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Magic System:

Magic exists and can be used according to a person’s affinity to the elements. Using magic consumes mana. Magicians can mostly be divided into three classes with the first class being the stronger, there are however those who surpass them, yet they are rare. Magic can be learned through reading magic characters, but it’s not guaranteed that by reading them you’ll learn and they disappear after being read once. Magic can be cast with language (chant) or with the aid of a crest (has a higher difficulty) which will increase the power.

Magic art’s, which are a special way to manipulate mana can be divided into three categories:

Magic Combat Style: consists of reinforcing your physical body with mana to enhance your abilities.

Guidance Sorcery: the manipulation of mana outside your body, can be used in a variety of ways.

Sage Art: consists of dispersing your mana to your surroundings aligning yourself with a part of nature to affect it, consumes an immense amount of mana.




iron < small copper < large copper < silver < gold < platinum < large platinum

Exchange value:

ten small coppers = one large copper

ten large copper = one silver coin

ten silver coins = one gold coin

ten gold coins = one platinum coin

one hundred platinum coins = one large platinum coin



Characters are ordered alphabetically within their categories.

The Main Character:

Shuuya Kagari: Our MC, sent to a different world through what seemed to be a dimensional fissure and given the opportunity of remaking his body, chose to become a Lucival, a type of mutated vampire with immunity to light, after releasing his partner Rollodeen from where she was sealed, he agreed to look for two peculiar items that would allow her to regain her former abilities.

Main Character’s travelling companions:

Rollodeen: Also known as Rollo, is the MC’s partner who used to be powerful enough to be considered a divine beast. Having the form of a giant feline and bearing the name of Lohse among others, she was sealed in a war millennia ago, managed to be released from the seal with the MC’s help by forming a contract, but lost most of her power as well as the ability to express complex thoughts. Travelling with the MC ever since in the form of a cute cat with red eyes.

Helme: A water fairy the MC had a meeting while in the mountains he was being trained at, after the meeting the MC gained a mark similar to a paw print. Later, after receiving the blessing from water goddess Akreshys, managed to recover her former powers as a spirit becoming able to take physical form, afterwards, absorbed the MC’s mana entering into a contract with him.

Nobles and their direct subordinates:

Archbishop Golgan: a clergyman which accused the MC of being a Demon for causing a reaction on a demon repelling barrier at the Throne Room of the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris.

Bertrand: swordsman subordinate of Princes Swane.

Bimiyal: A civil official under the employ of Earl Makfol.

Chloe Leaf Tigri: Sorceress seving as a vassal under Princess Aurora Phi Arkamneris.

Claude: Templar Knight leader of the advanced unit of the Holy Crusaders sent from the Religious State Hesliphat to the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris.

Earl Makfol zen Rakolazei: Feudal lord of Holkerbaum, nicknamed Earl Oddball, supposedly is supported by powerful people.

Elmes Ingway: the female knight who commands the Third Princess Knight Escort Unit Hundred Flowers, from the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris.

Jared: Prime Minister Zamdo’s subordinate, called Captain by his subordinates.

Kiki: Marques Chardonnay’s maid and bodyguard.

King Thalium: King of the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris.

Marquess Chardonnay von Anaheim: A noble of the Oseberia Kingdom and the feudal lord of Hekatrail, involved in the plot concerning Princess Narskeri.

Marquis Hewso: A noble of the Zamalia kingdom met with the MC through a coincidence when he passed through Royal Capital Fa Dyke, involved with a plot concerning Princess Narskeri.

Prime Minister Zamdo: A nobleman of the Terramay Kingdom, involved with the plot concerning Princess Narskeri.

Princess Aurora Phi Arkamneris: the Third Princess of the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris, met the MC when she and her escorts were being attacked by a group of centaur-like monsters.

Princess Narskeri: Princess of the Terramay kingdom.

Princess Swane Phi Arkamneris: the FirstPrincess of the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris, fighting against demons in Sole Fortress alongside her subordinates.

Sahia Lorenz: middle-aged male knight, adjutant in the Third Princess Knight Escort Unit Hundred Flowers, from the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris.

