Chapter 128 – Party Name

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We line up in front of the guild’s reception.
Waiting for around a half hour, we chat as we are advancing on the line.
At last our turn comes up.
Everyone simultaneously presents their cards and the request tags at the reception desk.

“We are going to form a party”, once I say that to the receptionist with a triumphant look,

“What name would you like to assign to your party?”

Being asked that, I feel dumbfounded.
Damn! We didn’t think of a name.
Fortunately there are no adventurers lining up behind us, so we have time to think it through.

“… What would be a good party name?” (Shuuya)

“Nn. Shuuya and Friends.” (Eva)

Eva swiftly offers a possible name, but that one’s definitely no good.

“Rejected.” (Shuuya)

Seemingly having received a shock due to me immediately denying it, Eva operates the wheelchair and moves behind Viine as if hiding there while cowering.

“Umm, Rebecca, give us an alternative.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? Me? Hmmmm— Arm Blue Party!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca presents her two slender arms and answers while bending her slender hands to push out her biceps.

“Rejected! That’s a rip-off from 【Blue-armed Treasure Party】’s Blue Arm Jewelers, isn’t it?” (Shuuya)

“Aww, you found out…” (Rebecca)

“Viine, do you have an idea?” (Shuuya)

She reacts by moving her thin, silver eyebrows with a twitch.

“Yes! Dark Prism, written as Darkness Lions, how about that?” (Viine)

Dark Prism written as Darkness Lions?

“What are Darkness Lions?”

“It’s the name of a darkness predator feared in the underground world.” (Viine)

“Hee, it sounds nice. But, rejected.” (Shuuya)

“How about Bluebird Pipik?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca recommended the name of a bird
This has a nice ring to it as well, but it’s still no good, I guess.

“Hmm, it’s regrettable, but this one’s out as well.” (Shuuya)

“Tsk, only rejecting everything, we still haven’t heard your idea, Shuuya.”

Rebecca talks to me while staring at me.
Hmm, I suppose I have to include the characteristics of everyone?

『Your Excellency, I have good ideas.』 (Helme)

『Mmh? What are they?』 (Shuuya)

『First, Excellency and his Servants. Second, Excellency and his Acquaintances*. Third, Servants of the Supreme Gentleman. Fourth, Excellency and…』 (Helme)

Acquaintances and butt love, eh?1 That’s a good one.

『Wait, Helme, it’s enough.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay…』 (Helme)

Helme is of no use as reference.
My main weapons are the chain and the Magic Halberd. My sub weapon is magic.
Rebecca’s main weapon is magic.
Viine’s main weapons are the two swords, and her sub is magic?
Eva’s main weapons are the two tonfa, and her sub is magic?
Rollodeen’s main weapons are her tentacle bone swords and her flame breath.
Everyone except Rebecca can use weapons and all of us can use magic.
Magic… Magic Users.
Uh, that’s too cheap. But, nothing good comes to mind.
Let’s try proposing it for the time being?

“… How about Magic Users or such?” (Shuuya)

“A big rejection!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca swiftly condemns me and licks her upper lip with her tongue while acting all proud with a “Hah!”

“Rebecca, you just wanted to say that, didn’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Y-You are wrong.” Rebecca pouts.

“Umm, you know, since a party name isn’t a clan name, it’s fine to not fret over it too much, okay? As privilege for parties, you will be able to use the Party Box, but it will be only registered in the guild’s records. So it’s possible to change the party’s name right away.”

The receptionist says while curbing her temples.
She urged us to decide quickly.
At that moment Rollo descends on the reception desk from my shoulder and starts walking on it.
She’s walking innocently while swaying her tail…
Innocently, huh?
It immediately hit me. Innocence, innocence in English.
Innocence, blameless, pure.
Innocent Black Cat…
Innocent Cat…
Stomach… (T/N: spoken as “i”)
At that moment a piiing resounded, just like at the times when I acquire a skill.
It’s probably my imagination, but I hit on a good idea.
I wonder, how about something like Innocent Arms.
Innocent Arms Party.

“How about Innocent Arms?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, agree.” (Eva)

Before I noticed Eva had returned to my side.

“I will abide with master.” (Viine)

Next, Viine agrees quietly.

“… It’s so-so. I agree as well.” (Rebecca)

Even Rebecca gave her approval with a haughty attitude while folding her arms, although she seems to like it.

“Then I will register the party’s name as 【Innocent Arms】.”

