Chapter 88 – Blessing of the Water Goddess Akreshys

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Ah, wait. Next after the spring water is the Leaf of Sadeyula.
The destination, where I can find the Leaf of Sadeyula, is a large forest in the far distant east.
Therefore, I’d like to get a map of this area.
Do they sell maps around here? I will try to ask.

“Hey, hey. Are there any maps where you can understand the position of neighbouring countries, including the area around 【Hesliphat】?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, there are. They cost one gold coin. Most of them are made out of high-grade parchment. Given that detailed maps are kept in absolute secrecy, the one you can buy is an extremely simple map, is that alright with you?”

Expensive, isn’t it?
Well, guess it’s fine since I’ve got the money?

“Sure.” (Shuuya)

“Please wait for a short moment… here.”

The receptionist retrieves a sheet of animal skin paper from a shelf situated in the back.
It was a really simple, hand-drawn map.
It roughly shows the mountain areas, rivers, roads and forests. 【Sect’s Capital Heslipha】 is written in small letters at a place northeast. 【Holy Kingdom Arkamneris】 is due east, 【Great Desert Goldix】 and 【Country of the Religious Founder Amef】 are due south. That’s all that’s written on it.
Paying the rip-off price, I receive the map.

“Thanks. Well then, see you again somewhere.” (Shuuya)

After showing the receptionist a smile, I bid farewell to her.
I folded the map, put it into my chest belt and left the guild.
I got a map now. Shall I go to the temple to get the spring water?


I enter the temple after climbing the stairs at its front.
Once I exited into the drafty area of the main temple after proceeding through the congested hallways, I understood the reason why it was more crowded than the other day.
Spring water was released vigorously, like a waterfall, from the water jug which was held up overhead by both hands of the Akreshys’ statue.
Since the spring water is falling down while clashing against the statue’s body, a sheet of spray scatters into the surroundings and a pure atmosphere filled the temple’s interior as if wrapping it up.
The sound of water, with its pleasant sensation, caused a yet different, natural noise from the choir.
An air, which is vibrating with holiness, drifts about. The vicinity of the idol, which shines with a sparkling glitter, emitted a magic source which wasn’t there the first time I saw it.
And it reflects the people that are in its field of vision.
It’s child spirits. A large amount of child spirits was created.
Whenever I see those, it’s mysterious. All of them have delicate differences in their shapes.
The bonchhichi* child spirits walk in a happy mood around the water jug. They uniformly walked with their feet going at a steady pace just like a parade of a small military unit. (T/N: A cutish mob appearing in Ancient Dungeon. There are also plush toys of it)
The song of the child spirits can’t be heard due to the close sound of water, but… as there are child spirits, who are showing their unique dance all over the statue, there are also child spirits who are swimming in mid-air as if doing breaststroke.
It’s far too strange.
However, I could also feel the magnificent, solemn atmosphere.
At that point, I shift my attention to the noisy place at the feet of the idol.
There’s a slight inclination on the floor and the spring water is guided towards a small hole on the floor. The accumulated stream of the spring water transformed into something like a shallow fountain.
Plenty of people have noisily gathered there shouting “Wa~ wa~” while holding metal wash basins, jars or large bottles in their hands.
All of them scooped up the spring water towards their tools with all their might, raised it to their mouths and drank it.
Moreover, they are putting the spring water into different wooden containers.
Rollo jumps into the fountain as well.
Did she think that the people, who gathered at the fountain, are playing around? She apparently wanted to join them.
Rollo peered into the fountain, soaked one paw in the fountain of the spring water, brought back the wet paw to her snout, licked the hair ends of her wet paw using her tongue with a *pero pero* and drank the spring water.
And then she executes a cat punch against the thin water surface, hurls herself into the sheet of spray, and finally starts to play by gliding on the floor as if water sliding.
While watching the cute appearance of Rollo, I put spring water into my magic jar as I blend into the crowd.
The magic jar was filled with spring water right away.
Alriiight, with this I got one of the ingredients. I hold up the magic jar with one hand.
I obtained “Spring Water of Akreshys!”
Unintentionally I hum the level-up sound of a certain national RPG.
Sure enough I try to drink it while looking forward to what kind of taste it has.
I bring the magic jar to my mouth.
— Nuooo, this is amazing. Although it’s water, it seems to not be so.
It has a nice feeling as it passes through my throat.
It’s a feeling of being filled with pure vitality. It permeates into my body. How delicious.
When I was gulping down the spring water while putting a hand against my waist in a style similar to drinking milk when just out of the bath, I was addressed by the head priest-san who gave me an explanation in the beginning.

