Chapter 81 – The Dark Guild 【Scales of Gaia】

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Early morning of the next day.
Being led by Melissa, who had arranged to meet at the high-class inn, we arrived at the residence which serves as 【Belgart】’s headquarters.

“This is the place. Let’s go inside.” (Melissa)

“Okay.” (Shuuya)

Its exterior is that of a normal mansion.
However, its interior was different.
It’s a huge open-ceiled hall with a wooden floor, where tables and long horizontal shelves are lined up, similar to a library.
On those shelves there are thick parchments made by various races, thin parchment with stuff written on them and rolled-up parchments which were stored away. There was someone on a stepladder trying to get a book from an upper shelf. There are men and women repeatedly discussing matters across the tables. Belgart’s personnel worked while looking quite busy.
While greeting her busily working colleagues, Melissa proceeds towards an inner passage leading away from the hall.

“Usually everyone’s mood is sort of cheerful, but once it becomes hectic, the personnel keeps increasing. As it has already turned into a frenzied whirl of busyness, it’s quite grave.” (Melissa)

Did Melissa recall her busy times while walking through the passage? She speaks while showing a displeased expression.
As I had such a conversation with her, I was led to a room located in the inner part.
That room is a parlour which had a gorgeous interior design added to it.
It’s decorated with a sofa, which was treated with high-class cowhide, a desk with inlays embedded, chairs and paintings on the walls.
An incense set, similar to a huge anthill, was dispersing aroma and was placed in the middle of the room. A round cushion chair, with a wide structure, has been installed in a circle around that incense set.
I want to get massaged by a beauty while sprawled on it.

“Negotiations and entertainment for the people from large companies are performed here.” (Melissa)

Entertainment, huh? Seems like I can really get a massage here.

“Hee…” (Shuuya)

“Well then, since I have official work to do, my guiding ends here.” (Melissa)

“I see. Thank you for your guidance.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, please nominate me again, okay…? Please take care afterwards.” (Melissa)

“I know, see you.” (Shuuya)

Once she gives a serious nod, she leaves the extravagant parlour.
Well then, what to do from now on?
Sitting down on the high-class sofa, I lightly ponder about the matters hereafter.
There’s still a bit time until I can get the ticket for the Underground Auction.
I memorized the location of the thieves guild 【Belgart】, which is the meeting place with the management organization of the large company.
Next is…

1.) Head to the office of 【Scales of Gaia】 and help in the destruction of 【Owl’s Fangs】’s branch. Or directly search for 【Owl’s Fangs】’s branch and destroy it.
2.) Ignore all of it, search for the raw materials of the Withered Large Tree, which I was requested to do by the priestess Marin, and get clues about the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Tree and the Orb of Wisdom.
3.) Simply explore outside the gate.

