Chapter 98 – (hidden)

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I arrive at 【Sole Fortress】.
I headed to the adventurer’s guild to get my reward.
Today is the first day of summer.
Tomorrow is the day I will be introduced to the leaders of a major company in the main office of 【Belgart】 in the 【Demonic Steel City Holkerbaum】.
It was great that I took requests from the guild for a number of days.
This place is north of Holkerbaum. There’s no time difference either. Thus it’s exactly tomorrow.
While pondering about that, I finish reporting the completion of the requests to the guild.
There are four requests. I toss the bags with the gold coins I received as reward into my item box.
And, after talking with the receptionist non-committally, I left the adventurer’s guild.
While looking at my adventurer’s card, I go outside the adventurer’s guild.

Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Dragonslayer
Race: Human
Occupation: Rank C Adventurer
Affiliation: None
Combat Occupation: Spear Warrior – Chain User
Completed Requests: 16

The number of completed requests is 16.
Once it becomes 30, I will challenge Rank B.
Well then, I will return to 【Holkerbaum】…
The fact that I can use a gate is not something I want to show off. I think it’s best to not let too many people see it.
As for a place with little pedestrian traffic, I might as well go outside the fortress I guess?
Leaving the fortress, I headed towards the forest.
Checking with Grasping Perception, there are no signs of magic sources behind and in the vicinity.
At that time I talked to Rollo sitting on my shoulder.

“All right. Around here’s fine, I suppose. Let’s go back, huh? Rollo, if we successfully restore the withered large tree, I might be able to fulfill the agreed promise.” (Shuuya)


Rollo makes a spoilt voice. She seems to be happy.

“Haha, you are happy, aren’t you?” (Shuuya)

While laughing, I take out the 24-faceted Trapezohedron on the spot.
The symbol of the third gate… ah, the third was the mirror located in the basement of the church.
The one located in the inn is the first.
After turning the 24-faceted orb to make the first symbol appear above, I trace the mysterious symbol of the first gate with my finger as the input.
The gate activates.
Mmh? Was that wrong after all? But, this is my room, isn’t it?
Someone’s in the room. A trespasser?
It’s a red-haired, slender trespasser. They have their back turned on me.
I wonder who it is…
Oh well, fine, let’s step through and take it out on them.

“Prepare for battle after passing through the gate. Helme, you are on standby in my eye. Be ready to come outside at any time.” (Shuuya)

『Yes.』 (Helme)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Spreading out my overcoat, I pass through the gate and come out from the mirror.
I returned to the room I was staying in at Holkerbaum’s high-class inn.
I immediately summon the Magic Halberd in my right hand.
Rollo moves from my shoulder and walks to the left.
The red-haired trespasser is on the other side of the bed.
They are still facing me with their back.
Oh? The red hair’s body reacted with a twitch.


It seems they noticed the mirror’s light.
While moving their arms, the red hair turns their face this way.
— Eh? Fran?
It’s the freckled face of the B-ranked female adventurer Fran.
However, the transparent falcon, usually riding on her shoulder that can be called her trademark, isn’t here.
Instead, she’s holding out her palms towards me as if releasing magic with a transparent left arm that gathered eyeballs.
What’s that? A hole in the transparent palm?
As a round hole with a vortex swirling within opens right in the middle of the transparent palm, the multiple things similar to living human eyeballs are squirming in the hole’s surroundings.
It feels like a beam will be released from that gross hole?
Or will the transparent arm be sent flying to perform an iron man-like rocket punch?
Or will it be a mysterious light of the ray system by the eyeballs to put a curse on me with a skill?
Or mind interrogation by violating my brain through memory extraction or such?
… Even the point of the one-handed longsword, she’s grasping in her right hand, has been turned towards me.
It’s a peculiar stance that makes one feel as if it belongs to some kind of school.
Contrary to her stance, I could feel impatience from Fran’s expression.

『Your Excellency, that left arm needs special attention. Mana is strongly circulating within it.』 (Helme)

I received a warning from Helme.

『Yeah, you can tell from just looking at it.』 (Shuuya)

For the time being I will try to talk to her.

“… Fran, what were you searching for in my room?” (Shuuya)

“From where did you appear?” (Fran)

Without answering my question, that damn Fran asked one in reverse.
I can’t feel any hostility from her, but her attitude is bad. In that case I have to spank her.
Let’s get started.

