Chapter 6 – Succubus


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Richard-san led us to the Ester-chan’s living room in the mayor’s house we visited. It was a move of him dragging along everyone who had been present.

A canopied, king-sized bed was set up in the center of the room.

All of us surrounded the loli bitch who was lying sprawled on top of the sheet with her face pointed upwards. She appeared to be in much pain with her breath going heavy and rough as well as deep wrinkles creasing her eyebrows.

“She is appearing to be in quite an agony…”

“She has been in this state for the last few days now.”

“I understand.”

At any rate, first comes the healing magic.

With the situation as it is, I’ll allow myself to release my magic at full throttle. I extended both hands towards her chest. Of course, without touching it. Or rather, it’s not like it’s even necessary to hold out my hands, but I think this way of showing activism will give Richard-san a peace of mind.


While at it, I also grunted a bit as I cast my heal. Immediately following, a magic circle appeared underneath her bed. The circle itself was big enough to encompass the entirety of her rectangle bed. In no time after its manifestation, light particles started to rise up from the circle. A gentle, warm radiance kept healing the target’s body in the center of the magic circle.

“O-Ooohhh…her expression is continuing to relax,” Richard-san’s happy voice reverberated through the room.

It looks like the healing magic had an effect on her. I don’t know the reason for her bad condition, but well, maybe she’s simply eaten something rotten. Or maybe she upset her stomach by having swallowed too much jizz. That’s very possible, isn’t it? I heard you can somehow spoil your tummy if you swallow that stuff. A self-alleged female high school student had asked that question in an online forum.

After confirming that loli bitch’s breathing had calmed down, I stopped my healing magic. The magic circle scattered as this ordinary Japanese flat-face lowered his hands, and at the same time, the radiance faded away too. With a delay of several moments, the light particles, which had been floating in the air, also vanished like melting snow. The room regained its usual calm.

“…Is it going to be alright with this?” I muttered to myself while affirming that Ester-chan’s breathing had normalized.

Thereupon, the first thing reaching me was Richard-san’s gratitude, “Thank you very much! You have my deepest gratitude, honestly!”

“I had also been saved by her on countless occasions, so I merely repaid some of my debt.”

“Before I had you, Tanaka-san, examine her like this, I requested Lord Fahren to examine her as well. But, we could not determine the underlying cause, and thus I had begun to be plagued by pessimistic feelings that this might be beyond help. In any case, it is a huge help for you having calmed her condition.”

“I am glad to hear that.”

Richard-san, as he was affectionately staring at loli bitch, was in full Papa-mode. Somehow, it made me slightly envious.

But, that’s absolutely impossible for me. It’s still too early to think about having a daughter. As long as people don’t become hunks and get their fill of orgies and gang rape, it’ll remain impossible for them to make children with a calm mind. I mean, they’ll stare at others with eyes full of lust. And they’ll rape others.

“However, even Fahren-san not knowing the cause makes me curious.”

Everyone cast a fleeting glance at a corner of the room. The current topic of the conversation, the Noble Mage, stood over there.

“Indeed. I tried to check on her in various ways, but I couldn’t quite grasp the crux of her bad condition…”

His way of muttering this in a bored manner wasn’t typical for this magic freak. His appearance of having a wild-sprouting beard as he had apparently secluded himself for the sake of his magic research only enhanced the disappointment of his acting. But, seeing how he was plenty attractive despite all that, his handsomeness had already reached a level beyond reach.

“Would it be possible for you to persevere for just a bit longer, even if only in the sense of watching her state after the sickness?”

“Of course I plan to do that. At this rate, I won’t be able come to terms with the outcome otherwise.”

“Thank you very much.”

My worries abated a bit due to the Noble Mage replying in his usual manner. However, that relief lasted but a moment.


A groaning came from the bed. Hoping that I was wrong, I shifted my attention to loli bitch. Thereupon I could watch how her breathing, which had calmed down just moments ago, started to become rough again.

“Don’t tell me…”

“Liz!?” Richard-san grabbed his daughter’s hand in panic.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Ester-chan.

“Hey, didn’t you heal her just now?”

“…That was my intention.”

It’s not like I was unwilling to heal her or anything like that. Rather, I went at it with all I have. And in reality, her condition improved right after I cast my magic. However, what does this mean? Just as I watched her for mere minutes, loli bitch knitted her eyebrows once more, and her heavy panting seemed painful, too.

If that’s how it’s going to be, I’m going to challenge the healing as many times as it’s going to take.

“Richard-san, allow me to try casting my healing magic on Ester-san once more.”

“Of course. P-Please do!”

The usual composure had completely vanished from the expression of Papa as he looked up to me while tightly clasping Ester-chan’s hands with both his.

He must truly cherish his daughter. While it’s only now, I can actually feel the relationship between parent and child of the FitzClarence family.


While grunting even louder than before, I unleashed my healing magic. Even though the magic circle’s size remained unchanged, the radiance appeared to be somewhat stronger. The same also applied to the rising light particles.

But, it didn’t change the outcome. Even though her condition stabilized temporarily after the magic affected her, she reverted to her previous condition within mere minutes. Without even thinking of giving up, I cast the healing magic twice, thrice, or continuously, trying to keep going for as long as I could. But, her condition always deteriorated shortly after the spell’s effect ran out.

Loli bitch’s expression alternated between agony and relief whenever I repeated this process. That change had to be very pitiful to watch from an outsider’s perspective. At the time when I had tried it a dozen times, this ordinary Japanese flat-face was told to hold off by no one other than Richard-san.

“Thank you, Tanaka-san. Any more is…”

“…You’re right. It could become a burden on her body.”

I wonder what’s going on here. So far my healing magic has cured any sickness or injury, no matter how severe, and yet, it’s not working here. Looking at it from a stats’ perspective, the only hope might be someone like God if I can’t heal it myself.

“I-It can’t be healed? With y-your healing magic!?”

I received a retort from Edita-sensei as well.

That stings.

“Please forgive me, but it looks like it.”

“…Is i-it okay for me to take a little p-peek?”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

After obtaining Richard-san’s permission, sensei drew close to Ester-chan. Standing right next to the bed, she touched Ester-chan’s forehead, which had become exposed atop the pillow, with a fingertip.

Thereupon – for some reason I don’t understand – a change occurred to loli bitch’s skin. Beginning with the head that had been touched by sensei, loli bitch’s skin changed into a violet color at various places such as the hand grasped by Richard-san and her neck, which peeked out of the bed cover.


The one being surprised the most was sensei. Just when I thought she might actually jump back in panic, she yelled, “W-What the hell is this?”

Of course, all of us harbored the very same question.

“Edita-san, j-just what did you do!?”

“Liz! Liz!?”

Something akin to screaming escaped Richard-san’s lips. Hearing this, it was my blond, thicc-legged loli sensei who got especially frantic.

“I-It wasn’t me! It w-wasn’t me, okay!? I just t-touched her a bit! I-I-I-I didn’t d-do anything w-w-weird or a-a-anything! I m-mean it! I-I just wanted to t-take a l-l-little look at h-her spirit b-body!”

