Chapter 127 – Friends Introduction

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“Viine, push out your chest so I can touch the collar.” (Shuuya)

“Y-Yes.” (Viine)

Does Viine think that she’s getting punished? She tones her voice down as she lifts her head.
If I place my hand on the the ring located above her chest, I’d be able to tamper with it, right…?
With my eyes drawn to her beautiful collarbone, I place my hand onto the black ring.
Upon doing so, I suddenly feel as though I’m able to rotate the black ring left and right.
I see, if I turn it to the right, her pain increases. On the other hand, if I turn it to the left, her pain decreases instead.
Seeing how pitiable she looks, I think I’ll turn it once to the left.
Viine seems to know that the pain has become slightly weaker.
She gazes at me with an inquisitive expression.
It seems her breathing gets hindered whenever the black ring is pulled upwards, acting as a light punishment.
What a nasty magic. They did a good job to be able to develop such a spell.
Anyways, none of that matters to me.
I am who I am. I’ll make use of it as I see fit.
Whatever Viine might feel about it, it’s nevertheless important that she doesn’t betray me.

“I’m done. You can take it easy for now.” (Shuuya)

“… Understood. You lowered the collar’s constriction strength level, but is that really alright?” (Viine)

“Don’t worry. If you serve me with an exemplary attitude, and never go against my orders, it’ll all be fine. After all, it’s not like I want to abuse you or something, Viine. Though, I do have a soft spot for women after all. I won’t mind even if you consider me rather naive.” (Shuuya)

“… Yes.” (Viine)

Viine smiles at me, but she’s still giving off a sort of cold impression.
The expression Pretend to obey while betraying them behind their back them pops up in my mind.

If I do end up being betrayed by Viine – if I trust in the subordination system of slaves circulating in this world, she shouldn’t be able to betray me – but if, say, the subordination system somehow doesn’t work, and she ends up as a woman trying to go for my life… I guess I’ll have no other choice but to either kill her or dismiss her.
I mean, seeing hows excellent she is, I’d certainly like it if she were to become one of my <Bloodkin> by way of the vampire skill <Suzerain of Household>.
But, if she just hates me and refuses to feel otherwise, I guess I’ll have to return to Chianelas’ place and give her back.
It wouldn’t really bother me if I didn’t get my money back either.
Well, for now it’s nothing more than a speculation of what-ifs.

“… Well then, let’s hurry to the adventurer’s guild. Rollo—” (Shuuya)


Rollo lightly meows while on my shoulder and then jumps down on the ground.
Once she lands on the ground with her small paws, she transforms from the black cat into the black panther, continuing on into her Horse Lion mode with a billowing.
I jump on RollodeenHorse Lion and grab the tentacle rein.
The tip of that tentacle sticks to my nape.
On the other hand, Viine is apparently surprised by Rollo’s transformation and is about to draw the swords at her waist.
It looks like she’s shocked by the abruptness.
I guess that’s inevitable. I call out to her,

“… Viine, get on in front or behind me.” (Shuuya)

“… Yes!” (Viine)

Once she lightly shakes her head left and right in order to pull herself together, she sat down in front of me by straddling as if mounting a horse.
A tentacle takes hold of Viine as if hugging her from behind.
RollodeenHorse Lion starts to move forward.
I’m completely glued to Viine from behind.
Time for a nice perk. This silver hair is… beautiful, isn’t it? It’s flowing freely and smoothly. I ended up sniffing its scent, though not in the same manner as Rollo sniffs.
Somehow a unique vanilla-like scent tickles my nose.
The nape of her neck is long and narrow, how charming… Hearing the pulse from her veins makes me want to suck her blood.
It’s a wonderful female scent.
However, she shifts her body slightly, seemingly disliking this.
It looks like my panting and sniffing got exposed.
Maybe she has a sulky expression.
I tease her with the intention of praising her.

“You have a nice scent, you know?” (Shuuya)

I reveal my animalistic feelings.

