Chapter 44 – The overwhelming rewards

“That being said, Elise is also quite skilled at making tea. The miso stew for dinner was delicious, too. Even the breakfast is being prepared efficiently.” (Wendelin)

“As expected of my niece. I am relieved that she has grown accustomed at being Baron Baumeister’s wife.” (Armstrong)

“Maa, although she was about to die before that.” (Wendelin)

“That’s…” (Armstrong)

For our debut fight as adventurers we were appointed to investigate the underground ruin, where consecutively adventurers were sent in who didn’t return. The details of this fight could be summed up to fierce fighting and life or death struggle.

There was the combat with the dragon golem, equipped with an armor of a mithril and orichalcum alloy.

Then we were forcefully transferred to the underground ruin Deadly Inversion Regulationby something resembling a teleport magic square and had a menacing battle with massive golem army.

And lastly we had mortal combat with a second dragon golem, whose abilities had been risen even further than the first one, while having to worry about the remaining mana.

Honestly, it is to the degree that I am admiring us surviving this well.

We are mentally and spiritually worn out from battling for about a week while being doped with drugs and magic.

Unlike the usual me, I couldn’t hide my negative emotions towards the adventurer’s guild and the kingdom for dispatching us on such a request.

Nevertheless, one way or another successfully completing this request, we went to the royal castle the next day for a meeting.

Since the loot were discoveries on top of this request, of investigating that underground ruin, originated from the kingdom’s government, we were told by the adventurer’s guild to go to the royal castle to ask about things related to the reward.

I am having a talk with Armstrong-doushi, whom we met at the front, while heading towards the audience hall.

Apparently he has already received a report about how things went down as well, since Armstrong-doushi isn’t particularly inquiring about the underground ruin and the combat itself.

Rather he was listening eagerly to the usual livelihood of Elise.

Probably he wants to prevent me getting angry within the royal castle due to asking me needless things, I guess.

Also, it looks like this aspect of his magic-using niece weighed on Armstrong-doushi’s mind, too.

“Maa, let’s stop this talk around here.” (Wendelin)

“Umu…” (Armstrong)

There are many within the royal castle who especially listen in on the matters of others in secrecy. The many rumors gathered like that end up in the ears of their respective masters.

Therefore it also was a problem if you chitchat too much.

Of course those masters are the nobles.

And among those nobles, there are some who are delighted to disagree with the kingdom’s side about my case this time. There definitely also exists a group who are considering to use this for something.

The prime example of that was the conduct of Minister Rückner’s younger brother.

There are such circumstances as well. Armstrong-doushi, as my teacher in magic, is even considering to go around in order to earnestly soothe them.

“(A certain Head of Financial Auditing?)” (Wendelin)

“(You are aware of it after all… ?)” (Armstrong)

It is impossible to not know about it.

That is because the person, controlling the servants at the Baron Baumeister household while managing it, is in fact Head Rückner’s son.


Oooh! L-o-r-d-sama~~~!(T/N: >> Oyakatta-sama! <<)

We were discovered by the manager of the mansion as we were handed over by the guards, who came from the capital, and thus returned to the mansion.

Suddenly the door was thrown open with such a force that I wondered whether the mansion’s door will break down and accompanying this there was an existence hugging me tightly.


I wasn’t able to react!(Wendelin)

Erw and Ina, who were originally in charge of guarding me, were surprised by the quick feat, but that was only natural.

This guy, although he is a master spear wielder, he has a lot of other signature moves as well. (T/N: Most likely it’s that moron who brandished the spear in front of the Brandt’s mansion after Erich’s wedding party)

That person was our Baumeister household’s butler, Roderich. (T/N: >> Roderihi <<)

“This Roderich has been seriously anxiouuus~~~!” (Roderich)

“I have understood! My body’s bones will be broken!” (Wendelin)

Although I knew it and saw it after hiring him, Roderich gives the impression of being a person as talented as Armstrong-doushi albeit not being able to use magic.

His muscles aren’t built up to the degree of doushi, but I wonder if he would be called hosomaccho (T/N: thin man with well-defined musculature) in my previous life?

His strength is a lot more powerful than his appearance gives away. In addition, since his wish to finally find employment came true, he always can’t conceal his excessive enthusiasm.

He was a type of person causing the other servants to say He has parts you can’t cope with when associating with him occasionally.

His way of working is excellent and diligent, but with his constant high tension, you will end up being worn-out if you associate with him the whole time.

Perhaps those parts of his might have been the sole reason for him being unable to find employment.

