Chapter 124 – Eribol’s Final Moments

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Eribol panics as he shakes his head in denial of Bill’s words.
He’s trying to cling to Bill with teary eyes.

“Please pick up a weapon. This youngster is likely an assassin.” (Bill)

“I know that. Shit! Why are you making me hold a weapon!? Can’t you quickly finish him off by yourself!?” (Eribol)

Was the answer different from what he expected? Eribol throws a tantrum like a child.

“Your Excellency! Hurry up and take up a weapon, now!” (Bill)

Bill furrows his eyebrows and threatens Eribol with a glare.

“U-Uuh, nuu, understood…” (Eribol)

The plump-faced Eribol retrieves a dagger from below the desk, stands up from his chair, and comes out from the side of the table with a trembling body.
His legs quiver like those of a newborn fawn.

“You know, anyways…”, while sighing, “… Are you done with the farce?” I ask.

I talk down to the other party with ridiculing words, but Bill doesn’t react.
He fixes his eyes on the Magic Halberd in my right hand.
And, looking at the figure of the RollodeenBlack Panther, he hesitates.

“… Youngster… you are a lancer?” (Bill)

The grim old man asks politely.

“Yes, I am. You are the one known as president, am I correct?” (Shuuya)

“Indeed. I’m President Bill Sokuld, the president of 【Owl’s Fangs】.”

Bill is pointing the tip of his heavy-looking two-handed sword at me, yet still introduces himself courteously.
In that case, I suppose I might as well introduce myself too, though I’ll limit it to just my name.

“My name is Shuuya. Shuuya Kagari.”

“Shuuya, huh? So, to which dark guild do you belong?” (Bill)

“Dark guild? It looks like you’re misunderstanding something here; I don’t belong to any dark guilds.” (Shuuya)

“Don’t play dumb here!—” (Bill)

Flaring up almost instantly, Bill suddenly begins to rage.
The wrinkles converge on his forehead, as if new cuts had been added.
No sooner than forming an expression filled with anger, he kicks the floor and thrusts out the two-handed sword’s point.
His sword is reasonably fast because of his skillful footwork, utilizing the Magic Combat Style.
I draw backwards to dodge the coming sword.
Even though I’d evaded his attack, Bill doesn’t care and pulls back the two-handed sword, which he’d extended straight forward, and continues into his next action.
While holding the broadsword slanted towards the ground, he rotates his arm around as if to draw a big moon, and alongside a single, precise step-in, throws the broadsword blade off it’s diagonal position.
I can’t sense anything but anger from Bill’s expression, but unlike his emotions, his swordsmanship is very calm.
The chain attack of sword thrusts is similarly smooth.
I’ll keep him company in close quarters combat for a little bit.
While making a slight retreat to avoid the two-handed sword’s blade, closing in on me from above in a diagonal zigzag as if it were a snake, I hit it slightly with the axe part of my Magic Halberd, repelling it.


Given that Bill had his two-handed sword knocked upwards, his chest is full of openings.
— I launch a piercing stab towards his chest to repay him for his own assault.
I thought that my return thrust would sink into Bill’s chest without resistance.
However, Bill hurls his raised two-handed sword high into the air and comes at me unarmed. He dodges the red spear section by sliding on his feet towards me, and then continues by smacking his hands on the ground and twisting his body upwards.
As he does so, he unleashes a roundhouse kick from the left. A blade is protruding out from the tip of his boot.
So that’s how you’re going about it? — I dodge the bladed kick with a twist of my body.
Had he assumed that his kick would be evaded? He continues by limply twirling like a puppet, and unleashes a backhand chop at me.
I duck, evading said chop.
— Eat a kick!
I eagerly lift my knee, similar to that of a thai boxer, from my bent-down posture, and send forth a mana-charged knee strike.

Bill immediately reacts with a movement unbefitting of his gigantic physique.
While jumping back a bit to the rear, he catches the two-handed sword that he had tossed into the air and uses it as a shield to defend against my front kick that is coming at him, sole first.
— He retreats while making his body shrink.
However, seemingly having failed to kill the kick’s impact, he crashes against the desk behind him with his back.
At that moment, I notice the sound of water splashing and can see that Bill’s boots have gotten soaked.

Still on his feet, he launches a fast, powerful chain attack, forcing me to parry it with an equally fast counterattack, fending off his onslaught within only a few milliseconds.
Bill appears to possess the amount of strength one would expect from the president of a shadowy organization.
In addition, his handling of the heavy-looking two-handed sword is incredibly skillful.