“… T-Thank you very much.” (Viine)

Whoa, with that brief remark she definitely drew back, didn’t she?
Oh well, who cares.
I wondered whether I should rub her tits as well, but I will stick to my perverted gentleman stance.
RollodeenHorse Lion makes good progress with her running.
Since it has become awkward to talk, we stay silent.
Given that expressly looking at Viine’s face would be tactless, I pretend fiddling with the bounding tentacle.
Probably because she’s sharing my senses through <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, Rollo seems to understand my feelings and runs at a higher speed than usual.
As result of that, we arrive at the adventurer’s guild immediately, but…

“Hey, Viine, are you alright?” (Shuuya)

“… Y-Yesss.” (Viine)

She seems to be taken aback due to the unusual speed.
Unable to successfully descend to the ground from the back of RollodeenHorse Lion, she pitches forward and ends up falling down.
I hold up her shoulders in a hurry, but her body is quivering, her long ears are drooping and her knees are trembling as well.
Uh, that’s slightly erotic…

“Can you walk?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. I feel ashamed. Excuse me…” (Viine)

She talks feebly. Though she gets back on her feet right away.
I’m worried whether it’s alright to enter the labyrinth today as planned.

“… Well, for now let’s go inside. My friend should be waiting for me by herself.” (Shuuya)

“Eh? By herself?” (Viine)

“That’s right. From the start it was just me and Rollo. The other day it was decided that we would form a party with a single adventurer whom we saved inside the labyrinth by chance.” (Shuuya)

“… Understood.” (Viine)

She looks somehow discontent.
Well, she will probably get it once she actually sees us fighting.
Rollo, who returned to her usual kitten appearance, shows an expression filled with curiosity and watches the conversation between me and Viine from below.
The surrounding gazes gather on the enslaved dark elf Viine.
She appears to stand out quite a bit after all.
Taking her along, I enter the adventurer’s guild.
Rollo also follows by walking at my feet.
Well then, I wonder where I will find Eva?
Because the guild is crowded as usual, it’s difficult to look for her.
I thought I would find her immediately since she’s in a wheelchair, but…
I search all over between the boards.
Oh, there she is.
A black-haired woman, who sits in her wheelchair, all alone between the C-rank and B-rank boards.
Are the surrounding adventurers avoiding her? All of them ignore her without trying to get close.
I try to call out to her from a distance.

“Eva! We meet again after yesterday!” (Shuuya)

“Shuuya! … Wait a moment.” (Eva)

At that moment, all the gazes of the adventurers gather on us.
But, rather than something like this, the fact of Eva’s hairstyle being different is more important.
Even though she had long black hair, it has now a medium length.

“Sorry, sorry.” I approach her while adopting a posture of apologizing with one hand.

Viine and Rollo follow me as well.

“Rollo-chan is doing fine as well?” (Eva)


Rollo speaks up delightfully and jumps on Eva’s lap.
Sitting down on her lap, she looks up to Eva’s face as if behaving like a spoilt child.
Eva is wearing a leather tunic and a scarlet, long one piece.
It’s a dress at ankle-length with a sense of freedom. It matches well with her armor, doesn’t it?
After Rollo jumped on her thighs, she pulls up her knees a bit and her metallic legs become visible.
I wonder whether Rollo is also bothered by Eva’s hairstyle having changed?

“You like this place? Fufu.” (Eva)

Eva smiles gently and then strokes Rollo’s head with her fair-skinned, slender hand.

“So, the one behind me is my slave, Viine. I plan to have her fight with us this time.” (Shuuya)

“Nn— got it.” (Eva)

Eva looks at Viine while caressing Rollo.

“Eva-sama, I’m glad to meet you. I’m master’s slave, Viine. Please treat me well.” (Viine)

Viine bows courteously.
It looks like she has been properly educated in etiquette.

“Nn.” (Eva)

With few words, Eva nods while smiling.
She has a look telling me that it’s only natural for me to possess a slave.

“Well, as we will choose requests, I wonder what might be good?” (Shuuya)

Shifting my look to the boards, I try to ask the two.

“Nn, I will accept the requests as well, but I’d like to collect food ingredients.” (Eva)

Gathering ingredients, huh?
Are those the ingredients Eva wants for her restaurant?
I was treated by her the other day, so it might be for the sake of replenishing the stock.

