This is the glossary of the novel. I will add the names, as they are introduced in the novel, as well as the locations here.



Van – He fought against Ziol as leader of <Lone Horn>, but was defeated, and became a slave in the Akafah Salt Mine.

Yuna – A baby picked up by Van in the salt mine.

Toma – A young man living in Oki. He takes Van and Yuna along to the countryside.

Ouma – Toma’s father.

Kiya – Toma’s mother. From Ziol. She came to Oki after being allowed to immigrate.

Hossal – A prodigious doctor and descendant of the Otawal Kingdom which perished 250 years ago.

Makokan – Hossal’s attendant.

Miral – Hossal’s assistant.

Rimiel – Hossal’s grandfather. Famous doctor.

Tomasol – Hossal’s brother-in-law. Director of the Late Otawal Institute, <Institution of the Living>

Shikan – Tomasol’s assistant. One of the Yukata Plains’ <People of the Fire HorseAfuar Oma>

King Akafah – The king of Akafah, a kingdom conquered by Ziol.

Slumina – Niece of King Akafah, and wife of Yotal, an influential person of Ziol.

Tohrim – Called the <Walking Library of Akafah>. Confidant of King Akafah.

Mazai – King Akafah’s nephew, skilled falconer.

Malji – Leader of the trace hunters.

Sae – Malji’s daughter. Possesses splendid skills, even among the trace hunters.

Suole – <Tree Spirit Leader>. Flies by having his soul carried by a raven. Elder living in the <Forest of Yomida>.

Natal – Emperor of the Ziol Empire. Puts his faith into Rimiel who saved the life of the empress.

Lord Ouhan – Ziol Empire’s lord over Akafah. Had his life saved by Hossal’s medical treatment.

Utal – Eldest son of Lord Ouhan. Arrogant, pushy man.

Yotal – Second son of Lord Ouhan. Intellectual.

Rona – Clerical Chief Physician of Ouhan’s Territory.

Orim – Yotal’s son


Trivia: Ziol is written 東乎瑠ツオル. The last kanji 瑠 (lapis lazuli), read as ru here, can be found at the end of the names of Yutal, Natal, Utal, Yotal.





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