Chapter 104 – Labyrinth City Pelneet

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“Rollo, let’s enter the city.” (Shuuya)


Passing through the stone gate, she walks with her black-haired paws on the soil of 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】.
We finally arrived, on the land where a labyrinth exists.
I wonder whether the dwarves Zaga and Bon are doing fine?
Rubia, whom I left in their care, is probably working hard after becoming an adventurer.
They are living somewhere in this 【Pelneet】.
Mia is probably doing her best as an adventurer after changing her name.
And, it’s also the stronghold of the dark guild 【Owl’s Fangs】.
If the information I heard from Serva is correct, Eribol’s mansion, which serves as the headquarters of 【Owl’s Fangs】, should be located in the eastern part of the noble’s block that lies in the northern part of the city.
However, there’s no need to hurry.
Even if I’m going to finish off Eribol, I have just arrived in a city I don’t know.
Even without me expressly scattering oil to start a fire, the other side will likely start acting. Currently I will keep the stance of crushing them when they get involved with me, I suppose.
Alright, 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】.
Now, I will face you.
Assertively throwing out my chest, I operate the tentacle reins.
I advance along the street in front of the gate with its intense pedestrian traffic.
I immediately came out at a crossroads of big roads.
I continue straight forward along the main street.
Right behind me is the road continuing towards outside the city with the stone gate which I just entered.
The roads to either side, left and right, looked as if they are continuing endlessly as main streets that trace the curves of the inner walls of the city.
If I go along these main streets, I will see the wall, but I would also accomplish a race-like marathon once around this city.
However, I won’t choose the roads to the left or right. I pick the main street straight ahead.
RollodeenHorse Lion proceeds onwards.
On both sides of the street one could see vast plots that were surrounded by walls.
Ahead of the rising grounds, which had lawn spread out to the degree that one would be able to play golf on it, there are houses built with high-class marble stones where the nobles live.
It looks like there are huge mansions that were built with three floors.
Does even royalty live here?
It seems this area is the noble block on the northern side of the city.
Since a while there are only big mansions on large plots.
As there are many luxurious carriages among those coming and going, that must be the case.
Going by the atmosphere here, one won’t be able to think of attaching the name of labyrinth city to this place.
If I investigate the eastern area from here on, I may unexpectedly discover Eribol’s mansion quite easily.
Which reminds me… even in 【Hekatrail】 there were such high-class block-like streets.
Huge palatial residences with vast grounds attached to them.
If I take out the entire amount of cash that’s in my item box now, I might be able to buy one.
While thinking about such stuff, we raise the speed and go straight ahead.
Once again I arrived at a crossroads.
In the front and back main streets, and broad streets on the left and right.
Once more I choose the road going straight ahead.
When I do… the scenery of vast grounds on the left and right stops.
It changes into many huts made out of mortar and small buildings that are similar to Semmering style.
The noble’s block seems to be up to here. The pedestrian traffic is high, too. I was able to see various races besides humans as well.
Seeing the figures of a black giant and a small penguin wearing clothes among those, I unintentionally end up doing a double take.
Around here must be the city’s centre of 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】.
At any rate, I don’t have a map.
We advanced at a suitably comfortable pace, but should I try asking someone around here?
Let’s ask that beastman-san. The catman-san seems to have some free time.
He stared at the main street while leaning his back against the wall located in front of a general store.
He possesses a beast’s face which is covered by grey hair that looks fluffy.
He has three eyes with the third being on its forehead, and possesses four arms.
Four longswords hung at his waist and he wore a high-class armour made out of thick monster leather.
Round shields with small crests on them were attached to the tips of each of his four arms. I’m sure he’s a remarkable adventurer.
… I wonder whether something like a four sword style exists?
With his figure that emits the aura of a master warrior, it reminds me of the catman warrior Deyma, a member of 【Scales of Gaia】.
RollodeenHorse Lion approaches the location of that beastman-san.
Although it might be rude to address the beastman from atop the black cat’s body without them being mounted, I spoke up.