“The one doing the asking here is me though? Why are you in my room? Being ready with that transparent arm and the sword, it’s a situation where you couldn’t complain even if you were killed by me, but—” (Shuuya)

While stating that, I swing the Magic Halberd at Fran’s feet.

“Kuh, wait—” (Fran)

Fran reacts immediately.
She stabs the longsword in her right hand into the floor and nimbly lifts her body up into the air while using the longsword as support. She avoided my Magic Halberd by repelling it easily with the longsword.
Just like that, she lands on both feet on the ground with a *thump*, pulls out the longsword and sheaths it on her back.
At the same time she also hides the transparent arm of her left arm.
Bah, she easily evaded the sweeping stroke of my magic spear.
Her light movements had not a single wasteful motion. I understand from her technique just now. She has remarkable ability.
… At the time of the attack during the previous escort request, she must have observed me without showing her true abilities.
However, from the fact that no counter-attack followed, I judge that she has no intention to fight.
I will try to negotiate with her.

“… Then, can I have you answer my question?” (Shuuya)

“Got it. The reason for trespassing into this room is, of course, to look for your whereabouts Shuuya.” (Fran)

Fran’s expression remains still and stiff.

“Hoo… but, what for?” (Shuuya)

“I have business with you, Shuuya.” (Fran)

Lifting the corners of her mouth, she reveals a smile.
She’s trying to deceive me…
The slight movements of her pupils and cheeks are unnatural.
Should I try nudging her here by bringing up the topic about the transparent falcon who was on her left shoulder?
Before that, I will ask her normally first.

“Fran, can’t you honestly tell me the whole story?” (Shuuya)

“About what?” (Fran)

The one who tailed me for a long time is definitely her, I think.
Do I have to give it to her bluntly?

“Everything. You have tailed me since quite a long time ago, right? Besides, although it’s not currently there, there was a “transparent falcon” on your left shoulder, wasn’t there?” (Shuuya)

“Wh-, you noticed after all…?” (Fran)

Fran opens her reddish brown eyes wide and raises her eyebrows.
Even her mouth opened slightly.
The surprise shows on her face.
As expected, she has followed me since 【Hekatrail】.

“I did. I don’t have any intention of letting you get away if you don’t tell me everything, you know? Rollo!” (Shuuya)

“Nya,… Gaooh.” (Rollo)

Rollo changes her form into that of the black panther and climbs on the bed.
She threatened Fran by baring her fangs.
RollodeenBlack Panther adopts a stance allowing her to attack Fran from the side at any time.

“Hii, g-got it. I will explain everything. I don’t have any intention to fight against you two.” (Fran)

Her lower eyelids stiffen and her mouth has a cramp.
One could call that an expression of dread.

“Well then, starting with your affiliations, ah, even if you are a double agent or such, everything, okay?” (Shuuya)

In addition I tried asking a leading question.

“Wh-!? E-Eh, even this far… Shuuya, just who are you…?” (Fran)

As her eyebrows are lifted once again, her reddish brown pupils sway while shrinking.
She got caught by my words. It seems to be a bingo. The bluff succeeded.
Well, mostly it’s according to my predictions though.

“Don’t mind it and speak.” (Shuuya)

I said with a threatening tone.

“Y-Yes. I’m an adventurer, a member of the thief guild 【Gate of the Calm Demon】 and also a spy for 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】 and 【Nine White Great KnightsWhite Nine】.” (Fran)
Uwaah, a triple-agent?
If you add adventurer to it, then quadruple?
She was no mere B-ranked adventurer after all.
Moreover, 【Nine White Great KnightsWhite Nine】, isn’t that a state agency?

“… Such triple-spying Fran, no, I guess your name is doubtful as well, did you gather information about me?” (Shuuya)

“Right…” (Fran)

“Who requested it first?” (Shuuya)

“…” (Fran)

She stayed silent. Shall I threaten her a bit?
As it looks like she has expressly been giving my information away, I will show her, though it might be a bit nasty.
Just in case, I will deceive her by chanting…

“I see, then I have to punish you. Oh, Light God Lulodis, representing the beam of light which serves as light of my judgement, materialize the punishing spear of light— Shining Chain Lance!” (Shuuya)

— <Chain Spear of the Ray SystemShining Chain Lance>.
Matching it with a false chant while remembering the face of Claude, I activate the skill.
A light spear was created. The lightning-like light spear clashes with the one-handed sword Fran is grasping in her right hand.