Same: Marques Chardonnay’s subordinate, head of her information gathering group.

Talyad: magician subordinate of Princess Swane.

Yui Furgman: Assassin originally seen under the employ of Marquis Hewso, possessor of an extra skill called “Death eyes”, tried to kill the MC several times.


Adventurers and those affiliated with them:

Allen: A child adventurer which, together with his younger sister Ina, makes up the S rank adventurer clan “Icy Mausoleum of Blue Waters.”

Azora: A young beastwoman with rabbit ears and contracted with a white bear, participated in the evil dragon king subjugation in a group with the MC, lost her life to the Evil Dragon King.

Banabi Ze Kreuz: Adventurer and noble, described as cow-faced and being a magical-artist, met the MC at Pelneet inside the Krishna Sorcery Tools Shop, behaved suspiciously after seeing Rollo.

Belize Mafon: A blond-haired elven woman, member of the clan “Tempest of the Crimson Tiger.”

Bon: A dwarf and genius magic enchanting specialist who’s Zaga’s younger brother, only speaks the word ‘enchanting’ and other variations of it.

Butch Zemal: A beastman male, member of the clan “Tempest of the Crimson Tiger.”

Carban Fafunade: Guild Master of the adventurer guild in Hekatrail.

Eris Fafunade: human woman, leader of the adventurer clan “Eight Maidens”.

Fran: A female B rank adventurer with an invisible hawk following her. She has red hair.

Ina: A child adventurer which, together with her brother Allen, makes up the S rank adventurer clan “Icy Mausoleum of Blue Waters.”

Luciel: A human woman, a black-haired magician and member of the clan “Tempest of the Crimson Tiger.”

Mubran: Famous Adventurer who almost a century ago led his party to break through the 10th floor of the labyrinth located in Pelneet. Possessing the epithet “the hero”.

Rebbeca: a half-elf C class adventurer based at the Labyrinth city Pelneet joined a temporary party with the MC when he first arrived at the city. Nicknamed Angel of Death by other adventurers after several members of her party being killed constantly. Has good magical abilities.

Rubia: A child with mixed blood possessing outstanding abilities in recovery magic, was entrusted to Zaga and Bon by the MC.

Sarah Floraid: The leader the clan “Tempest of the Crimson Tiger,” a red-haired beastwoman.

Skola Tortzeta: The leader of the adventurer clan Aria’s Wanderer.

Quiche Bakunda: An elven woman and member of a village destroyed by the Evil Dragon King that lived on Mt. Baldok.

Zaga: A dwarf blacksmith first encountered in Hekatrail, after the dragon king subjugation moved with his brother to Labyrinth City Pelneet.


Dark Guild’s Members:

Ange: A member of the dark guild “Bell of Twilight,” servant of Porusen.

Beck: One of the executives of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs”, sworn-brother to Oze.

Bill Sokuudo: Boss of the dark guild  “Owl’s Fangs”, seems to be the second in the command of the guild under Eribol.

Clydosus: An elven woman and a member of the dark guild “Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale,” invited the MC to join the dark guild when he was in Hekatrail.

Curél of the Rebellious Sword: A leader of the dark guild “Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale.”

Deyma Hegway: A member of the dark guild “Scales of Gaia”, died in battle.

Eribol Macabyn: Master of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs”.

Jane: a leader of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs” responsible for Holkerbaum.

Lane: One of the executives of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs”, rabbit-eared woman.

Mia Aftotol: Last leader of the dark guild “Scales of Gaia,” first met the MC in Holkerbaum, assumed command of the guild after her family’s death, after the guild’s destruction went to Pelneet.

Morabi: One of the executives of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs”, a man dressed in black. Killed by the MC in Pelneet.

Oze: a leader of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs” responsible for Holkerbaum.

Pili: One of the executives of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs”, a giant simple-minded man.

Porusen: A member of the dark guild “Bell of Twilight,” invited the MC to join the dark guild when he was on Hekatrail.

Serva: One of the executives of the dark guild “Owl’s Fangs” treated as vice-president, uses an eye-patch. Killed by the MC when he tried to assassinate a merchant the MC was protecting in Holkerbaum.

