Chapter 2 – I think I’m in a trance

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A boy again… This is the 8th one.” (Man)

Dear, he’s such healthy boy. Give him a suitable name.” (Woman)

You’re right. How about Wendelin? His chance to succeed Baumeister house is almost zero though.” (Man)

Within the dream world, it was as though my consciousness drifted away from my body; I witnessed the birth of a baby boy as if it was a scene from a movie.

I, apparently, have been born as the eighth son of this Baumeister house.

Or is it more accurate to say that I took over his existence?

As I later learned, this Baumeister house is a lower-ranked noble family that governs around three villages on the frontier, each with a population of two to three hundred villagers.

Artur von Benno Baumeister is the current family head, and for better or worse, he is a mediocre man in his forties with a similar class noble as his legal wife and the local village chief’s daughter as his mistress.

The two women together had eight boys, including me, Wendelin.

Should a lower class noble, who governs a population of around eight hundred, really have this many children though? In this era, I don’t think they practice family planning.

From the information I’ve gathered up until now, I came to understand that this world resembles Europe during the Middle Ages. Even if a child is born, there is no guarantee that all of them will grow up safely either.

However, they can’t afford to have only one child either, and as there is no guarantee that the legal wife may give birth, I can at least agree on the matter regarding a mistress.

But eight boys is definitely too many … In the worst­case scenario, a family feud will ensue.

I feel sorry for the mistress’ children but that is probably not something I should worry about. I still haven’t actually seen the mistress’ face either.

She is the mother of two boys and two girls, and if the memory of this body is accurate, the first boy will be the village headman’s heir while the second will be wed to the daughter of a wealthy, but heirless, farmer. The girls also seem to have their marriages decided already.

But enough about them; their futures have been decided.

The legal wife gave birth to the remaining 6 sons. I thought that I was the the mistress’ child, but I was given birth by the legal wife when she neared 40 years old.

Honestly, I don’t think a woman of her age should be getting pregnant. But then again, from the financial aspects of a poor territory, it would be impossible to acquire a new, younger wife.

To put it the other way around, I’m glad that their relationship as a married couple was excellent.

Dear, perhaps Wendelin might have talent for the sword or magic.” (Woman)

It’s possible for him to be independent if that’s the case.” (Artur)

From the small child’s memories I’ve taken over, I gradually came to understand my current condition.

First of all, I am Wendelin, the eighth son of this shameless poor noble, a five year old. Six when counted from the start of the new year.

Despite being born in a noble house, I cannot inherit any territory because I have so many elder brothers. In the worst case, I would be unable to live as a noble.

Generally, the eldest son would take over the house, the second is considered his spare, in case something happens, and any other sons are sent out to seek their own lives.

Unlike a great noble family with vast territory or a noble family in an important position spanning generations in the capital city, for this poor lower-ranked noble whose only merit is bearing children, the third son and onward needs to make plans about their own future or else, risk their own life.

That’s harsh.

What will happen to me, who should be sleeping at home in his apartment?

I don’t have time to be happy about hearing the phrase “Magic” a little while ago.

I don’t know how the adults live in this world, but I must find my own way to live for when the time comes to leave.

(It won’t do any good to panic, but I have no idea how to live as a child who is just playing around …)” (Wendelin)

I confirmed Wendelin’s life up till now by digesting it through this omniscient view. Afterwards, I’ll wake up and hastily collect information so that I won’t be suspected by my new family.



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  7. Have to say that most novel make the mistake of making the MC realize and accept that they either reincarnated or transmigrated. I’m sure you wouldn’t actually belive it and you would be scared. But is not a big deal.
    Just to note it. Wendelin is a girl name thought there are males called like that, Wendell is the male version.

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