“Kuh—” (Fran)

The one-handed sword is immediately driven backwards.
The light net, which was generated from the light spear, wrapped up the sword like a spider web and Fran had no other choice but to let it go.
The light spear carries the one-handed sword to the wall behind while surrounding it with the net. The one-handed sword, which was stitched to the wall by the net of the light spear, became a decoration.
Aah, damn it!
Won’t the costs of the room’s repairs go to me?
— I reflect a little.
Fran glares at me while her right hand trembles.

“Even light magic…” (Fran)

As expected, her mask apparently cracked after a sudden magic-like skill.

“… Are you in any position to show such a face? It doesn’t change the fact that it was you who trespassed into this room, Fran. I think not getting killed is more preferable. Besides, I told you to tell me everything. I don’t plan to allow you to stay silent.” (Shuuya)

I consciously show a sadistic, cold expression while making a smiling face in the shape of a crescent moon.

『Your Excellency, her butt…』 (Helme)

The dangerous, sadistic girl that dwells in my left eye ends up reacting, but I lock out the dangerous conversation from my mind.

“… Understood… At first it began with me receiving a direct request from Clydosuss who is a leader of the 【Hekatrail】 branch of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】. The content was to probe for information by slipping into the adventurer Shuuya’s proximity. And, if he’s a bad influence towards 【Bloody Long Ears】, to kill him. Those were the orders I received.” (Fran)

Fran talks reluctantly as if she has given up.
Not Marquis Chardonnay, but Clydosuss of 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】, huh?
I have met her once in 【Hekatrail】.
At the time when I was invited by a dark guild.
I refused by telling them that I have no interest, but…
That apparently wicked bitch even ordered to kill me if I’m a bad influence…
Don’t give such orders. Good grief, what an annoyance.

“… I see. That fellow was the one who requested it, eh? How are the other two, 【Gate of the Calm Demon】 and 【White Nine】 related to me?” (Shuuya)

“Those two are nothing special. All that they wanted me to do was to simply report about the mysterious spear user. Using Rino several times, I contacted 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】. Do you need to know the details of those communications as well?” (Fran)

“Obviously!” (Shuuya)

I say while roughing up the end of the word a bit.

“Got it. Being attacked by bandits during an escort request, Shuuya repelled them. The true identity of the guys who attacked was 【Owl’s Fangs】. Furthermore, the dispute between fellow dark guilds in 【Holkerbaum】 intensified. 【Owl’s Fangs】 and 【Scales of Gaia】 clashed completely. Both sides’ leaders were annihilated and a large amount of soldiers died. After I investigated the events related to that, it was connected to Shuuya. And, you disappeared from the inn here. That’s what I told them.” (Fran)

I see…
I guess she didn’t obtain definite proof of me finishing off the leaders of 【Owl’s Fangs】.
Fran’s expression hasn’t changed much.
There’s no unnatural mannerism either. I judge it not to be a lie.
I think that she’s predicting that I have been the one to defeat them to some extent, but she didn’t point that out.

“… Okay. Understood. Is that everything?” (Shuuya)

“Yeah, that’s all.” (Fran)

“So, what’s that left arm? Fran, you are no human?” (Shuuya)

“I’m half human and half ghost. A part of my left body half changes into ghost by birth. And, the name of the transparent falcon is Rino. He is my familiar from a skill. He is useful for reconnaissance and regular communications.” (Fran)

Hee, a half between human and ghost, huh?
Ghostifying a part of her left body, how interesting.
That transparent falcon Rino is a skill.
You might say it’s the perfect skill for scouting and transmitting information.

“… A half, huh? No wonder that you masked your left arm. Where have you sent Rino now?” (Shuuya)

“He’s been dispatched to the base of 【Gate of the Calm Demon】 for the regular report.” (Fran)

Hmm, I see.
I guess I have heard to some degree what I wanted to hear.

“So, will you kill me according to the order you received from Clydosuss of 【Bloody Long Ears】?” (Shuuya)

“No, far from it! If you can turn a blind eye on me, Shuuya, I will have them allow me to withdraw from this matter.” (Fran)

“I see. Rollo, you can release the mode already. I don’t mind if you relax some, too, Fran.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Rollo changes back into her original cat form and returns on my shoulder.

“Roger…” (Fran)

Fran collapses on the floor with her butt and thighs on the ground.
It was a slightly cute, girl-like behaviour.
She was apparently nervous and at her wits’ end.

