Chapter 75 – The withered large tree and the priest with the space alien face

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His speech is long…
As it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon, I will inspect this city.
This place is an intersection. Roads branch to the left and right.
On the left as seen from my side, there’s the harbour. The way up ahead leads towards the western gate. The northern road on my right goes uphill and splits into numerous alleys. There are many high-class buildings as the northern side of this Holkerbaum terrain gradually becomes higher, but that might be related to a quarry.
The right is rejected. Shall I follow the road which leads to the harbour and has the most pedestrian traffic?
Putting strength into the reins, I pull Popobumu’s head towards the south and we go ahead. There are various shops lined up on both sides.
As we approach the harbour, leaving the street together with the merchants and their ox wagons and carts… the smell of fish drifted over.
And then the wharf becomes visible. The harbour is larger than expected. Countless ships are anchored in the vicinity of the long wharf which was paved with planks. Gangways are extending from the ships’ decks. Sailors, who had headbands tied around their head are carrying out luggage which looks heavy, while walking on top of the gangways. Since pulleys were also used, they worked busily.
This area completely has the atmosphere of a port city.
Plenty of boxes are stacked up on an ox cart which is on the wharf. When that cart started to move, it came this way. The cart lets loose a chilly air as it passes next to Popobumu whom I have mounted.
Is there tuna in those cargo boxes? Whale? Huge lean meat, which was cut apart, and part of a large octopus was inside. In addition there were fishes which had a strange jaw, like deep-sea fishes, several had large mouths and fishes with just a head which couldn’t be regarded as anything but monsters no matter how you look at them. Most of these were frozen. Someone probably froze them with Life Magic. The cart has become distant.
I discovered a signboard written by the adventurer’s guild at the edge of my sight. Over there is the adventurer’s guild of this city, huh?
Many wooden stakes stuck into the ground were lined up outside the terrace of the front door. Plenty of ropes fastened to horses and magic beasts were tied to those stakes.
The small stable next to those seems to be over its capacity.
It’s an opportunity. I can receive the reward for the request completion by entering the guild.
Making Popobumu head there and dismounting in front of the guild, I tied Popobumu’s reins to a stake located at the front door.
I enter the building of the adventurer’s guild. With a slight delay Rollo followed me in as well.
The adventurers are gathered around the wooden bulletin board, which has been placed in the hall. They are picking various requests. It was a guild-like spectacle.
It’s a display of all kind of races such as tiger faces, snake faces and scaled faces. Next to them is a race which has a face similar to a cat and has four arms. I also caught sight of humans, elves and dwarves. Ah, that big one. I happened to see them some time ago. The whole body of the large race is covered in a rampant growth of hair. I wonder what the name of that race might be. It’s walking heavily and sluggishly.

“Oops, nii-chan, you are in the way.”

The one who said that as he came entering from behind was a small, plump man with a stature which made it likely that he was a dwarf.

“Ah, sorry…” (Shuuya)

I quickly move to the side.
Rollo who was next to me, likewise moved to the side.

“Good grief, a human’s…”

The small dwarf walks away while mumbling an idle scolding. This state of congestion is more than 【Hekatrail】?
No, it’s because this building of the adventurer’s guild is somewhat smaller than Hekatrail’s.
It might only feel like that because it’s small.
Avoiding the bulletin board at the hall, which is an area of such tumult, I head to the location which can be considered to be the inner reception area.
There a female adventurer and a receptionist are arguing back and forth.
I tried to sneak a look while listening attentively.
The female adventurer has placed countless shells of snails on top of the table.

“It’s a request for 10 Baum shells. If I’m not mistaken, this is the share for 10 shells. They have no damages either. The reward is 5 silver coins. Here you go.”

The receptionist is a beastman who had cat ears and light brown hair in a wavy hairstyle.

“Yea, that’s correct. Well then.”

Once the female adventurer grabs the money placed on the table and puts it into her pocket, the simple talk finishes and she leaves the receptionist.
I go to this receptionist as well.
I presented my guild card to the beastman receptionist.

“I arrived some time ago from Hekatrail on an escort request. This is my card.” (Shuuya)

“Yes, I will take care of the wooden tag where your name and the completion note were written down. Please wait just a minute —.”

An official took the card and performed the task of inserting the card into a magic tool with a crystal ball located in the back.

“Thank you for waiting. The request is complete. Here is your reward and your card.”

“Certainly, bye then.” (Shuuya)

I receive the card and one gold coin as reward which I put in my breast pocket.
Just like that I turn my back on the receptionist.
It was at the moment when I tried to leave the guild.

