Chapter 46 – Coming home after a long while

“Hey, teleport us, boy.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san, you’ve been made to accompany us once again.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t talk about it…” (Burkhart)

It is suspicious whether it is really in absolute secrecy, but all of us, 『Dragon Busters』, got such with a partly forced request from Margrave Breithilde.

The contents of the request: The previous Margrave Breithilde involved my home, Knight Baumeister household, and sacrificed a lot of people by foolishly leading an expedition to the Demon Forest, located at the south-eastern end of Lingaia.

The death toll for that thoughtless expedition was close to 2’000, but if left alone the 2’000 corpses, left behind in the Demon Forest, would end up turning undead after a few hundred years passed.

As for undeads, if a long time passes after they came forth, such things as regrets, sorrow and malice would amplify in proportion and they would become troublesome existences.

If they look at the great number flawed properties in the capital, anyone will be able to understand it.

As for the Lingaia continent, with beyond several hundreds kilometres of undeveloped land after the inhabited region of the Knight Baumeister household, that is in the furthest southeastern part, it should take at least several hundred years until people try to enter the Demon Forest once again.

If, during that time, the undead’s malice became worse completely like a festering venom, they would end up becoming very strong.

If the undead in the Demon Forest left, there would be countless victims amongst the adventurers. Naturally, if they were to investigate the historical reason for that, Margrave Breithilde household, being the cause of it all, should face unfavourable criticism.

『Will there even be a Margrave Breithilde household several hundred years later?』 There is no confidence if asked this, but since the Margrave Breithilde household apparently has a 200 year-long history, the possibility of them to continue to exist should be quite high.

For the sake of the descendants, who haven’t been born yet, we are to cleanse the undeads, who turned undead from the former expedition soldiers roaming about in the Demon forest, as they aren’t very strong yet.

For that reason it was decided that we would proceed towards the actual site.

From the point of receiving such private request of an upper noble, it is apparent that Margrave Breithilde is relying on us there.

Even the reward became a reasonably large amount of money since it was also including hush money.

“But, you know, is it fine with such a small number of people?” (Erwin)

“It will be alright.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san immediately addresses Erw’s doubts.

The reason for challenging such domain with its many monsters living there with a small adventurer group is as follows.

If too many people intrude there, it will trigger a large crowd of monsters to appear in response.

It was one verified point from the failure of the former expeditionary force.

Although there are other points as well, I have decided to not talk about the for now.

“If you invade with few people, the other side won’t encounter you with more than a suitable number either.” (Burkhart)

“That is, I know we have already experienced a subjugation just recently. But, I wonder if we will be able to cope with 2’000 undead.” (Wendelin)

“It will be fine. We have Elise-jou-chan and you, boy, for that reason with us.” (Burkhart)

I’d like him to stop calling me 『Boy』 already since I’m a proper adult, but Burkhart-san doesn’t seem to be of the same mind.

For him I’m the pupil of his pupil.

It might be inevitable for him to treat me intuitively as boy. Usually it will be a rude way of talking to me who has the official position of Baron.

As one should expect, he knows about that as well.

“Wend and Elise, it is?” (Erwin)

“Ah, that’s right. They will take care of exterminating the undead in one go.” (Burkhart)

The strategy, he thought up this time, isn’t to defeat each undead one by one, but it appears that he plans to gather the undead and annihilate them all at once.

“Boy, are you able to use magic spread over a wide area?” (Burkhart)

“Yes, I was taught by master.” (Wendelin)

As for magic spreading over a wide area, it’s simply put magic that broadens its magical effect over a vast range. (T/N: No shit, Sherlock! E: AOE Turn Undead)

Since the magical effect will be spread over a wide range, you naturally have to use a vast amount of mana. It doesn’t make sense without using magic appropriate for the target.

Besides, it is also related to attribute compatibility.

Because if it’s magic of the fire attribute, it will spread fire on a large-scale. With this it is also possible to kill an extensive amount of monsters by burning them to death.

Occasionally, there apparently are people who end up being burnt to death because they surrounded themselves with the fire they spread.

It’s the same with something like the tornado of the wind system. In reverse, there isn’t much of a point using magic of the earth and water system, I guess?

That doesn’t mean that simply all of it is pointless. The earth system is used for something like civil engineering magic, I think?

Since it was magic affecting a wide area to begin with, it was a fact that there was no point in spreading it over a wide area.

As for the water system, I guess it is about spreading healing magic over a wide area.

In the period of the past wars it was obviously convenient to gather the wounded and cure them in one go.

It seems the limit was healing slightly-injured people due to mana, but even so, there weren’t many people who could use magic to such an extent.

Those people were heavily relied on, was something I saw in a book from the past.

“Can you also use other people’s magic for your magic spreading over a wide area, boy?” (Burkhart) (T/N: My fingers are itching to simply call the whole thing AoE spells, but that’s too game-like. Gaman, gaman!)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

“Then it will become an unexpectedly easy job.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san explains his strategy.

First off Elise will use her purification magic of the holy system. Then I will extend that over the Demon Forest with my wide-area-diffusion magic.

If Elise uses up her mana midway, Burkhart-san will resupply her with his unused mana.

For Erw, Ina and Luise the main role is to eliminate the other monsters who draw close to us.

“And Burkhart-san supports us.” (Ina)

“As you could expect with this number of people. It is a gathering of a select few. As for being support, that’s because of my suitable ability and because I can keep a secret if requested.” (Burkhart)

There isn’t even any doubt about the success of the extermination, but you have to also take failure into consideration. I guess that’s why Burkhart-san, who works for Margrave Breithilde, was chosen as backer.

“Well then, let’s depart right away?” (Wendelin)

“No, wait.” (Burkhart)

From 6 years old until becoming 12 years I was also unable to advance my training in search magic to the degree to search the completely untouched, undeveloped land by casting it from the territory of the Baumeister household.

Thanks to that I didn’t enter some parts of the Demon Forest, but it became possible to move throughout almost the whole area freely.

Therefore, although I wanted to finish the request by moving quickly, Burkhart-san stopped that for some reason.

“Eh? Why?” (Wendelin)

“I think there is a place, where it would be wrong to not to go first.” (Burkhart)

“A place where it would be wrong to not go?” (Wendelin)

“More or less that Demon Forest is part of the Knight Baumeister household’s territory. It is normal to go greeting the feudal lord.” (Burkhart)

“No, well, that is certainly true, but…” (Wendelin)

Of course I had realized that, but, honestly, I was unwilling to do so.

Or rather, since I’m going there to deal with the Margrave Breithilde household’s disgrace, I have ended up thinking it would even be fine if the other party has at least finished their greetings first.

“Haa…” (Wendelin)

“Please endure it.” (Burkhart)

There even haven’t been many investigation teams sent in. Although it was only me and the expeditionary force headed to the Demon Forest that entered the Savage Lands, it officially belongs to the Baumeister household.