“It’s for your restaurant, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. So, the requests’ reward, the money, will decrease…” (Eva)

Eva says while looking uneasy.

“I don’t care, but—” (Shuuya)

I point my look at Viine.

“I shall go along with master’s wishes.” (Viine)

It doesn’t seem that Viine has some particular opinion.
She’s a slave, so it’s obvious, eh?
Ah, I’d like to take a medium magic stone request in addition.
For me expanding my item box is an important mission.
That gun set has caught my interest as well.

“… In that case. there’s something I want to have for myself, too. I’d like to have some medium magic stones.” (Shuuya)

“Nn. Roger.” (Eva)

Eva acknowledges it swiftly.

“Besides, even if we accept requests from the guild, it will be fine if we gather ingredients, right?” (Shuuya)

“It will become a lot stuff to carry. Is that alright?” (Eva)

“Yeah, no problem. My item box still has leeway, so bring it on.” (Shuuya)

“I still have room in my item box, too.” (Eva)

We show each other our item boxes with smiles.
Mine is a bracelet type and Eva’s is a box type.

“Master, I can carry luggage, too.” (Viine)

Viine shows off by flaunting her back.

“That backpack, huh? Then it seems alright, doesn’t it? So, Eva, what kind of monsters do you need for those ingredients?” (Shuuya)

Eva nods and looks at the boards while saying,

“Nn. All raw materials of the C-rank monster Large Phantasmal Mushroom spawning on the third floor. Likewise on the third floor, all raw materials of the B-rank monster Blue Nectar Stomachless. Collecting of the Jigua’s wooden gold fishes that grow up in the vicinity where those slimes spawn. This is also a B-rank collection, but it’s difficult since we will have to defeat monsters besides the slimes in the vicinity.” (Eva)

Mushrooms makes sense, but even the slimes turn into foodstuff, eh?
Besides, Jigua is that mysterious ingredient, isn’t it?
Wooden goldfishes… a tree’s fish?
Certainly, Jigua had plenty of white meat similar to a big grape or a great burdock attached to it…
Since it’s a collection request, we will probably harvest it where it’s growing, but I can’t imagine that to be similar with its taste at all.

“What kind of monsters spawn in the vicinity of that Jigua?” (Shuuya)

“In addition to orcs and goblins, it’s mostly Tree Demons and Shelled Worms.” (Eva)

“In that case, as we will defeat orcs and goblins anyway, how about accepting subjugation requests for treants and Roll Killgin from the guild?” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Eva nods naturally.

“What amount of ingredients do you want?” (Shuuya)

“A hundred mushrooms, fifty slimes and ten Jigua.” (Eva)

A hundred, huh? It would be great if we could hunt such big number as long as it spawns.

“In that case it will be fine as long as we defeat a hundred Large Phantasmal Mushrooms and fifty Blue Nectar Stomachless in addition to the requests’ amount. Let’s accept subjugation requests for a hundred Large Phantasmal Mushrooms and fifty Blue Nectar Stomachless at the guild. We will have to defeat two hundred mushrooms and a hundred slimes in total then.” (Shuuya)

“Agree.” Eva replies immediately.

“Well, if we put it all together, it’s four guild requests in total. Four subjugation requests for Large Phantasmal Mushrooms, Blue Nectar Stomachless, Tree Demons and Shelled Worms, right?” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Eva nods her head with a bob.

“Let’s look for requests that meet the subjugation numbers.” (Shuuya)

“I will search.” (Eva)

“Yes.” (Viine)

We check the boards with everyone.

Client: Atenai Company
Request Content: All raw materials of the C Rank “Large Phantasmal Mushroom” Big Mushroom
Subjugation Target: “Large Phantasmal Mushroom”
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s third floor
Reward: 15 Gold Coin for 100 mushrooms
Subjugation Proof: The entire body, except for the magic stone.
Hints: It has been reported that they are appearing in big numbers around the whole third floor.
Note: It’s a monster famous for it being an ingredient that’s exported to various places. Since they spawn in great numbers and because their spawning rate is high as well, the reward is extremely low.

