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High-class inn, Hotel Alando.
Befitting of its name as a high-class inn, the stable was also awfully pompous.
Everything from the railing at the signboard, which had the symbol of a horse drawn on it, to the surrounding fences for the horses is uniformly hued in a beige colour.
After entrusting Popobumu to the stable, I walk on a stone-paved path which leads to the front door.
This place is the foyer?
It’s an entrance with a door that has glass windows which are divided by a cross.
The knob was made with a stylish silver pearl-of-mother inlay at the hinge.
I enter the high-class inn by pushing against both glass doors possessing a hinge.
Rollo climbs onto my shoulder and crawls into my hood.
There’s a hall with a spacious and deep interior. The reception is located at the centre.
The floor is covered in gorgeous, white, high-class stones.
It looks like there are nobles are residing here, but there are even guests that might be considered to be adventurers visible.
Once I surveyed the situation in the vicinity by restlessly looking around at the entrance, a hotel-keeper, who wore a hat came to address me.

“Dear guest, welcome. Please proceed to the centre.”

I’m greeted with a smile.
After maintaining an angle of lowering his head to bow, he raises his face.
What polite conduct.
This place reminds me somewhat of Japan.
Ah, that reminds me, I wonder whether it’s alright to bring a pet?
For the time being I will try to confirm that at the reception.
I nodded to the inn-keeper while wearing an awkward smile and headed to the reception in the centre.

“Welcome, dear guest.”

“I want to stay for a while, but is it possible to keep a familiar, or rather a pet at this place?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, that’s fine. How big is that pet?”

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Making an appearance on my shoulder from within the hood, it’s Rollo.

“Around this big.” (Shuuya)

The receptionist nodded while showing a smile of acceptance after seeing the black cat.

“I see… it will be fine if you can do us the favour of treating the furniture carefully. Well then, one night with meals costs 8 silver coins. 10 silver coins with the extra option.”

It was okay. The price is after all that of a high-class inn.
If it’s 30 days… that will be 240 silver coins, huh?
There is something that seems to be a calender next to the acceptance fee.
Today is the 59th day of spring.
There are 31 days remaining until the season of summer, … 248 silver coins.
Let’s pay for the period of 31 days until summer plus 10 days on top, adding up to 41 days.
Lastly, what’s the extra option, I wonder.

“What’s this extra option?” (Shuuya)

“The meals will be high-class cuisine and a “hostess” will attend to you. There’s also a system of nominating one, but that will be available for you starting with the next time.”

A hostess! I want to try that out.

“Well then, I’d like to stay for 41 days with the extra option added for just the first day.” (Shuuya)

“It’s an extended period of time. In that case the extra option during that time will be free of charge. Please utilize the dining hall on the second floor freely. Then, please wait for a little moment as I will carry out the formalities.”

Is that fine? For it to be free of charge?
Is it because the receptionist is calculating? They have withdrawn to the back.
Calculating with 8 silver coins per day… it costs 328 silver coins.
I placed three silver plates, which I retrieved from within my item box, on top of the reception table in advance.
Next I place plenty of silver coins, which exceeded 200 coins, there with a clinking sound.
Did they finish the calculation? The receptionist came back.
He stayed calm even after seeing my item box.

“The costs will be 328 silver coins.”

“… It’s just right with this, I think?” (Shuuya)

“… I see. You are quick at calculating…”

The male receptionist moves his eyebrows slightly in surprise and looks at me.
He calculated by using several connected metal rods or a calculation tool with his utmost effort.

“… Certainly. Well then, please sign your name over here.”

The names of the guests were written in a row in the registry on the reception desk.
I write my real name instead of an alias in the entry field.

“I’m done.” (Shuuya)

“Do you have any wishes regarding your room?”

“On the first floor.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. Then, at the right end of the first floor, the Sword Room No. 10 is empty. Is that alright with you?”

“That place is fine.” (Shuuya)

“Understood. Here’s the key.”

I was given the key.

“Then, please wait a moment as you will be guided by the clerk in charge.”

I waited for a little while in front of the reception.
My rented room is the Sword Room No. 10.
That’s easy to understand as there’s an information board installed on top of the reception desk.
“Sword room”, “Shield room” and such were drawn on it with arrows attached.
I believe I will know the way even without a guiding clerk, but… while I was pondering about such stuff, the guiding clerk approached.

“Dear guest, I shall lead the way.”