He jumps with his back facing me, and while doing so, he directs his gaze towards me and deliberately let’s go of the leather wrapped sword hilt as it’s suspended in the air. The movement of once again grabbing the two-handed sword in mid-air, as if he had eyes on the back of his head, was amazing.
There might be a school of two-handed sword techniques as well, but for now I’ll just use him as reference.
With this, I’m able to study new ways of handling Cursed Sword Beet.
But, to continue with these movements for so long, ah—
Upon seeing him once again trying to thrust at me, Rollo suddenly joins in.
RollodeenBlack Panther starts attacking Bill with six of her tentacles as she dashes forward.
It appears that she’s come up with a game plan while she was watching my battle with Bill.
She has chosen a very good point in time to join in…
Somehow, she seems to have been getting quite skilled at assisting in battle as of recently.

Bill just keeps defending, unable to move even the slightest bit.
Even the desk behind him is receiving rapid strikes from the tentacle bone swords.
The bronze owl statue, that had been placed on the desk, becomes full of holes and drops to the floor.
The desk, which was the sole remaining cover for Eribol, gets demolished from having been whittled down by machine gun-like rapid attacks.

“Hi-Hiiii” (Eribol)

Did the one-sided onslaught crush Eribol’s will to fight so much that he’s fallen to his fear? He sinks to the floor, as if he were weakly crumbling apart.
RollodeenBlack Panther continues her assault unrelentingly, without any signs of stopping the chain attacks of tentacle bone swords.
While revealing a frantic expression, Bill grasps the two-handed sword tightly with his left hand, and defends against the unending chain attacks with the tip of his sword as if in a Slash Mode*. Sparks, that could be confused for fickle lights, scatter from the intense clashing of blades as the shrieks of screeching metal shake the atmosphere. 1 Apparently running out of steam, Bill begins to pant, his shoulders heaving up and down.
However, he doesn’t try to run away.

Although he’s ingeniously defending against the tentacle attacks, he doesn’t try to take a single step forward or backward.
“Isn’t that odd?” Thinking so, I shift my gaze to his legs.
A-Aah~, I see. The puddle of water underneath Bill’s feet is Helme, isn’t it?
It certainly makes sense for an unnatural puddle to spread appear across the floor, if it’s her doing.
Once I examine properly, I can see that Bill’s boots are frozen over, his legs already covered with ice almost to his thighs.
It looks as if Helme’s magic is gradually corroding Bill’s legs.
I don’t know whether he’s aware of this situation, but the chain attacks released by RollodeenBlack Panther are becoming even more intense.
Wow! The speed of her rapid fire assault resembles that of a gatling gun.

As expected, even President Bill can’t handle the unending thrusts of six bone swords while having his legs frozen over.
Being stabbed in the chest, neck and head, blood gushes out from wounds all over his upper body.
Moreover, once the bone swords pierce into his lower body, that’s corroded by ice, everything waist down turns into meaty smithereens upon the ice shattering. At that point Bill passes away while exposing a part of his intestines.
The two-handed broadsword he held drops into a spreading pool of blood with a splash.
Helme, in her liquid form, is struck by the two-handed sword, but it doesn’t look like she’s received any damage.
Once the slime-like water wriggles, it swells up in order to swallow the two-handed sword, and then transforms into a woman’s body.
Eventually, Helme is standing on the floor, stepping on the two-handed sword with her bluish-black leg.

“Rollo, Helme, good work.” (Shuuya)


“Yes! Rollo-sama’s magnificent tentacle bone swords are marvelous!” (Helme)


As if saying 『Ah, well nya』, RollodeenBlack Panther turns around with her butt facing Helme.
Making her tail stand up like the handle of an umbrella, she poses with her tail and the fur on her buttocks swaying.
It’s impossible for me to understand what she, or to be exact, the black female cat wants to do.
Did she get influenced by Helme’s butt poses? Nah, that doesn’t really seem to be the case, but… ah, I got it… she might want to pee.

“… Rollo-sama! You are praising me by releasing the scent of your butt, aren’t you!?” (Helme)

That’s how she interpreted it…?

“… Helme, you can return to my eye.” (Shuuya)

“Yes!” (Helme)

In an instant Helme settles into my left eye in a parabolic spiral.
The only one remaining is Eribol.
Just like a person who’s lost something important to them, Eribol displays a haggard expression after having fallen on his backside, similar to a kappa that had just climbed a hill. 2 He stares at a point of the desk that had turned into a pile of sawdust with dull eyes.
He’s completely lost his fighting spirit.
I unsummon the Magic Halberd and approach the dazed Eribol.

