Chapter 56 – The woman named 『Storm』

“Master. Today it’s the construction work of the harbour’s dredging.” (Roderich)

“Got it. Let’s carry it out in a hurry.” (Wendelin)

Since the beginning of the Savage Lands’ development around 30 days have passed.
During that time, except one week of having a break, I continued to use engineering magic running about in the Savage Land’s terrain.
In order to make the establishment of cities and villages possible right away, I carry out flattening of the land, reinforcement of the ground and assignments of areas.
Constructing roads connecting those, cultivating huge fields and paddy fields, digging out irrigation channels, building mud walls to ward off wild animals and creating drains.
All sorts of flood-control works for the rivers, extracting stones from rocky mountains and cutting lumber from within the forests.
While performing a large-scaled salt making along the coast as well, I construct at the same time the foundation works for harbors for shipping in various sizes at more than 10 locations.
It was also necessary to build a dredging at the bottom of the sea so that large ships would be able to dock there. There also has been the foundation work to construct a port city.
Also, if you depart towards the ocean, there are dozens of small and large islands. Since there are large quantities of wild sugar-canes growing there, harbors, villages and cities became necessary in order to use those for agriculture.

“By the way, there are locations of mines drawn on master’s map, but…” (Roderich)

“If it’s this Savage Lands, it’s quite wealthy in mineral resources, right?” (Wendelin)

They are in complicated areas. The difficult mines with deposits and contents had their resources collected until they turned into abandoned mines for the sake of my magic training.
The rest of the mines, which can easily be mined even with human power, are only documented on the map as places to be investigated.
Such mines have become my training targets for the practicing of extraction magic and the usage of magic in order to raise the magic capacity.
As a matter of fact, the method, which has the best efficiency in raising mana, was to simply gather iron sand in the ground, that’s suitable around there.
I only collect what can be collected and at the end I remove the impurities from that lump of iron.
This method seems to be one used by master during his childhood.
And, shouldering the completed lump of iron and selling it to a blacksmith apparently changed it into his pocket-money.
Incidentally, I preferred the method of only collecting certain metals from the rocky mountains, which contain barely all sorts of metals, and the process of refining mithril by charging silver with mana.

“I will arrange for people urgently. However, magic is something frightening.” (Roderich)

Usually a large-scale research group, including mining engineers, will be dispatched and it will become necessary to carefully investigate for at least several months.
But, if you investigate with magic, you will end up knowing even the kinds of metals, possible to be collected, the rough contents and the deposits.
Therefore, a mining engineer, who is able to use detailed detection magic, seems to have a busy job to the degree of being rebuked by his schedule until his death.

“Anyway, the development is currently priority number one.” (Wendelin)

“That’s true.” (Roderich)

“Let’s also have a drinking party at Arno’s roast giblets shop tonight.” (Wendelin)

“That’s great.” (Roderich)

After I transfer Erw’s group, who forms a party and goes to the Demon Forest, in the morning, I leap to the construction site of Baulburg.
There I listen to Roderich regarding today’s job details.
Jumping to the actual site and carrying out the work, I complete several requests depending on the circumstances and once it becomes evening, I will go to receive Erw’s group once again.
According to the day, there are also situations, where I will have dinner with Roderich’s group and the other construction staff.
Generally we enjoy the provided meals and alcohol, but once in a while we also ate out.
Be that as it may, currently there are no professional restaurants in Baulburg.
Since there are people, being sharp-sighted at recognizing a business opportunity, pulling pseudo-food carts, there were many things to eat there.
My particular favorite was the roast giblets food cart.
The shopkeeper at that place cheaply buys the intestines of prey, which came out at hunts and wild animal exterminations, and processing these carefully, he serves them in stew and grilled on a skewer.
There are three types of tastes, salt, miso and soy sauce. It also became a popular store among the other construction staff.
While drinking sake with high alcohol percentage and eating dishes possessing deliciousness although being made out of inferior ingredients, they are talking about various things in seats, which are filled by nothing but guys.
It’s not like I’m particularly homosexual, but the thing called a drinking party, including the dirty jokes only told by men, was something enjoyable as well.
It’s pretty fun, but…

“I just now remembered it, I, I’m an adventurer, right?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, master is an adventurer.” (Roderich)

Although I’m an adventurer, I feel like I have done nothing else but public works in the Savage Lands for more than three months.
Can you really call this the work of an adventurer?

“This is a combined request of the engineering guild and the adventurer’s guild.” (Roderich)

Currently the adventurer’s guild had actually started a branch in Baulburg, although it’s nothing more than a shack.
Accordingly the engineering guild has contacted Roderich and the request, to proceed the construction at that place albeit being difficult due to ferocious wild animals appearing there, was accepted by him.
After the adventurer’s guild received a message, the request has been passed to me.
A part of the commission will be paid to the adventurer’s guild as handling fee and I will receive a reward after completing the job.
On the occasion, the engineering guild will take a share from that as well.
Legally speaking you couldn’t even call that a job as adventurer.

“I see, if it’s also a job from the adventurer guild… as if!” (Wendelin)

It wasn’t the work of an adventurer at all.
Thanks to that, I ended up being told something like 『If it’s Wend, you are an engineering worker, isn’t that right?』 by Erw.

“Even Erwin says something cruel.” (Roderich)

“Erw is cruel, but I believe that you are cruel as well, Roderich.” (Wendelin)

Although I became the family head of the Earl Baumeister household after being told that I wouldn’t need to work as feudal lord, the next requests were only development construction works.

“Master, public works aren’t the job of a feudal lord.” (Roderich)

“You, aren’t you recently very calm?” (Wendelin)

Since we won’t make any progress, even if we quarrel like this, I try to ask him a single question about something, I remembered.

“Be that as it may, lately I’ve generally done flood-control works for the rivers. But that hasn’t been finished up at all, has it?” (Wendelin)

What I was in charge of were only foundation works, that take the most time and are important for efficiency.
Just around a week ago I did construction work, taking 3 days, at a river that was considerably distant from here. But the finishing construction work hasn’t started at all.

“Changing the flow of the river, dredging the riverbed, creating anti-flood ponds and building an embankment with dredged earth and sand. Although it was troublesome, the construction work hasn’t finished, has it?” (Wendelin)

At least I want them to construct reinforcements made out of concrete and stones for the embankment.

“It will be alright for a while, if no great, heavy floods come, as it is a workmanship to that degree. As for the construction work, there is an order of precedence.” (Roderich)

Even now, after the completed harbor in the outskirts of Baulburg, a large amount of people and materials will be brought in by magic airships.
Also, in addition, small magic airships will transport materials to various planned construction sites of cities. The building of houses and the establishment of large-scaled farms is advancing as well.
Also, the construction of the road network covering the terrain of the Savage Lands and the construction of several port cities even along the coast, which passed through the Demon Forest, is starting.
It was decided to not do the opening the Demon Forest by splitting it into three parts due to the current dangers in the end.
There are many precious monsters and produces. We discussed opening up the center of the forest and leave the west and east as they are, but the monsters and the vegetation inhabiting the center and the other two parts are completely different.
If the control was destroyed by unskillfully defeating the reigning master, there would be a danger of monsters, who left the domain, pouring into the center of the Savage Lands and the coast-lands in great numbers.
In the end, knowing that this matter is no problem, if you move by magic airship in a height of more than several hundred meters above ground, we are currently running an experiment of a service of small magic airships cruising between inland districts and coastal areas periodically.
And the construction of harbors was done at several places as well.
If you ask why I’m aware of it, it’s because it was me, who did the foundation works.
The Demon Forest has many valuable monsters and produces.
Therefore it is opened to adventurers and hunting is recommended. Selling those raw materials wholesale to the adventurer’s guild, taxes will be collected from the guild.
It’s for the sake of such plan, huh? The adventurer’s guild has already dispatched branches at several cities under construction near the Demon Forest. Adventurers have been diving into the Demon Forest at once.
However, apparently several victims already appeared due to the unfamiliar monsters.