“Shuuya, you are late.” (Fran)

“Oh, Fran.” (Shuuya)

She smiles.

“Did you already get your reward?” (Fran)

“Yea, a moment ago. What are you doing here without even looking at the request board, Fran?” (Shuuya)

“A-Aah, I waited for you, Shuuya.” (Fran)

“For me? How can I help you?” (Shuuya)

Fran’s freckled cheeks are dyed red.
A transparent falcon perched on the left shoulder of Fran.

“I want to take a request together with you, Shuuya…” (Fran)

Fran explains while scratching her cheek with her right hand.
I have been invited by a beautiful woman.
Usually I would join up with her right away, but…
Fran is somewhat suspicious.

“This is a bad time. Sorry.” (Shuuya)

“Hey, you are turning me down? … Is it hopeless no matter what?” (Fran)

Mmh, does she want to join up this much? Did she maybe fall in love with me?
No, it is certainly not that…
I have learned it the slightly hard way with the shady Kuna.
Let’s decline here with heartrending grief.

“… Yea, sorry.” (Shuuya)

“I-I see.” (Fran)

“Yea. Well, then we will meet somewhere again?” (Shuuya)

“Yea.” (Fran)

Although Fran smiles mutually, she bid farewell at that place stiffly.
Returning outside the guild, I untied the reins, which were fastened to a stake and energetically mounted Popobumu.
Once again I slowly survey the shops in the harbour’s neighbourhood.
Diagonally opposite of the shopping street, along the Heim River, a place where people are gathering was visible.
Since it piqued my curiosity, I made Popobumu run there.
It seems to be a wharf. Is it a liner terminal?
I look at the signboard.

Liner traffic towards 【Hekatrail】.
Liner traffic towards 【Senapua】.
Direct ship towards 【Halphonia】.
Direct ship towards 【Gromheim】.
Direct ship towards 【Fa Dyke】.
Liner traffic towards 【Pelneet】.

A great number of dressed-up, rich-looking people stood in line at the landing place where the signboard is located at.
The opposite shore is vaguely visible, but I wonder whether there is no ferry ship or bridge in case someone wants to go there?
When I looked around restlessly while holding such a doubt, I heard the voices of children.

“Mister, mister, please give me money.”

“Me too, me too.”

“Buy my medicinal plants.”

“I will polish your shoes.”

In the surroundings of the rich people who are waiting for their ship at the landing place, children who are wearing poor-looking rags gathered.

“— Shut up, shut up! Stupid brats, don’t come this way!”

“Don’t touch me with your filthy hands! Do not touch my clothes!”

“Good grief, Holker stinks. Go over there, shoo, shoo.”

The rich-looking men and women show scornful expressions.
While gesturing with their hands, they drive away the children with a “Shoo, shoo.” Glaring and disparaging the children as if they are garbage, they don’t allow the children to approach them.
Even though it would be fine if they gave them a bit…
Even I, who remains a spectator without doing anything, is a badger of the same hole, huh?
Well, it might be some kind of business with an adult boss backing them though.
Where are you staring while just glaring?
Popobumu goes forward while the rich folks are glaring like that.
Leaving the place for boarding a liner, we advanced along the paved wharf.
I look at a ship which is anchored after stopping Popobumu.
This ship has the same size as the ship that was in Hekatrail.
Rowing with the oars is probably difficult…
Baggage is loaded as well as unloaded and passengers embark and disembark from the ship.
At that moment a group, which wore black collars, went ashore.

“— Ora, you humans and waste fish people, who possess gills, hurry up and disembark. You will probably be late for the transactions at the trading company, but there are other parties who will purchase slaves of a savage tribe of ocean light wannabe’s like you lot! Stay more firm!”