The guiding clerk starts to walk after giving a light bow.
Besides the reception in the hall, on the right hand side close to the front door, there was the dining hall’s large entrance which was situated between a pair of small ox statues made out of brass.
Advancing towards the right after leaving the reception, the guiding clerk proceeds into the inner part of the hall.
The stairway leading to the second floor of the inn was on the inner left of the reception.
… The toilet is here?

“N-Nya.” (Rollo)

Then Rollo appears from within the hood which is at my head’s back and purrs.

“Rollo, you want to pee? Currently we are heading to our room though.” (Shuuya)

Rollo didn’t want to pee but to stare at the back of the hotel-keeper, who is leading us, by placing her head on my shoulder after yawning.
Ah, does the pattern like a long string on the back of the hotel-keeper catch her eyes?
However, the way is really easy to understand because the guiding board with arrows, which was also at the reception, is installed on the ceiling and the side of the walls.
As if natural, the guiding clerk walked without looking at the guiding boards.
We turn at a corner of the hall’s inner right and follow the corridor.
The corridor has a big width, too. The laid-out stones are illuminated by light and have changed into a grey tone.
The No. 10 room is at the end.
Obvious signs of the room numbers are visible in the corridor.
Found it. That place, huh?
We have arrived at the last room.
Using the key, the guiding clerk opened the door of the No. 10 room.

“Here we go, please enter.”

“Yes.” (Shuuya)

“Dear guest, once you place your laundry in this container, it will be washed by the person in charge every morning. Please tell us if you have any other requests.”

There is certainly a wooden box in front of the room.
It seems to be for laundry. How convenient.

“Nothing in particular.” (Shuuya)

The guiding clerk bows at that moment, turns around and returns to the corridor.
It appears that something like a tip isn’t necessary.
Immediately I enter room No. 10.
It’s spacious. The size of this side of the room is at least 10 tatami mats, I guess?
A huge light brown round table and chairs are in the middle where beautiful, rouge floorboards are laid out.
A plate filled with plenty of fruits stood on top of that table and a luxurious water jug, albeit simple, was placed on a round plate tile.
Paintings of Holkerbaum’s scenery are lining up on the walls.
I head into the inner part of the room while touching the huge, round table.
The room located inside is spacious as well. The tidy windows of the room have curtains made out of extravagant fabric.
There were three beds, or rather, western-styled beds.
As expected, they don’t have the gorgeousness of having canopies attached to them.
Three small side tables, which had jars of water on them and turned-off lamps placed on top, are lining up vertically to the beds.
It’s like day and night in comparison to the inn at Hekatrail where I stayed at.

“Nnnh, nya~.” (Rollo)

Rollo immediately dives into a soft-looking bed.
She didn’t bounce up and down like usual.
The springs of this bed are amazing? It looks like the impact gets absorbed.
I wanted to dive into the soft-looking bed as well, but first I lower my rucksack, remove my breast belt and take off the overcoat.
Since there were several mannequins for decorating with clothes, I hang the breast belt and overcoat there.
Removing the greaves on the feet and the primitive cuirass around the waist, pulling out my fingers from the gloves and taking off the arm guard Rearbrace which had a purple dragon on the left arm, I carefully place those on the floorboards.
Sitting down on the bed in my lightened state, I savoured the soft sensation with my butt.
It’s a fluffy bed which possesses a sensation of a sudden *munyuu*.
You can’t call it a waterbed, but it possesses a nice feeling of being gentle.
Without any particular meaning, I play by rolling around on the bed.
It doesn’t matter that I’m bumping into Rollo.
At the time when I was playing and rolling around, something white frilly entered my inverted field of vision.
The curtains?
Standing up at the side of the bed’s edge, I open the white, frilly curtains.
Since there was a wooden window installed, the door can be opened fully by sliding it open to the side.
Hyu~, there’s a large veranda?
It’s a veranda made out of deep red planks.
There’s even a proper drain hole for water on the veranda’s floor.
Sideways there was a large, light brown bucket. A large bucket with a solid hoop attached.
As it’s a large bucket for bathing, it’s apparently possible to swim in it.
However, the outside scenery is lacking.
You can only see a bit of the rear garden.
Moreover, the laundry is blocking the view…
My eyes met with the female employee who wore a platok* on her head while drying the laundry. (T/N: Traditional headgear worn by Russian women independent of seasons, supposedly)
The girl shows a pleasant smile.
I returned to the room after smiling back at her.
As this place is on the first floor, it can’t be helped.
Well then, shall I clean and polish the ancient dragon armour?
It’s still quite clean, but… I pick up the purple ancient dragon armour while sitting in a corner of the bed, wipe it carefully and line up the armour pieces on the floor after having polished them in order.
“With this, all of them are done”, stretching my spinal muscles on the bed, I rest while lying spread eagle.
What to do… until eating time. I will enter the bath after staying here for a bit longer?
Before that.