“The reason for proceeding with master’s foundation works is that even if master wasn’t able to receive any public works requests for several months, it wouldn’t cause a delay in the development project.” (Roderich) (T/N: That man got a way with his words, lucky for him that our MC isn’t smart)

It will be fine if they intensely carry out such things like the finishing of construction work during the time I’m not here.
It seems the acceleration of me doing foundation works was for that reason.

“(Roderich might be in fact more suited to be a noble than me…)” (Wendelin)

“I’m fully satisfied with being master’s retainer.” (Roderich)

As a matter of fact, I was told 『If Roderich feels inclined, even the restoration of the Baron Rückner household is…』 by Minister Rückner, but Roderich didn’t seem to have that in mind in the slightest.

“Even considered realistically, there is no way I want to succeed something like a household, which committed such disgraces. Even thinking about the profits, the state of being master’s retainer is exceedingly better by far.” (Roderich)

Under the condition of entrusting him with the post of governor, Roderich would be paid with a large wage as long as he is in that position.
The amount of money was at a level that there are appointed Earls in the capital saying 『I want to change with him』.
Seeing that it is a 100% subcontracting, it was also necessary to pay him a reward corresponding with that during that time.
Once I begin my work as feudal lord after retiring as adventurer, it’s likely necessary to reduce his wages.

“According to the schedule, I will leave it to you for around 20 years.” (Wendelin)

“I will do my best as it is work worth doing.” (Roderich)

“I see. That’s great.” (Wendelin)

While saying so, I take out a large quantities of things similar to booklets from my magic bag and hand them to Roderich.
Their number probably exceeds 500.
Roderich was apparently surprised by their weight.

“Master. This is?” (Roderich)

“Those are formal marriage interview photos.” (Wendelin)

Cameras exist in this world.
Since it’s a magic tool, that exists only as item produced in ancient times, no one but those at the level of royalty, large nobility and wealthy merchants possessed them, however nobles often used it for formal marriage interview photos.
Given that the revival of film production techniques were luckily a success, nobles purchase film from their patrons, go to the mansions of the nobles, introduced by their patrons, and make photos of them.
The weakness of film was its expensive price at around 1000 cent, but it seems that nobles, who don’t want to lose to their rivals at any costs, motivate themselves and ask for photos of their daughters and younger sisters.
Even for the marriage partner it appears to be convenient since they will get to know the face of the other party.
With the reason of not knowing the face of their partner, if they aren’t an acquaintance, even if they are told 『Our daughter is beautiful』 by the other party of the marriage interview, the natural result was that it was easy to determine whether they are really pretty, if there’s a photo.

“The number is large.” (Wendelin)

“Nooo~, the number has increased.” (Roderich)

Roderich, who is the head retainer serving as governor in the Earldom Baumeister, was flooded by marriage talks.
At the same time, marriage talks several times that came to me as well, but Roderich, who is a person who doesn’t particularly mind, ended up changing all of them into marriage talks intended for him.
After all, the hurdle 『If you want to be my wife, it’s no good if you aren’t able to hunt in the Demon Forest』 seems to be a very effective strategy.

“Roderich, you will become even more busy from now on, if you don’t marry quickly.” (Wendelin)

“That is, I’m aware of that, but…” (Roderich)

Once Roderich opens one booklet for one reason or another, there was a still very young girl photographed there.

“Master…” (Roderich)

“I hear she’s Minister Rückner’s granddaughter.” (Wendelin)

He decided to push his eight years old granddaughter, he tried to push onto me before, onto Roderich without hesitation.
It might seem heartless, but there was a proper reason for that, too.

“It’s because the Rückner family has parted from their valuable appointed Baron title, they owned. They don’t want to lose it, do they?” (Wendelin)

Seeing that Roderich said that he wouldn’t succeed it, they want the child, made with this granddaughter, to do so instead.
This seems to be Minister Rückner’s idea.

“It will be troublesome if a deviation occurs with the power distribution of his noble colleagues in the same financial affairs faction.” (Roderich)

“High-ranking nobles are troublesome.” (Wendelin)

Even though there was confrontation between the brothers, there is the notion to keep that appointed Baron household within the Rückner family’s framework.
Although there’s also a feeling that it’s fine for it to be confiscated due to the disgraces committed, it seems that there has been some kind of conclusion in the discussions between the 5 big finance affairs faction households.
If they oppose it unskilfully, that framework will also be taken by another family. This time it has ended up becoming the target of another finance affairs faction household.
Since the profits are low and a futile strife will only incur costs, they have mutually guaranteed an extent of interests for each other.

“If you are unifying the collusions at the top, it will be easy to fend off an upheaval from upstart nobles.” (Roderich)

Roderich, who had troubles with government service thanks to that, sighs, but I hear that it’s me, who defeated the dragons and started the development of the Savage Lands, that is breaking down his feelings of entrapment by the strict noble society.

“Such being the case, for the sake of preserving the Baron household, Minister Rückner got stuck with increasing interests split to the other 5 big finance affairs faction households.” (Wendelin)

“If he doesn’t preserve that Baron household neither of them will profit. But, if it’s a political marriage of convenience with me…” (Roderich)

Roderich realized that it was impossible to refuse and sighed grandly.

“Regarding that point, I’m the senior. With that girl as legal wife, you have to accept at least one more person afterwards. Well, I will be going hunting from tomorrow onwards. I plan to do so for around 1 week.” (Wendelin)

“Maaaaasster~~~!” (Roderich)

“Doooo your best~~~!” (Wendelin)

Leaving Roderich, who cries while holding a bundle of marriage interview photos, I transferred to the construction site with teleportation in one go.


“Wend is a villain as well.”

“No, no, as master I must have my head retainer marry and raise a family. With such a reason, Erw, too.” (Wendelin)

The next day I went to the construction work as planned neglecting Roderich, who screamed while holding the marriage interview photos. I prepared to leave to the Demon Forest with Erw’s group.
Since it’s hunting after approximately three months, I was told 『It’s great you were able to come in that situation』 by Erw.
I have explained the detailed circumstances of the development situation, including the matter of the formal marriage interview of Roderich.
Thereupon Erw treated me, who pushed a large amount of marriage interview photos onto Roderich, as heartless guy.

“Why? Why me as well?” (Erwin)

“That’s only obvious! You are my guard captain!” (Wendelin)

Although he has considerable skill in swordsmanship, Erw’s official position was changed to guard captain since it’s still impossible for him to be the commander of the feudal army with him having the same age as me.
Since I can still continue the adventurer trade, it became Erw’s job to always act as my guard without separating from me.
Probably he is thinking that he must be in my surroundings, due to his work as guard, even if I retire as adventurer, but since he plans to learn about the work related to the army, we decided that he will join the top brass of the feudal army sooner or later.

“I still don’t want to marry or such.” (Erwin)

“Impossible! Just impossible!” (Wendelin)

However, he was taught an evil past-time by Burkhart-san.
Previously Erw had been apparently guided to the pleasure quarter in the capital by Burkhart-san. He seems to be thinking that the way of irresponsibly playing around is more interesting than getting married and raising a family.

“Even Wend wants to still play around, I guess?” (Erwin)

“…” (Wendelin)

Given that it’s impossible to deny that, I kept silent.
It will be a disaster, if a strange woman comes forth stating something like 『It’s Earl Baumeister’s child』 after messing around at such place.
Also, I believe Erw should make such statements after properly looking at his surroundings.

“Eh? What? What was that about womanising?” (Ina)

“Erw, I’d like you to not talk Wend into strange things.” (Luise)

“Erw-san, Wendelin-sama obtained a position with responsibilities. It’s different when it’s a concubine, but playing around with women is no good.” (Elise)

Surrounded by Ina, who is setting up her spear, Luise, who is cracking her fists next to him, and Elise, who prepares her mace she doesn’t usually use, Erw’s face became ghastly pale and he was drenched in cold sweat.
Furthermore, in spite of usually joining Erw’s group in the hunting, Burkhart-san seems to be absent on urgent business today.
Although his merit is having a good sense in such things, he didn’t know that he might be the most likely cause since he is an older and fashionable man.

“Playing around? Tree climbing, fishing or such?” (Wilma)

“You know, Wilma. It’s not that kind of playing around.”

