Chapter 79 – Bloody Fireflies flutter about in a dim alley

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Night on that day.
I met the two beautiful women, Melissa and director Dino, who is actually the boss of the thieves guild 【Belgart】 and Melissa’s superior, on the second floor of Hotel Alando.
Dino-san is a female elf.
She has a boyish hairstyle and emerald coloured hair.
With elaborate make-up on her face she really gives the impression of a woman who is able to get things done.
Because of the green eye-liner extending thickly, she gave off such atmosphere all the more.
Jade green, diamond-shaped earrings are embedded in her long, pointed ears.
Given that there are traces of rich mana from the jade gems, they are probably some special magic items.
As the earrings’ hue is the same emerald green as her hair and pupils, they suit her well.
There was a bear-like animal tattoo, which is the elves’ characteristic mark, on her cheek.
With a feeling of having a mixer with those beautiful girls, I have continued a light conversation about trivial events while tasting high-class dishes.
Once we finished eating, Dino-san, who is sitting opposite of me, wiped the area around her lips carefully in order to not wipe away the thin, glittering, green lipstick with a pretty leather cloth she had prepared herself.
Those lips… are lovely.
Did Dino-san, who finished wiping her mouth, switch into her work mode once she saw my lewd gaze? Her look became sharp as she stares at me.

“Well then, shall we move to the real business about now? Shuuya-sama, I have heard the story from Melissa, but I think I want to confirm it with you once more. You want to participate in and attend the Underground Auction held in the 【Labyrinth City Pelneet】?” (Dino)

“Yes, that’s right.” (Shuuya)

“Excuse me, but what kind of budget do you possess?” (Dino)

Previously Melissa told me that at least 50 platinum coins are necessary.
There is the large amount of 13 large platinum coins (T/N: 1300 platinum coins) inside the item box I possess.
Furthermore, since I own plenty of items related to the ancient dragon which I haven’t sold yet, I have absolutely no worries about money.
However, I refrain from informing them about the total sum.
It’s not clear yet whether I can really trust this 【Belgart】.
I can believe Melissa somewhat though.
Therefore I will inform them indirectly about it.

“… If it’s around 50 platinum coins, I can pay that with no problems.” (Shuuya)

“Certainly, if that’s the case, it’s possible for you to attend. However, excuse my impoliteness, but if you don’t actually let me see it…” (Dino)

Show me the goods first, eh?
Well, it’s surely dubious whether an adventurer like me really possesses the money.
— It can’t be helped.
Operating my item box, I took out just one large platinum coin and showed it to them.

“—Ooh, this is… if I remember correctly.” (Dino)

“A large platinum coin!” (Melissa)

Dino and Melissa lift their eyebrows and their eyes open widely. Each of them shows a reaction of surprise.
I store back the large platinum coin I took out.

“Was I able to convince you with this, you two beauties?” (Shuuya)

Sticking out my chin a bit, I burst into a triumphant look.
Dino-san opens her mouth while revealing a fearless smile.
As expected of the boss of a thieves guild.
Splendidly ignoring my triumphant look, she makes her small lips, which glisten in light green, move.

“— You convinced me. Well then, I shall introduce you to the management organization of the Large Dualbell Company, 【Oath of the One-HornedPledge of the Unicorn】, to whom we are indebted.” (Dino)

The management organization of the Large Dualbell Company?
The name is oath of unicorn?
I remember having heard that somewhere.

“… A large company?” (Shuuya)

“That’s great, Shuuya-san.” (Melissa)

“N, Nya!” (Rollo)

Melissa was delighted as if it was about her.
Rollo hits my shoulder with a *pon* and shows a self-satisfied look by raising her whiskers with a twitch.
I don’t know why the self-satisfied look, but me smiling likely makes her happy.

“Then, let me explain what kind of event the Underground Auction is.” (Dino)

Dino-san put both her elbows on the table and started the explanation with a gentle tone while entwining her fingers with the nails being conspicuous due to the sparkling, light green manicure.