The bed was set up in the middle of the room, and since everyone was basically standing around it, sensei was stared at from all directions as she desperately made excuses to her left, right, back and front. It was the perfect childish reaction. Of course, I didn’t think that she was lying. However, she was in this mess right now because her timing was really bad, no matter how you looked at it.

Everyone’s gazes traveled back and forth between sensei and loli bitch, whose skin kept changing. I’m sure for sensei it must feel as if she’s being blamed here. Sensei’s face being on the verge of tears in like no time is way too adorable.

“I-I-I’m telling you t-the t-t-t-truth! I-I didn’t d-d-do anything…”

The one saving my teary-eyed sensei was the Noble Mage.

“No way, this is…”

“D-D you know a-a-a-anything about t-this!? Lord Fahren!”

“Richard, I’m going to remove the bed cover.”

After giving a short notice, the Noble Mage made his move. Just as he had announced, he decisively tore off the bed cover placed on Ester-chan. What jumped into our eyes was a bitchy loli body that was drenched in sweat. Her gentle, sweet, female scent stimulated the dick of this virgin. It was seriously friggin’ aromatic.

“As I expected!”


Ester-chan’s body had changed. Two pairs of wings grew out of her back, pushing against the bed sheet. A tail with a sharp tip was extending from her butt. Moreover, even as we shuddered, the transformation continued. Just at this very moment horns grew out of her temples, shooting up one after the other as if to break through her skin.

“Lord Fahren! What the hell does this mean!? Just what is happening to Liz’s body!? I-I-I-I have never heard of something l-like this h-happening! Don’t tell me, this woman has taken over my daughter…!”

“Calm down, Richard. This girl is, without a doubt, your daughter.”


The Noble Mage chided Richard-san as he panicked. Next to him, Edita-sensei whispered, “I-I see, a succubus’s b-backward evolution, h-huh?” 1

“Succubus, you say?” I looked back and reflexively repeated the word, which I recalled having heard somewhere, in the form of a question.

Thereupon, sensei regained her composure, and began to explain at length, “Succubi can make c-children with various living beings. The offspring of such a u-union becomes a succubus or a member of the partnering race. I-I don’t know the exact details of h-how it works. However, it rarely occurs that those born as the latter and their a-ancestors experience a backward evolution.”

“I see.”

I remembered. It’s that. I mean. I’ve seen it on her status display, haven’t I? She’s a succubus half.

“I suspect that t-this is right now taking place in front of o-our eyes.”

“In other words, Liz is going to become a succubus!?”

“…Well, t-that’s…how to put it? The p-probability is e-extremely high.”


Richard-san’s expression froze in shock.

But, that makes only sense. Even though it’s no danger to her life, it’ll be equal to her having died at the point she stopped being a human, if you consider it from their social standing. Even at the best of times, loli bitch has been standing out like a sore thumb. So there won’t be any way for her to return to her life as it has been up until now.

“Is there any way!? Is there any way to restore her to normal!?”

“No, t-that is nothing I-I have ever h-heard of…s-sorry.”

“No way!” He cried out while looking like he’d start crying at any moment.

It’s my first time seeing Richard-san become so emotional. Thanks to that, the atmosphere in the room…has already become the worst. I feel like running away.

Yet, my blond thicc-legged loli sensei went for the kill when he was already down for the count.

“I-It’s not just limited to s-succubi. The phenomenon of b-backward evolutions has been o-observed at various places. But, the specifications differed, depending o-on the race. It’s not that there wouldn’t e-exist a method to avoid it if this was a b-backward evolution of a mermaid o-or lizardman, but when it c-comes to succubi, it’s outside my k-knowledge.”

Edita-sensei’s words felt extremely devastating, especially if I consider what I heard about her having been Grand Sorceress Virgin and so on. If such a great person like her declares it to be a lost cause, I end up losing all hope.

Personally I happily welcome Ester-chan being a succubus. Her being a succubus bitch instead of an ordinary bitch feels…kinda like…it lowers my repugnance towards that non-virgin. It’s definitely a plus in my affability ranking. But, that won’t save Richard-san’s heart in any way.

“Do you happen to know of anyone who might possess such expertise?”

“Sorry. S-Succubi are quite rare to b-begin with, so…”

“…I see.”

Hearing sensei’s explanation, the mood inside the room turned into something of performing an all-night vigil. Everyone stayed silent, merely watching how loli bitch’s skin color gradually changed. At the point when the Noble Mage and sensei had thrown in the towel, everyone else had probably started to believe that nothing could be done anymore. The room became quiet and somber.

But, suddenly someone raised their hand within that grave atmosphere.

“I-I know about it…”

It was Shotachinpo. His figure as he mumbled those words under his breath looked as if he was about to hide in some hole. He was acting as if he was harboring something in his chest, something close to a guilty conscience. Nervously dragging his feet, he stepped up next to this ordinary Japanese flat-face and close to Richard-san.

Watching him behave like that, I suddenly remembered.

Come to think of it, this guy over here is a succubus half just like Ester-chan. Just like the FitzClarence family, the Aufschnaiter family must have had a family member who got toyed with by their ancestors. 2

The other succubus half murmured in a very thin voice, “I know the method of how to return from this state to your previous state…”

Of course, Papa-san got all excited and asked Shotachinpo, “Seriously!? W-What do I need to do to get my daughter back to normal!?”


Both were complete contrasts of each other.

Maybe it’s that? Someone like Shotachinpo might not feel all that happy about doing something that would help a noble of the Penny Empire. His home hadn’t been purged for show. And the FitzClarence family is a ducal family that represents the very country that purged them.

“I am very well aware that it is wrong to request something like this from you, someone of the Aufschnaiter family. But, please. Teach me the method of how to save my daughter…how to save Liz. I do not care what happens to me as long as I can rescue my daughter. I will abandon everything, be it my family or name, for that sake.”

Oohh, incredible. Richard-san’s declaration to discard everything is quite something.

“I-It’s not like my family got anything to do with something like this.”

“In that case, w-what must I do…!?”

“I’m not such a petty man that I’d ignore the plight of an acquaintance because of some past grudge! That’s because I’m part of the Aufschnaiter family! I-If you repeat anything like that ever again, I won’t tell you how to fix this, got it!?” Shotachinpo threatened Richard-san.


Even Richard-san couldn’t help but to gasp at this. I mean, it was fucking awesome and cool, after all. If he had been a woman, I’d have fallen for him right now and here. Seriously. Damnit, why does he have to possess a dick?

“…Thank you.”

“However, umm, I’d like you to not draw back after hearing what I tell you from now on…”

“Draw back? Why would I do anything like that?”

Richard-san was overcome with emotions. You could even see small tears at the corners of his eyes.

Probably being washed away by Richard-san’s emotional acting and talking, shotachinpo continued, “It’s…semen.”


Somehow I just heard a word I didn’t want to hear in this situation. It has a sound I don’t feel like hearing at all.