Wilma, who had publicly become my fourth fiancée recently, in spite of having asked me whether I wanted her to attend me at night at the time we met for the first time, apparently had no knowledge of such things.
It looked like she didn’t quite understand the reason for Ina’s group getting angry as playing around equals to her to no more than the feeling of a child’s way of things.

“Anyway, let’s go to the Demon Forest with this line-up today. Well then, Erw, here you go.” (Wendelin)

“What’s this?” (Erwin)

“Marriage interview photos. At least choose two of them.” (Wendelin)

“Why? Me, who is no more than the fifth son of a poor Knight, is…” (Erwin)

Erw became speechless due to me handing him around 200 marriage interview photos.
Even those were sent through Margrave Breithilde.
He has left it to me since it’s troublesome, but even though things might appear this way, those have been carefully selected according to him.

『All of them, bringing marriage interview photos, were stressing the beauty of their younger sisters and daughters to me. I, who have been listening to all of it, am quite patient, am I not?』 (Breithilde)

Certainly, I wouldn’t want to spend time for such a thing.
In my time as trading company worker I was invited to the home of my senior on my holiday and he only boasted about his daughter, who had just been born, and his wife. It might be a feeling similar to that time.

“My and Erw’s situations are different. I guess that’s only natural. As much as possible I want you to decide on a partner in around a month.” (Wendelin)

“I have no right to veto, huh…?” (Erwin)

“There is no way for such thing to be there.” (Wendelin)

It was unthinkable to permit a situation of him having no children or such while becoming a chief retainer of an Earl in possession of territory.
An existence like Burkhart-san is a rarely found exception.

“Wend, you demon!” (Erwin)

“Whatever you say! Set up the schedule of the formal marriage interview together with Roderich.” (Wendelin)

Including Erw, who carried a large amount of marriage interview photos, we transfer by teleportation to the entrance of the Demon Forest with our party.
It’s where we always go, the entrance on the coast’s side of the forest on the west side, where you can pick huge fruits. It’s the place where the construction of a port city is on the way and it’s in the midst of advancing the construction of a harbor, which will also be capable to handle large ships.

“Wend, over there is the branch of the adventurer’s guild.”

“It’s worn-out.”

“There’s no problem if they can carry out the reception tasks.”

Ahead, where Luise is pointing at, there is the branch of the adventurer’s guild even though it’s a crude hut. Several adventurers were coming and going from there.
Carrying out the procedures of their change of their base of activity, it appears to be no problem even if it’s a hut since they are only buying the adventurer’s loot.
Even a storage, where they place the bought articles, isn’t necessary because they have magic bags.
Also, things, like dismantling the monsters, seem to be currently done at a facility in the capital.

“However, there are more people than expected…”

“Even if it’s dangerous, the profits are large.” (Ina)

As Ina says, because there are unique monsters and things to collect, there were many adventurers moving to the east and west side of the Demon Forest, even if the level of risk is high.
It’s seems it has led to quite a few victims, but there are also skilled parties returning having obtained results.
Since they are adventurers, even if they die in vain, they will gain a large amount of money, if they produce results.
This was completely at their own risk.

“Now that you mention it, didn’t the items, obtained at the early explorations, sell for a high price?”

“Yes. Hermann-san thanked us as well.”

During the time I was struggling hard as engineering adventurer, Ina’s group went to focus on hunting and collecting in the Demon Forest.
As result, we were able to put the raw material of the monster up in an auction in the capital and they were sold for a large sum of money. I heard it was the same for some kinds of fruits as well.
Currently, in confectionery shops and ingredient shops aimed at wealthy clients, the fruits themselves and the desserts, made using those, are apparently selling like hot cakes in spite of the very high price.
Naturally there were many adventurers coming here aiming for those.

“However, there were also things, which were unmanageable to be used, right? Wend handled them somehow though.”

That was the cacao fruit, but since it’s simply a fruit with a seed, if you don’t know the accurate method to process them, it’s something Ina, who also worried about it, understands well.

“If it’s cocoa and chocolate, those are delicious although they are expensive…”

I have told the recipe to Artur-san. Even the chocolate and cocoa, he took upon himself to produce with confection artisans, who are able to keep a secret, has also the issue of having a single ingredient, milk, that originally was a high-class item. Those became seriously high-priced items.
After taking out the flesh of the fruit and the seed of cacao respectively, the seeds are fermented by wrapping them in leaves of banana and after roasting it at low temperature, the germs in the seed’s coat will be gone or something like that.
More or less I had studied it since my company, during my time as worker in the trading company, also did imports, but leaving all of the actual work to professional confections artisans, they created something great after failing a few times.
Thanks to that it became possible to get high-priced cocoa and chocolate in the capital for free, even including a patent fee, from Artur-san.

“It’s as Ina-chan says. You will just end up overeating.”

“Hot chocolate is delicious, right?”

“Chocolate is tasty.”

No matter in which world, women have apparently the same sweet tooth.
It reached the point of our female camp bringing cocoa and chocolate as handheld food.
In relation to quality, it has ended up in large quantities in my magic bag now, before that it was in Burkhart-san’s.

“Let’s go collect cacao fruits.”

“Actually there’s a lot of demand for it.”

Yesterday Erw had induced us to look at the bulletin board placed in that shack called adventurer’s guild, however Artur-san put out a request that he will buy them for a lot money, if you brought them in, since there aren’t enough cacao fruits.

“Well, then it will mainly be cacao fruits.”

Naturally there will be monster attacks during the collection work, but that’s called the fate of an adventurer.
Since they will become profits, if we hunt those monsters, it’s convenient, if you are skillful as adventurer.

“Until yesterday Burkhart-san was there. Today Wend will be here. That’s greatly reassuring.”

If an adventurer party has powerful magicians, the efficiency of hunting will definitely be different.
There wasn’t any need to even talk about safety.

“So, Erw’s group is the top party around here?” (Wendelin)

“Pretty much. We got a pair of wooden clogs for Burkhart-san to wear.” (Erwin)

That person was an elite adventurer to begin with.
Therefore his efficiency in hunting is completely different.

“Don’t expect too much from me, who’s still inexperienced as adventurer.” (Wendelin)

“Oh my, oh my, the dragon-slaying hero-san is unexpectedly modest.”

“Who’s there?” (Wendelin)

Since someone suddenly cut into our conversation, I begin to search for the owner of that voice.
Once I turn around to the rear, from where the voice came, I saw a young woman standing there.

“I’m called Katharina Linda von Waigel (T/N: >> Katarina Rinda fon Vaigeru <<).” (Katharina)


I have immediately noticed that this woman is a magician.
Moreover, she should be possessing quite the skill and magic capacity.
Her age is around 18 years, I guess?
Also, another unusual thing is the violet hair, which extended until around her hips, and the type of ringlet curls, which are similar to the ones of ojou-sama characters in past shoujo mangas.
On her head she had an Alice band, which had several light blue gems attached to it.

“(Although they seem to be jewels, those are magic gems, huh…?)” (Wendelin)

It’s likely something prepared for the time she used up her mana.
Also, on her fingers there were rings put on with several magic gems inserted.
She dons an attire with parts of the fluttering skirt and strings being made out of white cloth and a red leather dress, which can be considered to be custom-made.
On a first glance it can be seen as unfit appearance for an adventurer, but the material used is soft dragon leather, which is an item with exceeding physical and magical defense power, I analysed.
Obviously she has spent an eye-popping amount of money, however she is likely an elite magician earning that much income.
In addition, she is wearing dark-brown long boots, which can be considered to be made out of the same dragon leather, and she is grasping a long, rod-shaped wand, with a length of around 2 meters, in her hand, but…
I felt a terribly feeling of discomfort towards her appearance.

“(Wend, she is a descendant of fallen nobility, I believe.)” (Erwin)

The details, Erw whispered in a low voice into my ears, are probably without doubt the truth.
It has been approximately 2.000 years since the history of the Helmut kingdom has started.
During that time many noble household were created, but at the same time a number of fallen and ruined noble households in itself is existing as well.
They, who lost their peerage and territory, are of course no nobles anymore, but they have the pride of their noble lineage in the olden days and are hoping to restore their rank in due time. There were many people, who haven’t removed the “von” from their name.