“South Mahaheim’s biggest underground auction has been a meeting where large companies, which exceed a single country’s scale, firms and all of the local dark guilds gather. Though the scale of auctions sponsored by kingdoms are large, it became the biggest in scale behind the scenes as an auction of the underground world. There are also cases where royalty and titled nobility participated while hiding among the participants. And it’s also famous for fellow dark guilds to not cause a single disturbance on this very day. That’s because all of it is managed by the dark guild community 【Eight Lights】.” (Dino)

I heard that name just a bit ago.
A dark guild community, huh?
It’s indeed a name similar to a top-ranking dark organization.

“… What’s that dark guild community 【Eight Lights】?” (Shuuya)

“The Eight Lights, that is, it feels like they are called Administrative Organization Members of the Underground Auction and they are formed only for the duration of the auction by gathering eight renowned leaders, all of them heads of dark guilds who possess authority?” (Dino)

“… Administrative organization?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. It’s an organization only in name though. That’s because they move a large amount of money. And there is a First Department and a Second Department at the Underground Auction. The first department is an auction where high-class combat slaves are sold. The second department is an auction for special magic items of unique, legendary and mythological grade coming from the labyrinth. It will be split into those two.” (Dino)

The first department has the high-class combat slaves?
Buying a high-class combat at the auction, leading a mufufu-like* life after getting an excellent secretary. (T/N: mufufu is a laughter often used in content regarding lewd or suggestive behaviour)
Something like an erotic secretary play, that’s dangerous, my delusions are going wild…
The second department is an exhibition of special items including those originating from the labyrinth?
Even the item collection, which the Earl was so proud of, probably has grades of unique, legendary or such.

“… Understood. I’m looking forward to it.” (Shuuya)

“And then, as soon as your Underground Auction attendance has been successfully verified, I will receive 10 platinum coins as referral fee at the same time. Is that alright with you?” (Dino)

Dino-san talks while placing parchments, which seem to be a written contract and a letter of introduction, on the table.

“Yes. I will keep my promise.” (Shuuya)

“Then please sign the document here after Melissa and me.” (Dino)

On the document…


Thieves Guild 【Belgart】


Item regarding the matter of referral fee: Once the conditions are fulfilled, the party to the contract will offer 10 platinum coins to Director Dino Hildecore, who controls 【Belgart】’s headquarters, as reward.
In case the conditions aren’t met, the contract will become invalid without any need to pay 10 platinum coins.

Signee, Melissa Sobelis.

Signee, Dino Hildecore.


Just for caution’s sake I confirm it with my Magic Observation View.
It’s a normal, roughish parchment, however it’s thin paper.
It doesn’t appear to be something like special parchment with mana dwelling within, but be it rough as it may, there is the technology capable of creating thin paper.
It’s not a trap or such.
By the way, Dino-san can be considered a magician who possesses considerable power.
The mana manipulation inside her body smoothly moved the mana from her fingertips to her toes.
She excels at mana control, I guess.
However, I wonder what will happen if I revoke the clauses written on the paper.

“… Hey, what will happen if I break the promise that is written on the paper?” (Shuuya)

“Since this document is an expensive contract paper, which was sold wholesale by an expert parchment association which is recognised by the trade guild, you will be judged as a criminal for contract breachment if filed to the governmental system of a city. The adventurer’s guilds will also be contacted in order and it might result in you being chased as criminal by countries and guilds.” (Dino)

Uhya, that’s unpleasant.
It’s foolish to ask about worrying things after establishing a contract.

“As I believe I will be in Pelneet at the time the contract was fulfilled successfully, to whom shall I give the money?” (Shuuya)

“To me. Given that I will attend the underground auction as well, it will be alright if you are able to give it to me on-site.” (Dino)

“Got it.” (Shuuya)

I see, Dino-san will be present, too.
Mmh, well, let’s sign it?
Melissa and Dino-san have finished writing their names on the contract paper.
Only I have to write it down.
It’s still a long way off, but let’s establish the contract.