This Roderich! If by any chance something had happened to Lord-sama~~~!(Roderich)

I got iiit~~~!(Wendelin)

Such person followed up with a terribly powerful hug that could only be described as Break the bones!towards his master, who came home after a week.

It’s my imagination, right? I have a feeling as if my back’s bones are creaking.

After having 207 interviews, I obtained this job at laaast~~~!(Roderich)

Geez, I already got iiit~~~!(Wendelin)

I will say it in advance, but neither me nor Roderich have a trace of homosexuality.

Roderich, being overcome with emotions due to the homecoming of his master, is doing nothing but completely going on a rampage.

Or perhaps I should say that I ended up becoming aware of it now.

Roderich taking part in an employment interview being ghastly pale like a salaryman who had been downsized in my previous life.

If it were my previous life, it would be at the level of him becoming a neet complaining about the emptiness of the society.

As a matter of fact, it seems to not be particularly rare in this world either.

In a world without war, excluding a part of people such as those obtaining good results at the Martial Arts Tournament, the noble’s connections of blood relationship, regional bonds and such mean everything. No matter how excellent a person even is, a suspicious newcomer won’t be able to obtain a samurai’s service post by any means.

Especially in Roderich’s case, as illegitimate child of a noble and even more so as he isn’t recognized by his noble parent, he is ordinarily avoided by nobles for employment since he is a strange, poor, master-less samurai.

Those were the reasons why Roderich, who obtained excellent results at the Martial Arts Tournament, wasn’t employed.

Lord-sama is my hope~~~!(Roderich) (T/N: Roderich addresses himself with “sessha” which is the way of a samurai)

Naa, Roderich-san. Right now you are breaking this hope.(Erwin)


Due to Erw’s composed words Roderich at last regained his calm and urged us to move to the living room. A maid immediately brought maté tea.

That maid is a chestnut-colored cute girl, who is slightly older than Elise. Her mother is a long-standing maid at the Hohenheim household.

I see, I have a feeling like finally understanding why it is necessary to have connections to even find a job.

By the way, she says to call her Dominique (T/N: >> Dominuku <<). It seems that she often played with Elise in her childhood.

She is the so-called older childhood friend.

Although Dominique is young, she is superior as maid.

In no way she receives a favorable treatment just because of her connections.

Besides, no matter how effective connections are, if the referred person disappoints afterwards, the person referring them will lose face as well.

While it may be true that you can find employment through connections, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy.

I simply can’t win against Elise-sama’s brewed maté tea. But rather than that, once again Roderich-sama is…(Dominique)

My back’s bones…(Wendelin)

Even though I wasn’t injured at the underground ruin’s temple, why do I have to bear such absurdness in front of my mansion?

Drinking the maté tea prepared by Dominique, we felt as if our consciousness was lifted at last.

This Roderich was terribly worried!(Roderich)

In case of a historic ruins’ investigation a time span of around one week is normal, I suppose.(Wendelin)

Given that we are adventurers, an absence of about a week should be ordinary.

Even if you disregard the absolutely abnormal details.

That is true, but…(Roderich)

In fact even Roderich, in order to obtain food in his livelihood as rounin, registered at the adventurer’s guild and was active as an adventurer.

Since he hasn’t submitted the notice of his retirement until now either, the official papers still list him as in active duty.

This Roderich didn’t ever take part in an underground ruin investigation.(Roderich)

He was job hunting while acting as adventurer therefore he didn’t link up with any parties. Because his signature move is the giant swing within the spear arts, the forests in the outskirts and the, a few years ago liberalized, Palkenia Grasslands were his battlefields.

And as he yielded actual results, it is possible to say he was great at earning income as adventurer considering he acted solo.

Having him show me his (guild) card, I remember being surprised about his remarkable achievements.

Also, there was a group spreading the disturbing rumor that Lord-sama might have died…(Roderich)

This mansion is situated in the high-ranking noble’s block where the nobles above Baron rank live.

For the sake of preserving the mansion, Roderich and the servants have to leave the mansion for business and other tasks. Due to that they have heard various rumors.

There are all kind of stores catering the high-ranking nobles and there are the workers introduced and deployed by the craftsmen guild such as carpenters to repair the mansions, gardeners to maintain the yard and such.

Furthermore, there are the servants of various noble households, who talk with their fellow servants about the gossip they heard at their employing noble’s household without keeping the duty of confidentiality.

Occasionally there also are some who are beheaded for breaking their duty of confidentiality, but the majority, objectively judging the circumstances of the noble household they are working at and making sure to not receive any damage themselves due to strange nobles, were also able to make proper decisions.

Strange noble households will immediately become the topic of rumors.