“Eribol, as you can see, the president, who was your last ray of hope, has died.” (Shuuya)

“Hyaah, hiiii— d-don’t come.” (Eribol)

When I enter his sight, Eribol raises a strange voice.
His eyes have become bloodshot and he’s lost all control over his bladder.
The spreading waves of an ammonia scent mixes with the metallic stench of blood.
Eribol tries to retreat to the back, but his hands slip due to the pool of blood and he falls down, making it impossible for him to retreat successfully.

“Calm down. Eribol, you are a major merchant, aren’t you? Show a bit of backbone…” (Shuuya)

I speak in a clearly-threatening tone.
I take out a dagger from my chest strap and bring it near his haggard face.
I crouch down on my knee in order to match my gaze with that of Eribol’s.

“I-I’m a wealthy merchant who possesses connections to the Oseberia Kingdom! … If you kill me, it will almost-certainly result in you being hunted by the country!” (Eribol)

Looking at the naked blade of the dagger I’m holding, he is scared, but in reverse he shows a defiant attitude and tries to threaten me.
It seems that even he has some backbone remaining.
As expected of a man who’d once led a major company.

Though, the pee leaking out from his nether region easily contradicts his bravery.
Eribol is bluffing on the surface, but his pathetic state is all too apparent.
However, even in such a state, this guy is still one of the Eight Lights.
Therefore he might possess plenty of the information I still lack.

“Who cares. If you can give me some kind of valuable information, I will leave you alone without killing you.” (Shuuya)

Staring into his eyes, I give him an offer while flashing the dagger’s blade in front of his face.

“R-Really? What do you want me to tell you?” (Eribol)

“Really really. First, however, I will have you tell me the names of the other Eight Lights and the corresponding organisations they lead. Next, you will fully inform me about what kind of role your Macbayn Company and 『Owl’s Fangs』 play, with whom you are doing business, and with whom you are having disputes.” (Shuuya)

“Got it. The other Eight Lights are…” (Eribol)

Dark Guild 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】
The leader is the elf Razorise Phul Rostein

Dark Guild 【Assembly of Stars】
The leader is the unkown race Adolian Rearcancor

Dark Guild 【Sea King Hornet】
The leader is the fishman Blue Brave

Dark Guild 【Shafa’s Lightning】
The leader is the human Gay Gewelbun

Dark Guild 【Knowledgeable Tiger】
The leader is the tiger beastman Linabell Pewzuna.

Dark Guild 【Hand of Beychara】
The leader is the scaled person Garon Arkneto.

Dark Guild 【Pledge of Noctarl】
The leader is the catman Hokbar Shafeed.

“Including me, the leaders of these seven dark guilds are the heads of the Shining Eight’s dark guild. It’s the Eight Lights, a nominal organization of the community, established for the sake of handling the underground auction.” (Eribol)

Heads. Shining. Shining Heads? Bald heads? “The Shining Eight Baldies”? Nah, there’s no way such a silly thing is the basis for their name, right?

If it’s 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】 and 【Sea King Hornet】, I know of them.
I might have heard the names of the other guilds somewhere, but I suppose the majority of them are a first for me.
It looks like I will end up forgetting them eventually, but for the time being I will try to keep them in mind.

“Doesn’t something like a meeting and symbol of the Eight Lights exist?” (Shuuya)

“There’s no symbol. To the bitter end, the Eight Lights is nothing more than an organization for the sake of allowing the underground auction to run smoothly. If it’s a meeting, it happens at the end of the year, the day before the underground auction takes place. All of the leaders are supposed to gather in Pelneet on that day. Strengthwise, there are many dark guilds who possess power nearing that of the Eight Lights. 【Skull Ogre】 which is the main power of 【Iron-squared City Lalarbuin】 which is close to the royal capital’s south, 【Shadow Wing Brigade】 of the 【Miner’s City Tandart】 far in the southeast, 【Blood Court of the Great Grave】 located at the east coast close to the royal capital, though it’s not a city, and so on and so forth…” (Eribol)

Hee, I guess it’ll turn into a big meeting then, won’t it?

“I see. Next, tell me about what your company does.” (Shuuya)

“My company deals in marine transportation. It undertakes the important task of forming a connection with the independent city of the ocean, as well as linking each city that is near the huge waterway, Heim River, together.” (Eribol)

What’s this? Independent city, huh?