“— How’s the taste of the spring water?”

“Hmm, how to say it? You can call it a taste that heals your heart? It’s delicious.” (Shuuya)

I’m sure that my eyes are sparkling. It’s tasty, this water.

“I see, I see. However, is it really only that?”

The head priest-san is fidgety.
He seems to be expecting something.

“You told me that you would defeat the Snake Dragon Hesp. And, you really defeated it. By chance, is it one of the adventurer-sama’s who brought down Snake Dragon Hesp?”

The head priest speaks while showing an expression as if a god of fortune was dwelling in him.
I wonder, is there some kind of effect right after drinking the spring water?
However, the head priest-san looks really happy.
His entire face is all smiles.

“… That’s right. Me and my partner defeated it.” (Shuuya)

Hearing that, the head priest-san changes to a humble attitude.

“Ooohh, so it was like that after all? Excuse my impoliteness. I really thank you very much on this occasion. Water Goddess Akreshys is also very delighted about this.”

I’m bewildered by the head priest-san’s change, but a god is delighted?

“Delighted?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I’m the head priest Kyulele. Because of the head priest’s unique , I can feel a bit of the power of Water Goddess Akreshys-sama.” (Kyulele)

Hoo, that’s amazing.
However, I’m originally a Japanese.
I’m close to being not religious. I indirectly believe in Buddhism and Shintoism though.
When I reincarnated, there was that, but I don’t actually feel like it can even be called a god…

“… The power of God?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Since the moment you entered this temple, the spirits have been overflowing and the sound of the idol’s surge got stronger.” (Kyulele)

“A blessing?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. It should have happened when you drank the spring water. Do you perhaps not believe in Water Goddess Akreshys-sama?” (Kyulele)

Well, if I’m asked whether I believe in her 100%… then I don’t believe in her.

“Ummm, in front of you, head priest-san, hmm, how to tell you, yes, I don’t believe in her overly much.” (Shuuya)

I honestly answer him.

“Is that so? How regrettable. However, it’s not too late. Isn’t it possible that you will be able to obtain her blessings if you possess faith, even if it’s only a bit? Since such event is really rare…” (Kyulele)

His attitude became obviously arrogant.
That is, well, he’s the head priest.

“Got it. I will turn over a new leaf…” (Shuuya)

Faith, eeh? Shall I try to believe in her a bit although it doesn’t suit me?
I take a praying pose in my own style.
— Water Goddess Akreshys-sama.
— Let me thank you on this occasion. I received your spring water. It was delicious.
— Thank you for the spring water. I shall try to believe in you a bit.
*Piing* ※ Title: Divine Protection of Water Goddess Akreshys ※ acquired.
※ Title: ※ Transcendental One and Divine Protection of Water Goddess Akreshys ※ have transformed after being unified.
Wow, this the moment I believed in her?
I ended up getting the title from the goddess with a speed similar to a tsukkomi in a skit.
Moreover, light is released towards me by the idol.
What’s that? A weapon similar to a translucent cane that was tinged with a rainbow-coloured light floated within the released light.
Wh-! The translucent cane weapon plunges into my body.
It was a speed at a level I couldn’t avoid.
— Power penetrates me.
※ Title: ※ Super-Warrior of the Water Goddess※ acquired.
※ *Piing* ※ <Instant Wand of Water> ※ Permanent skill acquired.
Wow, this time it’s a skill?