“— Excuse me. Do you know the location of the labyrinth or the adventurer’s guild?” (Shuuya)

Reacting to my voice, the beastman-san responded by raising his line of sight.

“Oh? An adventurer that came from the countryside?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” (Shuuya)

“I see. If it’s the labyrinth, it towers over the surroundings in the middle of the First Ring Road with its characteristically short tower. You will be immediately able to tell once you get close. The first floor is the labyrinth’s entrance hall. The adventurer’s guild and the Magic Treasure Maps Society are in the vicinity as well. There are countless inns, too. By the way, currently you are between the First Ring Road and the north of the Second Ring Road. If you go straight south from here, you will come out at the First Ring Road. As you see, the number of adventurers is growing, right?”

The beastman-san prompts with his gaze while smiling.
Among his three eyes, two eyes were pointing at the people coming and going on the street.
— Certainly, various races that seem like armed adventurers are going back and forth.

“I understood. Thank you for your kind advice.” (Shuuya)


I start to go forwards after bowing and expressing a simple thanks.
First Ring Road.
Surely, 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】 has a shape close to a circle.
The large outer ring located close to the wall is the Third Ring Road.
The middle ring that I passed just a while ago is the Second Ring Road.
The First Ring Road is a road located in the vicinity of the labyrinth’s entrance.
It looks like that’s how it is.
As I was told by the kind beastman-san, I advanced on the street by joining the line of merchants and adventurers coming and going.
RollodeenHorse Lion picks up the speed and proceeds swiftly by weaving her way through the crowd.
I see, it’s over there, huh?
Being crowded by various races, I discover it right away.
A vast, round space.
The labyrinth’s entrance seems to be in the centre of the circle. There I could see the characteristically short cylindrical building in the shape of a tower.
This is the First Ring Road.
A market has been set up in the vicinity of the cylindrical architectural structure.
It looks like all of the shops are flourishing.
Not only adventurers, I was also able to spot commoners and merchants.
At any rate, that cylindrical building in the centre…
Is it fine to call it a building similar to a cigarette? It’s stabbed into the ground with a slanting part protruding towards the sky and demarcated by holes at acute angles.
It looks like the historic towers remaining in the Middle East or Kazakhstan.
I guess it was some kind of minaret like Minar or such.
Geometrical patterns and lightning designs have been embedded with bluish stones on the surface.
While watching the beautiful, cylindrical building, I advanced towards the central plaza.
I have seen a similar sight in 【Hekatrail】.
There are a large signboard and several announcement stands on the plaza. Several people that blew into horns raised loud voices reading out information to people one by one.
A large-scale recruitment has started in Deep Lake City Luluzark of Oseberia Kingdom. Adventurers, who have confidence in their skills, gather! Adventurers that got space in their item box can be incorporated into a special supply unit. Adventurers that don’t have an item box will join the mercenary unit, but it’s also possible to be employed as member of the knight order. If you produce results, rewards and a career is certain!
A recruitment for soldiers, eh?
There’s a career path in war?
Next, people from other announcement stands shout out.
The Evil Dragon King that devastated the outskirts of Fortress City Hekatrail was killed by the Gryphon Unit affiliated to the kingdom’s Magic Dragon Rider Corps.
I guess these news have reached this place already.
Given that they are not including the adventurers that played an active role in that, this probably also serves as propaganda.
A large amount of war slaves has arrived at the Korendon Slave Store. Please visit the Korendon Company that is located at the western part of the second ring road if you are interested.
An enlightenment festival of love by Archbishop-sama, which will be managed by the shrine maidens of the Aria Faith, will be held from today onwards over a period of several days on the Aria Square. An exchange with the priests, who believe in the God of Justice Sharfa, is scheduled to be carried out. Those who have faith in the goddess of unrestrained love, head over there.
A goddess of love, huh? I remember Nicola with whom I formed a party.
It’s also a different religion from the Holy Church.
If it’s a religion that raises love and beauty by being unrestrained, I do have interest.
Attention, because of a large outbreak of Big Stone-Kick Birds in the Great Prairie of Oseberia, the highway towards Luluzark has been infested by them.
Be careful! There have been repeated theft cases in the southern free market.
It has been confirmed that the Masked Villain Zarlp has appeared at the cemetery in the outskirts of the city’s southern part, west of the magic block. Pay attention, if you see a bloody katana and fingers.
It’s a follow-up report on the murder case at the home of Baronet Langhard. Once again the great female knight of Nine Great KnightsWhite Nine, the pride of Oseberia Kingdom, arrested the criminal. With this it’s her third solution of a murder case. It’s a situation where the royal guards are completely losing their face. However, the serial murder case of the three jewels in the residential area of the southern part of the second ring road remains unsolved. Will this case also get successfully solved in the name of the female great knight? Let’s look forward to it.
A murder case, eh? It’s a big city after all.
That might happen everywhere. That’s what I guess at least.
A magic tool shop called Awakening of the Truth has newly opened in the Magic Street in the north-west part of the Third Ring Road.
There’s a notification from the Magic Beast Company Psion. New stock of the Magic Beast Beiva has arrived. To those who have confidence in their taming skill: Please come to the Psion Shop located in front of the Grand Arena that can be found in the south of the second ring road.
It’s possible to buy a magic beast, if one has the taming skill.
Notification from the Labyrinth Administration Bureau. A reward for a 3rd class Merit has been granted to Blue-Armed Treasure HuntersBlue Arm Jewelersby the Labyrinth Administration Bureau for having fully cleared the 10th floor after a period of hundred years.
Labyrinth Administration Bureau, clearance of the 10th floor after 100 years?
A reward for a 3rd class Merit, what’s that about?
Even so, those announcement booth people are amazing.
Since a while they are continuously shouting loudly. It looks like they will hurt their throats.
In addition to the announcers, there were dancers and musicians who played sweet melodies with flutes.
Gypsies and circus performers, huh?
Girls, who wore beautiful dresses that revealed their belly buttons, match the musical rhythm well, land by using a backflip after a scissor, and dance nimbly.
You can truly say that professionals are quite experienced in their craft.
Additionally some stand atop pedestals.