“I told you! It’s s-s-semen! You just need to make her swallow semen!”


In an instant, everyone became flabbergasted. After a little while, rage dyed Richard-san’s face, turning it into something of an ogre mask.

“…Is that supposed to be an insult towards me!?”

“No! It’s the truth! Please believe me!”

“Are you not simply making some random guess, seeing how it is about a succubus? In the first place, what would you know about something like this? You are certainly not going to give us some fake reason such as you having a succubus acquaintance, are you?”

Because of this, Shotachinpo was on the verge of tears. However, despite the opposition, the dick didn’t shrink away.

For an instant, he cast a fleeting glance in the direction of this ordinary Japanese flat-face, followed by stating, “…I was…just like her.”

“That’s unbelievable! Are you trying to ridicule and trick me!?”

I see. This ordinary Japanese flat-face feels you, Shotachinpo.


“What is it, Tanaka-san?”

“He is telling the truth. Could you please find it in you to believe him?”

“Tanaka-san, even you are starting to spout such things!? No matter how you look at him, isn’t he a human!? Besides, he is a guy! His appearance might be closer to that of a woman, but I have inquired with Gonzales-san about his gender!”

“Even so, please trust him. He is a succubus.”

“Aren’t you mistaking it with an incubus!?”

That’s what this busamen wanted to retort at as well! It had been on my mind all the time. Thanks for bringing it up for me.

“Nonetheless, he is a succubus.”

It’s written in his status, so it can’t be helped, can it? It’s mortifying, but he’s a succubus.

“Now, now, wait a moment. Calm down, Richard. It’s said that succubus have a strong desire to drink semen. That’s a trait that has been shared by all succubi, and it’s said that it’s such a powerful desire that it’s irresistible for their kind. Exactly as it is for humans when it comes to eating.”

Having reached this point, the Noble Mage provided some words of assistance.

That’s great. It’s a big help, really.

“Even you should have heard about things like a vampire’s urge to suck blood. What you can call characteristic desires of living beings can be confirmed to be manifold, diverting from those of humans. Those are doubtlessly crucial aspects of living beings for the sake of surviving as a race.”


“We won’t find out the truth if we don’t give it a try. Right?”

No, that’s wrong. This won’t be any help at all. It’s just that guy’s thirst for knowledge rearing its head. Still, thanks to the magic freak butting in, Richard-san calmed down, albeit only a bit.

It might be a good idea to test if there’s any room for him to consider Shotachinpo’s solution. In that case, I should maybe switch to verification for the sake of Shotachinpo who had summoned his courage and made a coming out for us.

“But Ashley-san, if that’s the case, have you possibly swallowed a man’s…?”

“N-NO, I did NOT! It was my own! Up until now and in the future I’ll only swallow the old man’s jizz, other than my own! I’m serious! Really, I’m not kidding here! T-T-That’s why I didn’t want to speak up here, but…”


“Please believe me, old man!!”

Dude, please. Stop phrasing it as if you’ve already swallowed this old man’s jizz. Or rather, drinking my own junk is way too high level for me. I’d give up on that and let myself turn into a succubus. In return I could enjoy all kinds of stuff after becoming a woman.

“In other words, you’re saying a backward evolution is going to occur if you don’t appease your desire for semen?”

“You feel an irresistible urge to drink it. You simply cannot endure it. Still, I’m a guy, so I-I endured. I endured it! And then, the color of my skin started to change like you can see it happening on her right now. At that point, I thought that things would take a bad turn if I let it proceed…”

“And then you cured it through swallowing semen, you say?”

“……Yep,” he nodded, looking as if he was going to disappear at any moment.

His appearance is the perfect image of a beautiful girl, so his words are bad for my heart. I’d like him to especially stop with the upturned eyes.

“So he says, but Richard-san, what is it going to be?”


I know I have been suggesting this, but it’s a somewhat harsh decision for him who’s well-known for being a doting father. Basically, he’s got two alternatives he can choose for his beloved daughter: let her become a succubus or make her stay a human by overcoming the semen swallowing issue.

“Now that she’s reached this state, she’ll last for three days, but since I haven’t experienced anything beyond that either…” Shotachinpo added as if to deliver the finishing blow.

Enduring three days in such a state requires a crazy mental fortitude.

“…I understand,” declared Richard-san, apparently having made his resolve.

Man, blood is dripping from your tightly clenched fists!

“I’ll have my daughter swallow semen.”

The problem is whose jizz she’s going to drink. If pussy juice were a-ok, Richard-san might have been able to make up his mind and choose with a certain extent of composure. Even if loli bitch’s own pussy juice was no good, we’ve got plenty of sources of fresh pussy water nearby, such as the maids or Drill-chan. I’d love to observe the scene of extracting the juice by all means.

But, of all things it had to be jizz. The one at fault here is no one other than herself, I think. I mean, it wouldn’t have turned out like this if Allen had made her regularly swallow his junk. She should have been able to continue her usual daily life without even noticing anything herself, let alone everyone of the FitzClarence family.

“We will wait outside,” I called out to Richard-san and headed out onto the corridor.

Naturally, the others also walked out of the room. But, suddenly this ordinary Japanese flat-face’s shoulder was firmly grabbed.

“Please wait, Tanaka-san.”


“There is no way that I, as her father, would be ever allowed to do something like that to my daughter.”

He stared at me with a face as serious as I haven’t seen on him up until now. His prided, narrow eyes were wide open.

It’s friggin’ scary! It totally feels like some delinquent has brought his face close after grabbing my collar.




“But, we do not have any other choice.”


Given that she must continue swallowing jizz from now on, I think it’s for father and daughter’s sake to use this chance to deepen their familial bonds. Though it’s also true that I’d get a kick out of being allowed to rubberneck.

“…No, that is no good.”

“Then you are going to allow her to turn into a succubus?”


“What might it be?”

“Please give me your stuff.”


Even if I understand the reason and background, being told so by a guy gives me goosebumps. I feel like they’ve popped out on my back.

“Impossible. I would betray her trust by doing so.”

“There exists no other option than that.”

“In that case, allow me to nominate Allen-san. Ester-san has stayed with him in Charis. I think he came all the way here while prioritizing her life over his own.”

Following the words of this ordinary Japanese flat-face, everyone’s eyes immediately zoomed in on Allen. The handsome guy was just about to leave the room.

“He is the perfect man for the job. I am sure Ester-san would not mind it at all either.”


It appears as though this or that has triggered an unwillingness in Richard-san as her father to choose Allen. But, I’d like him to somehow look past it and use Allen’s junk on this occasion. Well, it’s not like Richard-san is going to drink it anyway…okay, I gotta stop with those kinds of jokes at this point. Let’s hurry up and get this done.

“P-Please wait! Tanaka-san, you’re much more suited than someone like me!”

Don’t hold back, pretty boy. You had her swallow your jizz on countless occasions until now, didn’t you?

Loli bitch being able to lead a normal life as a human until today is the perfect proof for that, isn’t it? Or rather, it’s that. He must have gotten cold feet after considering his near future with Richard-san, who would surely notice that fact after regaining his composure.

