Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.64: Decisive Battle 4 – Bird

Heyas folks,

short update to the schedule for this novel. Seeing as the chapters have gotten a lot longer in average in comparison to the beginning, I have decided to affix this series to a regular release schedule of one chapter per week. Release day will be Wednesday.

This should avoid weeks with no chapter releases in the future, which should also be advantageous for you, the readers.

This chapter has been edited by quillshot. Extend your thanks to him as well. 🙂


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It’s time to advertise a novel that has mostly gone under the radar of many readers!
Of course I’m talking about Hakai no Miko, a Japanese novel by Unsigned Studio.

Souma Kisaki, a modern Japanese high-schooler, is summoned into a different world by an evil goddess. That world is dominated by the human race, a race that’s deeply religious, corrupt and deprived. Rejected by his own race, he joins hands with the zoan, a beastman race, in their fight for survival in this cruel world.

Leading many other oppressed races, he strives to build a country where everyone is free to live their lives as they please.

Becoming the Divine Child of Death and Destruction, Souma strives to establish his own place in this strange world.

Follow our MC in his path to greatness, braving all difficulties!

Tags: R15, Cruel Depiction, Different World Transfer, Original, War Chronicles, the Heroine is a diligent beastgirl, Cursed MC, Different World Summoning, Muscled Harem, Beastman, Elves, Dwarves, Birdgirls, Dinosaurians, Merman, Emancipation of Slaves, Romance

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