The receptionist lines up our adventurer cards on the desk and scribbles with a quill on a document.


After that it’s the same old pattern.
Everyone places their hands on the crystal, the five requests are accepted and we get our cards back.


“With this the party name has been officially registered. Please use the Party Box in case you want to get in touch with each other privately. You can hand in your letters at the reception. In case it’s fine to announce it openly, please make use of the message board located in the waiting room over there, where the tables are lined up, on the right side of the reception. In case you are going to use it casually for appointments and similar, it might be the best option to use the message board over there.”

Once I turn my sight into that direction, I can certainly see something that seems to be a message board and cafe-like tables lining up.
I see. I might use it sometime.
Then I look at my card.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Dragonslayer
Race: Human
Occupation: C-Rank Adventurer
Affiliation: None
Combat Occupation: Spear Warrior – Chain User
Completed Requests: 25

Once I finish the five request we accepted just now, I’m going to have thirty completed requests.
I wonder whether I will be able to take the B-Rank examination.
And, the affiliation still remains being none, eh?
As this was only the registration of a party name, I suppose it won’t be written down as affiliation.

“Nn. Shuuya, let’s go.” (Eva)

“Aye.” (Shuuya)

Being urged on by Eva, we leave the guild and walk along the ring road.
The announcers are still spreading the news.

— A recruitment rally sponsored by Oseberia’s nobles, who achieved results in the Lushiz War, is being held at Aria’s Plaza. It seems they are recruiting new soldiers since the war is intensifying. I’m told that you will be directly admitted to the knight order or get promoted to become a noble’s attendant or the highest ranks of the army in case you are excellent.

— Once again a blank magic resonance has broken out on the hill of the Light Cross’ Forest located close to the Benrak Village. I hear that a large number of monsters has spawned and assembled. It’s a warning for the peddlers, planning to cross the Great Eastern Bridge.

— It’s a follow-up report on the Masked Villain Zarlp. He has fought against Crimson’s assassins in the southern outskirts. It’s said that he was seen on the road towards the Iron-squared City Lalarbuin. Merchants engaging in foreign trade should be cautious.

As I’m walking and ignoring the shout-outs of the adventurers and the street stalls while passing through the announcement booths as usual, I once again catch sight of that girl selling medicinal herbs.
I guess I will buy them again.

“Go ahead. I will buy something over there.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, buying?” (Eva)

“Are you going to buy them again?” (Rebecca)

Eva and Rebecca say while staring at the herb-selling girl.

“Yeah, I’m off.” (Shuuya)

“Master, I will come with you as well.” (Viine)

“Sure.” (Shuuya)

Rebecca looks in Eva’s direction.

“Well then, let’s go ahead, Eva.” (Rebecca)

“Nn, got it.” (Eva)

Eva and Rebecca head in the direction of the labyrinth’s entrance.
I run up to the girl selling bundles of medicinal herbs with Rollo sitting on my shoulder.
Viine keeps up with me easily.
Did the girl with her purely white eyes sense my presence? Since she’s restlessly searching my location by moving her face, I call out to her.

“Yo, I’ve come to make a purchase again.” (Shuuya)

“Ah, the adventurer-sama from the other day?”

It looks like she recognizes me by my voice. She has good ears, hasn’t she?

“Are your sales going well?” (Shuuya)

“Yes! I sold a bit.”

It’s a lively voice. Her white eyes look as if they are sparkling.

“That’s great. Then, can I have you sell me some medicinal herbs?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. How many bundles do you wish to buy?”

As a matter of fact, I haven’t used the medicinal herbs I bought the other day.
They are still stored within my chest strap.

“One is fine. I will hand you the money.” (Shuuya)

Taking out one silver coin from my item box, I place it on the girl’s palm, in exchange for the medicinal herbs.

“T-This size, and it’s slightly heavy. That’s no copper coin, is it?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t need any change either. It’s fine as long as you sell a lot more of these medicinal herbs, right?” (Shuuya)

“But, you put me in a bind… There’s also the standpoint of the other customers.”

“Ah, is it a nuisance? Sorry.” (Shuuya)

“… If you are doing it out of sympathy after seeing my eyes, it’s unnecessary. My current life is very comfortable after all.”

I see, so in the end it was a crab’s sidewise crawl.2

“My bad. Next time I will have you sell them to me for the normal price.” (Shuuya)

“Yes. But, I’m well aware that you are a gentle adventurer-sama. Please come and buy from me again, okay?”