To begin with, a beautiful girl eating the cum of a hunk is no fun whatsoever. Just imagining it causes major damage to this virgin. In that regard, incest still carries a feel of thrill. It makes me curious how Ester-chan is going to react after the fact. What’s going to happen to the distance between father and daughter?

Ah, but, I don’t wanna see loli bitch being head-over-heels with Richard-san.

Shit, a man’s heart is so damn complicated.

“Well then, please excuse me.”

Shaking off Richard-san, this ordinary Japanese flat-face faded out of the room. Or rather, when I tried to do so, my arm got grabbed next.

“I have a plan!”

“…A plan?”

“Yes. With that plan, I will be able to consent, no matter the outcome.”

“……Very well, let us hear it.”

As everyone’s attention gathered on him, Richard-san began to quickly rattle down the details of the plan he thought of, his eyes bloodshot.




Right now, three glasses were lining up on the table in front. All three of them were half full with milk. Any outsider seeing them without knowing the circumstances would probably believe that those were half-emptied milk glasses.

Nothing in particular was suspicious about this. But, to be very honest here, I don’t really want to gaze at these.

“Everything has been prepared.”

“…Do you really plan to go through with this?”

“Of course,” answered Richard-san with a deep nod upon this ordinary Japanese flat-face’s question.

I can’t really say that this speaks for his sanity.



Our current location was still Ester-chan’s room in the mayor’s mansion. Other than Richard-san and me, only Allen was present.

It’s probably because the room cleared out in one go, but now it feels strangely spacious despite me having perceived it as quite narrow until a little while ago. And the glasses, which had been neatly lined up on the table and were the current target of three pairs of eyes, glittered, making us vividly feel their presence.

On the other hand, we felt extremely clear-headed.

“U-Umm, I think it should be handled by Tanaka-san after all!” Allen yelled out, his expression showing how much it gnawed on him.

It probably stems from his deep feelings for loli bitch.

“Please stay silent. Even I think that this would actually be the best solution.”

“No, I root for you, as her father.”

“That is the reason why we adopted this method, Tanaka-san.”


I didn’t want to adopt this method, however. But, Richard-san had resolved himself. I could perceive the strong will dwelling in his eyes. It was an absolute will, stating that he would see this through, no matter what might happen. This busamen and the playboy didn’t possess the power to oppose it.

“Well then, let me shuffle the glasses,” announced Richard-san with a solemn voice and headed to the table. “You two, please turn around and face the back.”



As told, we turned right about-face. After a while, I could hear the faint sound of glasses being steadily slid across on the table’s surface beyond my shoulder.

Right now those three glasses must have their places swapped by Richard-san’s hands.

As for the duration, it lasted roughly a dozen seconds.

“It is fine for you to turn back around now.”

His instruction echoed throughout the room. As told, we turned back into our original position, facing the table. Over there stood three glasses just like before.

“Next it is your turn, Allen-san.”


In short, that’s the idea here. Richard-san, Allen and I will reshuffle the glasses in that order. While one is shuffling the glasses, the other two aren’t allowed to watch. Thereupon, lo and behold, the glasses won’t be in their original order anymore, making it impossible for any of us to tell their previous order.

“Now then, Tanaka-san, you are the last. Please go ahead.”

“As you wish.”

In short, that’s the form of selection we ended up with. After all three of us had shuffled the glasses in turns, Richard-san chose one of the glasses. Of course it was completely unknown whether the glass he chose was originally the right, left, or middle glass. None of us knew. No one.

That glass was handled carefully, albeit stately, before being fed to the sleeping loli bitch.

The milk slowly trickled into her mouth without her being aware of anything. But, even so, her eyes didn’t open.

After waiting for a while, Richard-san muttered, “……The amount might have been lacking.”

“C-Certainly, you might have a point there!” Allen agreed in no time.

Indeed, I can’t exclude that possibility. After all, whatever you say, it’s just a few milliliters per glass. If I’d known that this might happen, it’d have been better to confirm with Shotachinpo in advance. In the worst case, it could even require all of us cooperating on this. Shotachinpo said that the time limit would be a few days.

“I will have her drink the next,” muttered Richard-san as if making an official declaration, and then picked up the second glass.

Once again, milk trickled into Ester-chan’s mouth. Fluently.




Starting with the conclusion: Ester-chan’s condition improved after the second cup. Hence, the third cup was disposed of as quickly as possible.

Her pained expression visibly relaxed, and her breathing calmed as well. Her skin regained its previous, white hue, and the wings as well as tail grew back at some point. Everything had returned into normal boundaries. Currently she is sleeping gently.

It looks like Shotachinpo’s testimony was correct. And thus his past experience was proven to be true as indicated by his suggestion. Still, the damage to the heart of this virgin, who had his first kiss stolen by a deep kiss of a mouth that knew the taste of sperm, is beyond immeasurable. As soon as I recalled that incident, the vivid sensation of a tongue crawling throughout my mouth quickly revived in my mind.

Contrary to those feelings of this ordinary Japanese flat-face, Richard-san was overflowing with deep gratitude.

“I am terribly sorry for having doubted you. It was just as you said it would be.”

He performed a beautiful dogeza in front of everyone, who had gathered after the procedure was over. At first, when he had heard about this solution, he had clamored about it being a lie or fake. But now that we managed to confirm his daughter’s safety, he naturally had no choice but to deeply bow his head.

It seems like everyone other than this busamen is seeing him bowing his head for the very first time.

“Y-You don’t need to apologize so much! I just did what is natural for a member of the Aufschnaiter family! Just as there’s no reason to apologize to me, you have no reason to thank me either! Please lift your head right away!”

On the other hand, the one on the receiving end of the apology said some extremely cool stuff. He’s an incredible, handsome guy.

But, you have swallowed as well, haven’t you?

“Besides, that’s…you’re an acquaintance of the old man, so…,” Shotachinpo cast a fleeting glance in my direction.

In response, the hem of the skirt swayed gently. This busamen, who naturally ended up following this movement with his eyes, noticed that the hem had become shorter. I could visually confirm a difference of around a dozen centimeters in the skirt’s length above the knee when comparing before and after leaving the room during the Succubus uproar.

I’ve got a hunch that he’s totally showing it off to me.

“That’s way too indecent, Ash.”


Serves you right! Ya got called out by Gon-chan, didn’t ya!?

This busamen would like Shotachinpo to keep a sufficient distance from himself. Even if I might have affirmed the existence of a rod, a checkered mini-skirt’s stimulation is too powerful for this virgin. I’m pretty sure that a fish, who’s lured by bait, must feel just like this. It’s extremely frustrating.

“Please allow me to apologize and repay you. It is my personal, heartfelt wish to do so.”

“I’ve told you that it’s unnecessary, haven’t I!?”

“I slighted you. That is unforgivable. Because it has also been extremely one-sided and emotional, I insulted you by denying all of your dignity. If you were in my position, you would feel such a strong resentment that you would pass it down for at least the following three generations.”