“(You can realize that just by looking).” (Wendelin)

Even though things might appear this way, I lived in the capital for close to 3 years as well.
Even I reached the point of at least being able to distinguish real and fake nobles.
As for her, there are several women existing wearing the ojou-sama-style ringlet hair style of noble daughters.
Her face has also the appearance of being slightly harsh, but she was still a beautiful person having a noble face.
Her skin was fair white as well. The equipment, she wears, is at the level of looking elegant.
But, she had put on strange things unnecessarily.
That is, she wore a snow-white mantle, which could be considered to be likewise made out of the soft hair of young dragons.

“(If she were a real noble, that mantle would have been out).” (Wendelin)

In this Helmut kingdom there were very strict rules about wearing a mantle.
For the kingdom it’s natural for the family heads of Earl households and above, experienced generals in the army and active cabinet ministers.
However, once a general retires from active duty, they won’t be allowed to wear it anymore, and if a cabinet minister isn’t the family head of an Earl household or above after resigning, then they won’t be allowed to wear one either.
Also, it goes without saying, but women didn’t have that privilege.
Once in a while those like commoners seem to put a mantle on with a feeling of fashion and playing around just because they want to show off, but that doesn’t make royalty and the nobles raise their corner of the eyes either.
The reason being; Since the rule for wearing one is too strict, commoners and such will end up being completely out-of-place by wearing something like a mantle and thus will be considered unnatural right away.
If you tried to become elated by wearing a mantle, you wouldn’t hear anything but small laughter from your surroundings.
For young people like that it has become a custom to consign their past appearance of wearing a mantle to the oblivion of dark history.

“(Even Wend isn’t wearing one…)”

“(The current me is, to the bitter end, an adventurer).” (Wendelin)

Moreover, when it comes to wearing a mantle, it has been a rule for the kingdom to provide everything, including even spare mantles.
『Since I had been expressly born into a noble household, I want to become an existence, who is bestowed a mantle by His Majesty, if possible』 is what nobles, who have ambitions, believe.
By the way, I was granted one by His Majesty as well, but I wasn’t wearing it right now as I’m currently doing work as adventurer.
I had only worn it 2~3 times at occasions such as territory inspections.
When I’m acting as adventurer, I don’t put one on.
Even the guild’s side will treat me as normal adventurer as much as possible at the time I don’t wear a mantle.
This had been decided by me and the guild’s side.

“(But, that mantle is a nice item).”

It was an overwhelming high-class item in comparison to the one provided by the kingdom. It’s also an article of rare beauty you can expect to bolster a high defence against magic.
But, the fact of a female body being clad in it itself was proof that she isn’t a noble.

“So, what kind of business do you have with us, Waigel-san?” (Wendelin)

“I wanted to extend my greetings as adventurer being in the same trade.” (Katharina)

“Why yes, thank you.” (Wendelin)

However, her expression couldn’t be seen as anything but obviously burning with the spirit to oppose me.
With a height of around 170 cm, she is approximately 5 cm smaller than me.
Brimming with pride, she tried to display a manner of looking down on me even with her sight.
Also, her figure is fairly nice. He chest is slightly smaller than Elise’s.
If there wasn’t her forceful gaze, which is an ill-fit with her attire, she would be an existence deserving to be called a completely beautiful girl.

“Although you defeated two dragons, Wendelin-san, you are still an amateur as adventurer.” (Katharina)

“Haa…” (Wendelin)

Even I, myself, am well aware of that matter, but what will come from expressly pointing that out?
Just as I’m wondering about this oddity, Erw points out her intention in a whisper.

“(Although you came here to change your hunting ground, I’m in a higher position than you, is what she wants to say).” (Erwin)

Although it’s fine if we earn our achievements by hunting on our own accord since we are adventurers, why has this woman, with an attitude similar to provoking me, appeared, I wonder?
I have a feeling that she is wasting time and effort pointlessly.

“(There’s many such people, right…?)” (Luise)

Luise murmurs to me in a whisper as well, but certainly, there are many people like that among adventurers.
To begin with, since it’s an industry having an evaluation by society raging from the best to the worst due to the sly old foxes at the top, rather than strangely self-conscious people, there’s a fixed number of people, who end up being worried, if they don’t confirm their own abilities and standing constantly.

“(Also, she might think about the aspect of you being a noble, Wend).”

She, who might be a descendant of fallen nobles, gave her full name at the time of introducing herself.
‘Currently we are ruined, but in the near future it will certainly change’ or ‘Currently I’m a commoner, but I won’t forget my pride of having nobles as ancestors.’
There were many descendants of fallen nobles, who have decided to not give up their former names for such reasons.
Given that there are things they ended up losing in the past, they are yearning and obsessing over those too much, I guess.

“(Also, I believe she is jealous of you without a doubt, Wend).” (Ina)

With Ina’s comment at the end, all of Katharina’s attitude was noted down.
A magician of her level is very likely to become a noble sooner or later.
Even at worst, she should have the leeway to at least become a retainer, with the possibility of that title being hereditary, of some noble household.
However, that has the condition “if you are a man” attached.
In this Helmut Kingdom the probability of bestowing peerage to a woman was almost zero.
Occasionally, someone like the daughter of greater nobility or royalty received such thing ending it within one generation, but naturally, for her, who had this mismatched elegantly styled appearance, it was something absolutely unattainable.
No matter how many achievements as magician she obtains, she can never become a noble.
Oh, with the limit being that a noble of a small territory ushers her in as bride so that she can earn income as mercenary, even something like legal wife was impossible for her in the first place.
I think it will become understandable if you look at my family’s home, it was common sense that a noble, no matter how poor they might even be, will only accept a daughter of a noble as legal wife.

“(I guess she doesn’t give a damn…).”

As descendant of fallen nobility she should probably be aiming for the restoration of her house.
And, with me being the eighth son of a poor noble, my descendants should usually have fallen to commoner status.
Although I became an Earl, which was pointed out to society alongside my ability in magic, she is an adventurer, albeit a first-class one.
She dispels those gloomy feelings by confirming that she’s above me.
It’s an often heard story.

“Hearing of the hunting ground here, I came visiting. When I’m active, it will occasionally cause people to become pitiable.” (Katharina)

Since earning your own share will decrease the shares of other adventurers, she apologizes ahead in time to the people, who will become the target of that.
I see, she has quite the confidence, and at the same time of thinking that, she seems to pick a fight with me.

“Don’t worry. This Demon Forest is vast.” (Wendelin)

It’s different from other small places, where the number of monsters had decreased.
This Demon Forest has a row of hidden parts in comparison to other domains. It was unlikely that the number of prey would decrease or such for quite some time.

“Besides, how much one takes and how much one earns, doesn’t really matter, right?” (Wendelin)

There’s nothing like a ranking system in the adventurer’s guild.
Such things as how much one earns and how much fees were paid to the guild weren’t ever officially announced.
It will make it easy for strange folks to shadow and aim at adventurers, who have money.
Given that it will be troublesome, if the fee paid to the guild decreases thanks to the time it takes to shake off those people, there’s no way that the guild’s side will ever announce it.
However, it is well-known that there’s naturally gossip about the names of great adventurers.
It was only this much though. In the first place adventurers have the objective of 『The goal isn’t to earn more money than others. How much do I earn myself?』.
I had absolutely no motivation to compete with her.

“If both of us do our best, results will appear for each of us. Isn’t that much fine?” (Wendelin)

“Well, you have quite the confidence, haven’t you?” (Katharina)

Though, I’m someone who doesn’t want to compare himself to others.
That feeling seems to be strong in her.
She particularly felt strongly that she doesn’t want to lose against me, too.

“Rather than confidence, isn’t that only hunting and gathering by diving into a domain?” (Wendelin)

“Oh my. The dragon-slaying hero-san seems to be an honor student having a strong point in giving exemplary answers.” (Katharina)

“You know…” (Erwin)

Even though Erw unintentionally offers a comment, she didn’t even face Erw with her sight.

