Chapter 53 – Records of settling the case of attempted assassination on Baron Baumeister

“Is that so… ? Kurt has…” (Artur)
It was Kurt who plotted to get rid of us with a magic tool called Flute of Grudges after getting instigated by Baron Rückner, but at the last moment we prevented his scheme.
I’m told the effect of the original Flute of Grudges shouldn’t be able to do something like creating an undead giant consisting of this excessively large amount of grudges.
Given that one will end up dying, if they touched the highly concentrated black smoke, it’s at the most around twice the size of humans.
Moreover, its power will drop once it kills its targeted opponent.
In the first place, grudges, no matter how highly concentrated, won’t be able to sustain such materialization for a long time either.
As doushi said before, it’s something that 『will evaporate like water once some time has passed』.
Therefore, Kurt’s resentment was indeed quite profound. It was a situation of us being attacked by grudges gathered from the Savage Land’s underground disregarding the consumption.
『He should have used that tenacity more towards other matters!』 (Armstrong)
After the battle everyone consented to doushi’s leaked impression as it is something you can only nod your head to.
『Naturally I want Baron Baumeister to come as well, but this situation is a case of attempted assassination against an appointed Baron of the kingdom as well as a precious magician! First, it would be better if I conveyed this story to your father.』 (Armstrong)
Even if he appears to usually be like “that”, doushi still had the position of being the Royal Head Magician after all.
Me, who was worrying how I should report the incident to father, was thrown a lifeline to help out.
Also, I wanted doushi, who certainly was the one with the highest peerage amongst those aimed at by Kurt, to report it, but you could also say that it was the most logical approach to do so.
『I must have the capital contacted by master afterwards.』 (Burkhart)
Next Burkhart-san’s opinion was that it was better to send a magical communication to the capital through Margrave Breithilde.
Although it didn’t have considerable size, the remaining residue of the grudges escaped into the direction of the capital. It also won’t be any good if this incident isn’t taken care of secretly.
It would likely be best to contact the influential people in the government as fast as possible.
I approved of his opinion right away, too.
『Ummm, Finance Minister Rückner as well?』
『Stop it.』
I think there’s no way, but those brothers might only pretend being on bad terms and are in fact connected behind the scenes.
Reporting the situation to him would have the same meaning as if consigning the whole affair to the oblivion of darkness.
It would be better to move carefully here, seeing that it was Baron Rückner who instigated Kurt.
『I will ask master to send it to His Majesty and Minister Edgar in the name of doushi and to Cardinal Hohenheim in the name of Elise-jou-chan.』 (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san has been borrowing the magic tool for sending messages from Margrave Breithilde.
Thanks to that, it saved me the trouble of transferring to Breitburg by teleportation in the middle of this mana shortage.
Even I was close to the limits of my mana already today.
『Besides, it’s because that person is a civil official in the financial affairs faction after all.』
『Indeed, in case such younger brother was my elder brother, I would go to Minister Edgar.』 (Armstrong)
『To get rid of him or such?』 (Wendelin)
『I would use the pretense of an accident or death by disease, but he wouldn’t be in this world anymore!』 (Armstrong)
While showing an action of cutting someone’s throat with his fingers, doushi answers my question.
After all doushi is from a prestigious noble household.
His statement makes it clear that he won’t shy away from assassination either, if there’s a need for it.
『If it’s only at the level of a slightly nasty noble, I won’t do such thing! That person is a man who ruins 30 profits of other people for the sake of gaining 10 profits himself!』 (Armstrong)
With the deep resentment of Kurt, who wasn’t able to see through the façade of people, and with the Flute of Grudges considered to be obtained from the black market by Baron Rückner.
Judging by the views of doushi and Burkhart-san, who were close to death due to the combination of these two people, they are likely reluctant to message Finance Minister Rückner due to their feelings.
『Convey the message to my elder brother as well! My elder brother is close to Minister Edgar.』 (Armstrong)
Both of them have grim expressions to the degree of even yakuza running away at their appearance. (T/N: In case you don’t know, yakuza is the Japanese mafia)
Together they are part of the military faction. They will likely get along since I think they are the same type as well.
『Anyway, first we will report to Sir Baumeister!』 (Armstrong)
After such discussion we transferred to the main family’s mansion of the Baumeister household with a very small amount of mana. We went to meet father right away.
The group consisted of five, me, Burkhart-san, doushi, Paul-nii-san and Elise.
On father’s side there are Klaus, Hermann-nii-san and people from father’s side participating.
Having narrowed down the numbers, the situation is such that we had Erw’s group guarding the surrounding just in case of some trouble occurring.
I don’t think it will happen, but it’s also because it will troublesome if the information spread to the outside by eavesdropping.
At first doushi tells about the attack of Kurt and the four below him during the Savage Lands inspection and them having the tables turned on them.
In short, it’s about Kurt’s group of five not being in this world anymore, an explanation of the magic tool used for the assassination and stuff like where Kurt likely obtained it. He explained for around 30 minutes.
Without saying anything, father was only listening with a meek expression.