“[Open].” (Shuuya) (T/N: English word in the raw here, so put it in brackets)

I fiddle with the item box.
I operate the bracelet type item box to access the computer with a *Pippoopaa*.
I select the soap and leather cloth I bought in 【Hekatrail】 and take them out.
On the occasion, I get the ancient dragon knife for shaving as well.
After I filled the large bucket by pouring hot water into it with life magic, I take off all my clothes.
Swinging my hips without any meaning, my balls are dangling.
It felt like Rollo watched me with strange eyes, but without minding it, I slowly submerge myself in the hot water starting with the feet.
Rollo came next to me as well.
While putting her forepaw on top of the bucket, she delivers a paw punch at the water’s surface like usual.

“Rollo, come in without playing around.” (Shuuya)

“Nyaa.” (Rollo)

After purring once, she jumps into the swaying water surface of the large bucket.
A rebound of water spraying splashes around and I end up having my face covered by water.
— Puha, once again she leapt in all of a sudden.

“That’s sudden.” (Shuuya)

Rollo ignores me… dives underwater and swims unhindered while fully enjoying the size of the large bucket.
Before realizing it myself, I hate her becoming skilled at swimming.
Her small face, which is properly blocking her ears, is still cute though.
While watching the appearance of the swimming Rollo, I completely submerge in the water.
— Fuu.
Suddenly I thought of a question; Water that has been created with this life magic, is that pure water?
Since I wasn’t overly aware of it until now, I try drinking while tasting it.
Opening my mouth, water tries to pour in.
Mmh~ it has no taste. Does the taste change depending on the image?
There’s no change. If it becomes sweet with the taste of sugar or such, the path of a major sugar dealer would open up here. But, well, it satisfies my dry throat.
… Rather than such stuff, tomorrow is the meeting with the feudal lord.
I don’t even know the name of the feudal lord. Well, it seems like a hostess will come at the time of eating. Won’t it be fine if I ask about the name of the feudal lord at that time?
Let’s check my abilities.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Transcendental One
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Magic Spear Darkness Warrior – Chain User

Strength: 20.0 -> 20.1
Agility: 20.8
Stamina: 19.1
Mana: 24.3 -> 24.4
Dexterity: 19.2
Mind: 24.6 -> 24.7
Luck: 11.2

Current Status: Calm

Skill Status

Obtained Skills: <Throwing>, <Demonic Brain Speed>, <Hide>, <Night Vision>, <Banquet of Blood Chains>, <Thrust>, <Meditation>, <Demonic Beast Rider>, <Life Magic>, <Guidance Sorcery>, <Magic Combat Style>, <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Sage art>, <Summoning>, <Ancient Magic>, <Crest Magic>, <Darkness Drill>, <Darkness Drill – Magic Spear Break>, <Language Magic>
Permanent Skills: <Power of True Ancestor>, <Natural Gift of Magic>, <Torrent of Light Darkness>, <Drain Soul>, <Immortality>, <Trickster Adaptation>, <Blood Mana>, <Suzerain of Household>, <Nimble Magic Mind of Super-Brain>, <Understanding of Magic Combat Style>, <Understanding of Guidance Magic>, <Spear Sparring>, <Chain Sense Guidance>, <Magic Crest Arts>
Extra Skills: <Instant Translation>, <Granted Seal of Light>, <Chain Factor>, <Magic Cerebral Spine Revolution>

They grew slightly, I guess?
Erasing the status screen while getting up, I wash my body with the soap.
I rubbed my crotch with my hand briskly and cleaned away the dirt between my nails.
My beard has grown slightly long, but well, it is as it is, I judge.
I’m trying to pursue dandyism.
I wash Rollo, too.
I rinsed her deep black hair off in order for it to be neat.
If the hair on a cat’s body gets wet, one can clearly see its muscles.
Although being slender, her muscles were developed.
Wiping that black hair with a new leather cloth, we move from the large bucket to the veranda together.
Uh-oh… the water absorption is rapid. The expensive leather has a strange water permeability.
The shop clerk, who had the atmosphere of a Miss, said that this leather cloth is the skin of a mermaid or such.
For this to be a freebie, that shop is quite a good one.
Having finished wiping my body while admiring the leather cloth, I dive into the bed once again.
While I indulged in the soft sensation by lying down, Rollo waited together with me.
Shall I go to the dining hall soon as I’m getting hungry?
Getting up from the bed, I equip my armour.
I put on the overcoat and head to the dining hall as an adventurer.
Rollo got on my shoulder.
It’s a meal in a high-class inn. I might be unable to enter if I don’t wear a full dress…
Is what I questioned myself, but it seems to be alright.
Once I enter the dining hall by passing in-between the small ox statues, a hotel-keeper addresses me.