“Look at the dancers over there! How degenerated! What depravity! It’s a collapse of morals! It’s corruption! You must not produce any kind of statue for yourself. Male, female figures and also figures of beasts…”

Is it a warning against idolatry?
I guess it’s a denomination of the Holy Church? It seems that they have various different factions within their faith.
A priest who repeatedly preaches that in an eloquent manner, and the audience who listens to the sermon; there are much more believers who listen to the priest’s words than in Hekatrail.
But, there doesn’t seem to exist an execution site.
Leaving the plaza with their tiresome voices, I survey the round plaza, the First Ring Road, by turning around 360°.
Complying with the name of ring, various stores and houses are lining up as if surrounding its round edge.
I observed them while riding on RollodeenHorse Lion.
… There’s few vertically-high buildings.
Is that because it would disturb the scenery of the city like in Paris?
I guess the reason is something else, but instead there’s a continuous wide row of shops that put out sign boards such as inns, general stores, weapon and armour dealers, magic tool shops, magic crafting workshops and restaurants.
There’s also a large, wooden store with a signboard stating Treasures and Maps.
The huge, red-bricked building next to it was the adventurer’s guild.
Since there are many buildings made out of wood and white stone, it stands out quite a bit.
It has been built with three floors, has a stable and uses a vast plot.
The signboard with its white and black border had Adventurer’s Guild written on it and is huge as well.
Only this adventurer’s guild building and the labyrinth’s cylindrical build were protruding out in height on this ring road.
They are easy to find, aren’t they?
First of all, it’s a good sign that I found the guild.
Let’s look for an inn next?
There are several inns and bars around this plaza.
… However, I will look in a different place.
Since I just finished going around the First Ring Road, I will have a look at other alleys, I suppose?
I choose an alley on the left side.
It’s on the left-upper side of the ring road, on the northern side.
Once I follow the gloomy alley for around one kilometer… I discover an inn with a questionable mood in front.
Many lights are leaking out from the entrance door that is located at the left front of the inn.
The lights’ origin is a small tower.
It’s an art-like, three-dimensional object which was decorated with many big lanterns on its metal-pole-frame.
I can feel mana from the lights.
The building behind that objet d’art is entirely round like an egg.
Matching with the brightness of the lanterns, an unbalance of light and shadows was created.
The left wall makes one feel an atmosphere as if it’s a full moon.
This place has a faintly nice ambience. It’s plot is wide as well.
I descended from RollodeenHorse Lion.
I walk towards the brightly illuminated entrance.
Seemingly having returned to her small body, Rollo returned to her usual place on my shoulder.
At that moment, a sound, a cicada sound is audible from the inn’s entrance door.
It originates from under the overhang of the roof.
Once I looked at the top of the wall where the sound came from, I saw a large cicada staying there.
A different world cicada, huh? How big…
Will there be an outburst of cicada chirring? It’s already summer after all.
I have to get used to this sound and this heat for a while.
While feeling the summer’s heat, I arrive in front of the entrance door with its black lustre.
There’s a door plate that had peculiar vermillion characters carved into its wood.
Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth was written there.
Just as its exterior, even the name seems to reflect that.