“That idiot has…”
Although it was unknown what kind of plan Kurt had after killing me since the person himself died, he clearly picked the worst possible choice.
For father it also was a crisis of discontinuing an honorable household.
Also it can be considered to be something that will force father to retire.
Kurt was the official successor at the current point in time after all.
“With the retirement close at hand, it will finish by dismissing a senile old fool?”
“The kingdom’s side doesn’t wish to go that far!” (Armstrong)
Father listened to his own treatment from doushi, who has the highest peerage and status in this place.
If you considered it normally, this matter contained plenty right even as capital crime implicating the confiscation of the peerage and territory.
By the kingdom’s laws it is stated that the family of the criminal won’t be charged.
Therefore father shouldn’t be concerned of being judged for Kurt’s crime, but it was because this incident became as large-scale as this and the kingdom would suspect his complicity right away.
For father it’s likely the worst case with it not ending with only one head rolling.
“The principal offender is Kurt, his accomplices are his four followers. Only these five will be treated as criminals within the Baumeister territory.” (Armstrong)
Doushi was told in advance the opinion of His Majesty in case it turned into such situation after all.
He answered the questions from father smoothly.
“(Besides, it’s because the disposal of a rampaging Kurt was a fixed game.)”
It was also a fact that it was a secret decision of the important people in the government to dispose of Kurt under the pretense of him running wild.
Even if the manner of him going on a rampage was largely unforeseen, it doesn’t make sense to cover the crime by getting others involved overly much.
Moreover it would likely cause a large amount of feelings of guilt.
With father retiring as previously discussed, the Baumeister territory and the Knight peerage will go to Hermann-nii-san.
As for the territory, a majority of the Savage Lands will be allocated to me by a compulsory order of the kingdom. A majority of the territory will be seized using the ostensible reason of the successor having cause an incident of this degree. They are also told that the Baumeister household’s reign would alternate between the main family and the branch family.
This was something done for the sake of being acknowledged by the surroundings as official punishment to the bitter end.
“Is that so… ? That fool even compared the royal palace to a countryside noble. At those times I should have opposed him, he didn’t discard his strange pride…”
Although he viewed it to be dangerous, this went on in the Baumeister territory even when I left this place.
Even Margrave Breithilde has feelings of guilt due to the foolish move of the previous family head.
Since this remote place is excessively suffering from the costs for maintenance and control against disorder, a little amount of arrogance was ignored.
But, my homecoming has completely changed the situation.
Not realizing that, Kurt, acting the same way as before, ruined himself.
I was not able to tell whether it was the nature of father’s education either, as at the time I was born Kurt had already passed the age of 20 long ago.
Even if parents tell this and that to their children growing up, the children might consider that to be ridiculous.
“Leaving room for the territory to be potentially developed, the plan is to advance the reclamation with the help of Baron Baumeister! It’s not the same as that special ward of reclamation! It’s also impossible to become a rising nobility right away due to the impact of the incident! It’s a plan to be realized in 10 years and beyond, but with Hermann-dono as Associate Baron, the successor at that time will become a Baron. Even His Majesty said that this much would be proper!” (Armstrong)
Also, it was likewise planned to allocate a part of territory from the Savage Lands to Paul-nii-san.
It has been scheduled to advance the development as Associate Baron territory from the beginning.
The reason for Paul-nii-san’s rising peerage was his large contribution in preventing the assassination plot of Kurt.
“I was only hidden behind the magic barrier of Burkhart-san though.” (Paul)
“In that situation you not dying is already an achievement! Since Paul-dono will develop an Associate Baron territory from the scratch, there will be various hardships!” (Armstrong) (T/N: How nasty of the government. He has to slave away in developing wilderness while giving up his post as guard in the capital. All so the kingdom can place a protective/binding layer around Wendelin)
“Nevertheless, a new territory and household will be left. I guess it’s the hardships of creating something new.”
In the end it has been decided to bestow the majority of the Savage Lands to me.
However, since there’s completely zero population at the place of development, I was expecting quite the difficulty in reclamation.   
Because I fortunately have funds, I completely trust in Margrave Breithilde and Minister Rückner arranging various things and I will leave the management as governor to Roderich.
I will receive the necessary training as feudal lord little by little until I retire as adventurer. I planned to return to the territory, where development had advanced to a certain extent, at around half through my thirties.
“Although it’s Baron Baumeister, there are plans for it to also become a rising nobility as Earl!” (Armstrong)
“A rising nobility by two ranks?”
“There’s no problems as Baron Baumeister will be accumulating achievements!” (Armstrong)
My estimation is high with things like discovering the aforementioned underground ruins, crushing an unwanted duke household in a duel and purifying the flawed properties in the capital.
Rather, it seems to be at least strange for me not being a rising nobility until now.
“You can also say we waited for this opportunity!” (Armstrong)
The discussion with father ended with this.