Therefore we have to go greet them to get permission. There is also the necessity of discussing the share spoils.

If there was an adventurer’s guild branch like in Breitburg, it wouldn’t be necessary.

As long as you are registered as adventurer, the guild will deal with the remaining negotiations and you only have to pay the tax.

However, there isn’t any adventurer’s guild in the Savage Lands and the Baumeister territory.

Therefore we have to directly negotiate with the feudal lord.

For example, in this case, it will be about such things as the bequest of the expeditionary force, the things that belong to the soldiers obtained during the process of purifying the undead, the raw materials procured from the monster who came attacking and medical plants gathered in the Demon Forest.

How much, from all the things obtained, will we have to pay in the end?

Will the payment be in materials?

Will we pay a fixed amount of money after selling the spoils in Breitburg?

It was indispensable to negotiate such fine details.

“(Somehow I feel like doing it now as well, but…)” (Wendelin)

It is a ridiculous story for me, who endeavoured in thoroughly exploiting the Savage Lands in his childhood a training in magic for quite a while, to talk about, but this is this and that is that.

Or I should rather say that this is my villainous part.

Even if I arbitrarily exploited the raw materials of prey and minerals in the Savage Lands, our home isn’t able to do something like punishing me for it.

As for why, that is because it is necessary to have evidence for proving the crime of theft.

Even if they dispatch an investigation team, my family’s home hasn’t the ability to prove my crime as they don’t understand where, how, and how long it was done.

People, who don’t even know how much has entered my wallet, couldn’t hand me over to the police for the same reason, even if they kicked up a fuss that I stole their money.

“…” (Wendelin)

“Umm, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

“I understand your sympathy. But, leave him alone for a little while, Elise.” (Erwin)

It seems Erw could also understand since his relation to his family was as complicated as mine.

No matter how much it was for the sake of work, it wouldn’t succeed if I were to go greeting my family that should have already abandoned me. I ended up having slightly depressed emotions about it.


“Haa…” (Wendelin)

“What is it? Are you that reluctant?” (Burkhart)

After teleporting, I stood in front of the Baumeister household’s mansion after a long time.

Honestly, I thought it would be fine, if I didn’t transfer because I forgot about such place, but the teleportation magic, having thoughtlessly trained it properly, was as successful as usual in spite of it being several years since I’ve been here.

Erw and me have almost the same situation.

As children who were unable to inherit the Knight household, we have gained a social status of being independent by being successful as adventurers.

Erw has renounced his family’s heirship at the same time he became an adult.

He obtained a large amount of money by unforeseen fortune, but since this a talk about a different household already, Erw’s family shouldn’t be able to demand something like support out of greed.

Since it has been almost a month after that hell-like labyrinth capture, you wouldn’t know what will happen from now on related to the speed of information spread and Erw was worried about this as well.

Conversely, how about my case?

Because the previous village headman, Klaus, tossed the outrageous bomb of me being the appropriate next feudal lord, I have abandoned my heirship as fast as possible.

Or rather, it was decided for me to abandon at the time of me receiving a new court rank by His Majesty.

Although I can only say that I entrusted it to the government office to deal with the practical formalities in a hurry at that time.

In addition, neither father nor elder brother said anything about this back then, it seems.

Saying that it seems like that is because I didn’t actually meet them as I finished it all with a letter.

Anyway, for me there isn’t much of love or attachment towards my parents, siblings and the Baumeister household.

Reincarnating as Wendelin at the age of six, my only memory from before was the knowledge I saw in the dream. Thereafter there wasn’t much of a contact or should I rather say that I was obviously neglected.

It’s not like I was treated particularly bad.

It would have been fine even if I didn’t do something like helping the household and just spent my time studying and practising magic. As result of that I was able to bring an amount of hunted prey to the table as food.

If you talk about it frankly, that level of relationship wasn’t something that could be seen by the surroundings either, I guess.

Since they were aware of me being able to use magic, I think it had that tendency all the more.

For the southernmost remote, poor Knight household it is necessary to have as cooperative relationship in this somewhat insular community for the relatives and fief’s populace.

Therefore my real intention was to become independent as fast as possible.

“At this late hour, even if it’s greetings…” (Wendelin)

“Ano, I want to introduce myself to Father-in-law-sama and mother-in-law.” (Elise)

“Me as well.” (Ina)

“Me too, as third wife.” (Luise)

I can can quite well understand the three that they want to extend their greetings since they are my fiancées, but that alone can be deemed to be a completely disagreeable development for Kurt-ani and so on.

Different from father who has a mistress, there isn’t any other wife but Amelie-sister-in-law-san for Kurt-ani.

Or perhaps I should call it the envy of men. Since the number of wives is a barometer for the economical strength, it is equal to telling the other party “You are poor.”

Actually I’ve heard this also became the cause of bloodshed amongst nobles.

Therefore I don’t want to do something like greetings.

“Publicly, the boy and Artur are vassals of the same lord.” (Burkhart)

I guess we will stay parent and child for eternity due to our blood relationship, but from the public standpoint we are fellow vassals of Margrave Breithilde.

Furthermore, it has resulted in us being at the same situation given that both of us are officially His Majesty’s retainers and likewise fellow nobles.

But in reality there is no way that a Duke and a Knight have the same position.

Since there is even a difference in size of territory and economical strength, it is normal for most of the Dukes to act self-importantly.

And, I am a Baron while father is no more than a Knight.

Even the economical strength, I guess we don’t have to talk about that one.

Such an awkward feeling is a first for me.

I end up remembering my middle-aged section chief from my previous life fretting about 『Now the temporarily retired director of the department will re-employed as my subordinate. What shall I do?』

“How troublesome…” (Wendelin)

And presently this is a family having a strangely reversed phenomena of the father being a Knight and the child being a Baron.

Of course it’s about myself.

“Give up, it’s work after all.” (Burkhart)

“Understood.” (Wendelin)

Because it is as Burkhart-san has said, I knock on the door of the mansion.

It is pretty much called the mansion of a noble, but with the Baumeister household being an insignificant noble as usual, the size of the house was no more than at the level of a wealthy farmer’s house.

“Yes, who is it?” (Maid)

It was my family’s home after approximately three years, but the maid opening the door didn’t change.

Although she is called a maid, given that she is simply an old woman coming to help out from the neighbouring farm family, you couldn’t visibly see her grow old if it’s around three years.

By the way, she doesn’t even wear maid clothes.

Because she was an old woman with an age beyond 70 years, I didn’t think that I wanted to see her in a maid uniform too much either.

“This is, Wendelin-sama!” (Maid)

“Yo, Helena. It’s been a while.” (Wendelin)

Thinking back, I had a lot more conversations with the servants than with my family as child.

While handing over the spoils I obtained as result of training my magic, I usually chatted with them.