“Yeah, see you.” (Shuuya)

“… Master? Why did you pay one silver coin for medicinal plants?” (Viine)

Viine asks with a mix of bewilderment and doubt.

“It’s on a whim.” (Shuuya)

I run after telling her curtly.


We join up with the waiting Eva and Rebecca.
All of us pass through the labyrinth’s entrance and touch the crystal.
In the moment Eva chants “Third Floor”, we instantly and safely arrive at the crystal of the third floor.
The crystal of the third floor in front of my eyes has a thicker, rectangle shape than the one on the second floor.
Eva removes her hand from that crystal.
If I remember correctly, we should have been warped randomly, but…
But it seems that Eva drew the crystal of our destination in one attempt.
The walls and floor of the room are grey.
The walls seem to be rough, possessing a concrete-like feel.
Geometrical patterns are brightly shining on the surface of the walls, serving as white light sources.
The light sources on the ceiling and the walls appear to be no different from the ones on the second floor.
In the surroundings, a great number of adventurers is sitting on the concrete floor while taking a break.
Among them there were also parties who lightly chat with each other and eat grilled mushrooms while being surrounded by spread-out cloth sheets similar to a sunken hearth.
Somehow the room feels narrow.
Is it actually small in comparison to the first and second floor?
However, it has a height of twenty meters, and there’s no difference in there being opened pathway gates in the four ordinal directions of the room.
Ahead of all the passages, one can see adventurers fighting with large mushrooms.
It might feel confined because of the large number of people present.
However, all of a sudden it’s a highly contested battleground.
Although it was written on the request notice that a big number of Large Phantasmal Mushrooms appears, it’s best to actually see it with one’s own eyes.
The adventurers wield their weapons, and defeat the large mushrooms by crushing them.
The soft-looking umbrella part that dropped as raw material could be put into a big bag.

“Shuuya, this way.” (Eva)

Eva holds out her two tonfa towards the left.
It seems that we will advance through the opened gate on the left.
She goes ahead on her wheelchair.
Rollo heads next to Eva.
While trotting, she grows her figure and transforms into her black panther shape.

“Left, huh?”

I summon the Magic Halberd in preparation, and follow Eva and Rollo from right behind.
Viine and Rebecca follow behind me.
We haven’t talked about anything such as the formation or strategies, but oh well, I think it’ll be alright.
The passage exiting the room is wide.
It having concrete as material stays the same.
The number of adventurers fighting in the wide passage is big.
However, the number of Large Phantasmal Mushrooms is even bigger.

“It’s only mushrooms until the crossroads.” (Eva)

As if lured by Eva’s words, a Large Phantasmal Mushroom closes in on us while scattering its spores around.
Separating both hands from the wooden wheel parts of her wheelchair, Eva strikes the head of the mushroom with the tonfa equipped on her left hand as if turning its umbrella into minced meat.
Once she crushes the umbrella by denting it in, she extends the tonfa equipped on her right hand straight ahead and pierces the yellow patterned stalk of the mushroom.
The large mushroom stops moving after being stabbed.
So those tonfa can also have their tips become sharp?
And, immediately after Eva defeated the Large Phantasmal Mushroom, more come attacking us.
Stepping out towards the left side, I extend my Magic Halberd towards a Large Phantasmal Mushroom.
I stab the red spear into the pillar-like, thick stalk and kill it.
It had a soft sensation, but since it’s chunky, I can feel its thickness.
However, the number of Large Phantasmal Mushrooms is still high.
I make a full directly horizontal swing towards the umbrellas of the nearby mushrooms with my Magic Halberd as if chopping something off.
In one go I slaughter three of them. Next I stab, stab, stab and stab, defeating the mushrooms successively by piercing their stalks.
Since they are burned at the hole, where I stabbed them, with a sizzling sound each time I defeat one by piercing them with the red spear, a nice smell hangs in the air, the smell of grilled mushroom…
With my nose being stimulated, it makes me want to stuff the burned mushrooms into my mouth.
I’m fully enjoying the fragrant aroma that’s similar to grilled matsutake mushrooms.
Without swinging the Magic Halberd in my right hand, I repeat the thrusting motions while tightening my stance and imagining a compact form. I carefully bring down one Large Phantasmal Mushroom after the other.
It seems the Large Phantasmal Mushrooms are weak against fire.
This time it wasn’t a feeling of having grilled it medium, but instead it ended up catching fire with a force that carbonised it in an instant as if it was drenched in alcohol.
RollodeenBlack Panther kills the Large Phantasmal Mushrooms by stabbing them with her tentacle bone swords.
Once the number of mushrooms decreased in her vicinity, she ran to the front right side as if following Eva whom she appears to favorize.
Rebecca casts a fireball and makes it crash into a group of Large Phantasmal Mushrooms.
Two mushrooms are defeated at once and the mushrooms surrounding them are transformed into blazing torches.
Viine, who waited nearby, makes her move as well.
She grabs the swords by her waist with her arms crossed and pulls the sword blades that are shining with a silver light out in a swift motion as if performing a quick draw*. (T/N: Battoujutsu)
— Directly following her pulling out the swords, her bluish-white, crossed arms dance as if she’s a conductor, giving birth to many pretty sword slashes in midair that leave behind traces of X marks.
The Large Phantasmal Mushrooms, that jumped while causing a sound effect of *boboiiing* were torn to shreds in a flash due to her sword technique.
It’s a swift swordsmanship.
Just as Viine indicated the swords as her main weapons, her handling of the slightly bent, double-edged silver swords she’s grasping in her left and right hand is terrific…
I don’t know what kind of sword style it is, but it’s quite obvious that it requires a considerable swordskill.
Even just now, she bisected a mushroom with a single swing.
I burn that beautiful swordsmanship into my memory.
For an instant it overlapped with Yui’s sword techniques.
The movement and performance of the single strokes is smooth. Even her pose of pulling back the sword after doing a diagonal slash is beautiful with her swaying silver-colored long hair.
While admiring Viine’s fighting style, I finish defeating a mushroom. Corpses of mushrooms that have fallen sideways are piled up in large numbers inside the passage, just like mountains.
It’s probably because of their thick stalks and umbrellas.