“Your flunky looks to be noisy.” (Katharina)


Due to the abusive language she continuously spills out, the enraged Erw wants to leap at her, but Luise and Ina prevented that.

“You. You suddenly come starting a conversation and then insult the party members of people? Is the inside of your brain alright?”

“Same to you, there’s a limit to being jealous with your king of the mountain pretense.”

No matter how you look at it, the talk continues into a situation of crashing against each other, but gradually I’m able to understand what she is wishing for.
Undoubtedly she wanted to prove her being above me by having a match against me.
And she wants to make it known to the society, that she, a woman, is a greater adventurer than me. She wanted to grasp something to use as foothold for reviving her household.
In short, she wants to appeal herself to society to gain a reputation.
She is provoking me on purpose for that very reason.

“You are quite roundabout. Isn’t it fine to say so if you want a match? But…” (Wendelin)

“Yes. Even if I do something like a magic bout in a plain with you, it won’t even result in a single cent.” (Katharina)

She appears to have at least that level of reasoning.
On this continent the number of magicians is extremely insufficient.
Therefore, something like a duel resembling a formal combat of fellow magicians, let alone the scornful laughter by the authorities, there was even the possibility to be punished, if one is unlucky.

“Let’s go with the appraised value of one day’s worth of prey.” (Wendelin)

“As adventurers this kind of contest is the most appropriate one.” (Katharina)

Also, even if fellow magicians combat with spells in a place with no people, there’s also the extremely rational reason that it won’t produce anything while simply being a waste of mana.

“Well, then until the end of the day? I don’t mind if you end the hunting earlier once you ran out of mana either.” (Katharina)

“That’s something you, who has less mana than me, has to worry about.” (Wendelin)

“As for mana, it doesn’t mean it’s all fine just because you simply have a lot of it.” (Katharina)

Having said that, I predict her amount of mana to be in quite the upper regions, even at the advanced level.
Moreover, because the other side was above me in experience as adventurer, it was completely impossible for me to be careless.

“You know. In my role as bodyguard I can’t agree to this at all though.” (Erwin)

“Be that as it may, if Erw’s group comes along, the fairness of the match will be impeded.” (Wendelin)

Besides, since she is pretty much of noble origin, it was necessary to carry out the accepted match fair and square.

“It’s only for today.” (Wendelin)

“Uuh… I will be scolded by Roderich-san…” (Erwin)

“If that’s the case, leave it to me!” (Armstrong)

In Erw’s opinion, it won’t do if he can’t protect me at all times and thus he apparently can’t approve me acting independently or such.
However, from my point of view, it is unthinkable to consider that woman doing something dishonest.
Following the claims of both parties, that person suddenly swoops down here once again alongside the sound of a meteorite crashing.
Of course he created a shock wave alongside his drop. Even that woman got stuck with holding down the skirt part of her dress with both hands.

“Doushi, huh? Umm, why are you here like this today?” (Wendelin)

“Who is it all of a sudden?” (Katharina)

“I’m the Royal Head Magician! I will act as referee for this match!” (Armstrong)

“You will be troubled if something happens to the beginner Earl Baumeister-dono, Armstrong-doushi-sama.” (Katharina)

Surprisingly, this woman didn’t show a disturbed appearance seeing doushi at all either.
In the capital his degree of recognition was high, but once you go to the countryside, there’s only few people, who are aware of doushi’s face and outer appearance.
Thanks to that, arbitrarily thinking that he is a beautiful middle-aged man or handsome, good-looking man, the number of women and children, being lost for words after seeing the real thing, were endless.

“Aren’t you a girl with quite the guts! As you said, I will be troubled if something happens to Earl Baumeister! Being on surveillance, I plan to nab it, if something does happen!” (Armstrong)

“Well, I guess that’s fine. If that happened, the match would doubtlessly become my win.” (Katharina)

“I guess so, but that’s only in the worst case. I’m not worried at all! Well, then let’s start the match!” (Armstrong)

At the same time of the starting signal, she and me will simultaneously begin to move into the Demon Forest with high-speed flight.
Rather than waiting for prey to approach the entrance, there will be a lot of game at points inside, where humans still haven’t entered.

“Ah, that’s right. I leave the cacao fruits at those points to Erw’s group.” (Wendelin)

“I understood, but.” (Erwin)

“If it’s Wend, he is truly more worried about cacao than the match.”

“Since Wend isn’t here, Wilma and me will protect the party.”

“Cacao is truly necessary for chocolate as well.”

Just before the flight I issued instructions to Erw’s group to pick cacao fruits at points close to the entrance.
Influenced by the match with that woman, I will enter inside because it will raise the appraised value by especially hunting monsters.

“Good grief, although I have been told by Artur-san that he wants as many as possible…” (Wendelin)

He was also buying them through the guild from those like other adventurers, but it seems the demand isn’t covered at all.
He told me he bought all of them just as they were picked up.

“Wendelin-sama, I will pray for your safety and good fortune.” (Elise)

“Leave it to me.” (Wendelin)

Since it was more or less a fight with a descendant of nobility, albeit fallen one, Elise offered encouragement proper for my future legal wife.
Also, I have noticed that she has also taken slight offence at the words of that woman.

“Well then, let’s go!”

I have a slightly later start than that woman. I flew with magic inside the Demon Forest.


“Let’s see, it’s been a while since I last hunted.” (Wendelin)

After a few minutes I landed at a point, where I was able to confirm a great number of monster responses.
Once I look at the sky, I’m able to affirm that doushi was floating in the air monitoring me.
With him being simply bored, he took out a bento from his magic bag and ate a lot of it while downing a large amount of maté tea.
Since it will only give me a sour stomach if I look at him, I start my monster hunt at once.
At first, in the beginning, I discover a monster, which resembled a huge deer surpassing 2 m in its overall height. I behead it swiftly with a focused wind cutter and it collapses.

“Umm, this monster is…” (Wendelin)

According to the illustrated encyclopedia of monsters and produce, borrowed from Burkhart-san, it seems to be called Wild Impala.
With it being a wild animal from Africa introduced in a TV program in my previous life, I recall that this resembled a wild animal that was often hunted by cheetahs and such.
According to the illustrated encyclopedia of monsters and produce, this wild impala is nothing but fodder to other large, carnivorous monsters.

“The size of all things in this Demon Forest is wrong.” (Wendelin)

Even while saying stuff like that, I make the beheaded and collapsed wild impala float with magic.
With its cut off head below, I start to drain its blood as is.
Since its freshness won’t decrease, if I put it into my magic bag, there’s no necessity to do it right now, but it was important to scatter the blood of a wild impala at this place.
That’s because this blood will be able to lure in a large amount of big, carnivorous monsters desiring the wild impala.

“Sabre-toothed tigers will be profitable.” (Wendelin)

The monster called saber-toothed tiger, which was hunted during the investigation led by Burkhart-san, had a price attached to it at the guild, it was brought to, and afterwards it was auctioned off.
With the successful bidder being a rich Earl in the West, that person has apparently placed the skinned pelt in the living room of his mansion and is proudly showing it to his quests.
Also, it looks like meat and intestines are appetizing for carnivores as well.
Giving parties and such, the auction-winning, rich Earl delightfully recited that he was able to obtain it at an adequate price.
It is a monster, that isn’t listed in anything but illustrated reference books of the old days, and moreover it had been hunted by the former elite adventurer, Burkhart-san, in a joint struggle together with Luise, who uses the magic combat style.
If the two of them felt like it, they should have been able to hunt even more, but with the main purpose being an investigation at that time, they didn’t take on any specimen but those who came close. As a result of the main activity here being the collection of cacao fruits for around three months, the adventurer’s guild put up a poster stating 『Purchasing saber-toothed tigers at a large sum of money』, but accordingly victims, who dreamed of making a fortune at one stroke, appeared as well.
Since it’s a lot quicker than a normal human with its size, you could say that it was only natural though.