A no for 2.) and 3.)
After all my sole preference lies with what I’ve considered at first.
Even if I once again come back to Holkerbaum after finding the raw materials for the withered large tree, it’s obvious that the soldiers of 【Owl’s Fangs】 will search for me and attack me again.
Therefore, by intervening in the conflict between 【Scales of Gaia】 and 【Owl’s Fangs】 before it is too late, I will just crush 【Owl’s Fangs】’s base in Holkerbaum and beat the leaders and soldiers there?
Besides, there’s a beautiful, black-haired female guild leader in 【Scales of Gaia】.
Her name is Mia. I want to help a beautiful woman.
That is the tiny justice of me who is fully loaded with ulterior motives.
Thus I stand up from the sofa and start acting swiftly.
Taking Rollo along, we went outside from Belgart’s mansion.
While looking at the leather cloth map I received from Melissa, I head towards the store grounds which serves as the headquarters of 【Scales of Gaia】.
Entering alleys off the main road, I advance straight through crossroads.
I came out at a promenade where stone lanterns were lined up just like street lights.
If I remember correctly, it should be around here, but… there’s a lot pedestrian traffic here.
Oh, found it. Though I was a bit puzzled, I arrived somehow.
A wooden store estate with a stairway attached stands there as if occupying one corner of the intersection.
A painting of scales in a bordered circle crest has been drawn in black on its side wall.
Loitering around in front of the old-styled store estate was a beastman with characteristic traits.
A cat beastman. Seems to be strong for a gatekeeper. A member of the dark guild?
Going by appearance, it’s a race that combines humans and cats.
Since navy blue hair pops out here and there, although he is wearing a ‘leather armour with rivets attached’ (studded leather armour), it’s possible to judge that his entire body is covered by navy blue hair.
The four, thick-looking, arms, which he crossed in front of his chest, were covered by deep blue hair.
His imposing standing posture reminds me of those intelligent cat creatures who appear in the fairy-tale worlds of Mizayawa Kenji* (T/N: Famous writer and poet in Japanese literature, one of his major works is “Night on the Galactic Railroad”, check him out here:
What I grasp is that he is coating his arms and feet with delicately powered mana.
There are four broad leather sword belts, which were wrapped around his waist and integrated into his armour, on the left and right. Four longswords were dangling down from the waist to his thighs.
While paying attention to that cat beastman, I turn towards the front of the store grounds.
Stoneheads, which resemble garden lanterns, and huge rocks made of granite, similar to those used in traditional Japanese-styled gardens, are set up at the store front with gravestones, stone tables and stone chairs lining up there.
Nothing but an image of a stone artisan-san surges forth from this store.
However, for some reason no clerk-like personnel could be found on the first floor inside the store.
Having published a stone signboard at the front roof, it had the name 【Scales of Gaia】 carved into the stone with big letters. Just as one could understand from the merchandise and the stone-carved signboard, this wooden estate has the impression of being a stone store with a specialization in making things out of stone. However, even though they sell stones, stone isn’t used much as the house’s building material and it’s an aged wooden estate.
For starters shall I try to talk with that strong-looking cat beastman? I will approach him.
Since his three eyes are each looking in different directions, he seems to survey the surroundings.
The cat beastman put the sole of one foot against the store’s wall with his back leaning against it.
I made my mouth move while being slightly nervous.

“Umm~, is this the headquarters of the dark guild 【Scales of Gaia】?” (Shuuya)

“Haa!? What’s it all of a sudden? Who are you?”

The colour of his three pupils are light green surrounded by a dark blue.
It’s a hue close to navy blue.
Two eyes seize my figure while the remaining eye observes the vicinity.
Rather than him having three eyes, it’s more amazing for him to have four arms as well.
From among the four arms, he folded the upper two arms in front of his chest in a proud manner, extended the lower left arm straight ahead while creating a fist with its palm and already moved the lower right arm to a sword at his waist.
Given that he’s touching the sword’s hilt with his fingers, it feels as if he can draw the longsword from the sword belt at his waist at any time.
Anyway, if you have that many arms, it seems to be handy in various ways.
Though I mainly end up imaging the wild delusion of that being in the category of lechery right away…
Well then, I’m about to greet him.

“… I’m someone called Shuuya Kagari, a passing-by adventurer.” (Shuuya)

“Passing-by, you say!? What’s your business then?”

“Nya? Nyanya.” (Rollo)

Rollo, who hid in my hood, moved to my shoulder and greeted him while bending forward.
He, who is a cat beastman, apparently had an interest even in a cute black cat as he is no more than a cat after all.

“W-Who’s this fellow?”

He moved his three eyes sharply in a glaring manner and stares at the figure of Rollo.

“She is my partner, friend, familiar and pet.” (Shuuya)

“Aah— Maybe the one who talked with the guild leader and boss Victor…”

“Did you hear about it? Yes, I saved those two before. At that time you weren’t there.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, that’s correct. Sorry for my rudeness. I’m Deyma Hegway. The guild leader is on the second floor. Please, come inside.” (Deyma)

The cat beastman has suddenly become polite.
His four thick arms, which were covered by navy blue hair, are pointed towards the stairway behind him.
Alongside the cat beastman, I climbed those stairs and was guided to the second floor of the store.
The second floor is a vast room in proportion to the size of the first floor.
In the middle there are chairs and a deep brown, oblong table lined up, the room appears to be used as conference room. Young men are sitting on those chairs.
Everyone turned their attention to us who entered.
Inside there’s also a large door visible.