“Even so, can you please not distribute my information readily? Ah, for you it’s your job, Fran. Well then, just as before, please only circulate that I’m a normal adventurer and a mysterious spear user. No blatant following me after this either. Can you give information to 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】 with such an undertone as well?” (Shuuya)

“Understood.” (Fran)

“If you lied and distribute different information about me by using intermediaries, I will definitely search for you after spilling the information about you to all thief guilds and hunt you down, Fran.” (Shuuya)

“… I understand. I will keep my promises.” (Fran)

Although I said so, I don’t have any particular intention to take Fran’s life.
I don’t know whether she will really circulate the information as I told her to do it, but even if she lied, I will forgive her since she’s a beauty.
Besides, she’s an excellent spy. She might be useful in the distant future.

“Then, since I got business, see you again?” (Shuuya)

I leave Fran behind in the inn room and go outside.
I have to hand in the requested items I collected to the priestess.
Should I go to the adventurer guild or the priestess’ house?
Wait, before that I should take a quick look at Popobumu who stayed behind in the stable.
I call out to Popobumu.
Although it’s been a long time, Popobumu was full of energy.

“Nnnn, nya.” (Rollo)

While giving off a throaty voice, Rollo climbs on Popobumu’s head right away.

“Will you not mount Popobumu now?” (Shuuya)

I grab Rollo at the scruff of her neck and return her on my shoulder.
I left the stable after lightly stroking Popobumu’s body.
The priestess’ home is that way. I leave the inn’s grounds and walk on the main street.
I head towards the temple that looks like a run-down house on the first glance and where the priestess lives by going across the plaza with the withered Large Tree of Holker.
When I entered the temple, the priestess was holding a broom and sweeping.
As usual, the bonsai altar, located in the middle, is beautiful as it was illuminated by the light from the ceiling.

“Yo, Priestess Marin.” (Shuuya)

I call out to her with a light tone from behind.

“Ah, Shuuya-san! You came back. That means…” (Marin)

The face of Marin, who turned around, immediately bloomed with a smile.

“Yes, that’s right. I gathered all the requested items.” (Shuuya)

“Oooooohhhh!! Really? In such short time… that’s far too amazing. As expected of you, Shuuya-san.” (Marin)

The priestess jumps up and down in excitement.
She runs up to me with her Buddha statue-like earlobes shaking.
Her swelling breasts shook as well.
Surprisingly she does have breasts.
I didn’t know since she was wearing a loose, tattered robe that was making sloshing sounds.

“So, won’t you come together with me to the adventurer’s guild? It’s because I accepted a request, you know. Please receive the raw materials there.” (Shuuya)

“Sure, I will go right away!” (Marin)

I headed towards the guild at a trot together with the priestess.
The guild’s formalities are finished smoothly.
The request that took a long time is complete with this.
The two items, which I handed in from my item box, were passed into the hands of the priestess.

“With this it will be finally possible to revive it. Let’s immediately go to the Large Tree of Holker!!!” (Marin)

“Yeah, let’s.” (Shuuya)

“Nyanya~n.” (Rollo)

Without even time to look at my guild card, I was led by the highly excited priestess and brought along to the plaza with the crossroads where the Large Tree of Holkerbaum stood.
Rollo moves by prancing as if skipping.
Her tail is pointing upwards, too.
It seems that she’s full of tension.
She’s probably thinking that it might be possible to obtain the Light Sake Drop of the Mysterious Trees.
The Water Goddess-sama said so as well. It will probably be alright.
I’m looking forward to it.
Somehow my tension was gradually rising as well.
I tremble with excitement.
Once the priestess stood in front of the large tree, she spread her arms left and right while gasping and breathing hard, and did warm-up exercises after taking a deep breath.
And then she holds up the magic jar with the spring water of Akreshys in it and the leaf of Sadeyula.
It’s a pose towards the withered Large Tree of Holker as if she’s offering something to god.
The area around the cheekbones of the priestess with their tightened blue skin, stick out a bit and become visible.
Mana was released from the hands of the priestess.
The priestess’ unique skill? Oh?
I don’t understand the skill’s effect, but suddenly the magic jar with the spring water of Akreshys in it and the leaf of Sadeyula release light and start to float in midair after they leave the hands of the priestess.
Akreshys spring water leaked out from the magic jar. But, even while leaking out, the spring water that was clad in light doesn’t fall to the ground.
The water floated lightly in a spherical shape as if there’s no gravity.
Before long, as all of the spring water was seemingly released outside, only the magic jar drops to the ground.
As if using the sound of the fallen magic jar as signal, the two materials floating in midair released belts of dazzling light.
While the priestess takes a pose of praying next, she spins chant-like words.