Although the other party are their employers, even commoners are frantic to defend themselves as commoners.

Within such circumstances, Roderich went towards the craftsmen guild in order to look for a gardener to tend the yard of the mansion. There he caught wind of the rumor of us potentially having died.

Also, it seems he was told Despite being a noble, why doesn’t your household employ an exclusive carpenter and gardener, but no matter how big the mansion might be, the efficiency of employing those exclusively is bad.

A person doing that would be royalty, part of the greater nobles or a noble having gardening as their hobby. For the rest it was basic to accept the services of skillful people from the craftsmen guild.

Because the schedule of skilled artisans is filled immediately, such people aren’t very eager to become attached to a fixed place. The costs will pile up if you decide to hire them exclusively.

It also doesn’t make sense to employ unskilled craftsman exclusively. That being the case, normally the easy maintenance is performed by just the servants, leaving the technical parts to a professional.

In this way the efficiency is good.

Who was circulating them? Those rumors.(Wendelin)

At first it was anonymous, but…(Roderich)

Roderich, feeling uneasy, apparently investigated the source of those rumors.

And then he became aware of a certain Baron household being the source of them.

It was that man.(Roderich)

It was Roderich’s genetic father, Head of Financial Auditing Rückner, being also the younger brother of Finance Minister Rückner.

It seems that the servants of this mansion circulated that this rumor, they heard from someone, was a lie.

The expression of Roderich is grim.

From his point of view it is of no concern even if Rückner-otouto is his father.

Deserting his mother who had a child, naturally it can be said to be justified since Rückner-otouto hasn’t even acknowledged the born child.

Don’t kill off people as you please!(Wendelin)

Even though it is a cruel story, it is complicated if asked whether this can be charged as a crime.

In the end a rumor is just a rumor. It is not like they could affirm the diedpart in the 『He might have died.

As for the noble’s nature, the people themselves are taking that sort of gossip with a grain of salt only listening to parts of it as well. The level of confidence was as if it was someone from ○sport from my previous life.

Although it looks like occasionally there are great predictions too.

Isn’t the hope of wanting you dead mixed in as well?(Erwin)

Did I do anything to receive Rückner-otouto’s grudge?(Wendelin)

No. He isn’t pleased with Lord-sama since you are on friendly terms with His Excellency, the Finance Minister, with whom he is on bad terms.(Roderich)

The elder brother and younger brother, who are on bad terms with each other.

In my mind I wonder, doesn’t this somehow appear to be somebody else’s problem?

That’s the reason?!(Wendelin)

Together with feeling the irrationality, I end up thinkingMy relationship with that money-pinching ossan isn’t particularly good either!

Such relations are also called inseparable relationships in my previous life.

Or, the relationship will end if the money ends, I guess?

But, seeing that Wendelin-sama returned safely…(Elise)

Yes, madam. There won’t be such nonsensical rumors any more.(Roderich)

Roderich concisely while also politely answers Elise’s remark.

Although the official ceremony hasn’t been held yet, he called her Madamtreating Elise as legal wife.

Besides, I retaliated against him in the same way.(Roderich)

He has retaliated with a likewise malicious rumor against those spiteful rumors.

Nobles are such animals. Following the style of nobles, Roderich also spread rumors in reverse.

Even so, for some reason Roderich is calling himself with a sessha.

This word also exists in this world, but you can only find it within books depicting things like old historical plays. It was a word you didn’t usually hear of while living an ordinary life.

Ah, a counter-attack, right?(Luise)

That’s how it is, Luise-sama.(Roderich)

What rumor did you spread?(Ina)

Ina-sama, that is…(Roderich)

Since the rumour of I think Baron Baumeister’s group died since they didn’t return from their underground ruin investigationwas spread by Rückner-otouto.

It seems he circulated the rumor of Head of Financial Auditing Rückner might have something to do with the cause of death. Didn’t he somehow influence the adventurer’s guild using his authority?

Even this is only a possibility.

Therefore it has a question mark attached at the end.

As it isn’t absolute, Rückner-otouto can’t complain about it either since it doesn’t exceed the level of a rumor.

All the more because has done the same thing before.

Furthermore, given that Wend has returned safely, everyone will realize that the rumor of the other side has been a lie. Conversely, Head Rückner’s methods are…(Erwin)

As Erw says, Rückner-otouto’s way of gossiping isn’t something that will vanish this easily.

Even if I returned safely, it doesn’t mean that the possibility of him somehow influencing the adventurer’s guild disappeared.

Because Rückner-otouto is attached to an official position, his influence as a noble is a lot more powerful than that of an ordinary Baron.