“Guild leader! The gentleman we searched for has expressly come to us.” (Deyma)

“Eeh—” (Mia)

Once informed by Deyma with a loud voice, a female voice resounds.
The large door, located inside the conference room, was vigorously opened all of a sudden.

“— Shuuya-san! We searched for you all the time since then. We tried to obtain information by even paying money to a thieves guild.” (Mia)


Ooh, as before, she is a neat and trim woman.
Her long and glossy black hair. Her black pupils with just the right size.
Her nose and lips which balanced out with her well-featured eyebrows.
Her faintly red lips are self-indulgent and could be seen as thin line.
In addition, there’s a tiny birthmark on her right cheek.

“… Haha, sorry. I felt like it would be bad to stay for a long time back then.” (Shuuya)

“I’m sorry for not having taken that into consideration.” (Mia)

She bowed her head while holding down the edge of her black flared skirt with its grey top with a slit at the collar.
Once Mia-san, who is the guild leader, bows, everyone at that place starts to bow their heads.

“Ah, no, I wanted to do so as well. Please raise your heads.” (Shuuya)

“No, Although you are an adventurer, Shuuya-san, you are a gentleman who is my, no, this 【Scales of Gaia】’s benefactor. Therefore, without even properly showing our gratitude…” (Mia)

She is quite the level-headed ojou-sanyoung lady.
However, if she continues to bow like this, it will cause my heart to itch.
Besides, I want to see more of Mia’s beautiful.

“Mia-san, please lift your head. Your conveyed your feelings plentifully.” (Shuuya)

“Okay. It’s not only my feelings. It spreads through every fibre.” (Mia)

She says obstinately after raising her head and approaches me.

“Shuuya-san, since everyone is in this place…” (Mia)

She talks in a low voices and grasps my hand.
— At that moment, blood thirst spreads from all the scary faces of the youngsters in the vicinity.
Uhe, they apparently can’t allow her grasping my hand.

“— Guild leader!? Oi, the man over there, what are you touching there!?”

Huh? The one who is touching is Mia-san as she grabbed my hand though.
“What are you selfishly touching our ojou for? Rawrrr” can be heard as well.
The one who raised a loud voice from behind was the beastman warrior Deyma who had guided me here a moment ago.
Changing completely from their previously shown polite attitude, he is angry while his blue hair stands on end and a blue vein visibly pops out on his forehead.
He ground his fangs while baring them.
It seems that he cannot forgive me carefreely grasping Mia-san’s hand.

“— Deyma, don’t get so angry.” (Victor)

While emitting such dignity, a lad and Victor-san appeared from the entrance behind Deyma.
There are many wrinkles, similar to knife cut wounds, on the forehead of “Victor the Hammer.”
His eyes had an unchanged glare just like the first time I saw him.
This old man has an atmosphere that seems to kill someone with just his gaze.

“Boss Victor!” (Deyma)

“Yeah. We came back from our patrol. And, Deyma, this person is really a benefactor who saved the guild leader’s and my life. However, it’s best if you don’t hear the reason why he saved us…” (Victor)

As if adding to Victor’s words, Guild Leader Mia’s words continue,

“That’s right. Since you weren’t there at that time, I think you don’t know, but… Shuuya-san was able to eradicate the members of 【Owl’s Fangs】, of whom there were dozens, because he liked me. If Shuuya-san wasn’t at that place then, I likely would have been raped and killed by the men of 【Owl’s Fangs】…” (Mia)

Due to guild leader Mia-san herself talking humbly, the location fell silent.
The cat warrior Deyma closes his three eyes and nods.