“Let’s stay here.” (Shuuya)


『Okay.』 (Helme)

Rollo and Helme answer casually.
I push the stylish, wooden door with its black lustre open.
Once I do, the smell of alcohol assails my nostrils and the clattering of the guests reaches my ears.
The inn’s interior is big. The right half seems to be the inn’s rooms.
There’s a stairway leading upwards at the side adjoining to the counter. The huge dining room on the left side gave one the impression of a lively atmosphere.
A stage is located in the left inner part of the dining room. The male troubadour who plucked the strings of an instrument similar to a guitar, played quite the nice tune.
As if surrounding the stage, there are ten-odd square tables for eating. Some guests are drinking booze and eating food there.
There was also a round, luxurious table for playing card games.
At that table, a grim-lookin dwarf, a middle-aged human in military uniform, a noble-styled woman, a human with a moustache and a hat, and a woman with blue hair are merrily playing a card game while huddling together.
It stirred my interest as it’s a poker-like game they are playing.
But, my line of sight shifts to the right side.
There’s a pillar wall and a door on the right inner side. A large bar counter is located in front of it on the right.
Twelve tall chairs are lined up there.
It’s a stylish bar.
As if making use of the space below the stairs that is right behind the counter, a cupboard has been built there. Oakwood-like barrels and porcelain-made alcohol bottles were placed on the many shelves.
It looks like there are many types of alcohol.
It feels like one can enjoy drinking alcohol here.
When I was observing the inn’s appearance with that kind of arrangement from the entranceway, a beautiful woman approached me from the counter.
The pretty woman has honey-coloured hair.
Her hair flows to the sides and is contained by red hair clips.
She has a small, slender chin and the bewitching gaze of a woman at her peak.
Her light brown eyes and nose bridge are high. Her chest is big and long, smooth legs, grew out from her slender waist.
Due to her red shirt sticking to her plump chest, my gaze ends up focussing on that part.
An inner shirt? She’s a Big Breast-san.
Below she wears a short skirt that had navy blue edges and a white apron.
With her wearing an apron, she’s one of the inn’s staff, I guess? She’s lovely.
— Oh, she’s beautiful, but it’s a surprise that her body is clad with magic source.
Moreover, it possesses a quality that overshadows any run-of-the-mill adventurer.

『This woman is smoothly manipulating the mana in her body.』 (Helme)

Just as Helme says, she’s no ordinary woman.