“(I wonder how that woman is going to hunt?)” (Wendelin)

There was no guarantee that a superior magician will become a superior adventurer.
The probability was far higher, however, for example, a magician, whose strength lies in fire-based spells, decides to burn a monster to death with a finishing move.
Given that it is a flame at the level of killing a monster, which has a far stronger vitality than normal animals, the monster will naturally be burnt black.
As result, it won’t yield very much money as there aren’t many parts that can be used.
You have to kill it without causing injuries as much as possible.
These are the basics. For that reason it is necessary for me to deal with animals and monsters, which are weaker than me.

“That woman knows that as well, I think?” (Wendelin)

While thinking such things, I saw the figures of several monsters in my visual field.

“Sabre-toothed tigers, huh…?” (Wendelin)

A total amount of four is visible.
According to the illustrated reference book, sabre-toothed tigers seem to basically act independently.
Therefore, the previously scattered blood of the wild impala lured them in, I guess.
The wild tigers move up to the pool of blood of the wild impala.
After licking the blood there for a short while, they come rushing at me all once next.
A human, who hasn’t much of hair, is a light snack for them to eat, at least going by the amount, is what is written in the illustrated reference book. That seemed to be the truth.

“Leave me alone, will you.” (Wendelin)

The four sabre-toothed tigers swoop down on me, who’s the prey, in turns, but all of their attacks were prevented by my magic barrier.
While admiring the scene of the sabre-toothed tigers clawing with a scratching at the magic barrier, I decide that it’s my turn to attack now.
There was neither a feeling of fear nor mystery.
Which isn’t surprising as I felt a lot more fear towards the training methods of doushi in the capital.
If that person were to attack one with his actual combat form during battle training even once, anyone would be able to understand it.

“Also, I have to hunt these guys.” (Wendelin)

In this case it was important to not injure the prey as much as possible.
Therefore, not using the wind cutter here that will end up tearing the opponents to pieces, I decide to make use of an improved version of the flying arrows spell, which I often used for hunting during my childhood.
Sharpening the pointed end of the arrows by compressing wooden branches in the surroundings with magic, I aim them at the lower half of the brain-stem part in the back, which is a weak point of all living things.
In spite of being engrossed with me, their prey, they ended up avoiding the arrows sent flying from the back in the beginning. I repeatedly went through a lot of blunders with the arrows sticking in places away from the weak point.
There is also the situation that the sabre-toothed tigers didn’t cease attacking me in order to devour me for sure.
After about 20 minutes I have destroyed the lower half of the brain-stem part, being the weak spot of the four sabre-toothed tigers, with the arrows sent from the back. Their vital activity has stopped.

“It’s necessary to practise for a while.” (Wendelin)

After I put the corpses of the four sabre-toothed tigers into the magic back, I move to the next point.

“It won’t work if all of them are sabre-toothed tigers either, huh?” (Wendelin)

After that I hunt monsters with the same strategy for around 10 times.
Besides sabre-toothed tigers, I hunt leopards with the same size that resembled southern leopards, huge rhinoceros called rhino and large birds called hell condors.
Although I had planned to summon only carnivorous monsters by especially scattering blood, omnivorous and herbivorous monsters came gathering as well and attacked me.
Probably they are gathering to impose a punishment for raising havoc in their turf.
While defending against the monsters, who gathered, with my magic barrier, I send wooden branches, turned into arrows, flying and deeply thrust those into the lower half of the brain stem, being their vital point, from behind the monsters.
It’s likely a strategy that has no appeal once you’ve seen it, but since I’m able to kill the monsters without injuring them too much with this method, the raw materials will sell for a lot afterwards.
Besides, given that most of the world’s work is a repeating cycle of actions generally resembling each other, for me it is calming to return to a method from my time as salary-man.

“Well then, I have to eat my meal as well, huh?” (Wendelin)

Since I obtained results to some degree, I spread out a mat, which I took out from my magic bag, on the ground while deploying a magic barrier and, after unwrapping my bento, I begin to eat.
The menu is simple. It was simply three largish onigiri, which had dried plum, I managed to produce successfully some time ago, stuffed into them, and barley tea, which had been filled into a water flask.
I decided to keep my lunch simple since I’m working.

“Doushi is, not here…?” (Wendelin)

Once I observe the sky while eating the onigiri, doushi’s figure wasn’t visible, at least in my field of vision.
Probably he has gone to monitor that woman.

“Well, I don’t care about something like a match anyway though.” (Wendelin)

I came to hunt here as adventurer. By no means is the match with that woman the main reason.
Besides, there’s no particular problem at all, even if I lose.
Even if that woman called herself number 1 after winning against me, I can’t help but feel 『Hm~~~~m, is that so?』.
Or rather, at least I want to know the basis of that number 1.
There might be far greater adventurers than us in other areas.

“I will go hunting once again, huh?” (Wendelin)

I, who finished my lunch and lunch break, once again resume my hunting.
Moving to a few points, I defeat one monster there, grandly scatter its blood around and then defeat the monsters, which came close, one after the other.
It was strange that I was able to draw in not only carnivorous monsters, but also omnivorous and herbivorous monsters, but while all of them, without exception, are engaged in crunching at my magic barrier in order to attack or devour me, they are pierced by arrows, made out of wooden branches, in their vital spots and lower half of the brain stem from behind and die.
Continuing this until evening, I was successful at establishing a method to hunt by myself using magic.
If I’m capable of this, I will be someone able to live as proper adventurer, even if I have to emigrate to the Holy Empire Urquhart in worst case.
Also, doushi returned in they sky before I realized it and was eating a huge mango he picked up as if greedily devouring it.
It looks like he was monitoring me, but it appears that he has been enjoying himself accordingly as well.

“Already evening, huh…?” (Wendelin)

I still had leeway with my mana, but I decided to return since it would be evening very soon as expected.

“Haven’t you used quite the handy magic.” (Armstrong)

“If I flashily tore them into pieces or burned them to ashes, the raw materials won’t become money.” (Wendelin)

The source of an adventurer’s income is mostly the price, they sell the raw materials of the monsters they defeated for.
With the exception of a part of undead and such, it won’t develop into something similar to subjugation rewards as monsters have a relation of being confined in the domain, if nothing is done.

“Even if you think that, monsters are strong.”

In order to sell the monster raw materials as expensive as possible, I kill them without damaging their bodies.
This is elementary. Even if you defeat strong monsters unreasonably no matter what, there’s also the possibility of it becoming a pain, if the state of the raw materials is bad.
Apart from that, it was common sense in this world that it will be more profitable to carefully defeat lower ranking monsters in order to not damage them as much as possible.

“By the way, how did that woman do?” (Wendelin)

“Katharina, the 『Storm』? She defeated the monsters flashily!” (Armstrong)

“You have known her, doushi?” (Wendelin)

“In the west she is a very famous adventurer and magician!” (Armstrong)

Emerging as adventurer at the age of 12, she became the top adventurer in the western area in merely one year.

“I didn’t know.” (Wendelin)

“Well, it can’t be helped in your case, Earl Baumeister.” (Armstrong)

Since I’m a noble more or less as well, I lived my live until now by remembering nobles before remembering famous adventurers.
Also, even at class in the adventurer prep school, the names of the currently famous adventurers weren’t taught.
Rather than learning the names of famous adventurers, the education policy was that you will become famous yourself by putting effort into it.

“Be that as it may, people make rankings on their own accord and create gossip!” (Armstrong)

As doushi says, that’s likely the nature of the creature called human.

“At any rate, in this industry it’s ‘you are yourself’! Now then, let’s go back?” (Armstrong)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

Once the two of us transfer in front of the shack, which is the guild’s branch, Erw’s group and that woman were already waiting there.

“Wend, we gathered cacao as you told us to.”


“This fellow is able to earn income.”

Currently Artur-san is mostly holding a monopoly on the sales of chocolate and cocoa in the capital and its surroundings.
Of course other companies have an interest in following up on that as well. The cacao fruits were being bought up for experiments and sales.
However, even if they are able to guess most of the manufacturing method, there are in fact sill problems to create it with quality. It seems they still won’t be able to steal any market shares.
Nonetheless, as they will resolve the problem of quality sooner or later, I advised Artur-san to use 『Branding』.