“Be a bit more detailed about the independent city of the ocean.” (Shuuya)

“It’s the Sea Light City Gazeljan. We have tied a non-aggression pact with the dark guild which rules that place, 【Sea King Hornet】. The context of this treaty also includes an oath of protection stating that they will protect the merchant ships of 【Oseberia Kingdom】 from sea monsters and Gazeljan’s pirates. Thanks to that, I’m on quite good terms with Marquis Langlied, the minister of Oseberia Kingdom’s navy.” (Eribol)

That guy is trying to make me believe that he still has some value left, isn’t he?
But, well, it’s consistent with what I remember about the black market agreement Ga・Pe that Serva mentioned.

“I see, so it’s connected to this country?” (Shuuya)

Once I show that I’m pondering about it a little, light returns to Eribol’s eyes and he reveals a grin for an instant as if to “I’ve got you.”

“T-That’s right. I do have value. Even you don’t want to be chased by a country, do you? Let bygones be bygones regarding this time’s matter. And I will even hand you a huge amount of money.” (Eribol)

The sly old fox is starting to get carried away.

“Shut up. You just have to answer my questions.” (Shuuya)

“Ugh…” (Eribol)

“— What about your reply?” (Shuuya)

I tap the cheek of the old sly fox with the blade of the drawn dagger.

“I-I understand.” (Eribol)

Once I threaten him slightly, the stench of ammonia begins to spread once again.

“So, about the contract with that independent city… why did your 【Owl’s Fangs】 tie a non-aggression pact with the dark guild 【Sea King Hornet】 that’s ruling the Sea Light City?” (Shuuya)

“It’s because it allows us to use sales routes for all kind of trades other companies don’t have such as the smuggling Orib oil, Cruque fruits and synthetic magic drugs, and the selling of slaves. By both sides using a huge market, both sides make an enormous profit.” (Eribol)

Orib oil, eh? Is that good for the body?
The name is close to the one (T/N: olive oil) on earth, isn’t it? Is it a different oil? Also, Cruque fruit? I feel like I heard that name somewhere.
Rather than that, it seems there’s still something he hasn’t mentioned yet.
How suspicious.

“… Is that really all? You have taken hold of some kind of weakness of 【Sea King Hornet】, haven’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Hii… t-there’s nothing like that.” (Eribol)

At that moment, Eribol’s eyes flicker towards a cabinet in the corner of the room for but an instant.
A reaction that’s easy to read; naturally I didn’t miss it.
Is there something over there?

“Rollo, watch this guy for me.” (Shuuya)

“Nyao. — Garuuuuh.”

Rollo opens her mouth, baring her fangs. She points her tentacles at Eribol.
I search the cabinet after putting my dagger away.

“How did you know…?” (Eribol)

Eribol hangs his head.
Seeing as the cabinet was locked, he has apparently put something quite important to himself in there.

“A look says more than a thousand words. You don’t know that proverb? Well then, Eribol, hand over the key for this cabinet.” (Shuuya)

“I-I don’t want to… My everything is in there…” (Eribol)

“Do you want to die?” (Shuuya)

Once I threaten him like that, Rollo acts on my words immediately.
The tip of a glimmering silver bone sword growing out of her tentacle is pressed against Eribol’s forehead.

“— Uhaa, uuuh, I-I got it. Please don’t take away everything… here’s the key…” (Eribol)

Eribol removes a necklace that had been hanging around his neck.
He holds that necklace and removes a key from it. He trembles as he lifts up the key.
Rollo skillfully snatches that key with a tentacle, twists it into an arc in mid-air, and carries the key over to my location.

“Nice, Rollo.” (Shuuya)

I receive the key and insert it into the keyhole.

A loud *kachink* sound resounds from within the cabinet. I try tugging it open.
Oooh, what a surprise.
Plenty of gold coins, platinum coins, and jewels are in the cabinet.
There’s even two large platinum coins laying among them.
Moreover, it’s not just jewels. There also appears to be an account book as well as a large wand made out of a golden shining alloy, supposedly used in rituals, inside.
A huge emerald, which appears to be held by a huge dragon near its stomach, is embedded into the end of the wand. Small, elaborate dragons have been inscribed onto the surface of the alloy. It’s been created so that the huge emerald is supported from eight different sides.
I’m surprised by the golden alloy decorating the big wand, but in the end, it seems it’s the giant jewel that stands out the most.
Just how many carats is this thing…?
The wand’s end is shaped like a large key. I try grasping the massive, mysterious wand.
Whoa, the instant I take the big wand into my hand, I sense a distinctly unique power emanating from it.
Along with the new power, the large emerald also begins to glow.

