Chapter 227 – Blood Chain Search

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The left arm was covered by a white gauze. The hilt of a bastard sword peeked out at the top of her shoulder.

“That left arm, and red hair…Fran, huh?”

She reacted to my voice. She spurred on the magic beast possessing a mane out of hemp palm-like fur, and got closer.


She gave me an impression of having a bad complexion, as if being at her wits’ end…
The transparent falcon wasn’t on her shoulder as she rode the magic beast. If I remember correctly, the name of the falcon was Rino, wasn’t it? I guess Rino is busy with work. Fran seems to make him deliver letters to some kind of organization she belongs to.

I answered, “…Yo, long time no see. However, I should have warned you in the past to not stalk me?”

“That doesn’t really matter now――” Fran shouted, jumped off her mount, and ran up to me. “Big sis is missing. Shuuya, please, find big sis for me, please!”

Upon finishing her words, she went down on both knees on the stone floor with a momentum as if performing a jumping dogeza, and bowed. Then she swiftly lifted her head. Her reddish brown pupils widened, and she had a frantic expression, but what is she talking about?
Is she telling me to suddenly rescue a stranger without giving me any context?
Even though our side must search for someone already since we got our own rescue to tackle…

“…Sis? Sorry, but it’s impossible. I’m busy right now. There’s something I must investigate urgently.”

“What was that!? Even though big sis had such a high opinion of you! Big sis, Remrona-neesan was serious about you!”

Eh? Serious, like how?
Hmm? Wait, what did she say just now?

“Hey! You said Remrona?”

“Correct. Remrona is my sis. The 9th ranked Great Knight of the Oseberia Kingdom, Viscountess Remrona Massenger.”


“Come again?”

Everyone around us was surprised. It was more startling than Nostradamus’ big predictions that didn’t come true.
A reboot of MMR?

“…No way.” Isabel placed both hands on her mouth while breathing in, and then stopped breathing in shock.

I guess that’s the reason why she was bluntly turned away at the office of White Nine.

“The younger sister of a Great Knight…”

My bloodkin, who had been watching the vicinity, muttered. If I consider it very carefully, it does have consistency. Fran told me that she had been hired by White Nine in the past.

“A Great Knight is missing, you say? What about her dragon?”

“With Remrona-neesan going missing, Sirjes apparently went on a major rampage. Currently he should be confined and behave obediently. And, it’s deemed that it happened during a mission where she split up from another Great Knight, Galkiv.”

“I suppose it means that the opponent is strong enough to befuddle a dragon.”

“That’s how it is. That Great Knight, Remrona-neesan, is missing now!”

“For even a Great Knight to go missing. Shuuya, give me your order. I will cooperate in any way.” Rebecca put on a tense expression, and looked up to me while pushing out her small chin.

It was a serious look. Her blue eyes were filled with power. Everyone else nodded likewise. They all felt the same.

“…Thanks. Well then, as a countermeasure against the monster woman, Rebecca, Eva, and Mysty will stay here with Kaldo, who will command the combat slaves, in the lead.”

“Sure. I will show them that my fire magic isn’t just all about blue fireballs.”

“Nn, Rebecca, do our best. Protect everyone in the mansion.”

“Of course I will protect you as well, Eva. I wonder whether I should use my new weapon before the appraisal.”

“As you wish, milord. I shall take over the command of the slaves, and the reconnaissance of the surrounding area.”

“It’s an emergency, isn’t it? Not only a simple wall of metal….a simple golem, I will make sure that I can manipulate even just the fists of the sorcery doll by carving small command codes of a different system into a part of the Magic Black Soft Steel and Refined Demonic Steel…”

“Nn, Mysty, I’d like you to improve the green metal.”

“Sure, if it’s just a bit, I can tamper with it.”

The girls returned to the workshop and the main building in order to get ready.

“Rollo, Helme, Viine, Yui, we will work outside. We will move after I investigate a little something.”

“Leave it to me, I’m going to put on clothes attuned to my magic katana――”


Yui ran towards the main building while turning aside adroitly after a side jump which looked as if she was bending sideways to the extent of breaking her knees, capitalizing on her physical abilities as <Head Servant Leader>.
Well, it’s because she’s a vampire. Just what kind of maneuvers might be possible if she endures the pain of having her bones broken? It’s a movement typical for Yui who comes from a house of swordsmen, or rather, assassins.
Not just two katana, she even worked out the slashing attack “One Mind, One Slash” from a joudan stance.