“Welcome dear guest! I’m glad to see you visiting 『Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth』. I’m Mel. I work as landlady here.” (Mel)

Huh? She’s the landlady?
She has a mannish type of voice, but she’s a young, beautiful landlady.
My tension goes up.
… A beautiful landlady that got NTR’ed. The lewd sex life of a pretty landlady.
Dangerous, yabai. (T/N: MC uses katakana for yabai (dangerous) here)
In an instant, several obscene words popped up in my mind…
Let’s gloss it over. After adjusting my line of sight, I address her with a serious expression,

“… I’m an adventurer. The name’s Shuuya. Do you have a free room?” (Shuuya)

The landlady also stared at me as if assessing me.
— For an instant her look turns sharp, but then she immediately faces me with a smile.

“… I do. If you stay on the first floor, it will be five large copper coins per night, dinner included. If it’s a large room on the second floor, it will be eight large copper coins.” (Mel)

Five large copper coins, eh? As expected, the price is reasonable and cheaper than that of a high-class inn.
Checking my item box, I confirm several gold coins.
What day of the summer season was it again…? The third? Then, until the end of the year would be…
— Ah, right.
I have to also ask about Rollo staying with me.

“Ah, one more question, This black cat, Rollo, is with me, but will that be alright?” (Shuuya)

Rollo voiced a gentle 「Nya」 without moving from my shoulder.

“Oh my, what a cute cat-chan. She’s a familiar, right? By all means, it’s fine.” (Mel)

The landlady said.
Great. For the time being, let’s pay the money for staying until the end of the year.

“Well then, please give me a corner room on the second floor with this. It’s the share allowing me to stay until the end of the year.” (Shuuya)

I took out gold and silver coins from my item box and handed them to the landlady.

“Got it. … I will receive it on deposit.” (Mel)

The landlady received the money in a hurry. After the beauty-san bewitched me with her characteristic smile, she filled in the registry placed on the reception desk.
Thereupon, counter to the alcohol smell, the delicious fragrance of food wafts over from the dining room.
Rollo immediately reacts by sniffing with her nose.
Which reminds me, we still haven’t had any proper breakfast.
Can I eat a meal now? Let’s try asking.

“… Mel-san, do you have anything we could eat?” (Shuuya)

Once I ask that without any sense of hesitation, the landlady said that there should be something and told me to sit down on a seat over there while waiting.

“Kazun, can you cook up some food?” (Mel)

The landlady speaks towards the kitchen.

“Yeah~, I can.” (Kazun)

A stern, sombre voice replied from inside the kitchen.

“That’s how it is. Please wait a moment.” (Mel)

I obediently follow the landlady’s words.
Sitting down on a chair at a table, I wait several minutes for the dishes.
Then the food was carried in.

“Thank you for waiting. It’s meat congee with mushrooms.”

The dish that was placed in front of me is a stew that plentifully filled a wooden bowl.
A spoon has been prepared as well.
They even prepared Rollo’s share.
I immediately scoop up the stew with the spoon and put it into my mouth.
Yummy. When I try to scoop up another spoonful, I discover a big, soft vegetable that’s similar to a potato.
Squashing the potato with the spoon, I scoop up the mashed potato and bring it to my mouth.
It’s soft and flaky. There’s also mushrooms mixed in. The meat-on-bone is tasty, too.
As I’m eating the delicious stew…
I suddenly remember the time when I got to eat the first decent meal in this different world.
The sight of the Goldeeba Village crosses my mind.
I wonder whether Rabi-san, who always made delicious food, is doing well?
I will be happy if master, who taught me various things, the cute Leifa, who was similar to a younger sister, and the brawny Raglen are in good health as well.
Recalling my dearly missed days of training, I eat the stew while floating a smile.
Once I finish eating, Mel tells me 「This way」. Seemingly having waited for me to finish my meal, I was guided to my room by Mel who took a young girl as helper along.
Climbing the stairs that are located close to the entrance on the first floor, we head towards the second floor.
Reaching the end of the stairs, I’m led to a corner room inside a passage.
A decoration of two moons was carved onto the room’s door.
A large basket, where laundry can be put in, had been placed on the ground at the side of the door.

“Please put your laundry in this basket. This child, Iriel, will take it away.” (Mel)

“Yeah. I’m Iriel. Please put your clothes inside this.” (Iriel)

Iriel is a girl. She’s a waitress-san with an apron.
She has deep brown hair and eyes. Her smile is cute.
There’s power in her eyes. She’s a girl that looks dependable.