“… Was that so? Shuuya-dono, first remove that hand. I will see that ability—” (Deyma)

“Deyma, you don’t understand even though I explained it?” (Mia)

Mia-san interrupts Deyma and accuses him with an enraged tone.
It seems that Deyma wants to measure my strength.

“N-No, but…” (Deyma)

Deyma turns his three eyes at Mia-san and me while looking as if he still wants to say something.

“Jeez, it’s fine. Shuuya-san, let’s go…” (Mia)

Mia-san knits her eyebrows and stares at the beastman Deyma.
As is, she puts strength into her hand and pulled me along.
Due to the guild leader’s sudden action, the surroundings end up dumbfounded.
I was taken out of the conference room in a half-forceful manner.
Closing the door roughly, we enter a place that seems to be the guild leader’s office.
Furthermore, opening the door that was at the right in the guild leader’s office, we proceeded through a hallway that continued straight ahead.
There are stairs at the end of the hallway with its wooden planks. Descending the stairs, she selfishly continues to walk along another hallway again.

“Mia-san, where are we going?” (Shuuya)

“Just follow me.” (Mia)

Well, the sensation of being grabbed by a beautiful, slender hand is pleasant.
The place she took me along to was a private room which is located in a corner of the first floor.
It contains huge bookshelves, a writing desk, a chair and a bed.
I discover a tattered doll made out of wood near the pillow on her bed.
Rather than ladylike, it’s a room where a girlishness dwells in all corners.
This is her own room?
A white one-piece on the back of the chair and clothes which appears to be an uniform with a hood attached, hung at the wall.
Of course it’s not an uniform that’s worn by modern female high-school students.
It might have a resemblance to those, but by its appearance one can understand that it’s completely the clothes of a student of a Magic Academy.
It probably suits Mia-san if she wears it.
It complies with her neat and trim image.
Perhaps it’s an outfit I’d like her to wear as cosplay.
While imagining such erotic stuff, I examined the room.
There are document parchments, an accessory case and writing tools on the desk.
The contents of the accessory case were a gadget similar to a hourglass, a small jar of incense, a ribbon hair ornament, a large toilet set and a quill pen.
It’s the room of a girl after all.
However, on a bookshelf located on the desk there are:
“The Illusionary Kingdom in the Deep Underground”
“Subjugation Chronicle of the Demonic King of Depravity Totogu Gogu by Hero Mutou”
“The Death of Hero Mutou who experienced the Wrath of Totogudius”
“The Love between Ayla and the Evil Knight Velzey who was caught in the IntersticeVale
“Morning Star Saideyl’s Immortal Love”
“The Eight Divine Sword and Spear Kings”
“The gentle Tiger who boasts of a fierce god-like strength”
Continuing from books of the literary type, it switches over to books related to magic.
Gods and Stars, The Disgrace of IntersticeVale, The Phenomenon of Eyesight Loss by Void Magic Resonance, Wizards and the IntersticeVale, The Transcendence in the IntersticeVale and Methods to connect with the World of Spirits and the World of the Dead, Life and Comrades, Immortality of the Soul, Life and Death, The Road to Seuros, The Wall against the Demons, Existence and Nature, An Anthology of Lamentation, Resonante’s Boarding School Guide.
Books, which are mixed with works related to complicated-seeming philosophy, are lined up.
According to the imagination from these book titles, the philosophers of this worldSera likely have a great variety of discussions. They carry the credibility of stories related to the Hades of Socrates and such. Since the gods and magic exist close to them, it rather turns into a study of religion than philosophy?
However, it looks like Mia-san went to some academy before becoming the guild leader.
Her head is likely better than mine.

“… This is my room. Sorry for bringing you here all of a sudden. It’s bad towards Deyma, but since it’s easier to grant you your reward here, Shuuya-san, and in addition, it’s logical* that you receive it from me directly.” (Mia)

Muscle*, muscle, does she like hard muscles? (T/N: Word play here as suji (筋) has various meanings and two of them are logic and muscle)
I will praise her in a safe way without messing around and asking her that.