“Dear guest, I shall lead you to your reserved place. This way, please.”

I apparently have a reserved seat.
Is it a service belonging to the extra option?
I’m looking forward to see what kind of service it will be… my expectations are big.
While following the guiding hotel-keeper, I study the dinner hall’s interior.
I guess this place is the dining hall of a high-class inn after all.
Clean, black and white tiles, like in an Othello game, are laid out on the floor and pure, olive brown desks and chairs are lined up. Matching those, the quality of the customers extends to nobles, merchants, etc. I caught sight of rich-looking people eating an extravagant meat dish.
There’s only few people who can be considered to be adventurers.
As for the attires, there’s a huge variety. There are also adventurers who haven’t removed their arms.
It looks like the formality isn’t strict.
The guide climbs a splendid stairway which was situated in the middle of the dining hall.
It has wooden handrails with a round shape.
While I admired the form of the handrails, we ascended to the second floor by firmly stepping on the wooden planks of the stairway which is like a spiral coil.
Trunks of large trees, which were designed as arbour and were spread out on the rouge floor of the second floor, exhibit their presence as pillars.
Do they want to create an image of a waterfall by installing bent driftwood towards the vertical destination between wall and pillars? Water vigorously streams from a depressed location in the middle to below. A small pond, which was enclosed by natural rocks, was provided ahead of the driftwood which drew an arc and carried the water.
As it’s a pond, fishes are swimming in it.
You could even say that only this place had an ambience like a traditional Japanese-style garden.
The shape of the hall with its elaborate interior design is magnificent.
Rollo, who was on my shoulder, looks at the decorative trees, too. Did she want to climb them? Stretching her head suddenly towards the garden, she tried to start playing by raising one leg to show her paw.

“Rollo, if it’s playing around, isn’t that not allowed?” (Shuuya)

“Nnh, nya.” (Rollo)

Hearing my words, Rollo lowered her ears. However, I can understand Rollo’s feeling of wanting to play.
The interior design of this place is really amazing… between the lower and upper floor, the atmosphere is different.
Eating while enjoying the view of the garden? Unexpectedly the extra option might include that.
Furthermore, it’s something provided free of charge.
But, I have to confirm the good quality of the dishes and the woman with these eyes.

“Dear guest? This way, please.”

“Aah, sorry.” (Shuuya)

The guiding clerk waited while revealing a fresh smile.
Sorry for being a country bumpkin.
I return a wide smile towards the guiding man.
Devoted to his job, the guiding clerk showed no reaction to my smile at all.
… Without change, I’m guided in silence.
The place, where I was guided to, is slightly high due to a flight of stairs, even if I’m able to enjoy an unrestricted view of the second floor’s interior design. It was a gorgeous, exclusive private room that was gouged out within a reddish, light brown large tree.
A woman is sitting inside.


“Here you are. Well then, since I will call the clerk with the menu at once, please spend your time relaxing.”

The guiding clerk withdraws.
Thereupon the blonde-haired woman, who sat inside the private room, stood up and came next to me.
She is a woman wearing a long cardigan.
She wears a thin, frilly, white silk neckband.
Her cleavage is slightly visible.

“Shuuya-sama, please treat me well today. I’m called Melissa and belong to 【Belgart】.” (Melissa)

She seems to know my name, but has she received the information I wrote at the reception?
The pretty woman, who introduced herself as Melissa, bows splendidly.
When she bowed, I could see her barrettes and hair needles.
The length of her hair is average but it might be a lot longer actually.
A slightly nice scent wafted over.

“… The same here, please take care of me.” (Shuuya)

I took out both arms by opening the overcoat to the left and right and bowed lightly.
However, I wonder what’s that “Belgart” is about. And she belongs to it?