Victor Oladom: A member of the dark guild “Scales of Gaia”, died in battle.


The Goldiba:

Achilles: A member of the horned race, the Goldiba, and the man who found our MC  underground and brought him to the surface, after recognizing Rollo as the divine beast worshipped by his people, he decided to help the MC, eventually became his master in spearmanship and trained the MC on the mountain he lives with his family. A former adventurer and God Spear of the Wind Spear Style as well as King Sword of the Flying Sword Style.

Raglen: Leifa’s father, Rabi’s husband.

Leifa: Achilles’ granddaughter, has a good relationship with the MC, a child.

Rabi: Refaa’s mother, married to Raglen.



Cecily Fadasso: A commanding officer of the Third Griffon Corps of the Oseberia Kingdom.

Cherry: A barmaid in Hekatrail, introduced to the MC by Quiche.

Dino Hildecore: head of the thieves guild Belgard.

Erica Sobelis: Melissa’s little sister.

Henkai: A dwarf from the destroyed Langur Kingdom, rescued by the MC from the Magic Labyrinth near Hekatrail after a long imprisonment.

Iriel: servant at the Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth inn.

Kalii: A man with a tattoo of black wings, had infiltrated the dark guild Thorny Tail in order to destroy it as a mission, met the MC in Hekatrail.

Keragan Kyaneras: A slave-trader who owns a dark elf and belongs to an organization named Oath of the One Horn, seen by the MC on Hekatrail for the first time. Afterwards gave access to the underground auction to the MC.

Larai: A woman related to the same organization as Kalii.

Lanfa Seyaruka: An elven woman met by the MC when he left his master’s home, guided him through the elven territory to human lands.

Lazu: An elf hailing from the same village as Quiche.

Loirr: A dwarf met by the MC on his time underground, had been exiled by his homeland, the Langur empire, but managed to return by gathering a valuable kind of plant on the underground and bribing the guards.

Marin Peradas: Priestess of the Holker Temple on Holkerbaum, has a very peculiar appearance.

Mel: landlady of the inn called Lodging Moon of the Labyrinth which the MC stayed at when he arrived at the Pelneet. Is known to be good at manipulating mana inside her body.

Melissa Sobelis: A low ranking member of the thieves guild Belgard. Was promoted after stabilishing a connection with the MC.

Mysty Gustave: She was a noble of Hekatrail from the Gustave family and is the sister of Sol Gustave, when her brother became a criminal it caused the fall of her family, has the ability to create wogan dolls.

Nora Eagbayn: The current head of the vampire hunter clan, the Eagbayn household, travels looking for her missing younger sister which disappeared during an investigation, met the MC in Hekatrail.

Phile Elizard: Owner of an workshop in Holkerbaum, targeted by a dark guild for her involvement in the construction of a bridge.

Popobumu: the MC’s former trusty mount, lizardlike in appearance. Sold by the MC.

Pubramanti: Supposedly a sage affiliated with Ernst Magic University, wrote a book about magic read by the MC.

Sazihali: An Ancient Dragon known as the Witch of the Sedia Wasteland, her formal name as a dragon is “Haiesoshesoto Dragonia”.

Sheridan: Cecily Fadasso’s subordinate.

Sol Gustave: A former noble from Hector. Became a criminal after trying to bring back his dead wife to life as a Wogan doll.

Taijiki: merchant from the luxor firm, was in charge of a caravan going from Hecatrail to Holkerbaum which the MC was an escort of.

Theta: Sol Gustave’s wife who’s, in fact, a wogan doll.



Akreshys: Water Goddess.

Arotosh: God of Life.

Baykala: Goddess of Death, depicted as a beautiful woman with pure white eyes.

Bofun: Hunting Magic God, depicted as a centaur-like monster with six eyes, six arms and eight legs.

Boshiado: Tyrannical King, depicted as a man with a broad chest and bearing a black lance.

Desalobia: The Evil God of Demon Eyes, depicted as having an amoeba-like shape.

Evil Ogre Mephalla: Princess of Dark Plays: depicted as a heroic looking soldier with four arms, blond hair and different coloured eyes.