“As the gentlemen of the merchant group came some time ago, we heard about the rumours about Wendelin-sama.” (Helena)

Such things as defeating the ancient dragon which became undead and the elder dragon having its sphere of influence over the monsters living in a domain close to the capital, also about the matter of obtaining a court rank and getting a lot of rewards and about the matter of being engaged to the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim who is an influential person within the church.

Helena knew up until the martial arts tournament and the duel uproar during the stay in the capital.

I guess I should say as expected from merchants, huh?

They brought quite accurate news to the southern remote region.

“Oi, Helena-san and… Ooh! Wendelin-sama!”

It is a small mansion. The majority of those working as servants are elder people who already retired from working on the farm. The news of me returning immediately circulated to the other servants.

Continuing on, the butler Lobus (T/N: >> Robusu <<) also shows up.

Being a normal old person he naturally doesn’t wear something like a butler’s dress. He is also an old man retired from farm work and is over 70 years old.

He is able to work at this place as father’s assistance since he can read, write and calculate to some degree. In the end it is working out because there’s no necessity for someone with a very advanced expertise.

“You have grown big, Wendelin-sama” (Lobus)

“It looks like Lobus is healthy too.” (Wendelin)

“Though I don’t know when death will be visiting me. By the way, Wendelin-sama is our pride due to obtaining big achievements as magician.” (Lobus)

Since I received many favours from him until I left the house, I wanted him to be as happy as possible.

No, if I talked in such way, I feel that he might feel depressed, but instead it’s the opposite.

In order for him to also lead a stable life from now on, I wanted him to stop praising me.

Father is one thing, but considering the situation with Kurt-ani, I end up thinking like that.

“If I heard correctly, your beautiful fiancée has come here as well?” (Lobus)

“As one would expect of the ojou-sama’s from Breitburg and the capital. There is nothing but lovely Ladies here.” (Helena)

“I’m looking forward to the children to be born.” (Servant)

Lobus, Helena and the other servants, seeing Elise, Ina and Luise, smiled with their whole faces while being delighted.

Because they are too pleased, it went to the degree that it became a mood that I couldn’t tell them that I was already the head of another household.

“At any rate, I’m happy.” (Lobus)

“If Wendelin-sama has returned, this Baumeister household will become secure as well.” (Helena)

Furthermore, the talks advanced in a strange direction.

It appears that they are thinking that I came back to my birthplace in a triumphal return carrying the achievements obtained in the capital.

As retainer of this Baumeister household or maybe as head of the family.

“Wendelin-sama, if you go developing the Savage Lands…” (Helena)

“Certainly this place will get wealthy too.” (Lobus)

The talks are advancing in an even more dangerous direction.

In the past the village headman Klaus came petitioning his wish for me to succeed this Baumeister household.

This problem was resolved at the time I established a branch family as appointed noble.

However, this time they reached the conclusion that if I were to successfully develop the Savage Lands, they would become rich without using their hands at all, even if it would become the Baumeister household’s territory on paper only.

Given that it is a place they don’t know what to do with anyway, it will be fine if they end up selling or allocating it to someone.

I also don’t want to think about who the heck the fief’s population is hinting at, but if you consider it this far, it should be obvious to everybody.

I guess it will become a very unpleasant story if it comes from my father and Kurt-ani.

“(I suppose this topic is bad…) No, I have come here on a request as adventurer. I’d like you to call father.” (Wendelin)

“Master, it is? Please wait for a minute.” (Lobus)

I ask them to call for father after wrapping up the talks, but father, who appeared from inside, was in a state of having a lot more grey hair on his head than before.

If I remember correctly, he should be around 50 years old now.

There were many people still in active duty at this age in this world, but if you considered the matter of the slowly encroaching old age, it would become no good being a delicate age.

“It’s been a while.” (Artur)

“It’s been a long time, father.” (Wendelin)

We met after three years, but honestly, I don’t know what would be good to talk about.

This seems to be the same for the other side as well. With that much the conversation between two people ceased in the end.

“Excuse me, Lord Baumeister. We have visited today wanting you to listen to a request from Margrave Breithilde-sama.” (Burkhart)

“Request… ?” (Artur)

Father sent a reciprocal gaze at me while frowning due to Burkhart-san not changing his attitude of it being an errand from Margrave Breithilde to the last.

Going by father’s words, after around the time I was born into the current world, the Baumeister household hasn’t experienced anything decent because of their patron, Margrave Breithilde.

No matter how much it was the wrongdoing of the previous Margrave Breithilde, it isn’t something that can be siimply resolved like that.

“Father… ! Wendelin! You are alive!” (Kurt)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

“Restrain yourself, Kurt! He is Baron Baumeister-dono.” (Artur)

Continuing, the eldest brother, Kurt, came out from indoor. He seemed to be very surprised to see me.

However, I don’t think he is honest with 『You are alive!』

“Elder brother, what’s this about?” (Wendelin)

“No, that is…” (Kurt)

It looks like there is some kind of discrepancy in information.

Substituting for the obviously confused Kurt-ani, father begins to explain.

“A certain rumor spread from the central government. It’s about the possibility of Baron Baumeister’s group having lost their lives during an underground ruing investigation.” (Artur)

I have no doubt that this information originated from Finance Minister Rückner’s little brother.

It has been a little less than a month since we entered the underground labyrinth on our first request.

Where the flow of information in this remote place is concerned, it will take half a month for even one-way for the merchant group.

But in case of someone like skilled adventurers, they could propagate the news by crossing the mountains by themselves without any possession in a hurry. That should raise the speed a bit more.

They just barely should have received the rumour that I might have died.

After that, it didn’t seem that they heard I survived in fact and was forcibly handed an outrageous amount of money.

“When did those news reach you?” (Wendelin)

“Yesterday.” (Artur)

Once again the important timing is bad.

And now, looking at Kurt, I end up comprehending the facial expression of obvious disappointment.

I guess this elder brother wished for my death.

I suppose he has likely aimed for my assets, but even if I died, Kurt and his family members wouldn’t get a single cent either.

That’s because I have written such testament.

Looking at that attitude, I don’t feel obliged to tell him either.

“(I saw a detestable reality…)” (Wendelin)

If I didn’t meet him for my whole life, this matter would feel less severe as I wouldn’t know of it.

Honestly, I ended up resenting Margrave Breithilde for this.

“(Boy, sorry…)” (Burkhart)

And now my feelings have been noticed, huh?

Burkhart faced me with an apologetic expression.

“For the time being, please come inside. It would also be wrong to not listen to the story from Margrave Breithilde-dono.” (Artur)

Father, who noticed me making an openly reluctant face, shelves this talk for now. He leads us inside the mansion to carry out the original negotiations.

Although it was a long time since I was inside the mansion, it’s still the same or rather it hasn’t changed at all.

Given that it is a mansion of the degree a wealthy farmer could obtain, the people from the capital probably wouldn’t think they are inside a noble’s mansion.

For now having decided to welcome the visitors, we move to the living room. We sit face to face at a large desk.

