Chapter 63.5 – It seems to be interlude 8

On that day I was at my wits’ end once again.
I was watching all the worlds, which are established in parallel on layers, just as usual.
By the way, if one tried to count those parallel worlds, they would see that there are about worlds in total.
Even if I say so myself, I did great to have created this many.
Or rather, to come up with so many variations, my brain is remarkable.
I wonder whether there’s no one who will give me an award for my outstanding excellence.
Given that I have repeatedly raised them and made worthless worlds disappear, the figures’ upper and lower limit is constantly changing, but generally it has settled on that number of worlds.
Apart from that.
What I’m concerned about this time is once again the former inhabitants of that star who crossed over to another world.
Good grief, it’s difficult to comprehend the thoughts of those who have important positions in a fantasy world.
Once it got too troublesome, they decided to summon a person from another world.
Their own world has circumstances which are becoming a problem they can’t resolve themselves, thus they decide to summon a person from another world to resolve them and they are even unable to understand that approach. I can’t understand why they summon only people from that star just to depend on them once again.
Especially the people from the Far East island country of that star are nothing but dangerous if summoned, although I don’t know why.
At the time they are in their former world, they don’t travel to many other regions or they are living creatures at the level of not paying attention even if there are many different regions, but for some reason they start to get very lively once they crossed over to another world.
Their trait is being able to calmly do actions like joyfully blowing off the heads of their fellow humans and monsters although their lives in their former world were similar to keeping others at distance by controlling their tempers.
Characters, that originally are unable to earn a single Yen, have a tendency to swiftly become very rich or talented.
They are an absolutely baffling existence.
The one I discovered this time was originally a brat… er, a young boy with a meek and obedient character, but due to him eventually experiencing dying several times until I found him, he apparently progressed in a somewhat strange direction and shook off his limits. If they looked like enemies, he will kill them. If they are enemy-like, he will kill them. Even if they aren’t the enemy, he will kill them. It was after he became utterly dangerous like that.
But that’s still fine.
If it’s at that level, it will merely result in him being a person with mental issues.
Problem is the type of ability which bloomed after he shook off that limit.
Combining the different world’s technical skill called alchemy with the knowledge he kept from his former world, he became the strongest… not. That ability, which blossomed, became a technical skill called 「Composite Alchemy」, but that’s a big problem.
In a nutshell, this ability is a technical skill that allows its user to alchemize almost all materials he knows.
Incidentally, because he was a human around the age of adulthood on the island country of that star, he is strangely well-informed in the type of knowledge that he definitely won’t use during his remaining life at all.
In other words, if one were to speak of what is happening…

“Ah, Master-sama. A city was blown away again.”

“That’s the 100 volley firing of a 80 cm Railway gun for you.”

“A dragon or such has noisily fallen to the ground.”

“Patriot missiles are excellent after all.”

“The simultaneous charge of ten thousands cavalry, that’s a magnificent view.”

“That’s unless the opponent hasn’t 100 smart tanks. By the way, the war heads use depleted uranium.”

“Isn’t full plate mail unable to defend against something like small arms at least?”

“Aren’t they using M2 heavy machine guns for that reason? If the enemy is strafed by those, it won’t be possible to make a distinction between people and garbage.”

“Ah, this time a castle somewhere was blown away, but wasn’t that the castle of the demon king?”

“That’s right. What hit them was a MGM -21A Pershing I.”

“That’s absurd. Isn’t it unusual for there to be a situation where humans and demons cooperate to oppose the hero?” (Giliel)

“Since you understand what’s unusual about it, shut your mouth…”

Once I say that with a fed-up tone, Giliel, who stared at the window, which portrayed that world, with sparkling eyes for some reason, becomes silent with an unhappy expression.
She apparently learned the reality that she doesn’t know what will happen if she isn’t silent.
At any rate, this is terrible. I return my eyes to the window.
The figures of knights, who are scattered while being blown away by the blasts of high-explosive projectiles, are projected there.
At another place horses and people get reduced into small pieces together after receiving the hit of a tank’s main battery directly from the front. The human bodies, which were strafed by a heavy machine gun, transformed into a state that can’t be described as anything else but a beehive.
Once weapons are brought into a fantasy world, it becomes hopeless.
Since those are weapons, which the inhabitants over there are unable to understand in the first place, they don’t have any idea of defending or avoiding those. Moreover, those are mostly weapons which have the force to break through their defences even if they try to defend.

