Chapter 90 – Assisting the pink-haired Beauty-san

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That’s not burning off the fields.
Is there some trouble?
Did Rollo sense the abnormal event, too? She had already returned to my shoulder.
Alright, let’s have a look?
The forest stretches on both sides of the highway here.
Moreover it’s only trees with thick trunks and a considerable height.
That’s convenient for me.
I move forward along the thick trunks and branches of the trees like the wind.
Then the site, where the smoke is rising from, came into sight.
It appears that fire magic is the cause of the black smoke.
Carriages were turned over. Have they been attacked?
Nuo? Magic beast monster types? And moreover a group of them.
Stopping on a thick branch, I start observing.
The monsters are four-legged with their large builds covered by black hair.
They are a combination of both human and horse, resembling centaurs.
The herd of pseudo-centaurs surrounded several overturned carriages.
A great number of human soldiers are fighting against the pseudo-centaurs.
My eyes focused on one of the pseudo-centaurs.
Four oval, red eyes are located on its squarish face which was hidden by black hair.
Its chest is massive and muscular, with broad horizontal stripes of white and black hair overlapping each other in jagged patterns.
It has developed abnormal muscles, from the shoulders to the arms or both its arms are fat. In its hands it grasped a bastard sword.
It’s killing the human soldiers with that sword.
The soldiers, who fought against the muscular pseudo-centaurs, wore military uniforms with red and white as basic colours.
They are probably warriors from either the Religious State or the Holy Kingdom.
There is also a carriage which hasn’t fallen over. Choosing that one as the centre, a person, who might be called a magic user with a tricorn hat on the head, deployed a spherical field spell.
Is it a defence spell? Heavy knights, who seem to belong to the commanding officer class, are fighting against the pseudo-centaurs while issuing instructions to several soldiers, as if protecting the light blue magic field dome.
Ooh? Found a princess-like pink-haired person behind the largely built heavy knights!
Pink, it’s pink. Pink-coloured hair. Seriously!? That’s nice.
Her face is cute as well. What’s more, even though her eyes are glaring at the monsters, they are adorable.
However, the soldiers are sent flying with the hooves, hit and cut one after the other by the pseudo-centaurs.
Those pseudo-centaurs are quite strong.
I can also confirm that from the motion of the magic sources within their bodies.
The motion is somewhat different from other monsters and resembles that of humans.
Ah, soon after developing a crack, the defence field vanishes.
No, did that magician switch over to offence?
The magician holds up a large wand with one arm and handles it as if shaking it off.
Several balls of flame are generated at the tip of the swung wand.
Those flame spells wound around like thin snakes, twined themselves around the bodies of the pseudo-centaurs and wrapped their bodies in fire, burning the black hair in an instant. In the blink of an eye the bodies of several pseudo-centaurs turn into carbonized, burnt-black sculptures.
The attack of the magician is still ongoing.
Retrieving a small rod from their waist with the left hand, the magician swung the rod which they grasped with the left hand in the same manner as they did with the large wand in their right hand, and generates a large quantity of ice pebbles from its tip in that instant. The ice pebbles pour down on the pseudo-centaurs like rain while chasing them.
The majority of the pseudo-centaurs were pierced by the large amount of ice pebbles and collapsed after getting injured.
It’s an amazing spell. Good going, magician.
However it seemed the magician attracted the attention of the enemies. The pseudo-centaurs focus their on the magician.
It looks like the pseudo-centaurs judged the magician to be a threat.
Fired arrows and swords, which had <Throw> used on them, are flying towards the magician.
The magician dodges skilfully by running away, but the soldiers, who stood against the attacks trying to protect the magician, collapsed successively from being shot through, mowed down and pierced.
Thereupon a sole heavy knight jumps in front to protect the magician.
Seems like she is shouting. The shrill voice of a woman reaches my location.
Did she merely shout or was it a provocation skill? A pseudo-centaur, who focussed on the magician, suddenly changed its target to the heavy knight.
Ah— the provocation doesn’t have much of an effect.
It didn’t seem to have any influence on a centaur which had a blue horn growing from its head.
Is that guy maybe the leader of the pseudo-centaurs?
With just a horn it moves three times as fast, isn’t the feeling I get though.
An arrow fired by that blue-horned pseudo-centaur directly hits the magician’s foot.
Getting their foot injured, the magician collapses and becomes unable to maintain the front.
The number of the soldiers, who are wearing equipment in red and white colours, is still a lot, but… you could say that they are at a disadvantage.
— My justice throbs.
Even if god permits for the pink-haired beauty-san to depart from this world, I won’t approve of it.
Let’s help them.