Given that he is the Head of Financial Auditing, it isn’t even strange if he goes to the adventurer’s guild headquarters to point out inadequacies in the budget allocation.

If you want to know why, because the adventurer’s guild is serving as institution to catch the young people and the unhappy outlaws of society, the kingdom is providing subsidiary aid.

It is something like the employment subsidy for the young in my previous life. I recall it was a sort of assistance payment for the sake of guaranteeing meat for consumption.

Also, why was such rumor spread by him. It is possible that he plotted to erase the dragon slaying hero for the sake of damaging his elder brother’s authority since his elder brother, who is on bad terms with him, is on friendly terms with the dragon-slaying hero.(Roderich)

A conspiracy theory…(Wendelin)

That is something where you really can’t discern whether it is a lie or the truth. It is an old trick of that man to attack with hostile influence by using such rumors to begin with. Occasionally receiving damage himself in reverse from those rumors will also be a good medicine.(Roderich)

Even if he hates him, Roderich is obviously understanding the circumstances of his father quite well.

Furthermore he is going as far as counter-attacking the hostile influence of his father in the same way.

Although you can’t say that Roderich himself is angry, I end up feeling that the proverb of Blood is thicker than waterreally fits here.

Thanks to me spreading this gossip, he appears to troubled in some ways.(Roderich)

If it’s that man, isn’t he capable of doing anything?(Wendelin)


Regardless of my lifer or death, I hear that this rumor is seeping through the noble society as carrying some truth due to his wickedness until now.

If it was the truth, he might also face punishments afterwards, but now there is no need for a punishment since I have survived.

But even then, it might be considered for him to escape the punishment by utilizing his authority as Head of Financial Auditing.

In the end the state of affairs came this far that the rumor, he used as weapon against me, damaged himself.

Although it looks like he completely self-destructed…(Wendelin)

In the particular case of such fellows, resenting unjustly is also habitual. Lord-sama has to be adequately careful.(Roderich)

However I think I would cause the damage to spread if I made a move here…(Wendelin)

Also, since I have safely returned, the rumor about Rückner-otouto’s plot will continue to circulate amongst the noble’s society.

He had been cornered into a situation of having no choice but to stay low for a while.

Or rather, given that I have never met him face-to-face, I don’t feel like he is a man only kicking up a fuss in his surroundings by moving around rapidly…

But, such degree of rumor will end up disappearing immediately if it’s reasoning is cut.

I issued instructions to Roderich to not lose Rückner-otouto out of sight for a while.


“(Truly, those nobles, they can’t be helped, right?)” (Wendelin)

“(That’s bitter. I don’t want you to think that all nobles are this heartless). By the way, this is…” (Armstrong)

The location being what it is, I think it would be a better decision to stop any more of this dangerous conversation even if we kept our voices low.

But it isn’t interesting to simply hold one’s tongue because of that either.

Accordingly a certain book was carried under the arms.

The book is called The Culture and History of the Urquhart Holy Empire. It is something I received from Roderich yesterday after I came looking for it.

There are unexpectedly few documents related to the neighboring country, Urquhart Holy Empire.

With the limiting to the surroundings of the royal capital for the foreign trade and interaction between people, they aren’t even simply informed about the other side since they are thought of as hypothetical enemy for the time being.

Both sides should be bringing in some people such as spies even in peace time, but obtaining information is loaded with hardships. Both country’s governments didn’t appear likely to simply proclaim this to society either.

Especially in the provinces.

As it has gone to the extent of me occasionally seeing imported goods when I was in the south, I wasn’t quite aware of it until recently either, but according to the book their political system doesn’t seem to be different from ours.

Since the next Emperor is chosen by a vote of the parliament, it could be seen as slightly close to democracy.

With the majority of the members of the parliament being nobles and members of the imperial family, there isn’t some act like having a commoner come forth since the candidates for the post of Lord Emperor are also chosen amongst the imperial family.

Essentially it isn’t very different from our political system. Even if I migrate there, I won’t be bewildered by a change of environment either.

“Isn’t it a bit cold during winter because it is in the north? Although it would be fine if we went there for a trip or such.” (Wendelin)

“No, foreigners can’t leave the vicinity of the imperial capital, therefore…” (Armstrong)

Armstrong-doushi was sweating for some reason while he answered my question.

“Hee, you are quite knowledgeable about it.” (Wendelin)

“I happened to go there as member of a friendship-building group around ten years ago.” (Armstrong)

It is more than 200 years since the ceasefire.