With father in what is called the seat of honour, Kurt sits right of him.

The left side of father seat is vacant, but it seems the village headman, Klaus, sits there usually.

It looks like Helena has currently gone to Klaus’ house to call him over.

In these negotiations we will decide how many % of our obtained spoils we have to pay to the Baumeister household.

Because it will be necessary to calculate, they called Klaus who is able to do so, I guess.

“(Wend’s father and elder brother as well… ?)” (Erwin)

“(Erw’s father too?)” (Wendelin)

“(Yea.)” (Erwin)

In spite of being fussy over gold in various ways, for some reason there is a tendency to shirk the studying of numbers and kanji among small feudal lords in the countryside.

For something like kanji, they often entrust it to weak folks who are connected to the troublesome literary style of the central government.

As someone of a major territory, the feudal lord shouldn’t take part in something like the detailed calculation of money.

Saying something like that, father has entrusted this job to the village headman, Klaus.

Also if he could do it himself, he would also prevent fraud since he would be able to check it himself.

Probably, because he has a lot of pride, he would be ashamed, if he had to learn it. I guess there is that reason as well.

“(My home leaves all the decision-making to a village headman too.)” (Erwin)

Apparently Erw’s home has similar circumstances.

Given that it would have been wrong if Erw himself hadn’t left the house, he diligently studied.

As a matter of fact, if you include the literacy rate in kanji of adventurers, the ability in such things as calculation, reading and writing will be unexpectedly high.

There are young nobles, who studied since their childhood, and clergymen, who were taught by the church, and so on. Even graduates from other classes are pro-actively receiving such things as the guild’s sponsored short course during the opening hours.

The reason isn’t the headquarters but the small branches in the countryside.

The guild’s staff, conspiring with the resident feudal lord, try to tamper with the reward given to the adventurers if they show a gap.

With something like the occasional emergency request, they try to lower the the terms given out in the documents.

If you don’t realize it, you will risk your life for a small reward.

Because it is partly affecting their livelihood, they are much more earnestly working on their lessons than someone like Kurt-ani.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s been a while, Wendelin-sama.” (Klaus)

After a short while Klaus’ figure alongside Helena can also be seen.

As I’m wondering whether he will once again say something ridiculous like before, it is just a greeting this time. On the contrary, this is probably because he mustn’t show such careless part.

“Well then, let’s get started, huh?” (Burkhart)

I’m sitting on the opposite side of the seat of honour. To my right, there are are Ina and Burkhart, in that order. On my left there are Luise, Elise and Erw.

“By the way, what is the request from Margrave Breithilde-dono?” (Artur)

At last the discussions have begun.

The details are: Since we are going to purify the undead victims of the expedition in the Demon Forest, the matter was about how much percent of the spoils, that will be gained in the process of completing the request, would be fine to be paid.

“You want us to send soldiers again?” (Kurt)

Although father silently listened to the speech, Kurt-ani interrupted Burkhart-san’s explanation. He did it in a cold and piercing voice restrained into our direction.

He might think that it will once again be something like the tragic event 12 years ago.

“No, It will only be only us carrying out the purification. If it’s Baron Baumeister, we can easily transfer to the actual site. Even if there are 2’000 undead, they aren’t that much of a problem if you compare them to a dragon.” (Burkhart)

His tone was polite, but Burkhart-san’s reply was provocative.

Having led a long life as adventurer, he doesn’t jump at the kind of threats like Kurt-ani’s, I guess.

Because father, who is the leader of the territory, is the negotiation opponent in the end, Kurt-ani probably won’t interject like this anymore.

“That’s right. Amongst us there is also the purification professional, Saint-sama.” (Erwin)

Erw continues by stating his opinion as well.

Judging by his reaction, it seems that he can’t stand Kurt-ani after all.

I suppose he was reminded of his elder brothers severely picking on him at his parent’s home.

“If it’s only Baron Baumeisters’ group performing the purifications, you won’t hear anything from our side. Also, as for giving you a guide, there isn’t anyone who is well-informed about the geography either.” (Artur)

Even the survivors of the expedition were just returning while only paying attention to the vague direction.

I hear that they didn’t have the leeway of a detailed geographical knowledge of the Savage Lands and thus they were accompanied by death on their way back home.

And even before that, I guess they don’t want to go to a place like the Savage Lands ever again thanks to their trauma.

Probably, I, who made a detailed map of the Savage Lands taking 5 years even though it was crude, should be far more knowledgeable about the geography.

After I created a simple map by using teleportation, I spent time going around to refine its contents.

“Father… No, Lord Baumeister, concerning the purification, we will completely take care of it. To the last, this are talks about how much should be paid to the feudal lord from the spoils we obtained in the process.” (Wendelin)

This is the location of an official negotiation. Dad and me are separate and independent nobles.

Therefore, I deliberately corrected myself in calling dad Lord Baumeister.

“The spoils, it is?” (Artur)

“First off, there will be the equipped weapons and armours from the 2’000 undead.” (Wendelin)

Despite being parent and child, we are continuing the conversation between us disregarding being parent and child.

The undead are keeping the armour and weapons, they used during their life time, equipped.

Since 12 years have passed without doing any proper maintenance either, a part of them won’t be usable anymore excluding the removed scrap iron. But there are some things amongst them that have a value and there are also objects that can be passed as articles of the deceased to their bereaved families.

As a matter of fact, given that Margrave Breithilde wants to hand over the items, which can be assigned to a particular owner, to the bereaved families, he entrusted us with his desire for us to return holding as much as possible.

“Articles of the deceased, huh? Those are certainly very important things.” (Artur)

“It’s 50%.” (Kurt)

“Eh?” (Wendelin)

Suddenly, there is a fellow who began to talk about something weird forcing his way into the conversation.

If you wonder who it is, it was Kurt-ani.

“It will be bitter if you don’t bring back the articles of the deceased, Wendelin. You won’t be able to fulfil your duty as adventurer either.” (Kurt)

“Say what you like, if it’s 50%, it’s usury, I believe.” (Wendelin)

This is the usual way in a territory where there is no guild.

The lord imposes a rate of payment to the fief’s government onto the adventurers. The estimation is from 10% to 30%.

Although it isn’t a rule that everyone is like that, it looks like there is a trend that the rate of the major nobles close to the central government is low whereas the rate of the smaller feudal lords in the countryside is high.

For major nobles, they won’t do something like excessively expecting excellent adventurer parties to pay money to them. They have a tendency to worry about that field since their reputation will drop if they indulge in too much usury.

Furthermore, because most of the major noble’s territories have an adventurer’s guild branch, the cases of actually negotiating are rare in themselves.

In contrary, for the smaller feudal lords in the countryside, given that they are seldomly approached by adventurers regarding negotiations, they understand it as rare chance to obtain a large amount of money and they end up raising the rate by all means.

However, something such as 50% is far too much of usury.