『Branding?』 (Artur)

『You have produced and sold chocolate and cocoa first. Your quality is the best as well.』 (Wendelin)

Given that it will become a competition of small profits and quick returns once the merchants increase immediately after introducing it to the market, I recommended Artur-san to aim for differentiation from the others by going down the route of high quality and high-class.

『It’s something like the royal purveyor. The choco of Artur company is expensive, but its quality is different from those of other companies. In order to make a differentiation, you have to create something like an Artur brand by controlling the quality of the shipped articles.』 (Wendelin)

『I see.』 (Artur)

『Also, it will be allowed for the shops, dealing with it, to hang up a signboard. ‘This shop is dealing with chocolate of Artur company.’』 (Wendelin)

『Well, you have hit upon a good idea there.』 (Artur)

I have no particular comment that it wasn’t me, who hit upon that idea as very first.
Even in the kingdom, the royal purveyors or the duke household purveyors are advertising that their products are used by royalty and nobility. There were many shops and workshops advertising a feeling of luxurious merchandise.

『Then we will go ahead with a Baumeister crest.』 (Artur)

『Why is it my name?』 (Wendelin)

『If I used Artur crest or such, it would become troublesome with the jealousy from the surroundings.』 (Artur)

Although he has been originally making a large profit with seasoning, since he has been unofficially offered to also become the governmental purveyor of the newly rising Earldom Baumeister, the jealousy from the surroundings will become far too harsh, if he puts out a brand with his own name prefixed.

『Though, it will be fine if it’s only jealousy.』 (Artur)

Given that it will become a bother if they even hinder him, the brand name of the chocolates and cocoas was decided to be 『Baumeister crest』 with the reason being that cacao is a special product, which can’t be picked anywhere but in the Demon Forest.


“Artur-san is very busy, too.” (Erwin)

It’s as Erw says, his businesses so far are sale of seasoning and ingredients, development of a franchise system of restaurants and the sale and production of chocolate and cocoa.
You can even say his work will increase even more as our governmental purveyor.
Since it’s simple overwork as expected, he began to change it to a system of receiving fees by entrusting a part of his business to small to medium companies.
The reason being that his engagement will jump up, if he becomes the governmental purveyor of a big noble.
As expected, he has no monopoly as governmental purveyor of a big noble, but as he has associated with me for many years, the scale of his business has expanded quite a lot.
Therefore, he would naturally become busy for a while, since he has been entrusted with the majority to begin with.

“We are able to sell cacao for that reason.”

“There’s isn’t sufficient ingredients of choco.”

I believed there wasn’t any necessity or such to actively hunt monsters, if it’s unreasonable.
As a matter of fact, bringing back the tree of cacao before, he requested farmers scouted by the Earl Baumeister household for researching methods of cultivation.
It will take years for results to appear. In the first place, cacao trees won’t grow, if it isn’t a place, where it’s damp and humid with a tropical sunshine.
In producing areas it was standard to secretly plant and grow trees such as bananas and such.
Therefore, naturally to start the research on cultivating fruits such as bananas and mangos as well, he has built an experimental farm in the south of Earldom Baumeister and has first begun from the part of being able to grow transplanted trees.
There’s also the matter that the trees originally became huge in the Demon Forest. To put it bluntly, it’s uncertain whether there might be any results from this. Thus it is necessary to collect in the Demon Forest in the meantime.

“Oh my, that’s a statement lacking ambition.” (Katharina)

When I’m talking about these matter with Erw, Katharina, who likewise had finished hunting and was waiting there, interrupts us.

“Not really, even if I don’t have anything like ambition, it likely won’t change the result much.” (Wendelin)

Even in my previous life I was weak against meaninglessly zealous superiors. In the current world I have also seen plenty of such like nobles, who can’t help but trouble us with nothing but impulsive actions.
That doesn’t mean all’s well if they simply feel inclined to lead, is what I’m believing.
Or rather, this woman, who’s suddenly telling people to have a contest, for sure has a pointlessly high fighting spirit, I think.

“Anyway, let’s quickly compare the results and then breakup.”

“Wh-? The outcome is?”

“Isn’t it fine either way no matter which side wins?”

It’s not like I will stop entering the Demon Forest if I’m not number 1. It will be simply fine, if each of us continues as adventurer at their own pace.
The contest itself to see who of us is better, was no more than a waste of time from my point of view.

“Yeah, yea. Let’s appraise it.”

The guild branch close to the Demon Forest had a shack as building, but since the demand for the Demon Forest’s produce and monster materials increased in the capital, the number of people owning magic bags was raised.
Preventing the drop in freshness of the purchased raw materials by putting those into magic bags, people regularly board magic airships and deliver the materials to the places, which need them.
Though it seemed that currently almost 100% has been given to designated merchants at occasions such as auctions by the capital’s adventurer’s guild headquarters.

“Well then, this is from me.” (Katharina)

First the woman called Katharina takes out her spoils from a magic bag, but the amount is quite high.
As expected, she seems to be strong at wind-based magic as one might conclude from her holding the alias 『Storm』. She sliced the carotid artery at the neck of the prey with a sharp, highly powerful wind cutter in a single blow and let them bleed to death.

“As expected of the western number 1 adventurer.”

Even the guild employees, who are inspecting the prey, are praising Katharina’s ability.

“Given that those are mostly unhurt, it will be possible to extract good raw materials.”

Since it’s been single blows at the carotid artery, there are no other damaged spots.
Therefore they were most suitable as the Demon Forest’s native monster decorations, which recently are in fashion between the high-ranking nobles of the capital.
Basically, there are many vain people among nobles.
They are collecting high-priced, rare items. And they boast of their own prided assets to other nobles.
It’s been said that the pinnacle of items was the stuffed head of flying dragons before. Although it’s price is high, the nobles obtained it in order to compete with each other.
Those are expensive as the skin of a flying dragon’s head, the eyeballs, the fangs, etc. also have a use. The market price is high because the demand can’t be satisfied at all.
A raw material, that’s insufficient because of its usefulness, ends up as decoration or such. That will be impossible to do, if it’s not a noble with assets.

“However, the majority of them already have one.”

2.000 years have passed since the founding of the kingdom. As expected, the majority of nobles is possessing a stuffed flying dragon head.
Thus, as for the aspect of rarity, it wasn’t that unusual anymore.
Also, if you are boasting about something the other party has as well, that won’t make much sense.
Accordingly, a part of the nobles has tried to select carpets of wild wolf fur and such as means of escape, but the impact is low, if you compare it with a dragon.
In this troublesome situation only one sabre-toothed tiger, who was hunted in an early investigation, was put up in an auction.
It has characteristically long fangs and its size is more than twice that of a wild wolf.
Their existences hasn’t been confirmed anywhere but in the Demon Forest at present. And there’s also the fact that average adventurers will just be eaten in reverse, if they go hunt it.
The name of the western rich noble, who obtained it first and made its pelt into a carpet, has become famous in high society.

“For that reason it’s essential to obtain as many sabre-toothed tiger specimen with scarce damage as possible.”

Given that those will be changed into carpets, it won’t be possible to make them into one, if there are too many injuries.
Even so, you could also say that it’s no problem since there are plenty of other applications they can be used for.

“Thanks for only wounding the neck. But…”

“But what?” (Katharina)

“All the appraised value of the Demon Forest’s produce and monsters will be decided at an auction.”

They can’t be caught anywhere but here and to top it off, the hunter will die in vain, if they aren’t an elite adventurer.
As result, unable to satisfy the demand for produce of the Demon Forest, it turned into a system where only a person, who has money, is able to buy those at auctions.

“I’m looking forward to the outcome of the contest decision.” (Katharina)

Apparently Katharina had plenty of confidence.
And then it’s my turn.

“This is… Those have even less injuries.”

Moreover, the monsters mostly aren’t bleeding.
They have been killed by piercing the lower part of the brain stem from the back of the head with arrows made out of wooden branches.

“That means, even the blood can be collected.”