Both countries dispatch a friendship-building group once every five years. (T/N: Hee, and the last one was around 10 years ago, huh? Well well…)

At that time the king and the emperor also deploy diplomatic corps and such in substitution for each other.

Or rather, as expected of Armstrong-doushi.

For no special reason he was chosen as member of that important friendship-building group.

“By the way, how about entering there as political refugee?” (Wendelin)

“It isn’t as if something like that hasn’t happened…” (Armstrong)

“Hee, what was the reason for seeking asylum?” (Wendelin)

“…” (Armstrong)

We had arrived at the audience hall a while ago already. We were merely waiting for His Majesty to make his appearance afterwards, but during that time Armstrong-doushi kept wiping his streaming sweat with a handkerchief from his forehead.


“We have put you through troubles. We heard it was various and serious troubles, was that so?” (Helmut)

“Yes, I expected us to die.” (Wendelin)

“Is that so… ?” (Helmut)

It can’t be helped even if I told a lie here.

I explained the outline of the desperate fight in the underground ruin when His Majesty made an appearance in the audience hall.

The summoning this time was judged to be necessary by the kingdom’s side since there are some discoveries.

Such things as the magic tool workshop, existing in the underground ruin, and the construction and repairing dock, exclusively for magic airships, should be purchased by the kingdom without a doubt.

Even if they entrusted it to me, I honestly won’t know how to deal with these things properly. That was also the reason for this decision.

To the last I am a skillful magician in relation to magic with a highly risen mana capacity. I didn’t have any talent in such special field such as magic tool construction.

Although I made something like a magic bag only usable by magicians once, it is already out of my reach to make a general-purpose item of expensive value even usable by ordinary people.

Because I obtained my knowledge from a few books and such, I guess it would be better to accept buying things with reasonable value.

Also, it is prohibited for anyone owning a magic airship with the exception of the kingdom’s government.

Or to be more precise, it is prohibited to own a magic airship above a certain fixed range of size.

Given that is even difficult to secure magic gems to move small vessels, it was limited to a very few nobles and merchants owning one.

And, as for small vessels, the highest available movement distance is around 300 kilometers.

Important nobles only used it for moving to people and places in the vicinity. It seems that there also exist cases of shared usage between several noble households in the neighborhood.

Because it isn’t suited for long-distance transport, they arrived at the conclusion that it would be better to travel the sea by boat excluding the inland areas that have no rivers.

Actually, even Margrave Breithilde and his-likes possessed a great number of regular-sized types of ships.

“I hear that none of the previously sent adventurers returned alive either.” (Helmut)

“Yes” (Wendelin)

All of the senpai adventurers, who had previously been sent to investigate, had been burned to nothing by the breath attack of the dragon golem.

The corpses were thoroughly burned down to the bones. We didn’t discover absolutely anything that could prove their social status from the remains which dropped to the ground.

Having discovered that actual scene, there was nothing but some metal equipment pieces and such that escaped being burned.

It might not be nice to take a straight look at corpses throughout the debut fight, but we would end up like that if we made a mistake.

Considering it like that, you could even say that it was a debut fight that made you think about it very seriously.

“Is that so? We shall pray for happiness in the next world for the victims. Even so, We ended up exposing you to danger by erring in the estimated combat potential. We can do nothing but asking for your forgiveness.” (Helmut)

“Your Majesty!” (Noble-kun)

Although a part of the nobles refrained themselves from raising their voice in astonishment, it is certainly rare for the ruler of a nation to apologize towards his retainer.

“It’s fine. If We aren’t even able to apologize for making a mistake, the king will be nothing more than an arrogant dictator.” (Helmut)

Be that as it may, His Majesty’s apology apparently was in alignment with the rules.

With only a part of the vassals surprised, Finance Minister Rückner and his-likes appeared to confirm something within the documents with a nonchalant air.

“However, it was your first battle and you ran into such a complete extremity all of a sudden.” (Helmut)

“This is also the fruit of my bad luck, huh?” (Wendelin)

“It certainly was bad luck. If it was another regular adventurer, they would have ended up dying without obtaining anything.” (Helmut)

Even all of the famous high-ranking adventurers within the adventurer’s guild didn’t return alive.

I wonder what would be fine to call it without marking this as bad luck?

“Alongside the instructor, the party members were also superior.” (Helmut)

“Now that you mention it, it is your first time meeting them with the exception of Elise.” (Wendelin)

Of course all of our party members are also waiting in my back, but none of them can even mutter a single word.

Since everyone hasn’t had the chance to meet the ruler of the nation yet, they haven’t changed their tensed expressions from before.

