Interlude 1 – I can’t summon a familiar

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ED: Garit

Oh, right! I should raise a pet!” (Wendelin)

I was given free time during the day but I actually don’t have anything to do in this place.

First, helping with work is prohibited since it can cause the inheritance dispute to arise within the territory.

It has not been directly told to me by anyone from my family but I was given a warning from Erich nii-san in the letter that he sends regularly.

Kurt nii-san won’t have that much courage to go so far but…” (Wendelin)

I can cultivate new land and dig up irrigation canals to contribute to the land and road works.
That’s okay for a large territory.

Even if it’s the heads of large noble families, they will reserve an amount of money as compensation/salary/remuneration for usable younger brothers.
It can be useful as a branch family’s head or a vassal with preferential treatment.

Our Baumeister family however, is poor.

Only the second son, Hermann, is married to the branch family.
If I take an active part in the development of the land, the territory’s people who witness my actions directly will certainly start to say that I should become the lord instead.

It can be justified for a small territory.

Contribute to the territory’s development with triumphant look and the territory’s people will admire you and everyone even the heir would say that I am more suitable as the next family head

You could be assassinated while asleep. I don’t want to see my brothers gruesomely killing one another.” (Erich)

Human jealousy is frightening.
I have experienced it several times even when i was a second-rate trading company’s employee in my previous life.

Let alone for a small kid fighting over the succession rights of a noble family.
I’m afraid that I’d be killed while sleeping and having the cause of death being written as “died from illness”.

No matter how good i am at using magic, it would not be enough if I get caught off guard.

Kurt is nii-san perhaps also more important as the next family head for status and territory though. I am not really needed.
I can be declared as not needed instead.

That’s why it’s better for you to pretend to be the useless prodigal son. Because Wend after all was treated as an oddball for a long time.” (Erich)

I’m subtly hurt by the few last sentences but Erich nii-san’s truly the smart one in the Baumeister house.
I might have fallen in love with him if I was a woman.

Given that there would be no way to experience it personally as we’re family (e/d he’s talking about incest) , I can still cooperate in anything for Erich nii-san. I would not hesitate to lend my hand.

By that reason, I fly around freely in the southern undeveloped land alone.
I goes to Breitburg about twice a week but I can not afford to make it public.

Because if they know that I can teleport freely, the inheritance problem will get complicated.

With that in mind, I have finally no need to depend on the dealer group that comes to three times a year. If it got out that I could bring the necessary trade items as I like, that would be a big difference between me and Kurt nii-san.

It became natural for me to replenish my supplies that way. A difficult problem would appear though as what would happen after I am dead.

Every kindness may not be rewarded.
Even if there is a benefit in terms of short-term gains, it can cause large damage in the long-run which is bad.

With those thoughts in my mind, I limited my acquaintances in Breitburg.

I travel to Breitburg to sell the game that I had captured with traps and hunting. I hid under the guise that I came from a newby farm village. I was Wendelin the dutiful son that only does shopping when asked and later returns home.

I’ve got contacts with several staff members of the commercial guild, several gatekeepers that are in rotation, several familiar shop owners and employees and the library receptionist Onee-san.

Onee-san in the library does not wear glasses but she a beautiful woman who looks smart. I think she is a woman I’m in contact with the most next to my mother in this world.

That description above is something that I thought of.

There were many people in my previous life that keep pets because of the loneliness of living alone.
I am a mage in this world so it would be not strange for me to have pets and familiars.

Thinking that, I examine the magic related books that master left behind.
That reminds me, master didn’t have any familiars and had a surprisingly simple reason behind it.

Familiars become a magicians eyes and ears. It also that bears role of replenishing its master’s magic. Hence, only humans with high affinity with animals can form a contract.”

Simply put, only those that are liked by animals can do it.

Master said that but let me test it out…” (Wendelin)

I did not think I can say “good dog” to a wolf but this is just a test. Perhaps there’s one animal that by some chance is attached to me enough to become my familiar.

I who thought so take out rabbit meat from my magic bag. I then go around and look for the nearest pack of wolves to try tempt them with meat.

Look here! it’s a delicious meat!” (Wendelin)


There’s also such a scene or speech in the anime I have seen in the old days but I am not really copying it so I keep trying to tame it.

There’s soon a change.



It’s no use!”

Far from taming it, the pack of wolves on the contrary came to me at full speed trying to eat me alive.
Honestly, I was a little scared.

Damn it! It’s not working!” (Wendelin)

I was aware of the difficulty in different interspecies communication. After a while, I reached a mental state of partial resignation where i’m becoming fine with being a loner.


I mean, it is hard for human to communicate with animals!” (Wendelin)

In the end, I knocked down all the wolves that came to attack me and later skinned them for their fur.
I can’t eat the wolf meat because of its smell but the fur can be sold fairly well.