“You’re going to search by using what you have told us about the other day, right?” It was typical of Viine to not clearly talk about blood.

“That’s right.”

The all-important Rollo…is still at the courtyard, huh?
At the corner of my sight, I saw how Rollo, Helme, Balmint and Popobumu were messing around by first trying to catch some nightingales on a tree, but then, after it failed, I watched how Helme showered them with water from her boobs. 1 However, I’ve got no time to enjoy animal therapy right now. 24-hours incidents, no, it’s three-hours here, are going on in realtime… It’s no terror incident, but ongoing cases of missing people and monsters. I felt like I heard a low-frequent ticking sound similar to a mix of my heartbeat and a digital clock in my head as if coercing me into action.

“…So, are you going to cooperate in the search for big sis as well?” Fran asked, obviously getting tired of waiting.

It looks like she couldn’t control herself any longer after I carefreely watched what Rollo and the others were doing. Anger seemed to fill her eyes.
It’s only natural, but I guess she’s seized by a feeling of anxiety that’s hard to put in words while worrying about her big sister. However, Mimi is someone who was officially hired by me. Remorona is a beauty, but as my head maid is worrying as well, I will prioritize Mimi’s case.

“…I will cooperate. However, I told you already, my side is busy, too. My slaves are being chased by a monster, and a servant of this mansion has gone missing. That’s why looking for Remrona will have a lower priority. Are you still fine with that?”

I won’t yield on this.

“Of course I am! It means that the Spearmaster and Black Cat will become my allies. I can’t deny the power of my organization befitting of my occupation, but someone so reliable…honestly, I don’t think I will find anyone else even if I search all of South Mahaheim. Shuuya, I’m truly thankful! I owe you.” Fran relaxed with her face becoming slack as if feeling more cheerful all of a sudden.

“…It’s too early to thank me. Ah, do you possess something with Remorona’s blood on it?”

“Blood, you say? There might be something if we go to sis’ room, but…is that going to be of any use?”

“Yes. Since we’re going to cooperate…”

“I know. I won’t tell anyone else.”

Well, I don’t really mind if she tells someone else, though. It’s something that will get naturally exposed if I start acting anyway.

“Let’s quickly go to my sister’s room then. I will lead the way.”

Obviously worried about her sister, Fran tried to mount her magic beast.

“Not yet. Quietly watch for now as we will go to Remorona’s house later on.”


Then I shifted my eyes towards Isabel, “Isabel, please lead the way.”

“Yes, Master.”

My mansion had two boarding houses with the courtyard in-between. The one on the right was inhabited by my combat slaves. And right now, Isabel was walking towards the boarding house on the left, where the servants lived. We advanced towards that house across the stone-paved ground.
Isabel, who walked in front, opened the door and entered the building. We followed after her.
The interior of the boarding house wasn’t overly different from the one where the combat slaves were lodging at.
Isabel moved in front of a bed and stopped there.

“This is the bed and dresser Mimi had used.” She pointed with her finger.

It was a simple place. There was also something that seemed to be a trash can.
I guess I will start investigating from the dresser.

“Isabel, thanks. I’m going to have a look.”


I pulled open the first drawer of the dresser. It was full of clean things that had been stored there tidily.
Oh! Found the panties. Hmm, I see.
I took them out, and checked them after unfolding them.
There were no blood traces…on any of the panties. During that time, everyone except for Viine looked suspiciously at me.
Yep, a guy who investigates by carefully examining a woman’s panties…is truly suspicious.

“…Everyone, I’m only doing this to find a trail for the search.”

“…The blood from just now, and you looking at panties; are you searching for something related to her menstruation?” Fran asked.

She apparently suspected as much from me having asked about Remorona’s blood.


“Was that so? That’s why mature…in that case ― ah, there it is. It’s in this box…” Isabel picked up a box while saying so.

It was obvious that quite a number of cloths with blood traces had accumulated in there. She searched inside the box.
Was it planned for everyone to put together their things into one bundle and do the laundry in one go? That, or they planned to throw it away? I won’t ask about the details. But, is it possible to find the cloth of a single person?
This many…ah, the embroidery, eh?

“The cloth used by Mimi among these is…ah, found it.”

Mimi’s name was perfectly embroidered into the cloth which Isabel discovered among the jumbled cloths. She handed the cloth to me.

“Thanks. I will search for her through this.”