Because even Luise, being the boldest amongst the three, is like that, it means that the king-sama is a person that much above the clouds to them.

Even Elise, although she met him a few times in the past, I thought her facial expression was a lot more stiff than usual.

“Isn’t it the first time in around three years, Elise?” (Helmut)

“Yes, it’s been a long time.” (Elise)

“You’ve become beautiful. How is your future husband, Baron Baumeister?” (Helmut)

“Yes, he is an exceedingly kind gentleman.” (Elise)

“Is that so? I am glad.” (Helmut)

Although His Majesty calls out to Elise, it is as expected of the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim.

She is answering him faultlessly.

“Also, Erwin von Armin and Ina Susanne Hildbrun, Warren’s group has praised you highly and are anticipating your future.” (Helmut)

“I am much obliged to Warren.” (Ina)

“It has been a great privilege.” (Erwin)

Not only was His Majesty aware about the matter of those two coming and going at the Royal Chivalric Order for practicing, but instead there even was a passage about him tolerating it.

“You over there were Luise Jorlande Orphelia Orwin, right? It is a big deal for Armstong to have an eye on you.” (Helmut)

“I had the honor to receive a good guidance from doushi.” (Luise)

The ability of Luise to use mana in hand-to-hand combat had been taught by Armstrong-doushi and even was at the level of having been approved by him.

Unable to use many spells although being blessed with a high amount of mana, she had obtained a strength to the extent of being even able to beat a dragon to death.

Also, seeing that she can safely interact with His Majesty even if she is nervous, it looks like Luise has also been the most careful about handling this part amongst the three.

From the outward appearance you couldn’t see anything but a 12-years old girl no matter how you look at it.

“Aren’t these considerably excellent members you got there? We are expecting a lot of you.” (Helmut)

Since His Majesty is a busy person, he seems to be unable to spend a long time for us.

Finishing the standard light greeting at an audience, the next topic was the real issue at hand, the treatment of the underground ruin.

In the end it didn’t become a case of having died at the underground ruin, thus I wasn’t able to complain overly much either.

I was able to complain to Armstrong-doushi for a bit, but as His Majesty ended up apologizing right away, the petty bourgeois personality within me ended up succumbing to the atmosphere during the audience.

Upon reflection, in my case I guess it is impossible for me to object to His Majesty if I haven’t reincarnated as royalty.

And even though the audience is today, Burkhart-san is absent due to something like his physical condition being bad for some reason.

I am told that since he has received a minimal reward for being an instructor from the guild, he wouldn’t apparently participate in the reward splitting this time.

Certainly, if that’s the case, there might not be any particular necessity to meet His Majesty while being tense.

In my view he was quite the compassionate person.

“Ano, there is the dock for shipbuilding and maintenance of magic airships, but…” (Wendelin)

In the investigation afterwards they confirmed the part of the roof that can be opened at that shipbuilding facility.

And it is possible to construct airships quite efficiently except the magic gem part. It is a dock that surpasses the existing facilities by far.

It appears to be a splendid facility where you can also easily take care of the shipbuilding and maintenance.

“Currently there is a plan to transfer the base of the air force to that specific dock.” (Helmut)

It is even close to the capital. It seems they are planning to move the current harbor of the departing and arriving magic airships to the inner citadel dock’s facilities.

“We are considering whether to remodel the ground dock referring to the discovered dock or to transform the current facilities, responsible for departure and arrival, from main to substitute dock.” (Helmut)

The regular air force has become the main in the repairing and maintenance of the magic airships as well as in the business of goods and passenger transportation.

Therefore, while enhancing the functions of the departure and arrival harbor, we got down at the beginning of our stay in the capital, they will improve the existing adjoining dock on the basis of the discovered dock.

As substitute dock it will be strengthened as base of the military air force.

“Although it still something belonging to you, the kingdom has priority on anything related to magic airships. We wish for your forgiveness on that.” (Helmut)

“That’s fine.” (Wendelin)

If I started to make individual use as private owner of the large dock and the seven magic airships, the number of nobles whispering Baron Baumeister is dangerousinto the ear of His Majesty should increase without a doubt.

Most likely the method of quickly selling them off should be safer.

“Related to the construction of a new method of building magic airships, the manufacturing technique of magic gems is still in research, but the magic gems, used in the engine part of the seven magic airships anchored at the shipyard, are safe. As long as we fill them with mana, they are available to be used right away with little maintenance.” (Helmut)

Even related to the production of huge magic gems, because we found the workshop and study filled with books of Earl Ischrubak, it was possible to advance the research. Apparently they are currently advancing the investigation and analysis at a quick pace.