The merchant, who was behind the group of slaves, is hurling instructions with a raised voice at the slaves with a whip in one hand.
A large quantity of slaves.
The rowers of the boat are slaves as well… there might be a person among those slaves who walks into a legend like Ben-Hur.
Given that I have roughly examined the harbour, we return to the southern street.
At that moment — I saw the construction site of a bridge out of the corner of my eyes.
A bridge in such place?
Since I was slightly bothered by the bridge, I had Popobumu head there.
The bridge is in the middle of construction… even the foundation works haven’t been completed yet. The construction has finished in a half-assed state.
This bridge seems to be for foot travel to the opposite shore, if it’s finished.
However, the location is weird.
It’s slightly away from the harbour. The entrance is at a narrow place located in an alley…
Why here? Won’t it extend to the main street as well…?
Well, even if I thought about these questions, it will be fine either way.
Well then, any time soon now, I guess?
The speech of the priest has probably finished. Let’s go back.
We return to the northern street.
And then we came back to the plaza with the large, withered tree.
Oh, just right, the priest finished his speech now.
Once the priest put up the hood of his robe, he leaves the plaza with the large, withered tree by walking.
— I follow him.
The priest entered an antique-looking mansion which was right in front of the crossroads square.
It’s close… I make Popobumu move until right in front of that mansion.
There was a slightly dirty wooden board, which had “Holker Temple” carved into it, at the front door of the mansion.
Even though things may appear this way, a temple…? It feels like a run-down mansion though.
Dismounting Popobumu in front of that run-down mansion, I tie the reins to a post.
Rollo, who was sitting on the back of Popobumu’s head, moved over to my shoulder.
Pushing open the light brown, large door of the mansion, we enter inside — ooh, isn’t the interior totally different?
Different from the run-down-like outer facade, it had a simple interior design with wide space and a central room and ceiling ridge beams which were supported by pillars with the characteristic trait of being naturally thick made out of wood.
Right in the center there is an altar. Through an open hole in the ceiling sunlight, like magic light, pours down onto a crooked bonsai which is on top of the altar.
Green light, from which you could feel mana, clad the bonsai.
Together with the beam of light, it intermingled to give off a mysterious, sacred sensation.
It gives off a mood as if God will descend any time soon.
The priest sits on a chair with inlays of evergreen oak which is close to the pedestal that makes one feel such peculiar mood. He is scribbling down something on a parchment with a quill.
Feeling an atmosphere like he is creating a magic document, I feel slightly tense, but I try to address him… I head to the pedestal in the centre by walking on the floor which has a tawny carpet spread out. However, did the priest notice my approaching presence? He stops writing in the middle, stands up and comes over to talk with me.


“Welcome to the Temple of Holkerbaum. How may I help you?”

I examine the face of the priest with his husky voice and as expected he isn’t human.
His skin is a mix of deep blue with light red and has a tinge close to purple.
The bones of his eye sockets are protruding out sideways.
I would agree even if I were told that he is a space alien or a demon…
Though he looked like a being from a splendid kind of race, I innocently think after all.
I, for a short while… stared at the face of such rare priest.

“… Are you alright? Do you hear me?”

The strange-looking priest asks while tilting his head to the side.

“… Eh, ah, yes. Sorry. I’m someone who listened to your story at the plaza just now.” (Shuuya)

“Oh, my goodness.”

“However I wanted to hear that story properly once more and thus I immediately came here.” (Shuuya)

Once I say so, the priest moves his large cheekbones while looking delightful.
He had an abundance of expressions.

“Good, of course I don’t mind. Rather, I’m just happy for you having shown an interest. Although I have brought up the previous talk again, the appearance of that large Holkerbaum tree has withered, but even now its roots are healthy. A restoration is possible.”

Hee, those are words brimming with confidence.

“Restoration? That withered, large tree can recover?” (Shuuya)

“Aah, yes. Though many people, including the feudal lord, apparently don’t believe so…”

The priest earnestly explains while having a slightly downcast look.

“Being able to restore would be great if it is the truth.” (Shuuya)

“Are you an adventurer?”

“That’s right. I’m the C-rank Shuuya Kagari.” (Shuuya)

Once I named myself as adventurer, this priest had a different light dwelling in his eyes.

“Ooh, that’s godsend. Shuuya-san the adventurer, you say? I’m the priest called Peradas. I sent a request to the guild. Did you see the request “Restoration of the large Holkerbaum tree”?” (Peradas)

“No, I haven’t seen that request yet. As a matter of fact, there are things I want to ask… do you know the words Light Sake Drops or Orb of Wisdom?” (Shuuya)

The priest tilted his head.
If it’s this reaction he unfortunately seems to not know about them.

“… Light Sake Drops and Orb of Wisdom? No, it’s something I never heard at all… what kind of things are these?” (Peradas)

Not at all, huh?
I replied after looking at the face of Rollo, who is on my shoulder, for a bit.

“… Gaining wisdom, growing intelligence, returning to her former figure, blessed with intellect or such it is. It might also be something that can be eaten. And I heard the fairy-tale that those were created by the god of plants Sadeyula, but…” (Shuuya)

Once the priest hears that they are created by the God of Plants, Sadeyula, his facial muscles shifted into something that might be considered an expression of surprise. However, since the shape is different, it might be something else as well.