It would have eaten so much more meat though if it became my familiar. Beasts are so pathetic…”

I look for the next candidate while putting dozens of wolves fur into my magic bag.

However, every animal that I tempted bare’s their teeth to attack me.
Well, it can be said as common sense but the territory people in Baumeister territory must be not come to the savage land quite often. (e/d probably why they call it savage lands in the first place.)

Wolves, wild boars and also big deers.
They are really belligerent even though they’re not monsters.

My stock for meat and fur only increases.”

Eventually, there were no animals that could became my familiars.
I defeated them all. In other words, what I had done is just increase my stock of meat and fur.

Oh well. A loner is just fine! I’ll just keep on training my magic!.” (Wendelin)

Nothing will change even if I put more thought into it.
I who thought so started to look for something with detection magic while flying today.

That is…” (Wendelin)

Then I confirmed that the rocky mountain in front of me was emitting thin light just a moment ago.

I take some of the rock and use verification magic on it. I quickly learn that the rock i’m holding is something called a copper ore stone.

I have no ability to distinguish a piece of raw ore from gems but I can tell that much with detection and verification magic easily.
Now, in what way I can use my purified technique. (e/d this line either his purifying magic or polishing his magic skills)

If there is magic that I am devoted to, it helps in increasing my magical power and magic accuracy.
That means it get faster to cast the same magic as time goes on.

I need to go back to sleep soon. I’ll leave it as that for now.” (Wendelin)

The mountain that generated the thin light mainly produced copper.
I can do full exploration tomorrow as I decide to back home today.

I really want to sleepover but it can create a lot of problem for a minor like me.

Copper, silver. And also gold, maybe I can mine it a little…” (Wendelin)

The next day, I investigated the mine that I found yesterday while eating rice balls.
I ate breakfast at home, but I still want to eat rice so I am holding back at home.

Cooking the rice in a large pot that I bought in Breitburg, I can pull it out from my magic bag to make rice balls. I can make a fresh rice ball that I can eat at any time.
I make a stove in an instant with earth magic in the savage land and cook it at once with my own fire magic.

I saw it in a CM (e/d i think this stands for commercial) a long time ago, a guy cooking with a strong, direct fire.

At first, the rice blackened several time as the heat is too strong but I can now cook delicious burnt rice.

The ingredient is either meat that’s caught in the savage lands or boiled seaweed and fish that’s caught from the sea with miso and soy sauce.
I cook it with eggs and vinegar which the material that I purchased in Breitburg and stir it with wind magic.

There no need to frequently prepare it in a huge bowl that I’ve created.
As expected of magic.
It is very convenient.

But no matter how versatile it is, there still problems with mass producing and spreading it though. (e/d i’m pretty sure he’s talking about the rice balls here)
I had no obligation to spread it, so I’ve no complaints though.

I don’t really want to sell it en masse. This is enough for me.” (Wendelin)

Since I only have to prepare my own share, for the time being, it’s only something that can be done with casting magic.
Magic training is also like killing two birds with one stone. This business talk can wait until after Ieave my house.

Is there even a merchant that will try to deal with a 8 years old kid even if he was a noble?
I first need to leave the house as a grown up. I can’t do anything about worldly things at the moment.

Doing as I like in the wilderness alone is some kind of stress reduction for me.

Hmm? What’s that animal?” (Wendelin)

I found a bear in a little distance away after I had finished creating copper ingot as a test.

It’s quite big.

It can’t be compared with black bear that I saw in the bear ranch in my previous life. The bear alsodoes not get angry when it looks at me. It look at me with great interests.

Maybe this is what i’m looking for? (Wendelin)

The so-called matching wavelength.
It was rare for bears to be familiars but it’s not impossible. The possibility of this bear becoming my familiar is high.

I can do it! Let’s do this!’ (Wendelin)

I was secretly full of joy but outwardly, I calmly take out the rabbit meat from my magic bag and try to show it to the bear.
Then the bear sniffs it while approaching me little by little.

So my familiar is a bear. How about its migration? Well, I can think about it later.’ (Wendelin)

Beside I feel excited as I can ride on its back with that size.
But a nightmare happen as if shattering my dream.

The bear that approaches me closely suddenly attacks me with its teeth exposed.
Honestly, this is quite dangerous.

I’m glad I have also learned to handle my body along thanks to my sword training every morning even if I have no talent in it.

Damn it! How dare you playing with my pure heart!” (Wendelin)

The bear head is eventually hit by a magic arrow that’s summoned from heaven. It leaves behind good quality fur, meat and liver that seems to be used as medicine.
With the difficulty in cross species communication, I have confirmed again the fact that I am a loner.


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