“So what are you telling me to do about it?”

“Please ask anything of me. I wish to show my gratitude to you,” Richard-san looked up to shotachinpo while still kowtowing on the floor.

It appears to be no lie or bargaining from his side, but a genuine feeling of remorse. It’s my first time to see him humble himself to such a degree.

However, if he pulls such a frantic expression, it’ll be dangerous. He’d end up having thrust it in his mouth and butthole.

“It’s always the same with nobles of the Penny Empire. While prattling some great things, they forget everything after three days. Even now you’re just doing something like this because the old man is watching, aren’t you? Ahh, in that case, let me tell you what I want. My wish is the revival of the Aufschnaiter family!”

This is yet another tall order, Shotachinpo. But, even so, Richard-san is a man who stays true to his promises.


“How about it? It’s impossible, right? Then don’t say such arrogant crap in the first place!”

“…It is difficult to realize right away. But, someday I will definitely make it come true.”

“Humph, I wonder about that.”

Shotachinpo harboring bad feelings towards the Penny Empire was evident from the exchange just now and an established fact. On top of that, he wasn’t as much of an adult as Gon-chan, so now might be a good time to put a stop to this.

I guess this ordinary Japanese flat-face is going to take back control of the conversation.

“By the way, there is something I would like to confirm with you, Ashley-san.”

“W-What is it?”

He shifted his eyes from Richard-san to me.

“It is for the sake of making future plans. How much intake is necessary to suppress the Succubus attacks? And at what intervals must it be provided? If you have some rough estimates you can share with us, I would be very grateful so as to avoid things becoming so hectic next time.”

“She herself doesn’t know? What did she do until now?”


“This is just my personal experience, but since I was met with an attack shortly after m-my first ejaculation…”


Uh-oh, that’s bad. Shotachinpo’s naive question revealed Ester-chan’s bitchy nature to everyone. Seemingly having suddenly noticed something, Richard-san’s eyes wandered towards Allen.

As if it wasn’t already enough, I got an urgent hunch of an incoming escalation. If left unattended, it’ll become a matter of life or death for the handsome guy.

“Going by the reaction of her family, it seems like this attack has very likely been her first. Just like there exist individual differences in a person’ sexual maturation, individual differences in regards to a Succubus’s backward evolution might exist as well.”

“In this case, I’ll limit it to my own body. An attack won’t occur unless I hold it in for a fairly long time. It’s not like I measured it precisely, but as long as I didn’t endure for several months after the first pang of thirst, the attack didn’t proceed as far as in this case.”

“Okay, I see. Thank you for this valuable piece of information.

“Given that the ability to endure differs between people, I think it’d be best to observe the thirst and attack’s behaviors for the meantime.”

He didn’t graduate as top student at the academy city for nothing. It was a reply that felt very level-headed for his age.

I imagined myself when I was as old as he is now. But, I really wonder whether I’d have been able to answer so clearly to an adult of status.

No, no, that’d have been impossible. Absolutely.

“That sounds like a good plan.”

“And, umm, i-if it’s possible, I-I’d like to be allowed to swallow yours as well, old man! I want to drink your junk every day! It’s not like I can’t hold back, but still, it’s no mistake that I’m thirsty, so if you say you can give me some as well, umm…”

“…That is asking too much.”

“…..F-Forgive me.”

Either way, several months is a fairly long time. Even though it’s just an estimate, loli bitch hasn’t fucked with anyone ever since the dragon subjugation. If it’s before the memory loss…well, it’s not that it’s hard to understand. But, it’s completely unexpected for it to have stayed like that even after the memory loss. I was pretty sure that she was getting along well with Allen.

Maybe it’s that. Maybe Allen has been restraining himself out of sincerity?

Ester-chan has no reason to restrain herself. Even when limited to my contact with her at the academy city, her love towards Allen vividly reminded me of her acting when we met for the first time. She was so head-over-heels that she could have reverse-raped Allen at any moment. I was super jelly of that.

Isn’t that somehow a development completely unfitting for a playboy who’s had sex with many women?

At the same time it makes the reason why loli bitch is called a loli bitch pretty obvious. According to the Noble Mage, it’s called Urge to Swallow Semen. It appears to be a desire equivalent to an ordinary person’s wish to appease their thirst with water. If we assume the urge for semen to work in the same way, it might be inevitable for her to desire men. Of course, it still remains impossible for me to approve of a non-virgin woman just because of such circumstances.

Nevertheless, this virgin’s evaluation of a woman’s body mustn’t always be correct. Therefore, I shall grant her the title of Honorary Virgin.


No, as expected, that goes too far. It’s nothing you can explain away with some honorary title. A heart’s membrane lost once won’t ever return to its previous state after all.




When the Succubus uproar had abated, we moved back to the parlor once more. Over there, it turned into a meeting where this ordinary Japanese flat-face reported the events of the recent days to his boss.

If you’re asking what I reported to who, it’d be the trouble at the Great Holy Land to Richard-san. Depending on how he dealt with the newest developments, it could trigger a chain of situations that would have the power to even shake his position.

In the middle of the resort, it became a recount of all the events in the Great Holy Land, beginning with the invitation by Saint-sama, without skipping a single detail. To be honest, I was a bit anxious whether he’d believe my words. It was an array of incidents as you might find depicted in history books.

“I see. So the oracles from the Great Holy Land were bogus after all, huh?”


It sounded as though Richard-san had also had his fair share of doubts about the Great Holy Land’s way of doing things. He agreed with my story more willingly than I had anticipated. On the other hand, the circumstances surrounding Demon Queen-sama’s revival resulted in him voice his suspicions about it.

“Still, has the demon king truly revived?”

“I confirmed it with my own eyes. There is no doubt about it.”

“That elven woman having been in the previous hero’s party…”

“It is undoubtable.”


With important parts being covered by fairly old stories, we don’t have anything that could serve as evidence, to my regret. It’s almost as if a fairy-tale, which you’d tell children, had jumped out of its book. Thus it’s only natural for Richard-san to doubt it. If only Edita-sensei had a bit more dignity, she might have been able to add credibility to this ordinary Japanese flat-face’s explanation. But, no matter how you look at her, sensei is a thicc-legged loli. This is something that cannot be changed. That’s how the world works. What a blessing.

“…If you go as far as saying so, Tanaka-san, it must be just as you explained.”

“Thank you for believing me.”

“I decided to believe in your words because the Hero of the West accompanied you.”

Richard-san would make his decisions based on objective information, no matter the circumstances, which made him very reliable. Him having warmed up so much to me that he’d tell me the reason for his decision was a big step forward. I think it means he’s trusting me.

“I see.”

But at the same time, good job, Hero-sama of the West. It was a big help that we’ve taken action together.

Then again, being able to honestly rejoice like this ends today. Right now, he’s in an extremely difficult position. I don’t know how Saint-sama is going to deal with him henceforth, but if I consider the future of Dragon City, any smart lord might decide to purge him at this point.

