered from the point where both weapons connected with each other.
I switched over to close combat, obviously getting showered by the sparks. I released a left elbow blow, but Shaysad blocked it with his arm. Next I passed the halberd behind my head like a scarecrow, and while placing it on both my shoulders, I turned sideways ― pushing out my right shoulder in front. It was the <Spear Kumite>’s “Right Back Attack.”
A dull thump resounded as Shaysad received my shoulder + back attack against his head.


Shaysad was blown away, falling down and planting his butt on the dark ground.
However, unlike before, he didn’t let go of his poleaxe. Shaysad was a huge black rabbit, but he got up while twisting his body with magnificent body movement reminding me of a kung fu master.

“…Taijutsu, close combat, ranged combat, you’re surpassing spirit world knights in all of them, aren’t you?” While saying so, he held his poleaxe sideways.

Next, he amassed mana in his legs, and then after a little pause, strongly kicked the ground, charging. A sound as if the ground was shaved off could be heard. Shaysad closed the combat distance. As if it was only natural, the force of the charge was added to the poleaxe in the rabbit’s hand.
The poleaxe approached me from the side with a buzzing, flashing the fang of its polished blade.
It looked as though another large animal was roaring, but I calmly stopped its jagged blade by grabbing it with <Magic Hand guided by Thought>.
Seeing the outcome of his prided poleaxe being sealed off by the crooked mana hand without even any braking ahead of time, Shaysad was astonished, widening his narrow eyes.
Shaysad looked at the <Magic Hand guided by Thought>.

“A crooked hand of mana!?” He yelled.

I rotated the Magic Halberd I held with both hands while bringing its spearhead to right overhead. At that moment I concentrated on both my elbows. While bending my elbows, pulling them vertically inwards in a compact form, I swung down the Magic Halberd alongside my right arm.
The divine punishment of Shaysad’s head being bisected was set in stone ― or wasn’t it?
The instant I thought that, the head decoration at the pommel of the poleaxe, which was still blocked by <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, leaped up momentarily――
And blocked it? With its head!?

“The head!?” I shouted unintentionally.

The head received the red ax blade with its forehead. Red and violet flashes scattered from the place where weapon and head met. However, its forehead was alright.
So it’s not a simple strap with the look of a person’s head as motif, huh? What’s also surprising is the fact that it hasn’t been cut either.
At that moment, Shaysad judged it to be his chance after seeing my discomposure, and unleashed a torso side kick with its conspicuously furry leg.
――I’m going to evade.
Lowering the Magic Halberd in a hurry, I stabbed its spearhead into the ground, and performed a vertical rotation as if doing a pull-up while focusing on the muscles in both my hands that clasped the halberd.
At the same time as dodging the rabbit’s middle kick with a vertical, rotational motion, I struck my right foot’s instep against the thick neck of the black rabbit.
――Correct, an enzuigiri.2 I could sense from my left foot how it sank into the thick flesh of the neck. However, my own bones got cracked as well.


Is Shaysad’s neck stuffed with lead? That’s the kind of hard sensation.
It was a response reminding me of a strong fortress. My instep was painful.


Huh? Shaysad raised a pained voice. Did it work some albeit it hurt me as well?
Shaysad shook his head after receiving the enzuigiri.
Within milliseconds, I landed after finishing the kick, and used Magic Combat Style at full throttle. I imagined my next action. It was an image of me lifting up the red spear which had been stabbed into the ground.
I immediately put that image into practice. I slightly changed the hold on my Magic Halberd that had supported my body, and performed a drive swing towards diagonally in front as if scooping up the darkness with my halberd.
A small trace of red flames was reflected in my eyes as if drawing a fan-shape.
Shaysad tried to block by moving his poleaxe, but he couldn’t cope with my suddenly increased speed. The red ax blade seized the rabbit’s potbelly. Making the big abdomen bent, the red ax blade tore up the potbelly in one go as if lifting up the belly.