『Helme.』 (Shuuya)

『Yes!』 (Helme)

『Show yourself in my field of vision』 (Shuuya)

Helme’s distorted character appeared at the edge of my vision.

『Okay! I’m here.』 (Helme)

『Lend me your view.』 (Shuuya)

I catch Helme—
Helme disappears from my sight, but…

『— Ha! Ahn, haa haa.』 (Helme)

“Though I’d like you to cease that agonizing voice…” (Shuuya)

『S-Sorry…』 (Helme)

I investigate the vicinity without minding it.
I also activate Grasping Perception at the same time.
I check the enemy’s location by the difference in temperature.
There are no ambushes lying in wait in the forest behind the pseudo-centaurs.
It’s the same with the magic sources, too.
— I cancel Spirit Sight.

『Helme, can you circle around into the back of the group of pseudo-centaurs in your water state?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

I switch over from telepathic communication to common speech.

“Well then, Helme, you will look for an opportunity and attack that leading horned magic beast. Rollo and I will attack from the front.” (Shuuya)

『Understood.』 (Helme)

The Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness, Helme, ejects in a spiral from my left eye.
Helme, who transformed into a liquid that landed on the earth’s surface, wriggles forward with a strangely smooth speed.

“Alright, shall we go with a normal pre-emptive strike this time?” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

I materialize the Magic Wand in my right hand.
Then I rushed out by jumping off the thick branch— at that spot.
Using <Magic Hand guided by Thought> and <Chain>, I fly into the sky.
It becomes a case of us assaulting the pseudo-centaurs, who are fighting against the human soldiers, from overhead.
A gravity free fall* after landing from the sky. (T/N: Seems to be a reference to Gravity Daze on PS4)
I swing the Magic Wand vertically.
— And gift a centaur’s head to the red axe blade.
The centaur’s head is bisected into two with a single stroke while I experience a slight resistance.
The muscular torso, that’s similar to a horse gorilla, was split in left and right with the surfaces of both cut sections singed.
After the landing.
Without giving them any time, I raise the Magic Wand overhead and bury its red axe blade in the head of a pseudo-centaur who was next to me.
The red axe blade passes through without much sensation while causing a splatting sound. After, I performed a horizontal rotation as I extracted the Magic Wand by swinging it as is, a diagonal line of blood appears on the neck of the cut pseudo-centaur, and the head sliding down along that line of blood was reflected in my sight.
Rollo, who jumped down from my shoulder, assaults from the right side as well.
Having stabbed her tentacle bone swords into the head of a pseudo-centaur, she reels in the tentacles and gets close immediately. Using the collapsing large body as a stepping ladder, she leapt at another pseudo-centaur while baring her claws.
Kicking off from the corpse offers a quick trajectory, huh?
The screaming voices of the pseudo-centaurs can be heard at that time.

“Goofa? (What?)”

“Bofugal (It is dangerous) bofuga (danger).”

They could understand words.

“Dzogodza (Human) dazfan (movement not)—”

Oh, the monster, which was speaking, has been cut from behind.
The one who cut it was one of the disadvantaged heavy knights.

“— It’s a chance! You lot, start attacking as well!!”

It’s the female heavy knight’s screaming voice.

“— Yea!”

“Even we…”


The soldiers, who protected the princess, regain their spirit due to heavy knight’s courageous deeds and her fervent, encouraging yell.
I understand the meaning of the language the pseudo-centaurs used, but it was a language I hadn’t heard yet.
Oh well, I will clean them up.

“Gajii, dorai, ramajarz, aah!! (That spear user, us, killing!!)”

The blue-horned pseudo-centaur set up its bow while shouting that.

“Your Excellency! — I won’t allow you to fire the arrow.” (Helme)

It was the Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness, Helme, who appeared alongside those words.
She assaults the blue-horned pseudo-centaur from behind.
Helme appeared to be floating in the air since she had jumped up.
She’s spreading her left and right hand just beside her.
A spherical cluster of blue water floated in her right hand while a round darkness mist wafted in her left hand.