『Amazing! Mana began pouring out of this big wand the moment you grasped it, Your Excellency. Moreover, there still seems to be a vast amount of mana being contained within the jewel.』 (Helme)

Even Helme appears to be surprised.

“Eribol, what’s this big wand?” (Shuuya)

“T-That is the Water Element Sceptre, used for the sake of opening the door of the dimensional boundary considered to be located at the Sea Light City. It’s a key wand.” (Eribol)

Water Element Sceptre? Key wand? Dimensional boundary, huh? I feel like the burning knights mentioned something along those lines before.
I think it was about other worlds such as the world of spirits or the world of gods?

“… Why is something that important in your possession?” (Shuuya)

“That’s something our guild members discovered in an underwater ruin located inside the Sea Light City during our war with 【Sea King Hornet】. The fishmen worshipped that Water Element Sceptre as their enshrined god.” (Eribol)

This as god, eh?
After grasping the elemental sceptre and swinging it around some, I ask Eribol,

“— It feels heavy. That means you concluded an advantageous deal with the fishmen using the Water Element Sceptre that’s considered a god. … So, does this door of the dimensional boundary really exist?” (Shuuya)

“Of course. However, it’s difficult for a normal human to reach that door. There’s a gate deep down underneath the ocean floor. Furthermore, a part of the fishmen have changed the bottom of the ocean into a stronghold and are protecting it. However, you can get there if you take along a high-ranking sorcerer of the water attribute with you.” (Eribol)

Hoo, going by his tone, I suppose he actually saw it?

“Did you happen to see that door?” (Shuuya)

“I did. There was a huge gate door made out of the same stuff as the Water Element Sceptre. The figure of Great Ispal, a huge dragon, was created with jewels on its surface. That huge dragon felt vivid and elaborate as if it’s actually alive… You could say it was something overly divine. I became scared all of a sudden. I wondered whether I won’t be pulled into another world. After withdrawing to the surface without opening that door and returning to the Sea Light City, I struck a favorable deal with 【Sea King Hornet】 by making use of the Water Element Sceptre and then left the Sea Light City.”

Hee, a huge dragon, eh?
I wonder whether that gate is connected to some kind of oceanic dimension.

“In the first place, why do you know that the gate located at the bottom of the sea is a dimensional boundary door?” (Shuuya)

“I don’t know the details as I’m no researcher, but every city seems to have something that proves their connection to the dimensional boundary. The neutral Violent Tower City Senapua could be considered a good example of that. Over there, a megalith is floating in the air. A sky city around the tower has been built on top of said megalith, you know?” (Eribol)

Hee, so there are things connecting to the dimensional boundary within the cities…
Is Labyrinth City Pelneet by chance connected to a different dimensional boundary…?
Well, that’s interesting for a light chat, but I’m not really interested in matters relating to the dimensional boundaries.
I’m rather curious whether I can use this Water Element Sceptre as weapon.
As a test, I try holding up the wand overhead and transmit a bit of mana into it.
Upon doing so, water, specifically ocean water, overflows from the emerald in a large flood.
Upon quickly cutting off the mana flow in a hurry, the big wand coincides with my actions, halting the release of ocean water.

I’m sopping wet.
I sent in just a little bit of mana, yet this is the result!?

“So, you are a sorcerer with the water attribute? … If you use that Water Element Sceptre, for some reason, you will be able to manipulate as well as channel ocean water as you will it, just like now.” (Eribol)

Seeing me drenched in water, Eribol gives me an explanation without laughing at me.

“I see. Looks like I can use it as weapon with this, doesn’t it?” (Shuuya)

“Humph, it’s not just a weapon. It’s a powerful artifact, a tool worshipped by the fishmen. If used by someone who possesses a huge mana pool and who can expend that mana using the water attribute, it’ll turn into an item that even allows them to artificially split the sea or create a huge tsunami. It’s an outrageous item!” (Eribol)

Eribol isn’t pleased with my handling of the Water Element Sceptre? He spoke in protest to my actions.

“A huge amount of mana, huh? So if the user isn’t quite the sorcerer, they’ll die, is basically what you’re trying to say?” (Shuuya)

“… Certainly, that might very well happen.” (Eribol)

… I guess I have nothing to ask about this wand then.

“Well, there’s nothing else I want to know regarding this matter now…” (Shuuya)

Hearing those words, Eribol looks at me with a pleading gaze.

“I already told you quite a bit, didn’t I? Can’t you release me now, please?” (Eribol)

“No, not yet. There are still other leaders left alive, right? Also, tell me the details about the turf wars with other dark guilds that have been happening in Labyrinth City Pelneet.” (Shuuya)

Eribol’s face sinks in and he sighs.