“— What was that? This Holker Temple revers the spirit Holker-sama, but the God of Plants, Sadeyula-sama and the God of Earth, Gaia-sama, who are of higher class are the gods said to have given birth to the spirit Holker-sama, aren’t they? By some chance that Light Sake Drops and the large Holker tree, which withered here, might have a relation.” (Peradas)

The speaking style of the priest is agitated with a rapid speed.
Well that’s why I came to ask though.
On this opportunity, let’s question him about the gods.

“Gods, huh…? Can I talk with them if I go somewhere?” (Shuuya)

Without having a displeased expression even with my ignorant question, the priest shows an expression of kindness.

“… Fufu, a conversation with god? Something like talking with them normally… that cannot possibly come true. Gods and spirits don’t attempt to get in contact with those possessing a predestined length of life overly much. Unless a large incident doesn’t occur…” (Peradas)

The priest talked as if admonishing me in a gentle tone, but once he reached the end of his sentence, his countenance makes a change as if he hit on some good idea and he moves his mouth.

“— No, it might be possible to talk with them. The spirit of the large tree, Holker-sama, is a descendant of a family which is connected to the gods, the God of Plants, Sadeyula-sama, and the God of Earth, Gaia-sama!” (Peradas)

The priest has become excited.
However, is that true…?

“What do you mean by that?” (Shuuya)

“If you are able to restore the “withered large tree of Holker” of this city, you will be able to gain the blessings from the God of Plants, Sadeyula-sama, and the God of Earth, Gaia-sama. It’s something that might enable you to have a conversation with the gods!” (Peradas)

“Nn, nyao nyao.” (Rollo)

Rollo, who was on my shoulder, reacted with an odd voice to the words of the agitated priest.
Looking at the strangely excited face of the priest, she seems to think that it appears to be the truth.

“That black cat-san is?” (Peradas)

“Aah, she is my familiar and partner.” (Shuuya)

“I see, she is cute.” Peradas)

“Nyaa.” (Rollo)

Rollo moves one of her feet up and down while tapping my shoulder.
As usual she was appealing by tapping it with a *pon pon*.

“I want to give Light Sake Drops and the Orb of Wisdom to my familiar. Do you believe that I can obtain those artifact if I succeeded in talking with the gods?” (Shuuya)

I talk while gently stroking the head of Rollo.

“Yes, if you are able to make the large tree of Holker revive and can obtain the blessings by the “God of Plants Sadeyula-sama” and the “God of Earth Gaia-sama,” it might be possible to get those Light Sake Drops and Orb of Wisdom.” (Peradas)

The priest said with a serious look.
It’s “might obtain” though. Since the story might just match suitably, I test him a bit.

“God’s blessing? You said that something like the restoration of that huge, withered tree is possible. But, is that really true?” (Shuuya)

I said with a look filled with doubt.
Once the priest hears that, he opens his eyes widely.
The priest opened his mouth with an eager posture while breaking into a smile.

“— This way of being able to converse with god due to the grace of a blessing exists since the old times. Besides, the large tree of Holker is still alive. Therefore, it’s definitely possible to restore it! As priest of Holker I have an exclusive skill to stimulate the regeneration. That method has been written and handed down in other scriptures as well.” (Peradas)

The handing down of a skill, eh.
The priest placed a hand on a thick book which is located on top of the altar.
Those are the scriptures?

“Why don’t you try to restore it by yourself in that case?” (Shuuya)

When the priest hears my remark, his expression immediately changes because of his stiffened attitude and a shadow shows on his face.

“… That is, certainly. By all rights it’s wrong if I don’t move in order to restore it by taking the initiative. However there are two materials indispensable for that restoration. The first is in a “mountainous city located at a lake” of a distant foreign country in the north which you reach after crossing the desert and the Mahaheim Mountain Range. The second is in the “Forest of Sadeyula” which is deemed to be located within the territory of the 【Ancient Befaritz Empire】 in the northeast after likewise crossing the Mahaheim Mountain Range.” (Peradas)

Those are exceedingly far away, I think…

“That’s far…” (Shuuya)

“Yes, it’s too far. I have the position of a priest, but you won’t find too many of my race in this city. In addition, although it is a very important matter, I won’t be able to protect the large tree of Holker, which guarded this one’s father and mother, from the “evil people” once I end up leaving this place. If I don’t strengthen the barrier by devoting my life, it might end up withering away for real… And not just that, it’s a situation where I don’t know of when the feudal lord of this place will begin the felling of the large tree… Therefore, I can’t separate from 【Holkerbaum】…” (Peradas)

I wonder who those “evil people” are.
Well, it’s fine for now, huh?
The priest sent a request to the adventurer’s guild since he can’t leave.