“This world is already no good. It’s at the level of whether the world will be destroyed today or tomorrow.”

“An erasure process? How wasteful.” (Giliel)

Although Giliel says that looking terribly regretful, there’s no other way.
I open the menu at the top of the window, which showed the state of that world, start the process of deleting that world and close the window.
If I left the window open as is, I would probably be able to observe the detailed destruction of the world without leaving any trace behind after numerous natural disasters struck it. I don’t feel overly keen on watching that.
Once I have decided on erasure, the influence, which is given to that world, loses its structure and will be ignored from then on.
Since I’m the supervisor of that world, I take all of its authorities away and send the manager himself to another world after demoting them.
Because they made a failure similar to destroying a world, they will have to strive at the lowest social strata as one of the angels for a while.
I, who indifferently finished those processes, am called out by Giliel who apparently estimated the end of the processes.

“Master-sama, I have a little something to report.” (Giliel)

“What? I will tell you for the time being, but I’m currently very ill-humoured.”

If there’s one world that ended up collapsing, it’s naturally indispensable to prepare a new world instead.
Since I have several patterns for the creation itself, one of those will be ready once I tamper a bit with the selection of the included components, but that doesn’t overturn the fact that my work has increased.
Giliel, who hears the word ill-humoured, seemed to gradually get hesitant whether she should report, however seeing that she started to talk about having a report, she didn’t have the choice to leave me by pretending to not know this late in the game either. She opened her mouth uneasily.

“Umm, it’s talk about the world I’ve been send to in order to be in charge of Renya-san.” (Giliel)

“Ah, that place, eh?”

“It looks like the jindori game has restarted after all. This time it’s led by the manager who’s responsible for the demons.” (Giliel)

Since it was a situation I expected to some extent, my reaction was limited to a light clicking of my tongue.
Was my reaction unexpectedly smaller than she thought it would be? Giliel looks my way with a blank expression.

“It’s because I expected it to happen. But, isn’t it a bit too early? There should be time for him to take action after sensing unsettling developments.”

“Apparently there’s a reason for that…” (Giliel)

Giliel appears to somehow have difficulty to speak about it.
Since it will result in her reporting it in the end anyway, I will be grateful if she hurries up confessing since it’s unnecessary to strangely build up the tension. While thinking therefore, come on, I wait for Giliel to open her mouth.

“For the sake of alleviating the lack of resources of that world, we sent Renya-san while carrying some of those resources, but…” (Giliel)

“That’s true. We have to thank Renya for that.”

If Renya didn’t agree at that time, it would have been a place about to disappear if we didn’t conduct a selection of a soul that is compatible to the conditions by slowly checking several billion souls again.
Due to the implication that this task was reduced, it’s indispensable to accordingly thank him for that, I believe.

“Thanks to those resources, the world had been revitalized to some extent.” (Giliel)

“Uh-huh, so?”

“Thanks to the revitalization of the world… it seems a demon king was born among the demons…” (Giliel)


There isn’t anything like being born with the lineage of demon king in that world.
A demon, who has considerable power, breaks one day suddenly through the limit and wakes up as demon king.
It’s expressed as “He was born”, but at the time when the world was weakening due to the lack of resources, the demons were affected by that effect as well. An overly powerful demon wouldn’t come forth or, even if they came forth, they would be limited to a suitable level. That situation continued.
Thanks to Renya going into that world while carrying resources with him, that world was able to head in the direction of revitalization albeit only slightly.
It seems that this revitalization share ended up producing the leeway for a demon king to be born.
In that case, it’s that manager.
Since he was able to obtain a strong game piece, it wasn’t difficult to imagine for him to once again restart the jindori game similar to a neighbourhood’s brat saying “Let’s play”… er, to please the other children.