I have the feeling that it has been settled quite easily as well, but even father likely doesn’t want to listen to the details of Kurt’s sheer madness at all.
Even us, since we have some feelings of guilt, have ended up not talking about this any longer either.
However, there was a single thing I wanted to verify.

“Were you satisfied, Klaus?” (Wendelin)

Has he realized his revenge for the death of his son and his daughter’s fiancé?
Or, has he taken action because he has genuinely felt an impeding crisis by Kurt becoming the next family head?
You could even say that Klaus was the single reason for Kurt going on a rampage due to being pressured by something.
But, after all he has only influenced him.
Besides, between Klaus and Kurt, Kurt’s standing was higher.
Even if a village headman of this territory whispered something into the ears of the next feudal lord, it can’t be seen as anything but advice and suggestions from outside.
Furthermore, even if he doesn’t follow it, the only meaning would have been that it is Kurt’s decision to not do so.
Because of that, Klaus shouldn’t be accused of a crime either.
There also isn’t any evidence to prove it and judge him.

“Let’s see. I think it’s different from satisfaction.” (Klaus)

I didn’t expect an honest reply, however unexpectedly Klaus answered my question normally.
And, with that he also confessed him being the cause of Kurt’s rampage.

“However, I’m asking you to not misunderstand. I simply and only believed that Kurt-sama would be no good as next family head. Therefore I wanted some of the other sons to succeed. That’s all there is to it.” (Klaus)

If there was no contact from outside except the merchant group as it has been before, even Kurt might have been able to somehow rule an insular farm community with a population of around 800 residents.
But, reality is that there is contact from outside and also the development of the Savage Lands has begun.
Although it’s still only me developing the Savage Lands, one can see the intentions of the kingdom seeping through from behind.
If we are able to interact and trade with the adjoining territories, the feudal lord will have work like holding various negotiations and such.
Would Kurt really have been able to do that?
Klaus didn’t feel anything but anxiety even though he respected Kurt as next feudal lord.

“That gentleman has been like that from way back. Since there are his precious, excellent younger brother-sama’s for advancing the territory, it would have been fine if he had made them vassals, established branch families and ordered the development.” (Klaus)

However, Kurt was basically a coward.
Unable to take me into his service, he fell into the suspicions whether the real power of the territorial reign will be stolen by his retainer and younger brother, who is more excellent than him.

“For all that he had no concrete plans either. 『Developing the Savage Lands taking who-knows-how-many generations, the Baumeister household will at least become an Earl household』. Well, if it was about a small territory, even that might have been fine, but…” (Klaus)

Secluding himself in the territory and saving up money.
Such lord’s of small territories aren’t unusual in the provinces.
Even the fief’s population won’t actually feel anything about that since they didn’t see someone like the king-sama in the royal capital, who is the most important person. They will follow their feudal lord, who is near them, thinking that he’s the most important person.
In a certain sense it could even be said that it’s the same for the leaders of small countries.