Client: Large Marelian Company
Request Content: All raw materials of the C Rank “Tree Demon” Treant.
Subjugation Target: “Tree Demon” Treant
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s third floor
Reward: 1 gold coin per body.
Subjugation Proof: Only the toso is acceptable. The magic stone is excluded.
Hints: It has been reported that they are appearing in big numbers around the whole third floor. It attacks by extending its branches.
Note: It’s a tree type monster growing in the labyrinth.

Client: Large Marelian Company
Request Content: All raw materials of the C Rank “Shelled Worm” Roll Killgin.
Subjugation Target: “Shelled Worm” Roll Killgin
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s third floor
Reward: 3 gold coins per 10 bodies.
Subjugation Proof: Entire body. The magic stone is excluded.
Hints: It has been reported that they are appearing in big numbers around the whole third floor. It’s appearing in symbiosis with the Tree Demon Treant. Although it’s small, it will likely charge by making its shell rotate.
Note: It’s a hard monster possessing a shell on its surface. Its intestines possess parts that become medicine. Like an insect, it has several legs.

Client: Royal Gourmet Association
Request Content: All raw materials of the B Rank “Blue Nectar Stomachless” Slime.
Subjugation Target: “Blue Nectar Stomachless”
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s third floor
Reward: 200 gold coins for 50 bodies.
Subjugation Proof: Entire body. The magic stone is excluded.
Hints: It has been reported that they are appearing in big numbers on the whole third floor. It’s weak to magic. It has resistance against physical attacks. Its spawn rate is slow, but their number in groups is high. It’s necessary to be careful since it’s a formidable enemy.
Note: Several types have been confirmed. Each of them is a delicacy.

We were able to easily find the four requests.
I pick up the request tags from the repository located below the board.
Viine and Eva do the same.
It looks like all of them are monsters appearing on the third floor.
That means Eva has already reached the third floor.

“Eva, you have gone to the third floor, right?” (Shuuya)

“Of course, I have.” (Eva)

“For me it will be the first time. Viine has advanced up to the fourth floor, right?” (Shuuya)

“Yes. But only a part of the fourth floor.” (Viine)

Eva turns the wheel chair around and looks up to Viine.

“Nn, excellent.” (Eva)

“Thank you.” (Viine)

Eva praises Viine while pointing her violet eyes at her.
I look once again at the slightly swaying hairstyle of Eva from the side.
It’s a compact hairstyle with her side hair flowing down while twisted.

“Say, Eva, you changed your hairstyle.” (Shuuya)

“Nn.” (Eva)

Seemingly getting embarrassed by having that pointed out, Eva’s cheeks dyed somewhat red.
It’s said that a woman has some kind of motive when she cuts her hair, but I wonder, did something happen to her?
The long hair was nice, but the medium-length hair suits her, too.
Her face looks extremely small. Rather than a beauty, she has become cute.

“It suits you. Was there any reason for the change?” (Shuuya)

“Nn… thanks. There is a reason. It’s the formation of a party with you, Shuuya.” (Eva)

Me? Rollo also drums with her cat paw as if saying “That’s right nya.”
She appeals by hitting Eva’s thigh from above her skirt.

“It’s an honor then.” (Shuuya)

Hearing my words, Eva stares at me in puzzlement.

“Nn, joke. Change of mood.” (Eva)

She lets a chuckle slip.
It results in me feeling a bit like wanting to topple over.
Instead Rollo throws herself down on Eva’s lap.
Somehow I’m jealous.

“I-I see. So, we won’t get any other requests—” (Shuuya)

I turn my look towards in front of the boards as if to distract myself, and see a face I know.
Holding a wand, it’s the petite Rebecca.
She’s wearing a Steel Magic Bracelet on her arm.
It’s the one we got from the treasure chest the other day.
Blonde hair and a blue shirt. A black Poncho-type cape on her shoulders. A wide black belt with a chain attached at her waist.
Her appearance hasn’t changed much.
There’s no one around her.
It looks like she’s once again doing her best as solo adventurer.
The dark guild 【Owl’s Fangs】 that aimed for my life has already been crushed. It should be alright for her to join my party.
I’m worried about the masked group Benett mentioned, but…
Oh well, I won’t be able to make any progress if I worry about such things.
Let’s try inviting her.