Even so, he’s Edita-sensei’s benefactor.

“Tanaka-san, how do you intend to proceed with the Hero of the West?”

“Let’s see…”

A straightforward question was hurled at me by Richard-san.

Getting on Saint-sama’s good side by offering his head, or following my very own route with him playing a central role; if I consider Saint-sama’s personality and our combat forces, I might be able to change course at any time.

After pretending to worry about it somewhat, this ordinary Japanese flat-face gave his reply.

“I think it might be fine to keep him on our side for the time being.”

Forsaking sensei’s benefactor isn’t anything I could do so easily, right?

“I am against it.”

“The demon queen’s power is the real deal. Assuming she takes a hostile stance towards human society, we should form a united front, I believe. The demon queen will move against humanity in the near future. What we ought to protect at that time is our own unity and not someone else. He is a person who will become a cornerstone of that unity.”

“…How far in the future is that going to be?”

“I cannot tell.”

“In such a case, as expected, that is…”

“For this reason, please cut me loose as soon as possible.”

“Certainly, it is as you say. I am a person who operates on what is to lose or gain. Until last month, I might have decided just like that without much of a doubt. No, some parts inside me still whisper that I should do so.”

“That is very reassuring to know.”

“But, the current me would like to believe that I am not that much of a human who lacks all humanity and morality.”

“Personally I never believed you to be someone who moves while ignoring all morality and humanity. The look you used when staring at your daughter was certainly that of a normal parent. For me, that fact is something allowing me to place some kind of trust in your morality and humanity.”

“…You sure do not mince your words.”

“This is a trade-off, Richard-san. I do the things I can do, you do the things you can do. Let us both do our best at what we can. It is not like I am going to fail at my duties either. Baron Tanaka will keep trusting Duke FitzClarence, and he also does not have any intention to cause you any losses.”

Staying noncommittal this late in the game would be very difficult. I’d like Richard-san to move in his own ways. Therefore, I’ll express my sincerity towards him. He’s a card I don’t want to discard if possible, but if I consider the Dragon City’s future, it’s also true that I don’t have any other choice. I’m sure he’ll be able to handle things well in his current state.

After casting a fleeting glance outside the window, I told him so.

“…I see.”

“Is that alright with you?”


Papa-san shut his eyes and remained silent so as to ponder for a while. When he opened his eyes after a while, his expression showed that it was the usual him.

“I understand. I shall humbly accept.”

“Thank you very much.”

It looks like I got him to understand. As always, he’s a quick-witted man. As a work partner, he’s near perfect.

“With that being said, I will quickly return to Charis. I think it would be best for us to refrain from meeting each other henceforth. Please allow me to contact you in another form, if there is something requiring consultation. Would that be okay with you?”

“I am sorry to inconvenience you, but please handle it like that.”

“All the best luck to you, Tanaka-san.”

“After a light bow, Richard-san departed the parlor.




This ordinary Japanese flat-face saw off Richard-san, and then also walked through the corridors on the way to his own room. Outside the sun was about to disappear beyond the horizon.


I encountered the Loligon outside my room. For some reason she was leaning against the wall with her arms folded while staring in my direction.

It doesn’t look like it’s sheer coincidence. Maybe she’s got some business with this busamen?

When I reached that point in my thinking, the matter surrounding the tower in Dragon City suddenly crossed my mind.

“Christina-san, what is the matter for you to wait for me in such a place?”


In response to my nonchalant question, she threw her eyes so wide open that it gave me a scare. Such an action done by someone with an intense expression of the eyes like her projected as something extremely frightening. I strongly felt something inhuman from her appearance as she relaxedly took a step forward within this quiet corridor that was gloomy thanks to the darkening sky outside, accurately sensing a danger to my body.

Her body exuded an aura as if she’d punch me at any moment.

“It was a joke. Sorry, but would it be alright for me to ask you to guide me?”

It’s alright. I won’t forget it a second time. After all, even I’d have a guilty conscience if I did.


“Thank you very much.”

Come to think of it, isn’t this the first time ever since our dispute that I’m all alone with the Loligon?

I walked after her small back that kept advancing slowly. We didn’t run into anyone on the way either. As the number of people living in this mansion had recently increased, the mayor’s house had become a place with a relatively high density of inhabitants, but I suppose such things do happen every once in a while as well.

Passing through the entry hall, we stepped out of the mansion. And what immediately stabbed into a part of my visual field was the tower in question. You could see it even from our rather distant location. Then again, Richard-san mentioned that you could see it even from the distant Charis, or something like that.

“It is a frighteningly tall building, is it not?”

『Humph, of course it is! It is the tallest in the world after all!』

“That is amazing.”

Extending all the way to the sky, the tower pierced through the clouds, boasting such a height that you couldn’t even see its tip from down here. I suspect that it’d be very likely impossible to measure its exact height.

And even though I expected things wouldn’t end with just the town getting destroyed if the tower should ever fall apart, I adopted the optimistic approach that it should be fine for the time being as long as it’s Loligon-made.

A little while later we arrived at a spot allowing us to look up to the problematic tower from right below. Or in other words, smack down in the middle of Dragon City.

The tower’s base had been built to be several times thicker. In exchange, the tower became narrower the higher you went, before shifting to a standardized width and design beyond a certain altitude. I think its outward appearance probably fits to a T, if you compare it to the Tower of Babel as it’s depicted in various stories.

“Still, this is also something that has been built in an extremely exaggerated manner, would you not say…?”

I had to bend my neck in a way that made it hurt to look up. And to be honest, I couldn’t even fathom how it’d look inside the tower.

『T-That’s bad?』

“No, I do not particularly mind. I have heard about it from the other three.”

The Dragon City’s administration was based on a parliamentary Dragon cabinet formed by Sophia-chan, Gon-chan, and Neumann with the Loligon as its chairwoman. Hence I had no intention to veto anything as long as the other three approved of something. I’ll be happy as long as they can do whatever they please.

『…Then don’t complain, got it?』

“I was not complaining.”

No sooner than trembling with a start, the Loligon spat out a small sigh of relief. According to what I heard, Gon-chan and Neumann were all in favor of her ideas. Moreover, the Noble Mage had personally given his approval, too. So I doubt any opposition will form inside the town. However, now that it’s reached such a scale, I’ve got my fair share of trouble to figure out its usefulness.

Well, then again, the Loligon seems to be pleased with it, and for the present it’s going to be her nest, so whatever. Completely outsourcing everything, including its management, is likely the easiest and most peaceful solution.

『T-This way! Are you going to come in, or what!?』

“Of course.”

While being led by the one in charge of its construction I entered the tower.




The floors near the ground level appeared to have already had the Twilight Company work on them. A carpet had been laid out at the entrance and the walls were decorated with paintings and other ornaments, clearly reminding me of Trikris’ Castle.

However, no special purpose was apparent to me. Very likely Gon-chan did his work while also being forced to rack his brain over that point. It’s kinda like a new building that’s waiting for tenants to move in. So I think it’d be also fine for the Loligon to declare it her second home. After all, the people living in the mayor’s house have grown in number.