“… Oh God of Earth, Gaia, and Goddess of Plants, Sadeyula, demonstrate your power by feeding on my mana. … Now, in this place, the restoration of the Spirit of Trees, Holker, who is your family, will be accomplished by pouring the water and leaf of <Tidal RainEquirator> onto it.” (Marin)

At that moment.
The floating spring water of Akreshys and the leaf of Sadeyula overlap and join together.
They change into something unknown as they wriggle.
The two ingredients formed a circle like positive and negative, and turned into a single, huge orb.
The globe shines in green colour.
At the instant when its brightness increased even further, the radiant green orb heads towards the large tree and scatters.
Turning into a dense, green-shining rain, it pours down on Holker’s withered large tree. The green liquid vanishes by permeating into the wilted bark.
And then an intense white phosphorus light began to shine from the surface of the withered tree.
— Uhyaa, how dazzling.
Completely like an explosion?
It’s a light that’s similar to the scientific reaction of a thermite reaction.
As if spewing out steam from in-between the bark and roots of the withered large tree alongside that radiant light, a new magic source is born and the old bark squirms and rolls up.
What appeared in exchange for the rolled-up bark is bark that’s similar to dragon scales.
As if the brand new bark is newly growing from the base of the roots by propagating in a wave motion, the created tree trunk changes and the arbour expands.
The Large Tree of Holker molded into a new thick trunk with thick branches growing from it.
Fresh, green leaves grow from the branches one after the other.

『Amazing…』 (Helme)

Helme muttered.
Certainly, incredible…
Rollo also separates from my shoulder and approaches the revived Large Tree of Holker. She stared at its restoring shape from close-by.
The scene of the Large Tree of Holker’s restoration indicates its overwhelming existence.
I have my breath taken away. You could say that it was an overwhelming spectacle of nature.
The view of streaming the instant growth of vegetation that usually takes countless months in a real-time video.
… Far too amazing.
The people, who were passing through the crossroad as that outrageous spectacle, that proved gods actually existing in real life and made one feel nature, took place, stopped their feet and each of them gazed at the reviving Large Tree of Holker.
Before long, all the leaves have grown out and the restoration of the Large Tree of Holker finished. At the end, beautiful flowers bloomed from the buds located at countless branch tips.
Ooooh… I’m deeply moved. Those are lovely flowers.
White-glittering, faintly transparent flower petals.
Maybe that’s what the priestess had talked about…
Are those the sacred flowers of Holker?
The magic source continued to overflow from the large tree. As if ringing a hollow sound, the bonchhichi, the child spirits, showed up as well.
It’s a quiet sound similar to ripples spreading in the wind.
The bonchhichi’s chorus starts to reverberate.
In addition, this sensation.
Previously I have experienced it once in a temple, too…
At the time when Water Goddess Akreshys-sama appeared.
Is it fine to call it a solemn atmosphere, divine and spiritual?
My body becomes tense. A noble pressure.
From the Large Tree of Holker that finished its restoration, a mysterious, pale and white phosphorus light was still spreading in all directions in rays.
Soon those rays gathered into two and became light spheres.
I wonder, what are those light spheres?
The two light spheres turned into a fog that was illuminated by a pale light and changed into vague human shapes, though only the upper body halves.
The upper body halves are wrapped up in a thin veil as if a mirage.
Those thin, misty upper body halves are male and female. Only that I could distinctly tell.

『— Oh fated one. I’m happy. For my family to have been revived…』

『— Oh fated one. I’m happy as well. You pleased me very much by reviving my family.』

The male and female voices resound in my head.
The movements of the lips of the man and woman in front of me are matching with a lip sync as well. Was I addressed by these people?
As expected, they are gods?

『— That’s right. I’m the God of Earth, Gaia.』

『— So it is. I’m the Goddess of Plants, Sadeyula.』

Mysteriously the descent of the gods apparently can’t be seen by those in the surroundings.
Marin looks at the revived Large Tree of Holker and sheds tears of gratitude and seemingly trembles in religious ecstasy.
The passing, curious onlookers were just staring at the revived Large Tree of Holker.