“… What’s the matter, master?” (Viine)

“A-Ah, I found an acquaintance. — Eva, it’s a person I’d like to invite into our party, but is that alright with you?” (Shuuya)

I shift my look from Viine to Eva.

“Nn. If it’s your acquaintance, Shuuya, it’s fine.” (Eva)

Eva gave her consent while gently stroking Rollo.

“Got it. I will go call her.” (Shuuya)

I walk up next to Rebecca.
She is scrutinizing the requests while complaining with a small voice.

“Yo, Rebecca!” (Shuuya)

“Hmm~, this request… aahh, Shuuya!” (Rebecca)

“Today you are alone?” (Shuuya)

“… C-Correct. It’s the same as usual. What about you, Shuuya?” (Rebecca)

A high-pitched voice and a look that makes it easy to grasp that she’s full of expectation.

“I plan to form a party.” (Shuuya)

“Well, I guessed that might be the case”, she sighs, “you are a master of such degree after all…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca laments, lowering the tone of her voice in disappointment.

“Well, do your best.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah…” (Rebecca)

“That’s a lie. We have three people including me, but if you like, won’t you party together with us from now on?” (Shuuya)

“E-Eeeeeehh!? Are you sure?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca suddenly lifts her face and snaps at it just like a fish eating fodder.

“Sure. The members over there are my friends. Beside, didn’t I tell you until next time the other day? I had planned to call out to you if I saw you in the adventurer’s guild.” (Shuuya)

“… I’m happy. Thanque you.” (Rebecca)

She seems quite delighted. She’s even fumbling her words.

“I’m going to introduce you to the others. So, are you going to take a request tag first. Though we have already four except the magic stones gathering one…” (Shuuya)


I tell her about the number of subjugation targets, namely Big Mushroom, Treant, Roll Killgin and Slime, as well as a friend planning to collect Jigua in addition.

“Roger. Let me quickly grab them.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca swiftly picks up the request tags from the repository below the board.

“Got them.” (Rebecca)

Revealing a cheerful expression, Rebecca shows the request tags like trump cards.
I quickly check whether it’s the same tags as ours.
It’s okay.

“Let’s go. I will introduce you.” (Shuuya)

“Yeah.” (Rebecca)

I lead Rebecca to where everyone is waiting.

“Everyone, thank you for waiting. I brought her along.” (Shuuya)

Spreading my arms, I present Rebecca.

“— Hello, I’m Rebecca Ibuhin. I’m a magician with an adventurer rank of C.” (Rebecca)

“Nn. I’m Eva. Adventurer rank B. Magic Steel Warrior.” (Eva)

“Eva-san it is, right? I look forward working with you.” (Rebecca)

After bowing her head lightly, Rebecca turns towards Eva, who sits in her wheelchair, and greets her politely.
Rather than that, Eva is a Magic Steel Warrior? That’s a combat occupation I hear for the first time.
I suppose it’s related to those steel-like artificial legs?

“Nn, best regards.” (Eva)

Eva smiles gently.

“I’m Viine. I’m the slave of master Shuuya Kagari-sama. My adventurer rank is C.” (Viine)

“Yes. Umm, Viine-san. Please treat me well.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca is slightly surprised after hearing that she’s a slave.
Or rather, Viine was C-rank?
I suppose that makes it clear that she has accumulated experience at various occasions, including the labyrinth.

“Rebecca-sama, I’m a slave, so you can simply call me Viine.” (Viine)

“Got it. Best regards, Viine, okay?” (Rebecca)

“Yes.” (Viine)

At that moment I hear the voices of the adventurers around us.

“Hey, the one sitting in that wheelchair is Death God Eva, right? And, the young elven lass nearby, going by her figure and those incomplete ears, is the Angel of Death, Rebecca…”

“How rare. For this group of individuals to form a party… Though I don’t know the other two… they even bought a slave, didn’t they?”

“It seems one of them is really a slave. However, to see something with such bad omen early in the morning… you have to be careful of a stampede or being wiped out in the labyrinth today, right?”