“Also, we have disassembled those two dragon golems since they are dangerous and are studying their interior currently.” (Helmut)

Using an abundant amount of mithril and orichalcum as materials, it looks like the interior mechanisms are making use of a structure that hasn’t been discovered up until now either.

Also they are using quite the big magic gems, it seems.

Which reminds me, as for the second dragon golem there was a cable attached to them for the sake of providing mana from the outside. (T/N: Wasn’t there a cable attached to only the second one? Huh?; E: Don’t mind the little stuff like “plot details” as you’ll lose the game quicker!)

There also is such a thing as the unmanned workshop where dedicated golems had been working on the repairs. In order to move those, there was a main and sub extra-large magic gem installed as battery.

As for the ancient craftsman Earl Ischrubak, he apparently had a character which was hard to please.

After all he ended up building such an underground for his exclusive refuge investing astronomical amounts of money.

“We were saved by those magic gems since they can be used to restart the other magic airships.” (Helmut)

Next was that large quantity of suspended golems.

From some, which were extremely damaged, to some, which simply stopped moving.

The total amount is even more than 10’000 golems. Currently soldiers are counting their numbers by lining them up in the open underground ruin area.

“In general the units were attached to the magic gems making it possible for them to operate for a long period of time with an artificial personality crystal.” (Helmut)

We had confirmed this as well.

I guess the artificial personality crystal will become a cornerstone of research afterwards.

In the end it is also possible to use the magic gems normally if you detach them.

Although they couldn’t be used for the large magic airships as expected, as many as possible are desirable since they can be attached to magic tools of the kingdom’s infrastructure systems and as ingredients for magic tools.

“The magic tools guild got wind of it right away. They have been annoying Us to sell them.” (Helmut)

The most troublesome part of general-purpose magic tools is the production of the magic gems applied as battery parts.

Actually there are already more than 10’000 of those as well, thus they want to shorten the time to obtain a large amount of these by even a single day.

“That mana recovery panel is a simply magnificent accomplishment as well.” (Helmut)

It was that panel which gathered the mana dispersed in the air at the end, but it apparently used a more simple structure than I thought. Currently there were talks of beginning the research of its functions and building a prototype.

“If the mana consumption is of the degree of a magic street light, then it will become a cost reduction to install the panels on top of street lights.” (Helmut)

The magic street lights, spreading in the capital and major cities, have the necessity of a magician periodically recharging the magic gem with mana.

If that effort can be saved, then it should become a considerable cost reduction.

Besides, the work of the magicians, who are currently recharging the mana of the street lights, won’t decrease anyway.

There is a large amount of other magic tools in the infrastructure systems the magicians have to recharge with mana. Due to the lack of magicians, the recharge interval is long causing periods where the tools aren’t operating. There was a large amount of things that haven’t been installed although they are necessary as well.

Also there is another thing they want to purchase.

It is that enforced transfer magic square of the mana absorption type that lured us into the Deadly Inversion Regulation.

By advancing the research of that, it might become possible to freely transfer several people thanks to the magic square.

It seems they want to buy it using a large amount of money for the sake of monopolizing it although it has that cursed magic cut-off.

Given that it was simply a deceiving trap from our point of view, it wasn’t something we actually felt like possessing either.

“You ended up suffering a disaster due to Our ineptitude, but as for your adventurer debut it is the best outcome, huh? Concerning the discovery accomplishments of Baron Baumeister’s group, the kingdom has decided to buy everything off you. Although We feel guilty of troubling you, that’s the best We can do for you.” (Helmut)

“Maa, certainly.” (Wendelin)

Like this my third audience with His Majesty ended, but I wonder if it is a luxury to hope for returning to our regular adventurer life soon?

No matter how much magic I use, it isn’t possible to break away from the fetters of society by any means. It appeared to be the proof of being unfortunate no matter which world it even was after all.

“Concerning the purchase assessment We have decided to entrust it to Finance Minister Rückner.” (Helmut)

In spite of his younger brother spreading weird rumors, a certain Finance Minister looks at me telling me the result of the assessment while friendly grinning.

Particularly that was how I ended up feeling.