Embroidery, huh? It means those cloths have been prepared for personal use. Nothing less of the servants of a vocational school who I hired by paying a high amount of money.
Now then, I’m actually going to use <Blood Chain Search> for the first time on this cloth. I’m slightly…excited.
If I remember correctly I have to dribble some blood on the blood chain or pierce an object with blood on it with the tip of the blood chain to have the chain show me the direction towards the owner of that blood.
Alright, time to get started.

“…Let me announce in advance, this is the creation of the Different World Detective Kagari Office!”

I focused on a smart, smug face.

“Please hire me as assistant by all means.” Viine immediately offered to become Watson-kun.

I answered by nodding coolly in a frisky way. But, I didn’t check Isabel’s and Fran’s looks.
Anyway, the joking ends here.
The instant I revealed a serious look, I activated <Blood Chain Search>. A bloodstained chain came into existence from the <Chain Factor> on my left wrist. It was a chain different from usual as crimson blood was dripping from it. However, its tip wasn’t tear-drop shaped. It was a mysterious tip that seemed to combine the shapes of a ship’s anchor, the sickle of a death god, and a crescent moon.
That tip was suspiciously moving to the left and right like a pendulum. Given that blood was trickling down from it, it looked really shady.
I reflexively gulped down my spit. Of course Isabel and Fran were asking what this was supposed to be with their eyes. Viine breathed out as if agitated.
Without minding all that, I stared at the cloth given to me by Isabel. I made the <Blood Chain Search> aim at…a spot stained with blood.
Its tip is a death god’s sickle dripping with blood, huh? Or a shape similar to an anchor?
The instant that tip pierced through the cloth, the bloodstained chain automatically raised its tip like a cobra would raise its head. It indicated the direction as if looking for its prey while seesawing its head back and forth.
I suppose the owner of the blood, Mimi, is to be found in that direction. I will take this bloodstained cloth with me…just in case. I will throw it away if the blood chain does its job, but it’s an insurance in case it doesn’t work out.

“…I don’t know whether Mimi is alive or dead, but I think I have caught onto her trail.”

“Really?” Isabel asked, obviously half in doubt.

Seeing that she wasn’t overly perturbed after catching sight of the blood chain, it looks like she has some experience with it. If I were to guess, she might have learned about such things during class at Resonante. Or there might exist even stranger skills.

“…Yeah, it’s true.”

“…Such a power…we were hired by a great gentleman as it’s mentioned in the textbook…” Isabel talked with a humble attitude while bowing her head.

Textbook… Great gentleman, eh? If I’m told such a thing by a fine woman except Viine, I feel strangely embarrassed. I will purposely ignore it since it gives me goosebumps.

“…Let’s head to the courtyard since the search has started. Viine, Fran, we’re moving out.”


“Got it.”

We returned to the courtyard and joined up with Yui who finished her preparations.

“I will go with Azelos and Versage which I’m used to.”

“Sure, please do so, magic-katana-using assassin beauty, Yui”

Yui wore a black chainmail with only the bottom being short. Her seductive, white-peach-colored thighs stood out. It was her serious mode.

“What’s with that assassin beauty…” Yui seemed to complain about something.

However, I yelled towards Rollo and Helme, who had been playing at the big tree, “Helme, Rollo, come here! It’s an emergency.”



Helme buried the Millennium Plant in her hand into the ground with a thunk, straightened her spine, and came running over while emitting sheets of water spray. Rollo ran over while meowing and powerfully moving her lovely paws.
That Millennium Plant produced some kind of amazing sound. But I won’t point that out.
I give a short run-down about the matter with the missing servant and the attack on the combat slaves as well as our plan to head out to rescue the servant to Helme and the divine beast that arrived next to me.
Immediately after I finished talking, Helme flew into my left eye in a spiral, and Rollo grew bigger as a divine beast to being close to a jet-black horse lion.

“…Big.” Fran was surprised after directly experiencing Rollo transforming into her horse lion form.

Although she should have seen Rollo transform many times…
Fran was a member of the thieves guild 【Gate of the Secluded Evil】. That means that I’m giving information about me and Rollodeen to Melissa’s peers for free, doesn’t it?
Well, nothing can be done about it…
Besides, we’re going to search for Remrona, her sister, too.
If I consider that a thieves guild like 【Gate of the Secluded Evil】, or if Fran works alone, an excellent spy like Fran becomes my ally…it’s not all that bad. On top of it, she’s a freckled beauty.


Rollodeen extended the black tentacles, which she released from around her neck, towards Viine, Yui, and Fran.