“This is a cute room.” (Shuuya)

“Really? Since I haven’t seen the rooms of girls my age much…” (Mia)

A shadow befalls her expression.
The information I was told by Melissa passes through my mind.
Both her parents were done in by leaders of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】 which were hired by 【Owl’s Fangs】 and because of that the novice Mia-san became the guild leader of a dark guild…

“Nyaa.” (Rollo)

When I recalled the talk about her past, Rollo jumped on the bed.
Rollo, as usual, appears to love this playing around.
Every time she sees something that looks soft like a couch or bed, she will always do “this.” Once she gets tired of hopping up and down, she trots to the pillow while being caressed on her head.

“— Fufu, how cute, black cat-san. It was Rollo-chan, right?” (Mia)

“Yeah.” (Shuuya)

“Nya?” (Rollo)

She turns her round and cute red eyes at Mia-san.
“What do you want nya?” It might be something like that.

“Oh my, she listens and understands properly.” (Mia)

“Nn.” (Rollo)

The black cat purrs shortly with a throaty voice while looking troubled.
It felt as if she said 『That’s natural nya』.
Just like that she completely curls up on top of the pillow.

“Oh, she went asleep.” (Mia)

“Rollo is selfish, sorry…” (Shuuya)

“No, it’s fine. Rather than that, please sit down on the chair over there or the bed. I want to have a serious talk.” (Mia)

“A serious talk with me?” (Shuuya)

Just as I was told, I sit down on the edge of the bed.
Mia-san sat down on the bed as well and looked at me.
Her expression changes into a serious one.
Will we kiss and embrace each other?
However, she looks at me with unwavering, black pupils.
I don’t have such intention… sorry.
Her pupils light brown to close to black. I feel as if the deep darkness of her heart keeps appearing and disappearing within her pupils.

“… I’m truly happy that you were able to rescue us. You have my thanks as well. However, originally you are an adventurer, Shuuya-san. There was no request neither do you belong to a dark guild. You told us that “you like me” as reason for saving us even though you have absolutely no relation to us. However, as that seems to be truth, why did you expose yourself to such danger?” (Mia)

That doubt is reasonable. The reason is that I have a mind that doesn’t consider danger to be dangerous.
As a matter of fact, even if I get injured, I will heal it. Since I dislike pain, I will pick evasive manoeuvres though.
The rest is my conceited self-satisfaction and my mindset of half-baked meddling.
Although there are various other aspects, after all, this is the most natural and simple answer.

“… I wanted to rescue you. It’s because I thought I “want to save Mia-san.”” (Shuuya)

“Me…?” (Mia)

I notice that her snow-like white skin gets faintly dyed red.

“Is it no good if it’s only that?” (Shuuya)

“No, you are a “gentle one”, Shuuya-san. Got it— Here you have 20 gold coins. I can’t give you anymore than this currently, but it’s the reward for having saved us.” (Mia)

She takes money out of a hidden cash-box from below the bed and offers it to me.
There were other sturdy-looking chests visible below the bed, too.
Is it fine to show those to me, I wonder?
Although she was saved by me, I feel that it’s too careless, but…
It’s because she seems to be a earnest child.
Well, it would be best to accept it properly if it’s her gratitude?

“… I certainly received it.” (Shuuya)

“That’s great. You accepted it properly…” (Mia)

“Why?” (Shuuya)

“That’s a matter of my pride. Although I’m small, I still lead a dark guild.” (Mia)

Changing her look slightly, she gazes at me sharply.

“Well then, let’s return to above.” (Mia)

It’s my opportunity. I shall tell her at once.

“Wait. There’s something I want to talk about before that.” (Shuuya)

It’s an important matter.

“What is it?” (Mia)

“It has been decided that I will fight against 【Owl’s Fangs】. As a matter of fact, I intruded on this place with the intention to tell you that.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Even if you tell me who received your help, what is that about… I’m against it. There no further necessity for you, Shuuya-san, who is an adventurer, to get involved in a battle between dark guilds.” (Mia)

I shouldn’t get involved? That’s a harsh way of talking.
However, she seems to misunderstand something.
It’s inevitable since I would go attack 【Owl’s Fangs】 right away even if she refused it.
Do I have to explain?