“Therefore, well, that’s how it is.” (Klaus)

He didn’t go into details, but likely he advised Kurt as village headman at the beginning.
『If you use your other brothers skilfully…』.
However, Kurt didn’t accept that at face value.
On the contrary, won’t I be driven out, if Klaus conspires with my younger brothers? (T/N: Wendelin is spouting some hypothetical nonsense no one cares about, but well, just so you know, that this is him simulating what Kurt might have thought)
Klaus, who was disgusted by that, reached the point of secretly requesting Erich-nii-san and me to become the next feudal lord.
His inclination was that it would lead to development within the territory, if we aimed at becoming the next feudal lord.
Also he had that in mind that Kurt might feel danger approaching and push for development, if the rumours reached his ears.
However, the outcome became the opposite.
Father, seeing Kurt hating us, ended up driving out the other brothers in order to protect the system of inheriting peerage and territory.
Of course father might not have trusted Klaus, who whispered such things to him.
Without picking the choice of cutting him off since he was too excellent as village headman, a strange feeling of distance spread between the two, who also have a tie from the past.

“(However, as result of that it also became…)” (Wendelin)

For Klaus the decline in the future of the Baumeister territory was also some kind of vengeance.
Although he wants to expand the Baumeister territory as village headman.
You can also say that he has reached his objective, as someone aiming at the revenge for his son, in the case of father and Kurt declining.
Klaus told us before that he was an existence below a pack-mule when he spoke about himself.
His position as excellent village headman and his position as parent, who spitefully plots the revenge for his son.
These two were in complete contradiction. The actions for the sake of both objectives were mismatched.
I believed this to be the true identity of the person called Klaus.
To the bitter end, I didn’t know whether this might completely be my own imagination though.

“Klaus, you bastard, it’s still about the incident at that time…” (Artur)

“Still? I remember it as if it has been just yesterday.” (Klaus)

Father and Klaus stared at each other almost expressionlessly.
However, from the viewpoint of other people the visible scene was as if they would be fighting any moment now.

“Father.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin, did you hear the story from Klaus?” (Artur)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

Father, who treated me until now as Baron Baumeister, suddenly asks me a question as parent.

“I see. So, what do you think?” (Artur)

“I don’t know. Even if there’s only one truth, the way to look at it is different depending on the direction and the onlookers. That’s how it is, don’t you agree?” (Wendelin)

“That’s right. Klaus, do you really want to know the truth?” (Artur)

“Though I believe this to be obvious as parent, Artur-sama.” (Klaus)

Tension is drifting between the two.
It’s because father suddenly says that he will tell Klaus the truth about the deadly incident of his son’s group.

“Artur-sama, do you have any proof that you are saying the truth?” (Klaus)

“There’s no such thing. I plan to tell you the truth, but I won’t take any responsibility about how you will decide.” (Artur)

“Is that so? Please go ahead…” (Klaus)

Why did father hide the truth of the incident?
Was it for the sake of obtaining Leila, who was at that time famous as beauty, as mistress?
Did he want to plant his own blood in the family of the village headman of the main village in order to strengthen the governing system of the territory?
Either way, it won’t be an overly nice story.
As I was thinking such things, father unexpectedly started to talk.

“Klaus, you are an excellent man. Far more excellent than someone like me. If you were born into the Baumeister household, you might have expanded this territory a bit more.” (Artur)

“That is…” (Klaus)

Father says that there’s a reason he cannot trust Klaus.
It came from the fear of having the power of the territorial reign stolen by Klaus, who is far more excellent than himself.
A village headman can steal the power of territorial reign from a noble.
It was the combination of what is called hastening the subjects to become traitorous by tyranny and a stupid feudal lord. But even though that was impossible for large noble households, it was not impossible for a village headman to steal the power within a territory, if it’s at the level of a Knight peerage.
Apparently that was also the reason why he took Leila as mistress, to avoid such situation.

“However, even so, you are this person’s parent. The relationship of your son, Gordon, and Hein, who was Leila’s fiancé, didn’t you know that this relationship deteriorated as far as being beyond repair? Those two kept up being fellow close childhood friends on the surface, but in reality they were on the verge of killing each other. Klaus, someone of your caliber really didn’t realize that?” (Artur)

Klaus remained silent as is due to father’s question.
Perhaps there were various parts he suddenly understood.
Or rather, it actually wasn’t only me hearing about this matter for the first time but it was so for Hermann-nii-san and Paul-nii-san, too.