“— The contract has been formed. A transcript of the contract and a letter of introduction are over here. Please take them. And, do you have any wishes for the timing to introduce you to the large company?” (Dino)

“There are plans for me leaving for a while, thus can you please tell me when it’s possible?” (Shuuya)

Dino spreads a parchment book, which seems like a thick notebook, on the table and confirms the schedule.

“Let’s see… how about inside the grounds which serve as headquarters of 【Belgart】 on the first or second day of the summer season in 30 or 31 days?” (Dino)

— 30 or 31 days?
If it’s around that much time, I guess I will have found the raw materials to revive the “withered large tree.”
Even if I haven’t found them by then, for example, I can return here right away if I leave a mirror in this place.

“… Then please make it the second day of summer.” (Shuuya)

“Understood. I want to work on the preparations immediately — Melissa, please take care of the rest.” (Dino)

“Yes!” (Melissa)

Dino-san stuffs the documents into her bag, suddenly stands up and leaves dashingly.
I put the transcription of the contract and the letter of introduction into my item box.

“Melissa, Dino-san is busy, isn’t she?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, of course. Meetings, contracts, suppressions, recruitment, she has various jobs.” (Melissa)

“I see. Which reminds me, I don’t know the location of 【Belgart】’s headquarters, but…” (Shuuya)

“Ah, that’s true, isn’t it? If you like, how about me guiding you there now?” (Melissa)

“How nice. A date?” (Shuuya)

“Wha-! That’s not it. Are you an idiot?” (Melissa)

Melissa says while scowling.
Although she has called me an idiot, it wasn’t in a tone that felt too malicious.
Once I look at her face, I can see that her cheeks seem to be dyed slightly red.
Geez, Melissa isn’t honest.

“Haha, just forget the business and become natural?” (Shuuya)

“Aah, jeez… please don’t tease me too much~” (Melissa)

“Fine, fine. For the time being, let’s go there. Please lead me.” (Shuuya)

“Yes—” (Melissa)

And then we left the high-class inn, Alando, behind.
Since it’s already night, magic lights have been lit all over the place.
Entering a southern alley from the main road, I follow Melissa.
Mmh~, I don’t have overly fond memories of such alleys…
There are streets in the front and rear and walls continue on both sides, left and right.
Moreover, it’s night. The visibility is bad.
Thereupon, — sure enough, magic sources are caught in my Grasping Perception.
There are presences following us from behind.
Oh shit, see, there’s several of them.
Melissa hasn’t noticed them.
Me having met with the boss of a thieves guild stood out as expected.

“Melissa, how much distance is left until the grounds of your headquarters?” (Shuuya)

“It’s still a bit.” (Melissa)

“I see.” (Shuuya)

The presences have become stronger.
It doesn’t seem like we will make it in time, does it?

“Rollo, get ready.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo jumps down from my shoulder. She climbs a wall and runs along it.
They can come to attack at any time now.

“What’s wrong, Shuuya-san?” (Melissa)

“Melissa, it looks like someone came. Be cautious just in case, okay?” (Shuuya)

“Eh?” (Melissa)

Thereupon, a sound coming from behind is audible.
The true identity of the sound is a duo clad in dark brown robes.
No, in addition, a group of dark brown robes appeared one after the other from behind alongside magic lights.
The duo in the vanguard passes us and blocks the front.

“Wait a moment, the two over there.”

Making the dark brown robes of the leading group flutter, one stretches out his arm and raises a finger.
What’s visible within his robe is a leather armour with rivets attached and two longswords hanging down from his waist.

“Got any business with us?” (Melissa)

“We do. Especially with that tall, young black-haired niisan over there.”

The other person spoke while showing a nihilistic smile.
That guy holds a spear and points its sharp end towards me.
Melissa can’t conceal her unrest.