Alongside the sensation of a definite hit, Shaysad, who had his abdomen torn up, was lifted into midair. Using that moment, I expended a large amount of mana, focusing on <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>.
<Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree> after <Spear Kumite> from point-blank.
A cluster of shining trees headed towards Shaysad, seizing him. The trees of <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree> wrapped up Shaysad and his poleaxe. Shaysad, who was turned into a tree, was carried next to the Naromivas tree, and lined up next to him.
Now then, seeing how I got them to line up so happily in a row, allow me to give you the whole dose!
I don’t know whether a netherworld exists, though.
Matching with the darkness, I pointed a devilish smile at Shaysad and Naromivas

“Give Vaa-chan or whatever my best regards in the next world, okay?――”

I stepped in with my left foot as if blasting away my own darkness world, and then screwed the Magic Halberd in my right hand in front after twisting my waist just like that, unleashing <Darkness Drill – Magic Destruction Spear>, my certain death finishing technique.
The red spear headed towards Naromivas with a speed that let the wind swell up.
Considering the possibility of the <Darkness Drill> being offset by the spirit tree, I immediately created a hole for the red spear within the spirit trees covering Naromivas and Shaysad.
The <Darkness Drill> of the red spear clad in darkness safely passed through the hole and was sucked into Naromivas’ chest.
There was a feedback. In an instant, Destruction Spear Gladopalus manifested behind Magic Halberd Baldok. The darkness lance went straight ahead while rotating in a spiral. Manipulating the <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree> engulfing Naromivas’ and Shaysad’s bodies, I erased the light tree, and Gladopalus with its spiraling power at full throttle swallowed up the upper body of Naromivas who had been punctured at his chest.
He was crushed to death. Once Gladopalus swallowed up the flesh of Naromivas as if mashing Naromivas’ internal organs, it drilled through Naromivas’ upper body, and without stopping, bore through Shaysad’s upper body, which was right behind. And then Destruction Spear Gladopalus, a lance of darkness overflowing with spiraling power, went straight through the darkness world-like dimension as if destroying it, and vanished into that world of darkness.
Parts of Naromivas and Shaysad with a twisted scar were left behind. They couldn’t even scream. Only dark flames oozed out from the remaining parts of their torsos. Their flesh wriggled, trying to regenerate or heal.
Well, I had expected as much…
As a finisher, I activated <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>. A swarm of crimson <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain> possessing the dimensional attribute advanced through the space of the darkness world, swooping down on its prey, Naromivas and Shaysad.
The part, which used to be the lower body of Naromivas, and a part of Shaysad’s torso was penetrated, torn, and devoured by <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>. Not a single piece of flesh was left behind. <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain> had eaten everything of them.
Evil God Steertop had continued to evade and dodge <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>, hadn’t he? …I guess that makes sense, seeing how Evil God Steertop was a god’s fragment.
I think it depends on the situation, but I suppose Steertop cannot be compared with Naromivas, who turned demonic as a human, and the summoned animal Shaysad. It seems Shaysad was a greater kin of the Goddess of Nightmares, though.
Even while I considered all that for a moment, the blood chains of <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain> pierced through the darkness world. Immediately after a cymbal orchestra-like sound similar to a mirror shattering loudly reverberated, the world of darkness came to an end.
――My field of vision returned with no signs of Naromivas and Shaysad.
…The big boss of the heretics, and mastermind of the Apostles of Nightmares completely perished.
I don’t know whether he was a black prophet or whatsoever, but I don’t think that he will revive again. The sacrificed women should be happy about this as well. I can’t sing a requiem, but…
Loading it with the meaning of a requiem, I regarded the Magic Halberd as bishop’s staff and placed it in the middle between my palms. And then the perverted, blood-sucking monster that I am, prayed, although I don’t know whether it got through to them…
Oh, precious women… Rest peacefully――
The instant I bowed after those thoughts, there was a dazzling light at my chest? Something like that?
I felt the light through the gaps in the leather clothes at my collar and chest. I don’t really know since it only lasted for an instant, however…
Maybe the cross-shaped mark entwined by the chain was clad in light… Well, since it’s not like anything extraordinary happened, it’s probably because of my sentimental feeling.

“…N-No way…the divine son, Naromivas-sama has…”

Kreuz, who had apparently worshiped Naromivas, stared while being dumbfounded. He was largely built, but he had become as silent as a real cow.


Seemingly being sarcastic, silver hair shaped like a stake penetrated through the torso of Kreuz who had turned into a stupefied stake.

“Gueeh, shitty woman!” Kreuz looked at the silver hair stake growing out his chest, and vomited blood.

At that moment, he seemingly pulled himself together. He held up the magic scroll in his hand towards the sky. While running to the side, he forcibly pulled out the hair stake. At the same time he stimulated his mana to quicken the healing.
Blood spilled out of his chest without an end, but the wound continued to close up even without using a potion. Is Kreuz also possessing a healing or regeneration ability?
Going by the amount of blood…it looks like he still have some human parts left. Cow-face Banabi Ze Kreuz doesn’t seem to have completely reincarnated into a demon like Naromivas.