Once she makes a sweeping stroke with her right hand, from the the blue water— a number of ice spears are shot.
The ice spears soar towards the body of the blue-horned pseudo-centaur.
At the same time Helme waves her left hand— and, a dark cloud was created around the heads of a great majority of the other pseudo-centaurs.
While groaning, the pseudo-centaurs try to ward off the cloud of darkness around their heads by using both hands, but the magic cloud of darkness doesn’t leave.
On the other side, the body of the blue-horned pseudo-centaur is pierced by the ice spears, and it drops the bow it held, on the ground while blood flows from its abdomen.

“Gua, gu, gaji, (Who is it? She is) pazodoo (it’s two spells at the same time).”

The blue-horned pseudo-centaur shouts while looking frustrated.
It reveals an expression of gnawing it fangs in its closed mouth.
Helme, nice.
The pseudo-centaurs, who had their vision snatched away, are moving about in confusion.
First I will finish off those guys.
Kicking off the ground, I close in on a pseudo-centaur in one breath. The instant it entered the range of my spear, I simply raise the Magic Wand overhead.
— A flash of red and purple. It sliced the pseudo-centaur from its belly.
A different pseudo-centaur close-by is also cut down from its head by me swinging down the Magic Wand while leaping a bit.
Even if there’s a distance, it doesn’t miss the targeted aim.
Closing the distance between us with Magic Step, it’s changed into prey for the Magic Wand.
Rollo not only killed the pseudo-centaurs with attacks by her tentacle bone swords, but also with her muzzle’s fangs and her limbs’ claws.
It might be fine to say that the situation has completely changed due to this.
Were the surviving heavy knights and soldiers encouraged by our peerless attacks? They shifted into a full-blown counter-attack as if venting their anger for everything up until now.
Having stolen their sight, the pseudo-centaurs are defeated one after the other by the soldiers and die without being able to mount any decent resistance.
Apparently they grasped the defeat of their leading blue-horned pseudo-centaur.
Once again gnawing its fangs, it shows a mortified expression.
After it raises a war cry while glaring at me with its four red eyes, it retreats inside the forest behind it while accompanied by the still alive pseudo-centaurs, and vanishes.
They ran away in the end, huh?
Seeing that, the knights break into cheers.
After them, joy erupted among the soldiers.

“Victory, we woooonnn!!”


Meanwhile Helme turns into water and returns into my left eye.
Rollo returned to her usual spot, my shoulder, as well.
It appears that the magician, who suffered an archery attack, receives treatment for their wound.
A woman, who seems to be the pink-haired princess, is chanting a healing spell which appears to be crest magic.
A crest is floating in the air.
It’s a crest I’m seeing for the first time, different from the darkness crest.
A short while later the magician was carried inside the carriage.
Alright. Shall I extend my greetings to these people?
Let’s put emphasis on talking to that pink-haired woman.
I approach the pink-haired princess-like person.
At that moment, two heavy knights stand in my way.
One of them obviously wears equipment designating her as the leader.
She wore a helmet with a visor and a massive plate armour which expanded at the chest.
A woman?
An apron cloth in red and white hangs down from the top of the massive armour.
An emblem, which was a combination of flowers, a cross and a shield, was drawn on the cloth on the left side of her chest.
Going by its hue, it resembles the flag of Croatia.

“… Please wait. I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for having helped us on this occasion.”

The heavy knight greets me politely, takes off her helmet and bows her head.
Her golden hair is long. She’s a woman after all, eh?

“You’re welcome. It’s great that I could be of assistance.” (Shuuya)

I will play it safe with my greetings.

“Yes. Thanks to you, princess-sama was saved as well. I’m the leader, Elmes Ingway, of the 【Holy Kingdom Arkamneris】 Third Princess’ Knight Escort Unit, Hundred Flowers.” (Elmes)

“Likewise, I’m the Hundred Flowers Unit’s adjutant Sahia Lorenz.” (Sahia)

The female leader, Elmes-san, it is?
She is a beautiful woman with a firm nose bridge between her blue eyes, but there was a large scar as if she was injured by the fangs of a beast from her right cheek down to her jaw.
The adjutant-san is Sahia.
A swarthy, middle-aged man with many wrinkles on his forehead and thin eyes. The white, beautiful beardBizen* stood out on his chin. (T/N: Bizen – splendid and beautiful whiskers)
I greet them as well.