“What’s this!? All of a sudden! We are people of 【Belgart】!” (Melissa)

Melissa raised a loud voice and checked the front and rear.
Once she realizes that we are surrounded, her face turns pale.

“Shut up, will ya. Stay silent! We know that already, stupid woman of a hyena thieves guild!”

“What!” (Melissa)

Melissa displays her anger at the words and actions of the strange man and glares at him.

“Don’t get so angry. We are 【Owl’s Fangs】. We got business with that niisan over there.”

A voice that became hoarse. Members of 【Owl’s Fangs】, huh?
I fought with these guys even before coming to this city. Since I also fought them at the time of rescuing 【Scales of Gaia】, I had expected to be dragged into it sooner or later.

“Billy, I will do this woman in as well. She might be with Belgart, but since she’s currently together with this guy, she becomes a target for killing as well. Well, she’s a fine woman, thus I will enjoy raping her a lot. Uhyahyahya.”

The spear-holding man laughs while showing his filthy teeth.
A low-life.

“— Oi, stop threatening the woman with your smelly breath. So, what’s your business with me?” (Shuuya)

I spread my overcoat and extended my arm in order to protect Melissa.

“Mmh, see, see, a gentleman-sama showing off in front of a woman, eh? What bullshit. A handsome mug despite being plain, haven’t you!? Don’t make me laugh, eeeh?”

It’s a way of talking filled with scorning curses…
Although even you got a face like a badly beaten shrimp.

“… I’ve asked you what business you have with me, damned shrimp face.” (Shuuya)

“Aaah!? Whaa-, it’s something simple. I wonder whether I wanna have a disgusting guy like you fucker die?”

After the shrimp-faced man scowls, he reveals a faint smile to show his dirty, uneven teeth.

“Hee, why’s that?” (Shuuya)

“S-Shuuya-san?” (Melissa)

Melissa’s body trembles and she has an uneasy expression. It complies with a feeling like she’s asking “Is it alright?”

“Yes, after all, that’s your name, isn’t it? Shuuya Kagari. Getting in touch with a thieves guild was unwise? The news have spread quite widely already. Jog, let’s get him.” (Billy)

“Ayes, Billy. Don’t fall behind.” (Jog)

Once the two comrades nod to each other, he draws the two swords from his waist and releases them.

“Kyaa—” (Melissa)

Melissa screams.
The dual sword user and the spear user came attacking me.
At the instant when the dual swordsman, who was in front, swings his weapons at me,

“Guee.” (Billy)

As he squints his eyes and raises a strange voice, he collapses to the ground while having a hole in his forehead.
It’s Rollo’s tentacle bone sword.
She pierced the skull of the dual swords guy from behind.
While facing the spearhead towards me, the other man using a spear looks back wondering what’s up.
Oi, oi, that’s foolish, I believe.
I make the magic spear appear in an instant and dash at the spear user who is looking at the back.
Unleashing a <Thrust> at the base of the throat of the spear user who revealed a gap, the red spear stabbed his neck.
Due to the spurt of blood, a straight red line is lit in the dark alley.
The spear user’s head flies high into the sky and the torso, which was the spear user that lost his head, collapses while gushing out blood from the torn neck.

“— W-Whaat? Jog and Billy were killed in the blink of an eye.”

Shaken voices can be heard from the front.
I will kill them as well. I run past them from behind in the dim alley.

“Ooi, ain’t the information a bit mismatching?”

“Dun’ mind it. We got six people. Surround— guuh.”

I used <Throwing> on the dagger while running.
I’m sorry for it being in the middle of talking, but there’s no way I will let you escape.
The dagger hits the one who is talking.
— Five people left.
While diagonally holding the magic spear in my right hand with it being slanted downwards, I mowed them down in a fan shape as if scooping up the magic spear while closing the distance by rushing over with Magic Feet.
— A red moon illuminates the darkish alley.
The red axe blade digs through the knee of the man standing in front without any resistance. One leg is cleanly amputated. Next the red axe blade also passes through the kneecap of the man who was besides the previous guy. I inflicted a laceration and a flower of blood bloomed in the alley.