“Is that how it is? That’s why you made a request at the adventurer’s guild.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. It’s as you say. However, the present state is that there’s no one has accepted that request even though it has been handed in for a long time due to its difficulty.” (Peradas)

No one accepted it, huh…?
Two materials are necessary and on top of that those are at distant places.
And yet I don’t know whether there might be some truth to it.
Though I believe it depends on the reward, but…

“What is the completion bonus when handing it in at the guild?” (Shuuya)

The priest watches me with a look that expects something from me.

“The rewards are “Holker’s Holy Flower” and a “Splinters of Holker’s Large Tree.”” (Peradas)

Ummm, only those? That’s why no one has accepted this.
Well, let’s ask just to hear it.

“… What kind of things are these?” (Shuuya)

“According to the scriptures, a special flower will bloom at the time when it is restored from being dead wood.” (Peradas)

“A special flower?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. The petals, which bloomed in the beginning, are special petals which were called “Holker’s Holy Flower.” They seem to be white, glittering, thin and transparent petals. If you mix new buds with those petals, though their numbers are few, you will be able to create an overcompensating medicine which is effective against all kinds of sicknesses and heals all kinds of injuries.” (Peradas)

Effective against all kinds of sicknesses, huh… it would be amazing it if was true though.

“The splinters of Holker’s large tree are?” (Shuuya)

“It is said that those are splinters which would fall at the time of its restoration from being dead wood, but the power of Sadeyula and Gaia dwell in those splinters and one will become able to use the power of Holker. Meaning, it’s written that it’s a holy charm.” (Peradas)

“That’s it? There’s no money?” (Shuuya)

“Nya nya?” (Rollo)

While Rollo was riding on my shoulder, she purred towards the priest in order to match with me.

“Yes. The donations are too little. There’s no money… if anything, there’s this temple, the title deed of this mansion and my shabby body, I guess…? Is that alright with that, I wonder?” (Peradas)

“Huh? You will sell the house? The priest’s body!? Is that fine?” (Shuuya)

Or rather, you are a woman!?
Is what I wanted to blurt out but I held back.

“Yes. I name myself a priest, but I’m a single woman as believer of the Holker Temple. If I can experience the restoration of the large tree, it will be fine.” (Peradas)

You will sell your body for the sake of your faith?
That might be devout, but… I can’t say anything.

“… However, what will you do if that large tree is felled while I search for the materials after having accepted the request?” (Shuuya)

“Thus I have asked the feudal lord of Holkerbaum time and time again. I will go to petition, once again, tomorrow as well.” (Peradas)

Time and time again, huh?
Once I listen to the reason, it doesn’t look like the feudal lord will that simply agree to it either.

“Even I know that the other adventurers won’t accept this request with such an unprovable story. For example, even if they brought in the request’s materials, it will be meaningless if the large tree has been felled.”

“Eeh? That’s certainly correct…”

At that point the priestess bows her head.
At last she ended up starting to prostrating herself on the ground using both hands.

“Shuuya-san, no, Shuuya-sama, please, I request it of you somehow or other. Having listened to the matter of the large tree up to this point, Shuuya-sama, you are the first of the adventurers to have done that. It might also be in line with your wish of Light Sake Drop from just now. Please, accept this request. And, I will go to feudal lord-sama’s place tomorrow to petition, but… can’t I ask you to accompany me just once? I’d like to request you to persuade him, if possible… to ask for the suspension of the large tree’s felling.” (Peradas)

She is terribly desperate.
It’s that precious to her, huh?
Persuade the feudal lord -> gather the materials at great pains -> talk with god after having restored the large tree -> get a hint for Light Sake Drops or the Orb of Wisdom -> get a house and an old lady space alien as wife?
I tried to forecast it simply. However, the clue to Light Sake Drops and the Orb of Wisdom seem to be only these at the current location…
Shall I try to attempt accepting this request by taking the house and the priestess as space alien wife which is a joke at the present?