“This is—”


“— Kyaa.”

“Nuo?” (Shuuya)

The voice of a woman? My bottom is wet?
The impact inside my overcoat is… when I try to strip off my overcoat…
I didn’t understand at all what happened at this time.
All of a sudden a woman was born from my butt.
Shameplay? No, this ain’t that simple.
Although I wore an overcoat, the butt of a man gave birth to an adult woman in a temple and in front of a priest and moreover in presence of the general public?
Just what the hell did I do?
In my search for help, I look at Rollo.
Rollo is also surprised and confused.
Showing an odd expression as she is stretching her tentacles right overhead, her hair was standing on end.
The information about me acquiring the title and skill lacked common sense.
Though I have no memory of having had anal sex, I properly look at the born woman.
Mmh? Light blue hair and a blue, leafy skin. She isn’t human.
I have a child that’s not human… there’s no way that’s true, is it?
The instant I retorted with a force of driving a chain into myself, it crosses my mind.
Ah, aaah, I remember!!!
This woman is the female spirit from the time when I was at the lake.
If I remember correctly, her name was Helme?
In that moment—

『— Oh, fated one. I’m Water Goddess Akreshys. You did well to exterminate Snake Dragon Hesp. Let me thank you once again. — However, that matter is trivial. I’m grateful for you keeping the infant life, which is my family, in your body.』 (Akreshys)

Her voice resounds in my mind.

“I kept a life in me?” (Shuuya)

『— That’s right. For me to directly convey my intention is the first time in several thousands years. Therefore it’s fine if I can successfully give you my gratitude.』 (Akreshys)

By any chance,


『— I’m the Water Goddess Akreshys.』 (Akreshys)

The goddess directly addressed me in my mind after all.
Due to my words, the head priest shows a startled expression.

『— Originally I won’t do such thing to the Fated One. However, being at your side, the infant crystal spirit survived by absorbing your mana. — Alongside offering you my feelings of gratitude for saving my family by keeping its body, I shall grant you some of my power as present. However, what you have received from me first is…』 (Akreshys)

Since the expression of the head priest is scary, I switch to conversing in my mind.
Sorry for that, okay?
But, with this I understood the reason why I obtained a skill.
Even if it means that my head has turned weird, there was no way that I gave birth to a woman.
That’s great…
However, this woman, no, the crystal spirit, I wonder whether it’s alright for her to leave my body?

『— It’s fine. Being touched by my power, the crystal spirit has regained its original power.』 (Akreshys)

In that case, all’s well.
Since it’s not that often that I have the chance to talk with a god, there’s something I want to ask, but is that fine with you?

『— Certainly. An oracle like this consumes quite the power even if it’s received in the sanctuary of the temple. Therefore, I don’t have that much time, however it’s fine for you to talk without reservations.』 (Akreshys)

I understand. I will keep it short.
I’m acting in order to revive the Withered Large Tree of Holkerbaum with this spring water and the Leaf of Sadeyula, but is it really possible to revive the large tree?

『— Hoo hoo, that’s an admirable endeavour. To even revive it. You are doing a deed which will be liked by the gods quite a bit. Are you perhaps even searching for the path to Seulos?』 (Akreshys)

The path to Seulos? What’s that? Like a narrow path of a banana-like inside?

『— No, not at all. It’s fine if you don’t understand. If you revive their family member, Gaia and Sadeyula will likely be very delighted.』 (Akreshys)

Oh, is it possible that I will receive the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Tree and the Orb of Wisdom if I revive it?

『— Hahahaha, you are a daring Fated One. You will have to discuss this properly with Gaia and Sadeyula. Well then, this is how far I can last. I have to leave. Oh, Fated One…』 (Akreshys)

Ah, her presence is gone.
Her divinity, which brought about a solemn atmosphere, completely vanished from inside the temple in an instant.
There are still things I wanted to ask though.
The nearby head priest looks around restlessly.
He apparently comprehends that the situation changed.