Rollodeen gently coiled her tentacles around the waists of the three, carried them on top of her black fur zabuton spreading out on her back, and softly placed them down.
I can fully understand Fran’s reaction.

“I’m fine.”

A slender tentacle extended towards me from my partner, but I held out my hand, stopping her.

“I left my bandolier on my bed. I’m going to get it.”

“Nn, nya.”

Rollodeen gently caressed my cheek with her bean sprout-like tentacle, and repeatedly nudged it as if telling me 『Hurry up and fetch it nya』.
I didn’t forget to lightly touch that cute tentacle and push the pad located at its underside. Then I quickly ran towards the main building. In my room I put the chest strap back on.
As I rushed out of the room, running from the hallway into the living room, the damaged, violet armor entered my visual field for a moment, but while saying, “Bah, let’s go like this,” I instantly decide challenge the task ahead in my leather clothes again, and left towards the courtyard.
I dashed across the courtyard, and jumped atop Rollodeen, landing as if sticking my feet through the gap between the place where Yui and Viine were straddling. I smoothly sat down on the black fur.
Viine immediately hugged me from the front, and Yui tightly embraced my waist from behind. I was sandwiched between big boobs and moderately sized ones.
Rollo’s rein tentacles extended towards me while gently brushing past Viine’s collarbone from the left and right.
I grabbed those reins. The tips of those tentacles became flat, extended towards my neck and attached themselves.
I felt the soft sensation of Rollo’s pads.
As if truly connecting cells with cells, I naturally shared my senses with Rollodeen.
――<Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring> which exceeded the unity of rider and horse.

In front of me, Viine donned a curious look, and asked, “Master, those tentacles connect you with Rollo-sama, right?”

She touched a flat tentacle clinging to my neck with her slender fingers. The tentacle’s surface gave in with a squishing sound as if leaving behind a trace of Viine’s fingers.


“I can’t really see, but for you to be connected with Rollo-chan…I might be somewhat jealous.” Yui said while pressing her chest against my back.

I could perceive that the size of her boobs was quite something.

“Is it okay for me to hug you?” Fran timidly asked Yui while sitting behind her.

“Ah, Fran-san? I’m Yui. Best regards on this occasion. It’s okay for you to put your hand around my waist, but you don’t need to worry. If Rollo-chan’s tentacle is coiled around your waist, you won’t fall off, no matter what. Besides, on top of this black fur feeling nice and soft, it strangely fits perfectly with the location of your butt and thighs.”

Uh-huh. It’s the fur of a divine beast, after all.

“It’s mysterious, but you’re right…I’m looking forward to working with you this time. However, umm, just in case…”

Fran apparently put her hands shyly around Yui’s slender waist.
I want to see the spectacle of two beauties mingling with each other, but right now…we have to head in the direction indicated by <Blood Chain Search>. Its tip pointed to the front.
I lifted the tip of <Blood Chain Search> to make sure that it entered my partner’s visual field so that it would be easier for her to know where the tip was pointing at even while running.
――The preparations are all in order.
I turned my face towards Isabel who was looking at us worriedly.

“Isabel, wait here while following the orders of my <Head Servant Leaders>.”

“Yes, I shall believe in you, Master. Please take care, everyone.”

“Alright, Viine, Yui, Fran, we’re off.”


“Sure, I have put my hands tightly around your back, Shuuya.”

Yui’s slender hands felt nice.


“Rollo, I think you will understand through our senses, but we will follow the direction pointed out by the blood chain. You can go at any time.”

“Nnn, nyaoo.”

The gallant Rollodeen, who heard my voice, answered by roaring with a throaty voice, and started to run across the stone paving.
Powerfully moving her limbs with all their muscles, she leaped on top of the front gate with an explosive acceleration. She landed with a slide on the gate.
Thereupon, Rollodeen jumped up high into the air as if leaping while using a springboard. I felt like she would fly away into the sky like a board at this rate, but she landed slightly away from the gate on the street in front.
It gave me the impression of a roller coaster, how refreshing!
However, it was different for Viine-san in front of me. Her long ears were adorably drooping down. She tightly embraced me while curling up her body.
I gently stroked Viine’s back in silence. However, she has no choice but to endure since I don’t think that my partner will change her speed.
And then Rollodeen turned her head towards the direction indicated by the seesawing blood chain. It was the end of that alley. Once we exited the alley, she ran in the direction indicated by the blood chain again. She dashed along the street as if weaving her way through the coming and going people.
The black, divine beast ran through Labyrinth City Pelneet like a gust of wind.



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