『Your Excellency, I’m sorry, but this divinity is…』 (Helme)

『That’s right. It’s the gods.』 (Shuuya)

Helme apparently sees the gods. Rollo apparently senses them as well.
Rollo’s look was affixed on the two gods who are clad in light.

『— Oh fated one. We have watched over your actions from a distance. Heading to a very distant land, you worked for the sake of our family. We shall reward you for your meritorious deed.』(Sadeyula)

It’s the pure voice of a woman.

『— Oh fated one. We will reward your devotion. What is your wish?』(Gaia)

Now it’s the deep voice of a ferocious man.
It appears that Sadeyula-sama and Gaia-sama are asking about my wish.
Finally this time has come. The time to fulfill the promise.
My wish is either a single Light Sake Drop of the Mysterious Trees or an Orb of Wisdom.

『— What! How do you know of these?』

『— A Light Sake Drop of the Mysterious Trees, it is…?』

The face of the God of Earth, Gaia, is hidden by pale light, but I can slightly grasp the contours of the face.
I perceived that his face was gazing at Sadeyula-sama who’s next to him.
Once the Goddess of Plants, Sadeyula-sama, locks eyes with Gaia-sama, she apparently becomes embarrassed and the light at the cheek part becomes stronger.
They have quite the human-like aspects, don’t they?

『Answer my question.』


Excuse me.
I heard it at the time of forming an agreement with a divine beast.
Please grant the Light Sake Drop of the Mysterious Trees not to me but to Rollodeen, the black cat over there.

『— Not you, but that black cat, you say?』

『— That black cat; the shape is different, but… I sense a somewhat dearly missed aura. Shall we confirm it by sight?』

The two gods were checking Rollo who is staring at them by lifting her face up.

『I see. Someone that received our divine protection in the distant past. There was a black beast that closely resembled that black cat.』

『— Yes. That’s how it seems.』

The gods Sadeyula and Gaia nod to each other and speak such words.
In a distant past, huh?
Maybe, what RollodeenBlack Cat made me understand by showing it to me at the time of forming the contract was the period of the battles against those black ringsZalalarp?
It might be the story of the time when Rollodeen was still called Divine Beast Rozes.

『— Hou, you are aware of fairly old events.』

『— The Black RingsZalalarp. About the Evil Army Yakou, huh? The black rings are originally foreign elements existing since before us gods had been acknowledged.』

Originally foreign elements?

『— Right. It’s said that they have existed in this worldSera since before the creation of the divine space where we exist.』

It’s becoming more and more of an enigma.
The black rings themselves may be such thingsmysterious objects.

『— It’s just as you say. What brought about the black ringsZalalarp is no more than a mystery.』

…I wonder why such objects that even the gods don’t understand exist.

『— Oh fated one, The black ringsZalalarp existed there from the beginning. That’s all there’s to it. Regarding this question, we aren’t clear whether any of the gods living in our divine spaceSe-Uros know a precise answer to it either.』

An enigma, huh?
Spitting out large amounts of monsters; aren’t those the source of calamity?
I wonder whether it’s okay for the gods to leave them alone.

『— Fuhaha. Don’t mind, don’t mind. You are saying amusing things. Leaving them alone or whatever, even gods can’t do anything about those. We aren’t flawless. Even we have emotions and possess philosophy. Our true nature is no different from the fated ones. And, the scope where we can affect the surface is at most trivial. Besides, although the black ringsZalalarp brought about the Evil Army YakouCalamity, they also brought about fortune at the same time.】

Calamity I understand, but fortune?

『— Indeed. There are also cases where changes were brought to this world by interacting with those living in dimensions unknown to us through the transfers. Moreover, although it was in a distant past, those who received our divine protection, used the black rings as devices to move to distant places that are connected by the black rings.』

Aah, now that he mentions it, Rozes said something along those lines as well.
I can agree with that.
The talks diverted quite a bit, but can you give us the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees?

『— Hmm. Okay. I guess it’s fine. Sadeyula, you okay with it? It’s the wish of the one who saved our family. Since it’s been a very long time ago?』 (Gaia)

『— Please treat me kindly, okay…?』 (Sadeyula)

What is it? The two gods stare at each other… and began to kiss.
Eh? U-Umm… what, a tryst?