“The presence of Water Goddess-sama vanished. You talked with the goddess just now, didn’t you? Besides, this woman has… a blue, leafy skin although she’s similar to a human? Is it by chance a matter related to Water Goddess-sama?” (Kyulele)

The priest-san stares at the crystal spirit which has a blue human shape.
Helme was a small lake spirit, but I guess it’s different now.
Rather than that, we are attracting the attention of the surroundings here.
Shall I change the location while suitably swindling my way out of it?
Before that, if I don’t store thismagic jar which is an important ingredient…
Once again fetching the Spring Water of Akreshys, I store the magic jar in the item box after I filled it up completely. I addressed the head priest who is staring at the spirit.

“… Well, priest-sama. This child lives in a distant area of an acquaintance. She is a woman of a different race. She has no relation to Water Goddess-sama.” (Shuuya)

“R-Really…?” (Kyulele)

The priest-san changed his expression and apparently agreed though being doubtful.

“Helme, it’s been a while.” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yes. Can I call you master as well?” (Helme)

Uhyo, all of a sudden it will become like this?

“For starters, let’s move outside since we are standing out here too much. Priest-sama, let’s meet again when there’s an opportunity.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, yes. Please come to the temple again anytime.” (Kyulele)

“— Yes. Then, Rollo, we are going back.” (Shuuya)

“Nyao.” (Rollo)

Taking the hand of the spirit Helme, we pass through the hallways at a quick pace, leave the temple and descend the stairway with it’s U shape.
Rollo diligently follows by running right next to me, too.
Like that I brought the spirit Helme to the shadow of a building located close to the temple.

“… So, Helme, what’s this about you calling me master?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I continued to survive barely by absorbing the mana of master for a long time. Not just that, I minutely received the taste of blood and the taste of souls. Therefore my body and mind ended up being tainted. … Please, form a contract with me, as vassal… I want to be allowed to serve you, master.” (Helme)

She replies looking embarrassed while wriggling her naked body, covered by the blue-coloured, leafy skin, seductively.

“Nya.” (Rollo)

“Rollodeen-sama, you always sensed me. It’s the first time that I see your esteemed countenance. You have a beautiful face.” (Helme)

“Nya, nyaan.” (Rollo)

Was Rollo happy being praised? She jumped on Helme’s shoulder and licked her face. Then she returned to my side again.


“Oh my, Rollo-sama, thank you very much for the lovely kiss.” (Helme)

It’s rare for Rollo to do such thing.

“… Helme, what contract?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I will officially receive a name due to the contract. I will become a new spirit by fusing with your magic source, master. And, stronger than at the time of the provisional contract, a symbol mark as your spirit will be imprinted on your body, master.” (Helme)

“A name, eh? That is, did I have the symbol mark of a provisional contract placed on me since a long time?” (Shuuya)

“Yea, that’s correct.” (Helme)

Maybe, the reason why Helme appeared from my butt is…

“Is it by chance on my butt?” (Shuuya)

“R-Right.” (Helme)

“Why again at such place…?” (Shuuya)

“That is, umm… at the time when I united with master for the first time, your cute butt suited me… I slipped into it on my own accord.” (Helme)

That time, eh…?
Though she’s a spirit…
She has the memory of doing something absurd…

“I-I see. And, what kind of things can you do?” (Shuuya)

The instant I said that, Helme’s blue body falls to the ground visibly melting.
A pool of water was created on the ground. Helme, which turned into a watery liquid that moves by creeping like a slime, crawled along my footwear Gleeb, and invaded into my feet through the gaps of the armour.
And then, travelling from the feet to my butt, she apparently assimilated with my butt.
I see…
After a short time the blue liquid leaks out through the gaps in the armour.
The blue liquid moves on the ground and the appearance of Helme, who smoothly grew from the water into the upper part of her body, changes into that of a woman.
I don’t understand how it works, but on top of the places, which Helme passed through, like the overcoat and armour not being wet, they became clean.