“Getting involved or not. I was attacked by 【Owl’s Fangs】 on the way to the city here. By the way, that’s before I rescued you in the back alley, Mia-san. Thanks to them, a great number of adventurers, who received the same request, died.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo also purrs while being apparently disgusted.

“S-Such a…” (Mia)

“There was a skirmish even after I rescued you, Mia-san. Therefore you can’t say that I’m not related to this anymore. In other words, I will assist 【Scales of Gaia】…” (Shuuya)

The moment I stated such, she changed completely.

“— That’s not allowed!!! I don’t want to drag you, who is an adventurer, into the fight with 【Owl’s Fangs】!” (Mia)

She is persistent.
She scolds me. Did I incur her wrath? Her voice is loud and offended.

“Well, since I told you what I wanted to tell you, I will go back to above.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, I will go back, too.” (Mia)

And then we return to the office on the second floor after ascending the stairs from the hallway.
Once we enter the meeting from the guild leader’s office, Deyma bows to me and tells me in passing “sorry” for just now. The young members of 【Scales of Gaia】 bowed to me one after the other.
They are a busy bunch in getting angry and apologizing for it.
Without complaining about trivial matters, I dealt with them normally.

“Since you understood it, please lift your heads.” (Shuuya)

“No, Shuuya-san, you are the guild leader’s precious person. Being rude to such a person is…”

Precious person? They seem to misunderstand something…
Even when I check Mia-san’s face, she only slants her face while looking strangely.
Well, even if they misunderstand, it’s all good.
I told them no more than I wanted… I decide to go back.
Ah, shall I ask where I can find the leaders of 【Owl’s Fangs】?
I turn my face towards Mia-san who is in the back.

“Mia-san, do you know the location of the branch of 【Owl’s Fangs】, their office?” (Shuuya)

Hearing that, she glares at me while her eyebrows twitch.

“What will you do after hearing about that?” (Mia)

She has no intention of telling me?
Even though it’s fine if she tells me as they are hostile anyway.
In that case, I guess I will ask Melissa?

“I don’t have any plans to tell you… well then, I will go back to my inn at this point today.” (Shuuya)

Saying that, I leave the office of 【Scales of Gaia】.
I go directly to the headquarters of 【Belgart】 to meet with Melissa.
However, the mansion of Belgart is crowded and overflowing with people.
By no means was it a place where I could specifically call out to Melissa in private.
Did they suddenly receive some big job?
It can’t be helped. I will go back to the inn.
I judge that it’s probably the best if I call her out as courtesan.
However, being busy with work even when it became night, Melissa didn’t come.
Entering the bath early on that day, I spend my time laid-back while brushing Rollo.
— The next day.
Even if I go to the headquarters of Belgart, there’s a bit of a distance. Since I believed that Melissa was busy, I once again intruded upon 【Scales of Gaia】.
Once more I talk with Mia-san in a polite manner while keeping a low profile about me assisting their side.
“That’s rejected.” “I won’t allow it.”
“Go and hunt Parpii at the quarry where the slaves are labouring.”
“If you like, how about cutting stones at the quarry by blending in among the slaves?”
“Like an adventurer, you should also go for large dragonflies.”
Determinedly she was harsh while using a firm tone.
At that time there is the sound of someone running up the stairs next to the office.
The door was opened strongly.

“Guild Leader! Victor-san! It’s terrible!” (Akoos)

“Akoos, what’s wrong?” (Victor)

Victor the Hammer stands up and listens.

“It’s an attackraid group of 【Owl’s Fangs】! They have gathered in front of the promenade.” (Akoos) (T/N: The “raid” has the meaning of an attack against a hostile criminal organization)

“What did you say!!? How many soldiers?” (Victor)

An instantaneous wrath.
A vein appears on Victor-san’s forehead due to his temper.
I had a feeling that his wrinkles swelled up.