“Nnh, nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo speaks up as well. (T/N: The author mentions everytime that the cat’s on his shoulder. I think after writing it ten times, we all know, so skipping that) (E/N: That’s not the only unnecessary repetition)

“Oh my, a neko-chan.” (Melissa)

” This is Rollodeen. Her nickname is Rollo. She is something similar to a familiar.” (Shuuya)

“Is that so? Please treat me well, Rollo-chan.” (Melissa)

“N, nya.” (Rollo)

“Well then, Shuuya-sama. Come this way.” (Melissa)

Melissa’s slender hand grasps my hand.
While having joined our hands, I was gently led into the private room.
Somehow it also felt like being invited into paradise.
The round desk, which is similar to a big, tawny stump, and the chairs are in the private room, I was invited in, and have been built so that they are connected into one.
Once I looked properly, animal designs were carved into the corners of the round desk.
And, glue-napkins, which are folded in a way so that some crest appears in their centre, are placed on top of the tableware which was spread out on the desk.
It seems there’s a high-class store around here.
Soft cushions are put on the chairs. The place, where I sat down, was exactly structured so that I could clearly see the natural garden spreading on the second floor.
Rollo jumps from my shoulder on the desk.
Once she places her feet on top of a cushion after walking to a chair on the opposite side, she begins to circle round on top of the cushion.
It appears that while curling up, Rollo is going to sleep until the food arrives.
Without sitting down face to face, Melissa sits next to me. Once again — she has a nice scent.
I watched the face of her who allured me with her scent. She has thin, blonde eyebrows that are slanted upwards.
Clear blue pupils and a small nose bridge.
Is it the effect of make-up on her cheeks? They had a slightly reddish tinge.
Her upper lip is slightly bigger than her lower lip… I want to stick to them. Her chin as well as her small nape are seductive.
Her breasts are slightly visible through her reddish brown outer garment.
She seems to be wearing a sleeveless dress below.
What a beautiful necklace…
Mmh? Something that seems to be an injury could be seen at the lower right of her collarbone.

“Fufu, Shuuya-sama? Having my face and body examined this thoroughly is embarrassing.” (Melissa)

Once she noticed my perverted gaze, she concealed her breasts with the frill of her neckband.
That’s unpleasant for her, isn’t it? Let’s apologize.

“… Sorry. Since you are beautiful, Melissa-san, I just ((couldn’t resist)).” (Shuuya)

“Oh my, you are flattering me. And, please cease with the “-san.” There’s no problem to address me without honorifics.” (Melissa)

While Melissa hides her mouth with a hand, she tilts her head somewhat and produces a smile.
I can talk to her freely? Well, then I will kindly accept her offer.

“Got it. Well, then leave the “-sama” away in my case as well. However, calling you beautiful is no flattery. Well, I think you have gotten used to hearing such lines though…” (Shuuya)

“True. I will obediently accept your compliment. I feel an unique manliness from you, too, Shuuya-san. It looks like the muscles around your right hand and arm are tempered as well. Your overcoat is tinged purple and beautiful. I peeked at your armour, too, but it’s purple.” (Melissa)

While saying that, she touches the skin of my right hand, which exposes the bare skin, and traces it with a finger.
— Kuu, She’s a technician? She touches my body in a casual manner.

“Haha, I give up —” (Shuuya)

“Dear guest, here’s the menu and a drink.”

Just when the mood improved after ogling her, a hindrance called waiter entered while bringing the menu and drinks.
A goblet is placed on the desk.
It’s a wooden goblet with a design of a dragon imprinted.
A colourless liquid and some ice was inside. It seems to be cold.
Once I grab it, only the part with the dragon design has a chilly reaction.
When I look at it with my magic appraisal eyes, only this part has traces of mana.
Going by the glass, it’s a magic tool, this shop isn’t half bad… while admiring it, I place the goblet to my lips and drink the liquid inside it.
Wow, are you for real? It has a sour nature though it isn’t sweet.
By no means… being able to drink something carbonated, moreover, it easily courses through the throat since it’s chilled. The refreshing, herb-like aroma is great, too.
And then, I have him show me the menu.
Noticeable are the Harunga meat dishes. There’s plenty of them.
However, can I occasionally request something else?
Reeme’s Roast originating from Hauzando.
Kajizook Fruit Wine Stew.
Real Lantaayu and Pesoto soup.
Cold ale and beer.
I ordered these four. One of them is for Rollo.

“I take Helzeyka Roast, Quaritreme Bean Stew and one cold ale.” (Melissa)

She ordered such dishes.
The waiter memorized all of the dishes ordered by me and Melissa without having to write it down.

“Certainly. Please wait for a short time. I will bring the appetizer soup afterwards.”

Once he answered swiftly with such feeling, he bowed and took away the menu.
His movements are carried out naturally, with no gaps.

“Going by your appearance, you are an adventurer, aren’t you, Shuuya-san?” (Melissa)

When I was admiring the stylish manner of the waiter doing his job, Melissa asked me that.


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