Chapter 53 – It seems to be a trip to the country of Elves

“I want to go to the country of elves.” (Renya)

Everyone present at that place opened their eyes widely due to Renya’s far too sudden statement. One day all members of the party had gathered in the parlour at afternoon and were in the middle of enjoying the tea brewed by Frau.
The tea prepared by Frau is a fairly high-class black tea.
Generally, the tea that appears on the market is something which can be called a pitch-black tea. Its taste and flavour are considerably bad.
Above that, there are yellow tea, green tea of fairly average quality and the top quality products which are the black teas.
From Renya’s point of view the green tea tastes delicious enough, but as Frau has a policy of using the best thing available, she is obstinately continuing to use black tea.
“I want to repay the debts if there’s money though, you know”, Renya complained, however Frau carelessly stated that she has already begun to repay those little-by-little.
As she was somehow getting quite skilful at the production of the magic gems that she is continuing to create with the mana supply provided by Renya, it has apparently reached a situation of her being able to continuously earn a reasonable income.
Renya wondered whether it was really alright due to the strange situation of her returning the debt he made to buy the house, but according to Frau’s words that’s fine because Renya is providing his mana as resource which is then used to earn the money and thus it also feels like the debt is being repaid with the money Renya has earned.
Returning to the topic; Shion was about to spew out the black tea which she held in her mouth due to Renya’s abrupt and unrestrained statement, but somehow enduring it, she looks at Renya after putting the cup back on the table.

“Still, that’s quite sudden, no?” (Shion)

“Certainly, if you say it’s sudden, that might be the case, but… since we have become able to go there at great pains, don’t you want to go there once? I’ve never seen an elf.” (Renya)

“I believe they aren’t interesting living creatures for sightseeing though…” (Rona)

Rona says while she put her cup between her hands.

“Are they this boring?” (Renya)

“Yes. First, they have high pride.” (Rona)

Returning the cup to the table, Rona begins to state her arguments as she hits upon them while counting with her fingers.

“Their faces are beautiful, but it’s an androgynous type of beauty that is disconnected from reality. There’s almost no distinction between men and women in regards to their bodies. In other words, the men seem to be tiny and the women are all flat as a board.” (Rona) (T/N: in the last sentence, Rona means to say that the men got small dicks and not that they are small in height)(ED: lol, dreams of buxom elven women shattered before they could even begin.)

“Wha-, say what!?” (Renya)

Renya retorted, flustered, but Rona answered him nonchalantly,

“It’s clear what it’s about, though I can’t really tell since it’s not like I’ve seen the real thing. There are many elves with carefree characters as result of having an excess of usable time due to their longevity. It’s a strict race that will hold a grudge for several years if they get angry once, since they are hard to please. They don’t show much interest in things like handicraft because they prefer nature’s items. They build their buildings by using things like trees in their natural state.” (Rona)

“I have a feeling that those points are blended too much by your own personal opinion, but… you have extensive knowledge, Rona.” (Renya)

“Isn’t it fine to praise me a bit more?” (Rona)

A somewhat gloomy Shion is glaring at Rona who’s smiling cheerfully.
If it’s around this much, I know that as well, seems to be what she definitely wants to say.

“But still, why do you want to go to the elven country so abruptly?”

“Since the uproar from the other day, the guild’s monitoring has become annoying…” (Renya)

After the matter of more than 20 parties getting annihilated in the forest close to the city, the number of looks from the guild towards himself had strangely increased, Renya felt.
Until then they had been sporadically loitering around outside the grounds of the house. He noticed the figures of people like that, but now he felt that their frequency has oddly gone up.
It’s a relief that they aren’t insolent people who would go as far as entering the house though, thinking that Renya realizes that Frau is fixedly staring his way for some reason.

“What’s wrong?” (Renya)

“Ah, it’s nothing ~no. Rather than that, will Frau be staying at home if you end up going to the elven country ~nano?” (Frau)

Renya hesitates as she has asked looking slightly sad.
It’s possible for her to go out if she continues to stick to me, but there’s the question of whether Frau can pass through the transfer gate like that or not.  
In Az’s explanation, it was mentioned that a single person can barely be sent through the gate which has been installed at the school.
If Frau counts as a person, she won’t be able to pass through the gate together with Renya.