『Follow me!』

Being guided at her pace, we headed to the stairway set up in the center of this floor. The stairway itself had a very winding design, or what you’d call a spiral staircase. Starting at the first floor, it followed alongside the building’s outer wall, continuing to the higher floors. As something stylish like an elevator didn’t exist, the stairway crossed through the floors’ demarcations, extending on and on. An endless walk across dozens of floors.

“…How far does this thing continue?”

『J-Just a little bit further! Shut up and walk!』

“How many floors are left?”


That Loligon seems to have become quite cocky. As we walked on like this, evening became more prominent.

“How about continuing by flying outside?”

『…Got it』

Pheew, it looks like she’s got in the mood to fly the rest of the way as well.

After receiving her consent, I cast flight magic on myself and left the tower through a window. We had apparently reached a considerable height by now, allowing me to take a look at the entire townscape below me at a glance. The town being surrounded by a tall wall in the middle of empty grasslands gave it the awesome impression of a fortress city.

『H-Hey! Let’s go!』

“You are right.”

The Loligon shot upwards with such a force that she caused a booming sound. I chased after her from below, unwilling to lose. Of course, I could take a nice peek at the panties inside her skirt. Today’s menu was a wedgie-styled T-back. Its black fabric looked lovely on her fleshy butt. The tiny tail growing out of it was adorable. Tonight’s side dish was set.

We aimed for the highest floor in one breath.




At our destination, at the top of the tower, stood a building similar to a temple. Several thick, round pillars had been set up in rows, making it look like the Parthenon. I think its overall size is something around 200 to 300 square meters. That temple calmly towering beyond the clouds by itself while surrounded by azure sky in all directions had…how to describe it?…an extreme holiness to it. It felt as if some kind of god would step out of it at any moment.

『S-So, what do you think!?』, the Loligon asked me with a super excited face while standing right next to me. She looked up to me with an intensity as if flying through twinkling stars.

“…It looks like you are slightly superior when it comes to this kind of magic.”


Her expression cramped up when I honestly expressed my true opinion.

Did I possibly blunder on the response?

The instant I pondered about that――

『I-I see! So you approve of my magic!?』

The Loligon’s cheek flesh puffed out softly. Her face was all smiles.

“Indeed. I have somewhat regretted being away from this place most recently. Although it was at most several weeks at a time, I felt like I was gone for a fairly long period. The solemnity of a temple built in such a high place is quite magnificent, I must say. Do you not think so as well?”

Coupled with the area being surrounded by a thin layer of clouds, it gave this whole place a very mysterious ambiance. When I saw it for the first time with my own eyes, goosebumps popped out all over my body. To the extent of me unconsciously coming to a grinding halt. The sublime carvings that had been applied to the building might have achieved this.

『It’s because you always run off to somewhere! Do you regret it? You do, don’t you? Hehe! If you hate that feeling, then be a good boy and stay here for a while! And make this town somewhat bigger!』

“You have a point. That might be a good idea…”

Considering the case with the Great Holy Land, I should probably stay low for the time being. If I make some dumb moves and get in Richard-san’s way, it’d be a disaster. Right now, we ought to focus on coming up with countermeasures in preparation for the attack by Demon Queen-sama which I predict will happen in the near future.

『T-This way! Come!』

“There is still more?”

『Of course! R-Room! We made a room!』

“I see.”

Being urged on, I headed into the temple, following after the Loligon.




An unduly wide living room sprawled inside the temple. It was completely made out of stone, like the tower itself. But, unlike the mid- and hi-floors, it was equipped with a carpet and even furnishings had been carried in, just like at the lower floors. A huge, canopied bed had been installed in the middle of the room. With it also having a bed sheet, the room was set up to be inhabitable right away.

However, as it was apparently unused at present, it didn’t have that homey feeling of used living space. The sheet was extremely beautiful, spread out on the bed without even a single crease. It all felt as if I was watching the show room of a new mansion.

“This here is?”


I can tell as much by just looking.

“Is it your living room, Christina-san?”

『N-Not particularly』

“So, whose room is it going to be then?”

『…Anyone’s room. That’s okay, isn’t it?』

The Loligon briskly walked over to the bed and sat down on it with a thud. This was yet another picturesque sight. She might actually be a dragon, but nowadays, her exterior has completely adapted to be that of a beautiful girl.

『What’s wrong? S-Sit down!』


Given that I had been invited, I took place next to her in the space allowing for one person to sit.

It seems to be a fairly decent bed as I haven’t heard any creaking when I sat down. I can also feel a soft, fluffy touch from my butt. Upon a closer look, not only the sheet, but even the pillows’ covers were neat and tightly-stretched, not showing any creases.

Don’t tell me, did the Loligon change the bedclothes herself?

Imagining her preparing the bed in a cheerful mood made me smile a bit.

『D-Don’t you think it’s a nice room?』

“You are right. I think it is wonderful.”

It’s located in a place that would cause all the vain nobles of the Penny Empire to become bright red out of envy. If I could graduate from my virginity in a place like this, it’d be the most romantic occasion I could think of. I would feel happy over having been born from the bottom of my heart, wouldn’t I?

“I would love to spend a peaceful eternity in a place like this,” I revealed against my better judgment.

This place felt like my tired heart was being healed. The western sun, as it peeked through the gaps between the pillars, was reflected stronger in my eyes than usual. Maybe it’s because we’re close to the heavens up here.

『…Why not. I’ll even help you』

“Help me how?”

『Humans are fragile and short-lived』

So she’s going to help me stop being a human, huh? It’s not such a bad proposal. But, it has to wait until I’ve lost my virginity.

“You have my deepest gratitude, but for now, I will kindly refrain.”


She ended up turning her face away from me. Her tail, which had loosely extended on the bed sheet, curled up into a ball.

Stop it! You wake an urge in me to pamper you!

I felt something akin to motherhood toward someone like the Loligon.

“Can I have you work hard together with me on the surface for just a bit longer?”


“Of course, I will not ask anything unreasonable of you…”

『W-What a selfish human you are! It’s all about you and you alone, isn’t it!?』

“I do feel terribly sorry.”

『…It’s my own choice, isn’t it?』

The tail, which had rolled up just moments ago, extended again, bit by bit. Soon regaining its previous shape.

“Are you alright with it?”

『I-If it’s just a bit, I’ll keep you company. I’m a generous dragon after all!』

“Thank you very much.”

You may say this or that, but our relationship has improved visibly. To an extent I’d never imagined back when I met her for the first time.

“Also, I feel like I was able to improve our relationship a bit.”

gh…W-W-What are you s-saying!? Haaah!?』

“It is very promising.”


I was threatened.

Maybe the room over here was built for the sake of the Noble Mage. Gazing at the two pillows lying next to each, my heart stung a bit.




