Interlude 3 – I don’t need such poor territory!

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This is bad!”

I’m planning to leave the house for another years but the village headman in the territory suddenly want me to succeed the territory.
As result, I have declare that I’m unwilling to cooperate.

This is not the time to be joking around.

This also can lead to the worst consequences of killing each other with brother.

But I am not sure what I should do.

My previous life experience is useless.

Born in mediocre salarymen family, with only one younger brother beside me, which family feud would not happen.
I mean, I feel scared on the contrary to those taking part in family feud discussion.

Anyhow, it was preferable for me to avoid contact with Klaus.
Well, I’ll make full use of detection magic to avoid contact with others except my own family.

Klaus after all would not be shouting in front of my house saying “I want to discussing about changing the next family head to Wendelin-sama, please come out!”

My daily life had become who is up early in the morning and return late at night to sleep at home.
It was to the point of me not taking meal at home, I had been eating at Breitburg shop and self-cooking.

I was attacked by a feeling of being partly leaving the house but I am still legally a minor under Baumeister house’s protection, I was one with inheritance rights in the fifth positions.

It become even more troublesome because of that.

My only salvation may have been my family didn’t say anything even when I didn’t take the meal.

Vel-kun, letter from Erich-san has arrived.”

Thanks sister-in-law-san.”

When I returning home late at night, Amalie-san who is Kurt nii-san bride handed the letter to me in front of my room.
I guess she is the most I have conversation with in Baumeister house.

His handwriting is polite. He also used kanji.”

Amalie sister-in-law-san have been impressed seeing Erich nii-san handwriting such as the letter address.
Despite in the same knight peerage family in rural area, she actually able to read and write with kanji mixed.

As the second daughter she can be married into merchant so her parents allowed her to study.

Since Erich nii-san a government official.”

It was explained before that hiragana and katakana intended for common people, when the writing style mixed with kanji, romaji and english word, it was intended for noble or governmental matter.

Beside that, when kanji is mixed in an individual private letter like this, there was an advantage of looking intellectual to others.

Maybe it is simply for impression?
A kind of vanity or in appeal aspect also strong.

The letter envelopes only used kanji in “express” and “southern” though.

For more simplier, there is an advantage that only I in this house can read the letter when it was unsealed.

Only Amalie siste-in-law-san is the exception in this past few years.

The letter is something only Vel-kun and me in this house can read.”

Letter for Amalie sister-in-law-san also coming from her home occasionally, but it was normal for her not to be able to write a reply to the letter that come frequently.

Mail system also exists in this world.
A dedicated receptionist in commercial guild of some town, depending on the distance with the fee is paid in advance.

At least about five copper plate or five thousand yen.
As long the partner can be trusted , it can be sent also to Urquhart holy empire the neighbouring countries, but it can exceed about five silver plate or fifty thousand yen when the country is different.

It was normal for it to arrive for several months.
It was possible for quick delivery but it take extra money when used.

By the way, receptionists for mail does not exist in our territory.

The letter that arrived at Breitburg commercial guild can only arrived being carried by the caravan that come three times a year.
For sending a letter, just pass it along with the fee to the caravan that come to Baumeister territory.

It is comparatively expensive as the caravan must be paid to carry the letter.

Sending and getting a letter only Amalie-san and me so it was not that inconvenient.

And when Amalie sister-in-law-san sends a letter to her parent’s house, it take two silver coins for paying the caravan.
She told me that she can only send letter once a year.

I don’t have any money as I never got any pocket-money since childhood.
So father pays for it, and I had to handed over the catch that I captured with magic as the price later.

I said to father that Amalie sister-in-law-san can send a letter three times as the caravan only come three times a year, I give him a bit more catch.

Father didn’t give any response, but Amalie sister-in-law-san after that had entrusted the letter every time the caravan came so my request seems to have been hear.

After that?
Amalie sister-in-law-san began to speak to me often.

There many kanji in Erich-san letter.”

Maybe it was occupational disease?”