“If you can go through the transfer gate, it will be okay to take you along as well.” (Renya)

‘There’s no other choice but to try asking Az about that, huh?’ Renya judged.

“If Renya goes, we’ll come along as well, but we’ll have to pay the transfer fee ourselves, I guess?” (Shion)

Shion says.
“If I’m not mistaken”, Renya nodded, but he had prepared a reply to deal with that.

“If you can use the magic gems created by Frau, I have a hunch that it will be fairly cheap. Moreover, Az told me that he has discussed a discount for the usage fee.” (Renya)

“Now that you mention it, that’s right, but… will it be a pleasure trip?” (Rona)

Rona asked in a weird way.
The act of going on a short-term vacation that requires quite a large amount of funds, isn’t very popular in this world.
At the most it’s something occasionally done by nobles and big merchants.
Merchants like peddlers who wander all over from one place to the other for the sake of doing business are different, but most of the common citizens die in the city they were born in and grew up.
By the way, adventurers aren’t included in the classification of common citizens.

“A pleasure trip is no good?” (Renya)

“No, I think it’s alright once in awhile.” (Rona)

Rona had an expression on her face of not quite being satisfied, however even Renya doesn’t want to travel for nothing but work year in, year out.
Occasionally I want to go and have a relaxing time at a spa, he has these moods at times as well.
Though I don’t know whether the elven country has a spa or not.

“If it’s decided, I will request the utilization of the transfer gate from Az for starters and at the same time ask him about the specifications of the leap, huh?” (Renya)

“Shion and I will pack our stuff. Let’s bear arms just in case, too.” (Rona)

“Eh? You’re going to take weapons with you on a pleasure trip?” (Shion)

Renya and Rona dropped their fists onto the head of Shion who spouted such a careless line on top of having a puzzled expression on her face.


“For the moment the maximum permissible weight is 150 kg. If it’s below that, it will even be possible to transport two different people together. Although I told you that the usage fee is cheap, you have to pay 1 silver coin per person for nothing but renting the facility if you use your own magic gems. Because there’s an adjustment of the destination gate, and as it’s necessary to contact humans who have gone there previously if the destination is the elven country, the departure will be in 2 days. Do you have any other questions?” (Az)

Visiting Az, Renya got this answer just now when he told Az that he wants to use the transfer gate.
Placing his elbow on top of the business desk in the room provided for his teacher job, Az replied while putting his fingers together.
Renya deeply groans due to the truly simple and easy-to-understand answer that makes him want to interrogate Az as to whether he possesses clairvoyance or not.

“What’s wrong?” (Az)

“Why do you believe that we will use our own magic gems?” (Renya)

“There…” (Az)

He points at Frau, who followed Renya while entrusting the packing to Rona and Shion.

“Was it Frau? The fairy has been distributing quite a number of magic gems on the market. At present it’s not at the level of a price collapse, but even the school has begun to pay attention to it. ‘Just how and from where the heck do the gems come from?’ or such.” (Az)

“Tsk… what a bother ~no.” (Frau)

“Frau… san?” (Renya)

“It’s nothing ~no. It will be alright since I will discuss it with my regular merchant-san in this area ~no.” (Frau)

Feeling like he heard a somewhat a terribly dark murmur there, Renya stared at Frau, but Frau looked back at him with a sweet smile.
She is considerably bold in this aspect as Rona and Shion would have likely averted their gaze, if it were them, Renya admires her.
Is it for the sake of starting a business in the store space installed in the house? Frau has connections to several merchants who were introduced to her by Rona and Az.
It seems that she is distributing the magic gems to the market through those pipes as well, but Renya isn’t aware of the details either.

“If it’s done on a large scale, I will be zeroed in on from many sides ~no. I’m distributing them at a level that just barely won’t stimulate anyone. … The school’s movements were somewhat unexpectedly fast ~no…” (Frau)

“It’s not a particular problem if they put you under suspicion because you haven’t done anything, right?” (Az)

Az tells Frau who is grinding her teeth tensely something harmless.