“…So you’re regenerating as well. Ah, those eyes are accumulating mana! I won’t fall for your illusionary techniques like the other day anymore!” The silver-haired woman talked melodiously like a girl, and then averted her eyes from Kreuz.

I don’t know whether she can block the demonic eyes’ effect by just averting her look, but…Kreuz, who saw that childish method, took out a pointy head from his mantle’s item box as if relieved, and put it on.

Thereupon, “Nn――”, my partner’s voice resounded. Her appearance was that of a divine beast which was slightly bigger than usual.

Rollodeen had climbed on the back of the demonic dog beast Fedelaos, pinning it powerfully down with her paws. Rollodeen vigorously bit into the one remaining head, crunching its skull as she devoured it.
The large demonic beast that had lost all its heads had stopped all activity. It had collapsed, obviously crushed through an iron cage on the side.
Rollodeen kicked off the dog’s back, jumped up, and landed on the ground. And then she planted her paws firmly, put power into them, and leaped, once again jumping on the dog’s corpse.
Then she pointed her black panther head with its ferocious, wild eyes upwards. The black fur at her chest looked fluffy like the fur of a lion. She gave me the impression of a griffon, but her lower part was close to a black panther or a black horse. Well, a divine beast, I guess.
Rollodeen powerfully roared as if saying 『I defeated the doooog nya~』. It felt as if she was reporting it to the gods, seeing how she howled with a remarkable vigor.
It felt as if my earlobes trembled a bit, but it must have been my imagination. As expected of Divine Beast Rollodeen.

“…Fedelaos. But, black cat, what I felt at the beginning wasn’t wrong, was it? That black beast is…”

“Aaahh, doggy…even though I had planned to eat it…”

While the two fighting parties gave their respective comments, they revealed disappointed expressions.
Rollodeen was engrossed with eating the remains of the dog.
Since I had the impression that she was bigger than usual, it might look like that, but…that way of eating that overflowed with wildness was amazing…she might quicken the growth of her body by eating.
Just the other day, when she dashed across the battlefield in the plains of the labyrinth’s 20th floor, my partner jumped tremendously. She formed an amazing number of tentacles from her whole body, and shot them out. I think that amount of tentacles made the line of spear holders on the battlefield pale, too.
Ah, is she possibly going to grow another dog-shaped head or something? Or she might reach the point of being able to blow a freezing breath…
It’s fine for her to increase her attack methods, but if it’s increasing the number of head, or forming something else, I would really hate it. Please spare me the Hades’ gatekeeper act, okay? I like Cerberos shape as well, but my partner is fine as she is.

“Nya?” Rollodeen cutely meows while looking my way.

It’s adorable, but blood and flesh is dripping down from her fangs. It’s kind of surreal, but she’s my cherished, important partner. As I’m enjoying such laid-back moment――
Both cow-face Kreuz and hair monster Liliza had started to fight while ignoring Rollodeen and me. Using the opportunity, I checked my vicinity.
Without me knowing when, it had turned into a desolated site with many of the surrounding iron cages crushed. The escaping women and the chasing men were gone as well. A part of the central magic crest was broken, the candlestands had fallen over, and a part of the altar was damaged.
The blond woman, who I had rescued with a potion, had fallen off the offering table on the floor. She was safe. I saw her breathing and felt her mana.
Approaching that woman, I confirmed once again that she had a beautiful nude body.
She was sleeping deeply. Since I’m pretty much a gentleman, I won’t grope her boobs. Carrying her, I moved to a place further away from the showdown between cow-face and monster woman.

『Helme, it’s your turn.』


Helme got down on the ground while spiraling out of my left eye in her usual way. While scattering water sprays around her feet, Helme appeared in the shape of a woman with a feel of dignity befitting a spirit. It triggered the urge to genuflect within me.

“…I leave the protection of this woman to you.”

“Please do――”

Helme surveyed her vicinity. Her long eyelashes had cuticles as always, making me feel a sense of freshness.

“…It looks like there’s no one here, but just to make sure, I will use a water curtain, or the sturdier water jail that’s locked up by water.”

Water jail? Is that going to be alright?

“Wait a moment. I will lower this woman now, and prepare some clothes for her.”

Although I harbored some doubts about the magic, I lowered the blond woman to the ground.