“Also, Klaus, your sons, who were scheduled to become brothers-in-law albeit out of obligation, hated each other to the degree of wanting to kill each other. For me it’s the same, Kurt rampaged and died. Certainly, to become fellow companions sharing the same pain with this incident is…” (Artur)

“No, Gordon and Hein would have made up again in due time…” (Klaus)

“No! There wasn’t anything like such dreamlike future. Besides, both of them have already died!” (Artur)

“Umm… father?” (Wendelin)

Due to my query, father begins to talk about the truth of the incident.
If you summarize it briefly, the eldest son of a wealthy farmer, Hein, and Klaus’ son Gordon, whose houses were next to each other back in the old days, were on good terms as if being completely real brothers.
Klaus expected Hein to sufficiently assist Gordon, who would become the next village headman, and designated him as Leila-san’s fiancé.
However, that was the beginning of the tragedy.

“Hein was greedy. Is it possible to aim for the position as next village headman as Leila’s husband?”

Naturally Gordon, sensitive to the change of his childhood friend’s mental state, noticed it.
At first he apparently tried to suppress his aspirations soothing them successfully, but being gradually aware that Hein might come aiming for his life, it slowly reached the point of a confrontation.
However, they couldn’t afford for the surroundings to perceive that.
That was because it would become a disgrace for the village headman, Klaus.
Both of them, while keeping up their relation in the same manner as before on the surface, their fierce hatred towards each other became stronger in their hearts.

“Umm, as a matter of fact…”

“Even Leila didn’t notice it. It was only by coincidence that I came to know of it as well.” (Artur)

It was accidentally, but he ended up hearing both of them violently quarrelling within the forest.
At first he thought it was an occasional fight, which happens no matter how close you are.
But gradually he realized that the details of the violent quarrel weren’t at the level of a normal fight.

“I wonder whether Klaus vaguely noticed the truth or not. Can someone like me usually notice it? Do you want to know about the day of the incident? It was something no one would have been able to expect.” (Artur)

Father, who invited the two to hunt with him, aimed to repair their relationship in his own way.
The young folks of the main village, who came to harvest rock tripes, truly coincidentally arrived at the cliff on that day.
Moreover, they weren’t at the actual scene at the moment of that incident.
Immediately after both of them died slipping down, they did no more but come running due to father’s yell.
At the end, the truth of the incident is…

“Even I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. With us three being chased by a large wild boar, they escaped from it towards the abyss of that cliff. Hein told me 『Gordon and me will let it drop after successfully cornering it at the cliff with the two of us. Lord, please stay on standby since it will be dangerous』 and the two headed towards the abyss of the cliff.” (Artur)

Hein likely decided to pretend it to be an accident and kill Gordon as it was a good opportunity.
However, due to Gordon’s strong resistance there, both of them ended up falling from the cliff by accident.
Once you look at the result, there hasn’t been anything like an excessively complex situation and scheme. You can even say that it was because of their simple, mutual hatred, but there’s somewhat also a part I can’t be fully satisfied with.
All of the others seemed to be the same, but people, who are not involved, might be able to understand it as some kind of terrible conspiracy by father behind the scenes.

“The truth might be unexpectedly simple.”

“Why did you hide the truth, father? Even going as far as imposing a gag order.” (Wendelin)

“Because it was unlikely that people would understand it.” (Artur)

The son and heir of the main village’s headman and his younger sister’s fiancé mutually died by falling off the cliff resulting in killing each other.
Certainly, it was a story one would hesitate to announce officially as truth too loudly.

“As for Leila’s case, you should be able to understand, if you are close to Erich. The village headmen of the other villages had begun to maneuver towards pushing their own sons as husbands of Leila.” (Artur)

Even the two, who were brought up as good friends with their houses being next to each other, went as far as killing each other because of the position of village headman.
Something like a husband from the other villages likely would have only instigated the conflict of defeating another village with the main village and the opposition of Klaus.
For this reason he took Leila-san as mistress even disguising it with the infamy of being lewd.
If the next village headman were to be from his own children, the situation of the main village would stabilize for a while.

“It’s Wendelin’s group’s and Klaus’ freedom to believe me or not. Besides, I’m retiring anyway.” (Artur)

It was a slightly quick retirement for a countryside feudal lord, but one can also say that it can’t be helped because this many scandals happened.

“Hermann, if you begin the full-scale development of the Savage Lands, the negotiations with the outside will increase. Don’t make such blunders like Kurt.” (Artur)

“Understood.” (Hermann)

The truth of the incident in the past is probably as father has told.
Klaus vaguely realized that as well, but he didn’t want to believe it because he’s the person’s parent after all.
Also, irresponsible outsiders will be delighted by the flashy type of truth.
It would also become the source of ridiculous conspiracy theories and such on the streets.