“… I’m a C-ranked adventurer. My name is Shuuya Kagari. Please call me Shuuya.”

“W-What! Being C-ranked with that much combat prowess and ability… I can’t believe that all of a sudden…” (Elmes)

“Leader, I have heard that there are cases of outstanding people even at low ranks among adventurers.” (Sahia)

The middle-aged man, who introduced himself as the adjutant Sahia, gave his opinion with a refined voice.

“Hoo…” (Elmes)

“Shall I show you my card in that case?” (Shuuya)

“N-No, it’s alright. Sorry for being impolite. I will believe you.” (Elmes)

Elmes was surprised but apparently assented without me showing my card.
Oh, the pink-haired princess-san approaches.

“— Elmes? This person kindly helped us, didn’t he?”

“Ha, Princess Aurora. That’s indeed so.” (Elmes)

Princess Aurora-sama, huh?
The princess-sama’s hairstyle is that of a pink-coloured divided bob cut.
— The pink is magnificent.
Her eyebrows are also pink with thin hair. Her perfectly round pupils are emitting a lovely tint of emerald.
The gallant appeal of her small face’s chin line enhances her great look all the more.
Her attire is that of a white, silken long dress with a small and simple shoulder armour.
It has a characteristic of brass buttons mixed into the pale pink colour which suppresses the swelling area of her chest.
A wand, which was enveloped by a silver thread, is visible at her waist.
Going by her appearance, those are simple, high-class clothes apparently worn on trips, I think.

“I see. I’d like you know your esteemed name by all means. Would you mind telling me?” (Aurora)

The pink-haired princess-sama stares at me.
Though it’s annoying to do it many times, shall I introduce myself once more?

“Yes, princess-sama. Do pardon my lacking manners. I’m a C-ranked adventurer. Shuuya Kagari is my name.”

I say while bowing my head respectfully.
Even as I bow, Rollo clung to my shoulder by using her tentacles without falling off.
Given that she doesn’t release any complaining purrs, Rollo seems to watch the course of events from her position on my shoulder.

“Shuuya-sama, it is? I don’t care about manners and such. You are my, and the knight order’s, lifesaver. I’m truly thankful for you having saved us from the hands of the Grizbell demons.” (Aurora)

The name of the earlier pseudo-centaurs is Grizbell?
However, this princess-sama is… a beautiful person.
I will interact with her truthfully while praising her properly.

“No, I just did what was natural and that resulted in the honour of me being able to save a beautiful princess-sama.” (Shuuya)

“Beautiful, or such… you are just flattering me.” (Aurora)

Her cheeks turn red with a *poof*.
You incessantly blinking your round eyes is dangerous, you know? How cute.

“No, not at all. Those are my true feelings after all.” (Shuuya)

“Thank you. But, Shuuya-sama, you are a very strong adventurer-sama, aren’t you…? Ah, I still haven’t properly introduced myself. My name is Aurora Phi Arkamneris. I’m the Third Princess of the 【Holy Kingdom】. Please call me Aurora.”

The princess presents her hand. Is she telling me to kiss it?
I don’t know the etiquette, but I’m probably right.

“Yes, Princess Aurora-sama—” (Shuuya)

While saying that, I kissed the back of her slender hand while bowing.
I was able to feel a somehow indescribable softness.
At that moment I look at the princess’ slender and beautiful fingers.
A ring with a diamond-like gem embedded was put on the index finger of her right hand.
It’s an expensive-looking ring. Ah, damn it!
Staring for too long is rude as well.
Hoping to gloss over my gaze—

“… Princess-sama, as I’m no noble, there’s no need to add a -sama to my name, is there?” (Shuuya)

“No, it’s only natural since you saved us.” (Aurora)

Her two emerald eyes are gazing at me intently.

“*cough* Well then Shuuya-dono? I’d like to offer our gratitude for you having saved us this time, but…” (Elmes)

Deliberately releasing a cough, the knight leader Elmes spoils the mood well.
Elmes-san talks with a smile after pointing a glare at me for an instant.
She apparently saw it as me making advances on the princess. I will decline since she’s scary.

“… I don’t need something like gratitude.” (Shuuya)

“— Please don’t say that.” (Aurora)

Princess Aurora appears by stepping in front in a swift and vigorous manner.
She frantically complains while bringing her face close to me.
I exchanged looks with Knight Leader Elmes, who stood next to the princess, with the demanding meaning of “Say something to her as well.”