“Rollo, I leave the watchout to you. Everyone will collect the magic stones and the raw materials—” (Shuuya)

I give suitable instructions.





Everybody carries out their respective looting.
I also pick up the large mushrooms scattered in front of me.
The Large Phantasmal Mushrooms have a small magic stone because they are weak.
I guess in this case it’s fine with just their raw materials.
As ordered, Rollo restlessly moves around her small head in all earnest and stays on guard.
Not only that, once she discovers a Large Phantasmal Mushroom that spawned in the wall, she bites its umbrella and eats it while chewing it with her molars.
Haha, did you become hungry, Rollo?
Ah, which reminds me, we didn’t have a proper breakfast.
Though there’s the possibility that she ate something in the garden of Chianelas’ estate.
While apologizing in my mind with a “Sorry,” I count the number of defeated mushrooms.

“… Leaving aside those that burned down completely, the rest amounts to 25 in total, huh? At this rate it looks like we will gather the materials of the Large Phantasmal Mushroom right away.” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

“Seems so. They appear to spawn quickly, too. Look, a head is already protruding out of the wall.” (Rebecca)

“Ah, you are right.”

“Master, it looks like Large Phantasmal Mushrooms also spawn from the ceiling.” Just as pointed out by Viine, a mushroom falls down from above.

I fire <Chain> at once.
The chain that was shot in a straight line seizes the large mushroom in midair and skewers it.
Making the chain contract, just like pulling the cable of a vacuum cleaner, into my left wrist, I bring back the corpse of the mushroom, which was stuck at the chain’s tip, into my left hand.

“With this it’s the 26th. The spawn rate is high, isn’t it?” (Shuuya)

I say while grasping the corpse with my left hand.

“As expected of you, master.” (Viine)

“Shuuya, you still had such an amazing weapon in store…” (Rebecca)

“Nn. It’s the first time for me to see it, too. It extends with a *swish* and then goes *jab*, amazing.” (Eva)

“Really? I used this when I saved you back then, Eva.” (Shuuya)

Eva shakes her head left and right.

“? I didn’t realize.” (Eva)

“Ah, now that you mention it, you were unconscious at that time. Sorry.” (Shuuya)

“— Nn. it’s okay.” (Eva)

Eva shakes her head slightly and smiles gently.

“Even at the time you partied with me, you didn’t use that chain, did you?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca doubts me.
She stares at me with squinted eyes as if saying “How suspicious.”

“If I remember correctly, there was no necessity to use it at that time. After all there’s also magic, right? Oh, another one has spawned—” (Shuuya)

Rotating the Magic Halberd by making use of its inertia, I stretch out the Magic Dragon Gem at the butt end and charge the Magic Halberd with mana.
At that instant, the hidden bladeIce Claw is created from the Magic Dragon Gem and pierces into the wall by growing long.
The large mushroom, who was just born, is frozen in a state of being sewn to the wall.