“… That’s right, isn’t it? Got it. Let me accept the request. I will go to take it at the guild. Don’t you have any confidence about whether the persuasion of the feudal lord will go smoothly? Also, please stop with the “-sama.”” (Shuuya)

“Ooooh, thank you. Yes, then, Shuuya-san, I will do my best at persuading the feudal lord.” (Peradas)

Was she happy to such large extent? All of a sudden she is high-tension.

“Yes, Peradas-san. Although there are materials necessary for its restoration, please tell me a bit more details about those.” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yes. Then it’s also fine to stop attaching “-san” to my name. My name is Marin Peradas. Please freely address me with priestess or Marin without attaching any honorific titles.” (Marin)

“Got it, then priestess.” (Shuuya)

The priestess displayed a delightful smile that lifted up her cheeks as if quilting was processed.
This smile, I wonder if it’s fine for me to say that it has a strange charm…?

“Yes. Then I shall explain about the materials. The first one is located at the huge “Akreshys Lake” which is at the foot of the “Fortuna Mountain” in the western area of the 【Religious State Hesrifat】 which is the destination after you crossed the 【Great Goldigs Desert】 and the Mahaheim Mountain Range. I need the “Akreshys Spring Water” which overflows from the idol which deitifies “Water God Akreshys” somewhere around there.” (Marin)

Fortuna Mountain, ah, it’s the area where Rubia was. A region with a religious state, huh…?

“The second seems to be in an area called 【Forest of Sadeyula】 in the large woodlands of 【Ancient Befaritz Empire】 which is right east of 【Holy Kingdom Ahkamunerys】 that is east of 【Religious State Hesrifat】. I have been told that the “Giant Tree of Sadeyula” is located there, and one of its leaves, “Sadeyula’s leaf” is necessary from that giant tree. However, it appears to currently be a harsh place with scars from past wars and is called “haunt of wicked men.” It’s in the far distant northeast once you pass Mahaheim Mountain Range from here.” (Marin)

Spring water flowing out from the idol of the water god Akreshys and Sadeyula’s leaf…
After crossing the mountain range, I head due east from northwest? For a normal adventurer this is severe. It’s an excessively long trip. However, I have the gate. I should be able to gather these with quite the speed. I’m slightly scared to pass the sphere of influence of a religious state though…

“… These two will become the materials.” (Marin)

“Understood. I will remember it. Well then, tomorrow is the persuasion of the feudal lord.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I look forward to working with you. I shall wait for you tomorrow morning.” (Marin)

“Yea. Well, then till tomorrow.” (Shuuya)

Saying that I go outside the temple’s mansion.
She was a peculiar priestess.
Next is, for the time being, I will accept the request… an search for an inn, huh?
Mounting Popobumu, I head towards the guild.
Once I return to the guild, I look for the priestess’ request on the board.
I found it immediately.
Request Content:
B-Rank – Collection of “Spring Water of Akreshys” and Sadeyula’s Leaf.”
Subjugation Target: none
Application Period: indefinite
Search Area: Outskirts of Fortuna Mountain, large forest of a haunt of wicked men.
Reward: Holy Petal of Holker, Splinters of Holker’s Large Tree
Subjugation Proof: none
Key Points: It’s necessary to be cautious of the “Hell’s Chasm” which has now become a nest of demons in the ruins of a place which was the imperial capital of 【Ancient Befaritz Empire】. A-ranks are encouraged, but since it’s basically an exploration, the degree of difficulty has been set to B-rank.
Note: You have to consult the particulars.
Naturally, there is no sign that anyone touched the wood tag which had the marks of this request written down.
Well, as it’s ambiguous whether the rewards really exist or not, it’s only reasonable.
Holding the wooden tag which no one has tried to touch, I carry it over to a receptionist.
The request was immediately accepted.
It’s an opportunity. Shall I ask the receptionist about an inn?

“Sorry, are there any recommended inns or such?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, there are several. There is a high.class inn with the name “Hotel Alando” situated in the Arom Shopping District. My recommended inns are “Hotel Kireara,” which is close to the Lord’s mansion located in the northern developing block and “Wind-Sounding Pavillon” which is close to the western gate.”

“Thank you. I will remember those.” (Shuuya)

I was told about three inns by the receptionist. Shall I head to the hotel-named inn, the high-class inn in the shopping district?
Leaving the guild, I went towards the shopping district. Exiting the plaza with the large, withered tree, I return to the northern street and advance on it.
Oh, that place, eh? I discover a signboard which had Alando written on it.
Reserved by a square, there was a depression which drew a path from the main street just in front of that hotel.
Steering Popobumu, I step inside the plot of the hotel.


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