“… What will you do after hearing about something like that? My 【Owl’s Fangs】 and company are already done for. Since the ship company has all of its captains, it will likely continue for a while, but… with Bill, who was the president with the job of mediating on the surface, dead, there are only two leaders alive, Beck and Lane. Even our turf is down to the Port Warehouses Block the two of them are protecting. I guess it’s only a matter of time until that turf will be taken by someone else, too.” (Eribol)

If there are still two leaders left alive… it’s necessary to be cautious, though if it’s as Eribol says, I suppose they’ll die in the dispute with the other dark guilds, even if I ignore them.

“So? What turf has been taken by what dark guild?” (Shuuya)

“The Flavor Street was taken by 【Remains of the Moon】, the Gambling Street by 【Eyes of Twilight】, and the Free Market Street by 【Dance of Supreme Vermillion】… You’re really not an assassin of a dark guild?” (Eribol)

It seems comparable to a society of multiple different competing lion prides, doesn’t it?
It appears that weakened dark guilds are eradicated, after being intensively targeted by the other surrounding dark guilds.

“… Correct. I’m no assassin. I’m here on my own devices. I merely disposed of the sparks that involved me. I’m a simple adventurer. … Anyways, what’s this account book for?” (Shuuya)

“… That’s a record of all our secret trades.” (Eribol)

Hee, so it’s related to to his transactions? Once Eribol looks at the account book, his cheeks and brows begin to twitch nervously as his face cramps up.
It’s quite the important item, isn’t it?

“What kind of concerned parties will I find in here?” (Shuuya)

“… You are an adventurer, right…? If you learn of that, you will be hunted by countries and major nobles alike, okay?” (Eribol)

Eribol speaks while repeatedly hesitating pointlessly.
It’s this far in the game already, no? I’ll have him tell me the details.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Just hurry up and speak.” (Shuuya)

“… Got it. Don’t blame me, okay? These are the business details with leading nobles of Oseberia Kingdom, nobles with connections to the White Nine, the Second Blue Iron Chivalric Order, and the guards. Concealment of privateers, supply of cheap slaves, accommodation for all kind of trades going through the Sea Light City without going through the administration of the country’s trade association, money laundering by use of Orib oil and Cruque fruits, unfair price fixing, bypassing the magic drug control, offering profits to noble middlemen, and so on.” (Eribol)

Whoa, what a big haul. Concealment of privateers pretty much means that they tied a contract with the nobles of Oseberia Kingdom to attack ships of foreign countries and hide any and all evidence, doesn’t it?
Oh well, these guys run a maritime transportation business. Not only are they a normal company, but they also justified acts of piracy behind the scenes, I suppose.

“Are the nobles of 【Oseberia Kingdom】 raking in profits by forming an alliance with you?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Eribol)

A party where everyone sticks their finger in without knowing who’s who, huh?

“Nobles and high-ranking nobles, eh…? Tell me all their names in detail.” (Shuuya)

“Duke Arosanju, Marquis Langlied, Earl Frederick, Earl Zentoraldi, Earl Toniline, Earl Dequal, Viscount Lido, Viscount Dollar of the Navy faction, and so on.” (Eribol)

There’s even a duke involved?

“Who are the people you frequently meet and make deals with among those nobles?” (Shuuya)

Marquis Langlied, who governs the Sesudorzen territory. Pelneet Administration’s Deputy Secretary Earl Dequal as well as Deputy Secretary Earl Toniline, both of whom have the positions of advisors for Second Prince Phallus-sama who governs the labyrinth city. Viscount Dollar, who is one of the prince’s guards and the 8th ranked Great Knight of White Nine. Viscount Lido who is the leader of the Second Blue Iron Chivalric Order as well as the Guard Captain.” (Eribol)

These five, huh?
I think these five nobles will most likely begin investigating various matters upon the death of Eribol.
Checking the account book, I can see that the names of these five certainly come up quite often.
If I hand in this account book to someone knowledgeable, it would most certainly develop into a huge scandal.
Well, I suppose I’ll have it stay hidden within the item box for now.

“… Well then, I’ve heard all the information I wanted to hear. I have no more business with you. So, goodbye—” (Shuuya)

“That’s different from wh…” (Eribol)

I look at Rollo and nod.
Rollo presses a second tentacle against Eribol’s forehead.
However, at that moment, the door at the right end of the room is opened with a loud slam.

“— Wait, don’t kill him!”