“T-That is, the figures of both the leaders, Oze and Jane, were seen as well. The soldiers exceed 100 and are close to 200…?” (Akoos)

Is the reddish-brown haired Akoos scared? He covered his face while reporting.
Next, Victor the Hammer speaks while raising his tone.

“The leaders, too? Damn! Even the soldiers, if it’s such number, it’s the same as an army. Besides, if Oze and Jane came out expressly, we have to resolve ourselves as well. Deyma, we will go. They can’t be allowed to go beyond the promenade.” (Victor)

“Aye! Previously I was only protecting. This time I will go nuts. Even if I lose all of my four arms for example, I will crush 【Owl’s Fangs】!!” (Deyma)

Deyma swings his four arms in circles and shows his well-developed biceps.
Leaking his fighting spirit causes the surrounding to get animated.

“I will too, with magic—” (Mia)

“No, because of what has happened last time, please stay here, ojou.” (Victor)

Mia is surprised at Victor’s objection.
She bluntly reveals an expression of disagreement which tells “Even in this situation?”

“Why? It will be advantageous if there’s magic. Can’t my fire magic be treated as extreme rank which surpasses advanced level? I should be able to reduce a great number of enemies in one go if it’s handled skillfully.” (Mia)

“No, didn’t you end up getting isolated last time due to that? Besides… this time there are leaders among the enemies. It’s different from until now. I probably have to battle while putting my life on the line—” (Victor)

“In that case, that’s all the more—” (Mia)

“You must not! — Ojou! Please listen.” (Victor)

Victor apparently doesn’t have any intention to listen to her arguments anymore. He interrupts Mia’s sentence.

“It’s possible that there’s an unit which will come to directly attack this store here. Besides, if me and Deyma don’t fight while standing at the front, we won’t be able to defend against this time’s enemy. I entrust this place to you, ojou. If there’s an opportunity… run away, no… this place is the last store of your predecessor, isn’t it?” (Victor)

It felt like Victor wanted to say something to Mia at the end.
He corrected and rephrased it in the middle of his statement, but his eyes are slightly wet.
Maybe… he has resolved himself for death?

“Victor-san, I will protect the guild leader here.” (Akoos)

Does the reddish-brown haired Akoos intend to show his bravery after seeing Victor’s expression? He talks with a sharp look as if showing it to Mia-san.
Oh? Reddish-brown haired man, did you somehow suppress a laughter just now?
Protecting the female guild leader, do you want to show off your good parts or such?

“Got it, I will leave some troops with you, Akoos. Protect the ojou here.” (Victor)

Mia-san slowly shuts her eyes and ponders.
And, opening her eyes, Mia-san made one step forward while revealing a grim face.
She looks around and glares at all present.
Scenes from “Yamato Nadeshiko” and “Gokudou no Onna-tachi” float in my mind. (T/N: First is a TV series – Yamato Nadeshiko is generally used as term describing women who display the virtues of old Japan – and the second is a yakuza movie from 1986 where women seem to play the major role)

“… Victor, I understand. Deyma, everyone, I won’t tell you to not die. Instead of that, please exterminate 【Owl’s Fangs】. Show them the pride and backbone of 【Scales of Gaia】. Let’s avenge my father Ranzel, my mother Chichka and my elder sister Totoka who loved me!” (Mia)



“Leader, I will do it.”

“Leader!! Me too.”

“Leader.” “Leader!!” “I will, too, leader!” “Leader!!!”

The young men fire themselves up by yelling “Leader” severally.

“You guys, did you hear the leader’s spirit? We will show them the willpower of Gaia!”

“Let’s gooooooooo.”

Victor and Deyma released powerful words with sparks of fighting spirit and the sounds of them vigorously descending the stairs to run outside could be heard.
The young men, who were on the second floor, follow them as well.
Only me, Mia-san, Akoos and five of the troops, who are led by him, remained in the room.
Just right… the opponentsOwl I tried to attack came by themselves.
From the beginning it was me who decided to assist Gaia. Shall I go all out?


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