“Kurt-dono.” (Burkhart)

“It’s certainly high, but do you have some problem with it?” (Kurt)

Kurt-ani, thinking Burkhart-san has called his name in order to criticise him, faces him with a disgusting smile.

“(This asshole…)” (Wendelin)

Burkhart-san has become expressionless, but his insides are boiling, I think.

Even so, there is no law stating that it is absolutely forbidden to impose a rate of 50% either.

That is because in a territory a lord’s decision is the definite law.

“By the way, what is the opinion of Lord Baumeister and Klaus-dono?” (Burkhart)

I didn’t realise it when I was a child, but without doubt Kurt has hated me, I guess.

Now that it has come to this, you can even say that it is already futile to have a decent talk.

Besides, as Kurt has interrupted the talk too much, the current him won’t exceed being anything but the next family head.

Just now, by rudely speaking towards me, since the current me is in front of him as adventurer rather than as noble, he probably thinks that there won’t be any problems.

If that’s the case, nothing is better for me than ignoring someone like Kurt.

“I stress, it is just my own opinion. But, excluding the things that are articles of the deceased, isn’t 30% appropriate?” (Klaus)

Dad silently nodded his head in consent towards Klaus’ opinion.

I see, Klaus is a man that doesn’t leave any gaps after all.

Since they are insignificant nobility in the countryside, the rate of payment is 30%.

But, since we are excluding the portion of things that will become articles of the deceased, that much is in consideration of us and Margrave Breithilde.

And, dad approved of this.

If that’s the case, it is decided with this.

Kurt, who doesn’t even possess the peerage yet, has no authority to interject here.

“Well, then it will be 30% excluding the portion of things that belonged to the deceased.” (Artur)

As for equipment items that can’t be assigned to a specific owner, there is still the chance remaining that they are lost items of the expeditionary force.

And I guess such things as the raw materials of the monsters we defeated in the process of purification?

“The payment will be in goods? Or?” (Wendelin)

“Please liquidate it in Breitburg and pay 30% of the appraised value in cash.” (Artur)

“Understood.” (Wendelin)

Like this the chat and negotiations with dad have smoothly advanced.

As for paying in cash, it can’t be helped since even if they received the raw materials of the monsters and the armours, those would rot away in this remote place.

“Don’t cheat us!” (Kurt)

“You bastard! What’s your problem since a while ago?” (Erwin)

And, at this place Kurt has once again interrupted with his foolish mouth. Erw is unusually enraged by his remark.

Although he didn’t put his hand on his sword, since he decided to leave his seat and approached Kurt, I stopped him in a hurry.

If he also gave him a hard blow, it would end up becoming a problem to some degree.

Furthermore, when I turned my face towards Burkhart-san, he already stopped being expressionless. He glared at Kurt with a look as if wanting to stab him.

“Humph, I don’t know about you being a dragon-slaying hero, but you’ve taken a punk as subordinate.” (Kurt)

Even while provoking me with something like that, Kurt’s feet were trembling.

With his degree of physical strength, he shouldn’t be any match to Erw and Burkhart-san.

And yet, daringly provoking them, I guess he did that because he knows that it will become a major disaster if they harmed him, who is the successor of the Baumeister household.

If he had such thoughts while provoking us, I’d at least liked him to stop the trembling of his feet.

Frankly, he was unsightly to be looked upon.

“Kurt-aniki!” (Hermann)

And, the situation has become even more complicated.

Suddenly, another of my elder brothers, Hermann-nii-san, who is now adopted into the branch family as groom, came plunging into the living room.

“You haven’t been invited!” (Kurt)

“Why!? It’s weird, don’t you agree!? There are also the articles of the deceased of grandfather, our stepfathers and the fief’s population!” (Hermann)

Somehow it seems that Hermann-nii-san was unhappy about not being invited by Kurt to this negotiation table.

Given that we have a talk about the articles of the deceased, he, in his position as head of the branch family, wants us to retrieve the items of dad’s uncle, who was killed on the expedition as junior commander, and his three sons, who served as campaign soldiers.

“Is it about the articles of the deceased of those who participated in the expedition from the Baumeister household’s side? Since we will gather them after having collected them, it’s no more than having someone check those out afterwards.” (Wendelin)

“No, that’s not necessary.” (Kurt)

“Haa? What did you say just now?” (Burkhart)

“I said, it’s unnecessary.” (Kurt)

“Haa?” (Burkhart)

“The funeral and memorial service of those having died on the expedition has ended. At this late hour we don’t want something like the articles of the deceased.” (Kurt)

Due to Kurt’s unexpected statement, Burkhart-san has unintentionally ended up asking him even two times.

Might it be an adventurer or a soldier, if they discover such things as articles of the deceased or corpses at their destination, it’s common sense to try bringing them back and returning them to the bereaved families, if one has the flexibility to do so.

And yet he says that this is unnecessary.

For Burkhart-san that was only natural. Hermann-nii-san’s face became bright red in a flash.

“(Nee, what’s this about?)” (Ina)

Before I knew it, Ina left her place and came to my side to ask about the reason.

If my guess is right, they are probably thinking the money paid as aid by the government will decrease, if we collect the articles of the deceased soldiers of the Baumeisters’s feudal army.

I quietly murmur my thoughts to Ina.

“(Disgusting…)” (Ina)

It is certainly horrible, but for Kurt those things are rusted and dirty items of people who have already died.

He probably judges them as nothing more than items not exceeding the worth of small change.

If it’s the soldiers killed in action of the Margrave Breithilde army, they might have even worn expensive arms, accessories and such, but that’s not the case if we are restricting the discussion to the Baumeister’s feudal army alone.

In other words, that’s how it is.

“However, even if you erected tombs for them, it doesn’t matter how much funeral services you performed without the actual corpses. The souls of the people themselves are loitering at the actual place as undead. If they are purified and we return their possessions to their original bereaved families, they will at last be able to rest in peace.” (Elise)

“Although it is regretful, ojou-chan, a poor territory, like ours, hasn’t the margin to perform a memorial service for the dead for a second time either. There won’t be much tips to be handed over to the saint either.” (Kurt)

“For me, such a thing is…” (Elise)

As expected, even Elise couldn’t suppress her anger in light of this situation.

With a rarely strong tone she advises Kurt to return the articles of the deceased to the bereaved families, but the vital Kurt’s opinion in this situation was 『It’s a waste of effort.』

It seems that Kurt intends to consider her opinion because he knows that Elise is tentatively the granddaughter of a big-shot within the church.

But, as for the second half of his statement, it became a tone of mocking the church for being annoying about even begging for donations.

Although a part of it is definitely correct, Elise had until now only received money as reward for her purifications, and not once as something like a donation.

Rather, for the sake of the poor, she has been regularly performing purifications and so on free-of-charge.

“Kurt-dono. Stop it already. Please cease spitting out irresponsible stuff.” (Wendelin)

Or rather, it’s something I want him to get over with now.