The woman who’d appeared in the doorway screams.
For some reason that woman is wearing a white bridal dress.
So, the magic source on the other side of the door was this woman, huh?
She’s holding her hands stiffly behind her back, and is pushing out her chest.
She’s hiding a weapon behind her, isn’t she?
Mmh? There’s another, small magic source.
Is it the thing hidden behind her back that’s giving off the reaction?

“Rollo, stop.” (Shuuya)

I hold back Rollo so I could understand the situation.

“Who are you?” (Shuuya)

I ask the woman for her name.

“Sy-Sylvia! You were here? You shouldn’t have come out, not now!” (Eribol)

Eribol shouts the name of the woman, despite having the threatening bone swords pressed against his forehead.

“You be silent, Eribol. Open your mouth one more time, and you’re dead with no questions asked, got it? I’m the one asking the questions here.” (Shuuya)

Eribol trembles as he nods, his teeth clattering in fear.

“Well then, young lady, let’s hear your name once more?” (Shuuya)

I ask the woman wearing a white-clothed dress with a squinting glare.

“… I-I’m Sylvia Macbayn. Eribol over there is my father. I’m his daughter.” (T/N: Not sure why the last sentence is needed, but oh well…)

You are telling me that this old, sly fox is a parent?
Or rather, Eribol told his daughter to not come here, so does that mean that this Echigoya-like villain is actually a good father? 3 Did he live nobly whilst earning dirty money?

“… His daughter, huh? Even though it would have been better if you’d just stayed hidden… Anyways, why are you wearing such an attire?” (Shuuya)

“This is for the sake of showing it to father. I’ll have my wedding very soon, after all…” (Sylvia)

I see…

“Got it. Well then, Sylvia-san, you heard my conversation with Eribol, didn’t you?” (Shuuya)

“Yes.” (Sylvia)

Sylvia-san’s face turns pasty pale, but she’s quite the beauty nevertheless.

“Then you understand, right? This is something Eribol himself started.” (Shuuya)

“No, I don’t understand! Father is a gentle person! He did his best to raise me!” (Sylvia)

Even talking with her is pointless, huh?
In her eyes, I’m totally the bad guy, aren’t I?
However, the one who turned his blade against me was Eribol, the leader of a dark guild. This is my judgement of the situation. It would have been fine to consider letting him live if it were a beautiful woman or his henchman at the root of this mess, but…
Moreover, I will have him removed not just for the sake of my friends, but as revenge for the suffering he caused my acquaintances.
Only showing an empty expression on my face, I look at Rollo and nod.
Rollo reacts immediately.
Her bone swords pierce through Eribol’s forehead.

“Hyiiaaa, t-that’s different fr—” (Eribol)

“I certainly did say that I wouldn’t kill you, but naturally that doesn’t apply for others, right?” (Shuuya)

Eribol dies, the last thing he heard being my sarcastic words.
Light vanishes from his eyes as his pupils dilate.


His daughter Sylvia is shaken up as she shrieks in confusion at what’s just occurred


Sylvia holds the dagger she’d been hiding behind her at her her chest, and comes striking at me.
It can’t be helped.
It looks like Eribol was a surprisingly good father to this child.
I summon the Magic Halberd into my right hand and twirl it vertically with a quick lifting motion.
The dagger collides with the Magic Dragon Gem at the butt end, which I’d raised overhead in a scooping motion.

“— Ah.” (Sylvia)

I flick the dagger out of her hands.
Furthermore, I trip Sylvia’s feet, making her fall to the ground.
The white-clothed wedding dress is torn apart from the collision, but I don’t care.

“Stop with the futile struggle.” (Shuuya)

“W-Why did you kill him…!? F-Father… he said that he would come to my marriage ceremony…” (Sylvia)

Sylvia says so while crawling on the ground and bawling.
It’s slightly odd for me to tell her as I killed her father, but I might as well…

“Sorry. … You may or may not know the circumstances, but before being a merchant possessing a splendid major company, your father was first and foremost the leader of a dark guild. He was involved in theft, murder, illegal trading and many other evil misdeeds.” (Shuuya)

Well, something like that is mere consolation.
In the end, It doesn’t change the fact that I’m also a sly villain.

“… I know nothing of that. You… murderer!” (Sylvia)

That’s right.

“I know. You’re innocent, therefore, don’t move. I’ll let you go.” (Shuuya)

“No—” (Sylvia)

She stands up alongside her words full of fury, and dashes to pick up the fallen dagger.
I guess there’s mana contained within that irregular dagger after all? Once she picks up the magic dagger, she once again walks towards me, pointing the blade’s edge towards me.
Does she plan to face me with just a dagger?
I know it’s magic but still, usually one would run away, no?
Why is she so stubborn… good grief.
She has a terrible expression. She’s glaring at me, her eyes seething with a burning hatred.
In reaction to her glare, Rollo’s body becomes slightly bigger.
She’s turned into her medium-sized black panther form.