“Now then, I want the permission to call Johanna and Amelie here.” (Artur)

That was because he had the duty to tell mother and Amelie-sister-in-law-san about Kurt’s case.
After a few minutes, it is me this time, who explains the circumstances in front of the two, who were called.
The two of them, without being dismayed or crying, listened to my speech with an expression, that felt detached.
They probably had resolved themselves to a certain degree.

“Is that so…? A noble from outside has…” (Johanna)

Mother, receiving a shock due to the fact of her own children, to whom she gave birth, killing each other, felt a furious wrath towards Baron Rückner, who had created one of the reasons for it.
Although it might be too late now, but if he didn’t bring in something like the Flute of Grudges, there wouldn’t have been the necessity or such to kill Kurt.
Even if it is an exception, I decided to send the person himself to the church.

“Wendelin, that noble will likely be punished, right?” (Johanna)

“I can’t tell at all…” (Wendelin)

I have already transmitted a report, but if I were to say, the noble lot of the central government were also residents of a den of thieves.
I couldn’t deny the possibility of him escaping his crime by making use of some trick.

“Although Kurt’s crime itself is heavy… Understood, I will also retire, together with my husband-sama.” (Johanna)

I think there were complaints mother wanted to mention towards me as well, but she swallowed those down and didn’t say anything else anymore.
Honestly speaking, there are things, where it also feels quite good to be on the side of receiving blame.
And there was Amelie-sister-in-law-san, but…

“I had prepared myself for it.” (Amelie)

Even on Amelie-sister-in-law-san’s side, her attitude was resolved.
I had readied myself to at least be cursed at though.

“Recently in this place, he only leaked complaints towards Wendelin-sama. The children and me didn’t approach him due to fear.” (Amelie)

Although he was a gentle husband in the old days, he gradually became arrogant with the slow transfer of power to rule by father.
At the end, as I became active within the territory, he apparently reached the point of saying that I came as enemy to steal the territory.

“Those were details he didn’t leak publicly at all. Even his children were afraid of him.” (Amelie)

At last he wanted an as large as possible tax on me.
And once I obtained the money, I will do a large-scale development of the Savage Lands, he abruptly blurted out something like a partial delusion.

“I thought I couldn’t understand him at all. He also didn’t go to father-in-law, because he said…” (Amelie)

“Although it would have been fine, even if he wanted to speak with me. Even I felt like that.” (Artur)

To the bitter end, those weren’t official statements by the next feudal lord, but remarks close to off-record said in the room of the couple, I think. Amelie-sister-in-law-san didn’t want to reveal those.
However his efforts ended up being completely in vain.

“Putting myself aside, I only request of you to see to the future of the children…” (Amelie)

“I consider this to be the priority.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin, I ask the same of you as well.” (Johanna)

I have been even asked by mother to see to Amelie-sister-in-law-san’s and her children’s treatment.
Since both of them experienced the hardships of marrying into the remote Baumeister territory from outside, they had a very good relationship.

“It will take a few days. There should be some message coming from the kingdom. Until then, I don’t mind you living your life as usual. However, please don’t leave to somewhere else.” (Wendelin)

Given that they are family members of Kurt, who had caused an attempted assassination scandal, there was a danger of unwanted troubles to spring forth.
Also, as for the families of the four accomplices, it was decided that they would leave the main village, albeit it was pitiable.
Will they immigrate to my recently developed Savage Lands? Or, will they immigrate to Paul-nii-san’s new territory?
Since it such rural area, they will be strongly oppressed for being the bereaved families of criminals, if they don’t do such a thing.
You could also say it was an inevitable measure.

“Well then, how will the kingdom’s side judge?” (Burkhart)

Eventually Burkhart-san summed it up with these words.
It was a large-scale criminal act, but there’s no necessity for something like arrest because all offenders died.
We, who finished talking with father, also returned to our usual life right away.
As expected, we took a day off the next day.
Even Elise, who is officially working as substitute priestess, was at the level of taking a day off.