『— Aaaahn, Gaiaaan, fufu, how intense…』(Sadeyula)

『— Hahaha, Sadeyula, it’s been a while after all, hasn’t it? I’m burning with desire.』(Gaia)

Uhyaa, their heavy breathing is intense. They are really going at it.
Since I luckily can’t see their lower body halves, I don’t know what they are doing though.
At that instant, the two lights turn into swirling vortexes that are overlapping each other as if making out, and plunge inside the Large Tree of Holker.
The Large Tree of Holker, which was invaded by the joined couple of lights, changes the base of its trunk into the shape of a woman.
And then, as if getting pregnant, the trunk’s bark swelled up.

“T-This is… have we been blessed…?”

Priestess Marin, who was still shedding tears of gratitude, seems to be surprised about the Large Tree of Holker squirming all of a sudden.
Due to the large tree’s realistic form, her cheeks have a bit of a cramp.

『Oh fated one, it’s completed. After a little while the leaf, which is at the tip of the branch, will transform into a special flower. Inside is something that will become the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees. Have the black cat swallow it.』

The God of Earth Gaia’s words reverberate.
And then the two lights, which overlapped with each other, are released from the revived Large Tree of Holker while drawing a spiral in the air.

『— At any rate, it had been a while, Gaia, right?』 (Sadeyula)

『— Yea. Sadeyula, you were great.』 (Gaia)

Such conversation is playing in the back of my mind.
Just as God of Earth Gaia-sama said, the pregnant-like, round, swelling part squirms and moves slowly forward from the trunk along a new branch while causing an eerie creaking sound.
And, the bulge that arrived at the tip transforms by swallowing the leaf.
The tip turned into inflated flower bag just like a Chinese lantern plant.
Is this the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees?

“Rollo, wait.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

I pick up the flower baglantern plant with the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees in it.
The flower bag with the liquid inside has a profound weight.
The liquid inside cast a divine, yellow light and the bag is filled to the brim with it.
A sake-like fragrance entered my nostrils and with just its smell I experienced a refreshing sensation.
Although I felt slightly nervous due to its weight, I carefully carry the flower baglantern plant.
In order to let Rollo drink the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees, I lowered my knee on the ground and placed it next to Rollo’s mouth.
Rollo silently thrusts her small face into the flower baglantern plant and swallows the yellow light.
Using her tongue to lick, she drunk up everything while gulping repetitively.
The emptied flower baglantern plant vanishes like mist.
— In that moment.
Rollo makes a peculiar purr and accomplishes a transformation.
In an instant her figure becomes big with a billowing. Growing from the size of a black cat, through the size of a panther, she exceeds the size of a lion. She rapidly grew to the length of 10 meters the size of a divine beast that exceeded magic beasts.
She has a great, imposing appearance with a figure that combined a panther-like flexibility and the powerful muscles of a lion.



“T-This is…” (Marin)

Marin raises her voice in surprise.
Even among the people who were in the vicinity, one person after the other appeared who ran away while screaming due to the sudden appearance of a huge, black beast.
Rollo, you are amazing.
Did you really recover your true form?
Even her face is elegant with an appearance that was clearly catered towards an aerodynamic shape.
Long whiskers, red pupils and her nose has become slightly longer as well.
And, her tentacles increased.
I recall the sculpture I saw the first time deep underground.
Six tentacles are growing from below her nose to the back of her neck. Her lion torso was covered by black hair that looks bushy and smooth. And she has splendid limbs.
The long tail hasn’t changed.

“Rollo, did you return to your original form?” (Shuuya)

“Nyao, nyanyaon.” (Rollo)

Her cat voice is the same as well. — Ooh.
A thick tentacle touched my cheek.
『Power』『Happy』『Let’s play』『Love』『Power』『Increased』
She conveys various emotions to me.

“I see, I see. It seems like you voice and heart hasn’t changed to before…” (Shuuya)

Are you watching Rozes? With you…

“… I have kept my promise with you!!” (Shuuya)

“Nyao.” (Rollo)

Becoming deeply moved, I spoke up as if naturally yelling. Drops of tears streamed down my cheeks.
At that moment the voice of God Gaia resounds.

『— Oh fated one, are you satisfied?』 (Gaia)

Yes. Thank you very much.

『— That’s, great. Unf—』

Suddenly the expression of God Gaia became grim.

『— It looks like you noticed as well, Gaia. There’s an impurity underground of this place.』 (Sadeyula)

The Goddess of Plants Sadeyula looked at the ground below the Large Tree of Holker while saying that.