Given that I put them into the magic bag right after their death, the rigor mortis and the coagulation of blood still hasn’t started.
Monster blood is an ingredient for medicines, an ingredient for making magic tools and many substances use it as catalyst as well. It will be possible to buy the whole of it, if the blood is there as well.

“Besides, the amount is high as well.”

“I wasn’t quite aware of the number.” (Wendelin)

Today I found a way to practice magic to defeat monsters without hurting them as much as possible.
In relation to the contest I didn’t consider anything but the other party at least being satisfied, if we do it.

“The amount is close to twice as much. This will attain a very great price.”

“Ah, there was an albino sabre-toothed tiger.” (Wendelin)

Only a single albino sabre-toothed tiger was mixed in among the hunted monsters.
No matter how huge the monster might be, it’s rare for an albino to survive in nature.
Given that it’s one size bigger than the other specimen, this might be the reason for its survival.

“There will probably be many nobles, who will desire this fur.”

Even if one boasts about the same sabre-toothed tiger pelt, it will be possible to boast excessively, if it’s the pelt of an even rarer albino.
Besides, it would be excellent due to its great charm since it’s closer to a silver color rather than white.

“Can’t you hunt a few more of those?”

“Albinos? It depends quite a lot on the factor luck.” (Wendelin)

Probably its ratio is from 1 per 1.000 to 1 per 10.000.
There’s plenty of food in the Demon Forest. Large carnivores, like the sabre-toothed tiger, are living there in a frightening density, but one of those shouldn’t appear, even if one hunts every day for countless years.

“That’s certainly true…”

Also, in regards to the contest, there wasn’t even any need to calculate the estimated value in detail anymore.
The variety and amount of monsters, I hunted, is close to twice as much.
Therefore, once the guild’s employee has started talking about the hunted albino, Katharina, who apparently got angry at being ignored, disturbs the talk once again.

“You are giving off the feeling of having already won!” (Katharina)

“Though I think you will know, if you check yourself…” (Wendelin)

It’s obvious, if you look at the results from today. Still, even if she isn’t able to win against me in particular, she can hunt this many monsters in the Demon Forest by herself.
Given that she is plenty of an elite adventurer, I ended up feeling that it would be fine, even if she didn’t forcibly compete with others.

“For adventurers it’s necessary to show results constantly in regular intervals to some degree! Let’s have a match with the results of one week!” (Katharina)

“Eeh~~~~!” (Wendelin)

Suddenly it was a change of the rules.
Which reminds me, I recall there being such a fellow in my childhood.
If I won in janken, they would suddenly start saying 『The match has to be three times after all!』
Moreover, if I won that too, it would become a match of 5 times next, I remember.
Undoubtedly this Katharina is also a sore loser.

“I don’t really mind though.” (Wendelin)

“It’s no good!” (Erwin)

It’s no problem since I have told Roderich that the hunting period will be around one week.
However, for Erwin, who’s in charge of guarding me, it was apparently difficult to approve me hunting by myself.

“You, don’t you have any party members or such?”

If it’s changed into a team competition with the same number of party members, Erw considered that he will be able to participate as well, but Katharina’s instant reply was something cruel.

“If you become an elite adventurer at my level, you won’t readily find something like companions at the same level.” (Katharina)

“Eh? What about the parties you joined up until now?”

“There aren’t any! I achieved the results so far by myself.” (Katharina)

To put it bluntly, she can be called a loner in the same way as the former me.
To begin with, excellent magicians have a tendency to become easily isolated since they are able to earn money solo as well.
If many fellows approach you in your youth with the goal of leaching off you, that tendency will become even more apparent.
To say nothing of her being a woman.
Among those parasites there should be many male adventurers aiming to become her pimp.

“The fourth son of some Baron household came approaching me with “If you party with me, it will be possible to restore my household,” but…” (Katharina)

Female adventurers certainly can’t obtain peerage, even if they defeat several dragon types.
Accordingly, a noble’s son, who can’t succeed the household, likely drew close to her aiming for her achievements and assets.
‘Since I’m a family head on paper myself, hand over those accomplishments to me.’
If you believe such a fellow, the result will just become disastrous. Her decision hasn’t been a mistake.
However, in reverse it means that it will be impossible for her to revive her noble household by herself, too.
She seems to be believing that a path will open up, if she stands out by earning income at least.

“If you say that’s how society works, that will be the end of it. But even Earl Baumeister welcomed various people like that.” (Katharina)

With this the flow of the conversation has suddenly taken a strange direction.
Katharina faced Erw’s group with a provocative look.

“Party member-san’s, who are completely relying on a superior magician.” (Katharina)

“Now you’ve said it!” (Ina)

The one, who reacted as very first and who was the most unexpected as well, was the level and calm Ina.

“I’d like you to not nitpick at someone’s party just because you are by yourself!” (Ina)

“I only judged it would be better to be by myself rather than being leached off by a useless bunch. I haven’t concretely talked about anyone in particular, but…” (Katharina)

“Although I’ve put up with you since Wend told us to, I don’t want to be told that by you! It’s only natural that you are by yourself with such obstinate character! That’s probably the only reason of your splendid isolation!” (Ina)

“(Ina, stop it already…)” (Wendelin)

Although Katharina and me are like this, I have no doubt that I will end up being at a loss, if I try to find adventurers, who have an equal level of ability as myself, as party members.
In the first place, if people obsess over such condition, companies, workplaces, noble households won’t be established.
Some selfishness is common survival instinct for a person. That means it will be fine, once the two’s relation turns out well in the end.
I’m finding a clear solution in such way because my insides are those of a middle-aged man, but Katharina might not be aware that she has lost her trust into people after having to deal too much with such folks in her sensitive period.

“I can’t use magic either and I might not be able to earn money as adventurer at the same level as you! But I do have some pride! Have a match with me!” (Ina)

“Eeh~~~~!” (Wendelin)

By no means did I expect Ina to bring up a match or such.
At the same time I’m aware that I can’t allow a match between Katharina and Ina.
Although she is an expert at spearmanship, such thing isn’t at the level to overtake magic, which had overwhelming power.

“Then I will join as well.” (Erwin)

“Me too. I was treated as parasite in the same way. I will join.” (Luise)

“Me as well, since the healer’s role will be necessary.” (Elise)

“I will protect Elise-sama.” (Wilma)

Since it’s impossible for Ina herself, Erw, Luise, Elise and Wilma declared their challenge for a match.

“Erw, my bodyguard is?” (Wendelin)

“I will entrust it to doushi.” (Erwin)

“No, I will join, too.” (Armstrong)

“Why has it turned out like this…?” (Wendelin)

The three groups, Katharina, me and Erw’s group, will perform a competition of hunting prey.
Therefore I wanted to request doushi to act as referee and also take safety measures, however he suddenly announced his participation as well.

“What the heck are you thinking…?”

Not only us, even Katharina showed a bewildered expression.

“If you are asking for a reason, it’s because it seems to be very fun!” (Armstrong)

“… Is that so…?” (Wendelin)

In my mind I shouted 『Are you a child!?』

“The referee as well as observer is?”

“We will leave it to Burkhart-dono!” (Armstrong)

In the end, after approving doushi’s forceful participation, we decided to start the prey hunting competition with a fresh start from tomorrow onwards.
The rule has become that the team wins, which obtained the highest estimated value of game in 5 days of the remaining 6 days I’m able to hunt.
Since that’s the case, I wonder what the heck was the purpose of today’s outcome?
Even if I consider that it was normal hunting, I somehow end up feeling not being fully satisfied with the way of things.

“I don’t have this much free time…” (Burkhart)

And another victim appeared.
Once I discussed it with Burkhart-san after returning to the mansion at evening, he reluctantly accepts the request.
Since it won’t end at the level of being scolded by Margrave Breithilde, if something happens to me in the worst case, he was likely unable to not agree.

“Do you have to let yourself get dragged along this far by an excessively self-conscious ojou-sama of fallen nobility?” (Burkhart)

“We had planned to concentrate on hunting anyway. She will probably quiet down, if we win by a great difference once.” (Wendelin)

“That would be fine, but you know…” (Burkhart)

However, his expression showed something like 『What a bother…』.

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