“It’s as you can see. In addition there’s also water current manipulationWater Control, water curtainWater Screen which is capable of resisting spells with the fire attribute, water chamberWater Jail which can imprison someone in water, the water attribute’s attack spell water bladeWater Cutter, ice sword, throwing of iceIce Bang, and ice spearIcicle Lance available without chanting. Those are my basic abilities at the present time. Moreover, it’s deemed that those will change in various ways due to a contract.” (Helme)

As her appearance suggests, she can use water and ice magic, huh?
Isn’t it amazing that it’s without chanting.

“… That’s great. Helme, you are definitely a spirit. You have now regained your original power, haven’t you?” (Shuuya)

The human-shaped Helme adopts a behaviour of showing gratitude.

“Yes. It’s thanks to you, master. Being touched by the principle of Water Goddess-sama, I achieved a sublimation as a water spirit.” (Helme)

“That’s great. I’m happy that I was useful, though it was at an unknown place. Even so, as expected of Water Goddess-sama.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. For a humble distant, disconnected spirit like me, the family’s god is an existence above the clouds.” (Helme)

Thinking of the goddess, Helme hits her breast with her hand due to a feeling of respect and shuts her eyes for a bit.

“So, assuming we form a contract, for you to hide in my butt is somehow unpleasant. Is it possible to change the location of the symbol mark?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. You can change it freely countless times to anywhere, even its size.” (Helme)

“Hoo, in that case it’s fine. Alright, as for deciding your name, is the same name Helme no good?” (Shuuya)

“If it’s a name you like, master, anything works.” (Helme)

“Then I decide it to be Helme. Let’s form a contract.” (Shuuya)

“Yes—” (Helme)

Helme’s eyes shine bluish and she reveals a smile.
The blue leafy skin on her entire body stands on end and causes a wave like a ripple.
Like that, she gets close by taking one and then two steps.
Mana overflowed from her bewitching body.
Due to that appearance— I remember.
The time when I first met her at the lake…
Helme extends her slender arms towards my chest.
The instant her blue fingers touched the scaled armour of the ancient dragon— those blue fingers become transparent and the entire body of Helme transforms into a liquid starting from the fingertips.
The water, which turned into a liquid, continued to sink in while visibly spreading and penetrating the surface of the armour’s scales.
I immediately understand that Helme’s liquid is permeating into my body.
It’s mysterious. I can sense that there’s a spirit inside my body.
Being absorbed into my chest, I grasped that the spirit’s magic source and mana was fusing and blending with my mana.
Uh, guoh, so suddenly?
… Mana to the extent of surpassing that of a burning bone knight is taken away.
※ *Piing* ※ Spirit Employment ※ Permanent skill acquired.
At the same time of acquiring the skill, I grasped that Helme is moving inside my body.
The moment the sensation of her moving shifted from the right shoulder to the right arm, the liquid oozes out from the right arm. Helme’s liquid is released while drawing an arc in mid-air.
The released liquid stopped in mid-air and trembled while creating two slowly swaying spheres which resemble a crystalline lens and a black orb.
The trembling, bluish black orb slowly changes into the body of a woman.
Moreover, the ribs at the chest opened up to the left and right like the feathers of a peafowl, the wriggling crystalline lens sank into that open chest, and was embedded inside.
The peafowl-feather-like ribs are pounding like bellows and the heaving chest is shut.
And, eventually… it turns into an awfully nice woman. (T/N: Last part uses Toyama ben, a dialect spoken in Toyama prefecture)
I unintentionally ended up reacting by speaking in a strange accent.
Her hair is long with a colour mix of blue and black, and has a cute ornament of a water drop mark.
Her characteristic cuticles possess a lustre and her long eyelashes are blue-coloured as well.
She is a beauty-san which has a small chin, a slightly high nose and large pupils with a bluish black colour.
From her large pair of breasts to her slender waist, it continues with her having a big butt.
… A top-class model. Her style is extraordinary.
As there’s a strong inclination towards dark colours on the whole, the leafy skin, which had a blue colour added in, swayed like a living creature.
Is it fine to call the bluish black a complex tint that’s close to navy blue?
Her colour and figure became more glamorous, but her basic appearance of possessing a leaf like skin hasn’t changed, it seems.