Since I’m getting irritated by their remarks, I throw a sharp gaze towards the slandering adventurers. Once I glare at them, they look at me with pitying expressions in reverse.
They are going on my nerves, but they break up while holding onto their respective request tags.
Everyone should have heard their cruel remarks, but…
It seems they don’t mind.
Since it will become awkward otherwise, I turn everyone’s attention towards the magic stones request.

“… Which magic stones request are we going to get?”

“Nn. Shuuya wants several medium-sized magic stones, no?” (Eva)

“That’s right…” (Shuuya)

If I remember correctly, there should be 90 stones left until the release of the kaleidoscope.

“I want one hundred stones.” (Shuuya)

“Nn, I don’t mind.” (Eva)

Eva nods and gives her consent.

“Umm, you want the magic stones, Shuuya?” Rebecca asks.

“Yes, I’d like them for myself in addition to the ones for the request. That’s no good?” (Shuuya)

“I hesitate to say it as someone who was invited, but originally as party you give priority to the request, you know…?” (Rebecca)

“I don’t mind prioritizing Shuuya. If Shuuya needs them, I will give all the magic stones I gather to Shuuya.” (Eva)

Eva says with an unusually angry tone.

“Eh? T-Then I won’t mind either.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca was apparently surprised by Eva’s attitude. She becomes flustered and agrees.

“And, if I remember correctly, the place we are heading for is the third floor, right?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca asks me in order to pull herself together.

“Yeah. That’s the plan.” (Shuuya)

“Then, if we defeat each and every monster that appears, I believe we will gather several hundred stones. So let’s give Shuuya hundred of them and turn the rest into income for everyone. If it’s with Shuuya’s strength, I believe we will have enough leeway…” (Rebecca)

Several hundred magic stones, huh? That looks as if it will become quite the hefty amount of money.

“I’m fine with that. If it’s the four of us, we will likely be able to easily get a far more bigger amount.” (Shuuya)

I turn my look towards Viine in order to hear her opinion, too.

“I will obey master.” (Viine)

“Nn, approved.” (Eva)

Eva doesn’t seem to be particularly unhappy with it either.

“Alright, I will go choosing it.” (Shuuya)

I move to the board where the magic stone requests are lined up next to each other.
I guess we will go with this one.

Client: Labyrinth’s Administrative Bureau
Request Content: B-rank medium magic stones. “200 stones” in all qualities.
Subjugation Target: Any
Application Period: Indefinite
Search Area: The labyrinth’s first floor++
Reward: 100 gold coins
Subjugation Proof: Magic stones.
Hints: All kinds of monsters.
Note: They are mostly owned by monsters appearing from the second floor and upwards.

I place my finger on the relatively big request paper— and while looking at everyone,

“Let’s do this request?” (Shuuya)

If I add up all the requests, it will become a fairly big earning even if we split the total amount with everyone.

“…”, Rebecca gulps, “Yeah.”

Rebecca swallows her spit and nods nervously.

“Nn.” (Eva)

Eva nods while showing a smile.

“Yes.” (Viine)

Viine bows her head and agrees.
I take the magic stone request tag together with everyone.
Four subjugation requests and one magic stone collection request… in total five.
The party members are four people and one animal, huh?
Me, a magic warrior type.
Rollodeen, a divine beast.
Viine, a magic warrior type.
Eva, a magic warrior type.
Rebecca, a magician.
I don’t have any intention to put them to use yet, but,
Helme, a magic warrior type.
The burning knights, knight types.
It seems like we will be able to defeat everything with attacks from a distance if it’s this line-up, but I suppose it will work out slightly different since everyone has their own main weapon.
Going by the classes, it’s unbalanced, but I can use healing magic, and since we also have a big amount of potions, I consider the balance to be fine.
I want to use the Magic Halberd, so I suppose it’s fine for me and Rollo to act as assault advance guard.
If we get surrounded by a large number of enemies, it will probably alright if I create a big shield by making the chain transform. If a strong enemy appears, we should be able to crush most of them with me stepping out in front.

“… Well then, let’s get the formalities handled at the reception.”

Everyone shows their agreement in their own way and we walk towards the reception.


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