“It reached the point that I was clad in Holy magic, but it’s necessary to practice for a while! It’s fine to leave healing magic to me!” (Armstrong)

Instead of Elise, who’s taking a day off, doushi volunteered to act as substitute priest for some reason.
The priest garb, borrowed from Priest Meister, would be soon filled with muscles, but there’s likely no problem since it’s alright, if he only applies healing magic.
Heading towards the church believing they can receive healing from Elise, the fief’s population, who witnessed doushi there, was only praying for their happiness in the next world.
After the one day off came to an end, I usually alternated daily between jobs as adventurer and the development of the territory.
Moreover, compared to the soil preparation and organizing of the special development ward, I’m finishing work like public works loosely.
Also, even if new immigrants come, I’m prepared for them to carry out farm work as quickly as possible.
As adventurer, I concentrated on hunting and gathering by entering the Demon Forest.

“The experimenting on foodstuffs and hunting and gathering necessary for that are currently my biggest happiness. Although I’m a noble, I’ve come to terribly hate nobles.” (Wendelin)

While being cautious of the vicinity with magic, I wholeheartedly gathered cacao fruits taking care to not overdo it with the taking at the growth spot of the cacao.
However, that concern was pointless. Even if you harvest a fruit temporarily, it will be just as before once again after 3 days. In a certain sense it was also scary.

“From a standpoint like mine, everyone is frantically saying 『I want to become a noble』 though. But even if they become one, there are also people like Wend’s elder brother.” (Erwin)

“It’s because people are always looking upwards, you know…” (Luise)

“In the end, I didn’t understand what that person was aiming for.” (Ina)

“No problem. Even I didn’t quite get it.” (Erwin)

The three, Erw, Luise and Ina, were gathering cacao fruits while continuing to chat about stuff like the matter with Kurt.

“Wend-sama, is this actually delicious?” (Wilma)

“If you process them, they will turn into a first-class delicacy.” (Wendelin)

“I will do my best to collect them.” (Wilma)

Wilma also used all her strength to collect cacao.
I intended to experiment on hot cocoa (the drink) and chocolate afterwards, but I have decided to postpone it for now because there are many troubles in the processing.
Currently, in order to be able to do this in my leisure time, I decided to store a large quantity in my magic bag.
Gathering many other fruits as well, we are likewise defeating the monsters coming to attack us sometimes.
Once we returned to our mansion in the special development ward with teleportation after doing this task until evening, we were awaited by Burkhart-san, Elise and doushi.

“Boy, the situation became a bit terrible.” (Burkhart)

“Terrible?” (Wendelin)

“In the capital an incident of great slaughtering occurred.” (Burkhart) (T/N: They summoned Hifumi, huh?)

Apparently even Burkhart-san just now received a message through the communication magic tool from Margrave Breithilde.

“It looks like that remaining residue of grudges made a mess.” (Burkhart)

Arriving in merely 2 days as far as the capital, its foundation has grown because of new grudges over there.
That Baron Rückner and his family, around 10 nobles and their wives, retainers, servants, etc. were killed by zombies.
The number of victims was large because the nobles, belonging to his faction, were called to his mansion and held a party on that day.

“Looks like the number of victims is exceeding 50 people.”

“However, why did the grudges aim at Baron Rückner, whose face it didn’t even know?”

In addition, doushi has already collected the Flute of Grudges itself here, too.
Besides, the Flute of Grudges, being burned black thanks to doushi’s magic, has its effect cut since you can use it only once to begin with. Now it was nothing more but a simple, burned ocarina.

“Did it remember the smell?” (Elise)


Elise, who is well-informed about things like undead, explains her view.
As a matter of fact, all of the undead apparently have weaker eyesight than at the time they were human.
Instead their senses like hearing and smelling are enhanced.

“Also, they have things such as magic perception as well.” (Elise)

“What about dead animals?”

“If I had to say, the cause is the greedy appetite of zombies.” (Elise)

In other words, the grudges have been mixed with Kurt’s personality and awareness, but they have grown by greedily devouring other grudges in the capital.
It might have resentments against me next as it traveled for revenge sensing Baron Rückner’s smell.

“Was the origin of the smell the small amount attached to the Flute of Grudges?”

Immediately following the purchase at the black market, Baron Rückner probably touched the Flute of Grudges.
Given that he bought it with a large amount of money to begin with, he might have wanted to at least verify it.

“Such small amount of smell after having touched it for a short time…?”

I’m afraid of the strength of Kurt’s grudge.

“Naturally it is impossible to sense an ordinary person! With the magic tool given by Baron Rückner, he was killed and turned even into an undead. There’s no doubt that Kurt hated Baron Rückner.”