I made it as occupational disease for now but more than half the kanjis used is actually on purpose.
As father and brother can’t read kanji, it can work as a kind of code so they can’t understand the content even if the letter is read.

Fortunately or unfortunately.
They never opened the letter and read it even once until now.

Imperial city is it. It must be glamorous.”

Amalie sister-in-law-san parent’s family also lives in rural area but not to the extent like our house.
So there also a feeling of longing for a large cities like Imperial city.

I’d like to go there once I am growing up.”

I want to go there once before I die.”

I go back to my room after we done with the small talk.
It was a small room used by four brothers long ago, now since it not used except for sleeping, it feels spacious and greatly desolate.
I sat on the bed opening the letter immediately.

I had in fact, consulted Erich nii-san about Klaus’s matter.

You seems to have met with bad experience. Actually, I also have had the same problem in the past…”

That bastard…’

According to the letter from Erich nii-san, he told me that he have experience the same thing before he leave the house.

He was persuaded like “You can become the next lord rather than Kurt-dono who can’t even write kanji, it is possible to enrich the territory when planned”.

But that his old trick, don’t be deceived by his humbleness.”

So that village headman Klaus was on Erich nii-san blacklist.

He had experience in war and he fill the duties as village headman perfectly. He was competent but…”

At the same time, on the side he also selfish.

Although there also other village headman present in Baumeister territory. In order not to get overtaken from him, he presented his girl to father as a mistress.”

As result, he was entrusted in calculate and recorded all tax revenue of residence in the territory.
Of course the other village headman didn’t like him.

This is my own prediction, maybe he will get some benefit from making Vel or me as the next Baumeister house’s family head. It was written in your letter that Klaus brought half younger brother and younger sisters.”

When I became the next lord disregard the other brothers.
My relation with other brothers of the same mother naturally will get worst, it would be difficult for me to get some help from government side.
With regard to second son’s Helman, he might give a clear decision of him already in another house.

Of course he will expect that our family will let stepbrother or sister to marry. There is a significant benefit for Klaus.”

Erich nii-san said that it is merely his prediction.
Klaus will be guilty if he put me under the same invitation.

That does not mean what he say is wrong.”

Since there is a vast savage land.
When developed under excellent lord regardless eldest son as successor, Baumeister house could growth into baronet, baron or even viscount.

In that plan, his grandchildren in the future may get favorable treatment for inheriting father’s blood.
Indeed, it can be said that territory development and Klaus family’s development are set.

As a countermeasure, don’t meet with Klaus.”

There is nothing I can do other than this.

As for talking with father like a good kid, it will be catastrophe if father did not notice anything.”

For father, Klaus existence equal to traitor.
He can be punished accordingly.

But no one in our territory that can do tax calculations accurately other than Klaus.
For such a house to raise in title in the future, it sound like a joke to me.

When father and brother know about this, Klaus would be dismissed. But if confusion happens in territory. Some of that resentment that come from confusion will also go to Vel.”

It is not my fault but they may come to blame me.
Quite unreasonable, it potentially happen in the future though.

Did you thought that you can prevent that damage if you frequently communicate with family and territory people? That also impossible.”

It already exposed long ago that I can use magic.
If I suddenly come in contact with territory people, they will have expected Wendelin as the new lord all the more.

My family will shun me for that.

Then Klaus will draw near saying step brother and sister come to lend a hand.
It disgusted me just thinking about it.

I believe that it is for the best if Vel to leave the house as the lazy eighth son who does not work to help the territory.”

I don’t want to meet Klaus, I don’t want to see him either.
While I keep my current life now, I need money to leave the house quickly.

I decide to follow Erich nii-san advice.
He is a really good brother for giving advice to me, he is without a doubt would be the only person I recognize as family in this world.

I write a thank-you letter, I put the gemstone that I pick in the savage land inside and sent it with express delivery price.

Money also essential to leave the house quickly, the answer exist surprisingly in close place.
I wonder why I didn’t notice it, it was very simple, I finally leave the house after I turn 12 years old.


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