When the sun was gone and the sky had turned pitch black, this ordinary Japanese flat-face returned to the mayor’s house. The Loligon said that she wished to stay there for a bit longer, so I went back first. After coming back, I only had dinner, took a bath, and went to sleep. Recently, things had been quite hectic, so I headed to my bedroom, planning to hit the sack a bit earlier than usual.

But before I could reach my bed, someone knocked on my room’s door.

“Yes. I will be right with you.”

I headed over to greet my visitor with my slippers pitter-pattering across the floor. Upon opening the door, I found myself facing Goggoru-chan.


That request was the first thing that came out of her mouth.

“…Which reminds me, I have promised you that we would have a chat.”

I didn’t specify when we’d do it, but I definitely promised her that we’d talk once we got back from the Great Holy Land.

For her that moment seems to have come now. But, it’s bad for her to walk around the mayor’s home by herself without this ordinary Japanese flat-face accompanying her. If she had a near-miss with Deviant-Longhair and the Loligon in the worst case, things could have become really hairy.


“But, if you arbitrarily roam this mansion, it could be dangerous for you as well…”



Today’s Goggoru-chan is pushier than usual. As I expected, living all alone in the outskirts might have been very lonesome.

Because I’m an old virgin, I can certainly understand the pain of being single. Suddenly feeling a desire to talk with someone in the evening of your day off, but not having any decent options such as close friends or similar, and thus being stuck with having to go to a bar. I can understand Goggoru-chan by reminiscing about half of my own life.


“Okay. Come in.”

I have a strong wish to sleep, but I’ll humor her this one time. If Goggoru-chan hadn’t been with us during the episode at the Great Holy Land, things might have been a lot more troublesome around now. It’d also be questionable what might have happened with Edita-sensei’s course of actions. Considering it like that, she’s doubtlessly this time’s MVP. So I’ll talk with her while putting my feelings of gratitude into each word.


“No, the pleasure is on my side.”

Dark brown lolita-san passed this ordinary Japanese flat-face’s side, heading inside the room. At the same time, a gentle, nice fragrance tickled my nose. I’m pretty sure that it’s proof of her soft hair having experienced a bath not long ago.

A beauty right out of the bath…what a feast. I sensed how my sleepiness evaporated in the blink of eye just because of that.

I love it.




Sitting down next to each other on the sofa, we had a chat about this and that. We didn’t stick to a particular topic either. Depending on the flow of the conversation, we occasionally talked about our favorite food, then again about things we dislike. However, contrary to her desire to have a talk, Goggoru-chan was rather taciturn. Because of that, the one talking for most of the time was this ordinary Japanese flat-face.

By the way, the current topic is the tower built by the Loligon in Dragon City.

“…with that said, its structure was truly outstanding.”

“That dragon’s?”

“She said that she’d spent some more time in that place. I guess she’s very likely enjoying her own workmanship. Greeting dawn in a place above the clouds on the bed set up in the temple at the top must be a height of extravagance. I believe waking to the sun rays pouring onto one’s face has to be special in all respects.”

“…I see.”

“I don’t know the reason why she built that tower. But, assuming there’s a man who will share that bed with her, I have no doubt that he will be an unparalleled lucky dog. Just imagining it causes me to reflexively become jealous.”

Just how much is he being loved? Maybe she has already taken the first step together with the Noble Mage, as expected. Only thinking about it causes pangs of sadness to surge forth in me.


“What is the matter?”


“Really? Do you possibly dislike talking about the tower?”

“That’s not it.”

“Or did you become sleepy at last?”

It seemed to already be time for the day to change. As for me, I was facing a live Goggoru with the fighting spirit to go all the way until morning, but if she told me that she’s tired, I didn’t plan to push her in any way. If she felt it to be too much of a bother to go back to her own room, it would be no problem whatsoever even if she used the bed in this room.

I’d love her to spread her Goggoru scent on the bed over here, just like she did at the Academy City.

“Not sleepy.”

“Is that so? Then it is fine, but…”

Shit, I was turned down. How regrettable.

“Did you tell that dragon what you said just now?”

“I did not tell her all of it, no.”

“Which parts did you tell her?”

“Which parts, huh? Well, I mentioned that it was a magnificent building…”

Praising her too much would likely come out as being too outspoken. It’s important to keep a sense of distance with such things, I believe.

If I was a hunk like Allen, I would have other ways to handle such matters. But, the options a busamen can choose are extremely limited.

Still, it was truly amazing, Goggoru-san. To the extent that it’d be worth it to scheme so that the Loligon would let you stay a night up there, if she should get tired of it someday.

The bed with its tightly-spanned sheet looked like it’d be extremely comfortable to sleep in.

“…I see.”

“Yes, indeed. It was truly incredible.”

“……” Goggoru-chan looked at me as if she wanted to say something.

Is she possibly envious after hearing my reply just now?

“Should I prepare something to drink for you?”

“No need.”

She fixedly stared at me with her indifferent, cool expression. I really wonder what she’s thinking. I kinda feel like wanting to know and then again not.

As her eyes stared at me from close proximity, I was suddenly assailed by a strong feeling of being sucked into them.

“Is that so? Then let us talk about something else.

“…You should tell that dragon, a bit.”


“What you told me just now.”

“Is that smart? If I praise her too much, she might veer off in a bad direction again. Of course, it’s not like I’d shun her just because of that. Rather, I do like her to a reasonable extent.”

“That dragon understands humans better than you imagine.”


“Yep. She’s at least more intelligent and wiser than you.”

“You certainly have a point there…”

“But, just a bit. A tiny bit.”

What she kindly pointed out is a truth I’ve almost forgotten by mistake. In contrast to her lolita-like outward appearance, her true form is much older than Edita-sensei as she’s an elderly, ancient dragon. I’m sure that she’s likely the oldest among those who this ordinary Japanese flat-face calls his acquaintances.

Having said that, she was largehearted enough to allow me to take a peek into her skirt from below today, so I looked at it like a boy who’s staring at his crush on her way back home from elementary school. Most recently, I cannot help being curious about her small tail that peeks out of her panties. I want to squeeze it. Yep, I wanna give it a good squeeze.

“What color did it have?”

It was black.

“You like black?”

I love it. But, I like women, who go commando, even more. A woman wearing a skirt while having no panties on is paradise.

“Talk properly.”

“Goggoru-san, you have learned to understand sexual harassment quite well, have you not?”

“Thanks to you.”


If possible, I’d like to be allowed to continue teaching you from now on as well. Receiving a reverse-sexual harassment by a pretty girl makes me very happy. Actively being approached by the opposite sex is a dream. Wanting to love rather than being loved is the logic of handsome guys. I want to receive sexual harassment rather than harassing others sexually.

“Where’s your answer?”

“Very well. I will tell her at an opportune moment.”


Damnit, I got scolded. What a pleasant feeling it is.




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Translation Notes:

  1. Backward evolution here is about 先祖返り (senzo kaeri). Basically it’s a genetic effect where genetic traits from your ancestors reoccur in you after skipping several generations.
  2. Not going to change it at this point in the novel, but Aufschnaiter should probably be a poor attempt at Aufschneider (blowhard)


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