Since it failed to kill me and had to escape, it aimed at the next target.
You could even say that this wasn’t necessarily a bad move.

“But, really, if it’s that level of remaining residue, it usually vanishes unable to sustain itself for more than a day! It’s likely the accomplishment of that man’s tenacity.”

“Although you call it an accomplishment, isn’t it a major incident?”

They were only appointed nobles, but the total amount was 13 consisting of one Baron, 3 Associate Barons and 9 Knights, who had official positions.
Besides, with Baron Rückner’s wife, his heir with his daughter, the servants and maids being completely annihilated, it has headed into the worst possible conclusion of a family massacre.
With other nobles such as those, who were en-route to the party, and the people, who brought someone like their chief retainers, wives and children along, being involved, the capital is currently in a deep chaos.

“I hear that Finance Minister Rückner is at his wits’ end.”

Although there were unresolved problems with his younger brother, his family and all of his faction was eradicated.
In a normal case, he would even rejoice about it, but due to various, miscellaneous matters falling into his hands, he is drowning in weariness.

“Well, it’s beyond imagination, but…”

Although it was a dissident faction, 13 people, who had official positions in the financial department, vanished.
While it may be true that they were a separate dissident faction, that doesn’t mean that they had been skipping out on work or disobeyed Minister Rückner.
He is likely running about filling the gaps now.

“Also, he probably has to deal with many petitions.”

It is a tragic incident, but it’s also a chance for those, who have no official post.
『There are replacements among us!』 and such, even from those like major nobles there will be things like 『You can rely on my son』 and there’s also the possibility of them intruding his mansion and stating 『XXX is your relative, so leave it to them』 and such, doushi explained.

“In case of petitions from major nobles, those won’t be free of strings attached either. And if he doesn’t at least listen to their arguments earnestly, it will turn into troubles afterwards!” (Armstrong)

“Also, it’s about the inheritance, I guess?”

Baron Rückner’s heir, including his family, passed away.
For the circle of relatives it is a chance to succeed an appointed Baron household.
Naturally, the government office, which is handling the procedure of succession and managing the capital’s noble’s family register, should be rushed by a crowd of people.
Burkhart-san apparently noticed it.

“Besides, there’s also stuff like safekeeping the assets of the targeted noble households until the succession has been settled.”

There are cases, where people like relatives and thieves, proclaiming themselves as relatives, take away property from the mansion, during the mess of the family head dying.
The government office will dispatch an administrator and guards and protect property like the mansion until an heir has been decided upon.

“Usually, once the head of a noble household dies from things such as illness, it will likely turn into confusion for a while.”

And, if that has settled down to some degree, people, who criticize, will of course come out.

“I guess, Minister Rückner. And also us, I think?”

In Minister Rückner’s case it’s because of the outcome of something odd his younger brother did. He should get severely blamed by the bereaved families of the noble households, where the other dead family heads belonged to.
We should receive harsh criticism as well since Kurt was the source of the grudges.

“After criticizing you thoroughly, they will say 『Then, we will forgive you, if you hand over concessions of the Savage Lands』. But that’s also a noble’s method!” (Armstrong)

“Once again, how troublesome…” (Wendelin)

I have a feeling that those are like the methods of yakuza as well, but in fact there is already one more problem.
It was about the treatment of Amelie-sister-in-law-san and my nephews. I wanted my nephews to live in the capital until they become adults.
After turning into adults, they could obtain and succeed appointed Knight peerage, I planned, but that became impossible now.

“(Though I wonder whether it is possible with Amelie-sister-in-law-san discarding the Baumeister surname and call herself with her family’s surname Meinbach*…)” (Wendelin) (T/N: I think I made an error somewhere, it’s not Meibach but Meinbach (Romaji: mainbahha), will fix it in Glossary)

It was the worst that the remaining residue of Kurt’s grudge ended up killing Baron Rückner including his family, no matter how much complicity he had in the assassination.
Moreover, nobles from more than 10 households, who didn’t know about these circumstance, got involved as well.
No matter how much she changes her surname, it will likely be difficult for Amelie-sister-in-law-san and my nephews to live in the capital as their home.
It was clear that rumor would spread right away and harassment and slander would begin.

“Including the discussions about that part, if you don’t go to the capital, you won’t be able to hinder such talks, boy.” (Burkhart)

“Guess so…” (Wendelin)

However, there are circumstances here as well. It was three days after the incident when I transferred to the capital with teleportation magic.


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