I unintentionally send a look towards dad, but dad is also wearing an expression of 『His behaviour is unacceptable.』

Klaus was expressionless as usual.

“Wendelin! You! Towards your elder brother!” (Hermann)

“Is that so? Now that I have my own lineage, I’m not Kurt-dono’s younger brother anymore. Still, from an official position, I’m an independent, appointed Baron. He arrogantly speaks to a Baron albeit having nothing more than the social rank of being an heir of a Knight.” (Wendelin)

“You bastaaard!” (Kurt)

Actually I didn’t plan to talk about this matter, but I ended up saying it before I noticed myself.

Probably I snapped when he passed my tolerance level of anger.

He has treated Elise as corrupt priest and miser, and called Erw a punk.

If I remained silent here, it would be bound to become a situation of me not retaining my honour even as noble.

Since he made a fool out of my vassal and my fiancée, I should also have the right to retort.

Due to my provocative words, Burkhart-san, dad and even Hermann-nii-san seem to have forgotten their previous rage and are mute in amazement.

“In the first place, our negotiation partner is Lord Baumeister. Why are you arrogantly interrupting the conversation here? And to cap it off, you treat my fiancée as corrupt priest and my junior commander as punk.” (Wendelin)

Although there were other things I wanted to say as well, I felt we might fail at arriving at a conclusion if I said any more than this.

This particularly applies to father who can’t even write and calculate.

Given that it might get complicated to talk, I decide to stop the abusive language at this point.

“(Say, Wend, you accumulated stress due to the matter the other day, didn’t you?)” (Luise)

“(Is that so?)” (Wendelin)

Did you think it was an accidental discharge?

Even Luise came seizing my arm and pinning it down before I noticed.

“(However, he is a terrible onii-san, right…?)” (Luise)

“(I learned about it now.)” (Wendelin)

Or rather, Kurt might not have sustained his pride if he didn’t live in this poor, miserable household and had to leave it like me.

And yet, there isn’t anything he put in effort by himself either.

He is even the same kind as dad, as he can’t memorize something like kanji and calculation at all.

I knew it from the beginning, but I still studied to the degree of being accepted into university in my previous life.

Even in this world, I never did something like easing up on my intensive training in magic.

Additionally, if he yearned for an abundant live in the territory even a little, it would be normal to begin by making a rough map by sending out people to the Savage Lands, at least for the sake of the future.

After all, in order to transfer accurately with teleportation, I created a map taking even less than 5 years.

From the standpoint of firmly succeeding the territory and peerage, it will be alright to stay silent, if he can’t do this.

As he was surpassed by the younger brothers, who left the house, only sarcasm came out of his mouth when he actually met one of them just because he was mortified by this fact.

The next time I go to the capital, I should probably inform Erich-nii-san’s group about it.

Since it will cause unpleasant feelings, it’s better if I don’t go there too early.

“Once you finished the request, come back here one more time. At that time we will sort the articles of the deceased of both parties, Baumeister household and Breithilde household. Then you can pay the 30% of the profit on sales of the rest.” (Artur)

I didn’t want to stay here any longer anymore.

If I talked about something, Kurt would find fault with it.

Therefore, I should probably return to the job after quickly deciding on nothing more than the terms.

Since it’s a discussion between men, I didn’t meet mother and sister-in-law-san yet.

Kurt shouldn’t approve of me staying at this mansion for a long period of time either.

It’s regrettable, but because staying here any longer would cause nothing but unhappiness for both sides, we have decided to leave our seats right away and depart from the mansion.

“Wendelin-sama, can’t you stay for today?” (Klaus)

“No, we are adventurers, therefore we will sleep outdoors.” (Wendelin)

It should be quite efficient if we started with the purification of the undead immediately after getting up in the early morning of the day, if possible.

Given that it’s noon now, we planned to camp close to the Demon Forest today.

We have made those preparations because we are adventurers. You can’t call yourself an adventurer if you aren’t able to at least camp outside.

“You came back after a long period. At least stay for a night.” (Klaus)

It’s the same thing if we transfer with teleportation magic after getting up in the early morning.

Watching the back-and-forth arguing with Kurt up till now, Klaus, saying this with composure, can be called amazing in a certain way, I have ended up thinking something like that.

“However.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t it advisable to be absolutely prepared since it is an important job? It will be fine if you stay at the mansion of Hermann-sama and not at the main family’s mansion.” (Klaus)

Certainly, there is some truth to what Klaus is saying as well.

Besides, even though the son of the family head has returned home, it would probably damage the honor of the Baumeister household, if that son ended up leaving the territory without even staying for a night.

I couldn’t even reply anything towards Klaus after realising it. I felt that I mustn’t be careless in regards to this person after all.

“And, is it alright? Hermann-sama” (Klaus)

“Yea…” (Hermann)

Hermann-nii-san was in a state of being speechless seeing the dispute between us and Kurt, but he apparently regained his senses when he was called by Klaus.

“Isn’t it better for both parties to cool down their anger?” (Klaus)

Even though he previously had a mood as if picking a fight here, if Kurt once again made a racket here with a strange objection, it would be just a waste of time.

He silently shook his head selfishly towards us.

“Lord Baumeister, we will receive the favour of staying at the mansion of Hermann-dono for today.” (Wendelin)

“Although you shouldn’t expect a great hospitality either, Hermann, I leave it to you.” (Artur)

“Yes.” (Hermann)

One way or the other the negotiations have peacefully finished too.

Although the point of whether it was peaceful is doubtful, I have decided to consider it a good thing since we dealt with the part about the money to be paid.

It was a family that wasn’t very related to each other, but for Erw’s group, they should have seen an outrageously disgraceful behaviour, I guess?

Anyway, it had a bitter after-taste.

Also, for me, this mansion is already through and through a mansion of strangers.

I was made aware of that.


“Sorry.” (Hermann)

“It’s nothing Hermann-nii-san has to apologise about.” (Wendelin)

“In the last 2-3 years here, Kurt-aniki has somehow become strange.” (Hermann)

We, leaving the mansion of the main Baumeister family, headed towards the other mansion led by Hermann-nii-san.

Both possess the family name Baumeister. For generations they have served as junior commanders. I have heard that the younger brother of our grandfather was the previous family head.

However, the predecessor was killed in action, together with his three sons, at the aforementioned Demon Forest expedition.

Excluding those three, the other children were only daughters.

Hermann-nii-san succeeded the house by being adopted as groom for the first daughter of the eldest son.

Although Hermann-nii-san had introduced himself to the members, excluding myself, and explained it, everyone made a face as if somehow not being able to agree with it.

Even this is like that, I guess.

No matter how much you call them retainers, they dispatched all male descendants of the family and ended up getting them annihilated.

Furthermore, they adopted the second son of the main family as son-in-law and made him the successor.

It somehow feels intentional, I guess.