Gaia: Earth God.

Lulodis: God of Light.

Kyulha: King Tree of Wisdom Storage, in his half-finished depiction there was a giant tree.

Lebra: Queen of Twilight, depicted as a beautiful woman with a seductive and haughty figure, has long black hair and a hexagram on her forehead and her eyes.

Lugunado: Vampire God, depicted as a black knight with sharp fangs sticking out of his mouth.

Meliady: Goddess who governs Demonic Life, a woman with long raven-black hair and three eyes.

Misea: Goddess of Magic Poison: a beautiful woman with a large grey snake for hair and slitted eyes.

Orimiru: God of Order.

Rashinzu Lebioda: King of Destruction, on this place of his depiction destroyed mountains and a cracked pitched-black world was shown.

Dark God Rivograph: depicted as a child with red eyes bearing a dark red long sword.

Sadeyula: Goddess of Plants.

Shakidaos: King of Insanity, he is depicted as a large human figure with countless black wings, red eyes, honey colored hair and six arms.

Terrifying King Nocturne: depicted as a tall human with a shaved head and a cloth with dripping blood over the place his eyes should have been.

Totogudius: King of the Ten-Layered Hell, depicted as a humanoid with curved black horns, completely black eyes and deep crimson skin, holding a long yellow staff and a golden book dripping blood, sitting on a throne of bones.

Vaamina: Queen of Nightmares, depicted as a blindfolded woman tied to a chair and with her neck half cut.

Zansuyn: King of Desire: depicted as a frog type obese monster.

Zea: The Enraged, depicted as having a roundish shape with features like that of a bald man.


Groups and Organizations:


Disorte: A demonic being extermination organization, under the control of the Holy Kingdom Hesliphat.

Eagbayn Household: A clan of vampire hunters, located in the Zamalia kingdom.

Eight Lights: A group formed for the duration of the Underground Auction by eight renowned leaders of dark guilds.

Magician’s Assembly: A meeting of powerful magicians which manage the magic guilds.

Oath of the One Horned: management organization of the Dualbell Company.

Spearmanship styles: meaning the three main styles of spearmanship which are, the Strong Spear Style and the Wind Spear Style from the Strong Techniques Faction as well as the Ruler’s Spear Style of the traditional faction, the three seem to have no connection to one another.

Swordsmanship styles: meaning the three main styles of swordsmanship, Flying Sword Style, Absolute Sword Style and King Sword Style, the three seem to have no connection to one another.


Dark Guilds:

Apostles of the Blood Mark: Evil adherents who worship Totogudius, active in Holkerbaum.

Bell of Twilight: A dark guild first seen in Hekatrail.

Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale: A dark guild related to the Ancient Befaritz Empire, their boss is rumoured to be one of the “Eight Lights”, their headquarters is supposed to be in Senapua..

Darkness of Gaigal: dark guild which was making transactions with Kuna, seem to be based on the mining city Tandart.

Owl’s Fangs: A dark guild currently wrestling power in Holkerbaum from Scales of Gaia, their boss is rumored to be one of the “Eight Lights”.

Remains of the Moon: A dark guild whose headquarters is located in Pelneet.

Scales of Gaia: A dark guild which used to control Holkerbaum, currently fighting a losing battle against Owl’s Fangs.

Thorny Tail: A dark guild first seen in Hekatrail, Kuna was a founding member and considered a leader in the guild.


Thieves Guilds:

Belgart: The largest thieves guild operating in Holkerbaum, related to an unknown dark guild.

Commandment of Rosen: Thieves guild controlled by the Oseberia Kingdom.

Sarmalli Kingdom: Thieves guild controlled by the Oseberia Kingdom.

Sizark: Thieves guild with great influence in the Leften Kingdom. Seem to have deep ties with the special unit of the secret Agency Twilight Knights.

Gate of the Calm Demon:  Thieves guild with influence across several countries, especially in Fortress City Hekatrail, Violent City Senapua and Labyrinth City Pelneet.




The Underground:

Langur Empire: An underground kingdom of the dwarves.

The Surface:

Fortress City Hekatrail: A city of the Oseberia kingdom.