“Those stupid brats…”

“Master-sama!? Don’t do anything rash!” (Giliel)

Due to Giliel’s flustered voice, I regain my cool I had started to lose.
Dangerous, dangerous, if I got a bit more angry, I would have used my authority against that world.
Of course it would have become an extinct place without anything remaining, even without traces of the bodies of the 5 stupid brats… no, managers.
That would have become another plain destruction.
If I ended up doing such things, it won’t make any sense to expressly send a human to a different world and to bow my head to him.
In the first place, I have absolutely no worries concerning the person called Renya.
This Giliel, who is trembling slightly in front of me, will probably salvage that Renya person from that world at full speed, if she was worried over me really doing it.
I have given her at least this much ability and power.
It’s absolutely necessary to prepare the plan to send him for his remaining life to another world after earnestly apologizing to Renya who came here after his death.
The problem is that katana, which Renya possesses, though.
If you only go by the words “Katana which boasts of possessing the 10th grade and is indestructible” then that’s all there is to it, but in reality that has become an item which is named as weapon from the age of gods.
Although it’s by the way, but the quality of grades in that world is split into 10 levels, from 1st grade, which are inferior goods, up to the 10th grade which are goods not from that world.
The katana, which was secretly taken from Renya’s grave, was 7th grade which can be somehow said to be made by a craftsman at the level to be called a divine artisan, but its status was elevated to 10th grade once the indestructible attribute was added to it.
That’s because goods, which possess the indestructible attribute, don’t exist in that world. Items, which have that attribute, are marked as 10th grade in that world, without exception.
In other words, it’s not something that should be possessed by people. It’s a weapon created to be wielded by beings like us.
If you ask what I want to say with that; that means that katana is a weapon which can cause damage to beings like Giliel and the managers of that world, and that includes even me.
To cut a long story short, I, who had my head hit with a flying kick at full power when I was talking about what I’d like him to do in the different world, would undoubtedly hacked into pieces by that katana if said something like “Sorry, do your best living in another world since I ended up destroying that world.”
I’m not able to give a clear answer to the question whether I would be able to keep my existence in that case.
I have peeked at Renya’s battle scenes several times, but I can’t say anything but “that’s the result of specialized techniques to thoroughly kill someone.”

“And there’s additional information.” (Giliel)

“What? There’s still more?”

“Won’t that result in capture of Renya by the human and elven managers?” (Giliel)

“Well… It’s not like I don’t understand that feeling.”

They are not the types to neglect an individual, who possesses that much of combat prowess, usually.
Moreover, the fate of the humans and elves is linked to Renya to some extent.
If the manager of the demons obtained the piece called demon lord, you could say that it’s a natural flow for him to become an absolutely desired game piece.
Of course the humans and elves shouldn’t have yet obtained the information about the birth of the demon king, but with the matter of the demons’ movements increasing, they should understand it right away.
Thinking up to here, I’m suddenly reminded of a fact.
As the fact, I ended up remembering, increases my workload drastically, I firmly restrain my reflexive feeling of being at my wits’ end and tried asking Giliel, who is looking my way with a worried face.

“If we go with that flow… there will be one worrisome factor.”

“I don’t know whether Master-sama’s worries will come true. … The human’s side feels inclined to the act of summoning a hero.” (Giliel)

I wasn’t able to suppress my trembling voice due to the remark of Giliel which is foreseeing my concern.


“Scrawny*?” (Giliel) (T/N: A word game on the katakana used by the little girl above)

She tilts her head to the side, probably to look lovely? Kicking Giliel who spouts retarded words from her mouth, I shouted,

“It’s something else, idiot! Don’t increase my workload any more!”

It’s unthinkable for my shout to reach anyone.
Even if 100 agreed to to such matter, I wasn’t able to do anything but to scream.
Since immemorial times the hero summoning has been revered as the ultimate salvation.
If another unpredictable component is added to that world managed by those unpredictable managers, my workload will increase without a doubt.

“I have had enough already! Someone change with me!”

“It’s not like there’s a being who can replace you, is there?” (Giliel)

I mercilessly sank my fist into the face of Giliel who says that in an awfully calm voice.


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