“What! You monster cat!” (Sylvia)

Rollo growls as she prepares to leap at Sylvia.

“Rollo, step back.” (Shuuya)


Hearing my order, Rollo immediately falls back.

『Your Excellency, shall I do it?』 (Helme)

Helme appears in my field of vision, anger visible on her face.

『No, I have to be the one to deal with it.』 (Shuuya)

『Okay.』 (Helme)

Helme bows her head and disappears from my sight.
She’s an ordinary person.
No matter what happens, I should still at least try to persuade her.

“… Sylvia, throw away that dagger and go over there.” (Shuuya)

“I’m going to kill you.” (Sylvia)

Haa… she doesn’t understand the situation, does she?

“You’re going to be having a wedding soon, right? If you get close to me, you will only die pointlessly.” (Shuuya)


Oh, she’s gone silent and stopped moving.

“Do you finally understand the situation? Now, hurry up and leave.” (Shuuya)

“— There’s nothing to understand. I will kill both you and the black beast that had murdered father…” (Sylvia)

Suddenly, she begins to shake her head vigorously left and right, stopping with her head tilted strangely as she reveals a menacingly fiendish look.

“Are you crazy? Don’t come any closer.” (Shuuya)

“— Shut up! Father’s enemy—” (Sylvia)

This is going nowhere.
Her eyes are blazing with a deep malevolence.
Upon looking into her murky eyes, for a moment, Mia’s situation comes to mind.
Although only for an instant, Mia had also worn such an expression.
However, I suppose it’s a good thing that Mia didn’t simply fall into this spiral of negativity.

Sylvia sprints at me, trying to stab my chest with the magic dagger.
I don’t move, staying still on purpose.
The blade of the dagger collides with the violet armor on my chest.
A hard *kiiin* sound reverberates throughout the room.

“W-Why won’t it hit!?” (Sylvia)

Has she lost it so much that she can’t even see the armor?
Or has she already gone completely insane…? She stabs many times over like a spoiled child’s temper tantrum, but the dagger’s edge is merely repelled by the armor.

“That’s because of this armor—” (Shuuya)

While saying that, I deliver an unarmed body blow to Sylvia’s solar plexus.
She lets the magic dagger drop to the ground, and collapses after fainting…
— However, her body stops mid fall, in a state of having her back bent downwards.
Eh? Why?

“Baaarish! BAAAAAARISH!!!—”

Sylvia roars with a strange voice.
Immediately afterwards, the sound of flesh grating against bone resounds from Sylvia’s body, and her bent body abruptly recovers to its former position.
Her complexion has made a complete transformation.
Veins are surfacing all over her face, and several faint, birthmark-like blue magic crests are formed.
In addition, blood begins streaming out of her eyes, said eyes seeming to bulge outwards slightly…

“What’s that? Hey?” (Shuuya)

“Baaaaarish— I will KILL YOUUUUU!” (Sylvia)

Sylvia, donning a white bridal dress, come striking at me with her monstrous claws that had grown from her hands.
However, does the change only apply to her appearance? Her speed is nothing special.
I grab the arms of the woman, who had came to attack me with her extended hands, and embrace her.
It’ll be scary if it’s a sickness, but… I have no other choice but to handle it like this.

“I don’t care whether you can hear me, but I suppose you’ll regret it in the netherworld—” (Shuuya)

Just like that, I sink my fangs into the woman’s nape.
I suck up her blood as well as her soul.

“Kyaaaaaah.” (Sylvia)

Sylvia completely dries up into empty husk, while raising a bizarre scream.
Upon her death, I can see a small bug drop out of Sylvia’s neck, said bug quickly vanishing shortly afterwards.


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Translation Notes:

  1. Reference to a card of Buddyfight, see, probably depicting the specified dragon entering a special state of hack n’ slash
  2. Kappa is a mythological creature living in water with a leaf on its head and green skin
  3. Echigoya is a famous Japanese merchant family dating back to the 16th century. They spread into various businesses like sake brewing, fish sale and money lending. Their growth was boosted by various new sales models like lining up the merchandise at the storefront, selling on credit, etc. Nowadays they are running the Mitsukoshi department store. Them being referred to as villains stems from variety shows in TV and has established itself overtime. As for why, I wouldn’t know.


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