“… A new family of water and darkness. It’s the birth of the Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme.” (Helme)

Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme? Did her voice tone become slightly deeper?
Her changes have gone even that far?

“Crystal Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme, huh? Your appearance and voice changed, but are you alright?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I’m very calm, Your Excellency.” (Helme)

Excellency, she says. Her verbal expressions have changed, too.
Somehow she reminds me of the burning bone knights.
Though I haven’t summoned them recently, they are doing well in the world of spirits, I guess?
Rather than them, now it’s about Helme. Everlasting darkness means she has the darkness attribute.

“… I wonder whether it’ll be okay with you being a spirit of water and darkness? Also, can you use darkness magic as well?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Since my magic source fused with Your Excellency’s mana thanks to the contract with you, Your Excellency, I apparently obtained a new attribute.” (Helme)

“Have a go and check what kind of spells you can use.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!—” (Helme)

Helme turned around and suddenly created a dark cloud with a blackness of ink, like the one used with a writing brush, in the surroundings. A dark mist forms on the ground right under the location where the dark cloud has been created.
Once I looked properly, a magic square floated inside the mist.
From that magic square many spears, which were dark-coloured stakes with sharpened tips, are created like bamboo sprouting while making whooshing sounds.

“I have only these two spell types of the darkness attribute. After all water is my speciality.” (Helme)

I see.

“Being able to fire them smoothly without chanting is great.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, thank you very much.” (Helme)

“So, the new mark, on what part of my body is… the new mark imprinted?” (Shuuya)

“Please decide yourself, Your Excellency. You can modify it freely at any time.” (Helme)

“I see. So, how about my eye?” (Shuuya)

“Okay. Then—” (Helme)

Turning into liquid, Helme drew an arc and plunged into my left eye.

“Nothing has changed, right?” (Shuuya)

『Your Excellency.』 (Helme)

Nuo, it’s a distorted Helme.
She’s floating in my field of vision like an AR* function? (T/N: Augmented Reality)

“This is…” (Shuuya)

『I’m existing in Your Excellency’s eye.』 (Helme)

How strange.

“I wonder why Helme’s existence is like a three-dimensional small CG anime character?” (Shuuya)

『Your Excellency? I don’t understand the meaning of those words.』 (Helme)

Since she’s like a distorted character, her gestures are cute.

“Is it only me seeing you like that? I wondered whether you read it from my memories?” (Shuuya)

『… Reading your memories? I’m definitely unable to do such a thing. Since I have been employed by Your Excellency, I can become Your Excellency’s power by using this body, but there’s no way that I can do such hostile action. To the bitter end I’m currently in a state where I can be stored in Your Excellency’s body, in Your Excellency’s eyes.』 (Helme)


『Though it’s an assumption, it might just be Your Excellency who is viewing and feeling my magic source like that. However, I’m also conscious when I take this small appearance. If this is connected to reading your memories, then please let me dwell in your butt.』 (Helme)

No, my butt is no good.
It’s fine as it’s now.

“Even so, currently I can hear your voice resounding directly in my mind, Helme, but does that only happen when you are inside my body?” (Shuuya)

『Yes, that’s correct.』 (Helme)

Does that mean that long distance communication is impossible?

“Well then, what do you mean with turning into my power?” (Shuuya)

『Yes. I can give advice to you, Your Excellency. Although Your Excellency’s mana will be consumed, you will be able to use a part of spirit sight through my eyes. If used, it should become possible to detect heat within the range of your visual field.』 (Helme)

Heat detection… thermography, eh?
Isn’t that a pit organ which snakes possess?