“I know what you want to say.” (Hermann)

Apart from excluding the eldest son, Kurt, the Hermann-nii-san in front of me was at that time already around 18 years old.

Nevertheless, not a single person from the head house was even allowed to participate in the expedition.

It’s completely as if they knew about the annihilation and thus accepted this method of not dispatching anyone on purpose.

And, for the branch family, with its males wiped out, one of the too many sons of the main house is put into the family as groom.

It might be a conspiracy theory. It might be the truth.

At the very least, it was a situation where it couldn’t even be helped if you doubted it like this.

“I guess the old man thought it would be dangerous. Therefore he didn’t sent any children from the main house. Didn’t he judge that at least one person of the branch family returned as well?” (Hermann)

“Even so…” (Erwin)

“Ah, Erwin-kun, was it? Because we were a newly-wed couple, it was a bed of thorns at first.” (Hermann)

For the people of the branch family it probably wasn’t anything else but a plot of dad to take over the household by sending Hermann-nii-san as his vanguard.

Therefore, he should have had considerable troubles.

“How did you become familiar with them?” (Elise)

“That was a simple thing. I put priority in everything regarding the branch family rather than the main family after becoming a person of the branch family.” (Hermann)

Even the previous petitioning to hand over the articles of the deceased of the Baumeister household’s side was giving the circumstances of the branch family maximum priority without doubt.

After all the branch family should desire the possessions of their previous head and his sons.

“To try reject that to save the wages towards Wend’s group.” (Hermann)

“At any rate, since we will sort the things we have picked up afterwards, it isn’t considerable extra-work.” (Wendelin)

Given that it will be fine if I stuff the found items into my magic bag, there isn’t even any issue with the luggage being heavy in contrast to other adventurers.

“I was afraid that the rate of payment would be lowered in the negotiations.” (Hermann)

“Stingy!” (Luise)

“Certainly, it is as ojou-san says, I’m stingy.” (Hermann)

Hermann-nii-san didn’t even object the frank thoughts of Luise.

“Well, this place is the branch family’s mansion where I serve as family head.” (Hermann)

From the visible impression, it feels as if it is slightly old and even the small outward appearance is a bit smaller than the main family’s mansion.

I guess it’s probably a matter of taking the main family’s mansion into consideration.

Since even the main family’s mansion was a house to the degree of what a wealthy farmer could build to begin with, it wasn’t necessary to have such a considerations in their plans either. However, Hermann-nii-san’s troubles came to mind with this.

“I’m home.” (Hermann)

“Master, welcome back.” (Servant)

Same as with the main family’s mansion, we are greeted by a servant being an old person close to 70 years old.

After all, they don’t seem to have the leeway in labour costs and space for a live-in employee to work here. The main force of the branch family’s servants are old people who have retired from being farmers as well.

“Marlene (T/N: >> Marurene <<) is? Please tell her to make an appearance since there are guests.” (Hermann)

“Yes, I am here.” (Marlene)

Given that it isn’t such a vast mansion, Hermann-nii-san’s wife showed up right away.

Her age is in the mid 20’s, I think?

Is it because she is a relative?

With her likewise brown hair colour, it feels as if even her features resembles us a bit.

“Ara, it’s the rumoured dragon-slayer-san. Long time no see.” (Marlene)

Which reminds me, despite having a relationship of second cousins, I didn’t remember having ever met her.

No, if I’m not mistaken I should have met her twice at Kurt’s and Hermann’s weddings.

She is a strange acquaintance. I guess that’s also because the bothersome conspiracy with the inheritance problem.

Only once, she was introduced by dad and we just exchanged greetings.

And even during the ceremony I only ate the meal provided.

“That’s right. Kurt-aniki is amongst those looking at them with great hostility.” (Hermann)

“That man is really small-minded albeit being at a good age. That idiot.” (Marlene)

I haven’t seen a woman talking about such vulgar things yet, but she spoke ill of Kurt as something worthless.

No matter how much they are fellow relatives, since they shouldn’t be on good terms either if you considered the sequence of events up until now, I’m able to agree.

“Ano, is such back-biting towards the next family head okay?” (Ina)

“It’s alright. Occasionally it has to even be told the person himself.” (Marlene)

Even as Ina’s face became stiff due to her question, Marlene-sister-in-law-san is someone that decided to be open-hearted.

From her view, the people of the main family are the enemies of her uncles, dad and grandfather.

And, the people of the branch family are also sharing that opinion.

I was able to somehow imagine it, but it matches with the case of the dubious village headman, Klaus.

Gradually I have ended up thinking about how long this territory might last.

“Visitors are welcome. There are too many people who fought with that Kurt. Also, guests don’t visit this village at all.” (Marlene)

“Certainly…” (Wendelin)

Speaking of people from outside I’ve seen coming here, at least for me, it was only the folks of the merchant group.

Therefore, visitors are basically welcome in this territory.

Since they are starving for information from outside, it is inevitable that they want to ask about this.

“Please, come inside.” (Marlene)

Being guided by Marlene-sister-in-law-san inside the mansion, different to the outside, the inside was far more put in order and lovely than the main family’s mansion.

The outside being handled roughly because of the noisy main family, the inside matches the structure making the interior design cozy.

Probably Hermann-nii-san and the large group of women of the branch family arranged it like that.

There is the wife of the previous junior commander and the wives of the three sons killed in action.

Not to mention the younger sister of Marlene-sister-in-law-san, they are also my cousins.

The remaining male group, the husbands including Hermann-nii-san, worried about having nothing to do in some respects.

This family is apparently completely in the hands of women.

And, the women are all settled on being anti-main family.

Even the husbands in order to adapt themselves to the family.

Since even someone like Hermann-nii-san doesn’t have any attachment towards his original home, he probably ended up quickly becoming anti-main family for the sake of fitting in with this family as soon as possible.

Or rather, if it’s that family’s background, it will turn out like this unless you are quite the masochist with the exception of Kurt.

This was the first impression of the Baumeister branch family seeing that we were guided to the living room and served tea.

“(Despite being relatives with the pedigree of junior commander on the surface, the latent anti-main family…) Shall we get started? I am Wendelin.” (Wendelin)

“I have watched your figure going out in the early morning for many years before as well.” (Marlene)

The people of the branch family, including Marlene-sister-in-law-san, apparently witnessed my figure leaving the others to train my magic during my childhood.

Just, the women never came to talk with me at all.

Given that the branch family has to also hide their anti-main family position, I understood that it would probably be risky for them to contact me.

Now I’m someone from a branch family there I don’t think that there will be any problems.

Besides, the current us arrived at this territory with the position of being adventurers.

Seeing that the main family doesn’t give us lodging, the branch family thought it was necessary to look after us, it seems.

It’s a question of honour for the Knight Baumeister territory.

“Besides, we can at least give shelter to the adventurers who will go to collect the possessions of father and grandfather. It’s only natural for people with common sense.” (Marlene)

While saying this, Marlene-sister-in-law-san sends her gaze towards the main family for an instant.