“Best regards, Iriel. I will leave it to you at that time.” (Shuuya)

“This is the room’s key. And, if you tell Iriel when you want to take a bath, she will be able to fill the large bucket inside the room with hot water.” (Mel)

I’m given the key after the landlady explains lightheartedly.

“That’s not necessary. I can fill it myself.” (Shuuya)

“Oh, dear guest, you possess the water attribute, right? That’s great as it will save us some time. Well then, as I still have some things to do, please excuse me. If something happens, call me with a loud voice.” (Mel)

Loud voice… eh?

“Got it.” (Shuuya)

Once she hears my approval, the beautiful landlady produces a smile.
Mel returns to the first floor while leaving Iriel behind.
But a loud voice? Will it be that noisy around here?
While thinking about that question, I tried to enter the rented room. At that moment—.

“Guest~? Do you have a moment?” (Iriel)

The door is stopped by her placing her small foot against it.
The one who called out to me like that while moving her thin arms that are not very womanly seductively was the servant Iriel.

“Mmh? What is it?” (Shuuya)

“Are you really an adventurer?” (Iriel)

What’s up? This child is…
Once I look properly, her face is that of a grown-up?
A red ring was put on her finger.
I can feel that the ring is filled with thick mana.
For such child to possess such high-quality ring that is a magic tool or sorcery tool…

『Your Excellency, this girl has clad her entire body with mana. I don’t think that she’s a young human.』 (Helme)

I was warned by Helme.
This child isn’t normal, I suppose.

“As you are staying silent, is it something else?” (Iriel)

Such shamelessness on a first meeting.

“No, I’m an adventurer. To begin with, why would you be the one to ask such a thing?” (Shuuya)

“— Humph, so you realized. Currently I’m working as normal servant.” (Iriel)

After bending her beautiful face slightly forwards and moving her nostrils with a sniff-sniff as if smelling my scent, Iriel states such deeply meaningful remark.
She faces me with a slightly unwomanly smile, leaves the door by skipping and returns to the first floor.
What is this place?
It’s fine since the landlady is a beauty, but I don’t want any shady whacko girls around me…
I might have made a mistake in my choice of inns. Well, but I already paid the money.
For starters I will check the inside of the room.
While feeling dissatisfied, I enter the room.
There are four beds with small side tables on the left inner side.
Inside there is a bay window with curtains attached. There’s a small veranda and a big bucket has been left on the floor.
Since the bay window has been connected to the adjoining, slanting shingle, it’s possible to directly leave towards the top of the roof.
It’s a nice view as it’s the second floor, but I’m slightly worried about crime prevention.
However, I will be able to enjoy a cool breeze by opening the window at the time of bathing. I also can observe the outside from atop the roof.
This is quite the nice view. Even on the surface of the smooth floorboards of the veranda there is a properly depressed hole. Since it’s a slope where the water can flow down due to the angle, I’m pleased with it.
It’s smaller than the single room at the high-class inn in Holker, but the walls’ design is refined and tidy. The size is satisfactory, too.
As I’m checking the room, Rollo happily played by repeatedly jumping up and down on top of the bed with its tough elasticity while purring with a 「Nyaa」 as if encouraging herself, just like usual.
Since it’s a hard bed, there’s no flexibility, but it seems to be easier to jump on it than on a soft bed.
And then, seemingly having got bored of jumping up and down, Rollo spun around on the spot as if chasing her own tail, curled up and tried to sleep after settling down on the bed’s pillow.
… Cute.
I gaze at the cute cat that shut her eyes.
Let’s set this inn as base, I guess?
There’s a weird servant here, but it will be fine if I ignore that.
Alright, I secured an inn. Should I head to the guild now?
After carefully checking what kind of requests are posted on the board, it might be nice to search for a special magic tool shop that sells magic scrolls and take a walk through the back alleys.
Well, with a spirit of what will be, will be, that is.


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