『— However, we have to return now.』

『— I guess so.』

The Goddess of Plants Sadeyula snuggles up to Gaia and stares at me.

『Oh fated one, I’m sorry as it seems that we have to request your help once again, but can you remove the impurity existing in this soil?』

Mmh? What’s this about?
Even though it would be fine if you repelled it with a breeze since you are gods.

『— I will say so many times, I’m sorry, but we are not omnipotent. It’s not like we can foresee everything.』

『— That’s right. As you were told just now, even we, who call ourselves gods, have too little time to allow us to influence the surfaceSera.』

I see, well, you gave us the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees.
That has been helpful. So, what’s that impurity?

『— It might be related to something of the world of spiritsSebdola. It seems that there are those who pray to the gods who exist in the world of spirits. It’s an act of evil ones. It also appears to be the reason for this Large Tree of Holker to have died. As Sadeyula says… this, response comes from the underground. — We’d like you to destroy the impurities since you have been rewarded with this.』

『— We request it of you. Since our consecrated ground has been restored, the defilement of the evil ones has weakened, but you have to be careful.』

Thereupon one sheet of bark flies over from the Large Tree of Holker.

『— This wood splinter is something filled with a part of our power. If you carry it with you, it will show you the path by reacting to the impurity.』

『— We shall rely on you. Since we used our power, we won’t be able to descend on this land for a while.』

『— Any time now, eh? The path towards the divine spaceSe-Uros is closing. We have to leave.』

『— Because we definitely won’t forget… your achievements, we ask you to help.』

Alongside those words, the presences of the two gods vanished.
This wood splinter, huh?
After I pick up the fallen wood splinter, my eyes meet with that of the priestess.
The priestess donned a serious expression.

“— Shuuya-san. I was praised for my devotion to the gods. They were very pleased with me for saving this Large Tree of Holker from the evil ones. I have been asked to proceed from now on…” (Marin)

The gods apparently granted words to the priestess as well.

“I see. That’s great, isn’t it?” (Shuuya)

The priestess looks really happy.
Her eyes become teary again.

“… Yes. But, Shuuya-san, you are amazing as well. It seems that you received their blessing. Is the liquid your familiar drank the Light Sake Drops of the Mysterious Trees we talked about before?” (Marin)

“That’s true. After all, just as you told me, Marin, I was able to get their blessing. That means completing your request was spot on. Thank you. For meeting me.” (Shuuya)

The priestess is all smiles due to my words.

“Yes, it’s wonderful. The Large Tree of Holker has been revived as well. I’m happy.” (Marin)

“True. It’s great that we could revive it. Rollo recovered her true form as well. However, at the end they entrusted me with a task.” (Shuuya)

“Task?” (Marin)

“They said that there’s impurity in this soil and that it’s underground. They told me to use this wood splinter and destroy the impurity.” (Shuuya)

“T-That is—” (Marin)

“— Nn, nya.” (Rollo)

RolloBlack Cat returned on my shoulder.
Marin is surprised once again and withdraws the words she started to mention.

“Rollo.” (Shuuya)

“— She became small again.” (Marin)

Marin muttered while blinking incessantly.
That seems to be the case.
Before anyone realized, she returned into her small black cat appearance.

“You returned to your original form?” (Shuuya)

“Nn, nya? — Nyaon.” (Rollo)

As if telling me 『Well, look nya.』, the black cat jumps off my shoulder, gets down on the ground and her figure becomes big with a billowing sound.
Just as before, she turned into a huge lion-typed magic beast.
Excited cheerings of “Oooh!” resounded all at once from the few people who didn’t run away.

“Ooh, Shuuya-san’s familiar is…” (Marin)

“Humph! Nyao—” (Rollo)

The huge RollodeenLion Mode has a triumphant look.
Saying “Humph”; even her nasal breathing results in a slight wind…
It seems that she can freely alter the size of her appearance.

“Rollo, it’s fine to return to your small state.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

Amazin’, she becomes small in an instant.

“She can change her appearance, huh? What a wonderful familiar.” (Marin)

“Yea, she’s my amazing partner.” (Shuuya)

“Nya.” (Rollo)

RolloBlack Cat taps my shoulder with her paw as if saying 『That’s right nya』.
At that time,

“Where is heeeeee?”

A voice I heard somewhere before could be heard from far away.


Title: Fulfilment of the Promise with the Black Cat


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