“I’m being suspected although I haven’t done anything wrong ~no. However, it’s too early to spill that I’m the big source ~no.” (Frau)

“Well, the school has the ability to gather intelligence in its own ways.” (Az)

Since it’s a school that takes care of noble children, they gather information from their surroundings greedily while paying attention to be discreet about it.
There are also many cases where it wouldn’t be finished without learning various things given that the ones taking care of them are people.
Frau’s case was apparently caught in a part of the information gathering net that the school is always spreading out.

“That part doesn’t matter to me at all, but…” (Renya)

Renya shyly interjects.
Somehow, he’s gotten an impression as if Frau and Az ended up being people from a distant world.
Stuff like intelligence gathering or information wars were talks of a world which he won’t be able to understand at all, from Renya’s point of view.

“Around how many magic gems are necessary?” (Renya)

“It’s around the amount of 1 gold coin’s worth to start it up once. It’s possible to leap in 2 sets with one activation.” (Az)

“As I will be with Frau, Shion, Rona… and the luggage around 2 times? In total it will be 5 times, thus 3 sets, huh? Will you be able to prepare the magic gems, Frau?” (Renya)

If the transfer limit is 150 kg, it will certainly work with only just one adult in full equipment. If it’s a second person, they will likely go beyond the limit, however there doesn’t seem to be a problem to leap together if it’s Frau and Renya as the numerical value can be below the limit.
However, if it’s the amount of magic gems with a worth of 3 gold coins, it will be quite a bit, if you compare it with the magic cores of the goblins which Renya collected at the pioneers’ village before.
Renya worried whether she would be able to prepare this many, however Frau nodded easily.

“That’s a piece of cake. I can even prepare those right away ~no.” (Frau)

“That’s amazing, oi” (Az)

“All of it is thanks to master ~nano.” (Frau)

The mana supply by Renya can be kept up as long as nothing big happens.
Frau compressed and stored it away, but of course, no matter how much she compressed the mana there was an upper limit in the storable amount.
After obtaining the ability to crystallize the mana, the worry of an overflow occurring apparently vanished, however Renya’s maximum level of mana is continuing to increase day by day. Naturally that results in the amount of mana supplied to Frau becoming more in proportion.

“I wonder how much it would be if we measured my mana now?” (Renya)

Being told that he has a hopelessly scarce amount of mana after getting it measured precisely once, he was called a monster at the time when he visited Khalil’s shop a second time.
It’s not like it was measured accurately, but as I can convert it into considerably large-scale spells and invoke several spells at the same time for a long period, hasn’t it increased quite a bit? Renya is wondering.

“Isn’t it at a level of blowing away the city once you cause an explosion alongside a flash of that ball which is used to examine mana capacity?” (Az)

“No, no matter how much I have, that is…” (Renya)

Renya tried to laugh it off thinking that Az probably took the joke too far, however seeing Az’s serious expression, he stops his words.
After pondering for a little while, Renya asked Az,

“Are you possibly saying that seriously?” (Renya)

“Correct, I’m seriously serious, too.” (Az)

With that immediate reply and him having nodded gravely, Renya laughs as if being troubled.

“So far as it goes, I’m a human though?” (Renya)

“I know. But, then tell me the reason for your maximum amount of mana increasing this much in such short time.” (Az)

“In the first place, I don’t know anyone who acquired an increase such as this”, Az continues.
How to answer that? Renya ponders for a brief period.

“One, it’s the fruits of great effort.” (Renya)

“If it can become like that with only effort, just how many training sessions did I skip?” (Az)

Az voiced out in utter amazement, but he switched his thinking right away.

“Oh well, I don’t really care about that anyway. It’s just you having parts you are talented in.” (Az)

“Master is amazing.” (Frau)

Frau throws out her chest with an “Ahem” as if it is about her.
Renya somehow shows an embarrassed laughter. Az is displaying a smile as if he is watching something pleasant.

“That’s right. Frau’s master is an amazing person.” (Az)

“S-t-o-p it. Are you making fun of me through excessive praise or what are you planning?” (Renya)

“No, not at all. I’m truly respecting you? Renya-sensei.” (Az)

“You, are you holding a grudge over getting scolded by Liaris-sensei the other day…?” (Renya)

Due to Renya glaring at him with half-opened eyes, Az showed a mentally slow look all of a sudden while saying, “Just what are you talking about, I wonder?”


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