While at it, I quickly searched for something that could be worn by her in the item box.
Excluding the gold coins and potions…

Great Wand of Moon Soul Wood x 1
Necklace of Priest x 1
Black Dress of Sorrow x 1
Stone of Return x 11
High Boots of Red Sharkskin x 1
Armrest of the Thunder Daemon x 1
Ring of Twilight x 1
Notes of Ancient King Premos x 1
Petersen’s Literary Fragment x 1
Socks of Valurda x 5
Picture Scroll of the Gods of Sebdola x 1
Dawn’s Ancient Writing Stone x 3
Lont Codex x 1
Ring of Shadow Reading x 1
Ring of Firebeast Gem x 1
Magic Sword Beet x 1
Horn of Haisercorn x 1
Bunch of Keys x 1
Hot Pot Cooking x 12
Bag of Selieu Powder x 1
Bag filled with Ingredients x 1
Water Jug x 250
Rainodal Leather Cloth x 3
Soap x 5
Leather Cloth x 7
Magic Jar x 1
Ancient Magic Writing Trapezohedron x 1
First-class Slave Trader License x 1
Magically-built House x 1
Blue Eye of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 1
Dagger of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 33
Longsword of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 4
Large Scale of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 138
Small Scale of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 243
Whiskers of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 10
Sword of Rendil x 1
Navy-Blue Dull Steel Hammer x 1
Unicorn’s Cloth Badge x 1
Contract x 1
Water Element Staff x 1
Oil x 3
Various Foodstuff x 1
Tobacco Set x 1
Violet-blue Aroma Flame x 1
Ring of Mist Mirage x 1
House’s Title Deed x 1
Permeated Drops of the Sacred Flower x 2
Magic Spear Gudorl x 1
Lightning-styled La Doola x 1
Bag filled with Magic Stones x 1
Silver Treasure Chest x 1

As I continued to sieve through it vaguely, I saw the Black Dress of Sorrow and Socks of Valurda. For the time being, I’ll go with these two.
The black dress was something Kuna had apparently worn, it was an elegant, gorgeous dress with a big opening at the chest. It’s very bold, but as it might just suit her in regards to her big boobs, I put it on the blonde woman. I definitely didn’t mess around by putting on a bikini thong or a leather loincloth, or anything like that on her. The socks are stockings similar to run stockings, but is it some design? I could feel mana from them. It might cause a warming effect if worn. They look comfortable to wear, and I think they suit her smooth and long legs.
No accident of being hit by a fist with a shout of “Kyaaa, where are you touching me, you pervert!” happened in the middle of me putting clothes on the nude woman. I had expected it a bit, though…

“Helme, if this woman wakes up, it would be a big help if you could lightly explain the situation to her. It’s fine to leave her like that if she keeps sleeping, though.”

“Okay, I want to give her a detailed explanation about Your Excellency’s irresistible gallantry. And then I will investigate the size of her butt in advance, too.”

“…I see. Well, make sure to not agitate her too much.”

I was worried about the woman’s butt, but I think it’ll be okay to leave this place in Helme’s hands.
Now then, I guess I will head back to that feast of monsters. I examine the situation, while approaching the center at a walking pace.

“――Fufu, won’t you use the demonic eyes thingy from the other day?”

“You…you’re really dimwitted, but just your sense of smell and intuition is abnormally sensitive…”

Kreut poked fun at the the silver-haired woman, Liliza, but he was also praising her. Faint waves of mana hung around his magic hat that was linked to his eyes.
Is it simple defense magic?
In the next instant, black nails extended by Liliza pierced through Kreuz’ torso ― no, an illusion, huh?
Kreuz didn’t even try to look at Liliza’s nails that pierced through empty air. The pupils of Kreuz’ blue eyes mixed with the iris of the demonic eyes, and rotated suddenly. At the same time, the magic scroll in his hands glistened. Mana gushed out in all direction from the magic scroll.
From the stacked magic crests that deployed on top of the magic scroll overflowing with mana, the number of appearing magic swords and spears increased.
Does he plan to strengthen his ranged attacks with the dazzlingly shining weapons?
Gradually, the middle-ranged attacks of Liliza’s nails diverted away from Kreuz.
Are Liliza’s attacks misaligned?
Kreuz’ face was full of delight.
Just a while ago, Liliza had arrogantly said, “I won’t fall for your illusionary techniques,” but she might already be caught in the trick.
Should I join on Liliza’s side for the moment?
I continued walking towards the center while pondering about it.
Now…time for the final intrusion, huh?



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  1. External practice is a type of fundamental practice of martial art, majorly practicing to hit acupuncture points, double finger Zen, and also the practice of arm and leg power.

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