She is probably reproaching Kurt, behaving like an idiot, and dad, grown old and failing to reign him in.

“Therefore, Burkhart-sama, please cheer up as well.” (Marlene)

Marlene-sister-in-law-san says this towards Burkhart-san, who is even now making a scary expression. She held out a cup with another liquid within to him.

“No, excuse me. It’s been a while since I reached the point of getting enraged after all. Hee, honey liquor, huh?” (Burkhart)

“Specially made by us.” (Marlene)

Burkhart-san finally brightened up after receiving the home-made honey liquor.

“It has a good taste.” (Burkhart)

“It’s because of our secret recipe.” (Marlene)

I was honestly surprised.

The normal meal is hard brown bread and thinly salted soup in this territory. I didn’t expect for a luxury item like honey liquor appearing here at all.

“Ano, Wend. It’s because our home is unusual.” (Hermann)

Hermann-nii-san says this as he noticed it since being adopted into the family as groom.

However, that’s the case in any family.

At least, in this branch family serving as junior commander, they will be able to serve a bit more decent meals.

“Is that so?” (Wendelin)

“Even though we are keeping ordinary economising in mind, we do eat normal meals.” (Marlene)

With the exception of crops, they are usually providing meals by hunting and gathering for generations of the junior commander household.

I’m told that it’s a method of the educational concept of the branch family. It seems that Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group can use the bow normally too. It looks like one of the required items is the way of laying something like traps as well.

Concerning the main pride of the main family, it seems that it has resulted in 『Because others allow women holding bows.』

In addition, they are obtaining honey with bee-keeping although it’s in its early stages. This honey is used as ingredient for the honey liquor and such.

The results of that were Burkhart-san demanding a second cup now.

“I’m relieved to hear this. If I think about that menu once again…” (Wendelin)

“There are many women amongst us. They will at least serve proper cooking. In the case of the main family, there is a part of partly threatening self-restraint they are aiming for.” (Marlene)

The distinct objective is probably that they want to preserve as much money as possible even if it’s just a bit.

Otherwise, they shouldn’t have mentioned something like a 50% rate to be paid in the beginning.

The side of the branch family didn’t plan to go to that extent as it would stifle the mood of their lives if they were this formal everyday.

“There is still some time until dinner. Please take it easy.” (Marlene)

Be that as it may, we are rare guests who have news from the outside.

The three of the female camp of Elise’s group are caught by Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group. They persistently wanted to hear about fashion in the capital and such in detail.

It seems the husbands are asking Erw and Burkhart-san about stuff like the adventurer occupation and any kind of information about the capital.

And, if one were to speak of me…

“Incredible! There really is a dragon-slaying hero-sama!” (Child)

“Even daddy’s younger brother said it was true.” (Leon)

Not mentioning Hermann-nii-san’s children, I was surrounded by a great number of children of the branch family.

However, I think the eyes of children are something absolutely pure and beautiful.

I was 25 years old when I possessed Wendelin and lived as him for around a decade in this world.

Totalling it, I’m past 30 years. They were slightly dazzling to look at for me and my slightly dirty mind.

“Leon, I don’t tell lies.” (Wendelin)

The eldest is Leon with currently 7 years. As eldest son of Hermann-nii-san, he will inherit this household.

In addition there is also his younger sister, Klara (T/N: >> Kurara <<). She also stared at me with those pure eyes.

“I’m an oji-san as well, huh?” (Wendelin)

“No, because Wend has been like this since the age of around 8 years.” (Hermann)

As a matter of fact, I knew that Hermann-nii-san had two children from before, but I wasn’t aware of their age, gender and names.

Meeting them, I awkwardly cherish them.

I felt like complaining to dad about only that.

“I think it was probably correct to not get in touch with them until now. Especially looking at the current Kurt’s attitude.” (Hermann)

Because of that man, it’s not unlikely that they will believe I’m flattering the heir of the junior commander using pleasantries for the sake of taking over my home.

“Certainly, But, I think it’s already too late for that now.” (Wendelin)

It’s definitely too late for that already.

It’s fine if you want to arbitrarily worry and doubt.

I, who thought like that, begin to take out presents from the magic bag one after the other for the children.

Because I came home after a long time, I had also prepared the portion for Amelie-sister-in-law-san and her children.

Since it’s not unlikely that she might say something to Kurt if I give those to her at this point of time, those remained within the magic bag.

“Anything might appear. It’s a magic bag.” (Leon)

“As expected, it won’t come out if you didn’t put it in before.” (Wendelin)

While saying this, I’m giving such things as toys, like board games, and bought sweets from the capital to the children with Leon in the lead.

The other part is children, but a noble must pay attention to handing out souvenirs in order as well.

Leon is this household’s successor.

If I exclude his younger sister, Klara, since the other children were born from other wives such as Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s younger sister and the cousins, it is absolutely necessary to abide by the distinct hierarchy.

Or rather I should say that I feel as if it matched the story told in my childhood about Tokugawa Iemitsu. (T/N: Third shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty. Reigned from 1623-1651)

“Thank you, Wendelin-oji-san.” (Leon)

Albeit still being 15 years old, I was damaged by that way of calling me, but it isn’t something unusual in this world.

Since there are many siblings having an age difference due to the early marrying of everyone, it ends up like that no matter what.

“Tell us the story about defeating the dragon!” (Klara)

“Tell us!” (Child)

I have time and I don’t want to remember a man like Kurt either.

Therefore I begin to tell the tale of defeating the bone dragon to the children.

The children earnest listened to the story while tasting the sweets from the souvenirs.

Watching such a sight, it’s been a long time since I have felt like my mind being purified.

I narrated for about an hour?

I thought it would be fine since there was still time to fulfil the children’s pestering to continue the story, but an unexpected person makes their appearance there.

“As expected of Baron Baumeister-sama. You are even very popular with the children of Hermann-sama.” (Klaus)

“Klaus, huh… ?” (Wendelin)

Although it’s dangerous for him in regards to Kurt to join up with me and the branch family, the village headman, Klaus, turns up here.
“Ano… Marlene-sister-in-law-san?” (Wendelin)
“I have ended up pushing in my way forcibly as there is something I want to request from you…” (Klaus)

Previously, he went as far as telling me that he will cooperate in me becoming the next family head. Since this is the branch family taking a stance of being anti-main family, they probably haven’t counted in something like restraining the actions of Klaus who is moving suspiciously behind the scenes.

From the branch family’s point of view, it would become convenient if Klaus was on bad terms with the main family, I guess.

“What do you want to request of me?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, it is slightly disconnected from your work as adventurer, but it isn’t a dangerous job by no means.” (Klaus)

Suddenly, the suspicious existence called village headman Klaus requests us for a job.

I’m considering what way would best to deal with this then.

When I returned home after a long time, this was accompanied with nothing but the beginning of troubles.



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