“… Shuuya-dono, it’s a request from my side as well. It’s cowardly for me who is leading the escorting knight order, but with our veteran sorcerer injured, we require a safe and quick response. I’d like to request protection from the remarkable you. It’s also possible that will be attacked a second time by the demons beyond this point as there’s still some distance left until the 【Holy City】. It’s not an official request since it won’t go through the guild, but… won’t you possibly accept it as privately designated request by the 【Holy Kingdom】?” (Elmes)

The princess continues to talk while visibly applying pressure.

“I request it as well. I will be able to feel relieved if it’s Shuuya-sama who was able to save me and the knight order. Let’s agree on a reward as well. If there’s something you desire as reward, I will arrange for it as long as it’s possible for me to do so… thus, please act as our guard by all means.” (Aurora)

The princess crosses both her hands in front of her chest and takes a posture of praying to god.
She has a frowning, frantically pleading expression.


It’s an opportunity to go east anyway.
She’s a beauty. See here, I will end up with a feeling that I must do my best as a guard.
Ah, my nostrils might expand…
It won’t do if I don’t respond to her gentlemanly.

“… I have business in the east, that’s right. Ah, but will it be alright although I’m no more than a mere adventurer?” (Shuuya)

“Of course. It’s fine! Isn’t it, Elmes?” (Aurora)

Seeing the princess’ face, Elmes shows a smile all over her face.

“Yes, Princess-sama.” (Elmes)

However, there are worrisome elements.
The possibility of them having strong relations to the church like the neighbouring country Hesliphat is extremely high.
The name’s Holy Kingdom as well… I feel uneasy, but it’s a request of a green-eyed pink-san.

“… Then I shall accept acting as your guard for just the time while we are heading east. Though it will be just a short time, I look forward to working with you.” (Shuuya)

“That’s great, Shuuya-sama. Please treat me well.” (Aurora)

The princess is hopping up and down a bit. You are that happy?

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Watching the development on my shoulder like a doll, Rollo began to appeal.

“Oh my! What a lovely cat-chan.” (Aurora)

“This is Rollodeen. Rollo is her pet name. She’s my partner and also my familiar.” (Shuuya)

“Waah, it’s your partner Rollo-chan. Did you watch the previous fight? It was amazing, you know? It seems that she can change her shape a bit, too. The tentacles with their black, glossy hair extended.” (Aurora)

“N, nya nya~ n.” (Rollo)

Rollo’s triumphal look burst out after a long time.

“C-Cuteee, can I hug her?” (Aurora)

“G-Go ahead. Unless Rollo runs away though…” (Shuuya)

Rollo didn’t escape.
She is gently caressed by the princess while being held at her chest.
Given Rollo’s whiskers hanging down and her displeased expression, she might be enduring, but…
With that impression, Elmes-san gave various instructions to her adjutant Sahia while the princess and Rollo were flirting with each other.
Ordered by Sahia, the soldiers recover the scattered luggage, fix the carriages and collect the items of the deceased soldiers.
In total there are four carriages, but it didn’t seem that there was a shortage of wheels with the carriages having just turned over. Among the carriages there was a single luxurious carriage.
As expected of royalty, I suppose.

“Shuuya-sama, this way.” (Aurora)

Moreover I ended up being directly led inside that carriage by the princess.
Because there’s no way for me to decline, the situation proceeds into me sitting opposite of the princess due to the course of events.
The female Knight Leader Elmes next to me stays reserved, but the princess cheerfully talks to me with a happily smiling face the whole time.

“Shuuya-sama, why are you heading towards 【Holy Kingdom Arkamneris】?” (Aurora)

“Yes, I have business in the eastern, large woodlands. If I remember correctly, it’s a place located in 【Great Ancient Empire Befaritz】 or such…” (Shuuya)

“East, you mean that 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】? Isn’t that a place which has a Tear of the World of Spirits where Grizbell, lesser demons and such appear?” (Aurora)

The princess is surprised. Lesser Demons or similar appear there as well?
I heard about the Tear of the World of Spirits already. It was also mentioned on the paper of a guild’s request. It’s about a crack located in the Sera World previously mentioned by the burning bone knights.
They said that one is passing through it towards the World of Spirits, Sebdola.
I’m aware of it, but I pretend to not know.