Everyone ended up silent due to that spectacle.
Was it wrong of me to use the hidden bladeIce Claw without restraint?
Oh well, who cares. They will probably get used to it if I use it occasionally from now on.
Shifting the Magic Halberd, I smoothly erase the ice.
The surroundings are wrapped up by a cool wind due to the ice melting.

“U-Umm, did ice grow out of that halberd?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca asks timidly.

“That’s right.” (Shuuya)

“Nn. This time it’s definitely the first time for me to see it!” (Eva)

“M-Master, you definitely possess an amazing weapon…” (Viine)

“Nnn? Nyao, nya.”

Rather than caring about something like that, Rollo stands ahead of the passage and meows while hitting the floor with her tail, as if saying 『Let’s go forward nya』.

“Look, even Rollo urges us onwards. Let’s proceed.” (Shuuya)


“Oh well, I can’t fully consent to that amazing weapon, but Rollo-chan is cute, so I guess we will go, right?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca shakes her head slightly diagonally and addresses Eva.

“Nn.” (Eva)

Rebecca and Eva look at each other and nod with a smile.
Whispering about something between themselves, they glance at me, and follow while having a secret talk.
What are they talking about… or rather, even though both of them met each other for the first time just a while ago, they are already hitting off with each other?
I guess their female and group-building powers are high… While thinking that, I walk together with Viine.
Once I peek at her face, it’s greatly different how she looked at me at first.
Although she had a cold expression until now, I feel… like she’s looking at me with a somewhat passionate gaze now.
I wonder whether that’s because she saw me fighting? Thinking that, I look into her silver eye beyond the silver face guard.

“Master?” (Viine)

Previously it was a freezing smile, but now it’s a vividly bright smile.

“Well, seeing you so lively, I wonder whether anything happened to you?” (Shuuya)

“Yes, because I realized that you are a very amazing male, a powerful man, master, I’m very happy.” (Viine)

Haha, a very amazing male.
I’d like you to choose your words a bit better, is the retort I want to give her here, but let’s not.

“… Since Rollo has started to fight in the vanguard, we will move up as well.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Viine)

Advancing through the broad passage in such manner, we reach the first big room while passing other adventurers.
A party of six adventurers consisting of three warriors, a magician, a thief and a priest are fighting against a big centipede and Large Phantasmal Mushrooms in the big room.
Putting aside the mushrooms, the other monster is one I see for the first time.

“Nn. Black Centipede… quite strong, I hate.” (Eva)

Eva explains simply.
While walking to a corner in order to not bother the fight of that party, we choose the passage on the direct right, going along the big room’s walls.
We advance through the grey concrete passages for close to an hour.
During that period we defeat all the spawning mushrooms.
Until here there have been no traps and only mushroom monsters inside the passages.
It seems like there are few traps on the third floor.
At the moment when we had defeated more than two hundred Large Phantasmal Mushrooms while proceeding through the grey, trapless passages, Eva suddenly stops her wheelchair at a spot with a crossroad.
She turns around with a rotation of her wheelchair.

“— Ahead of this passage, it will change into a forest.” (Eva)


“So the mushrooms won’t spawn once the environment changes?” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Eva nods.

“Then it means that our opponents will be goblins, orcs, treants or shelled worms from now on?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca asks Eva while grasping her wand with her white hands.

“Yes. There are also others.” (Eva)

“Eh? You surely don’t mean Balbaroy’s Envoy or such?” (Rebecca)

“Nn. Don’t want to encounter that one, but this is the third floor. It’s possible.” (Eva)

The two girls nod at each other and tighten their faces as if being on guard.
Balbaroy’s Envoy, huh? Previously I saw it on the guild’s board.

“Hey, it’s said that an eerie music will play if that Balbaroy appears?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, right. Unique monster.” (Eva)

Eva confirms by nodding as usual.

“But, you know, even if it’s the strong monsters appearing in the vicinity of the Ten Heavenly Snake Statues or those of the guardian rank, you might be able to somehow handle it Shuuya, no?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca looks at me with her blue eyes sparkling full of expectations. Mmh? Did a blue fire burn in her eyes just now?
I have imagined it, right? I mean, Rebecca’s blue eyes are really pretty…
Anyway, it seems like the monsters at guardian rank are strong.