“Eeto… With seven usable magic airships and a price of 1500 platinum coins per ship, the total amount is 10’500 platinum coins. The two dragon golems with their mithril and orichalcum materials and the type of mana gathering panels, it adds up to 8’000 platinum coins. As for the golems, there are 12’500 soldier types and 850 knight types. Concerning the assessment of these, there are some that are damaged so badly that we can’t use anything but the metal materials. But since there also is the unmanned repair workshop with a great number of new types of artificial personalities, the total amount for those adds up to 18’000 platinum coins. In addition the workshop and study of Earl Ischrubak hold a huge amount of research material. The dock yard will become the base of the kingdom’s magic airship from now on. There are two extra-large magic gems which were tasked with the operation of the ruins. There is the enforced transfer magic square of the mana absorption type in the underground labyrinth. As for this, the magic guild will buy it for the sake of researching it. Besides, there is an increased amount of reward because the request was enforced by the kingdom. Since the previous investigation teams have been annihilated, the reward from the guild will be increased as well…” (Wendelin)

Finishing the audience with His Majesty, we headed to the guild headquarters. The reception-onee-san’s faced partially cramped up there while I explained the reward this time.

I have done well to not bite my tongue either with so much to say at once.

Undoubtedly this onee-san is a reception professional, I am certain.

“To sum it up, how much is it?” (Onee-san)

“Eeto, that is… 20’000 platinum coins per person.” (Wendelin)

“20’000 coins!” (Onee-san)

Not only me but even Erw’s group was lost for words due to that overwhelming amount of money.

I have a feeling as if even the reception-onee-san’s face somehow became blue.

“It is the splitting of the five members of the Dragon Busters. But the reward will be paid in installments over a period of 20 years. Since it is a payment by installments, please also consider the withdrawing of the taxes and the increased amount due to the interest. Also, the kingdom will be responsible for the governmental fee paid to the guild’s headquarters.”

They would be troubled by suddenly receiving 20’000 platinum coins as well. I have ended up anxious whether the kingdom has this many platinum coins in the first place.

Therefore, with the payment in installments over 20 years, we have already paid the troublesome taxes in the end as well.

It is also already unnecessary to pay the 20% of governmental fee to the adventurer’s guild.

Or rather, I have a feeling that there is something strange.

Usually if you obtain a large amount of money, there will be taxes, membership fee, and handling charges.

It is the common practice of this world to deduct a large amount.

“(Weird, what’s this lukewarm kindness, or rather…) By the way, Burkhart-san’s share is… Ah, that’s it!” (Wendelin)

“Since Burkhart-san has been an instructor this time…” (Onee-san)

Given that an instructor usually accompanies newcomers, there are many cases where the amount of money, after splitting the reward, isn’t sufficient.

Therefore it seems to be normal for the guild to give the instructor a fixed reward.

“Thanks to the guild’s rule, Burkhart-san missed out on a large amount of money.” (Wendelin)

“Maa, I don’t particularly need it.” (Burkhart)

As Burkhart-san himself appears at this point, it looks like he has no particular regret over the large money reward.

Although I have a feeling as if he didn’t attend His Majesty’s audience due to a bad physical condition before that, anyone could obviously see nothing but his healthy body.

“Please sympathize with me there, boy.” (Burkhart)

In the first place Burkhart-san isn’t an official member of our party either for coming along to such an important place.

Since Armstrong-doushi went with us as guardian instead, he spontaneously faked poor physical health.

“An old person like me can’t use up such large amount of money any more. Also, apart from that, don’t ruin yourself, you guys.” (Burkhart)

There are many adventurers ruining themselves after luckily obtaining a large amount of money.

Therefore Burkhart-san is giving a warning to Erw’s group.

“On the contrary, the person that goes bankrupt from here on out is valuable, isn’t that right?” (Erwin)

“I think you will go down in history in a certain sense.” (Burkhart)

Certainly, it is as Erw says. A person, who wastes an amount of money equivalent to 2 trillion yen, might be valuable in a certain sense.

Or rather, I wonder what would be a good use for it?

Covering the entire mansion with a mithril/orichalcum armoring…

Given that this doesn’t make very much sense, I end up rejecting that imagination immediately.

Also, I wonder whether it would be better to eat dragon meat or such every day?

I couldn’t hit upon a purpose by thinking about the details of our living standard until now at all.

“However, you definitely have good luck.” (Burkhart)

When I considered whether it was unlucky to receive a difficult compulsory request for achievements while being newcomers, I didn’t think that we would end up obtaining a large amount of money by discovering treasures.

As Burkhart-san has said, a pinch of luck is also necessary in addition to ability for elite adventurers.

Certainly, it was a part I could agree with.

“You guys are already elite adventurers if you consider this aspect. The lot who ended up dying previously were all first-class adventurers, but they weren’t elites. That’s how it is.” (Burkhart)

Anyway, with this we have also finished our debut fight safely. It had been decided that we would move our base of operations to Breitburg after two and a half years.

Yet it is still uncertain whether they will let us transfer obediently.


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