“… Yes, it’s that eastern great forest. However, what’s that “Tear of the World of Spirits”?” (Shuuya)

Upon my question, the princess and the Knight Leader Elmes-san reveal a mysterious expression.
That Elmes-san moved her lips heavily.

“… Let me give you an explanation about it. The Tear of the World of Spirits is a scar remaining from a past war. It’s said that it was caused around 600~700 years ago. As a result of the elves’ sages performing a large taboo spell at the 【Imperial Capital Kishiria】 of 【Great Ancient Empire Befaritz】, the magic failed and 【Imperial Capital Kishiria】 suffered serious damage from causing a large explosion. That’s what started it. For the elves the tragedy continued even further. A dimensional tear was created due to the after-effects. This is the so-called Tear of the World of Spirits. Once a huge amount of demons poured out from there… the entire elven capital, which was said to be a beautiful imperial capital, was destroyed in one day. That’s what’s written in old historic books.” (Elmes)

The elves’ forbidden magic, huh?
Were they cornered in the war to such an extent that the had to rely on that?
Well, I won’t know unless I check the history books in detail… Mmh, which reminds me, Oseberia and the human countries were created around 500~600 years ago according to what master said in the classroom lecture.
Demons from the tear… in an instant I remembered the black ring Zalalarp, which I found deep in the underground, from that phrase.
The black ring should still exist in the current underground.
Rollo’s previous existence, Rozes, mentioned that several of the rings with that size exist on the surface as well.
Well, just like the burning knights said before, this is a story that has no relation to the Tear of the World of Spirits.

“… From the tear, you say? Those Grizbells, too?” (Shuuya)

Elmes-san nods.

“Yes. The 【Great Forest of Demonic Haunts】 has become the habitat of the demons. Since more than 500 years ago until today, we have been called to arms for a holy war called Crusade and the crusaders were gathered many, many times to suppress the demons starting from the 【Holy City Southermund】, but being opposed by a large army of Grizbells and demon types, the crusaders have been repeatedly annihilated or had to retreat. Even now the 【Soul Fortress】 at the front line exists to protect the national border of 【Holy Kingdom Arkamneris】, but… as you can understand from the previous attack by the group of Grizbells, it’s not like we can perfectly control the national border.” (Elmes)

Hee, that’s terrible, I suppose.

“I see, if the border is dangerous… will the 【Holy City Southermund】 be alright?” (Shuuya)

“In regards to that, it will likely be fine. There’s the fortress at the front line. Also, a solid protective wall has been built, a barrier against demons was erected and equipment has been assembled in the 【Holy City】. I think that the grizbells, who attacked us this time, circumvented the holy city from their demonic haunt and migrated with no more than one group into the forest. However, to permit them to invade into the holy kingdom like this is…” (Elmes)

Barrier against demons = connected to Light?
Image-wise holy water or such immediately pops up in my mind, but it might be field magic using a special spell.

“It’s as Elmes says. Even I didn’t expect something like grizbells appearing in the backwoods of the western holy kingdom. This place is close to our border with 【Religious State Hesliphat】 after all.” (Aurora)

The princess’ emerald pupils appear to be sparkling as usual.
Her skin with its light make-up is beautiful and looks supple.
Her expression is serious, but her skin makes one want to stick to it, I guess…
No, not good. I end up getting distracted right away.
However, as for my conjecture from their stories…
Even if the attack just now by the Grizbell demons was beyond expectation; if we keep getting attacked by demon type monsters on this highway from now on as well, isn’t it likely that the 【Holy City】 has already been surrounded by demons…?
Well, I don’t have any intention to voice out these thoughts though.

“… It was beyond expectation, you say?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. That’s right. With the sorcery veteran Chloe suffering an injury, we were on the brink of getting annihilated. It was truly a blessing that you were there, Shuuya-sama…” (Aurora)

Now that she mentions it, there was a magician who got injured.
Though she got carried away…

“… Is the condition of that sorcerer leader okay?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Chloe fainted, but she’s alright. We made her drink a potion and cast healing magic on her. Her wounds are closed. She is now sleeping in the rear carriage after our healing specialist performed poison treatment on her.” (Aurora)

“I see, it’s great that she survived.” (Shuuya)

We continued our conversation in the carriage in such manner.
Orange light is shining through the trees outside the carriage.
We advance on the highway towards 【Holy City Southermund】 while experiencing the evening sun.


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