The two scream as if weeping and their shrieks tear one’s ears.
At that moment a man, who was outside the range of my blow, extended his long sword directly from diagonally to the right and tried to stab my flank.
— I rotate on my toes with the balls of my left foot as a pivot.
Dodging the stabbing sword with a rotating motion, I swing the magic spear while using the centrifugal force of that evasion. I made the other party receive the magic dragon gem in the solar plexus.
A dull collision sound, that felt like a *duff*, hits my earlobes after the internal organs around the solar plexus of the man, who unleashed the stabbing sword, are destroyed.
It’s a direct hit with a counter.
Though I can’t identify it due to the robe, something like a leather robe likely has been irrelevant.
The stabbing sword man drops the long and thin sword, he held, on the ground. He tried to crouch in order to hold his stomach while showing an expression of shock, but I can’t let him die that easily. Kicking the sunken-in face with my right kneecap, I slashed the axe blade of the magic spear, which I made rotate crosswise towards the neck of the man that moved to the back, diagonally from the shoulder.
I move in a trot to the diagonal right side while continuing the rotation roulette from the shoulder.
Once I took some distance, I made the rotating magic spear stop with my whole right arm as if a washed away driftwood came to a halt at a riverbank.
I change it into a stance of aiming at the eyes and ensure the distance while shifting the grip of the grasping hand by sliding the violet metal rod in my palm.
Well then— two left.
One is a beastman type with dog ears growing out.
Holding a two-handed axe, he prepares the heavy-looking weapon without even showing a slight quiver.
However, sweat streamed down on his face and for some reason a shadow of fatigue and languor was visible.
Did the other guy decide that me having taken a distance is convenient? He starts to run away while showing his back.

“Rollo!” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nya.” (Rollo)

Comprehending my intention, Rollo chases after the escaping opponent.

“Guaaaaaa! —”

At that time— the beastman, who held a two-handed axe, scattered his sweat and came rushing while raising an ear-splitting war cry.
He brandishes the blade of the two-handed axe from an overhead stance.
It’s the power of bashing with a blunt weapon. This guy— is he on dope? He isn’t calm at all.
Twisting my body quickly, I evade the attack of the downward swung two-handed axe.
Though the heavy-looking blade of the two-handed axes showed its might by cleaving open the soil after crashing into the ground, the axe blade ends up being stuck completely.
The beastman frantically tries to extract that axe.

“Sorry—” (Shuuya)

I arbitrarily wield the magic spear while apologizing for some reason.
Once the red axe blade seizes the beastman’s head with a 「Gubyo!」, it bisected him until half way through the chest while generating a strange smashing sound.

“Hiiaaaa, h-helppp…”

There’s a voice pleading for its life from behind.
Once I turn around, the enemy, who bore lacerations on his legs, tries to flee by crawling on the ground.
The guy, who had his other leg cut off, already died after losing a large amount of blood.
Ignoring them, I recover the ancient dragon dagger I used with <Throwing>.

“Nyaa~.” (Rollo)

At that point Rollo came back.
The tentacle bone sword was still stuck in the back of the man who escaped.
Rollo places the corpse before my very eyes as if boasting about her prey.
Apparently being toyed with by the tentacle bone sword, the corpse, which was placed on the ground, is riddled with a large number of holes. Blood flowed endlessly and the robe was tinged in the colour of bloodstains.
Is Rollo waiting for a comment? She is standing still like a doll.
She stared at me with her red round and cute eyes.

“… Rollo, good work. You did well. It’s fine to release him.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nyanya.” (Rollo)

Rollo twirls around on the spot and frolics around happily.
With this we settled it all the way.


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