“… I wonder about that. I won’t know unless I try fighting against them. Rather than that, are the slimes located even deeper inside?” (Shuuya)

Taking my sight off Rebecca, who has given me a questionable backhanded compliment, in order to shift the subject, I question Eva, who is knowledgeable about the third floor.

“It’s slightly further from here on. They spawn in an extensive, wet area located ahead of the forest. The Jigua’s Goldfish Trees can be found around that area as well. It’s just past the rare monster room.” (Eva)

Eva nods and points towards the right path of the crossroads with the tonfa in her right hand.

“Wait a moment, rare monster room?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca, who loves treasures, bends forward and looks at Eva.

“… Nn.” (Eva)

Eva is slightly startled due to Rebecca’s positive reaction.

“What appears in that room?” (Rebecca)

Black Sweet Water SnakeSugar Snake, A rank.” (Eva)

“So it’s the one called Black Serpent, eh? Each time it receives damage, it releases Black Sweet Water from its wounds, right? If you drink that sweet water, your mana replenishes a bit, and moreover it freshens up your throat. It’s a sweet, tasty, special high-class water, or such I heard.” (Rebecca)

If you drink black sweet water, your throat will feel refreshed?
There’s no way for that to be Cola, is there?
If it was, I would like to take a sip.
Or rather, I would want to drink it really badly.

“Moreover, it’s a monster which is always put up on a request by the Royal Gourmet Association. According to rumors, royalty and titled nobility always desire it. It appears to be essential for the Gourmet Academy. It actually goes well with black tea as well, doesn’t it?” (Rebecca)

“Rebecca, very knowledgeable.” (Eva)

Just as Eva says, Rebecca knows all the details.

“… Say, won’t we challenge that rare monster?” (Rebecca)

“Nn, Shuuya decides.” (Eva)

The two girls stare at me while applying the peculiar pressure of beautiful women.

“I don’t mind. But you should know, it’s a place where something that delicious appears, so it will be crowded anyway, right?” (Shuuya)

“… Yes. Several skilled parties. Each time I passed through the passage with the entrance to that room, someone was always present.” (Eva)

As expected.

“Uuh, hearing that, makes me all depressed. But, you want to drink the black sweet water at least once, right? Besides, you know, a treasure chest might appear, no? Since this is the third floor, an iron, a silver or a golden box might pop out. I’d like to have a go at it!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca speaks with the assumption that we can defeat it.
It looks like she’s also interested in the treasure.
She was also delighted when she got the bracelet last time.

“Rebecca-san. Although you are somehow expecting that we can defeat it from the get-go, the Black Sweet Water Snake is an A-ranked monster, isn’t it? Isn’t it strong?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah. I also heard that it’s huge. It’s certainly strong. But, we have you and Rollo-chan, Shuuya. Aren’t Eva and Viine with us as well? I will do my best, too?” (Rebecca)

Good grief, she’s really going at it.
But, I’m interested as well.
I’m also curious about the treasure chest, but what’s more, I’d like to drink the black sweet water…
Therefore, I guess we will try to challenge it just once.

“Although it depends on the congestion over there, should we try challenging it once?” (Shuuya)

Breaking into a smile, I ask everyone.

“Yes!” (Viine)

Viine replies swiftly as if being all hyped up.

“Nn, roger.” (Eva)

Eva nods, stares into my eyes with her violet pupils and smiles.
Her brand new, medium-long hair really suits her beauty.

“Of course.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca raises her voice happily and jumps a bit on the spot.
As her skirt turns up, I can see something like striped leather panties.

“Nyaoon.” (Rollo)

Lured by Rebecca, Rollo also celebrates by repeatedly jumping in a cute, foolish manner.
On this side, Rollo shows her pretty butt hole.

“… Haha, well, let’s go then?” (Shuuya)

The black sweetwater might be cola, honey water, sugar water, yet unknown water, captivating golden water, Doctor Pepper, the intellectual drink of the chosen ones drunken by Hooin Kyoma3, hot cola that’s sold at Akihabara, or something similar to canned oden.
While such stupid delusions unfold in my head, I advance through the passage together with everyone.


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Translation Notes:

  1. Both are spoken as shiriai but use kanji with different meanings.
  2. Expression where the manner of doing something is seen as very suitable by the person themselves even if it’s regarded as discomforting by others
  3. Hooin Kyoma is a reference to Steins Gate.

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