Great Ancient Empire Befaritz: elven nation destroyed centuries ago.

Halphonia: The seaward capital of the Zamalia Kingdom.

Holy City Southermund: important city in the Holy Kingdom Arkamneris.

Holy Kingdom Arkamneris: located east of the Religious State Hesliphat.

Imperial Capital Kishiria: capital city of the Great Ancient Empire Befaritz, was destroyed 700 years ago, rumoured to be as a result of a magic ritual gone wrong.

Oseberia Kingdom: the human kingdom which Hekatrail belongs to, located south of the Whirlpool Forest of Demon Fog.

Pelneet: The labyrinth city.

Radford Empire: located to the west of Oseberia, currently the two countries are at war with Osberia having the advantage.

Religious State Hesliphat: A country which follows the teachings of the God of Light Lulodis.

Royal Capital Fa Dyke: Terramay’s Kingdom capital city.

Royal Capital Gromheim: Oseberia’s kingdom capital city.

Sole Fortress: fortress belonging to the Holy kingdom Arkamneris, located at the Forest of Demonic Haunts.

Terramay Kingdom: The first human kingdom the MC reached after leaving his teachers home and crossing the elven forest, located southeast of the mountain the MC was trained at.

Violent Tower City Senapua: A city with superior magic technology, located in between the countries of Zamalia, Oseberia and Terramay, governed by Councilors.

Zamalia Kingdom: A human kingdom located close to Terramay kingdom.

Whirlpool Forest of Demon Fog: A forest located between the kingdom’s of Terramay and Oseberia.


Outer World:

Sebdola: the spirit world, one of the godly domains surrounding Sera.

Sera: the material world (where the MC resides).

Seuros: godly domain (nothing else mentioned so far).


Named Creatures / Monsters / Demons / Devils:

Black Zemeckis & Red Admos: Hellish Darkbone knights who evolved after being named by the MC, they can be summoned from Sebdola through a ring.

Evil Dragon King Baldok: a dragon of the High Dragon class, used to live in Mt. Baldok, was subjugated by adventurers and forces of the Osberia kingdom working together.

Mabaon: Pegasus from the Highcellcone clan, freed from captivity in Hekatrail by the MC, gifted him a bugle horn in thanks.

Kuna: was masquerading as a human adventurer in Hekatrail when in fact was a leader of the dark guild Thorny Tail and a demonic being of the Kushanan race, she was working together with the Labyrinth master of the magic Labyrinth near Hekatrail, Sabido.

Sabido Kentsiru: Labyrinth master of the Magic Labyrinth near Hekatrail serves the Dark God Rivograph as one of the seven demon commanders of the dark god.



Ancient Magic Book Zohedron Trap: item obtained by the MC from Kuna, can create a space gate between it’s location and several others where certain mirror-like objects (the Paredes Mirrors) are located.

Crow Boots: magic boots obtained by the MC after his meeting with Sol Gustave, destroyed during the Evil Dragon King subjugation.

God towers: elevators that connect the surface to the underground, constructed by the dwarves millennia ago, most no longer function.

Light Sake Drops: one of the items searched for by the MC, supposedly would, together with Orb of wisdom, restore Rollo’s condition to what it was before being sealed, it comes from the mysterious trees of light and is also called “sake juice of life”.

Magic Spear Baldok: spear made from the materials obtained from the Evil Dragon King’s body.

Cursed Sword Beet: a magic sword with the shape of a bastard sword, obtained from Kuna, was stored inside the solar bracelet, seems to be an item related to the God of Darkness.

Notes of Ancient King Permon: a note written on aged parchment with several pieces missing.

Orb of Wisdom: one of the items searched for by the MC, supposedly would, together with Light Sake Drops, restore Rollo’s condition to what it was before being sealed, comes from the Tree of Wise Law.

Picture Scroll of the Gods of Sebdola: contains paintings of 18 beings akin to gods.

Slave Trader License: obtained by the MC from Kuna’s house.

Solar Bracelet: item obtained by the MC from Kuna, has an item box function and can only be used by those with the space-time attribute.

Tanza Spear: first spear obtained by the MC given to him by his master.


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