“Ooh, for real? How much is the mana consumption?” (Shuuya)

『For me it’s one cast of ice spearIcicle Lance. For Your Excellency it should be quite the small quantity.』 (Helme)

“Hee, so how can I use it??” (Shuuya)

『If you are conscious of me being in your visual field and look at me with the impression of catching me, the alignment will be started by pouring mana into me.』 (Helme)

“I see. Let’s try it out.” (Shuuya)

I caught Helme, who is reflected in my sight, as if clicking her with a mouse.
And then I look—
Helme vanished from my visual field.

『Ahh— Ann, aaaaah, ufuu.』 (Helme)

Uhe, she starts panting seductively.
However, the left visual field changed into colours similar to thermography.
The places with high temperatures become orange and red, those with a low temperature become green and black…
Heat detection. This is spirit sight, huh?

“… I see.” (Shuuya)

『Hahiiiiii, ufun, the feeling, it’s, nice. Mnnh.』 (Helme)

Uh, it feels like I’m listening to AV on radio.

“Stop that voice.” (Shuuya)

『Y-Yeeesh.』 (Helme)

“Why do you speak like that?” (Shuuya)

『T-This iiish, becaaaauuse of Your Excellency’s manaaaa.』 (Helme)

Does she like my mana?

“Having to listen to that each time I use spirit sight is unpleasant. Please keep it down from now on.” (Shuuya)

『Hiii, ahn, g-got it. I-I will do my beeesht.』 (Helme)

“You vanished from my sight, but what’s the difference between the time when you reflected in my visual field and the time when you are not?” (Shuuya)

『If Your Excellency pours mana into me, I disappear from your sight. Later I will be able to appear and disappear if you order me to do so.』 (Helme)

I understand.
For the time being I have stopped looking with spirit sight.

“I see, even so, I wonder whether I can do something like telepathic communication, words that can only be heard in someone’s mind, just like you, Helme.” (Shuuya)

『It’s possible. If you are conscious of me and wish for it to happen, it will become reality.』 (Helme)

Conscious, eh? Let’s try talking to Helme by wishing for it.

『Helme, can you hear me?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

『This is telepathic communication? How magnificent. However, if you, Helme, leave my sight, telepathic communication becomes impossible?』 (Shuuya)

『Yes, it’s not possible if I’m separated from you, but if we grow and evolve… it might one day become possible to do something like telepathic communication from a distance.』 (Helme)

Growth, eh? Right now that’s impossible.
It won’t work out that conveniently, will it?

『Understood. I will wait patiently.』 (Shuuya)

『Ha!』 (Helme)


“Helme, it’s fine for you to come out.” (Shuuya)

『Yes!—』 (Helme)

Watching from nearby how a liquid is released from my own eye is somehow weird.

“Your excellency, please treat me well from now on…” (Helme)

Just where did the anguished voice from just now vanished to? She is calmly bowing her head while keeping one knee on the ground.
Helme’s skin is leafy with a mix of blue and black making her entire body look smooth.
She’s able to change into liquid. I wonder whether I can freely tamper with it?

“… Yea, best regards. I do have a question though. Can you freely change your appearance?” (Shuuya)

“This is my basic appearance, but by making the colour of a part of my leafy skin change, I can disguise it as clothes like those worn by humans.” (Helme)

“Hoo, have a try.” (Shuuya)

“Yes—” (Helme)

Thereupon, what were bluish black leaves changed into smooth leather clothes like those worn by female humans.
Her hair and pupils are bluish black, but the skin of her nape of her neck and face are light blue.
It will be alright like this, I think?


“Way to go! Please always change like that when we go outside.” (Shuuya)

“As you wish.” (Helme)

“Well then, we are returning to the inn where we are staying at.” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Helme)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

I decide to return to the inn and have Helme go back into my left eye temporarily.


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